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I was hoping for a small Ultra Space "region" where would be trainers using only UB. And of course there would be more UB that can evolve. It would be the same thing for Alola games as Kanto was for Johto games.

But uncatchable bosses á la Yo-Kai Watch sounds good. Better that "catch X of this UB" quests we got in the end.


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I was thinking that initially they might not be catchable but logically wise I knew they can be since you'll have to fill up the dex.

I am thinking in future generations there might be the possibilities of knowing their "true form" when they are in their natural dimensions, who knows.
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That would have been kinda nice - not uncatchable but do a bit more to make them actually seem really alien. Or develop their world more so it seems really weird and different from the Pokémon world. But eh worldbuilding is not GF's strength so they just came off as generic legendaries with a bit of a twist to me.
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I was hoping for a small Ultra Space "region" where would be trainers using only UB. And of course there would be more UB that can evolve. It would be the same thing for Alola games as Kanto was for Johto games.
I second this. Having another region is one of the best parts of Gen II and HGSS. It gives you a lot more to do after beating the Elite Four. It's been a while since I booted up Sun. I remember there being some pretty good post-story content. But nothing like going from Johto to Kanto.

Uncatchable UBs would have been... meh. Pokemon being obtainable is kind of the point of the series. Gotta Catch 'Em All. Uncatchable Pokemon wouldn't interest me much.


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I absolutely did. Especially when that whole "Ultra Beasts being people in disguise" speculation was in full force. Honestly I'd have preferred it been done that way, or something similar, just to further emphasize the whole alien aspect about them: creatures from another world/dimension that may or may not be Pokemon. And that they'd only be able to be caught with the Beast Ball.

USUM did a better job than SM at showing us a glimpse of their world, but it would've been nice to explore it as a whole. I mean, the Ultra Recon Squad came from another world where Ultra Beasts are common, so clearly there's other people as well. I do like the UBs, but I do feel they could've been done a bit better world building-wise.


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Pokémon has put itself in this spot where if they have an uncatchable creature it would feel rather off-putting, like "hey, I can use the rulers of time, space, antimatter, and the beast who created them all, what's an alien to me?" I do agree, however, that they should have been more challenging to obtain, something more plot-centered rather than treating them like generic wild Pokémon.

I think the real major missed-opportunity was not having Corrupt-Lusamine be her own Pokémon in battle. It could have opened up the possibility for a really unique boss fight. I feel her being a combination of Pokémon and human would make it more sensible as to why she couldn't be captured, only fought.


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i thought they would be some sort of event pokemon. or at least a pokemon to obtain in the post-game after a significant side-quest or something (well i guess the sidequest was to catch them so...)
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Having them be uncatchable bosses — or uncatchable for a good portion of the post-game until eventually the beast balls or something similar are engineered (which could have been a plot) — would have been really neat, especially since then they’d have no bearing on the dex. I don’t think they ought to have been in the dex anyway, though — they’re not technically pokemon, so why would they be registered?


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I honestly would've preferred if they were uncatchable Pokemon, yes. I didn't really like how Game Freak invented new species of ""Pokemon"" only for them to be treated as generically as any other.


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It would've been nice, honestly. But since one of the things about Pokemon is "Gotta Catch 'em All" I can just hear all the complaints of there being things they cant catch within the game. And then more complaints because they'll probably be event only or smth.
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