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Old 4 Weeks Ago (5:02 PM).
DoubleDavid08 DoubleDavid08 is offline
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    Well this challenge is simple. I need a group of 3 or more people for this tournament. We will be doing generation 1 through generation 5 as a nuzlocke and after each gym we will be taking our current team at the time and using them to face off against each other. We also have a point system to insure that that even last place can still somehow win in the end. If you are interested in doing this challenge, please leave me a message on here.

    Below is the list of rules and how you get points.

    You can only catch the first Pokemon in each given area1
    If a Pokemon dies it must be perm boxed
    You must nickname all the Pokemon you can
    Players must tell others what each of their Pokemon are.
    After each gym leader is beaten, all participants must go to showdown and fight with their Pokemon^2 & 4
    Static Pokemon and pokemon given to you are free and do not use up the encounter for that area. ^3
    Only use Speed Up for grinding levels.
    Before fifth gym means restart with a new rom and catch up. After fifth it means your out for the gen
    One Legendary per team during pvp battles.
    ^1.) If that Pokemon uses a self destructing move, roar, or a move to run away then you get another attempt
    ^2.) You can choose the ev/iv of your Pokemon until the fifth gym.
    ^3.) Static Pokemon are Pokemon that are found in the field and usually need to be spoken to to fight them.
    ^4.) If your pokemon’s level goes 3 or more levels above the gym leader’s ace then you will not be able to use that pokemon in the showdown battle.

    Point System.

    Rival Defeat: 5 points
    Pokemon Captured: 2 points
    Gym Leader Defeat: 10 points
    Gym Leader No Healing Items Bonus: 5 points
    E4 Defeat: 20 points
    E4 Champ Defeat: 25 points
    E4 No Healing Item Bonus: 10 points
    E4 Champ no healing items: 15 points
    PVP Win: 20 points
    PVP Draw: 10 points
    PVP Win After E4: 30 points
    Lvl 100 PVP: 100 points
    Allstar Points PVP: 50 points
    Whiteout (Before 5th Gym Badge): -20 points
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    Old 2 Weeks Ago (3:19 AM).
    MWPuppire's Avatar
    MWPuppire MWPuppire is offline
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      This seems rather interesting. Are the games to be played physically, on an emulator, or on Virtual Console (for the first 2 generations)?
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      Old 5 Days Ago (11:23 PM).
      DragonTamerGray's Avatar
      DragonTamerGray DragonTamerGray is offline
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        I'd totally be down for something like this. Are you considering Fire Red and HGSS roms for first and second gen or just RBY and GS?
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        Old 5 Days Ago (2:40 AM).
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        L'Belle L'Belle is offline
        Also known as 'Michelle' to some.
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          I'm so down for this, but I think this is supposed to be in the challenges subforum.
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