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Pokémon FULL BEYOND Horizon (IC)

Started by Astronaut March 28th, 2018 2:18 AM
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B E Y O N D; H o r i z o n ↠

this RP is currently FULL so you can't sign up right now
The OOC thread for more info

player list

adventure as Chiara Dollart

Miningsilver as Cogin Pomen

MukMire as Mauve Banzett

Dragon as Kagura Akagi

Magnificent Magilou as Zoey Winters

LinearAxel as Akiru Marufuji

important characters

Professor Cypress
A relentless, spiritually active pokémon researcher with a comparably small science team. She is depending on you to get strong and think about how Aura affects your life with pokémon!
She isn't a battler but her best buddy is a caring Whimsicott.

Elite 4 member Phoebe
A carefree, positive young lady who isn't the slightest afraid of the dark or ghosts. She believes in the spiritual world and other dimensions. She isn't much of a leader, but will take charge bravely in battle.
Her main partner is Banette.

Elite 4 member Sidney
He can appear snide and brash, and sneaky as he uses Dark type pokémon, but his allies want to believe he has a heart of gold. He loves a challenge, and is a hard hitter rather than a planner.
His main partner is Absol.

Elite 4 member Glacia
Glacia comes across as a bit of an elitist, but considering how strong and skilled she is as a trainer, most consider it justified. She is a lady of elegance and diligence and uses her pokémon smartly.
Her main partners are two Glalie.

Elite 4 member Drake
The leader of the Elite 4 group is a man who believes in strength and bravery and to put your heart in everything you do. His Dragon pokémon are terrifyingly strong in battle and few have ever beaten him.
His main partner is an imposing Salamence.

Pokémon Trainer Steven Stone
Steven is the son of the Devon Corporation CEO. He is usually very calm and gentle, but playful when opportunity is given for that, and enjoys collecting rare stones as well as fill up his own customized pokédex with variants of pokémon.
His exquisite partner is a shiny Metagross.

Champion Wally Emerald
The first trainer to beat all of the Elite 4 in a long time (including Drake!), a few years ago. Coming from frail beginnings, Wally has grown to become considered the strongest but most mysterious trainer in Hoenn, and isn't much of a public figure.
His famous partner is a vigilant Gallade.


Every IC day, you can make only 1 "advancing action". Whenever you've written about an advancing action, please let me know in the OOC thread. These actions are:

- Teach a new move to one of your current pokémon (regardless of how)
- Evolve one of your current pokémon
- Trade a pokémon

You may capture as many pokémon as you want, at any time!

If you trade with an "NPC", you can only receive pokémon that were previously or currently available for you to capture, and the GM will decide its moveset and ability.

The world is split into many zones, mostly a la the canon Hoenn map. Each time you want to move to another zone (even if it's backwards to an old one), let me know in the OOC thread, and I'll put a post up in the IC thread with any new stuff you should be aware of when arriving there.

-- It's probably a good thing to keep track of your pokémon and their moves in every IC post!


space adventure

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Rustboro City - May 3rd 2021, Monday

A smile played on her features as she gazed absent-mindedly out through the glass wall. In the distance, the ocean was glittering in the high noon sunlight. This was such an exciting day. Her very first battlers had just been here, one after another, to pick up the special pokémon she had acquired for them along with the pokédexes that now kept their trainer IDs. The new battlers would travel the region with these pokémon, most likely capture and train even more pokémon along the way, and they would always consider the ways Aura played a part in everything they did together with these creatures. She pressed a hand towards the smooth, cool glass. Surely they wouldn't forget about the mission she had given them?

On this Monday, the city was bustling with life, people and vehicles. Rustboro was one of the largest cities in the region, and certainly the most industrially active, aside for some more specialized activities in Mossdeep. But there weren't that many cars. While trucks and railroads were still indisputably best for transporting wares and equipment, people mostly transported themselves from place to place by riding pokémon or (most commonly) through pokémon-drawn carts. Or, which certainly was common in southern Hoenn, they went the searoute by boat between towns. As such, Rustboro's central streets weren't filled with traffic, but with people and pokémon.

Professor Cypress took her hand off the glass wall at last. She could only imagine the plethora of excited emotions her battlers must be feeling now, as they were taking their first steps together with their new pokémon partners and preparing to leave the city and head out on the road!

((OOC: If I don't list any pokémon or events in particular, there are no pokémon that can be captured right now, and you're free to do what you wish.))


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Cogin Pomen
Earlier today...
Well, I've finally arrived... I think I need find a place to relax...
Cogin's shoes tapped on the stones in the ground as he moved along, scanning the city. As he continued into the city, he noticed the large number of people wandering around. His nerves lit up as he gripped his book tightly to his chest.
That's... ah, a lot of people... I should find a mart...
Cogin's eyes searched the road he was on, nothing. He searched further down. Then, past the Pokemon center, he saw it, a blue roof! While he hadn't really seen the main supermarket chain, he knew about it,
after all, Lilycove Department store was the first! So, Cogin opened his trainer book and walked along the road towards his destination. He was reading on berry's, what kinds there are and what they can do to help a battle.
Huh, the juice from a Sitrus Berry is incredibly nutritious, causing Pokemon to heal, but not to the extent of an Oran Berry. Berries are quite helpful!
Soon, Cogin arrived at the supermart, he looked through the glass doors. Seeing that there were few people inside, he stepped towards them and they slid open. He walked in and heard the greeting from the clerk behind the counter, Cogin meekly raised his hand and walked to the back of the store. He reached his hand into his bag and pulled out a bottle of water, taking a drink. As he drank, he noticed that it was almost out, he put the bottle away and looked around for more water. Finding a bottle, he grabbed it and swallowed his fears. He walked to the counter and set the bottle ontop.
"A fresh water? That'll be 200 Pokedollers." The clerk said, happy to help.
Cogin obliged, taking the money from his pocket and setting it on the counter.
"Alright, you're good to go!"
"Th-thank you."
Cogin went to leave the building, but as he reached the doors he noticed a poster on the wall, the poster read:
Battle Beyond!
Looking for aspiring trainers!
Looking to become a trainer? Is Petalburg just a little too far away?
Then look no farther!
Professor Cypress is looking to find new trainers to help her in her studies here in Rustboro City!

Cogin's attention was quickly caught by the poster. Sure, he was heading to Petalburg, but the poster was right, it is very far...
But... it's so different, I won't know what to expect! But... urg, I don't know! I think... maybe I'll check it out, where is it?
Then, the cashier spoke up.
"What's up? Thinking of checking out that place?"
Cogin was brought back to reality abruptly by the question, jumping at it.
"Oh! Uh, y-yes...!"
The cashier was a little surprised by the boy's surprise, but pointed him to the right direction.
"So, when you walk out, turn left and left once more onto the road, then, when you pass the Pokemon Center turn right and look for a building with that poster on the door. Then you've found the place!"
"I-I see, th-thank you...!"
With that, Cogin stepped outside and followed the clerk's directions, sticking to the edges of the road,
hoping to avoid as many people as possible. Soon, he reached the building, at least he thought it was,
it had the poster on the door and he walked in.

That went better than expected! Granted I felt like I was going to explode, but... I made it through. Plus, now I have a companion! What was it, Poochyena?
The Pokemon in question sat by Cogin's side, looking around at the scenery of the town, awaiting what was to happen. Cogin looked around, feeling a little tired, he decided to find a place to sit.
"Why don't we find someplace to relax?" He said to the Pokemon. It nodded its head and stood up.
Sticking to Cogin's side, both walked along the city, searching for a place to sit. Soon, the two reached the southern portion of the city, near one of the routes. Noticing an empty bench, Cogin walked over to it and took a seat, with his Poochyena following along, sitting next to him on the bench. He took out his trainer book and flipped through it, seeing where he should begin.
"Let's see, there is the gym challenge, but I think I should wait on that, maybe when we're a little more practiced... There's trainers school, eh, too many people, maybe just a little exploration at the routes?
That could be nice... But I think I'll read for a bit. Oh?"
Cogin noticed his new partner was leaning into his leg, already looking like it was about to fall asleep.
"Tired huh? That's fine, I'll just read some more before we go out. Maybe I should look at the exploration section..."
So, Cogin's journey had officially begun, but to make himself feel more prepared, he began reading his trainer book. Quietly energizing himself.

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Chiara - Rustboro City, May 3rd

It had been an amazing morning.

First, Chiara had awoken at the simple inn where she had stayed (only official battlers could stay for free at pokémon centers, although any trainer could get their pokémon healed for free) and the weather had been amazing. Then, she had grabbed herself as much breakfast as she could dare to afford at a nearby café - she couldn't face the professor hungry. And then she had finally gone to the professor's lab, as she had been planning ever since she left Lavaridge Town.

When she exited the lab, she was holding a pokéball in her hand, containing her very first own pokémon, and battle bred at that. They had only briefly met when Cypress gave Chiara a few options to choose from, so she was barely keeping it together now as she walked to find a park or calmer street where she could let her companion out again and present herself to it properly.

When she found it, a totally empty street right next to a lawn with some bushes and trees, she walked out onto the well kept grass and said: "Vulpix,
come out!"

She was still holding the pokéball when it sprung open, surprising her a bit but not making her drop it. A bright light came out and materialized on the ground in the form of a small red fox-like creature. It yawned, blinked a few times, then found Chiara's eyes. They looked at each other for a few seconds that felt like several eternities to the girl, before Vulpix gave out a happy yelp and started wagging its tails. Chiara felt immense relief - he liked her!

"Oh wow, my first pokémon! I'm so happy to have you, Vulpix!" she cried out as she crouched down to hug it. It didn't back away, and seemed to enjoy the affection.

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Zoey Winters
Rustboro City
Chapter 1-1 | Baby Steps

Current Party:

Zoey sighed as she listened to the voice on the other end of her Pokégear. At this point, the pink-haired girl had lost all track of time in regards to how long her phone conversation had been going on. In a sense, it was baffling. Her parents seemed to have had no qualms about the girl heading down to the city to pick up a Pokémon and a Pokédex from Professor Cypress. However now that she was suddenly about to embark on a grand journey across the Hoenn region, Zoey's mother was suddenly beside herself with dread and worry.

"Dear, don't you think you're being a tad unreasonable?" the voice on the other end of the Pokégear questioned. Zoey rolled her eyes. This had to have been at least the third time that her mother, Willow Winters, had asked this exact question. "Being a Pokémon trainer is no easy task. You never know what sorts you'll meet out there or where you might end up sleeping! Plus, it's all so... dirty out there. You've got your Pokémon now, right? Why don't you just come home now and we'll go on a huge shopping spree!"

"Mother, for the last time you're making a huge deal over nothing!" Zoey exclaimed, the frustration growing evident in her voice as she protested her mother's wishes. "I'm tired of just doing the same old thing, day in and day out. I want to experience something new and exciting! I've read all sorts of stories and journals about the life of a Pokémon trainer, and I think it's just something I'd love to give a try! Exciting battles... magical encounters... it's just all so enticing!"

There was a small pause on the other end of the phone. Had Zoey not heard the rather slow breathing on the other end of the line, she would have sworn that her mother finally gave up and hung up. After a few moments, the girl's parent finally began to speak once more.

"Zoey... You do know that... It's not that..." her mother tried to reason.

"Enough. Mother, I've made up my mind and you're not going to change it for me. This is something I'm going to see through. Who knows! By the next time we meet, I could even be the new league champion!" Zoey exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement all the while. A satisfied smile stretched across her lips as she closed her eyes for a moment, picturing herself defeating the champion with a massive audience all cheering her name. Just the very thought of it all gave the pink-haired teenager goosebumps. "Look, I'll talk to you soon mother. I need to get this journey started, okay? Tell daddy I love him for me!"

Without waiting for the woman to respond, Zoey quickly ended the call and placed her Pokégear back into a pocket on her bag. In a sense, she understood her mother's concern. Even Zoey herself had to admit that she had perhaps been a tad too impulsive when she made this decision out of the blue. However, it was a choice that she made and Zoey just knew for a fact that her mother was being melodramatic with her fears. Besides that, Zoey was almost 18 years old. The pink-haired girl was more than capable of making her own decisions at this point. And it was not as if she was going to be alone on her journey for that matter.

Glancing down to her side, the young woman eyed the Poké Ball which now rested on her belt. Inside the ball-like capsule was a Pokémon... her Pokémon. The Pokémon had been a gift from Professor Cypress in exchange for agreeing to help out with her research in regards to something called Aura. Zoe really wasn't too sure what all of it was about, but at the same time she really didn't care. It was an easy choice to make in exchange for the chance to receive her first Pokémon. Deciding that she had kept the little creature inside of her ball for far too long, Zoey took the ball off of her belt and tossed it into the allowing the little creature to come bounding out in a flash of light.

The Pokémon eagerly shook and stretched, taking a look around the bright and cheery city before coming to rest her eyes upon the pink-haired girl standing before her. Zoey had been given several choices when it came to picking which Pokémon she wanted to begin her journey with, but there was only one clear option for her. That choice just happened to be a Vulpix. That said however, an average Vulpix was just not what she had her eyes upon. Rather, Zoey happened to pick a Vulpix who just happened to be white and blue as opposed to red and brown. Cypress had said something about this Vulpix being a regional variant, one that was typically only seen within the Alola region. Zoey didn't really care much about the schematics of it all, though. All she knew was that she had chosen a truly unique Pokémon, something that was sure to make her the envy of all those other trainers in the region.

"Well... Time to get this started properly then," Zoey mused aloud. The girl glanced down at the Alolan Vulpix, giving her a bright smile before she knelt down to the Pokémon's level. "Hey there, my name's Zoey. Starting today, you and I are going to be partners on a journey across Hoenn! Doesn't that sound absolutely exciting?"

The Alolan Vulpix tilted her head, giving Zoey a curious look as if she was taking in everything that the girl said and processing it carefully before making any sudden reaction.

Zoey continued onwards with her little speech. "We'll face many challenges... and probably battle many foes, both trainer and wild Pokémon alike. But, I can tell just from looking at you that you're quite the strong and formidable Pokémon. Are you ready to prove yourself as the very best?!"

The Alolan Vulpix let out an eager howl. Without a moment's delay, she quickly hopped into Zoey's arms. Zoey's excitement seemed to only grow larger. Her Vulpix seemed to be just as eager to begin their adventure as she was. Yes, Zoey could tell already that this was going to be a most exciting journey!


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Mauve Banzett

Current Party:

In... Rustboro City!

Earlier, on this day....

In a nearby inn, a young man with dirty, messy blonde hair groggily slumped out of bed. He laid awake for most of the night, unable to sleep. He was having a hard time believing he was going to be apart of something new to him. He never even thought about being a Pokemon Trainer. Then again, he really didn't think much of his future in the first place.

Still, he got a few hours of sleep. Considering his sleep schedule up until now, it's normal for him. He rose, and got himself ready for what he had been thinking about for the last few weeks. Looking in the mirror, small, beady eyes looked back at him. A grimace spread across his face, as he laughed aloud at how messy he looked. "I know I toss and turn, but... jeez, heheh. I must be really excited, deep down." He snickered, and got on with getting ready.

After he stepped out of the shower, brushing his teeth, and slipping on his outfit, he got his bag. Slinging it around his shoulder, he remembered how heavy the sucker was. "At least this is gonna build character, I guess," he sighed to himself, as he walked out the hotel room, out to meet Professor Cypress.

As he walked through the streets of Rustboro City, he eventually found the research facility. At least, that's what he assumed from when he saw the poster on the door of an impressive looking building. "Welp, here goes nothin."


Mauve could feel a great warmth as it hung over his shoulder. He looked over to his right shoulder, eyeballing his new partner, and a Pokemon he never imagined he'd have as his own starter. A Magby. A small, bipedal duck looking creature, with lumps on it's head that reminded him of when he got caught sneaking around the city at night. Small claws on it's hands and feet, and a fiery color to it. The Pokemon even had a small tail, and a single spike on it's back.

The demeanor of his new companion was... definitely quiet. Back at the research center, Mauve had
met with Professor Cypress. For a moment, he wasn't sure if she really was who she said she was. She looked young, fashionable, and very attractive. Still, he shook it off and listened well to what she had to say, and thanked her for the opportunity.

When she showed the Pokemon to Mauve, it appeared aloof. But, it looked up at him with a curious eye. When she gave Mauve the Pokeball, he tried calling it back to the Pokeball, it dodged each beam of light. It then crawled up to Mauve shoulder, and wouldn't let go.

Pretty odd little guy, but it's better than sitting in a ball all day. Can't say I blame him at all. Besides, I kinda like him. He snuck a hand into his pocket, and pulled out the Pokedex. He aimed the camera at Magby, and said, "Hey, hold still for a second." Magby said nothing, but looked at the lens.


Magby, the Live Coal Pokemon. It is found in volcanic craters. Its body temp. is over 1100 degrees, so don't under-estimate it. Its magma-like blood circulates throughout its body. Its body's heat can top 1,100 degrees F.

Mauve's eyes widened for a second, and was wondering how a tiny volcano could comfortably rest on his shoulder, and almost twitched. But, he clenched his eyelids and shook his head, laughing out loud at himself. The Magby just looked on in confusion, sizing up his reaction. "Sorry, I didn't know you were such a spitfire of a Pokemon. I think we're gonna have an interesting time together, eh?" He grinned at the Live Coal, getting only a blank stare. "Eheh... well, I'm sure you're a pretty well composed Pokemon. C'mon, let's have a stroll around town. Maybe we can find a bite to eat." Magby nodded, and held on with it's tiny claws as Mauve strolled down Rustboro City for a good meal.


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In the distance
Across the meadows I see
A forgotten stream;
All in pieces
Comes my times of grief.


-Yamato no Senji


The young woman in a clad kimono, wondered the streets of Rustboro. She herself had just left the famous lab of the good professor, holding what it looks like a small spherical container - it could only be a Pokeball. She held it firmly, yet motherly, as a mother would care for her newborn.

Her Pokemon was an Eevee, a small four-legged creature she named Kouzeon. Eevee had a mysterious biology; it had the power to adapt to it's surroundings, and evolve to many pokemon. She remember reading about it, but wasn't really sure what kind of training to give it. In fact; she didn't know what kind of trainer she would be. Aura was a keen interest, so perhaps she might consider perusing it... it was the least she could do for the good professor. Plus, it'd be interesting to see where it would take her life.

Her life was finally her own. The air smelled... cleaner. Fresher. She seemed to be finally free... Like a rose that just bloomed in a foreign land.

The rose that is Kagura Akagi.


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As Long As There is a Dawn

The morning had come so slowly that Akiru had to wonder if the Legendary Dialga was rewinding the clock; in other words, he couldn’t sleep. Perhaps it was due to the excitement that the next morning would bring, or perhaps it was the unsettling stillness that came with sleeping in this hotel’s stiff bed. Growing up on an island made of logs, he was used to the gentle swaying of the ocean’s waves causing his home to rock delicately. It was a gentle swaying, hardly even noticeable after so many years, and yet, throughout the night, its lack of presence is unbelievably unsettling.

Until finally, the sun rose into the sky, covering Rustboro in the light of a new day. Akiru set out, stiff from the night’s exploits, yet determined. It was still early, thus he decided to explore the city a bit before heading to Cyprus’ lab. He had never been to Rustboro, heck, he had never been to a city with...roads. The streets were flooded with people and Pokemon, more people and Pokemon than he had ever seen in one place. It was both invigorating...and off putting. He was quickly coming to learn that he was not a fan of crowds...Then again, he didn’t come to this place to become a bothersome tourist, he came to receive a Pokemon, and uncover the secrets of aura...whatever that was.


Once more, Akiru found himself walking the streets of the unfamiliar city, though this time he held a Pokeball tightly in his hand. It never ceased to amaze him how much power these tiny spheres can hold; within it is a living, breathing creature, a Pokemon...his Pokemon: A Rockruff, whom he decided to name Fenris almost immediately. The ball began to shake delicately, which made the stone-faced teen crack a small must be boring in that little ball, no matter how fascinating it seemed from the outside looking in. “Alright, come on out, Fenris.”

A burst of light poured from the Pokeball, taking the shape of a fuzzy brown puppy, who let out an excited yip to his new trainer. Tail swishing, the Pokemon lunges towards its trainer’s chest, yearning to be held. As Akiru clutches the rock type in his hands, he quirks a brow in question. “I thought you wanted to run around.”

His statement is answered by pleading eyes, and a paw delicately pressed against his nose. The stoic face that he had been perfecting for the last five years didn’t stand a chance, and once again melted into a small smile. “Fine. You win this round.” He agrees as he props the pup onto his shoulder.


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Mauve Banzett

Current Party:

Still in... Rustboro City!

In one of the less busier streets of Rustboro City, there was a street performer, a fire breather, spewing bright and brilliant flames from his mouth! He wore a brilliant ensemble of red and yellow. Fiery designs for his pants, bright red shoes, and an equally fiery button-up shirt he wore completely open. He wore red sunglasses, and had bright blonde hair that peaked like rising flames. Accompanying his act was a Koffing, that spewed gases that formed into Aces, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds. His Koffing was really into the performance, danced around the fire breather.

However, only a couple of people here and there paid notice. Some stuck around, but the fire breather was already getting frustrated. Unlike his Koffing, this performer wasn't feeling the way a good performance should feel.

"Alright, and now, for you few onlookers... here's a bright light for you!" The fire breather spewed fire at each symbol, the shapes now forming into brilliant flames, before creating a small explosion. They small audience cheered and clapped, with slight awe.

"Well, folks, this is all for Arnie, the Fire Breather! Thank ya'll for coming." The audience dispersed quickly, and Arnie slumped off to the local diner after returning his Koffing. "Man... what a lame performance. This is not what I should be reduced to...." He swung the glass door open, and took a seat at one of the empty tables.

A young waiter came up to his table, and greeted him with, "Hey Arnie, back again, huh? How'd the performance go?" "Habanero burger, well done. Fries. Usual drink." The waiter scoffed, but took his order and left him be. Arnie held his head in a hand, as he looked out the window. He grew to hate being around the civilians, but had no other means of working. At least the kind of work he'd be willing to do without pulling his hair out.

"A cop? Already been in enough trouble with the law...."

"A shopkeep? Yeah, like I need another reason to give up...."

Out of the corner of his eye... he saw a Magby on the shoulder of some kid. Arny blinked, took off his shades and rubbed his beady eyes. "Wha-What kid is given a Magby? What the...." Arnie slipped his sunglasses back on, and pulled his eyes away. He heard the door open, and heard the kid ask for a seat. The trainer was seated in a lone booth, just a few down from where Arnie was sitting.


An idea began to swirl in Arnie's head. He watched the kid, and how he interacted with his Magby.


Mauve sat comfortably in the booth. Something felt so satisfying in a booth seat, next to an open window, where sun shined down ever so warmly. His Magby sat next to him, and closed his eyes, taking in the warmth of the day. Mauve chuckled, thinking that his Magby was kinda cute.

"Alright, watcha ordering with us today? We've got some pretty good burgers here. We even serve for each and every type of Pokemon, provided they can sit comfortably inside." The waiter chuckled, taking notice of the deeply content Magby. "Eheh, thanks," replied Mauve. "I'll have an order for your recommended Fire-type diet, and I'll have the... habanero burger, with fries, and the Pika-cola... Pika-cola?" Mauve turned, and tried to hold in a laugh.

"We get that reaction a lot. Still... pbbfft, that was funny." Mauve and the waiter laughed out loud, a little too loud. "Y-yeah, I'll just have that." "No problem. Should be several minutes." The waiter took his order happily, and walked away.

He relaxed, and patted the bumpy head of his companion. "You're a sleepy kinda Pokemon, aren't ya? Been busy with the professor before meeting me?" But, Magby didn't reply.

Moments pass. Mauve, staring out the window. His Magby, resting his little eyes, and Arnie, staring at the trainer and Pokemon. Thinking, and pondering.

"I think I know what I gotta do. Goodbye, street performing...." Arnie got up from his booth, and walked down casually to Mauve's table. Mauve could hear footsteps coming towards him. Turning over, he saw the flamboyantly dressed individual, and said, "O-oh, hey. Can I help you?"

"You, help me? Nah, kiddo, I wanna help you. Name's Arnie Borvo, Fire Breather extraordinaire 'round these parts. I gotta say, you got quite a healthy lookin' Magby. Where'd you get the little guy?"

Mauve felt a little confused, but decided to meet his friendliness. "Well, I got him from Professor Cypress. I'm a new trainer." Arnie sat across from him, nodding his head. "Ahh, I see... sorry, you don't mind, do ya? I'll pay for your bill." Mauve blinked, and tried to refuse, but the waiter came with both plates. "Arnie, I see you're being friendly! This here is Arnie, local performer and pretty good guy. I'm sure he's got a lotta wisdom to pass onto you."

He sat both plates down, and was about to leave, until Arnie made him stop. "'Hey, this kiddo's tab is on me." The waiter turned, surprised. "You sure, Arnie?" He nodded, the waiter understood, and walked off. Mauve still sat there, flabbergasted. "Uh... thanks, man." Arnie shook his head, and gestured him to eat.

"You got good taste, kid. That's my favorite burger. I'd never leave Rustboro City for this." Arnie chomped down, the spicy peppers bothering him not one little bit. Mauve followed his lead, but not before preparing a bowl of food for his Magby.

*Cling, cling, cling*

The sound of Pokemon food hitting the bowl forced Magby awake, causing it to pause, looking at the strange man now sitting across from him and his trainer. "Don't worry, Magby. This guy is nice enough to pay our way for lunch today. I'll definitely pay y-" "Say no more, you got nothing to pay me."

The three ate in an accompanied silence. Mauve, however, had a bit of struggle with the spiciness of the burger. "Heheh. Hey kid, know how to choose your heat," said Arnie with a cheeky grin.

"Heheh... anyway... what made you wanna do this, Arnie?" Mauve asked him, still a tad wary of him.

Arnie wiped his mouth with a napkin, and crossed his arms. "Kid, I've been around for quite some time... I've seen a lot of trainers come and go, much like you. But, after I've been livin' here, in this nice city for so long... I was thinking it would be time to coach a new generation of trainers... and here you are."

Mauve blinked, feeling a newfound respect, but even deeper confusion. "You... wanna coach me?" "Yeah, I do," Arnie replied sternly. The waiter came by and brought the tab. Arnie wrote down the total and a tip, and slipped the check at the edge of the table. "I know this is a bit odd, but I wanna offer my experience and wisdom onto you. It may help with your adventure, and with your professor."

"Well...." Mauve thought, thinking that as long as he kept his distance, he'd be okay. "Sure. I'd be alright with it." The two shook hands on it. Magby still staring at Arnie. "Well, in that case, I need to take care of somethings. But, we'll see each other again." Arnie got up, and waved at Mauve before walking out the glass door, and walked out into the streets, disappearing into the crowd.

"Strange... what a friendly guy. I guess it could've been worse. Right Magby?" It nodded, and began to chow down, now that Arnie was gone. "Say, you found yourself a pretty interesting coach." The waiter walked up to his table. "Really? What gave it away?"

"Heheh... he's a funny guy, but he means what he says. He knows quite a bit about Fire-types. Truth is, he just kinda popped into Rustboro City a few years ago. After a habanero burger, the guy just kinda stayed. Or, maybe it was something else... anyway, good luck on your journey! And don't worrry about the Pokemon food either. Arnie covered you."

"Well... that was an interesting encounter. Arnie Borvo... what a strange dude."

He and Magby finished their meals, and thanked the waiter for his service, and tipped him as well. Crawling back onto his shoulder, Magby clung to him, looking around with curious eyes. "Alright Magby, it looks like we're headed off. New adventures, and new experiences... let's start it up!"


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Rustboro City - May 3rd 2021, Monday

"Stay for dinner."

Steven Stone smiled and crossed his arms. His father sat in the big armchair across the imposing table, looking slightly less like an important president of the largest corporation in Hoenn, and more like a father. He had skipped the casual 'how long will you stay in town' and gone directly to what mattered.

"Your mother will want to see you."

"Bringing out the heavy artillery, are you?"

"I know I have to hit hard, or I might as well not hit at all," Mr. Stone said and leaned back. "Sometimes you are as impenetrable as the armor of the pokémon you use."

Steven laughed. "Of course I'll come around. It'll have to be tonight though-"

Their chat was interrupted by what sounded like an explosion from outside. A slight rumble followed, making their teacups on the desk clink against their plates.

"Good heavens, what was that?" Mr. Stone exclaimed and jumped to his feet, already grabbing the phone to call the reception.

Steven dashed to the window and peered out. Nothing odd... Except smoke coming from the southern part of the city. Just then, another loud bang could be heard, accompanied by a flash of light near the origin of the smoke.

"Is it a terror attack?" the Devon president asked in a lower tone.

"Can't know from here. But something's going down in the city. I'm going to check it out."

Steven was at the staircase within a second, but stopped himself there, to his father's surprise. He flashed the older man a confident smile.

"See you at dinner, dad."

The southernmost part of Rustboro City was in uproar. As if out of the blue, a monster had appeared and started attacking buildings and other pokémon to the right and left. People fled as streets were crumbling around them. The monster was larger than most pokémon, and resembling a robot more than anything. Those well versed in Hoenn's myths might recognize it.

The creature wasn't alone, either. Surging around it, perhaps angry from confusion rather than deeper motivations though, were several other species of pokémon. And there was a lot of them.

- Take Down

- Tackle
- Supersonic
- Thundershock

- Vice Grip

- Tackle
- Harden
- Mud Slap

- Tackle
- Harden

Brave trainers and battlers already started trying to round the crazed pokémon up or calm them down. But the major monster seems impervious to any trainer attacks... What will you do? Rescue people and buildings from damage? Deal with the wild, confused pokémon? Try to take on the main monster itself? ... Flee or hide?

Capturing the listed pokémon is alright. Remember you can only capture one pokémon per IC day, and if you do it you won't be able to evolve, trade or teach another pokémon a new move this day! Don't worry though; the pokémon listed here in Rustboro will remain even after this event is over, so you'll be able to travel back if you realize you'd rather have one of these than one from the next route when we get there.

Capturing Registeel isn't possible for you, don't be silly :]

Make sure not to minimod; control your own character or NPCs of your own creation, and collaborate with another player if you want to interact with or use their characters.

NOW, LET'S SAVE A CITY! or accidentally ruin it even more, we'll see


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Cogin Pomen
Cogin stepped out of the nearby mart once more for the day, after picking up a small amount of basic trainer supplies. Two potions, and a couple of Pokeballs.
Maybe I should get some berries when I get the chance, I think Poochyena would like that... Speaking of him...
Cogin glanced to his side, the silent pooch following along, watching the surroundings. The two continued onwards, Cogin had wanted to try and get some training in before night really rolled around so they picked up a few supplies before heading out to the nearest route.
As the two walked towards the southernmost route, a loud grumble sounded from the earth. Cogin instantly stopped and Poochyena went into full alert, taking a prepared stance for whatever caused the rumble. The rumbles grew stronger as both Pokemon and trainer started to step back. Suddenly, the ground began vibrating wildly, causing Cogin to fall over, he quickly gathered himself and started to run away, guided by his Pokemon companion. The earth shook violently before it exploded in a cloud of dust.
In the middle of the dust were faint red lights in a circle pattern, with another light in the center. Slowly, the dust cleared, revealing a familiar figure to Cogin as he stopped behind a building. Poochyena stood by Cogin's side, awaiting anything. The boy however, was somewhat enthralled by the beast.
"No way... that can't be..."
Remembering his visits to the Lilycove Museum and some small history books, Cogin took out his new Pokedex and scanned the creature. His color drained a little once he read the text that showed up on his Pokedex.
Registeel, the Iron Pokemon.
Panic began stewing in Cogin, his breath began to hasten, and his heart slammed into his chest. Sweat rolled down the side of his face as everything began getting warm. Registeel's lights flickered, making almost alien noises, then, an explosion. An area nearby completely collapsed as Cogin jumped back in panic. He took a moment to take his breath.
Quickly, the area began to fill with any nearby trainers and officers. He saw Pokemon get called out, either to fight the main creature, or take on the nearby wild Pokemon, some even went to nearby buildings to help others. Cogin had to make a decision. His thoughts became muddled as he struggled to think of something, he couldn't do much alone...
Then, a small bark brought Cogin back to the world.
Poochyena looked at it's trainer with an obvious determination.
"R-right." Cogin held himself together and steadied his voice. "Let's calm down the Pokemon!"
Poochyena nodded in agreement, both ran out of hiding and joined the trainers that were taking care of the Pokemon. He looked around to see what they were doing to get an idea what he should do. Most were battling, others walked to Pokemon individually and cared for them, and others caught them. Cogin looked around to see what he could do from those choices.
Then, a small crash sounded nearby. Both looked to where the sound came from and saw a small plume of loosened dirt fly up from a crashed Pokemon. Both Cogin and his Pokemon ran over, seeing that no one came to check on it. Most likely a Pokemon launched from the forest. Cogin reached the crashed Pokemon and checked to see what was hurt.
As he reached down to check it, he noticed solid iron on it's back, but parts of it were cracked and a piece that looked like it used to extend up was broken off. The Pokemon itself seemed to be unconscious, or at least severely injured. Cogin looked around and realised he had a bag on his back, he tried to reach the pocket he stored his potions in, but couldn't reach it, the zipper was just out of reach. As Cogin struggled with his bag, an electric shock jumped next to him, startling him.
"Wah!" Cogin glanced over and saw a metal ball with magnets protruding from it. He saw it charging another electric shock and realized he had to get it off him. "Right, Poochyena! Try sand attack to keep it from hitting us!" The Poochyena obliged and kicked some loose dirt to the floating ball, causing it to lose focus and discharge the electricity safely away. This allowed Cogin to open his bag and take out a potion. He gripped it and sprayed the healing liquid onto the injured Pokemon. As he did this he heard a strange noise that caused him to cover his ears. He glanced over and saw Poochyena was affected similarly, though he could notice the slight daze in his eyes. It was confused!
"Shoot. Poochyena, listen to me! Hit it with another sand attack!" Cogin turned away once more to see the unconscious Pokemon wake up. Bright blue eyes glowed as it awoke and it slowly stood up on its small legs, revealing its black body.
I remember that Pokemon... it's Aron, isn't? I think I remember reading about them. Oh, right! Poochyena!
Cogin stood up and turned around to check on his companion. Things weren't looking too good, he saw the magnet Pokemon pull back and slam its body into Poochyena.
"Poochyena!" He called out. The Pokemon was hit onto its back, but Cogin noticed something. Poochyena was able to get back up and look around, it was still dazed but seemed... quicker. "Poochyena, hit it with a bite!"
The Pokemon seemed to understand and took a charge at the floating Pokemon with surprising speed. Without stumbling, it jumped and took a chomp at the floating Pokemon's magnet, dragging it to the ground and knocking it out.
"Alright! Good going Poochyena! Hey! Snap out of it!"
Cogin noticed that Poochyena was still out of it, he ran over and gave a few quick snaps in front of the Pokemon, bringing it back to the real world. The two nodded their heads and looked around, and Cogin noticed that the Aron was still there, looking confused and a little sad. Cogin decided to come over and kneel down in front of it.
The Aron seemed quite glad that Cogin approached it and jumped a little to him. Noticing that the Pokemon seemed to quite like him, he decided to ask something.
"I see you like me huh? Then, perhaps you want to join me on a journey?" Cogin held out one of his new Pokeballs. The Pokemon looked hesitant at first, taking a few moments to decide. As it decided, Poochyena noticed something. Another Pokemon started to charge at the pair, a Beldum! The dark type Pokemon barked and knocked down Cogin, the Beldum flying past, missing its mark. In that instant, Aron panicked and hit the Pokeball.
One shake.
Two shakes.
Three shakes.
Aron chose to be caught!
As Cogin gathered his bearings, he realized that he still had some work to do. Now that he has two Pokemon, he could really start helping.
"Alright you two. Let's help the Pokemon!"
Poochyena gave a howl and Cogin felt his new Pokemon's Pokeball shake a little. A journey truly started with a bang.

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Mauve Banzett
Zoey Winters

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Zoey's Party
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Danger in Rustboro City!

Zoey sat quietly outside on the patio of a small, yet rather quaint looking restaurant. The pink-haired teenager was taking the time to enjoy a rather nice lunch of a fruit salad and a Goldeen sandwich. Not too far away, the trainer's new Vulpix was also enjoying a lunch. Zoey had ordered the ice-type Pokmon a fillet of Goldeen to eat as well, something that the Alolan Vulpix seemed to be enjoying quite well. As the duo ate, Zoey decided to spend some time getting to know her new Pokmon partner a bit more. She had taken the time to give the ice fox a quick scan via her Pokdex, an essential tool that Professor Cypress had handed out along with the Pokmon. With this little device, Zoey was able to find out what sort of typing the Vulpix was, her moveset, gender (as if she couldn't already tell), along with other various bits of information.

"So... I know you're a female... and a Vulpix, obviously," Zoey mused while finishing off her fruit salad by muching the last bite of what was a rather juicy Beleu Berry, "But I still think you need a good name... I mean... There's nothing wrong with calling you Vulpix, but I think giving you a more... casual name would help to start making a bond, don't you?"

The Alolan Vulpix glanced up at her trainer, tilting her head curiously as Zoey spoke. She let out a small, happy little howl, her tails swishing back and forth in delight at the sudden attention she was receiving from the girl. As to whether or not the Pokmon actually understood what Zoey was talking about, the trainer couldn't tell. Still, that did little to deter the pink-haired girl from her conversation with her new friend.

"Now, I know it's not anything fancy, but I was thinking about something along the lines of... Yuki!" Zoey declared. She was rather proud of that name she had come up with for the Alolan Vulpix. The pink-haired girl hadn't really been debating about a name for too long, but at the same time there was something about the name that just rolled off the tongue to her. Of course, it wasn't just for Zoey to decide on. The name also had to be something that the Alolan Vulpix was also in favor of. After all, it would be the name that she would be called on for... pretty much the rest of their lives. "So, what do you think?"

The ice-type Pokmon closed her eyes, her little white ears twitching ever so slightly as she seemed to be mulling over the idea of her new name. Zoey was waiting with baited breath as the Vulpix thought it over. Thankfully, it didn't seem to take too long for the Pokmon to come to a conclusion either. Within a matter of seconds, a rather happy yip escaped the Vulpix's mouth as she hopped up into Zoey's lap with glee.

"I guess that's a yes then?" Zoey questioned, receiving a rathert playful lick on the cheek from her Pokmon.

Sadly, the duo didn't have too long to enjoy the moment progressing between them. A sudden, echoing blast exploded forth into the area, causing the duo as well as the other patrons of the restaraunt to suddenly drop everything and look around in confusion. The blast was loud enough to cause the newly-dubbed Yuki to quickly climb into her trainer's arms, the pink-haired girl leaping out of her chair as she stared wide-eyed towards the south.

"What... what in the world was that...?" the teenager wondered.


Mauve and Magby walked around the streets of Rustboro, with no clear destination in mind. He just... wasn't really sure what he should be doing, now that he was a bonafide Pokemon trainer.

Albeit, a starter Pokemon trainer. "Say, Magby...." "... by?" Magby could see that his trainer was deeply confused, and was deliberating on their next move. "How about I give you a name, huh?" Mauve looked over, Magby's hard to read stare had met him. Still, Magby nodded. "Well, in that case, let's think of one. Well, I kinda already had one on my mind, I just wasn't sure how you'd like it."

Mauve sat down on a bench, his Magby still clinging to his shoulder. "Mag?" Magby replied, causing Mauve to continue. "How does Fuego sound to you?" Magby blinked, trying to process the word, thinking how it sounded.

Then, with a little hesitation, Magby nodded again. "So, Fuego, huh? Looks like you have a name. I'm pretty lucky to have a spitfire for a starter like you, heheh," he chuckled. Magby looked around him, cautiously.


Mauve jumped out of his seat, and yelped with a, "WOAH! What was that, huh?!" A thick cloud of smoke billowed from the ground below, and many strange sounds could be heard. Suddenly, small creatures began to fly at them!

"Agh, Magby, hang on!" Mauve ducked, trying not to get pelted by whatever was attacking them.

Series of electrical whirrs and even some growling could be heard behind him.

Mauve jumped, and turned to see what was there, only to find random Pokemon glaring at him and Magby. "What the heck is going on? Magby, it looks like we have our first battle... let's go! We'll ask questions later!"

Magby jumped off of his shoulder, and fired an Ember attack at the smaller Pokemon with four legs and a big, iron head.

"Ar-Arrrrr!" It was hit hard, but tackled headfirst into Magby, knocking it to the ground. "Magby- Er, Fuego, let's go! Do another Ember!"

Fuego jumped back, and pelted the Pokemon again with Ember. "Now, use Smokescreen!" With a deep inhalation, Fuego spewed a thick, black smoke onto the Pokemon.

"Arrrr!" It screeched with a metallic screech. "Now Fuego, hit it again! Fire in a line!" Fuego, aiming first at the left, shot a line of Ember attacks until a metallic yelp could be heard.

With the smokescreen parting, it was down for the count.

"Good job, Fuego!" "Mag, Mag!" Before long, two floating Pokemon appeared in the place of the other fallen Pokemon. "Ugh, what is going on? Fuego, I think we need to find help! Smokescreen them, and let's get moving!"

Fuego blew a heaving helping of a smokescreen, and they both went to look for other trainers to group up with.


Zoey quickly made her way down the street in the direction... at least, what she believed to be the direction she and Yuki had heard the explosion come from earlier. The girl had a good feeling she was heading in the right direction, namely on account of the various people that seemed to be fleeing from the south part of town in a rather hurried panic. Despite the fact that clearly something dangerous was waiting for the duo not too far away, Zoey found herself bubbling with excitement. She had only had been an official Pokmon trainer for roughly an hour or so now, and already she was being thrust into the excitement that was bound to lead to an amazing adventure!

The girl's mind was racing with thoughts of what the cause for such a commotion could be. Perhaps a group of dangerous criminals were trying to take over the city! Maybe there was a rampaging Gyarados on the loose! A building could have suddenly burst into flames and people needed saving! Of course all of these were merely possibilities, but they were still more than enough in Zoey's mind to prove the fact that she had definitely made the right choice to add some spice to her humdrum life.

Unfortunately for the budding trainer, her mind was too busy thinking up of various scenarios to truly be paying attention to the situation that was actually transpiring around her. Zoey was so distracted by her thoughts that she somehow managed to ignore the fact that a buzzing, floating, orb-like Pokmon with a screw poking out of its top and magnets at its sides was quite literally zapping right towards her. Thankfully for the trainer however, her Vulpix was a bit more aware of the situation at hands. With an angry howl, the Vulpix jumped up in the air towards the attacking Pokmon and unleashed an icy blast of wind in the creature's direction. Zoey's eyes widened as she snapped back into reality, staring at her Vulpix and the now quite angry Pokmon in shock.

"Y-Yuki...! Are you alright?!" Zoey questioned, clearly more concerned about her Pokmon's well-being than her own at the moment. The Alolan Vulpix glanced over her shoulder at the pink-haired girl, letting a rather boastful howl escape from her mouth. Zoey sighed in relief to see that her Pokmon was just fine, before returning her focus to the situation at hand. "Alright then... Let's get our first battle underway!"

Yuki didn't need to be told twice. The Alolan Vulpix looked quite eager to battle against the wild Pokmon, even going as far as to swish her tails back and forth as if she was attempting to taunt it. The wild Magnemite didn't seem to take too kindly to this, however. Sparks of electricity began to kick up as it glared at the Vulpix and her trainer.

"Yuki, attack with Powder Snow!" Zoey ordered.

The Vulpix let out a quick yip, taking a deep breath as she prepared to exhale another chilly breath of air. However, the wild Magnemite got the upper hand on the exchange of attacks. Without warning, it quickly slammed its metallic body into Yuki. The Vulpix fell backwards, staggering to keep on her feet from the blow. Zoey gave her Pokmon a look of concern, but the Vulpix seemed to be doing alright as she quickly regained her composure. Yuki resumed her attack, blowing forth a chilly breath of air in the direction of the wild, metal Pokmon. Much to the dismay of both the trainer and her Vulpix though, the attack seemed to have little to no effect.

"This isn't good..." Zoey muttered.

"Fuego, help them out with an Ember attack!"

The Magby pelted the Magnemite with a steady Ember, knocking it out of the air, and straight to the ground. "Hey, nice shot, Fuego." Magby nodded at Mauve, but looked over to the strange fox Pokemon.

"Hey, you two alright? Maybe we should stick together." Mauve said nervously, trying to be cautious of any Pokemon around. Fuego was at the ready, his beady eyes scoping the area.

Steel-type Pokemon, attacking the citizens with no caution. All the trainers in the area were helping in fighting them off. However, the Magby was staring at a particular Pokemon off in the distance. It had an odd shape, and eyes that looked like a bug, or some machine.

Mauve could tell Magby was concerned. "Yeah, things are definitely looking dicey...."

Zoey turned and looked in the direction of the boy and his Magby. While her Pokmon was not exactly having much of an effect against the wild Magnemite, the trainer was not exactly welcome to the fact that this boy and his Magby had outright jumped into the fray and taken the battle away from her. In fact, the pink-haired girl was mildly annoyed by this fact. It was a sentiment that seemed to be shared by Yuki. The Alolan Vulpix made no attempt in hiding the rather dirty look she was giving the Fire-Type.

"H-Hey! I had that under control, you know!" Zoey huffed, putting her hands on her hips as she gave the boy a rather angry glance. As she did so, the girl gave the fellow trainer a quick once over. He seemed to be... kind of shabby... Definitely not the type of hero she would have preferred, if she actually needed one. "Why did you go and have to steal my battle anyways?!"

Mauve just looked a little confused. "Hey, I hate to tell you this, but it looked like you and your Vulpix were having a bad time." Mauve said, trying not to crack a smirk. "But anyway... maybe we should put this debate on hold. You see that gargantuan?"

He pointed out at the strange behemoth that looked like a robot. "You know what that thing is?"

Zoey looked over in the direction that the boy was pointing. Initially, the pink-haired teenager thought that he was merely trying to change the subject and was trying to make a quick exit. However, that turned out to not be the case as she spotted exactly what he was inquiring about. Her emerald-green eyes widened at the sight of the massive creature in the distance. She had never seen anything like it before in her life! It was likely to be some sort of Pokmon, but...

"Of course not," Zoey finally answered, gripping the strap on her trainer's bag a bit tightly as she did so. She glanced around, taking note of the various trainers in the area doing battle against the wild Pokmon that seemed to be swarming this district of the city. "...I bet it probably has something to do with this infestation, though."

The blonde-headed teen was feeling a sort of unease, looking at the gargantuan again. "Makes sense. Well, we should... maybe help each other out? I dunno what's gonna happen next, but I can tell you just got that Vulpix, just like me."

Mauve was unsure what to say, to introduce himself, or figure out what to do next. His Magby crawled back up to cling onto his shoulder, poking the side of his head. "Anyway, what do you say?"

He was unsure if it was really a good idea. On the one hand, numbers always strengthens the odds. On the other hand... this girl is as cold as her Vulpix.

Zoey seemed a bit hesitant at first. If the girl entered into another battle, there was always the chance that this boy would try to steal the battle away from her again. On the other hand, having him along could prove useful. If she and Yuki were to manage to be ambushed by multiple wild Pokmon, his Magby could at the very least prove to be useful. Aside from that, she would very much like the chance to see what that creature was in the distance.

"Alright," Zoey finally answered. "We'll work together for now. Just don't get in our way again, okay?"


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Chiara - Rustboro City, May 3rd

The sound of an explosion made the fox and the trainer jump apart. Chiara startled, spinning around to try and gather from where the sound had come. Vulpix' senses were more keen though. He instantly knew.

Another loud bang, this time followed by a slight rumble in the ground.

"An earthquake, here?" Chiara furrowed her brow. She was used to small quakes around the volcano. "But Rustboro is not on the normally affected side of the mountain..."

There was movement down the street. A family running away from the sound, and a couple of battlers running towards it - she concluded they were battlers from the strong looking pokmon running alongside them. That was enough to make her determined. If others were running towards the commotion, despite possible danger, then she wouldn't be joining the ones running away.

Vulpix didn't seem overly happy about it, but he also didn't linger too far behind the girl as she rushed away.

Swinging around the corner of a caf - she could see people huddling inside - she was nearly swept off her feet by a whirlwind of flying pokmon. After shielding herself, she dared to look up at the swirl of confusion that darted around the street. It was a group of steel pokmon, Magnemite and Klink.

"Hey, those are not native to Rustboro, from what I read in the tourist guide!"

The swirl of numerous pokmon approached her in the air again, and she had to jump aside to avoid them.

"They're angry?" she thought out loud again. "Maybe their attacks caused the tremors."

Vulpix ran up to her side with a bark Chiara would only describe as serious.

"Yeah, we can't let them run rampant. They're scaring people to hide in the caf, look! Hm."

As the swirl of Magnemite and Klink was gathering in a whirlpool slightly above her, she picked up her shiny new pokdex and pointed it at her own companion.

"Right! Vulpix, Ember!"

The fire fox was young, but professor Cypress had made sure it was taught basic battle behavior. Her starters were bred to be champions, after all. Vulpix obeyed without delay and aimed an Ember attack straight up at the whirlpool. It disbanded readily. With the steel pokmon no longer banded together in a chain through the sky, they seemed to calm down somewhat.

"Well, that was easy! Good job, Vulpix!" Chiara exclaimed, hands on her hips. "It feels nice to help out, doesn't it?"

The pathway next to the caf a few meters away exploded then, sending her and several steel pokmon flying, hitting the pavement and tumbling to a stop together. Chiara felt a sharp pain in her knee and gasped as she tried to sit up.

Vulpix barked without pause at the towering menace that now filled the full width of the innocent street, casting its shadow over the girl as it lumbered onwards. Eyes, or markings, or whatever they were, glowed more red than the lava of Mt. Chimney.

"Don't... Don't you walk over me!" Chiara exclaimed, sounding much more brave than she felt.

The monster didn't seem to listen.

((OOC: pls save chiara from getting stomped by mystery legend regi beast!))


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Storming the Front Lines

There was still a lot to do before they could set off on their adventure: The Professor gave Akiru a Pokemon and a Pokedex, but if he wanted to get more than twenty feet from a Pokemon Center without worrying for Fenris' safety, he needed to stock up on Potions, and if he wanted to add to his team...Pokeballs were a necessity. Didn't this town also have a Gym? There's no way either of them are prepared enough to challenge it, though it wouldn't hurt to take a look, he had never seen a Pokemon Gym before, well, a picture of one, sure, not a great picture...the point was he wanted to see one.

The morning was spent navigating through the city, finally locating the Pokemart and purchasing a few Pokeballs and Potions, then stopping by a small cafe to grab some breakfast (which he could have grabbed at the hotel before leaving, if the need to set out and explore once more was not so strong in both Akiru and Fenris). Next stop is...

Akiru had just left the cafe when the sound of an eruption burst through the city, followed by a slight rumble that quaked through the entire city. As the ringing from the explossion began to ease, it was replaced with screams of terror and cries from small, confused children.


'Up there!'

'What is that?!'

Passerbys called out in shock, all looking up towards the south part of town. Smoke was bellowing into the sky at an alarming rate, then came a flash of light, more screams...

"What's going on...?" Akiru's thoughts were accompanied by a low growl, Fenris, still perched on his shoulder, was snarling at the smoke, his fur standing on end. The screams intinsified, a flury of people began rushing away from the smoke, and towards it. Seemed those were the only two options...

Akiru balled his hand into a tight fist. Whatever was going on, it was clearly bigger than him, and it was clear he couldn't handle it alone...but this city was full of people, some of them had to be caught in that explosion...they needed help. If he could just help one person away from the wreckage, that would be...worth it.

"Let's go." He speaks to his partner Pokemon, before running towards the billowing smoke.

Turning the corner, their forward assault was cut short `by a group of charging Aron, rampaging too fast and too close for Akiru to turn back around. With little time to think, Akiru throws himself into the closest alley, colliding with several hefty trash bags, which halted his collision with cold pavement.

Fenris, still on Akirus shoulder, tumbles off. As he gets to his feet and watches the herd of Aron charge by, he lets out the most intimidating growl a fuzzball can muster. His fur stands on end as he makes a lunge forward-- or at least attempts to.

No! Akiru shouts as he grabs the tiny wolf by the fluff of his neck, letting out a pained, surprised shout as the sudden movement causes a sharp sting in his shoulder. It seems theres broken glass shards in the bag that broke his fall

The anger in the little pups eyes is quickly replaced with concern as he turns to face his trainer, his head tilting in question.

Im fine, just...dont tell anyone about this. Explaining that he dove into garbage was going to be far more hurtful to his pride...although he was definitely getting a tetanus shot when this is over...if the explosion didnt destroy the hospital. Hoisting himself back to his feet, Akiru tugs Fenris into his arms, keeping a tight hold of him.

You cant go up against that many Pokemon...even if they arent Steel. If only one of them knows a steel type move, it could crush right through his rock type partner.

Another explosion silenced whatever retort the young Pokemon could have barked out, this one significantly closer, the reverberation powerful enough to make the ground below them quake, quickly followed by a voice--

Someone is dangerously close by.

Akiru darts out of the alley, his blood running cold as he takes in the giant, towering creature engulfing the street

And the woman right under him.

HEY! BACK OFF! What was he doing? What was he saying? He didnt know, suddenly his mouth and his legs had a mind of their own, everything became suddenly blurry-- everything except the girl so bravely shouting at the towering monster. As Akiru makes a step towards the trainer, Fenris leaps from his arms, darting towards the fox Pokemon that stood loyally by his trainer.

By the time Akiru was aware of what he was doing, he was beside the young woman, arm stretched out towards her.

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Zoey Winters
And Mauve Banzett
Rustboro City
Chapter 1-2 | Big Trouble In Little Rustboro

Current Party:

Mauve sighed, and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I gotcha...." He got an urge of agitation, but swiftly got over it. HE was just glad he wasn't travelling with her, let alone anyone at all. Straightening himself out, he turned, and looked out to the city, and the Pokemon that surrounded the metal behemoth.

Various Pokemon were attacking people, trainers from all over the city were trying to help fend off the wild invaders. Even the Rustboro Gym Leader, Roxanne, had her most powerful Pokemon just trying to distract the behemoth. Mauve looked up and around, some of the Steel Pokemon even flew into different homes and apartment buildings. Magnemite and Beldum flew into windows and tore everything up around them. Aron, Klink and even some Nosepass just destroyed what got in their way.

"Man... what a mess," Mauve mumbled to himself. "Maybe we should head to the Pokemon Center, as a way to get to safety?" He asked this as he turned to Zoey.

The pink-haired girl turned to Mauve with a rather defiant look in her eyes. "Run away...? I have no such intention to act in such a cowardly manner! I came all this way and became a trainer so that I could experience new and exciting moments in life. I will not begin that chapter by running away and hiding just because things have taken a turn for the worse."

Zoey paused in her rant, her eyes glancing down towards the Alolan Vulpix by her side. Yuki's tails were swishing back and forth with anticipation. It was clear that the fox Pokmon was mirroring her trainer's excitement in this situation. Yuki already felt as though she had her moment stolen from her earlier when that Magby took down her first opponent. As a result, the ice type Pokmon was more than ready to get a second chance to show just what she was made of. It was a sight that reassured Zoey a bit, helping to make her think that she was making the right call in all of this. Besides, people needed their help. Is this not what being a trainer was supposed to be about as well.

"If you want to go cower somewhere, then I won't stop you," Zoey resumed, returning her attention back towards the boy by her side. She crossed her arms across her chest, going as far as to huff in irritation."But I've no intention of joining you in such an act!"

"... Hmmm." A rush of embarrassment flowed through Mauve. He stewed on that response for a moment before he could feel a claw poke into his cheek, causing him to look over to Fuego. He was looking him in the eyes. Very closely. He could tell that even Fuego was trying to tell him the same thing. That they shouldn't run away from this disaster. It had eyes of intent, of determination, and of duty. Mauve gave the Magby a wry smile, and chuckled. "... Aight, you have a point, quit lookin' at me like that." Shaking his head, he exhaled, and gave himself a wake-up pat on his cheeks.

I got this, I can do this... No problem. I got Fuego with me.

He stroked Fuego's head, giving him a soft pat, making the Magby warm up a bit on his shoulder. Turning to Zoey and her huffiness, Mauve said laughingly, "Alright, let's-"

But before Mauve could finish, a loud rumble and a crash could be heard from opposite sides of Mauve and Zoey. To the left, out of the window of a five story apartment, a giant stone looking Pokemon leaping out the window. It crashed to the ground, several feet away from Mauve, causing to to jump.

"What the heck?!"

Zoey turned in the direction of the crash, her eyes widening as she watched the stone-like creature literally roll in their direction. The Pokmon gradually came to a stop, revealing itself to be quite the ridiculous-looking thing, if Zoey had her way about it. The Pokmon was able to stand on what looked like two jagged feet of sorts. It had hands... or rather, what appeared to be miniature slabs of stone serving as hands. However, the most absurd looking feature of the wild Pokmon had to be its somewhat large, red nose. The very sight of it alone caused the pink-haired trainer to giggle beneath her hand.

"That... that thing looks absolutely hideous!" she snorted out. "Are there really Pokmon out that there look that absurd?"

Mauve , too, noticed the strange looking Pokmon. He couldnt help but snort and begin to chuckle.

The Pokemon began to vibrate angrily, and create a horn like sound that echoed around the area.

Uh... what does that mean?

Another other crash, and angry whirrs occurred around the two trainers. One Nosepass burst out of the ground, vibrating and exhaling just as angrily as the other one. One looked down Zoey and her Vulpix, while the other glared down Mauve and his Magby.

Ah no, TWO of them?! Cmon, Fuego, we got this one!

The Magby hissed, and jumped forward, challenging the Big-Nosed Pokemon.

Zoey could hardly contain her excitement, much unlike her fellow trainer. "Alright! This should be an easy one, Yuki! Plus, we won't have to worry about a certain someone trying to steal our opponent away from us! Are you ready?"

The Alolan Vulpix let out a quick yip, her tails swaying eagerly as she pranced forward and came to stand in front of the other rock Pokmon. The big-nosed Pokmon glared angrily at the trainer and her Vulpix, something that neither seemed to let get to them. Without a moment's notice, the rock creature jumped forward, aiming to slam its body right into Yuki. Yuki was quick to get on defense, however. The white Vulpix nimbly hopped backwards, managing to dodge the Tackle attack with ease.

"Yuki, attack it with Ice Shard!" Zoey ordered her Pokmon.

A cold wind began to blow through the area, as several shards of solid ice seemed to form overhead of the Ice-type Pokmon. Yuki was quick to launch them in the direction of the Pokmon with the large nose. The rock creature attempted to try and avoid the oncoming onslaught, but it simply was not quick enough to dodge all of the frigid shards. Two of them managed to cut right into the rock Pokmon, causing it to grunt in a mixture of agitation and pain. The Pokmon was quick to retaliate with an attack. Once more, it launched itself straight in the direction of Yuki. Again, the Alolan Vulpix did her best to try and dodge, this time hopping off to the side. However, her opponent was just as quick to attack with a follow-up Tackle. This time it easily managed to roll back in the direction of the white Vulpix, slamming itself into Yuki with a great deal of force. Yuki let out a howl of pain as she staggered backwards, doing everything she could in her power to try and keep her footing from the rather strong attack.

"Despite how absurd that thing looks, it seems like they pack a punch. We need to finish this battle off quickly, Yuki!" Zoey stated. "Quick, use Powder Snow!"

Yuki yipped in response, returning her focus back to the opposing Pokmon., The white Vulpix took a deep breath, before blowing out a cold and snow-filled breath in the rock creature's direction. The large-nosed Pokmon braced itself, trying to do its best to endure the oncoming attack. However, Yuki's attack seemed to be more than the creature could handle. The snow blasted up against the rock creature with great intensity, much more than Zoey was expecting her Pokmon to use. It encased the rock Pokmon in ice, freezing it right on the spot!

"Ha! Nothing to it!" Zoey cheered, grinning widely at her Vulpix. "Great job, Yuki!"

Mauve, Fuego, and even the opposing Nosepass had watched the battle. Mauve was really impressed with how both Zoey and her Vulpix seemed to fight. Fuego even looked on in curious amazement.

The Nosepass however, looked to tear up, before it hopped up and down, slamming the ground with each impact.


"Alright Fuego, it's our turn to deck this Nosepass!" Mauve tried to psyche himself for his first battle, his Magby letting out a bellow of smoke in Nosepass' face. "Good idea, Fuego. Use Smokescreen!" Fuego breathed in so deeply, it's chest puffed out. But just as quick as he gulped that air, he spewed a thick, black, inky Smokescreen, completely clouding the Nosepass. It whirred and stomped again before a rushing sound could be heard. "Fuego, get ready to bounce!"

The Nosepass slid out of the smokescreen face first, almost crashing into the Magby. "Jump, and use Ember!" Before Nosepass could collide, Fuego jumped and clung to the Nosepass, pelting it with countless Ember attacks to the face.


Stomping even more angrily, it tried to shake off Fuego, but it clung on for dear life. "Good job, Fuego! Hit it with a smog attack, and keep holding on!" Fuego could tell what Mauve was planning, and began to exhume a heavy smog that clouded both him and the Nosepass.

The stomping grew more frantic, more louder, and much more angry. With a might slam to the ground, Nosepass knocked off Fuego by ramming itself into the side of a building. "FUEGO!" Mauve could only watch in panic as Fuego rolled on the ground, that hit doing some serious damage. Still... Fuego crawled back up to it's feet.

The Nosepass wasn't looking too good either, looking poisoned, as it's movements became more erratic. That, and some of that same smog was fuming out of the Pokemon's prodigious proboscis. "Well... that's not something you see every day. Fuego, hit him with a Feint Attack!"

The Magby rushed in, making Nosepass shoot forward again. But this time, Magby spun around it, jumped, and gave it a solid kick to the dome, knocking it to the ground. The smog-like fumes stopped, and the Nosepass was motionless.

Mauve fell silent for a moment, only to snap himself back to reality and pick up his firebrand partner. "W-wow, Fuego... you really kicked ass!" Mauve started to laugh, hugging Fuego and patting his head.

"I mean... It wasn't the worst battling I've ever seen..." Zoey replied, having long since already scooped her Vulpix back up into her arms. "It looks like you do have a bit of skill outside of just stealing battles away."

Mauve just glumly looked over, getting the feeling that he'll never live down this one, minor transgression. "Thanks... I think?" He turned and saw Zoey with her proud Vulpix. "You're pretty good, yourself," he replied with a sheepish grin.

Zoey just grinned in Mauve's direction. The boy's compliment seemed to go straight towards her ego, and Zoey did little to hide this. "I know. It's like this thing just comes naturally to me!"

Something in his gut told Mauve that was a bad idea. He couldn't... quite put his finger on it.


A thunderous explosion came from the nearby cafe. Two people were dangerously close to the steel behemoth that was laying siege to the city, and one of them seemed to be injured.

"Hey, look over there," he urged to Zoey. "There's a couple of people under that thing!" Fuego crawled back onto his shoulder, ready for another battle.

"That... That thing is huge! Like, way more than those stupid rock-nose things!" Zoey exclaimed. Seeing the creature at a much closer angle really was putting things into perspective. Despite her big talk from earlier, even the pink-haired teenager was quick to realize that if the two of them tried to attack this giant, it wasn't going to end well. "How are we supposed to help them without getting our own Pokmon killed in the process?!"

"We gotta distract it, or something! Um...." Mauve stopped to think, but thought back to the battle he had with Nosepass. Deeply inhaling, Mauve saw the possibility of what he was thinking... how well it would work....

"Zoey, I think we can at least get that thing to stop in it's tracks. We hide somewhere nearby, Fuego using Smokescreen and your Vulpix using Powder Snow. Maybe she can freeze it in place just long enough for them to get away. What do you think?"

Mauve just spouted out the first thing he could think of involving both of their Pokemon to the best of their ability, and with the feeling of danger looming above.

Zoey glanced down at the Vulpix in her arms. Yuki, despite the obvious gap in power and size, didn't seem to be against the idea. It seemed that Mauve's Magby was accepting of the idea as well. The girl sighed, closing her eyes in defeat.

"I think this is a stupid idea, but... whatever. Lead on," she relented.

Mauve led Zoey to the alleyway that looked over to the cafe.

The behemoth was dangerously close to crushing the both of them, and at a very precarious location where it can do major collateral damage. Fuego jumped off his shoulder, peeking his head out of the dark just to see the creature. It's size and figure was very intimidating, but the Magby remained steadfast.

"Alright, when Fuego let's loose with Smokescreen! Try to aim it at it's... face." Mauve was unsure if those beady things on it's face was actually a face or not. Either way, he exhaled deeply, filling the air with a thick, inky smog.

Zoey glanced down at Yuki, the Vulpix seeming quite eager to begin this little plan of Mauve's. Her trainer still had a bad feeling about the whole thing, but it was too late to back out now. "Follow up by shooting a Powder Snow at that thing's feet, Yuki."

The Vulpix let out a small yip before she took a deep breath. Like the several times before, a chilly air began to exhale from the Vulpix's mouth. Yuki made sure to carefully aim for the massive creature's feet, all the while Zoey watched with more than just a little bit of worry. With any luck, neither she nor Yuki would be dead after this daring rescue attempt.


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Chiara - Rustboro City, May 3rd

Suddenly, another person is beside Chiara, his arm stretched out to protect her or pull her away. She reaches for him, her own hand just finally touching his-

The air darkens, as if a cloud has gathered just above their heads, and a whining sound makes Chiara retract her limbs, away from the boy, wincing when she has to move her damaged leg.

"Snow?" The word tumbles out from her mouth.

Snow is shooting around her and the boy, and Chiara spots its target being the feet of the monster that was just threatening to crush her. It seems stopped in its wake, no longer lumbering forward, waving its imposing arms around to try to clear the black fog around its body.

A sharp bark makes Chiara realize that her own pokmon hasn't given up yet. He is right beside her, determined as ever. Chiara's natural instinct, or perhaps years of watching the gym leader Flannery go all out with her Fire pokmon techniques, tells her what to do.

"Vulpix, Ember!"

Her pokmon fires its embers at the waist - if you can call it that - of the monster. It roars, and the smoke limiting its sight along with the snow inhibiting its movement, all these things make it topple over and fall. Hard on the ground, vibrations enough to shake Chiara's knee into pain again.

But the monster is down, strangely silent and still for a moment. The people in the caf are peering out from behind broken window glass, the enraged pokmon around the street ceasing their frantic movement for a second.

Chiara dares to think they won.

Steven Stone

He arrives at the scene later than most. Riding his shiny Metagross, he is faster than most. But he is also more attentive than most.

Along the streets, trainers, civilians and children were plagued by confused wild pokmon - at least Steven thought so at first. But the amount of them... He started suspecting that somebody set them loose on the city. This was too strange to just happen naturally. All species seemed to be of the Steel type, or similarly. He stayed to help calm as many pokmon down as he could, and make sure people found safe shelter. But he couldn't ignore the explosions forever. The small pokmon didn't seem to be causing them. There must be something else.

Now he is grabbing onto Metagross as hard as he can as the pokmon soars up above a building. Looking down, a shocking scene meets Steven's eyes.

In an alleyway, four trainers are standing beside a large pokmon. For the first fleeting seconds, his brain merely registers its name: Registeel. Then, logic and deeper knowledge catches up in his brain, and he gasps to himself. The legendary Registeel! Not only is it real, it is also here.

The allure of fame and glory was never tempting to him. He is a well known figure around the region, but mostly because he is the only son of the Devon Corp. president, and less so because of his own efforts or achievements.

But capturing Registeel? The legendary steel pokmon. Even Steven feels his blood rushing at the thought. Metagross dives down and lands beside the teenagers.

The giant chooses that moment in time to rise back up, roaring as it does, with a metallic, unnatural noise. One of the girls, sitting on the ground, screams at the sudden revival. Steven wastes no time.

"Hammer Arm!" he orders, and his partner levitates forward in a motion that makes it seem like it jumps over the children to reach its target.

One of its large limbs slams into Registeel, but the legend successfully parries by catching the move between its own fists. Impressive reflexes, Steven thinks. As predicted. Metagross still had three more limbs.

"Hammer Arm again!"

Another limb slams into Registeel's midsection. Did it give effect? It lets go of Metagross, but its red lights - now clearly visible as the Smokescreen from before is dissipated - are indicating some power charging up.


Metagross does a complete turn and enters defense mode, while Steven pulls in one of the trainers in the way to be protected alongside them. The beam attack hits Metagross straight on, but the pokmon and the humans end up nearly unaffected, Metagross having mastered the force of Protect over the years.

It's no use. This is a monster, Steven thinks to himself. There is only one thing to do, to save the city. And to fulfill a personal dream in the same breath.

When the attack seems to be over, Steven simply steps out from cover, and tosses a pokball at the legend. With a last bleeping roar, the giant is sucked in, dragged into an energy state by the red force. The pokball lands on the ground and doesn't even shake once. The capture is complete.

The collector walks up to fetch it, and shows it to the people who now dare to come out and have a look at the scene. The orb gleams purple in the sunlight.

"The immediate danger seems to be over," Steven says, himself clearly relieved as well. "Good work, everyone. If you see more wild pokmon roaming, please continue to try to calm them down?"

"What was that?" someone in the crowd asks.

"You really captured it, Steven? It was a pokmon?" somebody else pipes up.

"I will investigate. I'm sure our dear Hoenn journalists will have juicy stories for you in the newspapers tomorrow, regardless of what I find."

He isn't even trying to hide his disdain for the press. They know very well anyways.

"Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Avoiding any more inquiries, he mounts Metagross again, and is off. He has a family dinner to freshen up for.

Congratulations - you survived the Attack of the Steel Giant! As a reward, the RP continues.

You should deal with the aftermath of Rustboro City's southern parts essentially getting wrecked, and have your character reflect on what happened here.

When you feel ready to leave the city let me know!

If somebody wants to have a chat with Steven or Cypress - or Roxanne! - let me know and we can set up a JP.


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Kagura & The Professor

Kagura Akagi arrived in Rustboro’s southern section of the city, observing the wreckage and the aftermath of the recent Registeel incident. As the townsfolk were helping each other out, Kagura stood idly by, waltzing around the area. She couldn’t help but wonder… how and why did this happen anyway? Why were steel-type pokemon -- and a Registeel at that -- would suddenly ramage a distant area such as Rustboro? Nothing came to mind, however… she had a theory. First, however, she decided to take out her PokeNav. Functioning it was second nature to her as it deemed important to make one phone call, to Professor Cypress.

The professor had been in her lab during the whole incident. Now, the ground seemed to have stopped shaking, and there was no more sound of explosions.

“Whimsicott!” the professor called out. “Are the pokémon alright?”

Her cottony partner came bouncing back into the main hall from where it had been checking on the rest of the lab pokémon. It gave her a happy thumbs up.

“That’s good. And nothing in the office really broke either,” the professor said with relief. “I really wonder what that was all about.”

As if to answer her wonderings, the office phone rang.

“Professor Cypress!” she answered it, holding the wireless yet non-cellular phone against her ear in the classic fashion.

“Professor! It’s I, Kagura Akagi,” Kagura responded. “Are you alright? Is everyone safe?”

Cypress felt her worry rise at that inquiry. “We’re all safe in the lab, yes, Kagura. Where are you? What happened? It felt like an earthquake!”

“It is a little tricky to explain…” Kagura began. “I’m in the outskirts of southern Rustboro right now. From what I’ve seen, some steel type pokemon have caused havoc and ran amok in this part of town… but the most unbelievable part is, they were accompanied by an extraordinary pokemon made of hard metal; a Registeel. It was nothing short of a metallic monster…”

“Steel pokémon? Registeel?”

Cypress scratched her head, and Whimsicott floated closer as if trying to listen in. Of course the professor was aware of what a Registeel was. But mostly it was a myth, and not fully believed to be real - or a normal pokémon - by respectable scientists.

Then again, her own research wasn’t really acknowledged or believed to be real either. And she had no reason not to believe what Kagura had witnessed.

“If that was Registeel, then that must indeed have been monstrous,” she replied, leaning against her desk. “How did you get away? The explosions seem to have stopped.”

“I… do realize this might be a tough tale to swallow…” Kagura conceded. “It was thanks to Steven Stone. He captured it -- Registeel.”

Cypress chuckled. “Figures. That trainer is truly something else. He claims to not be a battler, and never participates in tournaments. But he clearly knows a thing or two about facing tough opponents, if he managed to take down a myth.”

She would bet on that he used some advanced Devon tech to aid him though. She wished they would fund her research… But even though president Stone was intrigued enough by her work, their research teams had refused to aid her financially or give her access to any sort of tech to better find Aura with.

“What kind of pokéball did he use, if you saw that?” she tries asking Kagura at least. “I don’t know the true strength of Registeel without assessing it, of course, but… It seems unlikely that even an Ultra Ball could encapsulate it without quite the struggle, if anything I’ve heard about legendary pokémon appearances is true.”

“I uh, didn’t get a close enough look at it,” Kagura admitted. “But, it I thought it was odd! It caught it without shaking once, and… oh! It had a faint purple gleam. Only for a fraction of a second I did see that, but…was it that powerful to capture a legendary being?”

Cypress sat down in her office chair. Could it have been…?

“Alright. Thank you Kagura, for calling me. I was really worried, not knowing what was going on. I hope this will not scare you or the others away from properly starting your journey outside of the city…”

“Don’t you worry professor, I’m fine!” Kagura reassured. “I am concerned, however… how this all started in the first place. And on this scale, as well.”

“It is very peculiar,” Cypress said, once again leaning on the desk, phone hard pressed against her ear. Whimsicott pressed its head against her other ear, hoping that the sound would somehow go through its trainer’s head from one ear to the other. “I will keep an ear and eye out when the authorities are investigating. I’m sure gym leader Roxanne will be most interested in getting to the bottom of it.”

And probably a bit angry or jealous with Steven for having caught the myth before Roxanne got the opportunity to try, Cypress thought, and suppressed another chuckle.

“I’ll have a chat with Roxanne then,” Kagura responded. “Actually... I do have a theory about it myself, but nothing supported or tentative… But I promise to report all my findings to you! As we agreed!”

Cypress realized that Kagura was likely going to want to investigate herself. For some reason, that worried her. The professor usually trusted her intuition, as she believed it was one manifestation of Aura. But she couldn’t exactly stop Kagura from trying to help out… It wouldn’t be right, if Kagura’s intuition told her to do that.

“Just be careful, alright?” she told her fledgling trainer.

“Yes ma’am!” Kagura agreed. “I promise to get stronger, so that I…” she widened her eyes a bit, but then promptly shook her head. “Ah, forgive me. I’ll.. be alright. I’ll also keep in touch. Farewell!”

As they disconnected, Cypress leaned back in the chair. Whimsicott sat on the table in front of her, blinking in disappointment. The scientist smiled and patted it lovingly.

“I hope she will be alright. I shouldn’t be worrying so much, really. She will be fine. They all will,” she told her pokémon, or perhaps she was telling herself.

But why had Registeel come to Rustboro?


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Cogin Pomen
Cogin and his two companions kept themselves busy with keeping the Pokémon calm, until they noticed the numbers had dropped considerably. Looking around, Cogin noticed that the giant Registeel had disappeared, and where it had once stood was a young man that seemed rather important, he appeared so at least due to the formal attire. But he left before Cogin could figure out what happened, other than the fact that Registeel was captured…


Captured? How‽

Cogin was at a loss, the ancient Registeel, captured? Unfortunately, he couldn’t ask any questions as everyone began to disperse and help around the city. Cogin took a deep breath and looked to his Pokémon, they were obviously tired, so he called them back to their Pokeballs.

“Why don’t you two take a rest, I imagine that was exhausting.”

Both creatures returned to their little homes to enjoy some rest, and Cogin took the time to look around the nearby park he had stopped by earlier in the day. The area was clear, but the number of holes from explosions and collisions was obvious. He noticed a couple of people filling the holes back up and fixing any fallen fences or damaged property. Wanting to help, he found a nearby hole and started to help fill it back in with dirt. He noticed a number of other people working the same one he was in as this hole was one of the largest ones in the area. As he got to work doing some manual labor, his thoughts started to drift to earlier events. Receiving his first Pokémon, looking around town, reading, then whatever happened here.

I don’t even know what I can think of this… Actually, didn’t Registeel appear around here? Where did it come from anyways? I doubt it would just pop out of the ground for no reason… if it came out of the ground that is...

I’m certain the Pokémon Center will be busy for a while, so I’m going to have to wait for Poochyena and Aron to get a check-up. I wonder how late it is at this point though, traveling may have to wait until tomorrow if it’s getting too dark.

As Cogin’s thoughts started to finish up, the large hole finally filled back up with all of the dirt. Unfortunately, the grass will have to grow with time, but otherwise, it’s well. As Cogin looked around to see what other areas may need some simple help, he took a drink of water. Seeing that the park was generally well, he let out relieved sigh. Sure the rest of the southern area was in shambles, but with time and energy, the area will be much better off.

But for now, Cogin will look around the city for a library. Maybe he could find some books on aura and Hoenn’s legends.
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Akiru & Chiara

As the dust settled around them, and the adrenaline began to fade, Akiru finally began to register the events that just happened…was any of this real? That robot monster-- which had to be a Pokemon, because Steven Stone caught it-- Steven Stone was just here. Steven Stone just flew down and did battle with a robot that was attacking the city, and...somehow he and Fenris, on their journey for roughly a day, had gotten wrapped up in this insanity.

All these thoughts swirled and clashed around within his mind in a matter of seconds, before a harsh yip jerked him back to reality. Fenris had rushed over to the fallen girl and was now sniffing at her wounded knee, his tail drooped and sagging against the ground.

“Hey…” Akiru kneeled beside his saddened partner, examining the injury as well. It had to be pretty rough...she couldn’t get up when he reached for her. “Let’s...get you to a doctor.”

Chiara pouted. “I can’t believe I ruined my leg on the first day of the journey… How am I supposed to travel now?” she thought out loud, with slight despair.

Her Vulpix carefully approached Fenris, leaning his head to the side.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be a worrywart,” Chiara said and tried to get up again. Wincing, she accidentally clasped the boy’s arm to steady herself as she rose.

“I don’t think it’s rui--” Woah, okay, touching. The arm she wasn’t grasping to keep herself from tumbling over uncertainly reached out, his hand gently touching her shoulder to hold her steady. “It--” Words, yes, those, you use them all the time. “...Probably just needs to be wrapped and iced for awhile. I can...carry you on my back-- to the hospital-- if you don’t think you can move.” Suddenly he was deeply aware there was no comfortable place in his mouth for his tongue…

The very tip of Fernis’ tail wriggled at the approaching Vulpix, whom he greeted with a happy bark. As the trainers talked, Fenris flopped down on his front legs, his behind wiggling as he attempted to tell the Vulpix how cool he was going after that giant Pokemon. So strong, so brave!

Vulpix blushed. Ah it was nothing! He tried to look majestic towards the Rockruff and hide the fact that he had actually been quite afraid and not at all sure of that coming to the dangerous defense of his completely new trainer had been the right thing to do.

Chiara gave out a thankful sigh at the other trainer’s offer. “I can try to walk! If I can’t even walk down the street now, how could I leave the town later? No way I’m staying here for another night! I’ll just go back to the pokémon center, it’s not very far.”

She tried to take a step forward, but let out a squeak as pain shot through her leg again.

“Hehe,” she laughed, slightly embarrassed. “Maybe I could use… Well... Some help to keep steady while walking though.”

Wow, not only was the Vulpix brave, he was really majestic! Fenris could only hope he’d have the chance to look as brave and cool as his new fox-friend, but...hopefully it wouldn’t be because their trainers are about to be stepped on by a giant, angry Pokemon...that part wasn’t so cool. Fenris barked out a few more words of praise before realizing their partners were trying to move, and they should probably follow...although they were moving very slowly.

“You can...use me as a steady.” There had to be a less uncomfortable way to make that offer, but it wasn’t coming to him. All he could think to do was laugh nervously as he kneeled just slightly, so she could wrap her arms around his shoulders. “The center’s not far, even if you’re hopping there.”

Grateful, Chiara leaned on the young man. She couldn’t help but notice that his body is quite lean, not at all uncomfortable to have to depend on. Gosh, she blushed at that, and tried not to stare at his interesting, long hair as they slowly make their way forward.

Some streets were a mess, from the rampage of the wild pokemon, especially where Registeel went all out. Luckily, they didn’t see too many injured people, a few bruises at most.

“I hope nobody died,” Chiara thought out loud, and then realized how very grim that must have sounded. “I mean, it could have been worse, right? There only seem to be buildings torn down, but nobody seems devastated, like…” She trailed off, wishing she hadn’t said anything at all.

“I think we’d be hearing a lot more screaming if someone died.” Akiru nodded, not the least bit phased by the young woman’s spoken thoughts. Honestly, he was thinking it too-- you can’t walk away from being nearly crushed by a giant monstrosity that attempted to destroy a city and not think that there might be a body count. “I think we got lucky. If Steven Stone hadn’t been here--” And now it was his turn to trail off, that was a level of dark they probably didn’t need to go down. They survived, it seemed like the city did too, probably best to just leave it at that. The silver haired boy flashed a nervous smile as he tried to think up any other topic of conversation. “Are of Cypress’ trainers too?”

Chiara shone up notably at that and turned to look directly at the guy, whose face was a bit closer to hers than she had somehow expected.

“Yes! I’m Chiara, and the professor just gave me my Vulpix earlier today! Saying I need to be mindful of the ‘aura around and within us’...” She let out a giggle. “I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I said I would be. You too, then?”

Akiru turned to face the girl, only now realizing that their faces were...closer than he realized. For a split second he loses his train of thought, heat rushing frantically to his face-- before getting shoved back down. “Yeah, I just got this guy this morning.” He tossed his head towards Fenris, his silvery hair flowing back as he did so. “I...don’t get this whole aura thing either. I thought it was something only Lucario can see?” His eyes seemed to glimmer with a renewed excitement. It was...nice to be able to talk about this with someone.

“Cool!” Chiara commented, ignoring her pain as they walked, and focusing on the conversation. “Mm, I never thought about Aura before either… I’m sure my grandma would have lots to say about it though. Maybe I’ll see her if we pass by Fortree City on our journey. She is a trainer too, and all spiritual.”

She realized she was getting off-track; typical Chiara. She shook her head. “Sorry, what was your name?” she asked the other trainer.

They rounded a corner and the Pokémon Center came into view.

“Akiru.” The silver haired trainer offered a kind, if not somewhat shy smile. “And that’s Fenris.” He tossed his head towards the Rockruff at his heels, who seemed incredibly content to be walking with his new fox friend.

As the automated doors to the Pokemon Center open, Akiru helped ease Chiara onto one of the chairs in the waiting area. She was certain to get the care she needed now...although it seemed wrong to just… leave her here. “Would it be okay-- I mean, if you don’t mind…” Oh gosh what has he done, what is he saying. Quick, it’s uncomfortable, but you can’t just leave that sentence dangling. “Fenris really wants to make sure you’re okay.” He gestured to the pup, now sitting on his shoe, keeping his eyes on his trainer’s new friend.

“What a cutie!” Chiara commented and reached down to pet the Rockruff on its head. “You don’t need to wait for me!” she then added in the trainer’s direction. “I mean, they can do magic with pokémon wounds here, but I don’t know how fast they can heal human injuries. Might take some time, I don’t want to halt your journey just because I’m clumsy…”

A nurse walked up to them just then, having noticed the injured girl. She quickly took a look and squeezed Chiara’s leg a bit, before flashing them both a wide smile.

“This will be quick - we have pokémon with healing powers to aid humans!” she offered.

Chiara threw a nervous glance at Akiru, but couldn’t help but smile also. “Well, I guess… I don’t mind if you- I mean if Fenris waits around then.”

Fenris lets out a delighted yip. Akiru might be using him as a scapegogoat, but he really does want to make sure the sweet girl is okay, and he knows Akiru does too. Plus, he’s been to Pokemon Centers before, they go really fast! Chiara will be feeling better in no time.

“He says thank you.” Akiru smiles, the relief evident in the way his shoulders relax at Chiara’s words. “We’re...both really glad you’re okay.”


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Mauville City - May 3rd 2021, Monday


Gabby's voice rang loud through the halls of the Hoenn News Network building. Ty shrank down in his seat. Oh boy. She only said his name that loud and excited when she had super juicy news going on. Which meant they'd have to travel, more than likely. By pokémon, most likely. Just thinking about it made him feel sick.

His reporter partner stormed in through the door to their shared office. "You won't BELIEVE what has just happened! What a scoop! But we might be too late!"

She started rummaging around the messy office, to find her notebook, her sunglasses, her favorite muff for the microphone.

"What happened?" Ty dared to ask.

"A LEGENDARY POKEMON ATTACK!" Gabby exclaimed, turning to him with the most shining eyes he had ever seen her have.

"Wow, that sounds... dangerous? Where? Are people okay?"

"Rustboro City! Just got word from somebody named professor Suppress there. Rustboro was never great with quick exciting news, so if we go with Anglethorn we might just- Oh, don't give me that groan! You know we have to be quick! Hoenn isn't small."

"It's not small enough," Ty grumbled, but started gathering his camera gear up. Off they go.

Rustboro City - May 3rd 2021, Monday

Gym leader Roxanne was riled up. She was usually seen as cool and hard as the rock types she trained, but her town had just been demolished and she had been so caught up in her research that she hadn't even bothered going outside and help out. That truly disturbed her. Slightly ashamed, she now hid in the Rustboro Public Library rather than be out on the streets trying to rebuild things or help people. Others did that. Roxanne could do what she was best at - gathering knowledge. She would get to the bottom of this - no way she would give Steven all the glory.

The north of the city was unaffected though. Route 115 was as calm as ever, with the small beach populated mostly by runners and surfers; the waters here on the northwest side of Hoenn were too cold and wild to be much enjoyed by casual beach-goers.

Alongside the beach was the well traveled path that ended at the beautiful Meteor Falls area. The falls themselves were hidden inside unstable caves, why parents always forbade their children from playing in the area. Or on the wild beach, for that matter. Yeah, Route 115 was not a playground.

Still, its seaside views were stunning for those with the presence to comprehend it. The vegetation was relatively sparse for being a Hoenn route, but there was still plenty of trees and bushes around where wild pokémon made their home. All in all, a great first route for trainers who wanted to prepare for the more challenging path through Meteor Falls ahead.

The wild pokémon found on Route 115 are:

- Sing
- Defense Curl
- Pound
- Play Nice
- Disarming Voice

- Peck
- Growl
- Focus Energy
- Quick Attack
- Wing Attack

- Growl
- Water Gun
- Supersonic
- Wing Attack
- Mist

- Growl
- Psywave
- Spite
- Astonish

- Gust
- Growl
- Leer
- Quick Attack

- Peck
- Growl
- Astonish
- Sing
- Fury Attack
- Safeguard

- Fling
- Fury Swipes
- Scratch
- Baby-doll Eyes
- Lick
- Fake Tears

- Tackle
- Camouflage
- Growl
- Sand Attack
- Double Kick

- Tackle
- Leer
- Arm Thrust
- Work Up

- Defense Curl
- Pound
- Foresight
- Endure
- Baby-doll Eyes
- Frustration

The professor has recommended you travel north rather than south from Rustboro. Partly because she doesn't think it's worth heading into the treacherous Petalburg Forest as a rookie (while the Meteor Falls can be unsafe if you stray from the outline path, it's at least not as much of an overgrown maze!) and partly because she doesn't think traversing Rusturf Tunnel to eventually soon reach the relative metropolis Mauville City is a good start to your journey to find the Aura within yourself and your connection with pokémon. Bottom line: go north, u haev no choice :]

Feel free to encounter any trainer you can imagine (well, reasonably so). It is however unlikely that you will encounter any of the NPCs and GM characters from Rustboro here at this time. Also, you may not encounter any gym leader or GM characters outlined in the opening post, obviously. Unless prompted by the GM!

Capture pokémon as you wish~

I encourage you to meet the other "Aura trainers" and build more personal relationships!

You might wanna grab some lunch, because we're entering the afternoon here. It is likely you will spend the night before/in/just after Meteor Falls.

If you decide to traverse Route 115 boringly quickly and just wanna enter the Falls already, let me know and I'll put that up too d: but. Boring. :D


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Mauve Banzett and Zoey Winters

Current Party:

In... Rustboro City!

Earlier, on this day....
After the entire incident passed, and having witnessed Steven stone himself catching the legendary beheomoth, Mauve and Zoey had taken their Pokemon to the nearby Pokemon Center. Despite the level of destruction that occured all over Rustboro City, the Pokemon Center was well intact. In fact, all Pokemon Centers are readily prepared for virtually any "conventional" catastrophies that occur in the Pokemon World.

(It's funny, because there are countless catastrophies that can occur in the Pokemon World.)

After waiting in the lobby, Nurse Joy had brought back Fuego and Yuki. Mauve, meanwhile, was thinking about everything that occurred, and especially how Steven Stone literally swooped in, and managed to capture a legendary Pokemon. He felt he, too, should try to step up. At the very least, give Zoey the battle she was more than likely wanting.

"Hey, Zoey, now that our Pokemon are all good and healthy again... how about we have a battle?" Mauve felt like this was the right time to ask her to a battle, now that everything went back to normal. Also, not only did he feel she was going to ask him first, but he wanted to knock her down a peg or two.

Zoey, who was about to more or less just up and leave with Yuki, paused at the sound of Mauve's question. Initially, the pink-haired teenager just wanted to hurry up and get her journey under way properly. While the whole mess in town was an interesting and somewhat life-threatening situation to begin with, the girl honestly found that she wouldn't mind putting as much distance between herself and Rustboro City as she possibly could. Of course, this also would lead to her putting some distance between herself and Mauve, another fact that Zoey did not seem to mind in the slightest bit. However when the boy suggested that the two of them have a battle, it was more than enough to stop Zoey dead in her tracks.

She still had not managed to get over the fact that he more or less stole her first victory against the wild Pokmon that were attacking the city away, not to mention the fact that his grand plan had almost managed to get them killed, and all to save some random duo who she was absolutely certain she would never see again. Yes, the prospect of wiping the floor with this boy was simply too much for Zoey to pass up.

"If you're really feeling up to it," Zoey remarked. A confident smirk graced her lips as she turned to face Mauve and his Magby properly. "Just don't be a poor sport when you end up losing, understand?"

Mauve returned the cheeky smirk, and nodded in agreement. "I should say the same to you, princess. How about we have our battle right here?" Fuego huffed a cloud of smog, before hopping to the ground and spitting small flames, as they flickered and fell to the ground. This was the rising curtain of his, and his partner's, journey. Mauve was itching for a battle, however foreign the feeling felt to him.

The young man straightened up, and could feel his heart beating just a little bit faster. He felt pretty glad she accepted, otherwise that would've been awkward. Not to mention, embarrassing.

"Fuego, we can handle this with ease. Her icy coldness won't stand for long, eh?" Fuego nodded, and turned back to the opposing trainer and her Vulpix.

Zoey sighed, rolling her eyes at Mauve's plan. "Are you stupid or something...? Right here?! Are you trying to get us banned from using Pokmon Centers?!"

"... Oh, uh... yeah, maybe at the edge of town, then?" Mauve realized he didn't say WHERE to have the battle, and right outside the Pokemon Center wouldn't be the best spot.

"Fine, uh... let's battle at the edge of town." Mauve pointed at the northern exit of Rustboro City, a route that stretched out to a small beach, and the side of a mountain.

"Fine, whatever... Now let's get this over with. The sooner I wipe the floor with you, the sooner I can get my journey started properly," Zoey stated rather bluntly.


Mauve and Zoey had agreed to a battle before they made their seperate ways. The two walked a fair distance apart as they headed just for the edge of town, where their first leg of their journeys would begin. Mauve was feeling tense, but still had a fair amount of confidence.

After dealing with a Legendary like that metal monster, he gained a new sense of awareness that he had what it takes to be a trainer. Not only that, but he was raring to battle.

The two squared off just outside the city gates, facing each other. The ocean breeze swirled around them, and the very air felt invigorating.

"Are you sure you wanna go through with this?" Zoey questioned, a wide grin stretched across her face. "It's not too late for you to back down, you know!"

Mauve scoffed Zoey, blowing off her smugness. "Nah, but thanks for the offer. I'm ready for a battle. But, are you?" Mauve gave her a nasty smirk, before Fuego jumped off his shoulder, stepping onto the field.

Zoey didn't even dignfy the boy's comment with a response. Rather, all the talking was done through Yuki. The Alolan Vulpix seemed to scoff at both Mauve and the Magby as she proudly pranced forward. Her tails swished back and forth as she eyed Fuego, clearly eager to get this battle under way. The ice Pokmon even went as far as to proudly puff her chest out as a manner of taunting him.

"Ooohh, your Vulpix is just as haughty as you are. You can have the first move, princess." Mauve jokingly curtsied at Zoey, Fuego smirked, and mimicked his trainer's taunt.

"Alright, Yuki! Start off by attacking with Powder Snow!" Zoey ordered.

The Alolan Vulpix let out a howl of excitement as she lunged forward. She took a deep breath, before exhaling a chilling blast of air aimed directly for Mauve's Magby. Flakes of snow were quick to develop in the air, with even a few bits of ice being mixed into the attack.

The chill had hit Fuego with a real burst, bit it only managed to make him shiver. "Fuego, use Smog!" Fuego huffed and puffed, then exhumed a dark, noxious gas from his beak, swirling towards the Vulpix.

Zoey's eyes widened at the sight, but she was quick to counter. "Yuki, use Powder Snow again! Try to blow it back!" Yuki took another breath and attempted to try and blow the noxious fumes back in the direction of the Magby.

Both the Smog and the Powder Snow met in unison, causing them both to instead fade away. A perfect counter by Zoey.

However, Mauve smirked, and called out, "Alright Fuego, Feint Attack!" The Magby rushed in, past the dwindling attacks and attempted to side swipe the Vulpix.

Zoey didn't have time to react as the Magby's claws swiped right into her Vulpix. Yuki staggered backwards, letting out a pained wine as she did so. Thankfully, the Alolan Pokmon managed to keep her footing and stay standing. She shot Fuego a rather nasty glare, much to Zoey's relief.

"Hang in there, Yuki! Use Ice Shard!" Zoey shouted.

Yuki tails begin to sway back and forth as a frosty wind began to kick up. The air circled around, collecting just above the ice Pokmon's tails, before they crystalized into rather frigid looking spears. Yuki let out a proud howl as the ice shards suddenly shot forward, resembling frigid missles that were all homing in on the Magby without delay.

"Woah, what an attack! Fuego, do-" But it was no use, because Fuego was pelted by the attack pretty well. It did knock down Fuego, but he got back up. "Alright, fine, I guess it's time to turn it up. Fuego, Ember!"

However, Fuego sneezed with great force, and the Ember attack flew above the Vulpix, making Mauve's eyes bulge wide. "FUEGO! NO!"

Zoey's eyes widened as the fire attack completely missed her Vulpix and instead was heading straight for her. The pink-haired teenager quickly tried to duck out of the way, but she wasn't quick enough to get out of the attack's path completely. Zoey cursed as the fire smacked into her hand... or rather, the Pokgear she had been carrying in her hand. The phone was quick to fling out of her grip, catching ablaze at that same exact moment as it flipped through the air, before hitting against a rock... and snapping in two. Zoey stared at her now burning, broken phone in complete, absolute horror.

"What... how..." she whispered, before turning to face Mauve and Fuego. "You... This is all your fault!"

Mauve cowered in fear, stuttering and unsure what the hell just happened. Meanwhile, Fuego just kinda chilled around. realizing it may have messed up.

"Daaahhh... uhh... w-what about... uh...." Clearly unable to speak, Mauve couldn't think of a way to fix this mess.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?! That Pokgear was one-of-a-kind, designed and sold through Elesa's exclusive brand and imported all the way from Nimbasa City in Unova! I'll have you know that it cost an absolute fortune, probably more money than one of your upbringing will ever see in their lifetime!" Zoey snapped, glaring at Mauve with absolute hate.

He only continued to shrink in terror, the gravity of the situation now crushing him like a Golem on top of a Surskit. "L-Look... uh... we can work something out... totally Heheheh," he said with a shaky laughter.

Fuego already left the battlefield, clearly seeing this fight was over. He crawled back onto his trainer, but clung on the back of his bag.

"Work it out...? Alright, let's work it out. That phone cost mother ? 1,000,000... how much do you have on you?" Zoey inquired.

"N-n-nahh... not enough...." Mauve only had enough for supplies, about ?500 that he was given from his guardians before he set off. "Well... all I have is ?500."

He felt no fear like the hatred that exuded from Zoey. He wasn't sure if she was going to beat him for it, or demand a contract. His mouth got dry, and he could feel beads of cold sweat drip down.

Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.

"Of course you don't..." Zoey muttered, rolling her eyes. She had no idea what even possessed her to bother asking such a fruitless question in the first place. "Well... there's only one way to settle this from here, then. I'll have to hire you... I guess..."

"... Hire?" Mauve muttered, confusedly. "Err... what do you mean?" Mauve had a creeping suspicion about what she was gonna demand of him. And after he and Fuego accidentally torched her expensive tech, he felt he had no choice, no matter what she said.

"Do I really need to spell it out for you?" Zoey sighed. "You're paying me back for my Pokgear, one way or another. So you're going to follow me on this journey, got it? Every dime you earn is mine until you pay it back!"

Damn. Should've seen that coming.

"Well... looks like it," he muttered. He sighed, and resigned himself to his fate. "Alright... you got yourself a deal." Mauve scratched his head, and bowed at the waist and blurted out, "Fuego and I am sorry. I'll help pay you back." It was a pathetic apology, but he really didn't want to be on a future hit list.

Or even more, mysteriously fell off a cliff to his death.

"So, uh... what should we do?" He asked, raising himself up and asked, hoping she'd allow him to grab his supplies. He forgot to get himself potions and a few Pokeballs.

"Simple... You're going to get us supplies. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting right here! And don't think for a second that you can skip out me, got it?! I've got ways to hunt you down make you regret it if you do," Zoey threatened.

Mauve skulked off back to the city streets, off to the local Pokemon center.

Yikes, what the hell just happened? Not to mention... WHY?!


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Chiara - Rustboro City, May 3rd

It was afternoon when the nurse deemed Chiara's leg to be alright for traveling. A pokémon had been working its healing powers onto it for a full hour. Of course, this wasn't the standard procedure at a pokémon center - it wasn't a human hospital after all. But in light of the recent attack, the nurse really wanted to help anybody she could. She told Chiara to not make a habit of getting hurt and asking for help here though, to which Chiara nodded fervently.

She hadn't been in another room for long, but when she emerged, Akiru and Fenris were nowhere to be seen. Although feeling a small bit sad over that - as she'd hoped to have gained a new friend to perhaps journey together with - Chiara decided not to let it get her down completely. Besides, she couldn't know what he was up to. Perhaps he really had to go somewhere for a while, some personal emergency or something. She shouldn't hold that against him. She left a message for him with the nurse who had helped her, in case he came back to look for her. But then she left.

Vulpix was once again walking alongside her in the street. He seemed nervous though. Maybe he already missed his new Rockruff friend, or perhaps he was just wary from the attack a few hours earlier still. Chiara felt like she should ease his mood a bit.

"Let's see, we're stocked up on potions and antidotes for emergencies... Oh, and pokéballs, I've got a handful of them. I wonder how many new pokémon we will be catching. Battlers usually have a full team, or even more of them, rotating teammates through the digital storage system!" she babbled on, trying to get the fox' attention as they walked.

Vulpix seemed to shudder at the mention of the storage system. "Haha, you don't like that?" Chiara asked. "I suppose getting transformed into an energy form and sucked through the digital space must be an odd experience. But scientists assure us pokémon feel no pain there! It's the same form of energy state you go through when you suddenly evolve, you know? And, oh, and when you are inside the pokéball! And you go inside the pokéball all the time - surely it can't be that bad?"

Vulpix shook his head and made sure to walk slightly ahead of Chiara for a while. She sighed. Maybe he just really didn't like the space the pokémon got sent to when they were in the computer. Or maybe... Maybe he was just afraid that Chiara would find pokémon to replace him with.

She caught up with him and scooped him up into her arms, forcing him to look up at her.

"Hey," she said. "You know I'll never switch you out, right? You're my main partner, my first pokémon! You should always be right next to me!"

He seemed to be slightly placated by that, because he gave her a quick lick on the cheek, making her giggle and put him down again. But then he jumped into attention. Right in front of them was a pokémon. Hovering above the ground, staring at them with its single eye.

"A Magnemite!" Chiara exclaimed. "It must have gotten here before, when the monster attacked."

It whirred slightly, and glanced down at Vulpix. It was hard to tell what it was thinking. Unlike Vulpix, who was clearly wary.

"Hmm," Chiara said. "Are you lost? Confused? Maybe you didn't mean to get here, but that big legendary pokémon lured you here somehow?"

The Magnemite whirred louder, but didn't move.

"I'm sorry about that. I have no idea from where you came though, and I suppose you don't have a way to tell me. I'm sure the gym leader and Steven Stone and all those important people are working on trying to figure out what caused all this though. Stick around and they might help you home eventually!"

She started walking past the wild pokémon, Vulpix alongside her. She didn't actually know if the grown-ups had a plan for helping the confused pokémon, but she hoped they did.

Suddenly, Vulpix whined, making Chiara stop and turn. Magnemite had attacked him with a Thundershock!

"What? That's so rude!" she growled. "Well, if it's a fight you want, a fight you'll get! Vulpix, Ember!"

Vulpix spat out its fire attack, hitting Magnemite straight on. It seemed hurt by it, wobbling downwards a bit, but didn't give up yet. It let out a much louder whirring noise than before, forcing Chiara to cover her ears. Vulpix couldn't quite do that so easily, and was trapped in the soundwaves. When the noise stopped, Chiara found that he was struggling to walk straight.

"A Supersonic attack! Oh no..." she moaned.

Magnemite advanced on the fox, about to Tackle him.

"Vulpix, just Roar!" Chiara called out.

The Vulpix, well trained as it was, chose to trust its trainer, and let out a loud Roar (for a small fox) without aiming. The noise discouraged Magnemite enough to break off its attack and back off, putting several meters between it and the fire pokémon.

Chiara bent down to her partner and cupped his head in her hands. "Are you alright? Hey, I'm here! Snap out of it, you!"

Vulpix blinked several times, then shook his head violently. Then he seemed to have regained his focus.

"Let's show that pokémon what we're really made of," his trainer said with a determined smile, which he returned.

He performed the last attack almost at the same time as she gave the order, foreseeing it coming. Another Ember hit Magnemite, who couldn't take it anymore and fell down to the ground, knocked out.

"Wohoo!" Chiara celebrated, then thought of something. "I can't just leave it here, right? I don't actually know if they'll find where it comes from and help it home. But perhaps it can get a better purpose traveling together with us!"

Vulpix' complexion seemed to pale at that. She was really going to let this brat onto the team? It had shocked him from behind, like a coward? Brilliant... Moping, he watched her throw an empty pokéball at Magnemite, which encapsulated it and captured it easily.

"Let's go back to the Pokémon Center quickly, and get it healed up before we finally leave!" Chiara said, and Vulpix begrudgingly followed.

Perhaps Fenris was somehow back there now, with Akiru.

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