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Developer Post

Hello! PokéCommunity's Development Team is seeking new team members to help us create a modernized codebase for PC and move away from outdated technologies. If you have experience with development and are interested in one of the roles below, we encourage you to apply!

Please note that as with all our applications, this is a volunteer position. Successful applicants will be granted a PokéCommunity staff role and access to the staff forums.

What we do

The team has a large scope and most of us usually have our individual projects based on skills and experience, but generally speaking the responsibilities of a developer are:

- Helping to develop a modernized version of PokéCommunity using React, Node.js, TypeScript, and other technologies.
- Creating themes for the aforementioned new version of PC, or replicating old themes.
- Tweaking features or fixing bugs as requested by the staff team or members.
- Taking part in discussions about potential changes and sharing ideas in the Developers staff forum and Discord channel.


Frontend Developer

Frontend developers work with HTML in React to help build a frontend for our new system, and may also dip into CSS / Sass to create themes and style layouts. This role is a blend of traditional development and design. At minimum potential applicants should have an understanding of HTML and CSS, though experience with React in the past, or with JavaScript/TypeScript in general is a bonus. PC uses Bootstrap for layouts and Sass for additional styling on top of that, and knowledge of those is also a plus.

Required experience: HTML, CSS.
Bonus experience: Bootstrap, Sass (SCSS), JavaScript, TypeScript, React.

Backend Developer

Backend developers work in a Node.js (TypeScript) context, using Koa.js as a server-side framework and JSON API. We use Typeorm to interact with the database, though raw SQL is still needed from time to time. At minimum a potential applicant should have JavaScript experience and a basic understanding of the role of a server or API, but experience with any of the technologies named above are also a bonus.

Required experience: JavaScript.
Bonus experience: TypeScript, Koa.js, REST conventions, SQL.

Full-stack Developer

Roles are not set in stone - if you have the experience to handle both frontend and backend, and the free time to manage a bit of both, feel free to apply as a full-stack developer and you'll be able to complete both the client and server ends of your projects yourself.

Learning Role

If you have pre-existing programming experience in another context like scripting, game design, or application programming, but have not yet tried your hand at web development, or have done web development but have not used the specific technologies we use, feel free to send a message my way and I may be able to get you onboard and get you up to speed - once you have one or two languages under your belt it's not too hard to learn more. Note that this is not intended for applicants who have no programming experience.

How to Apply

Send me (Rainbow) a private message with your application. Be sure to include which role you are applying for. Aside from that you're free to include as little or as much experience as you like, but a few things you might want to mention are:

What languages are you most skilled in?

Previous experience
What kind of similar work have you done before?

Any examples of your work
Links to sites, GitHub repositories, or similar are welcome.


Applications have no set deadline, and we'll keep them open until we get a good number of applicants - this could range from days to a few weeks. If you're interested in applying, we recommend you get your application in as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, you're free to send a message to member of the Development Senior Staff (Rainbow or Laslow).

Please do not post applications in this thread.

Thank you for reading!
Love from PokéCommunity's Development Team
Pokémon Gnosis