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    Pokémon Cold

    Once, Vitalia was a region of supreme cold, where only the toughest Pokémon species could live, among the well equipped humans. Due to the advancement of technology, it was necessary that the region could withstand the elevated temperatures. Slowly, the ice began melting, and what we called the land of supreme cold was nothing more than a simple region, now hot. As the planet earth began suffering for these changes, a group of individuals decided to save it by returning everything to what it was before, to the revival of the supreme cold.

    The Vitalia region is now being attacked by an unnamed organization that's freezing towns solid, for a reason unknown to society. Only a few places remain until Vitalia region is completely dominated by these bunch. Professor Oak, who had gone to research this region's Pokémon at a bad time, is now entrusting the hope of the region to three promising young trainers, who supposedly are children of the past champions from the region. It's up to them to save Vitalia!

    • A new battle UI (currently in the works)
    • A quest similar, yet different to the Pokémon League
    • Regional variants


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      I think this game looks interesting.
      I'd like to play it.
      You should change tilesets.
      Good luck.
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        I like the plot and the splash screen looks cool too!

        But I'm not seeing a progress report, characters, or background info.

        Consider checking out some other tilesets like @TeanzGamer said

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