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    Originally Posted by gerff View Post
    Nevermind, I just noticed I was using the old patch before you update it, but it seems the pokédex crash is happening due to the importing of pokémon to PGE, not from the expansion itself, I have yet to figure out what is causing it.

    Edit: Figured it out, it's because the alternate forms pokémon were assigned the same Hoenn dex number as the original forms. Not sure if this was a common issue before, but at least it's the issue with this particular rombase.
    I was not aware that would create an issue. I decided to keep Alternate forms with the same dex number for organizations sake. Since many people would want to pick and choose what pokemon they want to use rather than just inserting all of them, I assumed they'd also edit the dex number in order to build a sort of custom Pokedex. I probably should have clarified better in this case and most likely this can be solved by simply changing the number.
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      Originally Posted by PSI Master View Post
      I have not heard of anyone else reporting this issue, and checking myself with a fresh download I cannot recreate your issue. Firstly, are you sure you are using a clean rom, 1636- Squirrels? I know it seems like a stupid question but believe me 70% of the reports I've gotten stemmed from using the wrong download.
      If you do indeed have that, then what I could do is send you a file containing my exact copy of Kimonas's Overworld Manager.
      Yes, I am using squirrels. And I understand, I was one of those who wasn't using the right rom earlier when I was reporting other bugs. I recently joined your discord, so if you'd like, we can talk there?
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        Very cool, I am going to restart my project with this base.

        I have never used PGE to add a lot of Pokemon at once before, but I would like to add all of Gen 4 from the add-on pack.
        I tried using "Import All Pokemon" and selecting the folder with the PGE importable files, but it hasn't seemed to work, it adds no new data, so I am doing something wrong and can't seem to find a post about it anywhere.
        I expanded the number and stuff already. It just does not change the entries from empty ??? entries to ones with any data.

        To be clear: I understand the process for doing it individually and adding sprites etc. but I am missing a step or something here to add an entire pack at one time.

        Thanks. :)
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