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Old November 19th, 2017 (8:29 AM). Edited November 28th, 2017 by IcyIce.
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    The Kryona Region: Region of the Icey North.

    This Region is the continuation of my North American Journey to make the Pokemon Regions the best they ever were in North America. This region is based on Alaska and parts of Russia.


    Quick Locations:
    All numbers are route numbers.

    A. Acorn Village
    B. Pili Village
    C. Almond City
    D. Brazian Village
    E. Pinan Village
    F. Hazel Town
    G. Walno Village
    H. Peana Town
    I. Gingko Village
    J. Cacao Village
    K. Kola Village
    L. Macadamia Village
    M. Buckiya Village
    N. Coquito Village
    O. Hican Village
    P. Pinecone Village
    Q. Pecan Village
    R. Cashew Village
    S. Nutmeg Town
    T. Cedarbark Island
    U. Sprucebark Twin islands
    V. Hemlockbark Island
    W. Firbark Island
    X. Pinebark Island
    Y. Pistachio Town
    Z. Chestna Village
    AA. Snowash Island


    The region was formed by a exploration party made up of Unovan and Kalosian explorers many years ago. There is even some evidence of Alolan explorers aiding in the establishing the Kryona Region.

    At one point in history, there was a land bridge that connected the northwestern half of the island region with lands north of the Sinnoh Region, or so myths said. However, there is evidence that Kryona once connected the Kalos and Unova Region.

    The Kyrona Region is an Island Region far north of both Unova and Kalos. It rarely gets above 60 Degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and even colder in the Winter. The region is almost completely covered by Coniferous Forests.

    The Region is sparsely populated, most larger towns being in the southern part of the region, with a few villages scattered around the region. It is also not very advanced in technology like other regions,

    In ancients times, it is said that the world was almost destroyed by a cataclysmic event caused by three legendary pokemon that appeared to look like wolves and caused a massive storm of Ash, Snow, and Poisonous Gases. In the end a massive pokemon split the three wolves up and carved the region from the main lands and called for the aid of Regigigas to move the Region far to the north.

    The massive pokemon was said to even be able to defeat Arceus in battle. When the massive pokemon disappeared, three small pokemon that looked similar to Furrest and Linoone appeared and scattered to the corners of the land to watch for the coming of the three wolf pokemon again. It is said that when the wolves return, the three pokemon would find the messenger and warn it who would then call on the god like pokemon to return. The messenger was said to look like a large Pachirisu, but not the same pokemon.

    Kryona is said to be home to 60 to 70 new pokemon. Mostly in which were Ice types. For that reason, Kryona is also called "Land of an Ice Master's Dream."


    For the most part, Kryonans stayed to themselves and didn't bother with the rest of the world until recent times.

    The Kryonans thought that a pokemon should choose its trainer and not a trainer choosing their pokemon. Because of this, their is no set in stone set of starter pokemon like there is in other regions. Although dog like pokemon are very popular in the Kryona Region.

    They bonded and lived in harmony with all of nature and only cut down trees that were needed and hunt and gather food they needed to survive.

    For that reason, the land has stayed relatively unchanged from ancients times. Making the land a hot spot for archaeologist, explorers, novelists, artists, and photographers. The land also attracts many types of bakers and pastry chefs.

    With the land being so cold, people will dress in warm clothing. Some, who have gotten used to the weather, will wear shorts and a t-shirt in the dead of winter. The cold temperatures and work, that goes into surviving, has lead to the people of Kyrona being far stronger and hardier than those people from other regions.

    People of this region also enjoy sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and Sled Racing which are pulled by dog like pokemon in respect for the wolf legendary pokemon.

    The Kyrona Challenge: WIP

    The Kyrona Challenge is when trainers who have been chosen by pokemon adventure across the frozen landscape in search of crystals and competing in events around the Region. Some crystals can be one, but others must be found. But the only way to pick up a crystal is by touching it with your pokemon. If you are no worthy, you will be unable to pick the crystal up. But if you succeed, an unbreakable bond will be made and similar to Z-Crystals, you will be able to call on the power of you and your pokemon.

    However, these crystals are vastly different from Z-Crystals or even Mega Stones. A pokemon and a trainer must work together to create their own move to empower the crystal. The crystal will only be empowered to a certain color and sounds that the trainer and pokemon have created, making the crystal unusable to anyone else who attempts to steal or use one that isn't their's.

    Trainers must earn 20 crystals total, and 8 of those crystals must come from the Mountain Peak Challenges that are around the region.

    Once a trainer has earned 20, they may compete in the Kryona League and try to become the King of Queen of the Mountain.

    In order to earn the right to compete in the Kryona Challenge trainers must follow these rules:

    1. A wild pokemon must choose its trainer, becoming the trainers starter pokemon. This can happen at any point in their life. It can happen at a very young age, or it can happen at an old age. Usually only one pokemon will choose its trainers, but in some cases, two or even three pokemon have chosen the same trainer in which they all become the trainer's pokemon. If they are not chosen at all, they are not considered worthy. Once you have been chosen, you can catch more pokemon even if they don't choose you.

    2. Trainers can be at any age to enter the Challenge, but if they are younger than 10, they must have a traveling partner of at least 10 years of age.

    3. To become Queen or King of the Mountain Challenge, you must have at least one pokemon that would please the legendary pokemon. Even though the legendary pokemon are wolf like; fox, dog and cat like pokemon are all acceptable.

    4.Pokemon must be allowed to hunt their own food. You can feed your pokemon, but you cannot force them to eat what they give you. Or force them to stay in their poke ball or home. Nothing is stopping you from hunting with your pokemon.

    5. 20 Crystals must be found, 8 in which must come from the Mountain Peak Challenges. Which usually include climbing the mountain yourself and then doing a race or tournament at the top of the mountain.

    Pokemon and other stuff to come later. There will be at least 60 new pokemon as well as some region variants and older pokemon.

    Important Posts:

    To view my other regions, please click these:
    Unova Reloaded
    The Mouroa Region: The Region of a Million Berries.
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    Old November 20th, 2017 (5:30 AM). Edited November 20th, 2017 by IcyIce.
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      Kryonan Forms: (Stats to come after everything is done.)
      Note: I have made evolution of some of these pokemon in the past, but those may be considered a different universe. All my regions are supposed to be in the same timeline, but I don't want confuse people with some of my other original pokemon I have created in the past, so they are ret-conned from this region.


      Kryonan Nidoqueen: Poison/Fire
      Kryonan Nidoking: Poison/Fire
      Kryonan Hippopotas: Fire
      Kryonan Hippowdon: Fire/Water
      Kryonan Ferroseed: Steel/Poison
      Kryonan Ferrothorn: Steel/Poison
      Kryonan Trevenant: Ghost/Grass
      Kryonan Purrloin: Ice
      Kryonan Liepard: Ice
      Kryonan Carbink: Ice/Fairy
      Kryonan Dewpider: Bug/Ice
      Kryonan Araquanid: Bug/Ice
      Kryonan Stunky: Ice/Poison
      Kryonan Skuntank: Ice/Poison

      Other Forms:

      Aurora Lycanroc: Rock/Ice
      Oricorio (Yup'ik Style): Ice/Flying
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      Old November 22nd, 2017 (9:14 PM). Edited November 22nd, 2017 by IcyIce.
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        New Pokemon: Basic List

        Note: I tried my best to still give all types at least one pokemon, but Ice definitely dominates this region. So some types don't make sense. Here is the basic list of what pokemon will be in this region. More may be added in the future, but right now, it is only these.

        Note 2: More Grass Pokemon will definitely be added. I haven't had a chance to look at plants yet.

        Part 1:
        (Husky Dog)
        Chitavi - Ice
        Chylos - Ice

        (St. Bernard Dog)
        Pagasosi - Ice/Fire
        Krysosi - Ice/Fire

        Ghosnow - Ice/Ghost
        Ghosteeze - Ice/Ghost
        Blizzraith - Ice/Ghost

        Colphin - Fairy/Water

        Toxewt - Poison/Ground

        (Sled, Ski, Snowboard)
        Snotomb (Ghost/Ice)
        Skeeze (Ghost/Fighting)
        Freezoard (Ghost/Ground)
        Sledost (Ghost/Steel)

        Snoxy - Grass
        Splox - Grass/Ice

        Skunbear - Dark/Ground

        Caphukon - Normal
        Moosukon - Normal/Steel

        (Muskdeer and Reindeer)
        Fawnusk - Normal
        Reinhoof - Normal/Ice

        Raptosprey - Flying/Normal

        (Beluga Whale)
        Belugugal - Ice/Water

        Narsworal - Steel/Water

        (Yakutian Horse)
        Yakutini - Ice
        Yakutiant - Ice

        (Puffin Bird)
        Puffantica - Flying/Ice

        Part 2:
        (Various Penguins)
        Lilenguin - Ice
        Fjordenguin - Ice
        Penguchin - Ice

        (Mountain Goat and Dall Sheep)
        Lambtain - Ground
        Goatain - Ground
        Dallountain - Ground/Steel

        Mackerow - Water/Dark

        (Pike and Herring)
        Pikerring - Water/Grass

        Codot - Water/Ice

        Charden - Water/Fire

        (Various Elder Ducks)
        Stelleder - Ice/Flying
        Speceder - Ice/Flying
        Kingeder - Ice/Flying

        (Mountain Lion)
        Mountipurr - Rock
        Mountougar - Rock

        (Dire Wold Fossil)
        Direpup - Ice/Rock
        Direhowl - Ice/Rock

        (Saber-tooth Tiger Fossil)
        Saberkit - Ice/Rock
        Saberoar - Ice/Rock

        (Kodiak Bear)
        Kodicub - Fire
        Beardiak - Fire

        Part 3: Pseudo Legend and Legendaries

        (Various Whales)
        Righale - Water
        Seihale - Water/Ice
        Finhale - Water/Ice

        (Legend Trio, Weasel Trio)
        Ermina - Ice
        Martina - Fire
        Minkina - Dark

        (Skoll, Hati, Fenrir Box Legends)
        Skollar - Dark/Fire
        Hatiunar - Dark/Ice
        Fenriourge - Dark/Poison

        (Ragnarok Legend)
        Ragnarolkar - Fire/Ice

        (Aurora or Northern LIghts Legend)
        Avgirora - Fairy/Ice

        (Yggdrasil Messenger Squirrel Legend)
        Atahoskar - Grass

        (6 Foot Extinct Penguin Legend)
        Nootolossus - Ice/Steel

        (World Turtle Legend)
        Turterra - Grass/Ground

        I will go through these to see what types are lacking or completely missing and add more pokemon where needed. I know for a fact I will be adding plant like pokemon later this coming weekend. I will give description and origins for all pokemon, but the only pokemon that will be getting stats will be the Legends and Pseudo Legend Line.

        I will be counting new regional variants as well. Which could lead to adding more to feel up the gaps in types. I would at least like to have 2 or 3 pokemon per type with a stronger Ice and Fire theme. I will not be adding any more Ice types, unless it is a frosty plant or something that would make sense.

        The name of these games would most likely be known as Fire and Ice or Frost and Flame.
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        Old November 28th, 2017 (1:20 PM). Edited November 28th, 2017 by IcyIce.
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          This is the final set of Pokemon. Fire/Dragon and Electric/Dragon lines are both pseudo legends. Psychic/Ghost is also a Pseudo legend line.

          Final Original Pokemon:
          Lavi - Fire
          Lavaragon - Fire/Dragon
          Terralava - Fire/Dragon

          Thundera - Electric
          Thundorm - Electric/Dragon
          Thundoom - Electric/Dragon

          (Based on the Keelut)
          Keelutanka - Psychic/Dark

          (Based on the Qalupalik)
          Qualina - Water
          Qualupalikana - Psychic/Water

          (Based on the Tizheruk)
          Yukpalrai - Dragon/Water

          (Inspired by a Shaman who climbed the World Tree)
          Shamu- Psychic
          Shomur - Psychic/Ghost
          Shomaruk - Psychic/Ghost

          (Torch Pokemon)
          Torcher - Fire/Ghost

          (Based on Holiday Lights)
          Holidabulb - Electric/Fairy
          Holidalight - Electric/Fairy

          (Based on Bastet and cat counterpart of Lucario and Riolu)
          Ragapi - Fighting
          Gatastrapi - FIght/Electric

          (Alaskan Monkshood flower)
          Shaolshrub - Grass/Fight
          Shrubonk - Grass/Fighting

          Additional Kyronan Forms:
          Helioptile - Electric/Ice
          Heliolisk - Electric/Ice
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