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It's that time again!

Hey, everyone! With Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the horizon in about 2 months (so soon!), we've decided to open up Moderator Applications for the section! c: Now what might a moderator do, you may ask? Good question! You may think of mods as basically section leaders of the individual sections that we have here on PokeCommunity. They lead and participate in discussions, take action on reports, and in general they have near total discretion on how to best shape their section(s)! Not only that, they get access to the staff areas where they can participate in broader discussions about PC as a whole.

So then, that being said, there are some expectations that come with being a moderator. Here they are:

You must have a Discord account. We use this to actively communicate with each other and you'll miss out on important discussions and announcements without it! If you aren't familiar with Discord, it's a live-chat client and you're not required to actually talk via mic at all! Purely text-based communications. There's both a browser version and an app version you can see here.
Being a Pokemon discussion section, BDSP requires an active mod that jumps into the discussions and thinks of new ones when/if possible! You can't just be a janitor and only focus on taking action on reports!
Speaking of, you'll be expected to keep up with reports whenever you get any. We'll update you with specifics on that if you get accepted onto the team
Participate in broader staff discussions, if/when possible! PC is more than just one section, after all. We're a whole community of many different users of many interests, and sometimes there may be discussions regarding the site as a whole that we'd appreciate your input on.

Once you feel ready, feel free to send in your application to colours with answers to the following application questions:

The Questions

How much time can you dedicate towards being a mod on PC?
Thoughts on what you've seen of BDSP so far? What are your thoughts on the discourse around the games?
(If applicable) Do you have any previous experience with playing dppt before? what were your memories of them like?
What ideas do you have for the section?
Why do you feel like you're the best fit for the section?

That's not all!

Are you passionate about fan games and/or ROM Hacks? The fangames team is also looking for new members! We're currently looking for two moderators for Game Development and one to two moderators that specialise in ROM Hacking. If you're interested in either position, then send a PM to Vendily with your response to the following questions:

The Questions

How much experience do you have in developing fan games?
What ideas do you have for the Game Development section?
Why do you think you would be the best fit for the position?
Part of your responsibility will be to check threads submitted to the forum by members that are awaiting moderator approval, are you familiar enough with the rules to appropriately approve or unapprove these threads?

Applications for both the Fan Games Team and BDSP close Monday, September 13th, 2021 (or until we feel we've received enough applications)!! If you're thinking about applying, you have until that date to do so!

EDIT 11 September 2021: Applications for ROM Hacking are now closed!