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The Pokecommunity Daily wants to feature you!

For Sword and Shield pre-release, PC Daily published an article featuring fanworks made of the gen 8 starter Pokemon. We've had a few follow-up articles since as well.

This time, we're asking for your contributions on the new variants and Pokemon added in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! People characters also count. We'll like to do an article featuring your fan works involving these. Challenge mode: not just Hisuian Growlithe.

If you would like to submit fanworks, please post below with your name, the fanwork/link to the fanwork itself, and a link to your PC thread (or dA, or tumblr, or wherever you host your work). Any submission is acceptable, no matter what style or medium, so feel free to get creative! Digital art, traditional art, sprites, drabbles, trainer fic, sculptures, whatever you would like The Daily to feature! You can submit multiple, and they can be new or old.

Note: we can still update the previous articles! If you'd like your fanworks of any of the previously revealed Pokemon or people to be included in the original articles, let us know.

The tentative deadline is 1st November

[Note that we'll continue accepting submissions after the article is published too - we may do a second article for Pokemon revealed later/after release as well.]

If you have any questions about submissions, please feel free to post them here or direct them either to the section staff or myself.

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