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2nd Gen Red

Started by Palamon 4 Weeks Ago 8:36 AM
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In generation II and their remakes, Red is the final boss in the game. He has a very powerful team of Pokémon in the late 70s and 80s, as well as very good type coverage. In the remakes, though, his Espeon is replaced with a Lapras, and all his Pokémon are in the 80s. His Pikachu also has Ash's Pikachu's generation IV moveset.

Did you battle Red in the original games and their remakes? Were you able to beat him on the first try? It honestly took me quite a long time to beat him. :x Red is extremely difficult if you're not prepared.
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Pretty easy in Gen. II. Except his Snorlax, but I used a 1 HP Heracross with Reversal so I easily take him out. Standard for my team in this game though.
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Battling him isn't something I always do in playthroughs of the Johto games, as it can be quite the grind to get up to a sufficient level to challenge him.
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Tbh, I found both Gen 2 and Gen 4 versions of Red quite disappointing..

For Gen 2, some of their movesets were lame (why mud slap on an Espeon, and whirlpool on a Blastoise??), and Gen 4 had filled all his pokemon's movesets (bar Venusaur) with just attacking moves... no stat-improving moves or support moves (at least Espeon had reflect) etc.. and a Snorlax not having rest or curse, and half its attacks being special is just asking to be defeated..

I also definitely wasn't a fan on Gen 4 having Red's Espeon replaced by Lapras.. at least with Espeon, it didn't monopolize the type weaknesses Red's team had.. but with Lapras, half his team can now be taken out much quickly by a good thunderbolt.

I could beat Red with just lv 60+ pokemon, even with the upgraded level HG/SS had with Red.
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