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Audio Looking for resources

Started by Issachar May 5th, 2019 4:38 AM
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Posted May 9th, 2019
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Hello Pokecommunity,

So I want to make a pokemon game based on gen 6 (or higher). I found a release of Pokemon Essentials named "v17.2 2017-10-15". It contains all I want in many areas (sprites, tiles, cries...), and most of the "static" graphics are more or less easy to find on the web.

However, it falls a bit short in terms of move animations/sounds. It is apparently much harder to do, but I was wondering : did someone work on it and published an update somewhere ?

Also, more generally, is there any place where people would put their own resources for anyone to use (with credits of course) ?

Thanks for reading !


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To answer your general question, PokéCommunity has the Scripts, Tutorials & Tools section, and Relic Castle has a resources section. There are probably other places too. Maybe there are some games made with Essentials that release all their resources that might include animations and sounds?


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like sound effects?

likewise there is one for X+Y and moving your thread to the approriate forum
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