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The game of Love, Animal & happiness.

Started by simone1234 February 12th, 2019 6:05 PM
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Posted February 20th, 2019
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Hi to everything in this world.

I had yesterday this idea but i didn't have time to post it.

(If you find it too hard or you don't understand something let me know and i will see what can be done.)

So here it is:

First person will choose one of these words >




Based /related to the word you chosoe from you put something next to it:


Happiness : ''Today my day was nice '' or

Happiness: + a video of something funny (as long its not vulgar/ bad for children/ against the rules of the community etc.)

or a happy song, or a small picture next to it.

after you have inserted the word and the related thing you put 1 of the words below for the next person to do it etc.


Happy : I had a great day.


Animal: Tiger

and so on, have fun.


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Unicorns. SO MAGICAL! <3

Happy! :)
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So I continue on from the above poster's feeling, which was "happy", and go to "love"? Then the next one goes to "animal"?

Love: I've completely fallen in it. <3
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