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    PMD the series #2
    Gates to Infinity

    Chapter 1
    A Nightmare with Awakening

    “Wha, what is that. Why is chasing that …… Who, who are y-you? ……. H-hey stop g-get back.”
    A little axew gasped for air as he awoke from a nightmare in the middle of a forest.

    “Where am I?” He pondered gazing at the forest around him. The mon got up, stretched a little, and looked up at the sky. He couldn’t remember what happened to him, but he did remember that dream. He thought out loud, trying to process he had juts saw.
    “Hm, that dream was weird, that Hydreigon looked very scary. That poor Munna looked really frightened and what was tha-...Wait why is there a big spike on my-”

    He rushed over to the pool of water nearby and gazed into its crystal waters. Its glassy sight revealed his reflection to be of an axew. The little Mon jumped back in shock. He crawled back to the pool and looked again, hoping that the previous sight was just the light playing tricks with the water. alas, he saw his reflection. He backed up and sat down on the ground. He curled up into a little ball, afraid. In his head, a multitude of thoughts, concerns, fears, reasoning, and plain gibberish flowed in and out of his conscious.

    “What happened? How is this possible? I mean why am I an axew and yet don’t feel that I am? What was I before?"
    He sat down, closed his eyes, and thought real hard for a second. His moment of silenced paid off.
    "Ohh that’s right a human... What’s a human!? I don’t think it’s what I am now. I mean if it was, I wouldn’t be freaking out, right? Or do I just not remember what I look like?"
    In a fit of frustration, the axew gave a loud cry to the trees around him. After about three minutes of ranting he rested on his knees and decided to think positive. "Well, since I can’t remember who I am, maybe I can see where I am.”

    The mon got to his feet and steadied his balance. He apparently wasn’t used to the body structure fully and had to walk a little ways before getting the hang of it.

    “Okay, I believe I’ve got it. Huh?” Amid the brush and tree limbs he noticed rock formations. The closer he walked to it the higher it grew. It was a cliff.

    Deciding a better view was the best option, the dragon type made his way through the quiet forest. It felt strange. There wasn’t anyone here, but he couldn’t shake a feeling of intrusion. He brushed it aside, using the excuse of his waking up as reason to not trust his senses just yet.

    Upon reaching the cliff side, he was intimidated by the sheer steepness it shared with its towering height. He looked around for an easier way up, but no such path revealed itself. He gave up on searching for an easier way, and mustered his resolve.

    “Fine, if I have to climb it I will.” He pep talked himself and began his ascent. It wasn’t easy with his axew blades from his cheeks, but he was making steady progress. Unfortunately he hadn’t made it halfway before he lost his footing and plummeted back to his starting spot. He picked himself up and tried again, and again and again. After six attempts to reach the top, none of which even made it halfway up the cliff, he let out his frustration in a yell of anger. He walked over to a pine tree and sat against it. After a few minutes of ranting in his head, he began to see an orange light illuminating the area.

    “Oh great, it’s almost sunset. I’ll be here in this forest all alone.” His frustration gradually changed to discouragement. He was alone, and no one was around. He curled up against the tree. He was scared, and began to snivel. Suddenly he heard a voice.

    “Is that? Huh, hey I wasn’t expecting someone here.” The axew turned to see a green thing staring at him from about ten feet away. Of course, the poor guy was startled and was about to run when the thing urged him that he meant no harm. It walked up to the axew and began to conversation.
    “Hello there, are you lost?” it inquired.

    “Uhm……..yeah” was the reply.

    “Well I don’t blame you” It cheerfully commented, “I would be lost to if I was in a new place.” This got the axew’s attention and he immediately responded.

    “How did you know that‽” The stranger was startled at first, but went on to explain.

    “Oh, I was just guessing. I mean, you are an axew and their not really found in this part of Winthrobax. They usually reside in the north-western part of the continent, near the Icy Volcano Vázalva.”

    All the axew could do was tilt his head in confusion. Realizing that the lost mon didn’t have any understanding, the stranger decided to get to know this axew he had discovered.

    “So what’s your name?” It asked with a smile.

    “Um….” The axew paused, trying to remember what it was. This left the Mon a bit perplexed.
    “You do know your name right?” It asked the frustrated axew. However, it backed away for Uther was determined to get it, even if it meant swinging his head around. After about ten seconds of freaking the stranger out, he began to form a word in his head.

    “I know this. I can feel it forming in my head. U…..Uth…….U-Uther? Yeah that’s it Uther.” The axew exclaimed in joy, only further adding to the stranger’s puzzlement.

    “Oookay, nice to meet you Uh-Uuuther.” He greeted, “My name is Vincent, but I prefer to be go by Vines.”

    “Pardon me for asking mister, oh sorry, Vincent” Uther inquired, “But what exactly are you?” This unusual question sent a spur of laughter from the mon. Uther pointed out that he was being serious.

    “Really?” Vines questioned, “You don’t know what a snivy is?”

    “No I don't, Is that what you are?” Uther confirmed.

    The Snivy put his right hand on his head and stopped his smile. He was in a mix of amazement and slight pity for this little mon. But he wasn't a mon that would turn down a stranger in the woods, especially if that stranger wasn't even around here. His grinned returned and me said,
    “Well, yes. My, I wasn’t wrong about you not being from around here. So where are you from Uther?”

    This cause the axew to pause. He didn’t know where he came from, but he did know that he was a human once. He would look crazy for saying that, he argued against the notion telling Vines. But something about Vines’ smile of interest and friendliness sent Uther on a guilt trip.

    “I can’t tell him that.” He argued in his head, “But, maybe he knows something I don’t, I mean I don’t know if humans are here, and more importantly, I need to know where I am. If I lie to him, then it could get me in big trouble. But what if he does think I’m lying!” Uther scratched his head looking left to right having the inner argument as Vines continued waiting for an answer. Finally, Uther’s truth teller conscience won and finally decided to be honest. And after a deep breathe told this grass type stranger that he didn’t know where he was from, but that wherever he was from, he was once a human there.

    “…..Wha?” Was the only reply Uther received.

    “Oh dear” Uther thought, “I shouldn’t have done that. I’m such an idiot. He must think I’m crazy.”

    “Wow, that’s a first.” Vines chuckled a little, “But I believe you.” If Uther’s jaw could extend his body’s size it would have hit the ground.

    “You’re just going to believe me,” Uther muttered with scepticism, “Despite the fact of how ludicrous it sounded that it made you laugh?”

    “Yeah, it does sound farfetched, but who am I to judge. After all, you don’t have any memories, nor do you seem to know your way around.”

    “But, what if I’m lying?” Uther pushed for a real answer.

    “I don’t think so.” Vines replied, “You see, last night some purple comet landed near Ragged Mountain. I decided to check it out in the morning and I found you now. I don’t claim it to be true but maybe you came in that comet. Besides, it's not like you aren't the first Pokémon to come here via comet.”

    “Really?” Uther asked, surprised at the answer.

    “Sure,” Vines nodded, “I’ll tell you about some, but first you don’t appear to have a place to stay right?” Uther shook his head “no”.

    “Well, then how about you come with me. I’m on my way to Post Town. If you want to tag along that would be awesome. Ragged mountain is a little perilous and it would be better for both of us to travel together. And when you get there you might find someone that knows you. So what do you say?" Uther thought for a second. Then agreed.

    “Then it’s settled.” Vines nodded as he started along the side the cliff, “The approach to the route through Ragged Mountain is a ways this way. Come on let’s go.” Vines along with Uther headed for the entrance, exchanging questions and answers along the way.

    Winthrobax (Win-tro-bax) - A continent to the NorthWest of Triacal. Predominantly a colder climate place and called, "The continent of the divine dragon" or in it's native toungue "Kontinenten av den gudomliga draken"

    Vázalva (Veil-zal-va) - An Icy Volcano long since frozen over. Home to many Ice and Dragon and Steel type species.

    Uther (OO-ther)

    From Starset Prophecy
    "It Has Begun!"
    Have a great week!
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      Chapter 2
      A Trip through the Mountains

      “Is this that place you were talking about?” Uther asked Vines as the two stared at the looming mountain pass before them.

      “Yep, it looks intimidating, but as long as we stay on course, we shouldn’t have too much issue getting over.” Vines replied and started making his way to the start of the trail. Uther followed, and the two started their ascent on the pass of Ragged Mountain.

      After they had scaled the trail a ways, Uther remembered what Vines mentioned earlier.

      “Hey, Vines can you tell me about those others that came from meteors?” he requested. Vines happily agreed and began telling Uther as they continued their climb.

      “You see, a few legends are said to have come from the stars. One of them is known as the Deoxys. He came to our world ages ago inside a meteorite. Of course, the legendary Rayquaza responded to his coming and began fighting him. Rayquaza won, but after his victory, Palkia intervened.”

      “Palkia?” Uther repeated not knowing what that was.

      “You don’t know who Palkia is? Vines laughed in marvel at Uther not knowing such common knowledge as Palkia.

      “I’m afraid not. Wait who? Is Palkia a mon?”

      “You bet, he’s a legendary Pokémon that’s the guardian of space. He intervened with Rayquaza and told him that Deoxys wasn’t a threat. Deoxys now is said to reside somewhere in space orbiting our planet.”

      Uther marveled at the thought. He then asked if there were anymore.

      “Well” Vines paused, cleared his throat and continued. “None that are confirmed, but there is one that is rumored to be from space. His name is Kyurem.”

      “Kyurem?” Uther again repeated but this time felt a strange shiver in him. Vines continued, not noticing Uther’s reaction. Uther shook it off and continued to listen.

      “Kyurem is another legendary mon, but not much is known locally of him. He stays in the Great Glacier far north of Post Town. There is a very vast mist surrounding the land around it for about three miles mons say. No one knows the intent, but they assume it was something recent that caused it.”

      “What caused it?”

      “Well, I don’t know too many details, but Kyurem used to be around mons. But ten years ago he went to the glacier and stayed there. As since then mist gathered and covered that area.”

      “So how is he from a meteorite?” Uther excitedly asked.

      “Well, according to history he and two other legends were once one powerful legend. That mon split into three separate beings, when Winthrobax went through a period of unrest in the continent. The two legends stopped the fighting, while the third was never seen upon the split. But, the day Kyurem was first seen was after a large blue meteor hit near Mt. Vexcuent in the middle of the night.”

      “And that was him?”

      “It’s speculated, but no proof has been found yet. Though the other two legends are very prevalent in Winthrobax.”

      “So who are they?”

      “They’re names ar- oh hey, look we’re at the top!” Vines shifted from his elucidation on the mysterious legends to gazing from an incredible vantage point at the highest point of the trail. Uther joined alongside him and the two gazed over the hilly plains, where they were headed. Silence was all there was, till Vines abruptly uttered in excitement, “There it is, Uther, there’s post town.”

      He pointed to a small, but noticeable patch of tawny houses. Uther squinted to get a better look and spotted what appeared to be the town’s square. He didn’t get to look long though, till he was interrupted by a hyper Vines grabbing his hand and dragging him along the rest of the path,

      “Come on lets hurry! We’re so close, I can’t wait.”

      “I wonder what’s got him so excited?” Uther pondered as he was pulled down the rest of the rugged path.

      After a couple of minutes of descending, Uther was beginning to get wheezy. They were nearing a sharp bend in the road, obscuring the rest of the way.

      “H-How long till we get there?”

      “Don’t worry Uther, we’re almost there. Just around thi-” Vines stopped talking and running. Of course, this was sudden, so Uther wasn’t prepared to stop. Thankfully Vines had a tight grip and pulled him back before he ran into a boulder lying around the bend. Uther fell on his tail from the Vines pull.

      “Ow, what the? Oh right I have a tail.”

      “You didn’t notice all this time?” Vines asked helping Uther up.

      “Yeah, I’m not used to a tail.” He replied. Then turning his attention to the boulder raised the question on how they would get past it.

      “This isn’t a prob. Looks like it must’ve fell recently or the rangers would have cleared this by now.” Vines smiled, “I’ll just use a......hey you know you can use moves right?”


      “Yeah, every Pokémon knows a move. Here try yours.”

      “What are my moves?”

      “Uhhhh, just...concentrate and ummm hit it.” Vines faltered a bit.

      The axew gave a sigh and agreed to try. Uther stepped up and tensed up. He closed his eyes and let out a little roar. He punched the boulder full force, resulting in bruising his claw. He clapsed it and whimpered from the pain of the impact.

      “No not like that.” Vines spoke trying not to laugh. He walked up to the axew and looked at his claw. He determined it was fine and told Uther to watch him. Vines took a breath and began hitting it with Vine Whip. The boulder resisted it without showing any sign of cracking.

      “Huh” Vines noted as he ceased, “I’m not doing anything to it.”

      “So” Uther added joining the grass type mon in front of the boulder, “What now?” Uther rubbed his claw as Vines closed his eyes.

      “What are you-” Uther began.

      “SHHH” Vines instructed Uther, “I want to get as much out of this as possible.” Uther moved back and observed Vines plan to break the large mass of rock. Vines clasped his hands and tightened his body. A faint light quickly covered him. He grunted as it lasted a few seconds, till it vanished as he unclasped his two hands and let out a breath.

      “Okay, now I’m ready.” He readied vine whip.

      “Wait what did yo-” Uther asked right when Vines struck the boulder causing it to crack. Uther stared in shock as Vines struck it a few more times to resulting in its fracture. Vines let off a chuckle as he strode through the rubble.

      “How?” Uther started to question.

      “I used Growth for a bit to raise my attack and then struck it.” He got covered in the dim light again, and it once again vanished quickly.

      “Did it wear off?” Uther observed.

      “Yep, unfortunately it is only really stays as long as I’m actively fighting. That’s how stat moves work. But hey, let’s go we’re almost there. Just a little ways and we’ll reach the crossroad leading to town. But, I want to go somewhere first if that’s okay,” Vines answered.

      “Sure, I mean after all, you were nice enough to bring me along so we’ll go where you want to.”

      “ thanks," Vines said with a smile. The grass mon then looked up at the sky, "It’s beginning to get dark. We should hurry.”

      The two resumed. It was close to sundown when the two arrived at the crossroads. Uther followed Vines as he went to the right path in the crossroad, away from the entrance to town. Uther looked at the sign.

      This way leads to the barren wasteland area >

      Uther looked at Vines, who was staring at the road ahead and wondered, “Why does he want to go there?”

      Mt. Vexcuent (Vex-quoo-ent) - Mountain to the NorthEastern part of Winthrobax. One of the Five Regalia mountains.
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        Chapter 3
        Ambitions Transaction

        “Finally, I’ve waited so long for this!” Vines squealed with excitement as he and Uther stood in front of a sign saying:

        “Land for Sale, if interested please use the communication orb to talk to the land seller.”

        The land the sign was talking about was barren with rocky structures on the sides. Near the sign was a massive tree dead stump. It had become a very hollow from being dead for many years. However, it had retained a lot of its outer structure, probably due to how big the tree originally was. Despite it being a somewhat discouraging sight, Uther couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer size of just the stump compared to the trees from the forest he met Vines in.

        “Wow, its big” Uther commented, then turned to Vines with a curious look, “So why are we here?”

        “Well my axew friend.” Vines boasted, adding a little deepness to his voice, “What may seem like a mere dead stump in a seemingly empty area with no life or purpose, whatsoever-”

        ”Can you skip to the point,” Uther interrupted, annoyed by the rambling.

        “Fine, but first.” Vines turned and pressed the communication orb attached to the sign. It flashed for a few seconds, before finally staying lit and a voice being heard.

        “Um, hello who is this, and what is it you need?”

        “Hello” Vines spoke close to the orb, “I would like to talk about the deed to this land.”

        “Really! I’ll be right there!” The voice shouted and the orb darkened again. In a second a ray of light hit near where they and vanished leaving a Quagsire where it was. Before either Vines or Uther could speak, the Mon rushed over to them and eagerly asked Uther,

        “Are you the one that asked about buying this land‽” Uther pointed to Vines. It turned its wide, silly and somewhat awkward face to Vines, sending a chill down his spine.

        “Uhhh, yes.” He mumbled. Immediately, the Mon grabbed Vines leaf-like hand and started shaking it exuberantly.

        “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for someone to buy this place for so long. I do hope it suites you since this has been an area that hasn’t gotten any attention for such a long time, and is the sole reason why nobody has tried buying it, which has led me to making a sign that contacts me so I don’t have to stay near this area. Since no one ever-”

        After five minutes of the land owner's rambling, Vines finally pulled his hand away, and with a weak laugh replied,
        “It’s fine, I’m glad I could take this place off your hands,” Vines rubbed his arm, trying to get strength back in it. The Quagsire bowed repeatedly apologizing,

        “Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to overdue my thanks. It’s just I’ve been waiting for so long to have someo-”

        “We get it.” Uther stated, waving his hands to assure there was no need to continue.

        “Okay sorry about the tangent again, well I have the deed here.” The Quagsire mentioned, “So you are aware of the price, right?”

        “Of course” Vines replied, reaching into his belt pouch pocket and pulled out a small bag. He opened it and pulled out three platinum poke and handed it to them Mon.

        “Thank you sir, here’s the deed and I’ll be back in the morning with the rest of the paper work. If you want I can direct you to some lodgings in Post Town.”

        Vines shook his head and said, “No thank you. I want to get a good look around this place first.”

        “Okay” The mon smiled and pulled out his warp orb, “Just use the communication orb if you need anything.” And with that, he flashed it and warped away.

        Vines jumped around laughing like he had just found finished a lifelong challenge. Uther was perplexed as to “why” Vines felt so great to buying such a simple piece of land. He was about to ask, till Vines beat him to talking.

        “Hey, so if you’re wondering why I bought this place, it’s all to fulfil my dream. A dream of building a place that Pokémon could call a home.”

        “I’m sorry but I don’t follow.” Uther admitted.

        “Alright let me explain. It’s always been my dream to make an extraordinary place. As in, build a wonderful place to live and have shops. I’ve been saving my money till I found the perfect spot to start my ambition for building this paradise. I heard that Post Town had some land nearby for sale, and I decided to head over here. I happened to find you while I was on my way here.”

        “Um, not to sound rude but, isn’t that a bit too ambitious? I mean, sure it’s a great dream, but do you think you could do it by yourself?” Uther pointed out.

        “I was planning to get some help and other mons interested in joining this project. Hey, Uther do you want to stay and help me? I mean, till you get your memories back or someone that knows you finds you. But only if you want to.” Vines eagerly offered.

        Uther thought for a second and remembered the image of what he saw before waking up. He shivered at the thought of the horrible Hydreigon chasing that scared Munna, and what came after. Uther looked at Vines and nodded, reasoning in his head that Vines had a good point.

        “Yes! Thank You Uther. I know I just met you and you don’t have any memories of your past, but you look like the kinda guy that could be a big help here.” Vines expressed his gratitude.

        “So, what now?”

        “Well as I told that *cough* Quagsire, I wanted to get a look around first. If you want you can join me?” Uther agreed and the two took a self-tour of Vines new property.

        min kära vän

        After finishing their browsing of the land, the sun finally set. Vines and Uther, went inside the stump and went to sleep. Vines slept with a smile, dreaming about the wonderful place that would be his paradise. Uther had a hard time, since it was nippy that night. He assumed it was because he was a dragon type and curled up to sleep. He covered his chest, to shield it from the chill since it was the area near his heart that was the coldest and hurting from the night’s temperature. He finally fell asleep but didn’t uncurl, keeping his heart warm.

        platinum poke - worth 100 poke coins.
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          Chapter 4
          A Different Try in Taste

          “Hey, hey wake up.”

          Uther blinked his eyes at the bright sunlight shining through the cracks in front.

          “You look pretty tired.” Vines observed, “Had a hard night?”

          “Yeah, it was a hard night.” Uther yawned, stretching his arms out.

          “Well, come out when you’re ready. The Quagsire is back, and he's turning over the lease, so come out when you’re ready.” Vines gave a parting smile and went outside the hollow stump. Uther got to his feet and continued stretching. He let out a yawn as he muttered to himself, “My, it was cold last night. I guess I should head outside and see what’s up.”

          As Uther began to step out, he felt a little shiver through his spine. Uther shook it off and joined Vines, who was talking with the Quagsire.

          “So this Gurdurr carpenter can fix this place up into a nice house?” Vines clarified with the mon.

          “Yep, he’s pretty good at his craft from what I’ve seen. He lives in Post Town so I would suggest talking to him about it.”

          “I’ll be sure to visit him. Thank you!” Vines waved as the Mon once again warped away with the orb.

          “So who’s this Gurdurr guy?”

          “He’s a carpenter that hopefully will fix this stump to a nice home.” Vines answered, looking at the large dead stump, “I was planning on getting some breakfast first before visiting him, want to come with?”

          Uther’s stomach growled at the word “food”. He blushed out of embarrassment, while Vines laughed getting the hint. They set out to Post Town. Along the way, Vines suddenly stopped and muttered to himself, “Oh I forgot the town map. Welp, a little adventure never hurt anyone.”

          “Huh?” Uther paused, “Wouldn’t it be better to just go get it so we won’t waste time and get hungrier?”

          “Don’t worry, it’s Post Town. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a simple diner or something.”

          “I guess, but…..Um, hey Vines.”

          “What?” Uther took a breath.

          “This might be jumping to conclusions, but are you a bold in nature?”

          “Where did you get that notion?” Vines inquired Uther’s reasoning.

          “Well, you seem to um-”

          “Lack of taking safe routes or taking some steps back to grab my bearings?” Vines chimed in.

          “Uh yeah” Uther confessed.

          “You pretty perceptive to guess that nature of me, after only knowing me for what less than a day.”

          “I wouldn’t say I’m perceptive” Uther devalued Vines praise, “You just are well… very confident and light spirited. It’s like you see obstacles as a new challenge.”

          “Wow, I’m flattered, but I’m not that easy-going.” Vines chortled at the praise. “Anyways, let’s hurry and get some food.”

          Since their land wasn’t too far away, it wasn’t long till they arrived at Post Town. Now the town itself wasn’t very large, considering its solitude in the hill plains area. Despite its secluded spot, Post Town wasn’t shy of facilities. It had the popular “Post Inn and Café” run by Madame Swanera, a Swanna that was very popular and known all through the town. A post office run by one of the Pelliper, postmon’s. Also, the town had a ranger’s station, local school, and a few market shop. They made their way to the town square and browsed for a place to eat.

          “You see anything?” Vines asked Uther, who was looking in the opposite direction.

          “No, not really. You?”

          “Uh-uh, maybe it’s not near the town…oh wait there is something!” Vines spotted a small little place obscured by its larger neighboring structures. They walked up and looked at the sign.

          V Gael Goodra’s Le Bistro

          “This place looks good how about we chow down here?” Vines

          “What’s a Le Bistro?” Uther inquired.

          “No idea, but it looks like a food place so let’s go in.” Vines cheered as he burst through the swing doors. Uther followed in a less animated fashion. The inside of the building was filled with an appealing aroma of tasty dishes. Immediately the two’s mouths began to drool. They immediately rushed to seats at the food bar. There was a Goodra giving out some food to some berry farmers nearby.

          Voilà, Messieurs I hope you enjoy.” The Goodra smiled, giving the food to the mouth watered Brelooms.

          “Oh?” The Dragon Mon noticed the two mons sitting at the other side of the bar, “Juste un second, gars. ” He requested going into the back for a second.

          “Hm? Seems foreign.” Vines noted.

          “Regardless, this place does appear well liked here.” Uther pointed out.

          “Well, I’m not surprised Uther” Vines inferred, “Considering how remote this town is from bigger cities, it makes sense that it would be one of the more popular places.”

          Mes excuses gars. The Goodra stated walking up to the counter, “What can get for you?”

          “Something good for breakfast.” Vines smiled. The mon let of a little laugh and asked Uther, who nodded indicating, “Same”.

          Très bien, I’ll get you two the house dishes.”

          “Pardon me, uh monsuwer.” Uther attempted, but failed to succeed in the translation. The Goodra merely gave an warming laugh and patted Uther on the head with his antenna.

          “Silly Coupenotte. It’s pronounced Monsieur.”

          “Oh…” Uther blushed from the fail but resumed his question, “What is your name, uhm, Monsiiiieurrr?”

          “Yes, that is the way.” The goodra encouraged, while getting their orders ready, “My name est Gael, What are both of yours?”

          “Oh, mine name is Uther.” He replied, “And this is Vines. Um, are you from around here?”

          “No, no I came here from Kalisié with my Papa et Maman. When I became an adult, I came here to pursue my dream of opening a Culinary Bistro. The folks have been very generous to me. Also, this place is very pretty, especially with the view of Mt. Lösa."

          “Mt Lohsa?” Uther repeated from interest.

          “It’s the center Regalia Mountain in Winthrobax.” Vines explained.

          “What’s a Regalia Mountain?” Uther asked further.

          “Oh? You don’t know of the Regalia Mountains?” Gael added, confused at how Uther didn’t know.

          “Well” Vines elucidated, “The Regalia Mountains are five in number. Their locations form a two horns pointing down. Two to the east and west of the center, two more south of those two respectively, and the one we see in the center. Their called Regalia Mountains, because they are the places where our Worlds Veins or magma flow closest to the surface on Winthrobax. It’s even rumored that they are related to Lá Pendragon.”

          Uther’s eyes sparkled in awe at this story. But the two stopped as the Gael, placed the food in front of them and said,

          Bon appétit lads.”

          Vines and Uther thanked Gael, and smelled the food. Vines then reminded before they started gobbling the tasty food, “Let’s hurry so we can make it to that Gurdurr place before noon.” Uther nodded and the two began to eat.

          Le Bistro (le -Bee-strough) - a small, modest, European-style restaurant or café.

          Voilà, Messieurs (Voie-lah Mes-siers) - There, Sirs

          Juste un second, gars ((Joo-stay oon se-kund gars) - Just a second lads.

          Mes excuses gars. (Mess excuses gars) - My apologies lads.

          Très bien (trace bee-en) - Very well,

          Coupenotte (Coo-pen-ottay) - The Pokémon species “Axew” in French.

          Monsieur (Mon-shi-ur) - Sir

          Kalisié (Ka-lee-see-ae) - A different continent to the North of Triacal. This continent is more European in sense and culture.

          Papa et Maman (Pah-pah eht Mah-mahn) - Mama and Papa

          Mt. Lösa (Laiy-sah) - Swedish for Resolve. This is one of the five regalia mountains of Winthrobax.

          Lá Pendragon (Lay Pen-dra-gun) - "Lá" Old Norse for “Vital Warmth”. Lá Pendragon is what the Original Pokémon Legend made up Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem and another mon in this story is called. Held in high respects in legend as the originator of the raw energy known as the dragon force and protector of Winthrobax.

          bon appétit (Bohn ah-peh-teet) - Enjoy your food
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            Chapter 5
            Job Intrusion

            “*Yawn* that was good," Vines expressed his content while rubbing his full stomach. Uther too, felt ready to take a nap, and would’ve dozed off to sleep had Vines not grab his arm and started dragging him along.

            “We can’t sleep now. We’ve gotta find that gurdurr guy.” Vines insisted.

            “Oh, right.” Uther recalled, shaking his head to wake up. The two darted out the Bistro, through the center, and began searching all over the town. Since Vines did leave the map back at his barren property, it took extra amount of time to find the carpenter’s shop.

            “Yes!” Vines cheered, as he and Uther stood directly in front of the closed shop.

            “Um, Vines” Uther apprised, “The sign on the door says, "Out for Lunch’”

            All the cheer in Vines face was overturned by shock and disappointment. He fell on his face mumbling over and over into the dirt, “I should’ve brought the map.”

            As Vines dabbled in acknowledging his stupidity, Uther took this time to read the sign fully.

            ‘Out to Lunch’
            ‘If orders are urgent’
            ‘Will be at Swanera’s inn’
            ‘Will return at 1:30 PM’

            “Oh, so he’s at a place called ‘Swanera’s inn.” Uther stated in his head, and spun to face the Vines display pitifulness.

            “Hey, um Vines” Uther spoke, bending down to get his words past the still repeating phrases from crestfallen Snivy, “The sign also says he’s at some place called Swanera’s inn. If we hurry, we might cat- HEY!”

            Vines demeanor shot right back up as he grabbed Uther’s arm (again) and started darting towards the town center shouting in valor, “I know where that is. Come on Uther, let’s get there in under five minutes.” A trail of eyes followed the spectacle of an energetic Snivy dragging a freaked out Axew behind him.

            “How are you holding up?”

            “Fine miss, it’s been a few weeks since then so I’m okay.”

            Miss Swanera and the Gurdurr carpenter were having a nice chat as he was here for lunch. Despite Swanera’s youthful appearance she had years of experience with mons. Many mons had come in and out of her inn, with many different moods, issues, and joys. Regardless of his statement about being fine, Swanera had reason to believe the contrary.

            “Sure” she replied, keeping a straight tone, “It has been two weeks since his back injury, but I haven’t heard of anyone actually going to see him.”

            She sipped on her tea, spying slightly above her cup at the Gurdurr stirring his drink. He had ordered some warm violent seed drink with a few drops of nectar, a drink he wouldn’t hesitate to engulf in a mere instant. Swarena then asked if his drink was alright,

            “Huh? Oh its delicious miss Swarena” He replied with a stutter, “I just got full from that yummy lunch.”

            “Okay….listen Gurrudo, are you absolutl-” She was suddenly interrupted by the inn’s doors being slammed open. The open doors revealed a Snivy, beaming in the sunlight from outside. He was accompanied by an axew, who looked out of breath and about to fall over. Suddenly the Snivy shouted and pointed to Gurrudo and uttered,

            “That must be him. Come on Uther, before he goes off.”

            The snivy began walking over to the table, followed by Uther who was wheezing out, “I *huff* don’t think he *huff* ….. can we s-sit down *huff* for a sec *huff*.”

            Gurrudo and Swanera were puzzled at these two, but regained their composure as Vines queried, “Are you the carpenter Gurdurr in Post Town?”

            Gurrudo tensed up for a second, but quickly recouped and answered in a professional tone, “Yes I am, what do you want?”

            Swanera was in awe at his sudden mood change, but merely watched the conversation continue.

            “Sorry for the intrusion, but I have a job for you.” Gurrudo gave Vines a sceptical look and replied,
            “A kid needs a carpenter job?”

            “Yes” Vines replied with a smile, “Oh and I’m not a kid, I’m around 15.”

            This response earned surprised stares from Gurrudo, Swanera, and even Uther, who had joined the scene by now.

            “Wait, you're *huff* 15!” Uther repeated.

            “Yes, I am."
            Seeing Uther still perplexed Vines cleared his throat. He then assured that he was 15, showing mild annoyance at the disbelief about his age, “Now back to what I was saying. I have a piece of land property with a very large dead stump and I would like you to build a house out of it.”

            “And how would you pay for it?” Gurrudo questioned.

            “I have poke. What’s your price?” Vines answered.

            Gurrudo paused to think. He then smiled and said to Swanera, “Pardon me Swanera, I would love to continue our talk, but if you don’t mind giving me and these two some privacy. This is potential business for me.”

            “Yes ... of course” She responded and left. She was a bit concerned at to his strange behavior, but shrugged it off and began helping other customers. After being left alone with two, Gurrudo then informed the duo of his price.

            “I appreciate your offer, but I can’t accept poke.” This shocked Vines and he began asking questions rapidly, “Wait you don’t, why!? Is it something to do with wrong currency? But then how will I pay for it? Wait are you saying you won’t do it? But I need you too, if you don’t who else? Wait are there anymore carpenters here? If you can’t then do you know someone who can!?”

            “Calm down kid.” Gurrudo assured Vines he wasn’t turning them down, “I can build you a house from this trunk you speak of, but what I want as payment is something specific.”

            “What?” Uther asked.

            “Well in a stony cave near Ragged Mountain, there are some blue gems that are very valuable to me. I unfortunately am not much of a cave explorer, so I can’t get them. If you two can bring me five of them I’ll build you your house.”

            “Ohhh thank you sir. Uther and I will get them right away.” Vines thanked about to rush out the inn, till Gurrudo hated him for a second.

            “Oh wait before you go here.” Gurrudo gave Uther an orb.

            “What’s this for?” Uther inquired.

            “It’s to contact me if you run into a problem. Just use it and my two lackey Timburr’s will be able to find you and help.

            “But then why not send them with us?” Uther pressed.

            “We have things to do while you’re gone. If your orb does go off, those two will go help and I’ll stay and keep up our work. It's so I and they can get as much done as possible.”

            “I guess that makes sense.” Uther admitted looking at the orb. He stared at it, until Vines grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door shouting, “Let’s hurry so we can get the gems and give them so we can get the house done sooner.”

            Gurrudo chuckled a little and muttered, “Kids”

            He got up from his seat and headed out the inn. After going out the door, he was met by his two workers.

            “Hey boss” One greeted, “how was your lunch with Miss Swanera?”

            “It was good” He smiled, but then put on a serious face, “I’ve got us a job, but I need you to find Chuckie and meet with me.”

            They both nodded and headed out to find their comrade.
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              Chapter 6
              Self-Tutoring, the Frustration

              “Are you sure this is the cave?” Uther questioned the correctness of the large hole in the side of the Ragged Mountain.

              “Well, I reckon since he did say it was in a stony cave, and this looks correct.” Vines assured as he stepped up to look in.

              “You think anyone lives in there?”

              “What do you exactly mean?” Vines requested for elaboration.

              “I mean” Uther explained his reasoning, “if these jewels were valuable, then why wouldn’t mons be taking them like mad. Think about it, if there wasn’t some obstacle or what not then there shouldn’t be a problem for any mon to go in. Plus, that Gurdurr’s excuse for not getting jewels for himself was that he isn’t a cave explorer sounds rather silly.”

              “Huh that’s a good point” Vines agreed, looking into the cave, “Whelp let’s go in.”

              Uther was astonished at Vines unconcerned behavior. “But are you sure that we should by ourselves. I mean, we could at least call those two Timburr to help us.”

              “We’d lose time, and besides we can handle it.” Vines replied with a smile.

              “But I can’t really fight.” Uther pointed out.

              “True” Vines paused for a second to think, then made a proposition, “How about you stay out here at practice your moves, while I go in and get the gems?”

              “What? B-but you can’t go in there by yourself. I mean what if something terrible is in there? You should-” Uther cavilled, reacting before thinking.

              “Woah Uther, calm down” Vines stated, “I can fight well. Plus most likely any mons in there would be rock, ground, or steel types. I can handle all three. Also, like you said, you can’t really battle so all you could do is cheer me on.”

              Uther ceased his opposition and yielded to Vine’s point, but enforced his position for Vines to take the Gurdurr’s orb in case he ran into a problem. Vines happily took it and went inside, but not before yelling to Uther from inside, “When doing a move, try to draw out your inner focus. Moves are extensions or your power or attributes that require practice to master,” After these parting words of advice, Vines disappeared inside the cave.

              “Okay, just focus on what practicing your moves. "He’ll be fine” Uther assured himself as he started doing some stretches. Once he was tensed up and ready, he looked for a good spot nearby to practice. However, he stopped in his tracks after remembering that not only did he not know how to use moves, but that he didn’t even know what moves he had.

              “So, how do I….Well,” He sat down on a rock to try and come up with a plan to tackle this dup of issues. “Let’s see. I’m a dragon type. I assume since I’ve haven’t been here long and haven’t battled that I’m not very strong yet, or at least mastered moves in my subconscious. Vines said that moves are an extension of a mons power or attributes.”

              He pondered this concept and looked down at the ground. Then his claws gained his attention.

              “Perhaps this is my attribute for a move. It is an extension of my being, so my claws could do a move.” He reasoned. However, there was still the issue of doing a move with it, let alone pulling off a move at all. He sat there and tried to think of what moves or ways to do them. Ten minutes passed with no results.

              “Ugh, I’m getting nowhere.” He groaned to the space around him, “How hard is it to do one of these things? Well, maybe if I try doing it again I can maybe find a clue. Though I probably shouldn’t use it on something akin to a boulder.” He giggled at the scene in his memory.

              He walked to the clearing overlooked by the caves entrance, and started letting out punches into the air. He thrust and thrust one punch after another, but no sign of any power or energy formed. After ten more minutes of his punching cycle, he stopped from slight fatigue and the reality that he wasn’t getting anywhere with this activity.

              Frustrated he walked back to the same rock, sat down, and glowered at the ground. After a couple of minutes of inner ranting, he got up and decided to try again. Suddenly he remembered how Vines destroying the boulder.

              “He used growth, and even though I can’t learn that move, maybe it ties in with focusing? So let’s this um focusing power stuff….gosh I’m gonna fail.”

              He went back in front of the cave and remained motionless, clearing his mind, and drawing out his focus. He clenched his left claw, moved his right arm forward, and readied to slice with his left claw. He shoved his mouth closed and tightened his arm and threw a downward slice. From its beginning to its conclusion, a small beam of fierce white curved along with his slice and vanished upon stopping his attack.

              “Woah” He thought to himself, “is this a move?” He gazed at his pair of claws and played the image of the small white light in his head over and over. It was somewhat a proud moment that he wanted to keep marvelling at it. This motivated him to practice till he could make the actual move or at least close to it.

              “Okay, so I think I did it like so...” He practiced and practiced, slicing to and fro, over and over and with each new slice he slowly began to learn how to do it. After what felt like an hour of slice after slice, Uther was able to unleash his strong, devastating, impressive, and powerful move! “Slash”.

              “Yeahhhh,” He sighed, “I’ve got a ways to go before I can battle well. I wonder how Vines is doing. He has been in there a long time. Since I have my move maybe, I can go in anddddd.”

              As he stood there, slapping his hands into his face drowning in frustration, he heard an echo of a boom come from inside the cave. It was followed by another echo, being Vines shouting in either surprise, pain, or a battle cry. Uther didn’t wait to determine which it was, as he lunged into the cave, to aid his friend with his new move.
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                Chapter 7
                Delving in the Dark

                “How far into Ragged Mountain does this go till I find these blue gems?” Vines grumbled, as he made his way deeper.

                Despite the annoyance, and having to a luminous orb for his only light source, Vines remained persistent as he pressed on. After a couple of minutes of climbing down, he came into a wide clearing. There was a small pool of water in the middle, but it was what was across from vines that grabbed his attention. There was a crevice with strange blue light coming from inside.

                “Oh, are they in there?” He said to himself, carefully making his way across the cave room. As he was passing around the pool he heard uncanny noises nearby. He braced himself and shined the luminous orb trying to spot what the cause was.

                “Is anyone here?” He echoed in the cave. He received no reply. He decided, that he needed to get to the crevice.

                He kept his eyes alert, while scooting closer to the hole. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a light coming his way. He jumped and rolled, evading a Flash Cannon. He got back to his stance, getting a glimpse of his attacker for a brief second. The silhouette wasn’t too big, however it was very fast and manoeuverable. Vines moved to a wall, to avoid a back attack. He kept his eyes open and alert waiting for another attack. However, he was limited in lighting, his luminous orb being the only thing separating him from complete darkness.

                A few seconds another Flash Cannon fired from his right. He jumped out of its path, spotted his target in mid-air with his orb, and flung Leech Seed. It leeched onto the Mon and started to drain it of its energy.

                “Ha!” Vines boasted in triumph at landing the seeds, but changed his tone when the mon went on the full frontal attack. While this was Vine’s goal, to lure out his attacker, he quickly asserted his disadvantage as a Scizor lunged for him with an X-scissor. He ducked beneath the mon and tried to avoid more conflict by saying,

                “Hey, I’m not trying to trespass, I’m just here for some blue gems.”

                This earned a nasty glare from the mon and it again lunged at him. Vines avoided it again, but was starting to suspect something. He was indeed getting energy from his leech seeds, but the Mon showed no signs of slowing at all. In fact the mon was even attacking even more aggressive. Vines would have assumed the mon would have at least shouted a threat or “Leave” or something, but this mon appeared to only attack him and not say “why”.

                Vines realized talking was pointless and readied for another attack. The Mon fired another Flash Cannon. Vines jumped onto the wall and leaped over the beam and yelled as he landed on the mon’s head. He covered its eyes and leaned in all directions, causing the mon to have trouble with balance. Vines then leaned the Scizor’s head far back and sent it stumbling into the wall behind them. He jumped and took the opportunity to use growth. As the mon was getting out of its dizziness, Vines grabbed it with vine whip and threw it across the cave room.

                He shined the orb at the mon, making sure he didn’t lose track of it. He noticed the mon was getting tired, so Vines attempted to again, reason with it.

                “Hey, I’m don’t want to fight. I’m just here for some blue gems. If they belong to you then I’m willing to buy-” His persuasion was cut short as the mon fired another Flash Cannon. He evaded, but lost grip of his orb.

                “Dang it no!” He tried to grab it, but the mon scooped some dirt and threw it in his way. Vine’s eyes became irritated giving the Scizor his chance to strike Vines with X-scissor. Vines was sent into the wall damaged by the super effective move. The impact formed a small crater into the wall. Trying to get out, Vines however was to slow as the Scizor lunged and pressed its pincer against his smaller body.

                “Hmph, ugh let go.” He protested weakly, as the mon pressed harder on his chest, preventing any counter by vines. Vines was beginning to get crushed by the mon, till the light of the luminous orb shined into the mon’s eyes. It shielded its eyes with its pincers, letting Vines go.

                “I’ll save you Vines! With my new move” Uther roared lunging towards the mon. Vines could see Uther’s arm slice with a white streak indicating a move.

                “Slash?” Vines perceived in his head, as the move made contact.

                However, Uther was surprised that his move had not only failed to move the mon, but it showed no signs of phasing. It raised its pincer to knock the flinching Uther away.

                However Vines yelled, “Duck!” to Uther as he sliced horizontally with Leaf Tornado. Uther ducked just in time, before the Scizor became trapped inside the spiralling move and was sent hurling to the end of the room. Uther ran over to his hurting friend and tried to help him to his feet.

                “Are you hurt badly?” Uther asked, fearful Vines was really damaged.

                “No, I’m fine.” Vines wheezed as Uther’s helped him to his feet, “I’m not the best defensively. I’m more of a speedster and attacker. Ah!”

                “Vines!” Uther shouted as his friend clasped his right arm. He held Vines, helping him stay on his feet.

                “Uh U-Uther” Vines faltered from his hurting arm, “My arm is hurt. Uther, hmm, my leech seed can help. You have to hold him off for a little mo-”

                Their conversation was cut short as the mon got back to its feet. It then crossed its pincers and charged Razor Wind and unleashed it on its body. The move didn’t hurt him much, however it succeeded in shredding the leeching seeds on his body. It then began rushing at them again. Seeing Vines was unable to respond, Uther acted in his stead. He got in front of Vines and braced for an attack. He stared directly into the mon’s eyes as he tensed his body.

                Strangely the mon stopped. There they stood staring at each other, Uther bewildered and the Scizor seemingly observing Uther and pondering. Its eyes then widened and it began to shudder. Uther tilted his head in confusion as the mon ran off out of the area. Uther then rushed to help Vines up,
                “Come on let’s get out of here.” Uther stated.

                “Let’s first get those gems.” Vines stammered trying to move to the hole.

                “You’re hurt” Uther protested, “You need to go to the center first.”

                “Please Uther.” Vines pleaded, “We need those gems or this trip was pointless.”

                Uther gave Vines a firm stare. Vines stared back, expressing his desire to get them through his eyes. Uther sighed and agreed. Uther helped Vines through the hole, they grabbed the gems, and began to head out.

                “Hey Vines” Uther remembered, “What about the orb the Gurdurr gave us.”

                “Oh yeah right.” Vines concurred, pulling it out and activating it.

                “They should be on their way.” Vines chuckled a little as Uther put his non-damaged Vine’s arm over his shoulder and helped him out of the cave. As they neared the caves entrance. They were greeted by the sun’s rays and the Gurdurr along with his crew.

                “Hey, Sir,” Uther spoke, “Vines is hurt. I need help getting him back to Post Town.”

                “Is that mad mon out?” Gurrudo inquired.

                “Wha? Yes, but that’s not important right now. Just help me.” Vines begged.

                “Go get the gems you two.” Gurrudo ordered the two Timburr that ran past him and into the cave.” Uther’s expression turned to anger.

                “I said help us. We can get gems later, he needs -”

                “Heh” The mon smirked as he was joined by a Scraggy, “Thanks for saving us the trouble with that insane Scizor. Now come on Kreek, let’s make them forget this.”

                The scraggy nodded as charged a focus blast. Uther’s face showed shock and despair as the energy focused orb heading straight towards them. Uther got in front of Vines, trying to spare him from the blast. The ball struck Uther and knocked him over Vines and into the side of the mountain.

                “Uther!” Vines shouted as a cloud of dirt and smoke obscured his friend’s impact upon the rock.

                luminous If in a Mystery Dungeon it lights up the entire floor/area, otherwise it's merely an orb that can be used as a light source
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                  Chapter 8
                  Crossing the Double Crossers

                  “Man these gems the boss likes are pretty deep in here.” The leading timburr complained as they continued their way down the cave.

                  “I hope the boss isn’t too rough with them kids.” The other reluctantly said from guilt.

                  “*Sigh*, look the boss hasn’t been himself. If this gets him back to being his old chuckling self then I’m sure it will be worth it. Besides, it’s not like the boss is going to rough them up too bad. Just enough so they can wipe this incident from their heads.”

                  “I guess you're-” Their talk was interrupted for a second with the sound of something slamming against the outside wall of the cave. They both shuddered, having a good idea what exactly was the things making the impact. They both took a gulp and walked on. After a few more minutes of delving deeper, they finally reached a clearing in the cave.

                  “Ooh ooh, hey look” The lead one jumped in excitement pointing to a colorful blue light in a crack across from them.

                  “You think that’s where-” The other smiled, catching the hype from the other. The first one began rushing across the room towards the crevice shouting,

                  “Come on let’s hurry and get tho-” The running Timburr began before he was sent hurling to the right wall from a flash cannon out of nowhere.

                  “What the, Hey Tigo!” The other one began running over to his injured friend. But was hit from behind by an X-scissors. He hit the wall next to his friend, dropping their luminous orb. As the two got their heads together, they screamed at the sight of an intimidating Scizor staring down at them. They grabbed each other freaking out as the Scizor lifted its leg and crushed the orb with his metal foot. The light went out leaving the two alone in the dark with the Scizor.

                  Förbittring i din blod, inuti ditt hjälm Regalia

                  Vines began staggering over to Uther’s impact spot, but was stopped as Gurrudo grabbed him from behind and threw him a few feet away.

                  “Restrain him I’ll deal with the Axew.”

                  Kreek grabbed Vines and held him in a hug lock. Vines struggled but couldn’t break free due to his weakened state. He could only look in a mix of anger and extreme fear as Gurrudo reached through the smoke and pulled out a barely conscious Axew. He then brought Uther over and set him next to vines.

                  “Kay Kreek, tie the two up. I’ll get the item.”

                  Guruddo pulled out a rope from the bag he brought and threw it to the Scraggy. Kreek then used a firm rope to tie the weak Vines and the fainted Uther together and walked over to his boss. He whispered into Gurrudo’s ear and the Gurdurr nodded. He grabbed an item out of a bag and walked over to the two kids. Vines kept trying to get free, but still was unable to. Uther was still out cold.
                  “We had a deal Mr. Gurdurr!” Vines protested in fury.

                  “Heh, well I changed my mind. Oh and by the way, my name is Gurrudo, course you won’t remember it after I use this.” He revealed a small box and placed it next to them. Gurrudo then explained.

                  “This is an item called an IQ strain. It’s going to make a noise that’s gonna cause you both to go unconscious and lose recollection of anything recent. You both will wake up with a little headache, but I’m sure you will forgive us for that. Especially since you won’t remember we ever met.”

                  Vines struggled hard as the two mons backed away after activating the box. It emitted a strong and ear grating sound in the two mons heads. Vines squirmed and Uther, who finally woke up, began wriggling too from the head pain.

                  “Make it stop!” Uther screamed out loud amid the strong sound waves from the box. A few seconds later the box was hit by a dazzling beam giving the mons relief from the horrible sound.

                  “What the?” Gurrudo growled turning around to see this intrusion. But was slammed by a log on the cheek. Kreek was hit by a separate log as well.

                  “What the Tigo? Migo? What are you two do-” His sentence was cut off by the two timburr hitting him on the head simultaneously with their logs.

                  Uther looked up to see the same Scizor from before.

                  “Y-y-you?” Uther stuttered a bit dazed as the mon used its pincer to snip the rope restraining Uther. Uther looked into its eyes and thanked it. It didn’t reply but kept the same, purple light stare at him. It then turned to Vines and raised its pincer.

                  “Wait stop!” Uther objected as the mon was about to strike. It turned and stared at Uther. It stopped its attempt to hurt Vines and was joined by the timburr.

                  “Huh? You two?” Uther stated in confusion to see the timburr from earlier alongside the Mon with purple lighted eyes too. They then pointed to the unconscious Gurdurr and the Scraggy, desperately trying to wake him up. Uther was very confused now.

                  “Um, about them?” He pointed to the two.

                  The three cold faced mons nodded. Uther thought a second about what to say. He finally mustered his poise and said, “Um, thanks but uh you don’t have to fight them anymore. They’re beaten it's fine.”

                  They nodded. Uther then saw Vines still grasping his hurt shoulder, but more focused on the weird scene playing before him. Uther then asked the three if they could help him get Vines some help. Tigo walked over to him and put him on his shoulder, despite Vines protest.

                  Uther then looked over to the two mons that had hurt them earlier. He looked at the ground and debated in his head. He sighed and asked them to bring them too. The Scizor lifted the Gurdurr on its back as Migo grabbed Kreek, who was completely freaked out. They then stood in front of Uther. The Axew wondered what they wanted, until Vines pointed out,

                  “I think they w-want you to lead t-them.”

                  Uther agreed and led the group towards Post Town. After arriving in town the three injured mons were in the care of Swanera at her inn. Uther was outside till the others were done getting patched up. He decided to again thank the Scizor.

                  “After all he did save us and he doesn’t seem to want to hurt me anymore. Course I don’t know why, but it still stands that Vines and I would be in very bad shape if it wasn’t for him.”

                  Uther went outside to fulfil give his gratitude, but upon leaving the inn he spotted the two Timburr unconscious.

                  “Hey are you two okay?” Uther shouted running to check on their condition. They were in a daze but appeared to be back to their old selves.

                  “I wonder where the scizor went?” He thought, realizing that the mon in question was nowhere to be found.

                  He shifted his focus on the two out cold mons. He put his hands on Migo, to try and shake him awake. Immediately upon making contact, he suddenly got a shock of pain in his chest. But just as he grabbed it, it faded as quickly as it came. It was then the two began waking up. Uther didn’t have time to worry about the random spike of pain and began helping the two up along with letting them know what happened.
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                    Chapter 9
                    Fair Payment

                    “Huh? Wha? Where?” Vines yawned as he got to his feet. He looked up to notice that he was standing in a spotlight of wavy white light. The inside of this light was filled with a warm and calming glow. Outside of this cone of light was nothing but thick darkness with small wavy lines of fog swirling around the emptiness.

                    “Hello?” He shouted into the void, causing an echo to resound through the area. Failing to receive an answer, Vines began turning around in circles to scope every spot of the place. He soon spied some lines of the mist begin swirling together, twisting to form a mini vortex. He squinted to get a better look at the uncanny thing. As he gazed at it, something like an orb of this strange mist formed from the swirls.

                    As it swirled, the small vortex began sending vibrations through the area that sounded like a heart’s thump. Whenever the vibes reached Vines, a strange shiver would surge through his core.

                    “What’s this feeling?” He thought, looking down for a second while scratching his head. He stopped as he heard a small, menacing sound reverberate in the area as the thumps began to grow stronger. It was then the sound said something in a deep low voice.

                    “Will you open the core?”

                    “Huh? What do you mean core? And where, what, and who are you?”

                    “If you open the core you will gain an incredible force. A force that binds will. But if you choose to open it, know that its pulse will slowly begin to die till it reaches its final pulse. And when it does-” The voice became unclear as the light above Vines was beginning to dim.

                    “Wait!” Vines shouted, “What does tha-” His words were cut short as the light went out and all became dark. There was nothing but silence.

                    Hör min själ

                    “How ya doing Vines?” was the voice Vines heard as he slowly began to wake up. As his eyes gradually filled up with light in a room, he slightly moved his head to see a concerned Uther staring back at him. The Snviy began rubbing his eyes as it replied, “Uther? Where are we?”

                    “You went blank as we headed to Swanera’s inn. The town’s doctor took a look at you and fixed you up a lot.” Uther summed up the events to Vines. The grass type sat up. He felt better and his wounds weren’t hurting much anymore. He looked to his left to see Mr. Gurrudo lying down with his underlings looking over him with concern.

                    “Hey, he’s waking up” Tigo exclaimed as their boss began to groan upon opening his eyes. Vines got off his table bed and walked over to the waking mon.

                    “Mr. Gurrudo” Vines stated as Uther joined him. The gurdurr looked away and mumbled, “Alright, just do it.”

                    He was expecting something akin to a harsh scolding followed by being informed he was going to get arrested. Uther look at Vines with a serious face. Vines’ eyes were firm, but had hints of sympathy.

                    Uther whispered to Vines, “You do know he tried to hurt us in order to get gems for himself.”

                    Vines whispered back, “I know and I’ll hold him accountable.”

                    Vines walked to the side and said, “Well, I suppose you have some explaining to do.”

                    The Gurdurr sighed and turned back to face the two he’d assaulted earlier. He began telling them the reason for his actions.

                    “Two weeks ago, I got into an accident which hurt my back pretty bad. In the builder/carpenter business, this is devastating. For a while I couldn’t do more than smooth wood and not many mons need that as a service. I and my crew gradually began to lose business. Those three did their best to keep our place on its feet and while we survived, we couldn’t keep it that close forever. I had heard about those gems and while I needed them never dared go, for the reason you two found out No one in town attempted either. When you two showed up I got an idea to let you go get the mon out of there. I had planned to get the gems and make you two forget so there would be no evidence, but yeah, it backfired. So yeah, I was stupid and let my crew down.”

                    “Don’t say that boss!” Kreek shouted in response, “It’s not your fault that injury happened.”

                    “But you are responsible for injuring these two.” Swanera added, walking into the room. Gurrudo’s head fell in shame as she entered. Swanera sighed as she looked him over to ensure his bruises and cuts were fine. She then looked at his downcast face and pleaded, “Since you are responsible, make it right.”

                    He looked at her and she pointed her bill to the Snivy and Axew. The gurdurr got off the table, gave a bow, apologized to them, and said he would accept any punishment.

                    “Give us a second” Vines uttered with a smile, as he dragged Uther out of the room. The remaining mons were perplexed at Vines’ action.

                    “What?” Uther grumbled, having a good idea why Vines brought him.

                    “If you think I’m letting him off the hook then no I have no intention of doing that.”

                    “Huh?” Uther responded in confusion, “Then what do you plan to do? Are you actually going to have him arre-”

                    “Heck no.” Vines interrupted, “Just leave it to me.” Uther nodded and the two walked back in.
                    Vines walked in front of the group, took a deep breathe, and relayed his decision.

                    “While we do forgive you for your actions, we still believe in you paying for them as well. Which is why I’ve decided to have you and your crew work for me as builders of my land.”

                    The mons stared at him in disbelief mixed with incertitude. Vines began to clarify.

                    “It’s my dream to build a place for all mons on the piece of land I bought recently. I at first wanted you to fix up the stump into a house for me, but I’ve decided for you three to build the entire place for us. Also, you four can live here as well and while I can’t pay you at first, I can house you four till I acquire more funds.”

                    “But how can you afford it?” Migo muttered with skepticism.

                    “Well, I’ve been saving my money since I was little. Also, I’ve worked and acquired a nice little fortune. Along with that, I’ve also decided to start a better shipment place so I can supply a wider variety of things for this town and use the profits for the ‘Paradise’.”

                    The four builders accepted and thanked Vines for his kindness. Uther watched the scene with a smile. He thought for sure Vines would forgive and forget.

                    Du stirrar på himlen, Drakiam

                    As the two were alone outside looking at the beautiful moon outside, Uther brought this thought up.

                    “You thought I would do that?” Vines asked with a laugh.

                    “Well, I thought that since you’ve kinda left an impression of being very kind with others.” Uther defended his reasoning.

                    Vines closed his eyes, smiled with his head raised, let the breezy wind blow on his face, and elucidated why.

                    “If I had done that, it wouldn’t have been fair to you now, right?” Uther thought for a second, then nodded in agreement.

                    “Besides, it would be shallow of me to let other’s get away with bad deeds and not receive some form of justice. While being nice is good, I prefer to have a compromise in all areas. I didn’t want them arrested, but I didn’t want you to feel unjustified and them to feel bad for my forgiveness.”

                    “That makes sense.” Uther concurred as he looked up to the moon as well.

                    “Hey Uther” Vines began, grabbing the Axew’s attention, “Do you have a dream or ambition?”
                    Uther thought for a second and shook his head with a “no”. Vines merely smiled and answered with, “Then I guess we’ll have to help you find one.”
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                      Chapter 10
                      Dreams and Concerns

                      It was nice feeling to have their own residence now. A place to call home, or at least compared to the dead stump it was previously. With new wood being put on its sides and the interior transformed into a lovely room. Vines and Uther had wonderful sleep the following night.

                      Uther had drifted off into a deep sleep, thanks to the place no longer being so cold. Vines was sleeping too, dreaming about things. The flashed of images from his childhood, his jobs, and his inspiration. The smile on his face was evidence enough, but it went away as a different image flooded his head. He squirmed around in his sleep.

                      “Will you open the core?” The voice from before resounded in his head over and over. As Vines squirmed in his sleep, he mumbled in response, “What do you want? What do you mean by core?”

                      This went on in Vines mind for a couple of minutes before finally stirring from his uncanny dream. He looked up at the ceiling and then looked at Uther. Uther was sound asleep with a nice smile on his face. Vines felt some relief that at least Uther was having some nice rest. Vines quietly rose and went outside.

                      Currently only the house was done, so the land was still a bit barren. Due to this, Vines decided to go one the roof and watch the starry sky from the perch. The jewels in the sky sparkled in their locations as Vines attempted to trace some to form an image or a picture. He laid his back on the wooden roof and thought to himself,

                      “Why is that thing back? I’ve never had a dream like that, save for that one time yesterday. Maybe it was the encounter with that Scizor that started it. I don’t know. All I concerned with right now is making my dreams a reality and helping Uther find one for himself whatever this ‘voice’ wants me to do will have to wait.” He sat back up and looked at the horizon where stars faded in and out from some traveling clouds. He clenched his fist, stood up straight, thrust his palm towards the cluster, and in his head shouted, “Tomorrow I start my dream. And make it a reality.”

                      As the night went on, a chilling wind began to blow. On the side of a tall mountain, overlooking a vast landscape of wide forest and hills were two mons. Cobalion, the swords of justice’ leader, and his comrade Terrakion.

                      “It’s windy tonight.” Terrakion shivered, trying to hold in a sneeze.

                      “Yes, and we have that to thank.” Cobalion stated as gazed upon the Great Glacier.

                      “Why exactly is Kyurem spreading this chilling air?” The Rock mon stuttered failing to hold in the sneeze.

                      “I can’t determine, but I did consult with the locals near Mt. Lösa, and they have informed me of the atmosphere becoming lower in temperature as of late. I fail to see his motive unless he is targeting the mountain itself.”

                      “But why exactly?” Terrakion turned to look at Cobalion, “What does he have to gain at all? We don’t even know what the heck he wants.”

                      “That troubles me.” The steel mon replied closing his eyes and disclosing his thoughts, “I’ve noticed the change in temperature has affected the energy in the mountain. The “Lycka Blade” chamber appears intact. However the aura in that room feels devoid of the energy it should have.”

                      “You think he’s trying to break the sword seal?”

                      “I doubt it. Lá Pendragon isn’t here to control it, so any attempt to release the energy within would prove disastrous, along with the energy flow being severed instead of released. I theorize he could be trying to freeze the flow shut and cut off the mountain’s ‘Dragon Force’ and perhaps the flow in this part of Winthrobax.”

                      “What!” Terrakion yelled in surprise at this theory, “Kyurem isn’t insane. The ‘Dragon Force’ is practically Winthrobax’s blood. I goes from the center of our world and flows closest to surface here. How can you even think he would want to cut this place off?”

                      “I find it crazy as well.” Cobalion answered calmly, turning to face his friend, “But it makes sense of why the place is freezing from the ground up. I don’t know how he’s able to spread this icy surge so far, but perhaps he or something else in the ‘Great Glacier’ is causing this freeze.”

                      His gaze grew to a firm scowl as he turned around to face the tall mountain they stood on the edge of. In an annoyed tone Cobalion informed his friend.

                      “Virizion told me she would take Keldeo to investigate near the mountain. She, ugh, wants to try training him outside our home.”

                      “The runt will give her a hard time I’m sure.” Terrakion laughed, breaking his former tone, “What’s wrong Cobalion, Virizion better at handling kids?” He gave a sarcastic look as Cobalion looked at him with a frustrated glance.

                      “Desist you oaf.” Cobalion ordered as Terrakion gave a little chuckle. Cobalion sighed and continued, “Back on topic. If Kyurem is the cause of this, we’ll have to take action. We cannot sever the flow, nor allow it to release from dormant state. Without Virizion we can’t exactly make our way there to talk to the Ice Dragon himself, so we shall instead-”

                      “Find Victini and get a fortune done.” Terrakion joked.

                      “That’s ludicrous,” Cobalion replied, not enjoying the stupid comedy his friend was known for, “Plus the child is always traveling. Finding her would be an unnecessary chore.”

                      “What don’t believe in luck?” Terrakion smiled while nudging the other mythic’s side.

                      “You’re obstinate, impish, obnoxious, and immature despite being a mythical like me. Keldeo, at least has youth to help explain his mischievous actions. You on the other hand, are far more real example of intent for purposely being stupid.” Cobalion lashed out, fed up with the teasing.

                      “Okay, okay, I’ve had my fun. I’ll stop.” Terrakion assured the angry mon in front of him, “So what is the plan then?”

                      “I would prefer not involve the other two legends of Winthrobax but we might have no choice. If Kyurem is indeed trying to freeze the dragon force below, they no doubt should be notified. However, we need to also ensure that the energy’s seal isn’t compromised. We don’t want that power spreading its rage and chaos everywhere.”

                      The mon then looked up to the sky filled by twinkling stars.

                      “I do wonder what possessed ‘Lá Pendragon’ to convince him to split into those three beings.” Cobalion stated his curiosity out loud.

                      “Why does it matter?” Terrakion countered, “Cause of his choice Winthrobax isn’t desolate. And besides, a picky punctual Reshiram, a reclusive silent Kyrurem, and a stubborn edgy Zekrom aren’t that bad.”

                      “Maybe, but from what I’ve read in lore about this being, was so interesting. He wasn’t just the Dragon Force’s master, but could almost talk to it. He understood it the books would say. In ways, not even Arceus himself would comprehend.”

                      “That’s not impressive.” Terrakion interrupted, “Arcues may be the Alpha mon, but he is kinda clueless about soooo many things. Heh, I bet if Xerneas or some other female mon directly asked him out he would be sooooo oblivi-”

                      “Terrakion Cavern!” Cobalion bellowed, making the mon flinch.

                      “What? It’s true.”

                      “Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you should make fun of your elders.” Cobalion walked passed the startled mon, stopped, and smiled, “Even ones that have understanding for how ‘Friendship’ works.” Terrakion exhaled and looked at Cobalion.

                      “Well I’ll give you that. You are more fluent than the Lord of all mons in making friends.” Terrakion barreled in laughter, while Cobalion chuckled softly.

                      “Enough now,” Cobalion stated, “I’ll go talk to Reshiram and you can go drag Zekrom here.”

                      “Why do I have to go get Zekrom?” Terrakion complained, “He might listen to you since you are an intellectual.”

                      “Maybe, but you would have no chance with Reshiram. Besides friend, Zekrom, unlike his white counterpart, isn’t unreasonable. He just acts different for mons that don’t understand him, and vigilant with mons akin to Reshiram’s persona.”

                      The steel mon then leaped his way up to a high point. He turned to face the Great Glacier as Terrakion galloped around the back. His eyes grew cold and steady study at the Ice Mountain.

                      “What are you up to, Kyurem? When you and the other two became yourselves you were said to have been approachable. Why did that change? And why did you tell me that the last time we spoke.”
                      He closed his eyes and remembered what the Ice Dragon said before he they parted at their last meeting.

                      “Truth, Ideals, and a body to accomplish these are nothing without the soul. The will that drives them. A will that is now gone. You, Cobalion, I have respected for some time. You have a will of Iron. What you do, you know you must. As I shall do what I believe I must.
                      Take care my close friend. Never lose your spirit.”

                      “An interesting object Ice is.” Cobalion narrated inside his head, “How it can become so hard and unbreakable, yet hard to see inside when even cracked but a little. Kyurem did you lose your vision or was it replaced?”
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                        Chapter 11
                        Reaching for a Goal

                        It was early in the morning. The sun had yet to fully come out from the horizon. Not too many mons were up this early considering it was Saturday and such a day was a break from work. However, Vines was having breakfast again at Gael’s Bistro. He was stirring some warm leppa berry tea. As he waited for his order of a Croissant and two Tartines.

                        He had spent the morning getting ready for the paradise’s beginnings and going over his notes and plans for the starting of the shipping parts of the Paradise. He had gone over the investment and all the financial sections and had calculated his approach to achieving a strong start and long preservation of his place’s savings.

                        “Okay, so everything is set for the start. I’ve sent a message to Sirleen City’s shipment exchange and they’ve agreed to work with us when that part of paradise is built. It’s a good thing my father was a very successful shipment manager.” Vines muttered in his head.

                        He put Gael’s fletchinder quill, back and slumped on the table, sick of reading words on paper. He let out a sigh of relief as he looked out the window. He thought about how he left Uther when he came here to go over his plans. Uther seemed fine and he left a note for Uther telling him where he was, but he was bothered about that dream.

                        “Will you open the core?”

                        The voice resounded in his head giving him a chill through his spine. He was worried why this dream kept popping up, but even more strange was why exactly was he this “you” it was asking. What had Vines done to get whatever that thing’s attention and earn it asking him this question over and over again? He had a few thoughts about it, but had been focusing on other things and didn’t give it any real deep thought till now.

                        “So this voice didn’t start showing till that attack from that rogue scizor. That mon might have been the cause of this, but what exactly is this ‘core’ and what will happen if I open it? Ugh, this is confusing.”

                        Vines then though about how he met Uther. He slightly grinned remembering the look in that axew’s red eyes. How scared he was, yet how friendly it became as they journeyed through Ragged Mountain. He laughed as he remembered the scene of Uther hitting his claw on the boulder and the events that transpired after it. He started to think about his aim to help Uther find a goal, though he didn’t really have any thoughts on what could be something Uther would want.

                        Since Uther was amnesiac except for his name and knowledge of being a human before. What do humans like and what would an amnesiac one wish to do or aim for? He groaned, annoyed from his five minutes of excessive thinking just moments after working on papers for fifteen minutes straight. It was then Gael came with his food.

                        Voilà, Monsieur Vines.” Gael announced, placing the food before the tired snivy. Vines thanked him and started nibbling on one Tartine. Gael observed Vines dull mood, sat across from him, and asked,

                        “Vines mon amie, pourquoi you in low like spirits?”

                        “Well, Uther and I have been trying to find something for him to do. A goal if you will.”


                        “The problem is I have no idea what he would aim for, and since he’s amnesiac not even he knows what he would want.”

                        Gael’s face shifted to confusion. He however retained his rapturous face and spoke,



                        “Uther is the amnésique?”

                        “Amnesiac? Yeah, he is. I honestly have no idea of what he likes or what his goals would be or could be.”

                        “Well, perhaps you Vines should not focus on Uther’s passé and instead look to ses besoins right now.” Gael suggested.

                        “You mean things that he….. wait. That’s it.” Vines uttered as he snapped his leaf fingers.


                        “Uther isn’t good at battling much at all. He only knows ‘Slash’ and even then it’s not very strong or orthodox. He’s an axew, so he can learn some pretty good moves, so perhaps helping him grow stronger would be a good goal for him since we’ll have to wait for a little while till our place is finished being built by Gurrudo and I finish all the business stuff.”

                        “Well, since I too am Dragon type, I can aide if you need me.” Gael offered.

                        “Thanks Ga- Oh wait sorry, Merci Monsieur Gael.”

                        Vous êtes le bienvenu, Vines.” Gael replied, “I’m glad I can help Vôtre et mon ami Monsieur Uther.”

                        Gael then left Vines to eat his food. It wasn’t long before the snivy was making content hums from the delicious food. He had a few more errands to run before he headed back to “The Paradise”.

                        “I need to write and send a letter so to pelipper’s post office I go.” He chuckled as he went down Main Street. As he went his way through the mostly empty road he saw a few mons gathered around something on a poster. It was a group of kids ‘ooh’ing and ‘ah’ing. He walked over and past the heads read what the pinned paper said.

                        People of Post Town
                        On behalf of the Expedition Society High Council
                        I would like to celebrate this joyous time. Or the Expedition Society has decided to form even more Guilds on this lovely continent of Winthrobax. We would like to thank the current guilds here for all their hard work to make this opportunity possible. Starting next week, we’ll be sending teams to towns including Post Town to recruit new exploration teams. To all that have interest in our organization or who merely wish to learn more, feel free to talk to these veteran teams. I would like to wish the mons in the Central and Eastern Winthrobax regions for being open to our team recruitment and training in this time. We wish you all bright futures.
                        From the Expedition Society Main Headquarters in Treasure City, Triacal

                        “This looks cool.” A dunsparce exclaimed, “I’m going to tell Emian this.” Vines watched the dunsparce hopped away, a bit surprised by the speed for a dunsparce. Man that's a lot of enthusiasm Vine's thought. He returned his gaze to the poster and started thinking about what he and Gael had talked about earlier.

                        “I’ve heard of that society before. From what I’ve learned it’s a great place to work for and has been known as a wonderful group. Hmm, it would be nice for Uther I think. Wait I’ve got it.” He slammed his fist down as he shouted to the brightening up sky,

                        “Me and Uther will join the Guild here and use Paradise to help house the place. It would be a great business move and it will draw many mons from several places. Plus, it will be fun going on adventures with Uther and see more of Winthrobax. I better get back and tell him this.”

                        Din landa och ditt blod

                        Uther tossed and turned till finally accepting he wasn’t going back to sleep. He sat up and yawned.
                        “Huh? Vines is not here? Oh a note.”

                        He read the note left for him and muttured to himself, “I’d better head over there and catch up with him.”

                        As he made his way outside, the cool morning breeze blew over him. It felt wonderful, especially in the sun’s golden rays. He gazed upon the town from his viewpoint and enjoyed how he came here.

                        “I don’t know why I’m here, but I can’t deny this place is amazing. Of course I need to think of what to do. After all, vines has a lot to do, and I want to help as much as I can. He is being nice by letting me stay here and I should return any favor I can.”

                        He started walking on the dirt path that went to the crossroads. He gazed upon the tall majestic mountains to the east of the plains where he was. The snow on top of their peaks, glistening in the light of the morning.

                        “Winthrobax is beautiful.” Uther stated as he kept on the path, “I’m glad I’m here. I want to visit those peaks someday. I can’t describe it, but I feel really connected with this place. I know this place is new to me considering where I may be from before, yet I feel so at home here. Like I’ve lived here my whole life. Heh, Vines would like to hear that. After all he is from here. I know what I’ll aim for. I’m going to go through this place and see as much as I can of this wonderful place. Course I would need some help sin-”

                        “Uther!” Vines greeted from a distance. The two met up and shook hands. Uther apologized for missing breakfast to which Vines assured was alright. Then with excitement Vines told Uther what he had planned.

                        “Hey, Uther. Last night we talked and-”

                        “Yeah,” Uther interjected, “We wanted to find some goal for me. I think I might have one.”

                        “You have one?” Vines repeated in surprise and slight disappointment.

                        “Yeah, see those mountains over there.” Uther declared, pointing to the mountains he gazed upon earlier, “I want to go see them and all of Winthrobax.”

                        Vines let out a sigh of relief and with a gleeful smile continued, “I have a way for you to do that.”

                        “Huh? How?”

                        “Gael and I want to help you with your battling training and how to use your moves.”

                        “How’s that going to help?”

                        “It’s not for merely for defending yourself. It’s for joining the expedition society.”


                        “Let me explain.” Vines hushed Uther as he began telling what he saw on the poster.

                        Croissant and two Tartines - A typical breakfast in certain parts of Kalisié.

                        mon amie, pourquoi (mohn ah-mee, pour-kwo-ih) - my friend, why

                        Reprendre (Re-pren-dray) - Continue

                        amnésique (Ahm-nay-see-kay) - amnesiac

                        passé (pahs-say) - past

                        ses besoins (sehs bes-oihns) - his needs

                        aide (ah-iday) - aid

                        Merci Monsieur (Mer-see Mohn-shier) - thank you mister

                        Vous êtes le bienvenu (Vooh eh-tes leh bien-vah-noo) - Your are welcome

                        Vôtre et mon ami Monsieur (Vhoot et moon ahmi) - yours and my friend
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                        I admire your enthusiasm and your work edit. You've been writing a lot!
                        I see a lot of potential in this story. The start immediately sets up a mystery and an interest in the main character. My only issue with that is that it emulates the games very closely, and therefore the mysterious aspect is kind of lessened.

                        I think there are some things you could keep in mind that would improve your writing a lot. You use a couple of narrative breaking stylings that can distract from the writing. It's more natural to describe an action with a dialogue tag than to put one between parentheses. Especially because of your (clears throat) and such are in a different tense compared the rest of the story. A lot of what you're trying to convey can be done with punctuation and dialogue tag. For example:

                        “Well” Vines paused, “None that are confirmed, but there is one that is rumored to be from space. (clears throat) His name is Kyurem.”
                        would read just fine without the clears throat. If you really wanted to include it, adding a "Vines cleared his throat" in the same way that you added a Vines paused would suffice. The parentheses feel awkward and unnatural.

                        You also seem to love world-building, which is great. It really makes the world feel bigger and more alive. My advice would be to work it into the narrative, however, instead of adding it as a footnote. One of the writers most powerful tools is the implication. When you describe the icy volcano in a footnote, you could leave the whole footnote out. The name implies the icy-ness, and the fact that Axew come from there implies dragon Pokemon live there. Breaking the narrative flow to dump some info can goof up your pacing.

                        The world you set-up though already feels detailed. I really like that. There's just two characters on screen for the first two posts and still I feel like there's a bigger world. The characters also feel like they could well expand in three-dimensional, interesting characters. Good luck with the rest of your series!
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                          Chapter 12
                          A Quick Detour

                          “Ughaaaahh!” Uther shouted with all his vocal strength.

                          “No no, merely shouting will not give you la energy needed to pull it off.” Gael tutored.

                          Uther was taking lessons from Gael to learn how to use moves, while Vines was busy with preparations for Paradise. As the afternoon had gone on, Uther had learned how to use Slash when he wanted along with Leer and Dual Chop. He was now being taught Dragon Rage, but having problems even using it once.

                          “Well, I don’t know what you mean by, ‘drawing out my energy and focus it to attack’.” Uther communicated.

                          “Here, let moi show you un example.” Gael replied.
                          The Goodra stepped forward and looked at the boulder, currently the practice target. He took a three second inhale and thrust his upper body forward. He shot a powerful Dragon Pulse from his open mouth. It was sent spiraling through the air, till slamming into the boulder, blasting a good amount the boulder off. Uther’s mouth gaped in awe at the moves power.

                          “Now try again, and j'y vais give you directions.”

                          Uther nodded in agreement and faced the shattered boulder. He tightened his body and focus, drawing in his inner energy. He once again tried to unleash it and a blue flare shot out of his mouth. However, it didn’t survive long as it traveled, quickly vanishing before reaching impact. Uther flopped onto the ground discouraged. Gael gave Uther some light pats with his gooey antennas.

                          “There, there, you will master la activitésoon. You’ve got le concept now just la power.” Gael encouraged the Axew.

                          Uther deeply sighed, expressing more agitation than caused by the lesson. Gael pose the question to Uther if anything else was wrong. The Axew continued to look at the ground and started getting a bothersome thought off his chest.

                          “I’m a bit concerned about something. Well, I mean here.” Uther put his claw on the left side of his chest for indication.

                          Votre heart?” Gael guessed.

                          “Yeah, it’s been bothering me lately. I feel chills up in it, especially when it’s cold outside. I mean, yeah Ice is good against mine and your typing but Dragon’s don’t really hate the cold right?”

                          “Well,” Gael answered, rubbing his hand on his head, “Certains do, but most dragons I’ve seen in this country are fine in the cold.”

                          “Well whatever this is it’s annoying.” Uther stated getting back on his feet, “I guess we should resume then.” Gael nodded and the two continued move practice.

                          lär dig vad du har

                          “So how’s the stuff coming along?” Vines asked Gurrudo and his crew, as he stopped by the Paradise for a minute.

                          “Fine Mr. Vines sir.” Tigo reported, “Construction so far is going according to schedule. Do you know when the materials for your storage place will be in?”

                          “The shippers said ‘in a few of days’. Along with that, can I ask you four to tell Uther that I’ll be going to Valkían town for a few days for finalizing the set up for Paradise’s shipment place? I’d tell him myself, but I kinda have to hurry and leave town now along with him being somewhere with Gael practicing.”

                          “Yes sir.” The three smaller mons replied. Vines waved to the four and headed down the road with his shoulder bag.

                          Now Valkían Town was a bit far of a walk from Post Town. This didn’t bother the Grass Type at all thought. You see, Vines was always an avid lover of long walks. He enjoyed the feeling of the Northern breeze on his head, humming tunes in sync with his steps, and the scenery around him. Walking in the open just gave him that feeling of “being alive” and wonder.

                          “It’s a shame I couldn’t bring Uther along,” Vines thought with a rueful grin, “but he needs to keep practicing with Gael. Oh well, Swanera agreed to giving him the message as well as those four. Now enough drifting, I need to hurry to make it before dusk.” He pulled out a pocket watch from his bag. “4:30PM. If I keep going I should make it in around 2 hours’ time.”

                          As he strolled on the road, a peculiar flash appeared on one of the Side Mountains. It was brief yet grabbed his focus before disappearing. He stopped to browse the mountain in case it popped up again. He laughed to himself, teasing in his head that, “Finding one Uther is enough for now,” and carried on his way.

                          He hadn’t gone far along, when all of a sudden a massive Cyan circle appeared a few feet ahead. Before he could react a mon leaped from it. Being a few feet away from the uncanny object, the mon and him rammed into each other and hit the ground.

                          “Wha? Who are…wait an Espeon?” Vibes exclaimed rubbing his head. The mon moaned a little, then upon seeing him became apprehensive. Upon determining Vines hadn’t been injured, the Espeon curtsied and apologized for not spotting him before jumping through.

                          “Um…it’s okay, but what is that?” Vines assured before asking about the still present Cyan Circle.

                          “Oh that? Pfft, that’s just our Magnagate.” She elucidated, “Me and my fellow researcher, Silas, were testing it up on that mountain over there.”

                          Vines became confused and went on to say, “How did appear here if you were up there?”

                          “Oh that’s quite simple.” The Espeon clarified, “The Magnagate thing I just said acts as a portal or as Silas likes to say, ‘A dimensional gate creator’. It will serve the purpose of a more effective means of transportation than just your standard Warp Orb. You see while the Warp Orb normally travels within a 75 yard spherical radius, our Magnagate can transport to areas up to 80 miles away under clear conditions.”

                          “Wait really!?” Vines uttered with excitement and awe.

                          “Want to see?” The Espeon enticed.

                          “Do I ever!” Vines shouted with anticipation. She directed him to stand in front of the rotating circle and to just jump through. Vines pounced into the gate and landed on a mountain slope, the same mountain he saw the flash earlier. He gazed over the view from vantage point realizing he just teleported.

                          He stopped admiring the view when an Umbreon behind him asked, “Pardon me but who are you?”

                          The startled Vines turned around, composed himself, and gave a self-introduction. The Dark Type bid Vines greetings then shouted through the circle, “Melia, we agreed to not draw attention to our testing site.”

                          “It’s not drawing attention if the it’s just one mon.” Melia defended, appearing from the Magnagate, “Besides Silas, we’re almost done with the testing phase so it really isn’t that big.”

                          “So who is this fellow you let pass through our project?” The Umbreon inquired, returning his eyes to the mesmerized Snivy.

                          “I bumped into him as I came out on the other side.”

                          “Who is he Melia?” The mon asked, in a slightly firmer tone.

                          “Okay well he’s um. Oh wait I didn’t get his name hahaha.” Melia replied, trying to lessen the impact of this revelation to her associate.

                          “Melia,” Silas scolded, “I told you to not just spat out everything we’re doing without introductions and discipline. Not only did you not know this mon’s name before letting him use our device, but I bet you told him everything down to my name and our purpose here.”

                          “Sorry Silas, I was a bit hyped from using it again, plus he seemed really awestruck by the whole thing. Also I landed on him so I wanted to make u-” Melia defended in a carefree tone.

                          “Regardless, I expect you to be responsible and not go blabbing our research to every mon you run into upon emerging from the project.” Silas then turned to Vines, “As I’m sure you probably were told, my name is Silas and this here is Melia. This device is called a-”

                          “A Magnagate?” Vines finished the Umbreon’s sentence. Silas gave Melia an angry look and began berating her.

                          “You told him the name too. What information didn’t you tell this stranger?”

                          “I’m sorry sir.” Vines apologized with a slight bow of the head, “If this was supposed to be a secret I can assure you I won’t tell.”

                          “Its fine, this isn’t something of top secrecy. It just helps to not be overwhelmed with attention so we can finish the testing phase.” Silas informed Vines, “Though technically, we were almost done at this location anyways. You were traveling on the road right? Where were you going if I might ask?”

                          Vines told him about his trip to Valkían town. Silas talked about that he and Melia had lodgings in the same town and that he could come with them through the gate. Vines gratefully accepted the offer as Silas started the process of taking down the Circle Gate. He fired a red beam from a collar on his neck onto the gate. The giant circle quickly shrunk till it became not much bigger than an arm band. It then was pulled by the beam and merged into the collar on Silas’s neck.

                          “So is that the control device?” Vines guessed while Silas adjusted the coordinates for Valkían town.

                          “Yes.” Melia answered, “That collar device serves as the Gate’s director/engager. We designed it as a collar since neither of us are Bipedal and we needed a more universal carrying type. The whole schematics-”

                          “Melia it’s set. Stop before you do another overly long and unneeded explanation.” Silas interrupted pressing a button that shot another gate in front. Silas jumper through first. Vines followed second with Melia bringing up the rear. And there they were, in view of Valkían town.

                          “Marvelous isn’t it?” Silas stated as he disengaged and retrived the gate.

                          “Yes it is.” Vines agreed, “Say, how long do you two plan to stay here anyway?”

                          Silas replied with, “Well, we were planning to stay here for another week. Our plan was to test the more mountainous regions near the Hilly Plains an-”

                          “Hilly Plains!?” Vines repeated in elation, “That’s where I live. If you want a place to stay closer to your testing spot, I know a good place in Post Town that would love to house folks like yourselves.”

                          “That does sound nice.” Silas admitted, “It would be good to not always use the Magnagate for travel and would help prevent it wearing out.”

                          “Especially since it’s our only collar for it after all.” Melia added.

                          “Melia! Ugh well anyway thank you kindly for the offer.”

                          “I’ll let you know when I’m going back and I’ll show you the place.” Vines informed them and the trio set the agreement. Vines waved at the two Eveelutions, heading back to their hotel.

                          “Wow,” Vines mused, “The ability to travel so far by merely walking through a circle gate. Heh the power of science is amazing.”

                          La – The
                          Moi – Me
                          Un – A
                          j'y vais – I’ll go
                          la activité – The move
                          Votre – Your
                          Certains – some
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                            Chapter 13
                            Town Visitors

                            “So you know this place?” A young mon said to his older traveling companion.

                            “Yes,” The green Virizion replied, keeping her gaze on Post Town, “I got injured near this town and the villagers took care of me while I was recovering. I got to know them well and grew pretty attached to this town.”

                            “I guess that makes sense, but this place is so……flat.” The boy replied.

                            “Now Keldeo,” Virizion reminded him, “Our home isn’t too different from this town. Plus, I expect you to be on your best behavior. We’ll stay here as we investigate Mt. Lösa.”

                            “In know Virizion. But our home had trees and hills, but this place is flat and dull looking.” Keldeo corrected.

                            “Well that gives you more running room.” Virizion countered with a smile. Keldeo let out a moan as he followed the Female Mythic to the town.

                            “So,” Keldeo inquired, walking alongside her, “What are we looking for?”

                            Virizion’s face turned serious as she relayed what Cobalion had told her. “The Lycka Blade chamber has decreased in energy flow. You and I are going to check it out in person.”

                            “So what’s so important about the Lycka Blade anyway?” Keldeo questioned, “I mean you’ve told me it’s to contain the Dragon Force from the aperture made when the Raw Energy bleed out from below. But, why would a lack in the Dragon Force aura in that room be bad? Wouldn’t a decrease in the pressure on the sword seal be a great thing?”

                            Virizion stopped in her tracks. She looked at the towering Mt. Lösa and with a twinkle in her eyes explained why.

                            “While the Dragon Force is a dangerous energy, it’s more than just a hazard. It’s the will of our world to live. The energy that flows here protects itself and us.”

                            Keldeo raised a curious eyebrow as Virizion continued,

                            “When things threaten our world like hurricanes, tidal waves and other dangerous events the Dragon Force prevents it from causing devastation to our world. Since this power flows closest to the surface of our world below our continent of Winthrobax, we have the greatest protection of this energy. Do you remember that tornado you saw when you were young?”

                            Keldeo attempted to recall the event. He remembered the tornado just merely dying off a few moments after its inception.

                            “Yeah, but what does the Dragon Force have to do with its demise?”

                            “Well, it cleared a few moments after it touched the ground, right? Don’t you remember seeing anything about that?”

                            Keldeo looked back on the event again. In this flashback, he did notice a faint purple light shine for a second before the tornado’s demise.

                            “So was that-”

                            “Yes,” Virizion answered the question before it was finished, “When it touched the ground it was dissolved by the Dragon Force’s energy. It protects our land and keeps it flourishing as well.”

                            “I never thought of that.” Keldeo replied, “I thought it was just the repercussion of Le Pendragon’s separation into the three legendaries.”

                            “It goes to show you that there’s usually more to things than what you see.” Virizion versed.

                            Skydd från nedan

                            “Thanks for the delicious food miss Swanera.” Uther exclaimed at the site of the warm dinner on the table. Uther and Gael were having dinner at the Inn after a long hard day of practice.

                            “Your welcome Uther, and vous êtes le bienvenu Gael.” She answered to the ecstatic two.

                            “So how did the training go?” She inquired.

                            “Well,” Uther answered with a little blush of embarrassment, “I learned Leer, Dual Chop, and perfected Slash. However, I’m having trouble with pulling off Dragon Rage.”

                            “He est proche to pulling le move de. “ Gael commented before stuffing a roll in his mouth.

                            “Well, I’m sure it will come eventually. One does not learn Dragon Rage without going through practice. Just don’t get too RAGEful.” Swanera giggled, patting Uther's head with her wing. He slumped down in his part of the booth, grumbling from the stupid joke she made. Gael gave a lighthearted laugh at her little pun.

                            Suddenly chatter sounds came from outside the inn and grew louder by the second. The three looked out the window. Swanera’s eyes gleamed as she realized,

                            “Oh, Miss Virizion came for a visit.”

                            “Miss Virizion?” The two dragon types repeated the name. However, they didn’t receive an answer.

                            Swanera had rushed out the door immediately. The two returned their gaze through window to small crowd that had gathered in the square. The two decided to see who this Miss Virizion is and why everyone was so animated to see her.

                            When they made it outside, the small crowd had become much bigger, obscuring the object of attention from the agog duo. They couldn’t get through the crowd, so Gael held Uther up with his antennas.

                            “Zee anything, Uther?” The Goodra asked from below.

                            “Um, I see two mons in the center. One is um like a blue ponyta….”

                            Gael cringed at the picture of the blue dyed horse. “Anyzing else?” Uther squinted closer at the Green mon. He couldn’t really identify the mon’s species, but he deduced that it probably was a female mon.

                            Heralds på din vapen

                            “You weren’t kidding about being well known here.” Keldeo uttered trying to keep from making contact with the crowd.

                            Virizion thankfully answered, “I’m glad I’m still popular here, but my friend isn’t really comfortable in crowds. I will catch up with all of you, but first we need to get some lodgings.”

                            Instantly ten mons rushed to their side, asking for the two to stay with them. Despite the many offers, Virizion had always intended to stay at swanera’s inn. As they made their way in, the two Dragon Types watched from the distance.

                            “Who the heck are they?” Uther bluntly put.

                            “Bon, from what I’ve heard from ze locals, they fit la description of two of the Swords of Justices.” Gael deduced.

                            “Who are they?”

                            “Zey, are ze Mythical type of mon. They Gardiens of Winthrobax.”

                            Uther remained silent. He just stared in awe at Swanera’s inn with the caretaker Swanera having an enjoyable chat with Virizion.

                            “Wow, Swords of Justices. They do look really cool and sound famous seeing how everyone else reacted to just two coming. I wonder why they’re here though?”

                            Ungdomlig beundran

                            From behind the side of a nearby building, a Drilbur stood watching the little axew. After a few minutes of gazing, it burrowed under the ground. It popped up back up-ground in a small alley nearby. The Drilbur stood in front of the solid purple eye Scizor. The solid purple eye Dirlbur gave a nod.

                            “Get the master to Lycka. Enemy is hurting the master. He needs to rest and prepare for master's ascension.” The Steel/Bug type ordered.


                            vous êtes le bienvenu – you are welcome
                            est proche – is near
                            le – the
                            de – from
                            Bon – good
                            la description – The description
                            Gardiens – guardians

                            Comment Box:

                            I've had a busy work week, so it's been a bit of time. Course, I'm glad I've been able to update this now and hopeful turn some more gears in the plot at least decently well. It's probably obvious that I'm not going by the games scene by scene. I will have some things in line and some not. That's just my own touches of originality on this story. I also am doing a bit of reviewing so that plays in as well. But all that aside, I hope this chapter was enjoyable to read.
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                              Chapter 14
                              To Mount Lösa

                              It was a chilly night that followed the visit from Virizion and her associate. The folks of Post Town had all retired and the little village was enveloped in the darkness of a cloudy night.

                              Since Vines was away, Uther was offered to spend the night with Gael and every night after till Vine’s came back from Valkían Town. Now Gael’s residing was on the second story of his Bistro. Gael was snoozing in the inner room area, while Uther was drifting off in the room at the front of the story. The light of the moon shone faintly onto the bed Uther laid in. The room was warm and cozy, compared to the stump he and Vines lived, in at least the shape the stump currently is in.

                              As Uther was sleeping he began to hear things in his head. As he tossed in the sheets, he began mumbling things he was hearing.

                              “What do you mean?......Trouble?.....Danger?....Who..What are you? Wait, y-you know who I am? What are yo…STAY AWAY!”

                              Uther shot awake followed by taking heavy breathes. He put his head in his hands, shaken from the thing he saw. It looked like…no it was that Hydreigon again. The one he saw in that dream that day he woke up in that forest. But it was strange. This time, it didn’t appear to be dangerous, nor did it seem to have an intent to attack. Uther thought about what he had just saw and what the Dragon/Dark type said in the dream.

                              “Listen closely, you’re in danger. They are after you. Uther, you need to stay away from Mt. Lösa. You’ll be putting yourself in their grasp or worse the mons that are your te-”

                              Before the mon finished; he woke up from the dream. Uther looked outside at the luminous moon. He got out of the bed and just stared at it standing directly from the window. His eyes drifted to the shape of the silhouetted Mt. Lösa. His mind thought again about what he was told.

                              “Uther, you need to stay away from Mt. Lösa.”

                              Var försiktig med beslutsfattare

                              It was early in the morning when Uther woke up again. From the color of the sky from the window, the sun had just risen. There were still little specs of stars, fading as they were outshined by their superior. Sluggishly, he rolled off the bed and again looked out the window. Mt. Lösa still loomed in the view from his window. Despite knowing he should probably see if Gael was awake, Uther decided to keep looking at the giant rocky peak.

                              The mountain appeared to be experiencing an ice over. Uther could make traces from his view of where the boarder of ice had crawled its way down to levels none of the other mountains did, the ones he looked at earlier.

                              “Why is this one different?” He pondered. Suddenly, Vines lecture on the mountains reemerged in his thoughts.

                              “The Regalia Mountains are five in number. Their locations form a two horns pointing down. Two to the east and west of the center, two more south of those two respectively, and the one we see in the center. Their called Regalia Mountains, because they are the places where our Worlds Veins flow closest to the surface. It’s even rumored that they are related to Lá Pendragon.”

                              Mt. Lösa was one of them, in fact the center. So there must be something special about it. Uther reasoned this in his head, but still couldn’t shake the idea that despite the logic in the mountain being that way it wasn’t supposed too.

                              The Axew continued to graze the mountain with his eyes till something stole his focus. Barely visible from his point of view, was what appeared to be a hole in the mountain, near the top third it seemed. The opening didn’t look from some natural disaster, but rather quite refined. Of course, he couldn’t know for sure, being how far away he was, but still it the mon found it intriguing.

                              “Uther!” A high voice came from the lower floor. Uther left his position at the window and rushed to meet up with Gael.

                              Titta på dina arbeten i förflutna

                              “Wait, they left?” Uther asked a somewhat disappointed Gael.

                              Oui, zey left twenty minutes ago. I so wanted to have that fille adorable Virizion to try my cuisine.” The Goodra uttered, eyes forming tears as he tried to get the image out of his head. The image of a sweet la bise from the lovely Mademoiselle. Ignoring the mon’s grieving over a silly reason, Uther asked Gael if he knew where they went.

                              The Goodra sniffed as he replied with, “la Mountain Lösa.”

                              Uther headed outside, deciding that he should leave the depressed Goodra to his grief. As he was strolling along the town an Emolga rushed towards him, hyperventilating from some concern.

                              “Pardon me sir.” The mon managed to say amid his wheezing, “Are you that Uther guy?”

                              “Yes I am who are yo-” Uther was interrupted by the mon, who had suddenly changed from exhausted worrier, to angry breath catcher. It latched its hands onto Uther’s tusks and began shaking them while shouting in anger.

                              “How dare you tell your friends to dare Adrian to go to the Lycka Blade chamber. He tries hard to be tough and he’s self-conscious about being a dunsparce! What kind of bully thinks it’s okay to dare a Dunsparce to go up a dangerous mountain all alone after those Mythicals he admires just to get a laugh!? You are a horrid piece of idiocrasy that is going to regret it after I get my friend ba-”

                              “Woah, hold up.” Uther shouted, finally freeing himself from the mons grip, “What’s this about?”

                              “You know what it’s about. Why did you tell your two Pawniard punks to bully my friend into going to Mt. Lösa?”

                              “I’m sorry but there must be some misunderstanding. I don’t have punks nor did I tell them too-” Uther tried to plead with the ticked off Emolga.

                              “YOU CAN APOLOGIZE WHEN MY FRIEND IS SAFE!” The Flying/Electric type countered, “And you’re going to help me get him back. And if he’s hurt I’ll make your tusks face inward or my name isn’t Emian. Now move!”

                              The mon jumped behind Uther and began pushing him to the mountain. Their way was filled with Uther trying to explain he didn’t do, whatever the mon was accusing him off while the mon ignored it while keeping up the pace.

                              Du har anklagats och övergivits av dina vänner

                              On the trail leading to the mountains peak, a lone mon was hopping along its way, fuming as it went.

                              “What do they know anyway?” It thought out loud, as it began to hop faster, “It’s not stupid to be an explorer. Their just jealous of that lady Virizion. I’m not going to stop till I’m a great explorer. I’ll show them, the town, and Emian that I can handle myself.”

                              As it bounced up the trail, it was being followed by the two pawniard. The ones that dared him.

                              “So we’re following him to draw that mon out?” one asked the other.

                              “You heard the madam. Her plan is to put this dummy in peril so that hot head Emolga brings the target we framed for being the root cause.”

                              “But what if the Draco Templars get in the way or even attack us?”

                              “We’re supposed to ensure that the luring gets the target here. Our leader is going to go take care of the mons at the chamber. If those purple eyed servants show up, we’ll receive back up. We need to get them close enough to our master’s glacial influence to ward our leaders attack.”

                              “Still, is this target guy the real thing?”

                              “From what Master Kyurem has told me, it’s possible. That’s why he wants to make sure and get evidence of this. We need to get a frozen blood sample for our Ice Master so he can make sure. If the mon is indeed here, Kyurem will make sure to freeze him solid before he can interfere.

                              Oui – yes
                              fille adorable – sweet lady
                              la bise – kiss (the pecking kind)
                              Mademoiselle – miss

                              Comment Box:
                              Again sorry for the lacking in posts as of late. Since I do have more work hours now, I'm trying to adapt to spreading out my writing and keep the writing decently spaced out for editing, typing and proofreading. Anyone, I hope this was good.
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                                Chapter 15
                                Cold Reception

                                “So this is the Lycka Blade Chamber,” Keldeo said as he and Virizion gazed upon the stony entrance. Virizion gave a nod in confirmation, but her face didn’t show optimism. Keldeo became uneasy at the sight of this abnormal behavior from Virizion. He knew when she felt nervous, then things were more than wrong.

                                “Do you sense anything off?” He asked, but was met with no answer. Virizion moved towards the entrance cautiously. Every step she took showed tension, as if she was ready to leap away from an attack. He raised his awareness as well and followed her inside.

                                The hall to the chamber was dark and chilling. Their mere presence in this place seemed to attract the cold in the area. Every time he inhaled, air colder than outside the cave flooded his lungs.

                                Finally they reached the inner chamber. The part housing the Lycka Blade. The young colt browsed the chamber. He could make out stone that had been carved out for the chamber, yet parts seemed covered by newly formed ice. He quickly deduced that someone or something had frozen the area.

                                “Oh no!” Virizion screeched as she galloped to the blade’s resting spot. From Keldeo’s viewpoint he saw a blade stuck straight in the ground. Cobalion had explained to him that the swords were thrust like that to prevent any leaks, but this one was frozen over with transparent ice.

                                “Is it supposed to be like that, Virizion?” Keldeo inquired; to which Vrizion replied, “No, something is very wrong. It’s not uncommon for ice to be here, but this abundance isn’t normal. No normal ice could freeze this blade….. wait.”

                                She leaned closer to covered blade and peered deeply at its metal. She spied small streaks of cyan lights moving down the blade and into the ground it pierced. Her eyes widened with shock upon grasping what this meant. Was this putting this light in the ground? And if it was, who would do it?

                                Her thoughts were put on pause when she felt a new presence. It felt like the ice, but active. A danger closing in from an unknown location.

                                “Keldeo,” she slowly ordered, “get the communication orb out now.”

                                He put their travel sack down to pull out the orb, but was struck by a random Sludge Bomb. The impact knocked him towards Virizion, who broke his fall with her body.

                                “Are you affected?” She asked, worried he had been poisoned.

                                “N-no just didn’t expect that.” Keldeo replied with an assuring grin. He got back on his hooves.

                                “Heh,” a long croak emanated through chamber, “nosy mon aren’t yah?”

                                A toxicroak stepped in from the entrance hallway. He was followed by two hawluchas. Virizion demanded they explain themselves.

                                “Who are we?” The toxicroak repeated with a sarcastic tone, “Don’t really see why we should tell you miss since it won’t matter anyway.”

                                He gestured his arm forward and gleefully exclaimed, “Get ‘em lads.”

                                The two hawluchas lunged at the two, but were knocked back by a quick slice from Virizion’s Sacred Sword. The toxicroak smirked at the sight of the green blade coming out of the Grass/Fighting types head.

                                “Very cute toy, my lass,” The enemy said as he pulled his right arm from behind his back. The hand wore some icy looking metal gauntlet. He raised it high, laughing as it began to glow an icy blue.

                                “Let’s see if yah blade isn’t too brittle,” He teased as ice and snow from the room began flying towards the gauntlet. The ice orbited the gauntlet like a blizzard tornado. He grinned menacingly as the ice began to collect together into an object. He twirled it around his body with his right hand and finally grabbed the front with his left hand. This ice had solidified, ending with a broad and firm sledgehammer.

                                “At least when my hammer smashes into it.”

                                “Keldeo keep the hawluchas form interfering.” She commanded him. He nodded as he galloped to the right of the chamber. The villain signaled his two goons to engage the colt.

                                The two warriors stood perfectly still, merely gazing into each other’s eyes. Virizion and her Sacred Sword against the toxicroak with his ice hammer.

                                “I’ll be sure to let your two kin know that you died honorably to Addanc the Hail.”

                                The two rushed towards each other and clashed. The impact was powerful from both and neither backed down.

                                Svärd och Hammer-konflikt

                                “Hey, could you not push so hard,” Uther protested at Emian.

                                “I’m not gonna stop shoving you up this stupid mountain till Adrian is safe and you apologize to him till I say you can stop,” Emian scolded, “besides, it looks like your dare worked well. He made it to the top. He’d better be fine.”

                                Uther turned from his angry captor and looked at the stone arch entrance up ahead. He didn’t stop and gaze for long. before Emian pushed him forward again.

                                As they were nearing the entrance however, the two spied a yellow thing frantically hopping out of the cave terrified.

                                “Adrian!” Emian shouted, trampling over poor Uther to meet up with the dunsparce. The normal type leaped into Emian’s outstretched arms crying, “Emian, Emian, we’ve got to hurry and help them.”

                                “Huh help? No Adrian, were getting you down this peak and make that thug apologize to you.” Emian said, patting his friend on the head.

                                “But Emian, there’s mons fighting in there.” Adrian exclaimed.

                                Emian wouldn’t hear it. He sternly, but caringly told him, “Look Adrian, I and this punk came here for you. Now come on, we’v-”

                                “Would you stop it with that,” Uther shouted, fed up with the false accusation, “I didn’t tell some dumb pawniards to dare your friend into coming here!”

                                “Well you said you were Uther, and they said a guy named ‘Uther’ told them to do that. So I reckon you’re the one they were talking about.” Emian shot back.

                                “I don’t know who these pawniard are. Would you just stop being a narrow headed jerk and just lis-”

                                Uther stopped arguing and began to shake in fear. The two ahead were perplexed at this change. At least, till they looked directly behind to see a towering Chesnaught. He focused on Uther with an intimidating scowl.

                                “So, he’s the guy?” He growled as two Pawniard popped up from behind him.

                                “Yeah, we need to get the sample from him and bring it to the master,” one of them stated.

                                “Fine, get the sample and hurry up. If we get any trouble I’ll deal with it,” the Grass/Fighting type snarled.

                                “Now hang on,” Emian objected, “Who the heck are you? This mon is with me and is going to wish he’d never dared my friend to-”

                                “ARE YOU KIDDIN ME! I NEVER DID THAT YOU MORON!” Uther shouted.

                                “You know what fine then!” Emian angrily replied as he faced Uther, “I’ll just bring your two punks with us and we’ll settle this once and for al-”

                                The Emolga didn’t get to finish, for he was knocked into a nearby pile of snow by the chesnaught’s broad arm. The Dunsparce shrieked as he hopped over to Emian’s landing spot.

                                “Now hurry up dolts,” The chesnaught commanded. The two pawniard began advancing towards their target. Uther pulled his focus together and tried a Dragon Rage attack. But as he was about to fire, the chesnaught was hit in the head by an Electric Ball. Uther and the grunts turned and spied Emian now beyond angry.

                                “You wanna tussle, you Fjant!?” He roared as he pounced onto the dazed chesnaught’s head. He began pulling at the large mon’s head, making it spin around imbalanced.

                                The pawniard were about to help in their leader’s predicament, but he shouted, “Get that freakin’ blood sample you dimwits!”

                                They nodded and rushed towards Uther. Once again Uther readied Dragon Rage. Seeing the incoming attack, the pawniards braced for impact. However, as Uther sent the move flying it died off after only traveling a few feet. Uther groaned as the mons grabbed him. He struggled, but couldn’t get out of their clutches. Then one of them pulled out a strange looking jar as the other one cut his only free arm. The one with the jar held his reluctant arm over the jar and let some blood drip into the bottle. Once a few drops had entered he closed it, causing the bottle to freeze inside.

                                “I got it,” one shouted, holding the sample up, while Uther was still being held down by the other. But then Uther felt something strange. He felt small vibrations from below him. His pawniard captor felt it too.

                                Before either could process this, a hole opened next to them. A drilbur lunged out and sliced the pawniard with Metal Claw, freeing Uther. It then put up a defensive stance in front of Uther.

                                “T-thank you sir,” Uther said as he got to his feet. The mon didn’t respond. The Axew was confused at first, until spying a familiar solid purple eyes on drilbur. Ones that were vastly similar to the scizor he and Vines had encountered before.

                                Huh another?

                                It was then a new mon walked past the perplexed Uther and joined the drilbur. It was the scizor from before. They both appeared to be together.

                                “You!” Uther exclaimed, pointing towards the scizor, who didn’t show any response. He merely gesture to his associate said, “Take master to safety. Lycka will have to wait. Those were Templar Brudrayt’s commands.”

                                “Brudrayt? He sent you?” A voice repeated from above. Uther’s protectors turned their attention to a mon on an overlooking cliff. The shape of a greninja stood spying on them all.

                                “Dang it, Gwilym quite fooling around and hurry up,” The annoyed greninja said as it dove and landed right in the middle of the scene.

                                “Sir Hrotger!” the two pawniard exclaimed as they saluted their superior. The Water/Dark merely ordered, “Get that sample to the master. I’ll deal with Brudrayt’s mons.”

                                Hrotger then let out a sigh then sternly said to Gwilym, “Are you done letting that shrimp deface your face?”

                                The Gwilym’s reply was incomprehensible due to a mix of Adrian’s crying, Emian’s shouting, and his face being pulled at.

                                Hrotger chuckled for a brief second at the sight, then returned his gaze to the scizor.

                                “So you think you can match up to me, Hrotger the Piercing? Quite arrogant of you, considering even your leaders have a hard time dealing with me. I’ll make sure that Brudrayt comes next time,” Hrotger mocked.

                                The scizor didn’t reply, but once again gestured to the drilbur to move. The ground type nodded and grabbed Uther’s hand. As the drilbur pulled the confused Axew away the scizor readied to engage.

                                “Fine,” Hrotger spoke then began to start whistling. He raised his left arm straight up. A metal band around his wrist began to glow a cyan light. Snow from the area began moving towards the band. However it flew around in a wave like manner. Rising and falling to match Hrotger’s whistling. With poise, the greninja merged the snow to form a sharp solidified spear. He spun it like a master, then firmly clenched it. He pointed it aggressively at the unintimidated scizor.

                                “I don’t mind removing pawns from the board to get to the knight then to the king.”

                                Terms, translations and pronunciations:
                                Addanc – (Odd-unk)
                                Fjant – jerk
                                Brudrayt – (Brood-rate)
                                Gwilym – (Gwi-lem)
                                Hrotger – (Hroth-jar)
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                                  Chapter 16
                                  No Answers or Mercy

                                  “Hey where are you taking me?” Uther managed to say as the drilbur kept pulling him along. After several attempts Uther managed to shake himself free. The mon turned around and was about to grab him again until Uther shouted, “STOP IT!”

                                  The ground type stepped back and remained still. Its eyes however were still sharp and focused, keeping a good glimpse of the area. After taking a few breathes, Uther finally tried to get an explanation.

                                  “Okay, what’s going on? Why are you dragging me away, and more importantly, what do you want with me!?”

                                  The mon didn’t answer but merely remained in his watching. Uther yelled as he stormed off a few steps away. He crossed his arms and sat down. What the heck was going on?

                                  “Is master okay?” A soft voice came from behind Uther. The axew turned to see the drilbur stare at him once more, but this time with a concerned look.

                                  “No I’m not. I don’t know what’s going on and stop calling me that. I don’t know you and I don’t want any part of this.”

                                  “Sorry master, but you need to stay safe.” Uther’s face remained a scowl. But it melted away, as he looked at the drilbur’s sad face. After a sigh, Uther apologized for his little rant. The dilbur was surprised by Uther’s remorse, but accepted the apology. The drilbur then began to ponder something, while Uther took a few steps from his apparent body guard.

                                  He turned his gaze to the many mountains. Despite this fiasco, he couldn’t lie that this view somehow made him feel better.

                                  “You worry about them?” The drilbur asked Uther. Uther merely nodded without moving from his spot. Uther then mumbled something under his breath.

                                  “I wonder how Vines is doing. I bet he would believe me if I told him this. But what is this about?”

                                  The drilbur looked at the ground and fiercely debated something in his head. He wasn’t sure if what he was doing was right. He would get a good scolding if he did anything outside what he was told to do, but master deserved to know at least a little.

                                  “Um sir,” the mon began, “If you want to I can tell you something about what’s going on.” Uther twirled around immediately, eager for an answer.

                                  Sympati för de mindre

                                  On the snowy side off the mountains main path a lone druddigon trudged along. The cold from the mountainside failed to slow him down. His mind was focused on one thing; His orders assigned to him by Brudrayt. He would see them through or he wasn’t Gergesdur the Brave.

                                  Despite the elements and the seriousness of the moment, he had a slight joy in his heart. He still retained the content in his heart after hearing that Drakiam could be here. As he went, he thought of what he would be like. Of course, he wasn’t himself for now, but the thought of a legend like Drakiam nearby was enough for him.

                                  Suddenly he felt something nearby. It was a strong collection of dragon force nearby. He checked to make sure.

                                  No doubt about it he is in fact nearby. But there is a severe drop in dragon force here. I’d better find him quickly. If it comes to a fight, we’d be at a lack of resources.

                                  As he neared the targets spot, he looked from behind a mountain turn pass to see two mons talking. Gergesdur deduced from the ground types purple eyes that he was one of their units. When he looked upon the other mon he felt a small surge of vitality. Gergesdur couldn’t help but give a little grin. It left his face however as he heard the drilbur offer an explanation to the axew.

                                  “Silence you,” Gergesdur interrupted. He began walking towards the two surprised mons. The axew readied to defend himself, but was assured by the drilbur that Gergesdur wasn’t a foe.

                                  “Ground type unit, “Gergesdur lashed out, “what do you think you’re doing? Relay me your orders now.”

                                  The drilbur stuttered to answer. Gergesdur deduced that this mon was part of the observation units Brudrayt sent earlier. He firmly asked if his conclusion about the drilbur’s mission was correct. The reply was a nervous nod. Gergesdur put his claw on his head and let it slide down his face.

                                  “He isn’t ready now you moron. If your orders are to guard him then do your duty and nothing more. Any other action will meet punishment as you we-”

                                  “Hold on a second,” the axew interrupted the lecture, “don’t take it out on him. I nagged him to tell me.”

                                  Gergesdur shook his head. “Even still, no break from orders will slide.” He once again looked at the drilbur, saying with an intimidating gaze, “Your punishment will be handed out once he is in the clear.”

                                  The drilbur’s face fell. Gergesdur then focused on the smaller dragon, “Come with me sir. This area is dangerous.”

                                  “Wait, why are you all so interested in me?” Uther demanded.

                                  “I can’t tell you. My orders are to merely find you and bring you off the mountain to safe-” His answer was cut short as a scizor was hurled a few ways past the trio. Their eyes turned to a cliff where a greninja stood gazing down at them.

                                  “My my interesting to see you here Gergesdur. I would recommend you don’t mock me by sending lackeys to do your fighting. It’s a good way to lose troops.”

                                  Gergesdur gestured the drilbur to take their master to safety. The ground type obeyed. Gergesdur kept his eye on them till they were safely out of sight. He then took his stance as the greninja leapt down.

                                  “I assume Brudrayt sent you,” Hrotger said. Gergesdur answered with only a snarl. Hrotger smirked at the threat and began whistling again. He pulled in nearby snow and ice to form another spear. Hrotger then took a few steps forward and boasted, “You should probably leave, considering how I have the turf advantage.”

                                  Gergesdur didn’t reply, but merely crossed his arms in front of him. Master please forgive me but I must use your power. Please allow me to destroy your enemies with your being.

                                  Purple energy began to flow from the ground and surround the druddigon. As the dragon force’s flames engulfed him from Hrotger’s view. When they faded, it revealed Gergesdur wearing firm shoulder plates and a face open helmet. He held a chain with a heavy ball at the end. Hrotger didn’t seemed impressed by Gergesdur’s weapon summon.

                                  “I’m surprised you were able to get any at all considering how thin your armor is and your ball not having spikes. Surely you can admit you can’t win. We’re surrounded by snow. Even if you break my spears with your little ball I can just bring them back.”

                                  Gergesdur remained silent as he began spinning the ball with his broad arm. Hrotger let out an annoyed sigh and flipped his two spears to throwing position. He flung one at the dragon, but he evaded it.

                                  Unfortunately he’s not wrong. The dragon force here is very thin. But we’re near a chamber so why is it so weak in this area?

                                  Hrotger flung his other one, but Gergesdur jumped away again. Hrotger dashed swiftly towards the mon forming another spear, stabbing at the airborne druddigon. He twisted his body to evade the spear’s head, but landed on his back.

                                  Hrotger smiled as he stabbed towards Gergesdur’s face. The druddigon moved his chain up to redirect the thrust barely above his head. Despite the close call, Gergesdur wasn’t fazed at all. He proceeded to kick the Water/Dark mon off of him and get to his feet. The two returned to their stances, waiting for the other’s next move.

                                  Hrotger then threw more spears. Rapidly forming them and sending them towards the evading Gergesdur.

                                  He’s trying to tire me out. I can’t get near him so long as he keeps recycling the resources in this place.

                                  Getting an idea, Gergesdur planted his back foot in the ground. With a mighty pull, he swung the ball into incoming spears. They shattered from the brunt of the collision. Now was a chance to change the fight in his favor. He fired Flamethrower all around the ground. This act surprised Hrotger giving Gergesdur a few seconds before spears were flung at him once again. Once again he maneuvered past the deadly ice weapons.

                                  “I applaud your ingenuity, but I can bend cold water to. You’re going to have to steam it to even lessen my stock. Huh?”

                                  Hrotger jumped back as a Flash Cannon struck his prior spot. Gergesdur looked at the aider, the scizor that was flung earlier. It was injured, but it still had some fight in him.

                                  “Can you assist?” Gergesdur asked.

                                  “…Yes,” The steel/bug type replied. The dragon nodded. It was now two on one.

                                  Soldats kollidera

                                  “Not bad ... lass,” Addanc complimented while panting, “’Peers you got some fight in ye.”

                                  Virizion was also tired from their bitter struggle. Her legs were wobbly from the constant jumping she had to do to merely evade the toxicroak’s hammer. Despite her exhaustion she still kept her Sacred Sword out and defiant against her foe. The toxicroak croaked in annoyance as he shouted to his minions,

                                  “Are yeh blokes done messing around over there!?”

                                  The reply was merely the groans of the two hawlucha, fainted by Keldeo. He then galloped to Virizion’s side.

                                  “Virizion, are you hurt?” he asked. She gave a reassuring smile. The colt then stepped in front of his elder and took an aggressive stance.

                                  Addanc laughed at this act of valor. He challenged with his hand saying amid his panting, “Show me lad if you’ve got the skill to back up that face.”

                                  Keldeo began rushing towards the mocking frog despite Virizion shouting for him to stop. He swung with his Sacred Sword. Addanc merely ducked beneath it and rolled away from another slice by the colt. Addanc gave a menacing grin as his gauntlet stopped glowing. The mighty hammer fell apart to chunks of ice.

                                  “Wha? What are you doing?” Keldeo demanded. The toxicroak gave an uninterested stare as he rolled his right arm. Keldeo’s demanding turned to shouting. “Are you mocking me!?”

                                  “Eh dunno, if you take this as mockery, can’t help that lad,” it spoke, “But if you’re gonna be an arrogant little bloke then I’ll give yah some sport. Course, I might as well as give me hammer are a rest and take ye on like normal folks do.”

                                  He and Keldeo locked eyes. Keldeo struck first with another Sacred Sword. The toxicroak leaped over Keldeo’s slice. Taking the opportunity, Keldeo raised his rear hooves and fired a duel aqua jet. To Keldeo’s surprise his opponent rather enjoyed being drenched.

                                  “Thanks lad, I quite enjoyed the energy.”

                                  Keldeo’s jaw dropped from his move’s ineffectiveness. Virizion let out an annoyed groan as she mentioned that toxicroak tend to have Dry Skin for an ability.

                                  “How was I supposed to know that?”

                                  “If I shuttered from anticipation lad,” Addanc said, a little dumbfounded at this mons naivety. Addanc yawned, deciding to finally end this fight. Keldeo’s legs started to shake, but refused to back away. Despite this mon not being much of a challenge so far, Addanc couldn’t help but grin at this mon’s courage as frail as it was. But he had work to do.

                                  “Okay laddie, show me what you’ve got.”

                                  Keldeo charged, his sacred sword straight out in front. Addanc switched his hammer to his left hand and caught the colt’s attack. Keldeo couldn’t pull his horn out of the toxicroak’s clench. But Keldeo had a backup plan. The horse then shoved his rear hooves forward and pulled back. Addanc unwillingly followed the motion and he landed on his back. With his horn free, Keldeo leapt up and unleased Icy Wind at the floored foe. But Addanc managed to roll away before it his.

                                  “Impressive lad,” Addanc said, with more pride in his tone. Keldeo didn’t care for the compliment. He charged as sliced with his Sacred Sword. Whether Addanc leaped away or tried to grab his horn he was ready. But Addanc did something else. He ducked beneath the swipe and used Brick Break on Keldeo’s right front leg. Keldeo gritted his teeth from the pain as he rolled from the blow to recover his stance.

                                  “I don’t think so laddie,” Addanc said with a grin, leaping swiftly towards the colt. In a second Keldeo was abled by a Brick Break to the gut and flung into the air into the air. Addanc wasn’t done with his opponent. He leaped after the hurt horse, grabbed his leg and threw him into a wall. Keldeo slid down to the floor, barely conscious and laying his side.

                                  Virizion shouted his name, but she received no reply. Addanc walked over to the fainted kid and just looked at him.

                                  “Get away from him!” Virizion shouted, but Addanc gave her none of his focus. He just looked at the colt, going over the battle he had just had with it. It was sad he thought. He has such promise. Picking up the fainted colt, Addanc turned to the Mythical mon.

                                  “Shame lass, to think he’d be a dead horse if I’d care to. Lucky for he, I’ve had a change of heart.” Virizion gave him a confused look. The toxicroak began walking towards the entrance.

                                  “Wait! Where are you tak-”

                                  “He’ll be fine lass. I have no intention to harm ‘im.” She began running towards him, but he used his gauntlet to form his hammer again.

                                  “Wanna go again lass? Sorry, but I’ve no intention of dropping ‘im so hit me at his own risk.”

                                  “Why are you taking him? What’s he to you!”

                                  He looked at the exit and replied, “I hate potential being squandered. Despite your intrusion and my job to eradicate ye, I’ve decided to spare this lad. He’d make a fine warrior, but he’s wasted with you mythics. You and your peacekeeping is nothing more than a simplistic endeavor. I may be going against mee orders lass, but I’m sure Lord Kyurem will allow him to stay.”

                                  “I’m not going to let you-”

                                  “You’ve run out of breath and besides you have others to worry about.” He looked to her right. His minions were back on their feet. He signaled their attack and they lunged at her. She sliced them away hurling them to Addanc’s feet. She was about to charge at him when the sound of yelling came from behind Addanc. The toxicroak gave a quick glance back to see Gwilym running awkwardly towards them, still having the emolga pulling on his face.

                                  Addanc grinned as he leg swiped his ally, knocking him towards the Mythic. She leaped away, but Addanc was ready for a swipe at her with his newly formed hammer. It felt like time stopped for Virizion as she and Addanc locked gazes, before she was struck on the side by the ice weapon. She hit the wall with a mighty “thud”. She was alive, but quite injured.

                                  “Come on Gwilym, we’re leaving,” Addanc ordered to the struggling chesnaught. The only reply he heard was random noises from Gwilym still unable to talk clearly with the violent Emian on his face.
                                  “Gwilym can yah use your Is svinga?"

                                  Hearing no understandable response, Addanc gave an annoyed croak as he walked up to the struggling mon friend. He shot a brick break onto Emian, knocking him off Gwilym’s head.

                                  Tack Addanc,” Gwilym managed to say while rubbing his nose.

                                  “Save it, we need to meet up with Hrotger,” Addanc croaked.

                                  “Where do you think you’re going!” an angry squeaky voice shouted towards them. Addanc readied his hammer, but stopped when Adrian came hopping into the center cryingout, “Emian stop you’ve done enough. I’m fine please let’s go home.”

                                  The emolga took a deep breath and walked over to his friend. Seeing no more hostility, Addanc signaled to Gwilym to fall back. The chesnaught complied. Addanc followed, but not till giving his fainted adversary one last gaze.

                                  The two slowly made their way out, Gwilym still rubbing his nose and Addanc carrying the fainted Keldeo.

                                  “What’s with him?” Gwilym inquired, “a hostage?”

                                  “For now,” Addanc answered.

                                  En möjlig lärling

                                  “I’m sorry Emian I was so stupid. I shouldn’t have come up here, made you drag that mon with you up here and cause all this chaos. I feel awf-” Adrian cried.

                                  “Calm down,” Emian stated, rubbying his friends head, “while you did worry the heck out of me I’m just glad you’re okay. Just don’t go anywhere by yourself, please. We need more training before we can start a team after all.”

                                  “But your already a super strong emolga, the dunsparce pointed out. Emian gave a weak titter and replied with, “I’m not as strong as you’d think.”

                                  The two were so caught up in their reunion they didn’t notice Addanc and Gwilym leave.
                                  When Adrian finally calmed down, something very important returned to his memory, “Oh I forgot, Emian! We need to see if they’re okay.”

                                  “Who?” Emian inquired, but received his answer from a moan coming from their left. It was the almost unconscious Virizion. The two shrieked and rushed to help her up.

                                  Is svinga (is sving-ya) – Ice wield (In this context it’s the name of the ice/water forger weapon used by higher ups of the four orders of Winthrobax)
                                  Tack – Thanks
                                  Comment Box:
                                  Sorry for taking a while on this. Things are happening, but I still say I won't stop this. I'll update when I can, but school is you However, I hope the chapters are getting better as is the story more interesting as it progresses. (Dang this is nothing like the game at all.)
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                                    Grammar checked all Chapters.

                                    Overall I am enjoying the story it is very interesting. The character painting is excellent and overall the story board seems to have varied from the main path of PMD.
                                    I have marked the mistakes on the sheet I sent you.

                                    Keep going dude.
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                                      Chapter 17
                                      Cold stares
                                      Hrotger was having difficulty handling his two opponents. Gergesdur was on the offensive now that he had the Scizor’s help. Keeping up his defenses against the two, Hrotger was slowly growing fatigued.

                                      I can’t keep up with two on one. He figured, I’ll either have to find an opening to strike or one for an exit.
                                      Deciding on the latter option, Hortger called out to Gergesdur, “Two on one isn’t very honorable of you, is it?” He anticpated a reply, but Gergesdur didn’t give him any. Instead he just swiped his heavy ball at the prone Hrotger. The greninja evaded with a straight jump, but this just left him open for a flash cannon from the scizor. Hrotger was slammed into the side of a cliff as the scizor landed and readied its pincers. Hrotger climbed out of the rubble and landed back onto the snowy ground.

                                      Gergesdur then turned to his ally and whispered something. The scizor obeyed and immediately rushed away from the fight. “What?” Hrotger wheezed, “Confident you can take me now, since I’ve been weakened?”

                                      “If I gave a care about battle pride I wouldn’t have let him fight with me. Unlike simpleminded Dumboms like yourself, I see my missions through without avidly seeking praise as if my life depends on other’s input.”

                                      Angered by this verbal attack, Hrotger formed another spear and threw it straight for Gergesdur’s head. The dragon merely tilted his head out of the way of the spiraling ice weapon.

                                      “It’s almost like you enjoy being a mess on the battle field.” Hrotger formed two more spears.

                                      “At least I’ll still have a mouth when I’m done with this fight,” He roared as he leaped in the air, spinning his spears like windmills with in each hand. Gergesdur just watched him headed straight towards him. Hrotger was about a few feet in the air away from his target, when Gergesdur pulled his ball straight up and moved to slam it down on the incoming attacker. Hrotger managed to avoid being crushed, by pushing off the ball before he was caught under. However, the close save led to a rough landing.
                                      Before he could get up, he heard a chain clang from behind him. He looked just in time to see a lasso before it tightened around his waist, catching his arms along with it. Hrotger struggled to free at least one arm, but couldn’t break out so long as Gergesdur kept the chain firmly tight with his broad arms.

                                      Upon seeing that he had lost, Hrotger sat down and began chuckling. “So…I guess you needed a win eh? I mean, considering how irrelevant you lot hav-” Before he could finish, Gergesdur flung him into the side of a cliff, untangling the chain before impact. The force of the impact left the greninja awfully dazed.

                                      “You don’t know when to hold your tongue,” Gergesdur said walking over to the lying frog. Hrotger struggled to get up, the mix of headache and dizziness making it difficult. However, Hrotger began to laugh in disjointed way.

                                      “Y-you feel it don’t … don’t you?” he sneered as best as he could, Gergesdur return his gaze back to the Pokémon at his mercy.

                                      “…Yes, I have,” Gergesdur replied.

                                      “So you understand your situation or should I say ‘your fate’?” Hrotger asked with an arrogant grin, slowing starting to see only one druddigon in front of him.

                                      “Your master plans to freeze the dragon force here, I’m aware. Now time to put that overly long tongue to good use.” Gergesdur got on one knee and inquired, “How does he intend to do it?”

                                      “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Hrotger began as he slowly formed a spear head from the snow.

                                      “I know more than you give credit, simple minded mon.”

                                      “Well, apparently you don’t” Hortger exclaimed as he moved to thrust the ice weapon into the druddigon’s throat. However, he soon found his thrusting arm, pinned against the cliff by gergesdur’s left arm. Hrotger then tried to hit him with his tongue, but was stopped as the dragon’s right fist clenched around the his throat.

                                      “No wonder you’re a disgrace,” Gergesuder whispered sternly as he slammed the water/dark type’s face into the snowy ground.

                                      “Your mouth and rash decisions are going to get you killed one day. You’re master is a fool for doing the same against my master’s dominion. Even if you did have the courage to not eventually speak up, Brudrayt is well prepared for whatever your master has in store.”

                                      “Is he now?” Hrotger ask rhetorically, as he spat the dirty snow out of his mouth, “So the loyal radical is finally doing something for once eh? Too bad it’s late in the game,”

                                      “I question on why your leaders allow you to even exist, considering how much you spew out merely for the purpose of having a condescending demeanor,” Gergesdur pointed out, “Brudrayt will see us through and your master has already underestimated us. The mere fact that we are seen as threats is the reason he even is resorting to drastic measures,” Gergesdur then let go of the mon and began walking away. This confused Hrotger, causing him to ask why.

                                      “I have more important things to do than soil my claws with waste like you. Keep acting like you’re something of worth to the Ice Barriers or even to the old order in general.”

                                      Hrotger gave a scowl as Gergesdur continued walking. This insult wouldn’t stand and Hrotger got back to his feet. He once again started forming a spear to fight again till he was ordered to stand down. He turned to see a disapproving Addanc carrying an unconscious horse.

                                      “It isn’t befittin' of a Barrier to act so craven. Now come, we got what we came for,” Addanc rebuked. Hrotger let out a slight growl as he joined with the two other Barriers. Addanc called out to the druddigon, “Gergesdur, I apologize for-”

                                      “Cease,” Gergesdur replied in a firm, but respectful tone, “I hold you in high regards, Addanc, just like Brudrayt. However, so long as you are a part of Kyurem’s plan, you are an enemy that I’m bound to destroy.”

                                      The two locked unfriendly stares in silence for a few seconds. Addanc’s eyes changed to ones of concern. Gergesdur looked down for a second. The drudiggon then returned his gaze, but now with a relentless scowl. Addanc’s head fell slightly. He closed his eyes for a moment, took a breath and lightly stated, “As it was,” He said Gergesdur.

                                      “And as Templar’s intend it to be,” the druddigon turned and disappeared in the snowy scenery.

                                      “Let’s go,” Addnac announced to the two and began walking. The two joined up with him and walked down a mountain pass. There was only silence for a while, until finally Hrotger asked about the unconscious horse,

                                      “So why do you have him?”

                                      Addanc didn’t look back but merely stated, “A promising individual, I took some pity on.”

                                      “Pity?” Hrotger repeated, quite confused. He looked at Gwilym for an answer, but the chesnaught just gave a shrug. The two decided not to question further and merely followed their leader.

                                      Gwilym, bored of the lack of talking, decided to have a little fun. He gave Hrotger a mocking grin as he whispered, “Hey Hrotger you fought with Gergesdur. Tell me how does it feel to be hurled in the air by it?”

                                      fårskalle” Hrotger muttered in annoyance.

                                      “Well, better to be a fårskalle than someone's kasta boll,” This was the straw that broke the camerupt’s back. Hortger reached to activate his band, but stood down upon receiving a disapproving stare from Addanc. Addanc then looked at Gwilym and asked for him to stop childish teasing. Gwilym nodded in reply, though clearly showing no remorse.

                                      Addanc sighed then asked of the chesnaught, “Gwilym, did our units get the blood sample?”

                                      The chesnaught gave a nod. Hrotger crossed his arms and stated, “So what’s with the sample anyways? Does it matter even if he possibly has a link to Drakiam? Not like it’ll matter soon.”

                                      “Ask the master why, it was his orders.”

                                      “Master Kyurem or Brionac?” Gwilym added.

                                      “Considerin' Brionac and Brudrayt were colleagues his advice to Master Kyurem would be enticin' to the master,” Addanc answered.

                                      “Like you and Gergesdur?” Hrotger added. Gwilym was about to rebuke him.

                                      “Don’t,” Addanc ordered. Gwilym complied. Addanc then looked into the distant sky as the updraft from the cliff blew over him and the mon he was carrying.

                                      “Pokémon make choices,” Addanc said softly, as if talking to himself, “we bear our regrets for those choices. Them that change based on regrets alone are fools to their own judgement.”

                                      He then faced the two, poised himself and said, “Brionac and I have chosen to accept it. The same for Gergesdur and Brudrayt."

                                      Det var du en varelse till dem

                                      “Nope not here either,” The drilbur said with a sigh, seeing the route was too steep to climb down. For fifteen minutes now they had been trying to find a proper route to descend. In doing so, they had wondered far from the previous confrontation and had almost made a full circle around the mountain’s peek.

                                      “So…who was that jerk?” Uther asked his drilbur bodyguard as continued on.

                                      “Oh, sir Gergesdur? He’s one of the more respected Templars, not a ‘jerk’,” The drilbur replied with surprising hostility.

                                      “You know he did just-”

                                      “He’s a respectable mon sir. I understand if you didn’t like his actions, but you were in danger.”
                                      The word ‘danger’ resounded in Uther’s head. What danger was this mon talking about? Uther figured that this guy wouldn’t talk, especially considering his adoration for this Gergesdur. Well maybe he can at least tell me where we’re going. Uther was about act upon his thinking, till the Drilbur suddenly froze.

                                      “What’s wrong? Is someone out there?...Answer me” the axew pleaded. The ground type finally snapped out of his state and without warning asked his own question, “Sir, can you get back to town on your own?”

                                      Uther’s eyes widened from this surprising question. The axew looked down the trail to determine an answer. They appeared to be a bit high up, but he could manage it on his own, if he was spared an attack. He was about to answer when suddenly,

                                      “Hey you, Fjant,” A sharp squeak came from behind the two. Uther and the drilbur turned to see Emian and Adrian struggling to carry an injured Virizion.

                                      Uther immediately rushed over to help followed by the drilbur. However, the ground type was stopped as a claw rested on his shoulder. The mon jumped back, but relaxed upon seeing the scizor.

                                      “Master will be safe getting down. We can watch too make sure, but we can’t be seen in town or by her,” the drilbur whispered as he turned to look at the group. The scizor nodded in concurrence. He gave the deer a very intense scowl as he went into the rocks where he had emerged. The drilbur followed, but was called out by Uther.

                                      “Hey can you give us some help?” but his request was met with the ground type giving a quick apology bow and disappearing behind the rocks. Uther was left surprised by this action and a little angry. Unfortunately this cause him to lose his grip, leading to the green deer crushing the supporting emolga.
                                      Adrian shrieked. “Emian are you-” He was interrupted by the disgruntled noises thankfully muffled by the deer’s body.

                                      “You wanna help me?” Uther asked him. He nodded in reply and the two heaved, Uther his hands and Adrian with his head. Emian crawled out with impressive speed. The emolga gave Uther the angry eyes and began ranting.

                                      “Arceus! You freaking dumbom, you had to let your grip go right when I was underneath; and you Adrian, so far, I’ve been hit in the face, knocked into a wall, in the cold and now crushed by a fainted rådjur.” Emian shut his mouth tight, walked over to the edge of the cliff and unleashed an aggravated shout to the world below. After a following breath he turned around, gave a weak smile, scratched the back of his head and said with a tenuous tone, “Heh, just been under stress yah know.”

                                      He got a spring back into his step as he walked over and began picking the deer up again. The two just stared at the mood change, but snapped out of it when Emain asked for some help. The three headed down the mountain carefully.

                                      Vad du värdesätter

                                      “Hm, so he’s on his way to Post Town,” Gergesdur stated, upon hearing the news from the scizor. The drilbur walked up and asked if he wished to have them keep an eye on Uther. Gergesdur shook his head. This surprised the two.

                                      “But sir Gergesdur, they’ll be after him if they think he’s master,” the ground type stated.

                                      “And even if they are busy with their objectives, Master poses a threat to them by default,” the Scizor added.

                                      Gergesdur raised his hand to calm them. “I’m well aware our adversary’s wishes to prevent our master’s return, but Uther will be in safe hands. Brudrayt will no doubt have a plan for protection. I’m not the only one he sent after all.”

                                      Gergesdur then looked past the mons, losing attention into thought. He said his pondering out loud. “Kyruem, why would do such a thing. Such an act of treachery, but we aren’t strangers to betrayal. You were supposed to be the linker; the binder of the master to the others…Do you not care for what we were?” Gergesdur looked up to a boulder near them and muttered something,

                                      Olemme vakuuttuneita siitä, että saamme palkkion uskollisuudestasi.

                                      The two gave him a confused look and the druddigon gave a little chuckle. “Det är den äldre spark,” He answered in a familiar tongue. The two confirmed with a nod of understanding. Gergesdur looked back at the boulder.

                                      The scizor asked a question, “Why do you study the elder language.”

                                      The druddigon gave an exhale as he said in a slight sorrowful tone, “Winthrobax … isn’t what it once was. Things change and what was is left behind. I value the past so I study the history of our continent. That is why I accept Brudrayt’s offer. He’s a Pokémon that knows the true beauty of this land and doesn’t take it for granted. But enough of my dwellings, it’s time we head back Northeast. Brudrayt has other tasks for us.”


                                      Fårskalle (Fyursh-calleh) – boneHead

                                      kasta boll (Kastah-bohl) – Throw ball

                                      Fjant (Fi-yant) – Jerk

                                      Dumbom (Dum-bomb) – Fool/Silly

                                      Rådjur (Ryull-yeer) – Deer

                                      Det är det äldre språket (Derh ayer derh ail-dreh sproo-ket) [This was kinda rough to sound out, sorry] – It is the older language

                                      elder language – A language used by the four legends of Winthrobax as well as the population in early Winthrobax history. The language eventually was replaced with a more simplistic form with Drakiam and Kyurem’s disappearance and Zekrom and Reshiram’s seclusion. Now it’s considered elder language that is for study for those that wish, but not commonly taught.
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