Post launch content?

Started by Squirtkipfan01 2 Weeks Ago 4:42 PM
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Post launch content?


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We'll probably get free updates or a dlc at some point, honestly. I'm sure of it. But, it's too early to say.


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There is already hints within the game that there will be DLC. I am pretty sure we will get some sort of DLC, but given that Legends Arceus didn't, I can't be 100% certain. They will obviously have patches and stuff when it is needed, but I don't think we will have free updates other than adding capability for the use of more pokemon they add in DLC.

However, Sword and Shield is the second highest selling game, only being beat by the original generation. So I am almost certain Game Freak/Pokemon Company will grasp and run with that idea and add DLC because people will buy.


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Seems like it'll be DLC going by the last gen. Would rather it have been a free update but I'd rather paid DLC than Game Freak stretching themselves even thinner with another game. :X Hoping it'll be even better than SwSh's DLC, Isle of Armor was meh but Crown Tundra was much better.


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I think there is a high probability for a DLC. For now I haven't found any hint for the game to get more content (except for reintroducing other pokemon and legendaries), but Game freak needs to make this game last more. Since they always do the same things, I feel like from Sword and Shield the new games will get a DLC.
Arceus was different. It wasn't a real "mainline" game, but the counterpart to BDSP for the idea of remakes. If they had planned a DLC for Arceus, then we would have got SV next year.

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They absolutely will get post-launch content. Not only have they been teasing things in the Scarlet/Violet Book (namely the hexagonal-shelled Pokémon responsible for the Terastal phenomenon and the "imagined Pokémon"), but there's also a suspicious border around Northeastern Paldea. DLC for both of these teasers seems extremely likely, if not guaranteed.