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Old May 7th, 2018 (1:41 AM). Edited May 22nd, 2018 by Saron.
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    Hello friends! This is my first post in poke community.
    Today I am sharing a little bit of information I found on my own. What I wanted from my game is that it saves the files in the game folder instead of C drive. I tried to find it on the internet but didn't find it. At last I opened the script editor searched 'game.rxdata' without quote marks(because it is the save files name). When I checked them all it was written RTP.getsavefile(game.rxdata). I was a little curious and tried experimenting it by changing the line with "Graphics/Game.rxdata" with quote marks. And it did worked.

    Now let me tell you, what to do exactly: (To change save file location)
    1) Right click on the list of scripts window on the left side and click on find....
    2) Type RTP.getsavefile(game.rxdata) and note down the results.
    3) Replace them with any location you want. Ex - "Saves/Game.rxdata" The games.rxdata is to be added at the last as I did.
    Note: Keep it in double inverted commas. If the line before it says Open.file then keep it in brackets too. Done. Now your save files will be stored and loaded from your desired location.

    If you want to change the location of other files like error logs and screenshots, then simply search for RTP.getsavefile and replace them with your desired location. But this time add the filename which was in the line, instead of game.rxdata

    If there is any problem in understanding my weak english or there is an error, post it here.
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    Old May 8th, 2018 (2:17 AM).
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    1.) The reason save files aren't stored in the game folder is so they aren't lost upon updating the game.
    2.) Why are you storing the save files in the Graphics folder? That's for Graphics, I'm not sure why you'd want a save file in there.
    3.) This is a tutorial, you can't expect people to credit you for a step-by-step tutorial, especially if it's so straight-forward as this one.
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