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Pokémon OPEN PMD: Antiquity

Started by Kitty May 9th, 2018 5:02 AM
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Chapter List

Chapter One
The story opens in on our heroes, new explorers and veterans alike, as they take on a fresh set of missions from the Guild's mission board. The scene is being set for an epic adventure but none of the explorers can see where this road will lead.

Chapter One

A riotous clanging and nagling echoed through the dormitory halls of the guild, the sound steadily rising to a fever pitch as Key employed his unique method of rousing the explorers who dwelled there.

Slowly, the various Pokemon emerged from their quarters and zombie crawled their way towards the mission board for the daily briefing before breakfast. By the time the first of the explorers got their, Key was already there themselves, floating besides guildmaster Kaza. The Alakazam’s eyes were closed, the old Psychic type seemingly already locked in a deep meditation.

“Good morning explorers!” Key began speaking at a ridiculous pace “Before you all rush off to breakfast, we have an entire new set of missions up on the board. It’s a bit of a slow patch, but there’s so good ones up there! It’s first come first served, so make sure you snap them up quick after breakfast. Next, we do have some newer members of the guild today, so make sure you’re helpful and welcoming. Finally, whoever has been raiding Luke’s store cupboard ever night… oh just stop it already for crying out loud. Dismissed!”

Key’s briefing had taken up just over a minute for what would normally have gone on much longer, but the jittery Klefki was always straight to the point and talked at a hundred miles an hour. All in all, just another typical morning.


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Another Day in Paradise

Warren groggily rubbed his eyes as Key clanged throughout the dorm. One of these days, he was gonna get the chance to get even with the keychain. A Hydro Pump sounded perfect. Taking a deep yawn, the Wartortle scratched his belly and got to his feet. In the bed next time to him was Warren's roommate and only friend Eero, an Electabuzz. It seemed he hadn't quite risen yet, snoring happily away. Warren just rolled his eyes as he tied his scarf and placed his bag around his neck.

"Let's go Eero, we're gonna be late..." The Electabuzz was oblivious still. "Come on ya lazy idgit. I'm not gonna tell ya again..." All Warren got was a grunt in response. The Wartortle sighed as he turned back towards Eero. "You can only blame yourself for this..." The Wartortle arched his back before throwing his head forward, water erupting from his mouth, soaking his partner.

"Aaaahhhhh what the Floette man!" Eero screamed, jumping out of bed, bottles clattering on the floor.

"What? You were busy sawing logs and and you know i don't tolerate tardiness."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Could try poking me next time or something." Eero grumbled while toweling himself off.

"Too easy. Anyways let's go. Don't want to miss announcements."

Warren opened the door and made his way to the mission board, Eero scrambling to keep up, his feet squishing on the carpet. The pair took their typical spots at the meeting, back and center. Even though he was still sopping wet, Eero still had his typical look of confidence, arms crossed, peering out over the crowd.

"Hmmm slow day huh? Sounds like I'll be spending the day with Luke then." Warren rolled his eyes at the comment. The pair had grown close over the years and Eero had made it clear he wanted to learn from Warren, but for the life of the Wartortle he could not get Eero to accept any and all missions, regardless of difficulty. Eero was always too busy trying to show off for the female members in the guild and walking an elderly Treecko to the next town over just didn't cut it for him.

"Suit yourself hotshot. "

"Finally, whoever has been raiding Luke’s store cupboard every night… oh just stop it already for crying out loud."

Warren leered over at Eero who gave back a sheepish grin. "What can I say? Luke's the best mixologist in the region."

"Yeah, yeah, just save some for me or you'll be sorry," Warren pushed his way towards the front of the pack, "Don't be an idiot while I'm gone."

"Of course! Would I ever showcase myself in such a way?...Actually don't answer that." Eero waved Warren off and made his way towards the dining hall, water still dripping off him and the sounds of squishing fading away.

At the mission board, Warren eyed the postings. "The keychain wasn't kidding...there's pretty much nothing. I suppose this one will do." The Wartortle reached up and pulled down the sheet of paper. The title read "Bees and Bandits". This at least looked a little interesting and Warren had been itching to hand out a good whooping. Not to forget but he'd also helped out a couple times back in the day driving off mischievous Heracross from the village so this wouldn't be anything new. Those bugs were pushovers in Warren's mind and he could be in and out before lunch. That settled it, he'd head out to the village, clang some heads together and be back sipping on Luke's seasonal all before Eero had even dried off.


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Poké: 2000
Treasure Bag:
Oran Berry

Ara was early to slumber and early to rise. This led to the mouse waking up full of vigor and anticipation for what the day holds.

Suddenly there was clanging and ruckus emanating from beyond her dorm, startling her. "Is this how they wake up?" she blurted out, leaving the question to hang in the air. Ara stretched, chest kissing the ground and rear pushed up high with a tail that slightly trembled. Before her pillow her decorative clothes lay, neatly folded and stacked on top of one another. They had been a gift from her parents, a reminder from home.

The silence was no more within the guild walls, replaced by yawns and murmurs littering the dormitories. Some took precaution, not wanting to draw attention. But others seem to care less, focused on more pressing matters. This was her cue to take her leave.

And so she began to skip towards her dorm door and paused after opening it. Even though she wanted to be the first to leave and make her presence known, her feet refused to obey. She grew anxious, shy, and flustered upon the thought of the possibility of making a fool out of herself as a new guildmember. Perhaps if she wasn't the first to leave and show up...

The Pikachu steadily approached the hallway, awaiting for another soul to make their way towards the clanging Key. But after the first groggy guildmember - an Elekid with small sparks thrown about - had passed, Ara didn't budge. After the second one, definitely! she motivated herself, hands tugging at her newly-obtained treasure bag. With every second she nearly took a step upon leaning forward, but the butterflies residing in her gut held her back.

A bounding Aipom answered her thoughts, giving her a quick wave of his tail when passing her. But once more Ara couldn't bring herself to leave the comfort of her dorm.

"Eeeeeee." Slight panic took over, legs dancing in place as she attempted to muster up the courage to move.

More members began to leave their rooms, each individual only adding to her urgency. It was enough that she suddenly partook in an adorable sprint away from her comfort zone and slowed behind a pair; a wartortle and soaking wet electabuzz.

Unlike the majority, Ara is a new guildmember, resulting in her pause when reaching the meeting area. Where... do I go? She meandered, slightly intimidated by the veteran explorers who might find her bothersome. Where do I stand?

“Good morning explorers!” The voice prompted Ara to stay at her spot, focus now shifted on to the Klefki. That is, until the topic changed into that of the new members like herself. "...Next, we do have some newer members of the guild today, so make sure you’re helpful and welcoming..." Her cheeks were flushed, sheepish smile plastered on her face as she gave the floor a quick glance.

The crowd dispersed after the one minute spiel had ended. Some approached the mission board as had been advised, whereas others placed their hunger first. Fortunately for Ara her joy had scared away her appetite, allowing her to happily reach the mission board without the embarrassment of a growling stomach.

The missions all looked difficult to accomplish for Ara, who kept rereading them. "They all look so... hard," she mumbled to herself, currently experiencing the nerves common for a first-timer.

One by one the missions were being plucked off the board, increasing the pressure the Pikachu was already feeling. "Oh dear, um um um... um!" Not wanting to end up without a mission, Ara gingerly picked off a random mission from what remained.

Dewott's Shell was scribbled on the page, its reward 200p, but what caught her interest was the task itself; go to Deep Lake and locate a seashell to replace the one Old Man Dewott had lost. Sounds easy enough! I gotta start small for my first mission as a guildmember... dad said so.


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Morning Call
Nixo was easily roused from his slumber, not that it could be called a slumber with how much trouble he has sleeping.
Old habits die hard I guess...
He slowly crawled out of his bed, still a little tired but nonetheless ready to start the day. Giving out a small yawn as he picked up his bag around his neck, he walked out along with the other guild members.
Announcements were pretty short, quick and to the point, he liked that.
Once the quick announcement was done, he went to grab a quick bite of breakfast. He wanted to get done with it fast to hurry up and get some work done.
Taking an apple, he quickly ate it, hardly tasting the food. Another habit he picked up was to eat quickly, less time spent on the many minute things, the more time to get work done.
As soon as he was done, he quickly went over to the board to pick out a job, taking a glance at the Pikachu that had skipped out on breakfast.
Huh, dedicated, that's always nice to see...
Nixo took his attention back at the board, reading through the various assignments. Soon, his eyes caught one that struck his fancy. It was a mission from the guildmaster himself.
Oh? Running short on food... Don't want to wait... Now that's my mission! Food is probably one of the most important items that we need, yeah, I can do that one!
Nixo nodded to himself after reading through the mission details. Some important work that needed to get done, time to get this started!
Bag - 1500 Poké
Oran Berry, Pecha Berry, Chesto Berry
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♫That's what bein' a friend is about!♫


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Cheri Berry x2
Pecha Berry x2

Ara grew up sickly. Out of all her siblings, despite being the oldest, she didn't make it a priority to take care of herself. For this reason her parents refused to let her go to pursue her desire to be an explorer when she had been younger. That is, until she grew and demonstrated better habits.

But, despite her parent's words of wisdom, Ara had chosen a small apple. Her overabundance of joy was overshadowing her hunger. To make matters worse, Ara nibbled a small amount of the fruit before leaving it on the dish for another to take

"...ey, ya' eating that?" a deep voice broke through to the Pikachu, who needed a second to figure out it was coming from her left. She gave the explorer - a Golisopod - a sheepish smile before quietly responding.

"Oh! No no, I'm not, sorry," she rapidly mumbled out, hands holding each other for comfort. "You can have it! I'm already full."

"Heh, sweeeeet." And like that the remainder of her small apple was devoured before her eyes. She was content to see her food not wasted.

Anxious to start the mission early in case it were to take longer than she anticipated, Ara proceeds to double check her bag before making her exit. A quick peek at the mirror, purchase of cheri and pecha berries at Farfetch'd's market, and a 10 minute self-motivating speech followed prior to her beginning her trek.

The day was beautiful. Sunlight cascaded down on to the land that was speckled with the shadows the clouds casted down upon it. Pokémon sent ripples on the water's surface, going about fulfilling their daily routine. Amongst the scenery was a lone dirt path with patches of grass here and there. A Pikachu travels on it, the blades of grass tickling her.

"This is so exciiiiting!" she squeaked in glee. But it was only a matter of time before her saunter slowed into an uneven pace. Trepidations of the mission began to form, transforming her joyful state to that of doubt and insecurity.

"But... But. But am I ready?" The mouse halted in her steps, eyes gazing into the pond beside her. Her reflection wavered on the iridescent surface.

What stared back was a frightened child.

Nearby shuffling emanating from the bushes startled Ara, her ears frozen in place. Yet what caused the disturbance was revealed to be an infant Starly.

Ara let out a sigh of relief. "I think I can... yes. I think I can. I think I can... I think I can!" she motivates herself, albeit as hard as she tries, it never goes beyond a cute holler.

The journey continues.


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Name: Nicholas “Nick” Razor / Age: 17 / Gender: Male / Species: Gligar
- 2000
Moves: Poison Sting, Knock Off, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Harden, Night Slash

"You Snooze, You Lose"

In the depths of a murky, damp, moss covered cave, one creature had came a long way by itself. It was covered in pink. It wore a pair of aviator goggles over its head. A large grin that allowed its tongue to protrude punctuated its face with glee as it grasped a silver object in its claws.

“Heh! This is it!” it exclaimed.

“Finally, I've found it! What makes Gligar into Gliscor!”

“It's not the most impressive piece of treasure, but that's not what matters!”

“Once I evolve, I'll be stronger... no one will be able to call Nick Razor immature ever again!”

A sense of foreboding made the Gligar turn around. The cave began to shake as if an earthquake was taking place on the surface.

Clang clang...

“What the hey is that clanging?” the Gligar said, taking a few cautious steps towards a large opening in the cave's northern wall.

The rumbling and clanging became more violent. The Gligar's legs began trembling with each rumble.

“W-Who's there?!” the Gligar now shouted, its voice shaking. A large shadow took residence in the cave opening, its eyes glowing an ominous red.

“This treasure's mine! You can't have...!” the Pokemon swallowed the rest of its words as he went face-to-face with a quite agitated Aggron. Although the rumbling had subsided, the clanging had only became louder.

“H-hey! Stay back!!!” the Gligar shouted over the increasingly deafening clanging sound. The Aggron trodded closer and closer as the Gligar took as many steps back as possible, and as it did, the clanging sound became louder and louder, until it was unbearable. Eventually, the Gligar bumped into a cave wall. “U-Urk!”

The Aggron closed in on the Gligar, and....

“GAAAH!” Nick shouted, shoving his right claw into the nearest solid wall, bruising it and causing him to retract it. The pain made his eyes fly open, making him realize what he just did.

“It was just... a dream... heheheh...” he murmured, slightly embarrassed at his outburst. He scanned the the dorm room. As usual, his side of the room laid in a slight disarray, with his Treasure Bag and goggles scattered on the floor without any rhyme or reason. And, as usual, the other side of the room was neat and tidy. Nick let out a sigh of relief. Oh good, he already left the room... If that smug Pansear would have saw that, I'd never hear the end of it! Outside, it seemed like everyone had already begun his day. Perhaps he didn't oversleep like he usually did?

“Good morning explorers!” a voice boomed. It seemed to be in a rush. That voice didn't belong to just any regular Pokemon, though...!

Holy carp I am SO late! Nick sprung into action, grabbing his Treasure Bag and goggles off the floor, each in one claw. He quickly slung the Treasure Bag over his shoulder and stepped out into the hallway. Most guildmembers had already made their way to the mission board, only a few stragglers remained. They'll probably notice if I'm late again!! The Gligar ran as has as his legs would allow over to the crowd of guildmembers standing around the mission board, taking in the daily debriefing.

“...Next, we do have some newer members of the guild today, so make sure you’re helpful and welcoming. Finally, whoever has been raiding Luke’s store cupboard ever night… oh just stop it already for crying out loud. Dismissed!” Key hastily spoke, dismissing everyone who was on time. The debriefing seemed to end as soon as the Gligar made it there, and the crowd dissipated and began to go about their business. Well, so much for hauling tail over here! Nick thought to himself. He plodded over to the mission board, considering what mission he should claim. The board had open spaces where missions used to be, indicating that some missions had already been claimed. He spotted a mission that seemed promising, but it was quickly snatched by a Taillow.

“Hey, I was going to take that!” Nick exclaimed.

“Sorry, but you snooze, you lose,” the Taillow responded.

“For someone whose sorry, you sure as heck don't sound like it...” Nick muttered.

The Taillow flittered away with its mission, and Nick drew in a deep breath. Waking up late, and now he couldn't find a mission to take on... this day was shaping up to be pretty bad for the scorpion. He looked over towards a seemingly unclaimed mission—but just as he began to approach it, a Rockruff drew in closer first. Nick didn't want to be rude, but he saw that mission first...

Maybe we could work on that mission together... Nick wondered. Perhaps word hasn't gotten around about how I forgot everything on my first mission...

Treasure Bag

Explorer's Badge
Oran Berry x2

No. 448
Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon


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This is an emergency notice sent on behalf of Her Majesty Vespiquen XXIV:

Prior to sunrise, a bandit party of Heracross raided the Ambrosia™ honey packaging and area distribution base and various other companies affiliated with the Hive and the prosperous honey industry of the Combee Hive Village. Royal guards were able to suppress a third of the bandits, and Her Majesty requests guild assistance in apprehending the remaining party who escaped into Honey Woods with 45.7 liters of honey and an indeterminate number of private documents. Assisting parties must confirm all invaders are thoroughly defeated, and return all stolen property to Her Majesty. If they are successful, each will be rewarded with free Ambrosia™-sealed honey for the extent of their adventuring career.

. . .
There is nothing to stop him, really; no one is willing. Of the eyes skimming the bulletins, few settle on the regal-seeming slip— likely, most have noted the prize, and leave it be.

”’scuse me der, pardner.”

The voice comes out facetious, lisping, menacing, all too high.

He — that is, Warren, veteran explorer of Alakazam’s Guild — has tried to pull the posting from the board. He looks up, surprised; a claw is speared through it. But he had clearly gotten to it first!

“Alright, what’s your problem!?”

A Paras has skittered up the board and clinging, she slings a nasty little look at the Wartortle, a vivid, incandescent critter more mushroom than bug, he thought— one of those new members Keychain has mentioned.

“Yeahh, sorry, bugger,” she indicates, “Dis one’s claimed.”

He leers back.“Look kid, it’s cute that you think this is your mission, but run along before ya get hurt..."

Warren tries to push the Bug-type’s claw through the hole it has made, but she lashes out and pricks his hand. He grimaces.

With almost feral intonation, “I said 'Dis one's claimed.' I know more 'bout any 'woods' than you with 'chur soggy ass!"

This kid is getting on his last nerve. One more act like this and the kid is gonna end up flat on her back.

“Seems you don't who you're talking too, punk! I've got more experience exploring that village and its woods in a strand of my tail hair than you got in your whole body. Not that that's saying much for you..."

"Psss, you're a punk." She gives a final, powerful yank.

"Alright kid, time for someone to teach you to respect your elders." He lets go of the sheet, setting the Paras off-balance.

She squeals and falls from the board, sheet in one claw.

The Wartortle brings his hands to the right side of his body, a bright blue ball of energy forming between them and aiming right at his adversary.

She is successful, she is thinking, studying her prize with sparkling eyes, but she looks up.

“Now I'll give ya one last chance to change your attitude. What's it going to be kid?"

The Paras ones-over Warren.

She makes a break for it. She is skittering towards the most bodies in the thinning crowd. She is crying shrilly, “Key Lime! I’m ready for my to-ur!”

...he shakes his head. How could he just let that little brat get in his head like that? He must be getting soft after all these years. Well, no time like the present to change that.

Warren takes a deep breath and, whoosh, disappears into his shell, catapulting towards the Paras. In no time, he closes the distance.

But she is so very close to freedom—she feels the brunt of the blind-side. The force of the much-bigger shell runs her clean over. Unwitting Pokemon explode around her like bowling pins.

The Paras is left with her front smashed into the ground, the piece of paper tilting on the tip of an outstretched claw.

"Tch. Worf a shot...."

As usual at the Guild, out of chaos comes order, as frenetic and busy and noisy as they are; a telltale click-clicking imparts the appearance of Key amongst the fuss of felled guildmates and general bustle to the mission area.

To themselves, the Klefki is a-fuss: “Nngh-! —far too much activity in the morning— over a billboard! Everyone falling over here, why— Warren!!"

The Wartortle stretches as he gets to his feet, surveying the few sprawled-out Pokémon around him before settling on the Klefki.

They speed towards him. "Warren!! What is the meaning of this, Warren! Why is one of the newest apprentices sprawled across the ground like she was smashed by a skybombing Snorlax?"
The inflection is desperate, for they want to be able to trust. They want to be able to know a veteran of the guild is capable in settling a measly power squabble so that they can dip back into other priorities.

The testudine is gruff, matter-of-fact. "Exactly what it looks like, Keychain… Bowled over that runt. Ya know why? 'Cause she tried running off with my mission posting." He glowers over at the Paras. "Claims she's better suited for the job." But he chuckles to himself as he walks over and grabs the posting from the Paras' claw, her flailing in fruitless retaliation. There wasn’t much remorse to have, really.

Key says, “Oh. Well, I suppose you can claim a mission…” Voice trailing off into more feverish musing as they too approach the apprentice.

“...which one of you— you’re the— Nnh. Chika.”

”Psyduck you!” she goes, probably to Warren.

“Good morning. Watch your language, you’re just an apprentice.”

One of their namesakes, prehensile-like, pries Chika out of her dent—she cries in surprise and scrambles to footing.

Continuing with little air, “I should be hearing some humbler things coming from you, young lady. Considering I heard you before anything else! Considering I offered yesterday to show you the facilities alongside your peers and you blew that offer all off! Last thing I need is to be dragging an apprentice after me now when I have so much to do, it goes against my schedule. The ship has sailed, and you're not gonna squeeze me like a juicer when you need bail from your own bad choices, got it?”

”Yessir,” says the Paras.

The vice guild master, suddenly, shakes with irritation, sending his keys rattling on the ring. “You say "understood" when you have, got it?” they elaborate with sharp edge.


“And I shouldn't have to explain how seniority works to you— you get it?” Like they don’t want to waste time with a tirade, and yet continue, “You're under anyone with more battle scars while you're under this roof and this 'nt a competition against fellow guild members, the point of missions is to get them done and get them done well not get them done and get credit, it’s never about glory. You get it?”

“Yeh, yeh, I got it.”


“Understood!” pipes the Paras.

Fortunately, they were all nearing the end of this with Key turning inward, muttering, “Nnnh, discipline, discipline…”

“...that said! About glory and what not— Warren!”

Again? He raises an eyebrow.

“As a veteran of the guild, you have the full responsibility of ensuring your fellow guild mates are up to scratch! Take Chika here with the woods with you.”

“Ya gotta be kidding me, Keychain...You expect me to drag that brat with me on a bandits mission right after the crap she just pulled!?"

“I do,” they respond. “Why not? You’d be pulling most of the weight.”

Warren looks off to the side, towards many of the other guild members still congregating by the mission board. His mind is drifting. "Used to be ya had to earn your place on the good missions...else risk getting themselves and their partners injured or worse."

Chika watches it all through narrowed eyes.

Warren pauses before snapping back, using his free claw to massage his temple and compose himself. "Fine… the brat can come. But I'm not babysitting her."

Warren gives a sideways glance towards Chika before pushing past Key who watches warily, silently, as he moves towards the main entrance. "We're leaving now and don't think I won't leave ya behind if ya can't keep up."

Key looks to Chika. “Well? It’s his call now.”

The Paras sits considering. Her glare has settled into something of contemplative botherment. “Mm. H’ can babysit hisself, cain’t he? Muk, ‘s he ever met a Heracross before?”

But the Klefki is already flying off, a-rattling. He gives off an exasperated “It’s not my problem anymore!” behind him to the apprentice, a slew of scolds soft underbreath. A skirmish has broken out between a Taillow and a duo of affiliates calling “Lousy, low belly thief!” and he will be expected to quell that too.

In their absence, Chika is left to dwell, before she calls out to Warren’s turned back: “Baby Blue! Don’t bother waiting fuh me! I’ll meet ‘chu there… and save yer butt!”

Without missing a beat, Warren opens the main door and calls back towards the Paras. "Fine by me, runt.” With that, he is outside.

Sunlight raining down in between clouds, glistening off the morning dew -- scenes like this have a calming effect on the grouchy Wartortle. They help him remember how much he does love the guild and what he does. After a moment of looking out over the peaceful Apricorn Village, Warren starts his walk back up with purpose. No time for dawdling when there were bandits to knock around.

“Tch.” Chika is left alone in the main hall. She is scowling in thought. Have I ever really met a Heracross?

Firesnow ... Warren the Wartortle
Junier ... Chika the Paras
----------- Key the Klefki


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Nick Razor and Nixo
A New Partnership
Nick, in all his friendliess, approached the Rockruff and said, “Hey, we should work on that mission together!”

Nixo was double checking the mission information as he heard a voice call out behind him. Startled, he turned to look at the voice. “Hm? Ya mean me?”

Nick looked around. “Well… I mean, there’s not really anyone else here... and almost all of the missions are gone, so, uh….” The Gligar shook his head. “Listen, I woke up really late this morning and missed the entire debriefing and then that Taillow took the mission I was going to do from right under my tongue so I’d really appreciate it if you had me along I’m really useful!” At the end of his sentence, he took a long, drawn breath.

The Rockruff looked around, surprised. “Huh, most of the missions are taken already‽” He grumbled to himself quietly. “I’m usually faster than that…” Nixo looked back at the Gligar. “Late, eh? Well, read the mission, if it’s something your up to, then get ready quickly, ‘cause we’re going.” Nixo double checked his bag once more, ensuring his items were where they belonged.

“We’re leaving already? But I haven’t had breakfast yet...” Reluctantly, Nick read the mission details out loud.

The Guild's kitchen is running low on Apples, and we cannot afford to wait for the market. Instead, I am requesting a few guildmembers head out to the Orchard and collect as many apples as possible. The ones who complete this task will be rewarded with some Apples of their own, and possibly something else as well.

“Oh man, a mission directly from Gramps himself!” Nick exclaimed after reading the mission. “It’s just collecting apples, though. Well, considering my reputation, I need something that’s hard to mess up anyway, heh.” Nick’s eyes widened. “Um, not that that means anything like I’m unreliable or anything!” he stuttered.

Nixo’s eyes narrowed, glaring at the Gligar. “This is important, food is needed to live. You’re right, it’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be messed up.” Nixo’s gaze sharpened. “Grab a bit of food and eat it along the way. Alri-” His chastising was cut off from a crash nearby. “What?” Nixo turned to look at what had happened.

Near the entrance of the guild was a small crowd gathering around what appeared to be, a small scuffle? Klefki was already at the area talking it out, though it was clear he was frustrated as seen by the constant jingling of keys.

It seemed as if a Wartortle and Paras were fighting for some reason, and poor Key had to break it up. Nick was secretly glad that the scuffle had occurred, as it had cut Nixo’s scolding short. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder why two guild members would fight like that. “Huh… I wonder what they’re fighting about?” He thought about it for a moment. “Is breakfast really that serious?” the Gligar chuckled, hoping to elicit a laugh from the Rockruff

Nixo watched on as Klefki took hold of the situation. “Who knows. Probably something too minute to bother ourselves with. Ignore them and get ready to travel. I wanna’ get some work done.” The Rockruff shook his head and began to leave the mission board for the entrance. “Don’t forget to grab a little food!” He called out, having ignored the Gligar’s small laugh.

This Rockruff really means business, doesn’t he? Didn’t even laugh at what I said… “Yeah, sure, I won’t forget! ...Probably.” Already, he felt like he was forgetting something. Wasn’t there something you’re supposed to ask when you meet someone new? Suddenly, he blurted out to the Rockruff “Hey, you! I didn’t even get your name!”

Nixo stopped where he was when he was called out once more. Something about a name? Oh, right... “Oh, you do have a point, we haven’t met before so… Nixo. Yourself?” The Rockruff looked at the Gligar. If they were to work together, they would need each other's names…

“Nick Razor, pleased to meet you!” Nick responded. He seems alright… now I just have to not mess this up for us. Heh, it’s just collecting apples. Just how hard could it be?
Alakazam's Apples, Part 1

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Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon


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- Lightning Rod -

Disarming Voice | Thundershock | Quick Attack | Electro Ball | Thunder Wave | Feint

Poké: 1600
Treasure Bag:
Explorer's Badge
Oran Berry
Cheri Berry x2
Pecha Berry x2

Ara had only seen the deep lake in picture books, yet she didn't expect for the experience to be overwhelming once there. "... oh... wow," she breathed out, steadily approaching the iridescent body of water. The rays of sunlight reflected off its surface, constantly changing form due to the wind and rippling waves.

The grass abruptly halted near the lake shore, brown dirt tinted with specks of beige sand taking its place. The shore was soft yet cold with the wind tickling the mouse's sunflower yellow fur. Were it not for a fish that decided to leap in that instant - the mist and sprinkles made her flinch - Ara would have taken out her notes to doodle her inspiration on paper.

"This is so beautiful... ah. Okay. Um." Ara scanned the area, somewhat disappointed in herself for not planning ahead. How will I find the shells? I can't breathe underwater what was I thinking? Aw... silly me. I really goofed. She was determined to solve it then and there without having to take the long trek back.

But how?

A quick ten minute walk around the lake unfolded... nothing. Some pieces of garbage sprung up, to which she picked up out of guilt of harming the environment. Unfortunately nearby Pokémon only made it more confusing for the newbie explorer.

"The shells? Go down under. "

"M-maybe there's somebody who could get them for you?"

"Dingy dingy dingy, don't be such a chicken! Just get the darn things by paddling to the bottom of the lake."

"Um there's a cave I guess?"


She let out a huff from the results of her investigation. "I guess I deserve this," she began, sitting on the lake shore. There was no cave in sight as one suggested, yet she was unable to stay submerged for long. However, what if the cave wasn't on the surface... But underwater? After all, it was a Poliwag she had asked, who definitively would know first-hand of its existence.

"Yes! Underwater!" she shot up.

---- Fifteen Minutes Later ----

A tense Pikachu stood inches before the lake, its splashes only worsening her hesitation. The iridescent colors swirling on the lake surface reflected off the mouse's beady eyes, bottom lip bit as she tried to force herself to move a meager step.

You can do it... you can do it... it's only hard when you start, then it's kind of not... sometimes. Sometimes. I won't drown. I won't be attacked. I won't... I won't... Oh, dear me. "Oh dear me, I-I ca-"




The sudden jumpscare one of the interviewed locals made from the bushes behind startled Ara, who leaped forward. She landed a foot closer to the lake, trembling tail making splashes. "Sorry!" Ara blurted out upon turning to see the squinting poliwag. "I get scared too easily and uh, I was, uh, trying to jump into the water too." During the rapid explanation Poliwag skipped over to the explorer. "That's why I was just standing there, in case you saw me... But if you didn't, then um, sorry if you saw that."

"You're just too much my lady," the tadpole giggled. They casually walked on to the lake's waters, swallowed within seconds.

Ara stretched on the soft gravel beneath. Having mustered some courage, the explorer took her first steps until the water had submerged her lower body. During this the Poliwag made a reappearance by popping in beside Ara.

"Hey, hurry up, I have a reunion to run to after this. I'll bubble you into the cave," the local hastily said, impatiently swimming around her. Ara returned the gesture with a smile.

"Yes, please! If that's okay." The two stared at each other. "...what do you mean by bubbling me to the cave?"

"Oh for Arceus' sake. Just come on in there!" the Poliwag urged on before tackling Ara into the lake from behind. Once submerged the tadpole immediately blew a bubble. It swallowed Ara's head, latched around like a helmet. At first Ara panicked, but upon breathing the air found in her transparent helmet, she calmed. "See?"

"T-this is amazing! I didn't know I could do this!" she excitedly remarked, hands gingerly touching the bubble.

The Poliwag responded with surprise. "Really? Isn't that what you explorers should know about? What did you think before coming here? That the shells would be on the shore?"

"I didn't think about it, sorry... I know, it sounds silly," Ara responded in a dejected tone.

The duo swam straight towards the cave hidden in a colorful, active coral reef. It took only a few minutes, yet enough time for Ara to be enamored by the sights. From afar one wouldn't have imagined a cave was hidden underwater, much less within a coral reef. Furthermore, once resurfacing inside the cave, Ara commented on the cave's lack of water. "It's beautiful... and there's no water here even though it's underwater-"

"Yeah I'm done," the Poliwag gave up on the mouse, diving into the waterhole they had just exited from.

"W-wait! Thank you! I forgot to say thank you!" she hollered out, rushing towards the waterhole. She bent over in an attempt to make out any silhouettes that resembled a Poliwag. Alas, none did.

Ara gripped her bag upon taking in the view of the cavern. Water drips from above that formed small pools on the floor, the black walls were wet from the humidity, sapphire-colored crystals that gave off a soothing glow decorated the walls, it was cold yet tolerable, and echoes from strangers deeper in the cavern could be heard.

Just then the sheer weight of her bag caught her attention, prompting her to lift it to eye level. "Oh no!" she gasped, distraught at the sight of a soaked bag. Water dripped from various corners. Upon turning it over, the water inside forced the flap to open and burst itself out, contents and all. Her berries and items scattered about. "It's wet... it's really wet," she stated the obvious, ears drooping.

Ara fanned and squeezed the water out of her bag, leaving behind a wrinkled and cold meds. Regardless, the items were thrown back inside, as well as the litter she had collected earlier; bottles, caps, plastic wrappings, you name it.

The mouse let out a sigh, eyes gazing into the pitch black darkness beyond.

"I... am an explorer. I am an explorer," she began to chant out, a surge of curiosity and excitement beginning to overtake her fear and trepidations. "I am an explorer!"

The darkness beyond awaited her presence.

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Edward stretched, and slowly opened his eyes, as he heard the jingling and clanging that Key made. "Ah, so its morning already," he yawned, and quickly washed his face, cleaned his fur, and exited his room. When he reached the announcements' room, Key already started speaking so fast like he was high on caffeine or something. Edward took a look at the missions board and decided tocome back later, for now he just wanted to go for a walk in the honey woods. As he walked out of the Guilds' headquarters, he greeted Bob the Beware, and went on his way to the forest.
After what seemed like two hours, Edward was in the forest's entry. "woah, it looks majestic." he said as he walked inside. Tall and thick trees surrounded the visible path in the forest. chriping of some Pikipek and various Pokemon sounds could be heard in the distance. Edward surveyed his surroundings as he walked, feeling as if he was being followed, and maybe his intuition wasn't wrong, because after walking for a bit he heard some rustling nearby.
He stopped walking and turned towards a nearby bush, and as he got closer, the rustling frew louder. He looked behind the bush and there was a family of Parasect, and Paras, feasting on a bunch of fresh-looking leaves. He looked for a bit, and then moved on and kept walking in the forest.

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The Honey Saga continues...
Because I couldn't sleep.

------Honey Woods is not a ‘mystery dungeon’ by definition, but it is noted with a precariousness among the Guild confederation due to the fussy, factional politics surrounding it, the plethora of ferals within it -- here, however, they tend to keep to themselves until provoked. Any discord here is less than other dungeons; it is recommended to most rookies for its linearity. It is a beeline from one entrance to another, the gates of the Combee Hive Village, the culmination of interweaving dirt paths, lined with hollows and overgrowth. Here, the trees stand tall, awash in a breeze, waving discretion: ‘Stay away, stay away.’ Sunlight gasps between the thorn-like fingers of a strangling canopy.

------At the moment, a crowd of Heracross have slung colored paste across their faces and freshly-gained gallons of ‘liquid gold’ over their shoulders as they book it into the thick of the woodland. Their wings beat in unison -- the head of the swarm, streaked in yellow bonguri, fires a Round off the peak of the combined cacophony, prompting an explosion of branches and undergrowth.
------The ferals of the forest rush to find cover.
------The ultrasonic barks of the leader Heracross carries across the swarm: “B-LEFT, R-RIGHT, GO, GO, GO.”

------From the treetops, thorns bombard on the parting crowd. The Bugs scatter, as they had planned, successfully. Those sticks only stick into the ground, dejected.

------“Dammit! Gahdammit!” goes an angry lisp. The Paras positioned in the tree has lost a lot of upper hands in that moment.
------She turns to the little, hopeful sunlight leaking through the canopy, and an incomparable glowing patch alights between her claw.
------“You asshole,” Chika mutters. “There’s eight of ‘em. You better be the gahdamn bess veteran ever.”

------There is movement in the neighboring tree -- a slight bzz-bzz? Through the pines, a lookout peers to confirm that this gleam is that of an official exploration badge.

------The bright-red Paras glares. “What?”

------And the Heracross seizes up, staring back, her own objective fresh in her mind, and the reality of what is staring back. She recognizes a lack of confidence on her part, that the reassurance of a Pokemon like that not possibly being able to confront her from over there… it is derived from fear. And the confidence that allows this Pokemon to look back, to measure the Heracross’ pint size, the flayed “butterfly” shape of her horn -- to know that even they could take her.

------This is stalled, of course. Chika has already skittered her way from branch to branch.
------The closeness of the trees… The Heracross realizes too late, the closeness of the Paras.
------Chika closes the gap and lashes out with a claw.
------The lookout feels it scrape her exoskeleton; she grunts and shudders and stumbles back and manages to retaliate with a swing of her armored arm.
------Clink. It bounces off. Bewilderingly, the Paras stands her ground. Now, her claw is drawn against her face, and her expression is that of concentration.
------The lookout’s own veneer spells the gradual spinning of gears.
------“Heh.” The explorer launches herself like a bullet. The force of Heracross’ hit comes back twice as hard, and she is sent soaring from the tree.
------Soaring… Wings! She snaps her open, just in time, her legs kicking up twigs and grime as she slows herself and settles.

------The Paras’ battle cry is wild, and she launches herself onto the enemy, taking that moment of reorientation to land on her head.
------The bellowing lookout writes and bucks in protest.
------Chika wraps her claws around the Heracross’ horn. She hisses indiscernibly and jabs her little legs down into the Heracross’ face, nearly dashing her eye before the beetle can summon a single desperate heave, bumping the Paras off and onto her back.

------“Psyduck you!” The Paras pushes a claw into the earth, pulls herself up.
------The Heracross faces her, backing up, cautious. Hmm-hmm go her wings, half-drawn against her carapace.
------Chika lunges, her pounce missing, the lookout whipping around to storm into the trees. But as her wings begin to blur, she feels a force behind her, like a rope has been tied to some point between her shoulder blades, and she barely manages a foot ahead in her escape without being dragged back again.

------There is a tug-o’-war between the Heracross, struggling to fly, and the Paras, wrestling with an emerald aura surrounding herself, and less apparently, her target. Her vision is blurred by vibrancy when she uses this move. Even still, Chika is able to slink forward, to distinguish the cobalt color blurred beneath the glow. She raises a claw; she is ready to pin at least one of them, and to succeed in some part, any part.

------What buzzing-- no, the leader?
------...The impact was silent. She felt it first, and then she was helpless after. Pure Herculean strength channeled into a terrible blindside, one punch catapulting the Paras away, away, away. She screams, tumbling over herself through air, crashing through fen, smashing into the ground like a meteor striking earth.
------In the distance: “ELYTRA, YOU OKAY?”
------She can barely make the figures out, the entoptic colors from staring at pure light dancing all around her in her vision. She cannot give up, though. This is her first mission, though.
------Chika struggles to stand -- Crack -- stops.
------The Heracross turn, stare.
------“MMM... THAT WAS YOU…”
------Oh, so they knew?
------A fragile covering of leafs and twigs collapses from beneath her and with a screech she is sent spiraling down, down, into the mystery dungeon.


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