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Posted March 11th, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I totally love (to make) Pokemon fusions and thats how i got the idea to make a Fangame.
The idea is to have something like Egggroups, within these fusiongroups all pokemon can be fused together. to keep it "simple" im only thinking about fusing 2 pokemon together for now. but its possible this will change in the future.

Sadly im a total noob, and the best i can do right now is read/watch tutorials, do mediocre maps and make sprites. i do own RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker XP. Im fine with anyone who is interested, i would prefer someone with exp but i also have no problem to make this a learing exp together.

just add me on discord if you would like to join this. FullmetalHeichou#7070

can show sprites on discord if liked, the site here didnt let me add pictures to the post :(