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Mod Partner in Trade Corner

Do you have a passion and interest in Pokémon Trading? Well, now you have the opportunity to apply to be a moderator for the Trade Corner section! If you’re accepted, you’ll be partnering up with Firebolt as a new staff member for the Trade Corner board. All you need to do to apply is answer a few questions:

1. Do you have experience in Pokemon trading? How often have you traded?
2. Part of a Trade Corner moderator's responsibility is keeping an eye out for threads trading or asking for hacked Pokemon, as it is against our rules. Do you feel comfortable differentiating between hacked and regular Pokemon?
3. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how the Trade Corner forum can be improved? Are there any changes you would recommend to its pinned threads or layout organization?
4. How long have you been a member of PC? If promoted, how much time do you feel you can dedicate to your role?
5. Feel free to include anything else you feel would be relevant to this application.

When completed, please send your answers to the above questions to Dragon via Private Messaging!