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Hmm… looks like it’s about time that I did one of these. *takes a deep breath*

The PokéWorld Crew

herojelly - Dude, you were the very first close friend I ever had on PC, and I still remember how we met back in 2008. It all started with my stupid hack, Pokémon Lightning Yellow. I remember when you signed up to become a mapper on my team, and you did a great job mapping out those Orange Islands! Even though my hack was never successful, we spent entire nights exchanging PMs and sending each other files to help each other get stuff working, haha. And then one day, I joined The PokéWorld, the (now dead) place that made our friendship even stronger. The PokéWorld made 2008 to 2009 some of the best years in my life, with all the fun we had with Sil, cheese, EBOR, Rubii Naruto, and Momo Hinamori. I can go on and on describing all the fun things we did on that site, but I'm sure you remember them too, even if you don't go on PC anymore. Even if The PokéWorld is now defunct, the bonds we forged with everyone will never cease to exist. Thank you, Pokedude. You'll always be one of my best friends, no matter what.

Silhouette - Ah, good old Sil. I really want to thank you SO much. You're my closest remaining pal on PC, along with Furball. I've known you since 2008 through the PokéWorld, and we all shared the same fun times with Pokedude (herojelly) and the others. I remember when I was a stupid immature kid who made pretty dumb comments, but that never stopped us from getting along so well. I remember all those times we played Brawl and Digimon Battle Online together with EBOR, and the three of us would always do the weirdest things in those games and crack lame jokes. You were also the only one of the PokéWorld crew to stay on PC for the entire past seven years. Pokedude and EBOR eventually stopped logging onto PC, and cheese disappeared from the face of the earth. Eventually, even I quit PC in 2011, and I never came back until December 2014. I couldn't believe my eyes when you were still here, and I was even more amazed that you still remembered me. Hell, my entire profile was periodically spammed by you and Furball during those three years I was gone. I almost cried upon seeing that spam, because I honestly thought before that I had no place on PC. I'm glad we're still in touch today, and despite not doing crazy activities like before, it feels good to have mature conversations with you, as it still feels as if we're the exact same pals we were from 2008 to 2011. Sil, thanks so much buddy. To me, you're a really important part of PC, and I hope you don't leave anytime soon. I know that life is getting busier for the both of us, but I'm sure we both know how it feels to see our friends disappear without saying anything, and I apologize for doing the same a while back.

cheese rox! - Cheese, come back already! You were a really fun guy to hang around with, and I remember all those times when me, EBOR, Sil, and Pokedude tried making lame puns with your name, haha. You probably had the wittiest jokes out of all of us, and I even remember when you tried changing your username on PC to Blanch Sil! I never got to tell you this before you disappeared, but you're a great pal, cheese. I'll be awaiting your return as long as I'm still on PC, and I can't wait to see your reaction to all of the spam we left on your profile. xD

Misc. (Couldn't think of a better name... please forgive me xD)

Zodiac Realm - Looks like it's your turn, Furball! Along with Sil, you're my other closest pal who's still alive on PC. The Wind Waker is what started our massive friendship, although our early VMs were a bit... silly, hahaha. We went through like hundreds and hundreds of VM pages talking about Zelda games, as well as making jokes about Toony, ReDeads, Cuccos, Pigs, and basically anything else you can joke about within the Zelda franchise. When I came back from my three year disappearance, I couldn't believe how much spam you and Sil left on my profile, haha. I also remember all of the countless things we talked about after my return, and we started playing a lot of Smash 4 together as well! I remember typing up quite a few tl;dr's encouraging you to keep practicing with Toony, and I also remember all of those Team Matches we did against the CPU (lol). I know you're not as active anymore, but I still look forward to reading and responding to your messages whenever you show up. Thanks, Furball, for being such a great friend.

Silver Claw - Even though we've only just met after my return, you're already a great pal that I can feel comfortable talking to, even about serious matters. I remember how we went through endless chains of tl;dr's talking about Yu-Gi-Oh, mostly ARC-V, and then we started talking about real life concerns as well. It feels so insightful whenever we have a conversation, which makes it hard for me to stop typing, and that's how a tl;dr happens, hahaha. Anyways, thanks for being a trustworthy pal, and make sure you stay safe!

Yu-Gi-Oh Club Regulars

Flushed - Y'know, Flushed, I just can't thank you enough. One of the main reasons I was hesitant about staying on PC is because I love Yu-Gi-Oh considerably more than Pokémon, but you held the answer to all of my problems by creating the Yu-Gi-Oh club, which is my unofficial home on PC (other than the PT section). Now as we can both see, Yu-Gi-Oh isn't all that popular on PC, and the club would've died ages ago if we didn't have an owner like you, who truly and deeply cares about the game. You always had an insightful answer to my topics, even when other people weren't so interested in them (as some people exclusively watch the anime, and others exclusively play the game). I felt like we became much better friends when we first started dueling, and dueling you gives off so much excitement, because I rarely ever have the chance to play against humans anymore (and I'm a bit scared to face random opponents, haha). Anyways, thank you so much, Flushed! I'm perfectly confident in saying that you're a very important figure to me on PC. I look forward to the things to come in the YGO club, and I especially look forward to dueling you some more!

countryemo and Honest - I just want to let you guys know that you're very important members of the YGO club! Countryemo, you always have really good answers to the topic at hand, and you always help keep the discussions flowing, as well as adding some unique variety to them! And Honest, I greatly appreciate your advanced knowledge of the game, and you've definitely contributed a great deal to the club! I remember having some pretty nice discussions with both of you guys regarding various archetypes, as well as predictions about what kind of actions that Konami would take. Thank you guys so much, and I hope you continue being active in the Yu-Gi-Oh club!

machomuu and Meloetta - There's no way I can forget about you two, either! Meloetta, I know it's been a really long time, but I haven't forgotten the super long and insightful discussions we had about GX when I first joined the club. We both had different things to criticize, and while we didn't necessarily share the same opinions, it felt very fun and engaging discussing our different views of the anime. Thank you so much for that, and you definitely helped give the club the kickstart that it needed! As for machomuu, I greatly appreciate your unbiased opinion on Zexal, and I was more than relieved that you watched the whole thing without prejudging it. Like Meloetta, you also gave me engaging and insightful discussions, and I remember when the club gathered as a whole to help give you ideas about your Gagaga deck. You're also quite active when it comes to discussing news about the products, which helps add some variety to the discussion. So thank you too, for being an important part of the club!

PlatinumDude and Yeyinde - Even though you guys are fresh faces to the club, you've already made great contributions to many of our discussions, and your answers are always well worth the read. Thanks a lot, you two! I really hope that you continue to stay active in the club, because it's a pleasure having you guys!

Zehn - I'm incredibly sorry that I missed out on ya, Zehn. I looked through the thread just now and I saw how active you've gotten during the time I was gone, and I deeply appreciate that! You're just as important to the club as well, and I really want to thank you! (Also, I wish you the best of luck getting YGOPro to work one day! =P)

Pokémon Trivia Regulars

Squirrel - I bet you saw this coming, didn't you, Ozzy? (lol) In all seriousness, though, you're another very important figure to me on PC, and I hold you responsible for my massive activity increase over the past couple of weeks (in other words, thank you!). Pokémon Trivia used to be a really fun side activity that I did during my spare time, but it turned into my other de-facto home once you came along. I couldn't believe how you quickly turned a simple chain of games into an entire community, with everyone within it (us included) feeling like really good buddies who share the same laughs, quirks, and inside jokes. Because of you, my bonds with the other Trivia players have strengthened quite a bit (like with Blue, Flare, Classic, etc.), and now I can't help but look forward to hanging out with them at the PT section whenever they're on. Of course, you're not excluded from that group, either! When we first met, I immediately sensed that something was different about your posts, and I was indeed correct. Your posts in the Trivia section shine brighter than the rest, and they can make anyone smile, no matter how evil your intentions are (poor Tauros). You absolutely deserve your new position as a PT mod, and I can't thank you enough for putting smiles on all of our faces. You're the bomb, Squirrel! (Also, your Batteryman deck is too OP... plz nerf! I wanna try my luck using Cybers against them...)

Blue and DyingWillFlareon - Ahaha, I remember the good ol' days (and by that, I mean a couple months ago, haha) when I first started participating in the Pokémon Trivia section. It was thanks to the two of you that I felt comfortable posting there, as you were the ones who were willing to laugh with me, as we all tried to make our posts as unique as possible. I remember how we tried making a lot our Pokémon Alphabet posts Mystery Dungeon- or Ranger-related, and we also had that giant inside joke about the letter "N." (Too bad Squirrel wasn't around to join in on that joke, eheh.) And Flare, I still remember the time when you left the PT section for a while, and I ended up dragging you back with a cryptic VM. xD (And I believe you banned me pretty hard for it, haha.) As for Blue, I also remember seeing you around at Forum Games, and we had quite a few jokes going on there as well (like the Post Your Welcome Message thread... good times lol). With all the inside jokes going around, I knew we had to be friends eventually, and after Squirrel started that influx of new threads, it finally happened. No regrets! Anyways, I want to thank you both, Flare and Blue, because if you hadn't given me such a good first impression, then I probably wouldn't have stuck around PT long enough to see it the way it is today.

classiccartoonsftw - When I first saw you at the Great Pokémon Battle thread, I thought you were a pretty cool guy, because you were so dedicated to that thread and you were willing to stand up for your favorites. I still remember that time when we worked together to get Bulbasaur to the Hall of Fame, which felt like a huge accomplishment that I couldn't have done without you. Like Blue, I knew we had to be friends eventually, and after Squirrel came along, we did indeed become friends! Anyways, thanks bud, and I hope you continue to stick around PT!

In addition to the aforementioned regulars, I would also like to thank everyone else who is active in the PT section, including H.A.N., Precious~Dark, Sven, Sora, R.F., Astinus, Pidgey (shoutout for this post), Sheep (shoutout for catching Cynthia's Pokémon xD), Weiss Schnee, Foxrally, Archer99, and Starry Windy! All of you have such unique posting styles, and without you, Pokémon Trivia wouldn't be nearly as fun or active as it is now! Thanks y'all... you're the best! #TeamTrivia

(Considering how large this group is, I sincerely apologize if I forgot to mention anyone. Just know that you're really important to Team Trivia as well, and keep up the fun posts! =D)

Aaaand… I’m incredibly sorry to anyone scrolling through this page for dropping this ridiculous wall of text, but I honestly felt that it had to be done. (It won’t happen again, I promise!)

Also, just for fun, this post contained approximately 2,194 2,321 words. =P

"The fireflies have vanished into the hazy summer sky.
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One day, these feelings will surely reach you in the world above."

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    @Revise Librarian
    Thanks for the shoutout! :D I'll be sure to stick around in the Pokemon Trivia section!

    Come play The Great Pokemon Battle 4!
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      Originally Posted by Revise Librarian View Post
      post that contained approximately 2,194 words. :P
      Granted, it's pin...whoops, wrong topic! wrong color!

      Jokes aside, thanks for the shoutout man! :)

      "The future you see is the future you get."
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      Just a quick shoutout to those i feel really deserve it!
      Just firstly a few quick mods
      Ashley, for i think being the first person to really have a long conversation on PC with me and for always being friendly and being active in my clubs!
      Wiicked for doing a great job in the Pokemon Clubs section and trying to improve as much as possible along with being active in my clubs and maintaining such awesome clubs himself!
      Omi for just being an awesome mod dealing with my ongoing questions and always being friendly.
      And Dragon for all around being friendly i dont think i could ever be as awesome and as friendly as you.
      And just a couple members who always seem to be friendly or wanna chat or go out of their way for me;
      Aslan like your seriously always active in clubs and seem to answer all topics and try to keep them going and your always friendly thanks for all you do!
      Archer99 for dealing with me haha but talking to me having convos and being active in clubs.
      Silouhette for being a pretty good PC pal i love our convos and your extremely nice!
      And to my pair Nakala Pri for one usually putting me in a good mood and always being as amazingly random as ever to make me laugh haha.

      ^this is probably too long but also to all the mods for their great work along with the admins and super mods!
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        Dragon is a beautiful soul and I love him forever. Even if there are rather large gaps in our chats sometimes, he's been a constant for me for... gettin' close to five years now. Always there when I need him, for anything and everything. I'm always amazed that he not only continues to tolerate me and my attitude but also like, has told me he loves me enough for me to actually believe it? Wow. He's a psyduckin' angel, you guys.
        i want to believe
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        Props to MorallyIncorrect for being a real beam of light in the bleakness that is A&D right now. Also to the other kids in there making the place somewhere worthwhile to visit, not only through your art but your thoughtful posts. Y'all are great. :)

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        Posting here again to reaffirm my appreciation for my friends (The Squad + Klippy). Already posted about them, but I really like them, they deserve more praise.

        Aquacorde is seriously one of my favorite people of all time and I'm really glad to be able to call her my friend. Anna is one of the kindest and most supportive people I know here, and I feel like I can always talk to her about pretty much anything. She's always there for me, and she's always been a trustworthy person. Since bonding through the Minecraft server, Anna has become one of my best friends on PC, and someone who I care for very much. ily anna <3 Stay awesome.

        Juno is a very fun person. She's such a blast to talk to, and I absolutely love playing Minecraft/Don't Starve Together with her. (ty sooo much for gifting us DST, ily). She is my go-to person if I want to have fun, and I really love her company. I encourage everyone to strike up a conversation with her, she's really an awesome person. Juno, I'm really glad you're my friend :)

        Wobbu is still ok, I guess. :P

        Klippy is a really great person and PC member. Sorry for betraying you in supporter mafia, I was just playing (and winning) the game. I appreciate everything Klippy does for the forums, and I'm really glad he got promoted, it was well-deserved. Klippy is also very fun to play Minecraft and DST with (COME ON THE SERVER MORE OFTEN) and he's just overall a great friend.

        I also really love you. Yes, you, the person reading this. Thank you for being a great member of PC, I appreciate all of you :)
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        i think shenanigans is cool
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        Shoutout to Nakala Pri cause our story is just perfect! ^^
        Shoutout to El Héroe Oscurofor helping me become a community supporter!
        Shoutout to my bruh Foxrally for being a bruh.
        And Finally, shoutout to なぎ making a club with me.
        Old March 30th, 2015 (11:17 PM). Edited March 30th, 2015 by Universe.
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        Honest, Sonata, Castform, Harley Quinn, Sylphiel, Foxrally, Inyotef (even though you've been MIA recently), mimimahboul, Lisia, Meloetta, Hikamaru, DuckieisAdorbz, cream, Pinkie-Dawn, Lucid-Acid, Axeliira, Poki, King Goodra, shenanigans, Percy, Abba, Chikara, Alfieri, Archer99, Team Fail, antemortem, MorallyIncorrect, Ayselipera, Shining Raichu, Tsutarja, adventure, Raine, Pendraflare, Klippy, Alli, apocolypseArisen, arachnidsGrip, Ausaudriel, maccrash, Weiss Schnee, Hiroshi Sotomura...

        To all of TH's regulars: I love you guys. Thanks for making the section so active and fun! Lately I enjoy being in TH more than I ever have.

        We've progressed wonderfully as a section and it's thanks to all of you.


        " Catchphrase! "
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        Where am I in this thread? :(
        Big shoutout to my thugs in the Video games and Forum games section! You guys are the best! <3
        Gold supporter | Cousin | VM | PM | FC | NNID
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        I appreciate abnegation seeker for practically everything. He is many things, but most of all a wonderful weirdo.
        Old March 31st, 2015 (5:09 AM).
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        shoutouts to all the mafia peeps, especially Klippy, Juno, Nakuzami, GreenFlame, Sonata, etc etc

        You guys are awesome as hell. Here's to more mind bending, plot twisting, nerve wrecking, friendship ruining experiences!

        "OK, Salzorrah! Grab the Thick Club and the Rare Bone and pound it all to a pulp!"
        "Smack it! Crush it! Grind it! Turn it to goo!"

        The UndergroundSMT on Facebook
        Trainer Tournament
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        Tossing in some appreciation for Necrum for hosting an awesome and unique challenge event! It's great to see where challenge events have come and I love the experimentation. It was great to participate in the challenge as both someone playing the game and on the other side as an animatronic. I also like involving other staff members that aren't necessarily challenge regulars. And that in mind, I appreciate Fairy (especially for the avatars!), El Heroe Oscuro, Klippy (as if you need more appreciation, judging by this thread :P), apocalypseArisen, and I belieeeve Slenderman (correct me if I'm wrong, Necrum never told me who the non-staff member helping was so I'm sorry!). You're all great and I'm glad you helped with this event. :) Honorary challengers, I say!

        And a huge thanks to everyone that participated, of course! There would be no event without y'all. <3

        the fear has gripped me, but here i go.
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        Morkula is a really cool dude and you all should go befriend him
        Old March 31st, 2015 (7:07 PM).
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        Special thanks to the mods of the RP for taking our craziness to a whole new level (if you don't know what I mean just click on the RPC). I am having so much fun right now.
        Praise the tentacled one

        Also special thanks to Foxrally, adventure and Deceptio for each being responsible in some degree for Blarzigord's Portal which is fantastic.
        Old April 2nd, 2015 (2:17 AM).
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        The Don't Starve Crew (Necrum, Wobbu, Juno, White Mage, and occasionally Omicron) have become my favorite people to game with. I can't think of a time on PC that I've been having more fun with game nights than back when VG was the place to be for gaming events and community-atmosphere. I know that's only a few of us of the larger fun we've been having with the whole MC crew and it's even better. :)
        Old April 2nd, 2015 (5:33 AM).
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        Thanks to Rika and the members of RPC/RPD Thread for making this April Fools hilaaaaarious.
        Old April 2nd, 2015 (7:06 AM).
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        Appreciation goes to Tsutarja for being incredibly easy to work with and super nice to boot! Appreciation also goes to seeker for being himself. :]

        Old April 2nd, 2015 (9:18 AM).
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        Shoutout to Sheep,Starry Windy, And Peitharchia!

        Starry Windy for always being my friend, and i can remember staying Wayy to late just to talk to him cause of our timezone difference, Thanks man.

        Sheep Thanks to you for being the sweeeeetest and nicest mod/person i ever met, and thanks for putting up with my walls of newbie spam Thank you.

        Peitharchia Thanks for being nice to me even when i was a stupid newbie who spammed everybody's walls, i love talking to you. thank you.
        Thanks you all.
        Brother: Starry Windy
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        Appreciation to every single inhabitant of Video Games, been a while since I "spammed" there but it's still a very nice place to hang out and talk about games and stuff.

        but less appreciation to El Hero Oscuro for saying I wont get a achievement before I turn ooold >_>
        jk <3
        Old April 2nd, 2015 (3:32 PM).
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        Originally Posted by Larry View Post
        Honest, Sonata, Castform, Harley Quinn, Sylphiel, Foxrally, Inyotef (even though you've been MIA recently), mimimahboul, Lisia, Meloetta, Hikamaru, DuckieisAdorbz, cream, Pinkie-Dawn, Lucid-Acid, Axeliira, Poki, King Goodra, shenanigans, Percy, Abba, Chikara, Alfieri, Archer99, Team Fail, antemortem, MorallyIncorrect, Ayselipera, Shining Raichu, Tsutarja, adventure, Raine, Pendraflare, Klippy, Alli, apocolypseArisen, arachnidsGrip, Ausaudriel, maccrash, Weiss Schnee, Hiroshi Sotomura...

        To all of TH's regulars: I love you guys. Thanks for making the section so active and fun! Lately I enjoy being in TH more than I ever have.

        We've progressed wonderfully as a section and it's thanks to all of you.

        Hey, I'm in there!
        #TeamTreehouse indeed. :D
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        By the way, big props and strong appreciation to everyone who took the time to post here so far; I've never seen a forum that has bigger hearts than you guys, and it's really clear that you care and admire your buddies and the people you appreciate. <33

        Keep it up! Dragon always loves a great party for all. c:
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        Shoutout to everyone who's part of PC. Now change the I'm with We're. Y'all my bruhs <3
        Old April 4th, 2015 (8:00 PM).
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        Already mentioned her in my original post but Aslan deserves a proper special shoutout. Sophie you've been really fun to talk to lately about things and having someone who I can somewhat relate to about things in my life has been a true blessing. You're a really amazing friend!! Whether its chatting about lyfe, kicking your butt in cah, or failing blitz pulls for free kills against feeder bots in LoL it's always fun :D


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