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Hi ! I hope I'm in the right forum for this question : I'm making a game with a friend using Pokémon Essentials v20.1 (and RPG Maker XP but I don't think I need to precise that), and while making a map with a custom tileset and testing the "priority" of the tileset, I encountered a bug.

The bug is that, whenever I move up or down (and only in those directions), the tiles of priority 1 overlap the entities (events) on the map... What I mean is that it "flashes" over the event when I move up or down, and then go back to its normal place (below the event).

Does anyone knows why it does that ? Maybe I didn't understand how it's supposed to work, but I thought priority 1 (and maybe 2 and 3 I don't know) was when a tile is above the event which is on the same tile, and below the event from lower tiles...
(I'll explain with a simple drawing what I mean)

If anyone can explain me why this "bug" occurs, and how I can get rid of it, I'll be really really thankfull ! :) Thank you in advance for your help !