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    Update #4 of my Ultra Sun poison monotype challenge :

    Poni Island completed !
    Set battle style + no Exp. Share / Rotom Powers/ Battle X items

    Lusamine :

    Kommo-o :

    Necrozma :

    Rimbombee :

    Hapu :

    Z-Crystals :

    Current team :
    iEatGarbage the Alolan Muk Lv.51 @ Leftovers | Poison Touch | Crunch / Gunk Shot / Minimize / Ice Punch
    Boo the Gengar Lv.51 @ Choice Specs | Cursed Body | Shadow Ball / Sludge Bomb / Psychic / Energy Ball
    Alucard the Crobat Lv.51 @ Flyinium Z | Inner Focus | Fly / Cross Poison / U-turn / Defog
    NoBully the Toxapex Lv.49 @ Leftovers | Merciless | Scald / Venoshock / Toxic / Toxic Spikes
    Ribbon the Salazzle Lv.53 @ Firium Z | Corrosion | Flamethrower / Sludge Wave / Nasty Plot / Toxic
    Pinhead the Poipole Lv.40 @ Poisonium Z | Beast Boost | Sludge Wave / Hidden Power / Nasty Plot / Charm
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