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Simon Pearburgh
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Compound Eyes
Shadow Claw | Confuse Ray | Spite | Mud-Slap | Endure
Wonder Guard
Snom ♀
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Ice Scales
Nevermeltice (held)
Princess ♀
Electroweb | Spider Web | Fury Cutter | Beat Up | Absorb | Thunder Wave
Metal Flower Crown (held)
Larvesta ♂
Flame Charge | String Shot | Ember | Morning Sun | Flame Wheel | Leech Life
Flame Body
Heat Rock (held)
Anorith ♂
Dig | Water Gun | Ancient Power | Aqua Jet | Rapid Spin | X-Scissor
Swift Swim

Spoiler: Inventory
held by Snom

Heat Rock
held by Larvesta

Metal Flower Crown
held by Princess

Luxury Ball
Bug Net
Phantom Force TR
Arm Thrust TR
Wishing Star
A bunch of cinnamon buns
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Heracross Knight Comics
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Spoiler: Memories
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Stow-on-side Stadium

Nearly a week had passed since Simon’s last battle against Bea. After properly inaugurating Shedinja into the team, he'd doubled down on training and spent the entire week studying challenger's battles against the fighting-type leader, down to every single move her Pokemon had. He noted Catherine's use of Spore to quickly dispose of the Sirfetch'd; if he could stack status effects and hindrances like poison and paralysis early on, he'd have a good chance of actually leaving Vivillon standing for the first leg of the fight, which could open up Paralysis on the Machamp too, and mitigate the devastating power of No Guard.

He'd briefly considered picking Shedinja for the battle - the ghost-type would be completely immune to Bea's fighting-type hits after all - but if Anorith's attack had been any indication, it would crumple against Machamp's Rock Slide just like Mothim had, if not worse.

It was around noon, and as Simon stepped into the lobby again he noted that the crowd was much smaller than it had been a week ago. The people waiting in line were definitely… different from the Bea fans. At first glance he could've easily mistaken them for Spikemuth tourists - though he knew Melody and Haleigh weren't battling today - based on their strange attires, which consisted of shirts and tops with skulls, ghosts and other spooky designs on them, as well as several dark and ghost-type Pokemon at their sides. Most notably, though, a lot of them seemed to be wearing plain white masks, reminiscent of Allister's. He felt several of the bugs crawl deeper into his pockets and their grip on his shoulders tighten in anxiety.

Simon raised an eyebrow as he walked past the queue and headed to the challenger counter. The man at the front greeted him with a smile, "Ah, mister Pearbugh! I'm happy to see you return."

Simon gave a determined nod. "I've come to rematch Bea."

“Ah…” The attendant shook his head. "I'm sorry, but Miss Bea is away training for the weekend. Master Allister is the only one available to challenge today."

"Oh, damn…" Simon's shoulders dropped. "I guess I should've checked the schedule... I'll be back later, then."

"Wonderful. We can't wait to see your rematch." the man replied. As Simon turned around to leave, Shedinja suddenly materialized in front of him.

“Gah!” Simon jumped back, startled, “Stop doing that!”

The ghost hummed and motioned towards the stadium, then back at Simon.

“Huh? Seriously?” Simon raised his eyebrows.

Shedinja closed its eyes and nodded again, gently rattling the shard in its body. It wanted to face down Allister. Simon didn’t know why, but there was a determination in the bug’s voice that made the request almost seem personal - a strange tone coming from the usually laid-back bug.

Simon tapped his chin for a moment and thought about it. He had watched the Allister matches too, albeit less closely… and he didn’t want to risk being even more behind on the challenge - at this point, Raphael would get to Ballonlea before he finished this gym. “You know what-” he said, looking at the ghost. “Let’s do it!”


The crowd cheered as Simon stepped once again into the Stow-on-side arena. The decoration was visibly different this time around, all of the previously-orange colours had been switched an eerie mauve, and Simon could swear the lights were dimmed in the stadium compared to when he’d fought Bea.

At the other end of the field was none other than the ghost-type gym leader, Allister. He was dressed in his proper gym uniform and looked a lot more official than the last time Simon had seen him, despite still wearing his trademark white mask. As Simon approached him the boy gave a timid wave.

“I… didn’t expect to see you here, Simon.”

The bug catcher grinned and pointed at himself. “What can I say, I’m a big fan of Stow-on-side. Wanted to experience the full spectrum of gyms and whatnot.”

Allister chuckled. “Your m-match against Bea was pretty cool… I was a bit sad when you lost…”

Simon waved off the comment and shook his head, “Pft, I just needed to warm up is all! Now I’m here for business.”

Allister’s expression darkened behind his mask and a glint appeared in his eye. “ that so? Let’s find out.”

Simon gulped.

The announcer’s voice boomed through the stadium. “Ladies and gents, get ready for a much-anticipated battle! Challenger 412 has returned once more for a rematch - but not against who we expected! Will his team of iconic insects surpass the ghostly might of Allister's sinister specters?”

The two made their way to opposite sides of the field and released their Pokemon.

“Go, Cursola!”

“Knock ‘em deader, Snom!”

Both Pokemon appeared before their trainers, Cursola letting out a low howl and Snom screaming out a war cry, happy to finally be in the spotlight again. The crowd’s cheers grew even louder upon seeing the feisty ice-type, spurring her on even further.

Trainer and Leader waited for the referee’s call with bated breath. "Get ready… begin!"

“Kick us off with Powder Snow!” Simon called out as soon as he heard the referee’s whistle, looking to immediately pile on the pressure. “And keep your distance!” He remembered how Allister had used Cursola’s perish body to stall out previous challengers - and Simon wasn’t going to let that happen now. While he’d hoped for Runerigus, he’d expected the gym leader not to hand him the type advantage so easily.

Snom shot out a flurry of snow at her opponent, hitting Cursola’s ectoplasm with a blast of cold. The tips of its branches became tipped with frost as it retracted slightly into its shell. Allister quickly retaliated, “Mirror Coat!”

Cursola’s body was briefly encased in a pink light, before suddenly bursting outwards, shooting white rays back at Snom. The bug grunted as she took the brunt of the hit, but managed to hold her ground.

“Now, Will-o-wisp!” Allister followed up, as his Cursola fired off a ghostly purple flame towards Snom.

“Dodge left, then Powder Snow again!” Simon called out. Snom squeaked and managed to avoid the slow-moving flame before blasting more snow at the ghost.

“Mirror coat, again!”

Once more, Cursola’s body reacted to the hit, glowing with light before sending the damage back at Snom.

Simon looked at the gym leader, “Snom may be small, but she can take your attacks all day, and you can’t keep reflecting forever!”

“Don’t be so sure…” Allister responded mischievously. “Cursola, use Strength Sap!” The Pokemon let out a ghostly wail as its tendrils waved towards Snom. Suddenly, a green light began to seep out of the bug’s body, before coalescing and absorbing into Cursola’s, replenishing the frozen pieces of ectoplasm.

Simon had completely forgotten about that move - he was familiar with the Mirror coat strategy, and while snom had her Ice Scales to reduce damage, Cursola had healing - if they were going for a battle of attrition, it wouldn’t go in their favour. “Alright Snom, switching strategies - use Struggle Bug instead!”

Snom hissed as she shot out several waves of energy at her opponent, still maintaining her distance. The energy crashed into Cursola’s body again and Snom prepared another blast.

“Cursola, will-o-wisp again!” Allister commanded. Cursola began to shoot out several ghostly fireballs like a turret, hoping to hit Snom and ignoring the minor bug-type damage.

“Keep firing and dodging!” The ice-type, still straining to attack, did her best to dodge the projectiles - but after firing off a fourth Struggle Bug, she couldn’t move in time.

As the ghostly fire struck and her body momentarily erupted into purple flame, Allister doubled down; “Now, Hex!”

To the crowd’s surprise, Simon crossed his arms and ignored the command. “Do your worst!”

Snom’s body became surrounded with purple energy as the Cursola fired off its Hex - but to the crowd’s surprise, the little bug was barely reacting to the damage. Simon smirked; Struggle Bug’s secondary effect had done its job.

“Now, full power, lass! Powder Snow!”

Before Cursola could react, Snom released a massive burst of cold from her mouth, covering Allister’s Pokemon in ice like a snowstorm blowing over it. As the white cloud passed through, the ghost’s body was left behind, completely frozen.

“Alright! Then we slide this ice sculpture off the edge!” Simon commanded. Snom squeaked and skated forward, charging up Icicle Spear, ready to crash into her opponent and send it flying. As she knocked into the frozen ghost, sliding it off the arena and toppling into the pit, a glint appeared in Allister’s eye.

“...that was a mistake, Simon…”

“Wait, what?” Simon was confused at first, but then noticed that Snom… wasn’t looking so good. The bug hiccuped momentarily as the ghostly flame burn took over her body again, but on top of that, she seemed particularly drained after touching the ghost…

“Okay, Gengar… it’s on you now.” Allister said, releasing his ace onto the field.

“Uh, Snom, you good?” SImon called out. The bug took a moment to respond, but nodded vigorously, hissing off his concern. “Alright! Let’s keep it up, then, you got this! Powder Snow!”

The ice-type reared back to fire a blast of snow, but as she did so, another burst of flame appeared on her body, knocking her out of the attack and giving the Gengar enough time to capitalize.

“Shadow Ball!” Allister called out as Gengar lobbed a large ball of dark energy towards Snom.

The bug squeaked and rolled to the side, barely managing to dodge it. “Great job, Snom!” Simon cheered, and the bug prepared to attack again… but seemed a lot slower in responding.


With a final squeak of exhaustion, the ice-type collapsed to the ground, the Perish body finally taking its toll on her. In a flash, Gengar zoomed towards the bug and picked her up before tossing her off the edge.

“Dammit! Should’ve known it was Perish Body…” Simon muttered to himself as he recalled Snom. “You did amazing, girl.”

And now… well, he’d been hoping to get further with Snom before it got to this. Simon took a deep breath as he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a Pokeball he hadn’t used in a long time.

“Go, Shedinja!”

For just a brief moment, Simon heard the crowd go almost completely silent, before erupting in a series of excited and somewhat curious cheers.

“Now that’s something you don’t see every day, ladies and gents! Challenger 412 has chosen a Shedinja as his final ace for this battle - certainly an unorthodox move from an unorthodox challenger! Ghost versus ghost, one wrong move and it’s all over!”

While the audience was going wild, Simon noticed Allister’s demeanor had changed. “Hold on, I… I remember you…” he said with surprise. “You’re…”

Simon looked at the boy intensely and nodded. “No holding back, Allister!”

“Okay.” Allister straightened up and nodded back. “Gengar, prepare a Shadow Ball!”

The bigger ghost floated up and began to charge a Shadow Ball in its hands.

“Focus on dodging, Shedinja, and get closer! Wait for my call!” Simon commanded. He hadn’t had much time to think of a solid strategy before the battle… but he had an idea of how to make this work.

Shedinja’s shell rattled loudly as the bug prepared for Gengar to fire, all the while moving closer and closer to its opponent. As it reached melee range, Simon threw his arm out, “Now, use Mud-Slap!”

Shedinja dove straight down and slammed its tail end into the dirt, kicking up a spray of mud into Gengar’s face. The ghost snarled angrily, largely unaffected by the damage, but now visibly more annoyed.

“Shadow Ball it now, point-blank!” Gengar growled and moved the gathered energy into its palm before slamming it into Shedinja.

“Endure!” Simon called out at the last moment. As Gengar’s fist met Shedinja, the bug’s body gleamed white and it was thrown backwards from the impact. Simon held his breath and watched the bug tumble through the dirt… before getting back up, purple smoke coming off of its body.

He let out a sigh of relief. They’d spent their only chance for that first mud-slap to connect - now, he had to hope it was worth it. “Great job! Now use Mud-slap again, but from a distance!”

“Shadow Ball again, Gengar!”

Shedinja ducked to avoid the attack and slammed its body into the dirt once more, spraying Gengar with more mud. Another Shadow Ball flew at it and Shedinja dodged again, barely this time. Simon could tell the bug was getting tired, but kept piling on the mud-slaps.

“Keep it up, Shedinja! Mud-slap!”

Shedinja slammed its body into the dirt one more time and blasted Gengar’s face with mud, before floating down to the ground, exhausted from the effort.

Allister pointed at the bug, “We’ve got it now, Gengar… Shoot it down!” Gengar nodded and charged up a Shadow Ball in its arms… then fired it off to the slide, completely missing its stationary target. The boy recoiled in surprise, “Gengar…?!”

Simon crossed his arms and smirked, “Got some dirt in your eye?”

Gengar snarled and wiped at its face in frustration. Allister straightened up and both of his purple eyes seemed to shine under his mask. “We’ll just have to go melee then… Gengar, attack!”

Gengar cried out and charged at Shedinja, charging up another point-blank Shadow Ball in its hand.

“Shedinja, use Spite! And then…” Simon pulled out a disc from his pocket and slotted into his Pokedex, the very same disc Allister had given him. “Dodge with Phantom Force!”

Shedinja floated up again and stared at Gengar with glowing purple eyes. Then, moments before the ghost could hit it, it leaned backwards and vanished into a portal.

A few seconds later, Shedinja reappeared on the other side of the battlefield and waved at Gengar. The larger ghost roared and charged again, Shadow Ball in hand.

“Again!” Once more, Shedinja’s eyes glowed red and stared Gengar down, before zipping backwards into a ghostly portal and reappearing a few feet away.

“You can’t keep running forever, Simon…” Allister said, pointing at the trainer eerily.

“Don’t be so sure!” Simon winked back, echoing the gym leader’s earlier words.

As Gengar charged forward again, the ball in its hand seemed to be much smaller than before. It let out another frustrated shout as the fist aimed for Shedinja hit nothingness again, and the ball once again grew even smaller.

“One more time, Spite!” Simon called out. Shedinja nodded and stared at Gengar one final time, holding its ground.

As Gengar’s palm met Shedinja’s body, the larger ghost smirked and waited for the bug to be pushed back… but nothing happened. Its smile dropped and eyes grew wide as it looked at its hands.

”Astounding! After so many uses, coupled with the effects of Spite, it seems Gengar is unable to conjure any more Shadow Balls!”

The ghost-type cried out in confusion as it flailed its hands, smacking them into Shedinja desperately. Its expression turned to panic as it began to fire off other attacks, slapping a sludge wave and venoshock onto Shedinja, both of which bounced uselessly off the bug’s body.

“Gengar, stop! We have to-” Allister began, but the ghost-type was now in a frenzy, screaming over its trainer’s orders and slapping innective poison attacks onto its opponent.

“Let’s end this, Shedinja! Shadow claw!” Simon called out.

The bug hummed and spun around, ghostly claw marks appearing around it which slashed at Gengar. The poison-type grunted and attempted to hold its ground, but Shedinja continued its assault, slashing continuously and pushing it back further and further, until finally, with one last Shadow Claw, Gengar was thrown back, flying out of the arena and falling into the pit.


The audience erupted into cheers as Simon ran onto the field to hug his Pokemon. The bug gave a satisfied hum as Simon held it in his arms, then raised it to the crowd triumphantly.

“You bet you’ve earned yourself a cinnamon bun, lad!” Simon cheered.

“That was… pretty amazing, Simon…” he heard Allister’s voice behind him. Simon jumped a little; he hadn’t even seen the gym leader come up to him. “M-maybe even cooler than Bea’s battle… and that doesn’t h-happen very often…”

It was a bit weird to see the boy shift from his battle stance to his usual timid self, but Simon laughed it off. “It’s all on my team!” he said, patting Shedinja on the head as the bug rattled happily. “And you’re a pretty incredible opponent.”

“Th-thank you…” Allister rubbed his arm bashfully and looked away, then perked up as if remembering something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a metal pin, handing it to Simon. “It’s my pleasure to hand you… the ghost badge.”

Simon held the pin in his hand, watching it glimmer in the light. Now, he had a message to send. He looked back at Allister and motioned towards his microphone. “May I?”

“Um, I don’t know if I should…”

Simon felt a tap on his shoulder, and suddenly noticed that Shedinja was now behind him with a wire microphone in its claws - and presumably an angry league official coming soon to get it back very soon. He smiled and took the device, looking at the audience once more as he spoke up.

“Thank you, everyone! And to whoever’s listening… I want you to know that I won’t give up! I never will, and the world will know Simon Pearbugh’s name!”

This was his fourth badge… but to him, it felt like his first. For once he’d beaten a gym leader himself. No outside help, no pity rule, but a fair-and-square victory. And nobody could take that away from him.

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