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Posted March 9th, 2019
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So I have a wild double battle in my game and ive just noticed essentials does some weird stuff when it comes to those battles and I wanted to know if theres a fix to this or if anyone else has this problem.
basically the pokemon on the left has more priority than the one on the right. so in my battle, I threw a pokeball with the first pokemon, but then the pokemon broke out, so it went to the turn of the second pokemon on the right and I wanted to switch it out. when I tried to switch it out nothing happened and it just went through the turn as if I chose nothing. ive also noticed other times that when youre selecting options with the pokemon on the left you can throw a pokeball, but when you try on the right side it says its impossible to aim. I dont think double battles were always like this but im not sure? I haven't edited anything regarding doubles in essentials either. it just seems like if its a double battle then you should have the same options with both of your pokemon, not just one.