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Pokémon In The Information Era

This is the "IC" thread for the game. Most the information about the game can be found in the casting thread, here. Think about that thread as ROM. In contrast - this thread will be the RAM, and will contain updates, and up-to-date characters sheets with all of your data.

I am but a human. As such, I might have forgotten some important stuff in the first thread. Here I will post some changes or updates to things stated in the first thread.

06/10/2018 - Environmental Damage
In the anime it often happens that Pokemon attacks cause great environmental damage to rocks, trees, building, and the likes. In my view, if Pokemons had that much destructive powers, their usage would have been regulated heavily. As such, I assume that most Pokemon attacks cannot cause much of environmental damage. As such, you should not assume that Pokemon attack can knock down trees, blow up rocks, and etc. This is more in line with the games, where only very weak rocks and small trees can be destroyed by Pokemon (via Cut and Rock Smash. Obviously, other attacks can destroy destructible objects as well, not necessarily these two moves).

The Starting Post
Anyone who is accepted can begin his journey in the information era by replying to the following first post:

You wake up on Thursday, January 1st, 2065. You take a look on your phone, and see that you have one new mail in your lmail box. You don't even need to open it to know what it is about. You come around, and focus, and get to actually reading the mail. It is as you thought, an automated mail from PTA that your trainer card has been activated, and remined of the deadline to get eight gym badges. Yours eyes pass to the Pokeballs you just recently got. That's all you have right now. Not much, but this will have to do. May 31st... oh how misleadingly far it is. Well, there is no point thinking about it anymore. The time has come, the time is now. Time to get going.

Character Sheets

In this section I will post up-to-date character sheets of the active players. Some additional explanations are in order:
Social Network - every new named character you interact with, will be added to your social network. You can contact them then freely using your phone (there is no explicit need to exchange phone numbers. If you wish NOT to exchange phone numbers with a given character, state so explicitly). Every character will be accompanied with a very laconic summary of who they are.

Financial Balance - as I said, you have finite amount of money in this game. Don't panic to see your monthly balance in the negatives: that will be the case for the entire game, as you only gain money by one-time sums (e.g. you get a sum of money when you finish a tournament, but this is not a monthly income source). Obviously, I don't have the numbers fully tinkered with yet. I will figure it out as we go. Obviously, getting to zero money is bad. You will not be able to afford anything. The "upkeep" clause in your monthly balance contains in it your appartment rent, food cost, membership fee to PTA, and similar mundane things you need to pay for. Note that if you do not gain any money at all, even if you do not spend anything outside of upkeep, you will run out of money by June 1st.

1. Tarset "Tracey" Bailey


1. Natu [M]

Known moves: Peck, Leer, Night shade
2. Hondour [F]

Known moves: Leer, Ember, Howl

Financial Balance:


Current Money: 3000#
Monthly Balance: [#/month]
Upkeep: -600
Total: -600# per month

Social Network:
Robin - Childhood friend, best friend, fan of flying pokemons, and flying in general.
Barry - Robin's boyfriend. Reading enthusiast, a "book worm".

Gym Badges: [0/8]

Violet City - [X]
Azalea City - [X]
Goldenrod City - [X]
Ecruteak City - [X]
Olivine City - [X]
Cianwood City - [X]
Mahagony City - [X]
Blackthorn City - [X]

Rouche's Theorem: The zeroes of an analytical function is invariant under perturbations of the magnitude of the function itself.
My Roleplay (recruiting players) :

Pokémon In The Information Era