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    Network Point 1 : Three guys walk up to a point...

    "Why is it taking so long?" Obsidian asked as he tapped his foot, "I'm more likely to die of impatience than Darkrai right now."

    Alex just sighed as he stretched his arm, "It's a long line, you have to accept that as fact. If you want to leave and try another point you're welcome to, but frankly you'll have to start at the end and just look at how long this line is." He gestured out to the line that was now stretching far behind them, "If you want to extend the time you're in the city, then be my guest."

    "I do hope we get there soon." Hoods said, "Best to leave as soon as possible in my opinion." He crossed his arms under his robes, "Anyone want to play a guessing game? I tend to pass the time that way."

    "How about cards instead?" Alex asked with a grin as he pulled out a full deck from under his cloak. "Not sure if you two know... but I'm quite the master of cards." He boasted to the hooded mon and Surge, "I can guess any card you pull from this deck."

    "That's because it's loaded." Obsidian stated, "You have a loaded deck and I know it! Or you read minds or something!"

    Alexandre tsked, "I don't stoop to such lows Obsidian! I am just but a magician after all. We can all just relax and spend some time with a few tricks eh?"

    Off to the side, a group of children was waiting to gain access to the Network point. Bored and not fully aware of what was going on, the mention of magic earned their attention.

    "Daddy, can we go watch some magic?" the young Espurr, Eona, asked as she tugged on the fur of her father's leg.

    Her father, the Pyroar Desmond, glanced down at her and then at the group in question. "I suppose it couldn't hurt," he said calmly, though his thoughts were more worried as he wondered what was happening to his mate, Zai, on the front lines.

    Alexandre meanwhile was shuffling his deck despite Obsidian's lackluster attitude. "So then!" He finished and handed the deck to the Weavile, "Shuffle and pick a card! Any card my fine assistant!"

    The Weavile sighed and took the deck as he shuffled it about, "You're really going to do this aren't you?" He asked unenthusiastically as he finished and then chose the top card, glancing it over quickly and setting it back in the deck, "There. Now you have the card marked somehow and you're going to guess right. I know how it works now."

    "Do I have it marked?" He asked with a grin as he began to shuffle his deck around, then handed it to Surge, "My dear friend, cut it if you will."

    The Kadabra was more than eager to grab the deck as his eyes shined blue. In an instant cards flung about as they slid among each other and into certain parts of the deck and out of parts of the deck before he finished. "Cut to precision! Like an oyster!"

    "Indeed." Alexandre said as he pulled out a card and handed it to Obsidian, "Is this your card?"

    For once the Weavile's face lit up as he snatched it, "Ha! It isn't! You fa-" He suddenly paused as he noticed something was stuck to the back of the card. He wiggled his claws along them and slowly another card revealed that another card was hiding behind it and he fumed, "Dammit!" He said as he handed the two back, "I have NO idea how you did that, but I'll get to the bottom of it!"

    "Of course you will assistant." Alexandre said with a chuckle as he reshuffled his deck again, "But I think you will find no answers that way." He then reached over to grab behind the Weavile's ear and pulled out a multi colored cloth, "Though I think you'll have to get your ears checked first Obsidian." He teased as the Weavile muttered under his breath.

    "Whooooooooooooa how'd you do that?" the little Espurr asked, now standing right below the pokémon. She looked up at them in awe. A moment later she was joined by her three siblings; a male Skiddo, Ryder; a female Litleo, Vaitra; and a male Absol, Ortaia.

    "Can you do another one, mister?" Ryder, the Skiddo, asked in excitement.

    "Why of course!" The Gardevoir said as suddenly Obsidian got in front of him, "No way!" The Weavile said, "We can't have four little kids perking up your eg-" Alexandre calmly put his hand on the Weavile's chest and gently shoved him to the side as he kneeled down and grinned at the four young ones, "Magic is a very long time art my little friends." He said. He pulled out a small crystal that he balanced in one hand, "It is something that astounds the senses and leaves the mind yearning for more." He bounced the crystal up in his hand and as it came down into his palm it suddenly disappeared. He chuckled as he reached over to the young Skiddo and frowned, "You know," He said as he pulled out the crystal from behind his ear, "You really should clean your ears more young man." He chuckled. "Surely you don't want crystals in your ear all the time?"

    Ryder giggled, jumping around excitedly as Skiddo were prone to do.

    Eona peeked up at the crystal, intrigued by the sparkling object. "Oh how'd you do that?" she asked, though she knew she wouldn't be told the answer.

    Alexandre chuckled and patted her on the head, "Like I said. Magic." He stood up and placed the gem back in his coat pocket.

    "Smoke and mirrors I call it." Obsidian muttered.

    Alexandre looked down at the children, "Now... any ideas for tricks my young friends? It is often said that children have the best imaginations, so let me see if I can impress that imagination of you all."

    Eona hesitated, thinking hard. "Make him disappear!" she said finally, pointing to the irritable Weavile.

    "Keep it moving, everyone!" General Riken yelled through the pushing and shoving of the crowd. "The sooner we get everyone to safety the better, but we have to remain calm. Everything will be alright, I assure you!" He stated. He noticed a group of Pokemon were actually going along normally, trying their best to make the best of things, or perhaps not entirely aware of the situation at hand, as some were quite young. Riken felt a sudden tap on his shoulder. He turned around, to see a familiar Hypno beside him, Thomas Blake.

    "General," He declared to him with a nod. "Just wanted to let you know I'm here and willing to help in whatever way I can. I'm currently helping with SEC in boosting the Network. With the addition of my own followers helping out, we've managed to get it so that more Pokemon can 'port away at once."

    Riken stared at the Hypno for a moment, then nodded in understanding. It was quite surprising, Thomas's turnaround from the shouting match he was having with him earlier at the ceremony. Not many would so willing come around after knowing how much at fault they were.

    "Any news on the what those two explosions in the city were earlier?" Thomas asked the General. The General was hesitant to give a response, mostly because he was afraid of what the others might hear right now. With many of his soldiers and a few Gold Tribe around, morale was a big concern. "How's the city faring?" Thomas asked again.

    Before the General could reply, a sudden voice came from behind him. It was throaty and low, and he said but two words: "Not good." The General turned around to barely catch glimpse of an Ursaring standing right behind him, having prepared a Dynamic Punch which collided straight into the General. The impact, which came at a surprisingly ferocious speed and power, sent the General flying off past Thomas and straight into the building beside the crowd. Upon seeing this, many Pokémon began to panic and scream, while Alpha Alliance soldiers and Gold Tribe began to approach the source of the destructive force. The Ursaring spat on the ground beside him, readying himself for those that would come. They were all road blocks, and his target was the Network. The disturbance drew others as well. Beside the Ursaring, two more Pokemon also chose to appear: an Ariados clinging from a web, and a Machamp ready to pulverize anyone who got in its way.

    Obsidian quickly turned to the sound of the violence as Alex slowly glanced up, "Not good." The Gardevoir muttered. "Get to a safe place young ones." He told the children, "Things are about to get ugly."

    Eona turned, startled, and ran off with her siblings back to their father. When they got to him, he herded them into a nearby nook, removing them from the danger. "Eona, if anyone violent comes over here, you know what to do." The little Espurr nodded, and Desmond turned to run towards the Ursaring.

    Gaia, a Houndoom of the Gold Tribe and a member of the Arashi clan, leaped down from his point as a guard, sprinting alongside Desmond towards the source of the disturbance.

    "We can't go out there Alex!" Obsidian said, "We have to get through this portal!"

    Alex tightened his cape, "There will be no portal if that beast comes here." He stated. "Judging by his appearance here... he could be attempting to try and draw attention away from other areas." He quickly made his way out of the crowd as he looked about, "Now... if I was trying to attack... what would I do? Where would I come in from?"

    "Well.... dammit fine!" He said as he began to rush to where he caught sight of the Ursaring and he paused in his run as he caught sight of the other two there, "... well..." He rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, "Maybe I should just stay off..."
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    Snype and his band of thieves stood watch over Network Point three, helping various citizens inside to be teleported to a more safe location. So far so good, but Snype wasn't about to let his guard down anytime soon. After the incident with Gabe, it was hard for him to trust the other Pokemon around him. Of course, that was probably the whole idea behind Darkrai's master plan... but it was hard to avoid. Maybe that's what made it so darned perfect. He still didn't even know what Gabe's real plan was supposed to be.

    Citizens were at the very least being evactuated so the tough part was out of the way. Once they were gone, it'd be easier to focus on the oncoming threat. Snype wanted to keep watch of the third point at all costs. The last thing he needed was for something to happen to a moving Network Point while he was away. At the same time, he needed to figure out what to do once everybody else was moved from the city. He sure hoped the thieves at the speakeasy had caught word of the whole situation. Most were possibly within the city, or retreated back to the forest. One way or another, Word would get there. It'd make for a good safe haven from this madness.

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    At the Golden Wall
    Paradox, Guardia, Alizai, Warren, Razathiel, Kaveri, and Cal

    "So, anyone going to deal with THAT!?" Paradox snapped as he pointed out to the large Wailord. "Or do I-" His speech was interrupted as a loud explosion shook the walls and braced his form against the wall, "... That didn't come from the walls..." He looked out and saw smoke rising from the city, "C**p baskets." He muttered. He paused a bit and frowned, "No way, I'm staying here." He crossed his arms in a stubborn refusal and closed his eyes, "Well he's YOUR kid not-OH DON'T USE THAT TONE WITH ME!" He rubbed at his forehead, slowly doubling over until he finally exploded, "ALRIGHT! I'LL DO SOMETHING! JUST SHUT UP!"

    He muttered as he made his way down the wall, "Don't mess this up Zang!" He snapped up to Guardia, "I don't want two messes to clean up!" And with that Paradox began to run down and into the city.

    Warren walked the wall with renewed vigor at the sight of the massive battering ram. As exciting as the size was, it was little more than a balloon! "HOW IN THE HELL DOES DARKRAI EXPECT TO BRING THE WALL DOWN WITH THAT?!" He roared to his fellow soldiers, many of which were wondering the same thing. "I'M GOING TO TALK TO THE GOLDIES' LEADER! STAY HERE!" With that, he began to march towards Guardia. Silently his troops began to mutter that they had nowhere else to go.

    Razathiel snickered from his place on the wall. He'd been letting loose various attacks onto the army below, firing Psyshocks into the ground, raising the debris it caused, setting it alight with his Hidden Power and launching the flaming rubble at the horde, grinning like a child frying ants with a magnifying glass. He paused in his attacks for a moment to glance up at the black Golduck for a moment and turn to the others on the wall.

    "Hmm, Paradox. Interesting to see him in action. Frankly, though, Ms. Gold Tribe, I'm not sure how you're still sane. Didn't catch your name. I mean, I'm evil, but at least I have that courtesy."

    "Guardia!" The Zangoose quickly yelled to Raz as she threw down another Thunder at more charging Pokemon at the wall. "I'm not worried about Paradox right now, I'm more worried about that!" She exclaimed, pointing to the large, metal-plated Wailord on approach. "What do you figure they're going to do with it?"

    The little Ralts glanced over at it for a moment, stared, then burst into a fit of giggles. He doubled over, clutching his stomach, before speaking in between breaths. "They- they- Darkrai is honestly sending a Wailord to serve as a battering ram!? HA!" Raz paused again for another bout of laughter. "Do they- that thing is like a balloon! Is this Darkrai's cunning plan to suffocate us with our own laughter!? AHAHeheheheeeeeee...! Oh, dearie me, these poor bastards are in for a shock, here we go - Guardia, try and watch for a little, I believe your 'worries' are about to be refocused."

    The Dreadmage raised his staff, focusing his Psychic powers in an effort to direct the Whale Pokémon off of the arms of the others carrying it. After a short while, it tipped, and though the group below tried to adjust, the balance was tipped. The Wailord fell, rolling off the 'mon below it and onto the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust around it. It didn't lose momentum, though - thanks to Raz, it only gained it, continuing to roll faster and faster, crashing into and flattening those unlucky enough to be caught beneath it. The metal plating, especially, became a fierce slashing weapon on what was now a huge steamroller of balloon-ey death.

    From his place on the wall, Razathiel was glad that the Wailord was a target that required little precision - otherwise, his laughing fits would probably have sent his Psychic guidance quite askew. Regardless, he was on the verge of tears. "I haven't had this much fun in years...!"

    Guardia had to agree with the small Ralts. Having such a Pokemon act as a battering ram didn't seem to fit. It was definitely not heavy enough to provide the necessary impact, even if it did seem to have a bit of added weight from the steel around its body. Still, as Guardia noticed the many Pokemon carrying the large Wailord, she noticed something odd. So many were being used to lift the Pokemon, and on their faces, even though they were quite far away, Guardia could see heavy exertion being used. The Wailord appeared to be heavy to them, which made no sense.

    She was quite impressed with Razathiel's use of his Psychic abilities to tip the Wailord. She too found it quite comical that it had begun rolling over the enemy forces. As she noticed the damage it did, it confirmed for her again that the Wailord was definitely heavier than it was supposed to be. Something was not right with this situation. She noticed how many of the Pokemon began scrambling around the thing to prevent it from rolling anymore. Eventually, enough of them had gotten a hold of it to slow it down. Then other Psychic Pokemon began to also stop its roll, until suddenly it had come to a complete halt. The forces of Darkrai began positioning back on themselves to continue forward, with the boosted defense from a large team of Psychics now holding a barrier around the large Pokemon to prevent anymore Psychic control of it to tip it over again.

    "Why go through all the trouble?" Guardia questioned out loud, somewhat perplexed by the situation. She shook her head, and glanced at the Hyper Beam Cannons close by "Something's not right with this. When it gets close enough, fire all the cannons we have nearby. Meanwhile, stop the other Pokemon advancing!" Across the wall, other Pokemon had already begun to get close to the wall, with some occasionally reaching it and striking at it before they would fall. Darkrai's forces were advancing slowly.

    The General, now among the Gold Tribe's section of the wall, grinned as he watched the Wailord roll around. "THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO SEE!" The look in his eyes, slightly more worrying than before, screamed that this is what he was made to do. He moved along the wall at a faster rate, pushing any 'Mon who happened to be in the way out of it. "MOVE ASIDE! ALLIANCE GENERAL COMING THROUGH!" He grew closer and closer to Guardia, and when he could see her he shouted, "HEY! GOLDIE! I HAVE AN IDEA HOW TO DEAL WITH THE BATTERING RAM! I DON'T EXPECT ANYONE TO AGREE WITH ME, BUT I THINK WE HAVE TO DO IT!" Several of the GT were covering their ears, seeing as his loud voice carried out across the plains. Warren looked to the various other Tribe members to see if they were paying any attention. "JUST FOLLOW MY LEAD AND WE'LL BE FINE!"

    He swiftly, meaning at a normal 'Mon's speed, made his way back to the AA's side of the wall. "ALRIGHT MEN, I HAVE A PLAN!" He looked over the ramparts to find the enemy army approaching. They're still far enough for this to work... He slowly climbed to the top of them, a wild grin on his face. "FOLLOW ME!" And then, he jumped.

    "What? What is he doing? Is he insane?!" Guardia commented as she saw the General prepare to jump over the wall to the charging horde. "General! Get out of there, that's a deathtrap!" She yelled, but through the loud fighting and vast array of attacks being fired across the place, she doubted her voice carried over to where he was. The 'mon was legitimately insane.

    Zai ran up next to Guardia, staring at the Blastoise as he leaped into the fray. "He might be insane, but I do think he has a point," she stated. "We aren't getting too much accomplished from up here. I myself can only do so much from long-range; as an Absol, I'm more inclined to physical combat."

    She stared out at the army, contemplating her next action. "I'm tempted to join him."

    Guardia gazed upon her Absol sister, and could also sympathize. There was only so much she could do with a Thunder from this distance too. She was best close range, just as Zai was. "You know what, so am I..." Guardia muttered in response. She looked at the location of the large Wailord. It was still a ways off, so doing a little bit of up close damage below shouldn't be too much trouble for a few Gold Tribe members and a crazy General. She knew as a younger Zangoose, she would be jumping down in a heartbeat. Now, she approached it a bit more tactically.

    "Alright!" Guardia nodded. "We'll send a few tribesman down there to back up the General. Do a bit of guerrilla tactics," She declared with a smirk. She turned around to the others around her. "Skuld, Brawler, you're with me. As well as anyone else who wants to come down," Guardia stated, talking to the Absol and another Gold Tribe member close by, a Kanghaskan. "We back up the General below, and return back up when things get too hot," She turned from the two tribesmen to the others on the wall. "Keep the Cannons off of this spot while we're down here. Ready? Let's go!" She declared, following the General off the top of the wall to the plains below the city. Darkrai's forces were about to get a beatdown, Gold Tribe style.

    Zai jumped after Guardia, ready to fight. Her brother and uncle stayed behind, launching their more powerful ranged attacks as she hurtled into the battle below. She landed softly on the ground below, possessing the natural grace and acrobatic skills of the Disaster Pokémon.

    "Let's see how much damage we can do before they reach the wall!" Zai yelled, perhaps a little too excitedly. She rushed forward and immediately began attacking. She blindsided a charging Girafarig with a Sucker Punch, knocking it to the side before finishing it off with a brutal Stone Edge.

    The general, followed by at a dozen of the Alliance's braver, stronger soldiers, hit the ground with a massive thud. At the split second of impact, the general shot off an Earthquake. Combined with the momentum of fall, the earth shattered as a portion of Darkrai's army was struck by massive tremors and stones jabbing up through the ground, as a side effect of such a shift in earth. Warren let out a brave roar as he charged forward with an Aqua Jet and completely demolished any chance of a Sceptile's modeling career. The Pokémon went flying.

    "TIME TO GET SERIOUS!" The general let out another roar as he tore through the enemy army with a mixture of Waterfall and Skull Bash. He didn't care where he was, nor did he care where he was going. As long as he was smashing Pokemon along the way, he was happy. The men following him fought as hard as they could, following their general's example. It seemed that a leader willing to lead the charge, and crazy enough to jump off of a massive wall, was a leader they could follow.

    "Don't count us out!" A voice could be heard shouting above the din of battle. A green and blue shape soared into the fray and as soon as Kaveri had dismounted Cal landed in front of Guardia to report. "The West Gate is fairly secure for now, sister, I... well let's just say Kaveri and I gave our brothers and sisters over there the time they needed to reorganize their defense. They should be alright for a while." He laughed at the sight of Warren rampaging through Darkrai's soldiers. "It seems I'm not the only crazy one around here. Just the first one I guess."

    "Good work, brother!" She commented, looking back between them and the charging horde of Pokemon in front of them. "Let's show them a little something of ours now!" She cried out, turning forward and running right along with the General, crashing into a pair of Pokémon, a Ratticate, a Houndour, two Poochyena, and a few others. Over the years, Guardia had gained some notoriety with her close range combat, her claws being quite deadly. As she rammed into the Pokémon, slashing them apart one by one as she moved from one target to the next, it was easy to see why. She brought down a Crush Claw at the Raticate, sending it straight into one of the Poochyena. The other one and the Houndour both charged at Guardia, who met their own charges with a Take Down, pushing them onto the ground and knocking out all the air in them. A pair of slashes sealed the deal. She looked up and polished her claws with a Swords Dance, ready for the next bit.

    The moment her feet had touched the ground - or, the moment after she sent a brief nod of regreeting in Guardia's direction - Kaveri had shot off after the Alpha Alliance soldiers that had gone ahead. No time to waste on pleasantries for this Floatzel! She upon the enemy within moments, the rain cloud still above her head boosting her speed, then added together with Agility allowing her to rapidly cross the short distance. When she was nearly upon them, water surrounded her body and she suddenly shot forward, practically flying as the Aqua Jet doubled her speed. She slammed into the first Pokémon in front of her, a Mr. Mime, and the force of the slam sent the Pokémon flying backwards into its allies, knocking over more than a few of them. Kaveri clung to the Mr. Mime the entire way, biting into its neck with an Ice Fang to finish it off before leaping away, another Aqua Jet sending her up into the air. She barely seemed to stand still, always moving about so as to not give the enemy a chance to catch her unawares.

    Kaveri wasn't just fast, though; she had the strength to back up her attacks as well, this strength being boosted by the momentum of her movements. When she came in for a hit, as she now did with a double Aqua Tail to a Charmeleon's face, she hit hard, then moved quickly back or up into the air with another Aqua Stream. Always there and ready to strike, but always just out of reach of those who couldn't fly.

    The use of Roost had restored some of Cal's minor wounds and his energy, but his muscles still heavily protested after his use of outrage earlier, so he figured something with less punching was called for. He flew up above the area his tribemates were rampaging through and shot a huge blast of energy straight up, which then split into many blue spheres wreathed in black flames and rained down upon the field. Cal watched carefully after he began his attack and made sure none of the Draco Meteors landed on the other Gold Tribe warriors, and the ones that landed near them didn't explode, merely crushing their opponents and perhaps stopping an attack. The meteors that landed away from where his allies were fighting up close wreaked their full potential for havoc, exploding like Electrode and sending bodies flying in every direction.

    Zai dropped to the ground to avoid a Flash Cannon from a Bronzong, leaping up to attack the bell Pokémon a second later. But when she got into the air, she was hit in the side by a Megahorn, sending her flying to the side. She immediately jumped to her feet, not wanting to get caught on the ground, and faced her attacker: a Scolipede.

    "So you want to play it that way, insect?" she hissed, her muscles becoming taut as she readied herself for an attack. She let out a loud growl as sharp stones appeared in the air around her, circling her body. She launched the stones at the Scolipede, but the Bronzong moved in the way and absorbed the damage. To make things worse, other Pokémon were now closing in on her.

    To her side, a Poliwrath stood. Behind her there was a Seviper, and next to the Bronzong and Scolipede there was now a Raichu. As she hesitated, opting not to attack as she calculated possible moves in this situation, even more enemies began to crowd her. "Well, this is just no good," she muttered.

    Before she could do anything, the Scolipede charged forward with a Steamroller attack. She moved to the side, and was then assaulted by a Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon, and Venoshock all at the same time. The four moves collided directly above her, creating an intense explosion that left a crater where she had been standing.

    "And that's exactly what a Substitute is for!" Zai yelled, standing on top of an Aggron off to the side. "Now, let's all sing a little bit!" Before any of the Pokémon could respond, she opened her mouth and let out an intense, shrill, ear-splitting shriek that only intensified as time went on. Perish Song: a great move for crowds.

    Once all six pokémon were unconscious, she rained Stone Edge and Thunder down upon them, and then moved on to her next targets.

    Raz landed on the ground in another small cloud of dust. It was all fake, of course - he didn't weigh enough to provide such an impact, rather he sent a small blast of psychic force at the ground below him for effect. Everything for effect.

    "You bastards are taking all the fun down here." The Ralts snapped, heading outwards. He barely paid attention to any soldiers who approached, blasting them away with a blast of fire or lightning or psychic energy as if they were insects trying to run all over his dinner.

    Kaveri, close enough to hear the Ralts, cackled briefly though she only spared him a short glance. "It's your own fault for being slow, Tiny!" She called across the short distance between them as she ducked under a Rhyhorn's Horn Drill, slamming into the Drill Pokémon with an Aqua Jet then immediately following up with a pair of Aqua Tails, sending the Pokémon tumbling to the ground.

    Raz turned, his left eyebrow firmly raised. "What in Giratina's name did you just say to me, you condescending nitwit?" As if to make a point, he Psyshocked the head off of an approaching Arbok behind him.

    Without a moment's hesitation, Kaveri repeated, "I said, 'It's your own fault for being slow, Tiny!'" The Floatzel then hefted the decapitated body of the Arbok and swung it around, wacking multiple Pokemon around her and causing them to stumble back, giving her the opening she needed to Aqua Jet on over to each one and thwack them in the head with an Aqua Tail and Water Pulse each.

    "Do not patronize me!" The Dreadmage cried, blasting enemies away every few words. "My physical size means nothing when I can eviscerate you with a thought! Now, silence! Don't you pathetic hero types have something better to do than make meaningless comments over my stature!?"

    "Yeeeeaaah, but I've got time for both," Kaveri drawled, ducking down as a Makuhita threw an Arm Thrust on her head. She then grabbed one of its outstretched arms and flipped the fighting-type around, using its own momentum to throw it into the ground, not giving it a chance to get back up as she slammed a couple Aqua Tails into its face, knocking it out cold.

    "Yes, but you wouldn't have time for much if you ended up decapitated, would you? Egh," Razathiel turned away with a huff. "I have better things to focus on than mindless miscreants." The Dreadmage was set upon by enemies soon enough, though he propelled himself away on his staff fairly easily. He was quite nimble for a Ralts, and as much as he despised his size, it did make him a smaller target. The soldiers in front of him didn't have either of those privileges, however, and found themselves face-to-face with two blasts of Psychic and a Thunderbolt.

    Warren lifted a Magmortar straight off the ground and looked him straight in the eyes, filled with both fear and amazement. "Wha-What are you?!" He began to struggle, but was unable to break free of the titan's grip.

    Warren simply smirked and brought him closer and closer. "I..." He reared his head back into his shell, readying his Skull Bash, "I AM A WARRIOR!" His head shot out of his shell faster than one could blink and connected with the Magmortar's chest, caving it in and sending the 'Mon sailing over Darkrai's army. The general looked back to the soldiers that had followed along. So far there were multiple Goldies. Half a dozen of the soldiers that had followed him were still alive. Damn good men, Arceus save them. A silent groan left his chest. He turned around, quietly proclaiming, "They will be avenged..." With that he stomped his foot, shooting off an Earthquake. The attack broke apart a cluster of charging Tauros, sending them flying through the air.

    Warren charged forward with an Aqua Jet, flying straight into a Rhyperior. The two quickly went into a grappling match, their strength almost even. With the Aqua Jet boosting his momentum, the general over-powered his foe and slammed him straight into the ground. Before he could stand up, he blasted him straight in the chest with a Hydro Pump, eviscerating his body. The Blastoise's cannons could pierce concrete from miles away. A 'Mon's chest was no big deal.

    General Karkanos turned to his fellow soldiers, a Machamp, Charizard, Poliwrath, Granbull, Chesnaught, and Marowak, and cried out, "WE'VE ALMOST GOT THEM! THEY MAY HAVE BROUGHT HELL UPON US, BUT WE'RE THE DEMONS HERE!" The Blastoise turned and launched another Waterfall. One would almost pity Darkrai's army.

    As Guardia fought alongside her other brothers and sisters, as well as the General and a few Alpha Alliance soldiers, she was quite impressed. The Gold Tribe were one thing. She had trained with many of them, and fought alongside them as well. She expected them to be strong, but she was quite impressed with the General as well as his 'mon with him. Even beyond that, she followed the movements of the small Ralts as well, finding his power unexpected and quite remarkable. With the ground team making a dent, she felt this part of the wall was well in their favor. This was the amazing thing, how a few strong, charismatic fighters could make the difference between a victory and a defeat.

    As she looked out into the army, however, Guardia noticed that the Wailord far away was now closing in on the wall. Her gut told her that staying here on the ground would be unwise. Besides, with the Wailord close enough, the Hyper Beam Cannons could now do some damage to it, hopefully stopping its movements. She didn't like the way the 'mon who followed Darkrai gathered around the large 'mon. There was something off about it.

    "Back to the wall, brothers and sisters! Let the Hyper Beam Cannons take that thing down!" Guardia ordered her Gold Tribe members. She looked on at the others along the field. "General! Razorsphiel! We're pulling back to the wall! You should come with us!" With that warning, Guardia proceeded back to the wall, crashing into a Starly who flew too low, jumping up as it passed beside her and slashing its neck, causing it to spiral down to the ground. Guardia waited along the wall as the rest of the Pokemon below returned, and prepared the Hyper Beam Cannons. She also prepared her own attacks, figuring giving it a bit of everything would be the best idea.

    Zai jumped past the Pokémon that remained around her, launching a few attacks to do as much damage as possible as she retreated alongside Guardia. They had managed to do a decent amount of damage to their foes, but there was still something off about them using a giant balloon as a battering ram.

    "Any ideas about the Wailord?" Zai yelled to Guardia once she caught up to her. "Or is this an attack now, ask questions later type of scenario?"

    The General and his men began to fall back, slowly but steadily. "AS YOU COMMAND, GOLDIE!" Warren's cannons gushed out water with the force to propel an average Wailord. He and his men fell back to the wall. A grimace crossed his face as he realized that he had not planned a route back to the top. "I'M GOING TO THE GATE, GUARDIA. WE'LL HOLD OFF THERE!" All but the Charizard were unable to climb the wall, so they all gathered around the general. "LET'S GO!" It seemed as if Warren had one volume.

    As they arrived around the gate, the Alpha Alliance soldiers formed a semi-circle around the opening doors. "MAKE SURE NOTHING GETS THROUGH! KEEP IT NICE AND SAFE FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T CLIMB THE WALL!" He took his own position in the center of the semi-circle.
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    Obsidian, Alexandre, and Abel - Network Point One

    "Oh come now Obsidian." Alexandre said as he glanced over at the three that had arrived, "Just stay calm is all."

    "I am calm!" He snapped at the Gardevoir, "This is SO not good!" He groaned. "They're going to kill us all!" He hissed.

    "Maybe you should turn your voice down?" Alexandre advised as he tapped his cane on the ground, "Still, I think they will hardly provide a challenge." He stated as he just snorted, "The GT are strong, far stronger than any other living beings. They will handle them quite easily and that will be that. Remember, keep your mouth shut too." He advised.

    Abel approached from the side, seeing that the current Network Point was in some sort of turmoil, but unsure of what the current situation really was. Off to the side, he noticed a few Pokemon who were trying to make a concentrated effort to hide from something. He quickly approached them, also in hiding, and spoke to them in a voice barely above a whisper. "What's the current situation here?"

    Obsidian yelped and quickly turned about, ready to strike, but Alexandre held his hand, "Easy." He said, "Ah, hello there." He said with a small bow, "There is no need to worry, the GT have this." He said cheerfully as he pointed back to where the three brutal pokemon were, "Just a bit of a small distraction is all friend."

    "Small distraction my ass!" Obsidian snapped, "Did you not hear those loud explosions Al-er, Richard?" He said quickly,

    Alexandre waved off his concern, "The SEC and GT have this place secured my friend. This is just a small mishap is all." He said to Abel.

    Abel eyed the 'mon curiously, looking around as Pokemon panicked and three particularly strong-looking ones were the source of the mayhem, it seemed. "Sure doesn't look like anything is secure. I just heard from a stupid Ninjask that Network Point Three was destroyed," He responded somewhat annoyed. "Looks like these guys are here to finish the job..." He shook his head and cursed under his breath. "If that happens, I won't be able to get back to Beatruce to warn everyone...I have to stop them."

    Obsidan just blinked at them, "Uh... are you SERIOUS?" He asked. "I mean, no offense I'm sure you're a good guy and all, but these guys are CRAZY! I mean, they get... what out of serving Darkrai? Penance has told me all about him! It's bad news to even get close to the guy!"

    "And there goes your tongue." Alexandre remarked as Obsidian quickly covered his mouth, "S**t." The Weavile muttered, "Look, you didn't hear that alright?" He said quickly.

    Abel didn't show it when the 'mon mentioned Penance, but he knew at that moment that they were probably Seekers. Even in Beatruce, the name of the Madman was fairly well known now, especially among the Gold Tribe. The Seekers have a base set up there, and Penance has been known to pass through on occasion. However, he was less concerned about their status and what they were trying to do than stopping the Network from getting destroyed.

    "I didn't hear a thing," Abel replied hastily, in an almost uncaring manner.

    "Right." Obsidian said with a wink, "So... you really want to go at them?" He stepped out of the way and nodded, "Be my guest. Given they are with Darkrai they'll probably bust out their chaos forms soon... though why they haven't yet is odd.... but I don't think we'll be staying around for that!" He said as he grabbed Alex's hand and tried to tug him along, "Come on the line is shorter!"

    Alex pulled right away and huffed, "We must be on the lookout." He said as he tapped his cane on the ground, "Though our fine fellow here seems to have the right idea. Calm and collected is the way to be."

    "Yeah, let's see how that turns up when that Machamp over there rips open your spleen!" Obsidian countered.

    Alexandre just chuckled, "A magician has secrets too. So then, shall it be a frontal assault? I always tend to go behind the back so that might work a bit better."

    Abel rolled his eyes at these cast of characters and their ramblings. If they kept talking, it would most likely defeat the purpose of a surprise assault to begin with. Regardless, Abel did find one thing they said interesting. Although he had never before believed in Darkrai and the chaos forms, at least he didn't care enough to deny or confirm that he did, now that he knew for sure it was true, he expected they were right. The only problem was...they weren't showing it. Which meant that there could be a good chance they weren't even chaotic to begin with. Nonetheless, he expected that if they weren't, they'd be pretty strong foes.

    "Speaking of guys are Seekers," He stated as a fact, without their confirmation. "If they are actually strong, being that they're with Darkrai, I may need an advantage going in. If they split up, give me some sort of distraction to start off with, so I can get a good leg in," He told them. He didn't bother asking whether they had the capability to do so, or whether they would do it for a Gold Tribe member to begin with. He simply addressed them as if they would. In Abel's mind, either a Pokemon was useful, or they weren't.

    Alexandre blinked a bit, "Well I am not a seeker good sir, but I can' help." He said with a smirk, "A magic show is always a distraction." He said as he looked at the rogues and then flicked his cloak out to the side. As he did so a needle suddenly flew out from it and right at the Machamp. "I find anger to work well enough." He stated calmly.

    Obsidian just gasped out and quickly raised his guard, "Dammit! That guy will pummel me into next week!"

    "Then just don't get caught by him. You're fast enough Obsidian." He said calmly.

    "Oh, so we're already ditching our false names!?" Obsidian asked angrily.

    "Yes, we might as well. You'll only get confused." He said with a light smirk as Obsidian fumed.

    The Machamp quickly reacted at the point where he was stung by the needle, and looked around for his enemy. "Which one of you bastards pulled that off?!" The large 'mon yelled, flexing two of his arms. Abel cursed under his breath. He didn't intend for them to do it right away! And he didn't intend for his target to be picked out for him...he would have preferred the Ariados. As it was though, it had to be the Machamp. Abel snuck around and lay in wait, prepared to strike.

    Alexandre just yawned and smirked at the big fighter, "Come at us big boy." He said softly.

    "Hey! He'll pulverize me!" Obsidian cried out.

    Alex just smirked, "Then I shall handle him alone." He gave Obsidian his cane as he walked on out, "Shall we duke it out fine fellow?" He asked with a growing grin.

    The Machamp noticed the Gardevoir step forward, and grinned at him. "You got some balls on ya," He spat, cracking a pair of knuckles on each hand and then bashing his four hands together. Abel palmed his face in the shadows, not expecting them to simply go out in the open and attract the 'mon's attention like that. The Machamp took off from his spot, leaving the place shaking with each step he took. He charged the 'mon, bringing his two upper hands up above his face as he prepared to slam him into oblivion. Abel already was on the way out, cursing as he did so as he prepared to intercept the Machamp.

    However, before he was two meters from the Gardevoir, the Machamp suddenly went dizzy, and closed his eyes as he was still charging. He suddenly fell to the floor with a mighty thud, and when his two arms which were attacking slammed onto the ground, it produced a fairly powerful shock on the ground. Abel looked at the knocked out Machamp curiously, wondering what happened.

    "Always wait for the trick to finish." Alex said calmly, "You can secure the others I presume? We'll just keep watch over him." Alexandre walked up and sat on the slumbering Machamp. "Well go along." He said with a smile.

    Obsidian made his way over as he sat down with a grumble, "Show off."

    Abel eyed the Gardevoir who now sat on top of the Machamp, and pondered curiously. The sleeping show was impressive. He didn't expect to stop the 'mon so easily. But he had to wonder, if he hadn't been stopped, what would have happened? He looked around at the damage the Machamp had just done from his two fists stomping on the ground when he was on his way down. It created an earth-shattering crater a few meters wide, and that was on less power than intended. These 'mon were tough, no question about it. And there were two more to deal with.

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      King of the Drunken Claw

      The Ariados grinned maliciously, separating from his two compatriots in order to cause his own bit of deviousness. It shot a String Shot at an escaping Alpha Alliance soldier, a Machop, who was caught under his web and thrown at a fairly power force from one side of the field to the other. Though it didn't appear as such from his size, the Ariados, known as Jugen by his close associates, was among the most durable and tough Bug Pokemon in his part of the world.

      "To the Network now, yes?" He said out loud, speaking to no one in particular as he pushed and jabbed any 'mon in his way as he began weaving his way toward the Network.

      "To the Network he says! To the Network!" The Scyther shouted from a nearby rooftop - gripped onto it very tightly with his claws for a fear he could fall off. Charlie carried the same casuality he did with just about every other conversation he took - but seemingly he wasn't even aware of the situation or the danger he was in. "So why are we all goin' to the Network anyway? They got more to drink there or somethin'? I could sure be after that."

      "More to dri-" Jugen began as his eyes glared over to the Scyther on the rooftop, before realizing the situation he was in. "Ooh, I see now. Another victim of the festival, I see. I'm not quite sure whether to pity you fools the most, or whether you should consider yourselves lucky that you don't know what is happening." He stated, as he began weaving a web across the road and up toward the Scyther.

      "Either way, whether your brain can interpret what I say or not, I think I'll leave you with the knowledge that I go to destroy the Network, and you could not do anything to stop me because of your...current state," He added with a maniacal grin. "Perhaps when you sober up you'll realize that...or perhaps you will just die here with all the rest."

      "Hey... hey. That's not cool. I can perfectly interpret everything both of ya are sayin', and I don't like none of it - I am not a victim of the festival at all, buddy and I don't want yer pity! I'm just happily pissed out of my mind!" Charlie released the one claw he had buried in the rooftops, raising it into a position that made him look dangerously close to taking a fighting stance. "And I don't like it either that you've just come by here and bugged me to me last nerve! I'll cut ya for it even you know! I'm bored enough 'a hearin' ya talk!" With that, Charlie pitched forward, in a motion clearly intended as a graceful flying Fury Swipe, but instead found more headway as a slightly more organised version of falling over with a Fury Swipe tacked onto the end - ending somewhat spectacularly on his face.

      The Ariados opened its eyes in sudden surprise, and tried to leap back away from the falling Scyther, only narrowly avoiding the powerful slash. He came a lot closer than Jugen intended, which did not suit well with the spider. "I was considering just letting you die in your own drunken misery, but if you want to play it that way, feel the full weight of my arsenal!"

      Jugen prepared himself, his eyes glowing a strange, mysterious color as he began unleashing a Swagger upon the Scyther. "I am called the Master Manipulator where I hail from. Countless foes have suffered at the skill of my illusions, only to kill themselves before they even know what is going on!" As the Ariados was unleashing his ability to confuse the Scyther, he urgently spun his web over to the other side of the 'mon to begin confusing him in terms of the bug's position. Then, he released a powerful Toxic onto the 'mon, intent on causing it more pain.

      "Do you see? I am unstoppable when you fall under my traps!" He exclaimed loudly, now beginning to form a double team, only further intending to bewilder the inebriated Scyther's mind.

      Under the power of the venom, Charlie choked a little. "Holy Arceus! I didn't think there was anything that tasted worse than that sh*t Snype told 'em to serve up!" With a crude lurch, he was now beginning to suspect he was in a fight with an Ariados. After all, now he could see three of them instead of just two, it made the picture that little bit clearer - but he could swear only two of them came over to ruin his day - maybe the one on its own didn't have a problem with him today.

      Even stranger, Charlie felt even stronger than he had before, albeit no less drunk. "I swear to Arceus, like really now, I'm like a machamp. Like a really not sober machop." Between the recent impact to his face and the fact he was generally off his face, Charlie figured he couldn't feel any worse no matter what this creepy spider decided to do to him - so what better to do than make a quick buck? Charlie decided he wasn't much keen on keeping up this fight, but these Ariados were smaller than he was - he stuck his claws forward, aiming for the world's least subtle theft; skewer the bags, body tackle the Ariados and take to the sky!

      Once more, Jugen was caught by surprise as the Scyther came rushing in, almost as if ignoring the fact that he had poison running through his system, a nauseating confusion to deal with, and a Double Team to throw him off. Yet the Scyther seemed to surpass each one of the obstacles and go straight in for the Ariados with ease! No Pokemon had managed to so easily maneuver around his manipulative fighting abilities like that before. Jugen tried to move out of the way from the apparent slash attack, but was struck across his front leg, slashing at it. He hadn't expected to get hit before, which was the reason he usually allowed for a Swagger to boost the enemies' attack. As he found out, that was a big mistake.

      Jugen screeched in pain, clutching the front leg with its pinsir. "Who...what are you? How did you manage past my manipulations so easily?" The angry, bewildered Ariados launched a sludge bomb toward the Scyther, hoping to further incapacitate him.

      "Yeah, you want me to let you in on a little secret? I'm dru-" Charlie was cut off from finishing his explanation as he found himself almost drowned by an explosion of noxious sludge. Knocked yet again, to the ground, the Scyther wasted no time in returning to his feet, although he certainly needed to waste time steadying himself once he had.

      "Just die already!" The Ariados screamed, readying a Poison sting to try and finish the 'mon off. There was no way any Pokemon could take that much poison into the body without feeling the effects. At least, this is was Jugen believed. He was at a point where this entire fight was making no sense, and so he was making large steps out of his comfort zone to see it finished.

      "Okay, enough 'a this foul-tasting crap is enough! I'm gonna end ya!" Charlie had seen enough of this battle in equal parts. He shot inadvisably high into the air - only dodging more poison thanks to fortunate happenstance - before he dived hard and fast back to the earth, claws extended in what would make for a spectacle if his flightpath were straight - claws ready, he would show the power of a true Aerial Ace!

      The Aerial Ace came at Jugen from above in a way so unpredictable and uneven that the Ariados literally had no idea what to make of it. His pattern, if he even had one, seemed jumbled, random. Jugen literally didn't know if he was going left or right, as he seemed to be doing both every few seconds. Jugen scurried to the left across his webs, then back the other way, trying to avoid the claws. Yet everywhere he would go, he was simply intercepted and forced back the other way. "How is this even possible!?" He yelled, and was struck full force by the Aerial Ace, the powerful claws delivering right into the top of the head of the Ariados. It writhed and screamed in pain and anger, falling off of its web and onto the ground. The spider 'mon tried to clutch at its head and stop the bleeding, but instead wriggled uncontrollably around in its own blood.

      "So, lemme give you a little hint... I've been drunk for the last..." Charlie seemed to take a second to count off on his claws "... half of my life. Ain't no crazy mind games gonna throw me off my game, because I am just to dumb to trick, ya futz." Seemingly unaware of the damage he'd caused, he held his claw against his stomach. He could feel that the combination of a lot of alcohol and now some added poison was about to have... a very predictable effect - but he had at least time for one more line before he scurried away in search of a more secluded place to evacuate his stomach - "Oh! And whatever evil thing ya were gonna do, don't do it!" With his last warning, the urgency of the other matter took a hold and the Scyther took to his wings to have something to hide behind.
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      Lyn "Guardia" Reed - The Wall of Gold City

      The Wailord was massive. As it closed in on the wall, Guardia could see it was larger than a normal Wailord as it towered over the other Pokemon below it. Still, she couldn't quite explain why so many carried it as if it had a weight about it. Usually the Pokemon was known to be notoriously light, but that didn't seem to be the case at all. Guardia's first reactions were that the large steel armor chained down across its skin were what was carrying it down. Yet as it came closer, and as she saw the massive amount of Pokemon which were carrying it, she couldn't help but feel there was more to it. Something was wrong here, and she didn't want to find out.

      "Damn it," She cursed, seeing General Warren and the other Pokemon unable to reach the top of the wall, instead electing to remain on the ground and hold the forces off. Guardia knew the size of the army, with Pokemon constantly reaching the wall along certain points and causing some damage. Although no terrible damage was done yet, she expected eventually that the area would be too hot for them to remain. She would have preferred if they would pull out sooner rather than later. "Tell the gatemaster to open up the main gate and let the General and his men in," Guardia ordered to a fellow Gold Tribe member. "I don't want him to stay out there, crazy bastard," She added with a grin. The General was under no obligation to follow Guardia's request. She wasn't in command of him after all. She just didn't want him to die, not after the incident with Grett.

      The armies continued their approach, along with the large Wailord. Pokemon from other close points around the wall, Guardia would notice, seemed to be gathered toward it, as if it were a symbol of some sort, or an offering to Darkrai. It was all quite ominous, and she wouldn't have any of it. "Move the Hyper Beam Cannons onto the Wailord," She ordered the 'mon around. "Have everyone of them in range focus on the Wailord."

      The Hyper Beam Cannons instantly began falling into position. Each one had about one shot in them before the Wailord would be too close to stop anymore. Which meant they would have a few chances to shoot at the thing to bring it down. Guardia intended to use every shot she could. The Wailord was close enough, and she didn't want to risk waiting anymore. "Fire!" She announced, bringing the wrath of the Alpha Alliance's most powerful weapons to the helm. The two nearest cannons fired off into the Wailord. Instantly, many of the flying Pokemon and Pokemon around reacted. Thankfully, because of the Sentinel's fighting earlier in the skies and General Warren's and the other Gold Tribe's fighting on the plains below, along with Razathiel's Psychic mayhem, not as many Pokemon were gathered around it as would probably have been the case earlier.

      Nonetheless, the first shot was intercepted by a pool of flying Pokemon: Zubats, Pidgeys, Aerodactyls, Archeops, and more all flew in with large teams and caused the large blasts to fall on their targets prematurely. Because not as many were in the skies, one of the blasts managed to partially blast through the flying 'mon and strike the Wailord. It didn't react to the pain, further making Guardia conclude that the...thing was not alive. But it did cause the Wailord to tumble a bit, and its large armor plating to crumble on certain parts of its body. As more white glow surrounded the area coming from the powerful Hyper Beam Cannon blasts, more Pokemon of Darkrai's army were thrown in front to prevent it. But Guardia was adamant to see the thing brought down. It was clear now it was an object of considerable danger. Hyper Beam Cannons targeted across the beast, at the ground and the upper levels to prevent its advance, but still the beast tugged on.

      Due to the considerably less numbers around from earlier's defense, blasts did manage to get through, and with each step there was faltering. But it wasn't quick enough. The Wailord was right beside the wall now, carried on the backs of the many hundreds of Pokemon, many of whom were dying from the mayhem the Alpha Alliance unleashed. Until finally, the weight of the beast could not be held up any longer, and it fell before having reached the wall. A unusually large thud was heard on the Wailord as it fell in place, not a few meters away from the wall and the main gate, where General Warren was presumed to be standing, had he not already gone inside as Guardia hoped he did.
      Slowly, the plating across the Wailord's hide began to crumble, and revealed was the plain, dead skin of the 'mon. As the last bit of the armor fell off, the Wailord's mouth was revealed, and even so slowly, it began to open, as if it were being forced open. Guardia watched cautiously as this happened, trying to see if any of the Hyper Beam Cannons were recharged yet. She narrowed her eyes, looking down at the bottom of the beast and watching as something slipped out of the mouth. It appeared to be a ball. A ball, split down the middle between the colors of red and white. An Electrode. One other such 'mon followed it out, followed by another, and a dozen more, and a dozen more. And as they poured out, they began to glow.

      "Sh*t," Guardia cursed. She inhaled deeply and tried to call out to all that could hear. "GET AWAY FROM THE GA-"


      The first explosion occurred, followed simultaneously by the next in a chain reaction. Guardia was blinded first by the brilliant white explosion, akin similarly to the might of a Hyper Beam Cannon, only amplified in its intensity to a single point across the wall: the main gate. Or rather, just beside it. Then came the actual explosion, shaking the wall she stood on, and blasting rock, stone and dirt across the skies to oblivion. All she could hear was the rumbling and the sound of a large, loud, continuous, destructive eruption. Then, she felt her body catch flight from the shockwave, and carried off to the other side of the wall into the city.

      She didn't know how long she lay there. She couldn't tell. The explosion seemed to go on forever. When it finally did settle, Guardia found herself lying around crumbled stone and a broken tree branch. There was smoke as high as the eyes could see, and small fires all across the area. She frantically looked around for any sign of her brothers and sisters who stood beside her on the wall, or General Warren or any of his men. She saw none of them at that moment. What she did see, however, was the main gate of Gold City. Half of it was blown completely off, and large parts of the wall was damaged or crumbling in that area. Soon after the dust, smoke and bodies were removed, the armies of Darkrai would come forward at the opening the Wailord provided, and have a footing right into the city.

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        General Warren "Devastator" Karkanos - What Used to Be the Gate of Gold City

        The six brave soldiers, including the general, staved off attack after attack. Nothing was getting past the few, brave soldiers. When one digs their heels in, it takes a tremendous amount of force to move them. Now the general...He's another story. The Blastoise, as stubborn as he was, had not budged an inch as he fought off Darkrai's soldiers, even with the Wailord getting closer and closer. "GOOD JOB MEN! KEEP HOLDING THEM OFF!" The enemy couldn't make it through. The Wailord was far enough away to not provide an immediate threat.

        As it got closer, the Hyper Beam Cannons opened fire on the massive battering ram. Hundreds, possibly thousands of soldiers threw themselves in the cannons way. It seemed that these men were almost as fanatical as the general. "Brave little buggers..." Warren growled as he blasted away the opposition directly in front of him.

        The gates opened slowly as a Gold Tribe member, a Lopunny on the other side cried out, "General, Guardia told me to let you guys in! Get in, sir!"

        Warren simply laughed at the order. "GOLDIE'S GOT NO POWER OVER ME! MEN, GET IN THERE! THAT'S AN ORDER!" The Blastoise wasn't leaving. Destruction had to be caused!

        The Poliwrath stepped forward in protest, "General, we won't leave you! Come on!"

        Warren grinned as his voice dropped for the first time, "There there, laddie. I'll be fine. It'll take more than an army to kill me." He pushed the Poliwrath inside the gate. "Everyone in! NOW!" He barked. The soldiers followed suit. As the last man entered the gate, the general turned to find the Wailord toppled over, the armor knocked off. "CLOSE THE GATE!" He roared, and assisted in pushing the gate shut. When the gate closed shut, he turned to the Wailord. Oddly, its mouth was forced open. "What in Arceus' name..." Warren watched carefully, his eyes narrowed.

        An Electrode popped out. He heard a cry from the wall, "EVERYONE GET AWAY FROM THE GA-"


        There was a flash as the group of Electrodes exploded, and the general had a front row view. "DEAR ARCEUS!" The explosion rocked the wall and the gate. The explosion lasted a life time, and the light was blinding. Nobody could have predicted the destructive force of the Wailord.

        As the explosions ended and the smoke died down, the gate was revealed to be in shambles. Rubble laid all around the entrance. Surely nobody could have survived...The wreckage consisted of cobblestones, hinges of the gate, leftover Wailord, and a shell...Wait a second...A shell?

        Warren popped out of his shell quickly with a laugh. He boomed across the field, "TRY HARDER NEXT TIME, DARKRAI!" The Blastoise roared as he clinched his fists. "NOBODY TRIES TO KILL ME AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" He spat some blood out and brought his cannons out. "YOU BETTER PRAY THAT YOU HAVE YOUR ANCIENTS AROUND!" Normally one would be weak of will when nearly blown to pieces, but not one of the two Alpha Alliance generals. He only seemed more pissed off than usual.

        If it weren't for the troupe of soldiers that arrived to drag him back into the city, he would have marched straight into the approaching army. The Poliwrath from before struggled to contain the seething general. "SIR, WE HAVE TO FALL BACK! THERE'S JUST TOO MANY OF THEM!"

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        Network Point 3: Snype, Ripper, and Anna

        Snype was starting to feel bored... he was still on edge protecting the building but things were way too quiet. All of the fighting must have been happening over at Network Point one. The silence was probably a good thing. Snype's leg was just dangling on the edge of the walkway up above as he rested on his back. He'd occasionally get up to watch the groups of civilians teleporting their selves out of the city. "Maaaann...think they just gave up on this network point or something? Kehehe. Probably didn't expect it to start moving to some new location eh?" Snype said aloud. He turned his head over to Anna. "So what do you do around here anyways? I don't think I caught your name. Humor me. Kehe. I'm kinda bored up here." Snype said, showing off that big toothy grin of his.

        Annabelle had been scanning the floor of the Display Building since she arrived up on the walkway, intent on catching any error that could occur. She was no expert and once they came into the building and things seemed calm (despite the chaos outside) she felt tired. Anna had no way of knowing if her efforts were worth the time. Snype the King of Thieves was also up on the walkway watching the citizens below more intently (and effectively, Anna was sure) than she was.

        "I'm... Just a scientist," Anna replied at Snype's question. "I came down to the festival to admire and congratulate my colleagues on their good work." She had no display of her own here which was a painful fact after the events passed occurred. "And my name is Annabelle." After a small smile she returned Snype's question. "What did you come here for? I can't imagine you were invited."

        Snype smiled and hung upside down from his little spot on the second floor walkway. "Kehe, not really common knowledge of the public, but me and the thieves actually WERE invited to this festival. Kehehe. Just a bit of past history with the previous war and all of that. Long story. I probly don't gotta introduce myself but, the name's Snype. Kehe." He said. "I actually came down here to have fun an party! Figured the thieves could liven things up. But that Darkrai fella decided to ruin everything and now here I am defending the city. Wouldn't do any good for the thieves if Gold City suddenly disappeared." He added with a small sigh.

        "You were? I must have missed your arrival at the entrance," Anna began, "though it seems odd that there wouldn't be some commotion around you. Especially with the amount of thieves that I suspect are here," she finished with a small laugh. It felt odd to her, though. Laughing at a time like this. At the mention of Darkrai, Annabelle let out a heavy sigh. "I didn't even see him arrive." At the time she had been occupied by something else and only knew Darkrai was even in the city from the sudden commotion. "I never got the chance to ask anyone how he got here. Do you know?"

        Snype chuckled at that. "Kehehe, oh you wouldn't have seen us enter. We have other ways to get into the city~ Kehehe. That's none of your business though!" He said with a hearty laugh. "As for Darkrai, I don't even know how he was able to return so soon... its only been thirty years and all. I just wonder how Gabe got in undetected. Maybe he also has other ways inside the city? I was hoping to find out but he ended up escaping. Thankfully we stopped him from blowing up the network but... gah... that misfire... blast that Golduck." Snype added.

        Anna would have asked who Gabe was (though she could presume he was the Greninja she had a glance of before going back to her work with the Network Point) but there was something else that caught her attention. "Other ways into the city?" He said it was none of her business and she would agree and not ask if it hadn't caught her attention so quickly! Annabelle hoped what she was about to ask would be too much, but... How could it be? In a situation like this! "Does that mean you have other ways out of the city as well...?"

        Snype smirked. "Heh, your the first one to actually catch on! Nobody questioned why the king of thieves was never spotted at the gate. kehehe. The others don't seem too insightful. I doubt Gabe would have taken our route. Its guarded 24/7. keheh. But yeah. We have another way out but its too cramped to fit the entire population. I have it as a last resort honestly..."

        "I'll take my chances with the Networks while they're still active before I divert citizens to a criminal's secret way out," Ripper added in with a minor snarl. He had been listening to the two converse from afar, and jumped in then to let his feelings be heard. He was adamant as it was to be working so closely with Thieves. "That's why protecting this place is so important now."

        Snype nodded. "Right. Besides, if he took that route, then I'd be notified. Kehe. The traps we have set there aren't easy to get through without setting off. My guess is that they may have been living in Gold City for a few years now waiting to strike... they all blend with the crowd pretty easily ya know." Snype said.

        "It only begs the questions then: if they were in here for so long, how much do they know? How deep are their connections? And why didn't they attack sooner?" Ripper asked. He didn't expect the King of Thieves or Annabelle to have the answers, but he still had far too many questions without an answer.

        "Well unless they have some kinda of network like we do its kinda hard to say. That Greninja seemed to insist that his plan was well thought out though. Unless there's records for all of the civilians in Gold City I doubt we'll be able to find out if they've been in here, or if they slipped inside during all the chaos." Snype said, giving off a sigh.

        "That doesn't look like it's hap-"

        The Display Building began to shake violently. Pokemon on the inside screamed in fear and a bright light coming from the south of the city just permeated Ripper's vision. The shaking lasted a good twenty seconds before the brilliant light calmed down and the rumbling ceased. "What the hell? That wasn't a Hyper Beam Cannon!"

        Ripper squinted his eyes, looking through the window at the point where the rumbling seemed to originated. He couldn't tell from here, but a large smoke cloud began to rise from the area. "It's coming from the main gates, I think. Arceus...what is happening?"

        Annabelle braced herself while the building shook, half expecting the walkway to fall from under them. A sigh of relief came from her when it didn't, but the Pokemon below them weren't feeling the same way. Standing up she called down to them with a few other members to remind them to stay calm. As long as they were relaxed they would be safe soon. She hoped at least.

        "Is there anyone who could tell us what's happening?" Annabelle asked Ripper. "Whatever that was might mean this place won't be safe for long."

        "We have to find out," Ripper insisted. He let out a deep sigh, knowing he would have to ask the thieves for a favor, but in desperate times, he had no choice. He looked over at Snype. "We need someone agile to head over there and report back to us so we know the situation. I would go but..." He glanced back over to the Network and the panicking 'mon desperate to try and get out of the city.

        Snype had dropped down from his spot on the walkway after the sudden earthquake. He was quick to respond to Ripper. "Kehe, yeah. I could send a Ninjask out there but I got a bad feeling that won't be enough. I'll head on over. It's the gold tribes job to protect the citizens after all right? We're just nosey little criminals! Kehe" Snype said, throwing a small wink. "I'll send a Ninjask back with a report. Any other thieves will remain here to protect the network until everyone is evacuated." Snype explained.

        "Alright then," Ripper declared with a nod. "If you see Guardia...if you see my brothers out there let them know whats going on with the Network Points too."

        "Gotcha. Was kinda hoping to run into her again out there." Snype said as he headed right out the door and waved to Ripper. He felt uneasy leaving this network point unguarded, but at least a majority of the population was making it out. Though that'd only make that network point an easier target. "Don't you dare lose this Ripper. Get everyone out. Kehe. Cuz otherwise I have no idea where they're gonna be staying after this~. Kehe" Snype added before heading right off to investigate.

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        Network Point One: Golden Honey
        Gaia, Desmond, the Over Sized Honey Pot, and Abel

        The Ursaring proceeded forward, while his two companions proceeded off to other advancing points next to the Network. They would circle around together and join in the center where the Network Point was, and be done with it. He didn't want to drag this on any longer than he had to. A pair of Alpha Alliance soldiers, a Gloom and Raichu, stepped forward to challenge him. He admired their bravery...for about two seconds. Then he shook his head at their sheer stupidity. They had clearly seen what he had done to their General moments before.

        "S-s-stop!" The Gloom commanded shakily. "We will not let you pa-"

        Before the Gloom could finished, the Ursaring grabbed the Pokemon's neck, lifted him off of the ground, and then slammed him headfirst straight into the ground. The concrete floors of the collapsed below the impact point, the weight of the Ursaring's slam caving it in. The floor around was now mixed with the blood of the Gloom and the broken roads of the street. The Raichu looked helplessly at the mangled body of the Gloom, and took a few steps back. The Ursaring brought his claws out and impaled the 'mon, before he could plead, or run, or beg, or fight back, or whatever other useless action he was about to perform. The Raichu spat out blood, looking below at the hand inside of his stomach, before he began to writhe in pain. The Ursaring then proceeded to toss the Raichu across the road to the other side. He didn't wish to hear anymore crying or screaming 'mon, no more than he had to. It was quite annoying.

        "If the rest of you will just move out of my way now, we can make this as painless as possible. Except the Psychics. Their necks break."

        There was a loud snarl as Gaia the Houndoom leaped at the Ursaring, biting down on the bear's neck with a Fire Fang. The Ursaring let out a roar and threw the Houndoom off, placing a paw to his scorched fur.

        "It will be your neck that breaks, bear," Gaia snarled, his fangs bared. Desmond ran up next to him a moment later, growling in a similar fashion.

        "We won't be allowing you to leave this place alive," Desmond stated simply, his growl giving a gravely undertone to his voice. He and Gaia began to circle the Ursaring, their shoulders hunched and legs ready to pounce. When they were on either side of the bear, they each loosed a Flamethrower, dowsing the area in flames.

        The Ursaring snarled, rampaging through the fire as if it were a brick wall of some sort. He burst through the flames, his shoulder being lit on fire in the process. As he emerged from the other side, he patted the side of his shoulder with his claws, putting out the fire, and struck at the ground beside him. The earth below cracked and broke apart, traveling across the path in a mighty blow which shook the buildings across. The Earthquake eventually traveled outward, breaking apart two nearby buildings by collapsing the foundation around it, and tearing up rock and stone like it were paper. Pokémon around collapsed and fell, and eventually the broken up earth traveled toward Gaia and Desmond in a powerful earth attack.

        Gaia immediately launched himself into the air and avoided the attack, but Desmond was a bit more heavy-footed. A crevasse opened up beneath him and his back legs dropped into the chasm, forcing him to hang on with only his front claws. Gaia landed next to him and pulled him up quickly, before the Ursaring could ambush them.

        "A little sluggish, cat?" Gaia grunted at Desmond, mixing an insult and a tease, as most of his banter with Desmond went.

        Desmond smirked and turned back to the Ursaring. He glanced to either side to observe the citizens that were sprawling to get further away from the fight, but the area was crowded enough to make retreat difficult. They were going to have to contain this damage to prevent any more casualties. Desmond let out a Noble Roar that resounded through the area, and then he glanced back at Gaia. "Cover your ears, brother."

        He positioned his paws to give himself some traction, and then roared with a Hyper Voice in the direction of the Ursaring. Gaia ran to the side and came up to attack the bear with a Foul Play while he was distracted.

        The Ursaring instantly went for a Bulk Up when Desmond gave off a Noble Roar. While in the process of doing this, however, he didn't have anywhere to run when the Hyper Voice was busted out. He stood his ground, taking the voice directly across his body, his fur standing up and his ears getting punctured by the shrilling sound. He was forced a step back, but quickly reaffirmed his position and moved forward again.

        From his behind, he felt immense pain strike at him, the strong pain originating from the Foul Play. However, he put aside the pain for a moment, focusing still on the target in front of him. He made a running start, leaping into the air in such a manner not usually reserved for many Ursaring. Then, he lifted his hand up, and brought his arm down toward the one who made the Hyper Voice at him with a Hammer Arm. The impact of the shot collapsed the ground around, crumbling it into specks of dust and cracked blocks. Any other Pokémon within force were knocked back and flung like leaves in the wind. The ferocity of this Ursaring could not be denied.

        Desmond jumped back, taking a huge amount of damage but while managing to avoid taking a direct hit. If a small area of contact was that painful, he didn't want to give the Ursaring the pleasure of hitting him head-on. It wouldn't end well for the Pyroar, especially against a move with a type advantage.

        Gaia moved back next to Desmond, keeping his eyes on the Ursaring. "You okay?"

        "Not really, but I'll live." Desmond glared at the bear, feeling heat coursing through his mane. They would either have to incapacitate the bear with a status ailment, or take him on full force. The problem with status ailments was Ursaring's ability in Guts, which could make him even deadlier if he wasn't weakened enough first.

        "Let's burn this over sized honey pot," Desmond growled. He spat a few flames at Gaia, which were absorbed thanks to the Houndoom's Flash Fire ability.

        "Thanks," Gaia said, nodding. A little charge could go a long way. They both ran at the bear once more, flames trailing from their footsteps. When they got close, Desmond hurled himself into the air high above the Ursaring, and Gaia ducked under the bear. From above, the Pyroar loosed an Overheat, putting all of his energy into the attack, engulfing the area in flames and searing the air around them. From directly beneath the Ursaring's legs, Gaia raised and Inferno, which quickly turned into a giant spiral of flames that scorched like Hell, leaving burn marks in the cement beneath them and combining with the Overheat from above, practically setting the air around them on fire. Desmond and Gaia could take the heat—they thrived in it, actually—but the Ursaring was not so lucky.

        A mighty roar was heard from the pyro of flames that now surrounded the area. Nervous citizens brave enough to stay and try escaping in this Network Point looked on hopeful that the Gold Tribe would be able to stop the beast, while Alpha Alliance soldiers did much of the same, many feeling too powerless to stop them. The flames scorched around the earth, dousing the 'mon in its intensity. More roaring and shaking across the ground could be heard from within the flames, as many looked on in worry.

        Then suddenly, the roaring ceased, as did the shaking in the ground. As the flames slowly lowered, the 'mon around looked in shock. They were surprised to see the Ursaring nowhere in sight. The charred ground still being covered in flames, some expected to find a body lying beneath somewhere there, but still nothing was in sight. Just then, out from under the ground, the Ursaring popped up behind the Houndoom, preparing to grab at him with his enormous paws and try to slash at him.

        However, before he could get the hit off, he was suddenly intercepted. A Hi Jump Kick was aimed right for his chest cavity, striking at him directly and forcing him back multiple meters, though it wasn't enough to push the beast over. The culprit behind the attacks, Abel "Atrox" Onderon, landed beside the Houndoom, facing off with the Ursaring.

        "Brother," He said curtly with a nod, acknowledging his cousin Gold Tribe member from Valkaria by viewing his insignia. "Thought you could use a hand," He stated, glancing at the Ursaring who once more was on approach. From what it looked like, the Ursaring would take everything he could throw at him.

        Gaia nodded. It was impressive that the Ursaring was still alive, much less fighting. He was certainly a warrior to be reckoned with, and it would take more than just power to take him out. Gaia glanced at Desmond, who was panting heavily; the Overheat had taken a lot out of him. "Can you continue, brother?" he asked, eyeing the Pyroar.

        Desmond took a deep breath and attempted to compose himself. "I'll be fine," he growled.

        Gaia nodded and returned his attention to the newcomer. "We've weakened this guy, assaulted his ears, used his own strength against him, and drowned him in flames. He's still kicking and I don't know why. We need to take him out quickly and at this point I'm not sure how. Any thoughts?"

        Abel glanced over at the Ursaring and crossed his arms to ponder. Already, he was making his way back to them. "He's tough. Durable," Abel commented. It was interesting to see such a warrior, as so often in his life, Abel was on the upside of strength with his opponents. It only went to show that there were many other impressive fighters beyond the Gold Tribe. "We hit 'im hard and fast. Tear him down one brick at a time. And hope to Arceus he doesn't land a hit back."

        The Ursaring slammed both of his fists into his chest, inhaling sharply and puffing out, using the Bulk Up to further his mass and his strength. Abel began to run to one side of the Ursaring. He took long strides, trying to cover as much distance as he could, and then went in for a diving sweep at the 'mon's legs, trying to knock him off balance with a Low Sweep. He successfully got him off one leg momentarily shaking his balance, but the Ursaring managed to stay relatively upright, bashing the Medicham with a forearm to the chest, a Thrash as he began his rampage. Luckily he was still somewhat off balance, which didn't make the attack as impactful as it could have been. Nonetheless, Abel was flung a dozen meters away, clutching at his chest. Hopefully the others would get an opening from that.

        Gaia ran in as Abel was flung away, getting in close before the Ursaring could notice him. He thrust a claw out and hit the bear with another Foul Play. The stronger it got with Bulk Up, the more damage Foul Play would do. Once the move mad contact, the Ursaring stumbled backwards and began to fall.

        Desmond took the opportunity to lunge onto the Ursaring. He dug his claws into the bear's chest and pressed his muzzle right up to the bear's face. He opened his mouth and launched the Hyper Beam that he had prepared.

        The Ursaring roared from the claws penetrating his tough flesh, but reacted quickly when he began noticing a white glow coming from the 'mon's mouth. He instantly brought his paw up, striking at the side of the 'mon's face with as powerful a Dynamic Punch as he could muster. However, he couldn't fully prevent the Hyper Beam from being launched. The white blast was being diverted by his fist to the 'mon's cheek, but it still managed to blast at the side of his face and his shoulder, causing immense pain and the Ursaring to stumble back, clutching at his face and roaring angrily.

        When he momentarily took his paws from that part of his face, the skin was darkened and steamy, and one eye was charred off in the blackness of his skin. The Ursaring gritted his teeth in a combination of immense pain and outrage. He let the adrenaline pump through him, ignoring his huge injury and pressing forward at those who attacked him. He opened his own mouth now, unleashing the same white energy as was released unto him, creating a Hyper Beam the likes of which seemed just as powerful as the one released upon him, but far larger in its radius. He sprayed it like a hose across to target all three of them.

        Desmond was collapsed on the ground, unable to avoid the blast. He couldn't really move after launching the Hyper Beam, so Gaia jumped in front of him and guarded them both with Protect. The Hyper Beam swept across the shield, and its intensity shattered the barrier. The brunt of the blast had been absorbed, but it didn't prevent Desmon and Gaia from taking serious damage.

        Abel pushed himself off of the ground, his chest still throbbing from the pain of the Ursaring's previous hit on him. He jumped and hopped out of the way, trying to avoid being hit by the Hyper Beam, but the radius of the blast was a lot further than he anticipated it would be able to go. It was surprising, usually he did not expect an Ursaring to hold such power. He felt the intensity of the blast behind him, closing in. Abel closed his eyes. Maybe he was getting rusty...

        A sudden roar came from the Ursaring again. The Hyper Beam ceased out of his mouth as he stumbled forward, being hit across the back by another 'mon. Behind him, a small, old and weary looking Mienshao with a cane stood, examining the situation. It was Scar, second-in-command of the Gold Tribe. "Hmm...I quite liked my little spot I had earlier," Scar muttered under his breath. "But duty calls once more it seems."

        With his good eye, the Ursaring glared at the Mienshao and prepared to roar some sort of insult it seemed. The Mienshao, however, despite his advanced age, suddenly jumped forward and bashed at the side of the Ursaring's skull with a Fake Out, causing the 'mon to become momentarily discombobulated and flinch. "If you please, brothers!" Scar called out for assistance.

        Gaia immediately charged in to help, and Desmond followed a moment later after taking a second to recover. The hellhound opened his mouth and let flames drip out, soon covering himself in them as he combined his mock Flare Blitz with a Giga Impact, ready to ram the Ursaring with his full power. Desmond, on the other hand, took a more supportive role, having used up most of his energy already. He used a Hyper Voice to attempt to stun the bear, and then attempted to weaken the bear with an Endeavor attack. Abel ran in to help as well, striking directly at the larger Pokemon's chest with a Hi Jump Kick.

        He was hit first with the powerful hits to his chest, from the flamed Giga Impact and the powerful fighting blows from Abel. He was forced back, clutching his stomach and torso in pain. With the Hyper Voice affecting him at the same time, he was unable to do much to defend himself, causing the bear to succumb to his multiple injuries and fall to the ground. He panted heavily, first falling to one knee, then falling onto his back and closing his one good eye. He continued to pant heavily. "Gimme a moment." The bear stated plainly.

        Scar walked up to the Ursaring, leaning on his cane as he did so with each other step. He finished in front of the large Pokemon, placing the cane onto the Ursaring's arm, causing the beast to grit in pain. "Excellent work, brothers," He commended the others with a smile upon his wrinkly face.

        Gaia simply nodded. Desmond did the same, but he was so exhausted the movement was practically imperceptible.

        Abel sighed a bit too, quite surprised at how much it took to bring it down. Who was the beast? He fought with a vigor and strength unlike many Pokemon he had witnessed before. Well, very few at least. It was almost like a—


        A large explosion suddenly sounded off in the distance, followed by a brilliant light and enormous rumblings across the city. Buildings shook and Pokemon began to panic. Scar felt himself suddenly lose some balance, supporting himself across the downed Ursaring. Abel felt the blast seem to come all across at first, as it appeared almost to be a series of detonations one after another. However, as it began to die down, he saw a large smoke cloud rise from where he remembered the main gates to be. It must have been quite the explosion, to have been able to feel it all the way from here. But even so, Abel was surprised the ground shook with such force despite the distance they were from the gate.

        That is, until he turned around to see another smoke cloud behind them, much closer. It appeared to be coming from the Network Point they were guarding. Abel opened his eyes wide. He looked around, seeing the three Pokemon that had appeared to see if any of them had gotten through. The Machamp was off to the side still guarded by those Seeker Pokemon. He was snoring peacefully. The Ariados that appeared seemed to be incapacitated by a wobbling Scyther. The Ursaring was here on the ground, taken down by the Gold Tribe together.

        From the smoke and dust of the nearby explosion however, Abel saw another Pokemon emerge, a Greninja, walking away casually from the mayhem he had caused.

        "Two down. One to go."
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        The Standoff - Network Point One

        The Greninja took a few more steps forward, before turning around for a moment to admire his work. All Pokemon who were still around the area rushed away frantically, searching for the last way out of the city, while he stood there as casually as ever, seemingly unaware to the many citizens who rushed passed him. He placed his hands on his hips and gave an approving nod.

        "Nice, nice," He said to himself, marveling at his own work. He then turned around again and continued to walk off. Scar and Abel weren't about to let him pass.

        "And just where do you think you're off to, hmm?" Scar questioned the Greninja, who stopped right in his tracks and glanced at the group of Gold Tribe members.

        "Why, the last Network Point, of course," Gabriel replied casually. He crossed his arms and continued. "They've probably moved it around by now, but I might be able to find out where the new one is by the line, so no problems," He stated cheerfully. Scar leaned on his cane, walking out in front of the Ursaring. Gabe's eyes flickered very quickly to the downed bear and he raised an eyebrow. "You took him down?" He asked as he pointed down to the Ursaring, before giving a chuckle. "Not bad for your age!"

        Scar ignored the compliment, stepping right in front of the Greninja's path, while he looked back at the others beside him, Abel, Gaia, and Desmond. "If you please, I need you to head to the last Network Point. From what I've heard of a Ninjask, it changed locations now, but find it, and defend it. It's one of the last ways for citizens to get out now. It is a top priority."

        Abel cocked an eyebrow as he stared at the elderly Mienshao. "And you?" He asked, wondering what his intentions were.

        "I will remain here and hold off this one," He gestured at the Greninja. The Greninja tilted his head and crossed his arms.

        "What? Me? Well, I guess you wouldn't be the first to try," Gabriel commented, though he appeared to be largely ignored at the moment. Abel remained where he was, not liking the idea of leaving one of his brothers behind to fight whoever the Greninja was. Even if Scar could take him. Scar spoke up again before Abel could though.

        "I've spoken to General Riken on my way here...I agreed with what he had to say. This Network Point was destroyed, as was Network Point Two. How much longer will Three remain? Who knows? I think it's time we approach this from another way now. Riken's already going to collect Guardia and the others around the wall. The Alpha Alliance cannot win this battle as it is. Not conventionally. Not alone. Besides, you've been wanting to go home back to Beatruce anyways, right?" He asked with a smile.

        Abel was beginning to only somewhat understand what Scar was implying. He appeared to be speaking subtly so that the Greninja wouldn't pick up what they were discussing, but Gabriel's eyes suddenly changed in their demeanor. In fact, his entire casual, carefree expression was suddenly being replaced by a more fiery, determined gaze. He suddenly leaped forward at an alarming speed, one that Abel could barely keep up with, as he attempted to shoot past the group of Gold Tribe. Scar quickly jumped to meet him, keeping up with the Greninja somewhat by clashing with him in the sky, the two meeting blows of Close Combat. At first it seemed that Scar held off each blow from the Greninja with one of his own, before Gabriel got in a few more blows, brushing past his defense and striking him across the Mienshao's torso and propelling him back. However, Scar managed to land a palm across the Greninja's chest. It wasn't enough for a hit, but it was enough to force him back momentarily.

        "Go! Now!" Scar yelled at the others. Abel proceeded to move at his behest, onward to the last Network Point.

        "Your retirement..." Abel began to say, not really sure what to say to the Mienshao at this point. He was never very good at picking his words correctly, especially to sound sincere.

        Scar clutched at his side, one of the points where the Greninja had landed his punches. The ribs were probably cracked, and even a slight touch seemed to sting. He was a lot stronger than he let on, probably heavily concealing it under his happy-go-lucky ruse, the Mienshao surmised. He smiled through his pain, letting his cane fall beside him as he steadied himself for the Greninja to come back again. Not looking back at Abel again, he spoke to the Medicham one more time.

        "We're Gold Tribe, Atrox," He stated to Abel, his cane hitting the pavement and rolling around behind the Mienshao. "Death is our only retirement."

        Abel took off from the ruins of Network Point One and headed to the last Network Point left. He didn't look back again to the Mienshao and the Greninja's standoff.

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        The Main Gate: Guardia and Snype, Beginning the Expedition

        Snype could see a huge stream of smoke in the distance. That explosion wasn't from the Hyper Beam Cannons... it just seemed like a usual explosion. Darkrai's army seemed to have alot more tricks up their sleeves then he thought but now things weren't looking too great for the Gold Tribe. If the wall had been broken down, then they'd have to eventually retreat. Snype would need to find some way back to the forest if that were the case. Once the Smoke cleared, Snypes suspicions were confirmed and he quickly whistled over a Ninjask.

        "The main gate is pretty badly damaged. A couple more heavy hits like that and we're boned.. Pass it on to the others at Network Point three. We need to speed up the evacuation pronto." Snype instructed. The Ninjask quickly took his orders and flew back Snype was about ready to head back himself until he saw Guardia standing in a pile of rubble. She must have gotten caught in the explosion. Snype had to admit, he was starting to get a bit of a soft spot for her.

        "Guardia! What the hell happened over there?" Snype shouted, hopping down to ground level and running over to her. "Network Point three is safe right now. We've gotten a couple of citizens out already." He added before turning over to the broken up gate.

        Guardia clutched her head. The blast had knocked her about, but she managed to stand and survey the damage, just as she heard another familiar voice. "Darkrai loaded a dead Wailord with Electrodes and mass detonated the main gate," Guardia spat in response, watching around as all of the Alpha Alliance soldiers worked to clear the fires and get around formation on the gates. Other Pokemon worked to barricade it back up. She noticed General Warren screaming his lungs out with commands. At least he was alright. She couldn't catch sight of her other brothers and sisters at the moment. At least there was some good news. "What about the other points?" She asked him.

        "I haven't heard from Network Point one. I just know that Greninja Intruder was heading that way. I stayed to defend and move Point three. Judging by the smoke in that direction I'd say Network Point one has seen better days.." Snype said, crossing his arms and trying to form some kind of plan. He didn't want to try and fit everyone through his secret exit but at this point, this was the reality of the situation if Network Point three fell. He really wanted to stop that Greninja himself but it was difficult to keep up with someone so fast.

        "Greninja?" Guardia asked, not sure to whom he was referring. Apparently, things weren't going as well as she had hoped on the Network Point end of things. She didn't even know that there were intrusion inside of the city. It didn't appear that the wall had been compromised until just now, so that meant there were spies on the inside before. This was getting worse and worse. "Well, sh*t," She cursed. "What about Network Point Two?"

        "Wait... you don't know? What the hell are those Ninjask doing... unless something caught them. Dammit!" Snype clenched his fist. "Network Point two was the first to go. By their own Hyper Beam Cannons infact. I can't say the placement of such heavy weapons near something like that was smart. Network Point three was moved somewhere else and so far, people are being evacuated in groups. The intruders are with Darkrai for sure though but they aren't corrupted. All of them are more then likely doing this on their own will. That's all I got though. That Greninja escaped when we caught him at point three." Snype explained.

        The more Guardia listened to Snype, the more her heart began to sink. The situation was even more dire than she envisioned. Whoever this Greninja and the other intruders were, they were targeting the way out of the city. Was this Darkrai's plan all along? To bring everyone together and then trap them in the city? "Damn it..." She muttered under her breath. She looked back at the main gates, which were being repaired as quickly as possible. No enemies were attacking yet. She guessed they were all regrouping and positioning themselves closer to the wall so that the city would be completely surrounded, especially now that the wall had less 'mon on it, with hardly any being on around the main gate after the explosion.

        "I'm afraid it goes further than that," Another voice said from behind them. It was the Konkeldurr General Riken, panting heavily as he seemed to have run all the way over here. "Network Point One is down too," He stated solemnly. "The Greninja Gabriel's doing."

        "Damn... I was right. That means the final network point is going to be attacked next. That Ninjask better make it there before something catches it... If we lose that last point, then I'll have to rely on plan B." Snype said, giving off a sigh. "The network isn't the only way out of the city."

        "Maybe so, but it's going to be your way out," Riken stated to Snype and Guardia. Guardia turned to the General and raised an eyebrow. The Conkeldurr sighed and dropped the large cylinders in his hands. "Come on now, Guardia, you're seeing the signs. We've held Gold City for one year before it was taken during the Silver War thirty years ago. We'll be lucky if we hold it half as long this time around. Darkrai came much more prepared this time. And as much as he thought we were ready, I doubt there's any real way to fully prepare for this."

        Guardia was silent. She had many thoughts roaming through her head at the moment, but she let the General speak his mind. "We can't win this fight as it is. Darkrai's just too strong. His forces are too strong for us to to hold them off alone. We need help," The Conkeldurr General stretched out his arms and continued. "You were going to go off on an expedition tomorrow, right? Well, I'm moving that up to right now. I'd take this one with you," Riken added, pointing to Snype. "Along with Penance and someone from SEC. Warren too. He's a good 'mon, good General, but you might need the perspective. And anyone else you think might be useful on the journey too. Keep it small, though. And not just warriors. 'Mon you know can be useful for the task."


        "Save it," The General interrupted, holding up a hand and continuing. "What I'm asking you to do is a lot tougher than staying around here and holding the city. You're not going to help fight the war, you're going to help end it. We've been expanding and visiting other countries for a reason, right? Go to them. Talk to their leaders. Their soldiers, Generals, priests, whatever. Build Alliances. Get me soldiers, workers, scientists, builders, armies, tacticians, leads to weak points, information. Anything you can get your hands on. Anything that can help. If they won't help, convince them. If they still won't, find someone that will. Show them in whatever way you can. But really...there was only ever one main way to stop Darkrai. I guess maybe it was always just that way. Go find her. Find Cresselia."

        Time was of the essence, if anything standing around and arguing about it is something Guardia learned over the years was pointless. As much as she absolutely hated the idea of abandoning Gold City, she knew that the General was right. Guardia turned to Snype. "If I give you a list of 'mon, will your Ninjask be able to bring them to Network Point Three?"

        "Sure can. But if someones taking out these Ninjask, then I'll have to go search for them as well. Shouldn't be trouble for me. Keheh. Maybe I'll be able to slap that Greninja around if we bump into each other." Snype said with a confident smirk.

        "Right," Guardia replied with a nod. She began scribbling the names she could think of to take along with them, at least the ones not already mentioned by Riken before. After recalling all the ones she had wanted to take before, and adding a few last minute additions, she handed the list off to Snype. "I'll go help look around here, and meet you there." She said to the Sableye.

        Snype took the list and checked out the names, recognizing a majority of them. He found a couple of the choices a bit odd but he figured he'd go for it. He was still hesitant about bringing Penance after what happened before. Guardia probobly had no idea what went down. Paradox was asleep so in such a big group, Penance couldn't possibly cause trouble.

        "...I'll search out the folks on here. I can't say if the Ninjask are being eliminated or not on the way to their destinations but I don't wanna risk anyone being misinformed... hm..." Snype whistled out to one of the Nearby Ninjask.

        "Contact the people on this list. Report to me in ten minutes." Snype said before turning back to Guardia.

        "Be careful out there Guardia. I'll see ya in a bit." Snype said as he ran off into the city.

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        I.II :: Gold City Main Gate Ruins
        The Golden Gates Are Shattered

        Guess that answered her question.

        The main gate was in ruin, and many of the Alpha Alliance and Gold Tribe forces had been scattered by the explosion. Zai had managed to avoid the blast; her Absol senses had given her just enough warning to dodge the impending disaster. Now she stood near the ruins of the gate, fury causing her fur to stand on end as she launched massive Thunder attacks into the oncoming forces of Darkrai. They were attempting to regroup to prepare to storm the city. Zai would slaughter them before they could, if it was the last thing she did.

        Massive amounts of adrenaline coursed through her, giving her the ability to summon lightning strikes the likes of which she had never conjured nor even seen herself. She couldn't feel her energy depleting, thanks to the adrenaline rush, but she knew it was. It wouldn't be long before she was completely drained.

        She jumped backwards, heaving as she rained another combination of Thunder and Stone Edge down on her foes. She couldn't hold an entire legion off for long, but she could slow down their progress. After all, if the front line wasn't moving, the rest of the army didn't have much place to go. On the other hand, they were beginning to shrug off her attacks, and as she tired they advanced further.

        "Skuld?" came a wiry voice from over Zai's shoulder. She turned her head to see a Ninjask, buzzing in the air with a paper in his claw.

        "Yes?" she growled, launching another Thunder.

        "I've been sent by Snype and Guardia. You're to report to Network Point Three."

        Zai hesitated. Why was she being called to a Network Point? Were they abandoning the wall? No, if that was the case it wouldn't make sense that they'd send a Ninjask to her. Still, it did mean she and Guardia at the least were abandoning their current positions. But why? What was the point to that? Now wasn't the time to be questioning Guardia's motives, however; she turned to the Ninjask and nodded. It flew off, and she took her leave while throwing another Stone Edge into the crowd.

        Gaia and Desmond, Network Point One

        Unlike Abel, Gaia and Desmond did not hesitate to head to the final network point at Scar's command. They had family to evacuate and citizens to protect; attachments that Abel lacked in this city. It was noble of the Mienshao to stay and fight, and while they would proudly assist him, it wasn't the course of action that would win this battle. Besides, they had barely managed to defeat the Ursaring. Even with the help of Scar, Desmond was in no condition to continue fighting without first seeking assistance from a healer, and Gaia had used up much of his power as well.

        Before they could leave, however, Desmond had to fetch his pups. He glanced at where they had been hiding, but they weren't there.

        "They're gone," Gaia stated, pulling Desmond along. "Selta was here before the chaos broke out; I suspect Eona cried out to her through telepathy when the fighting started."

        Desmond nodded. Selta was a Mightyena who worked for the SEC, and she was wife to Mordekai Arashi. She had likely already taken the children to the third network point.

        "The display building?"

        "My guess is they moved it when it was made clear the network points were in danger," Gaia stated.

        "Exactly that." Gaia and Desmond turned to see the thief, Tebra. "Glad to see you could make it. Your family's already inside." Tebra turned away and moved swiftly into the building. Gaia and Desmond followed.

        Inside the building Pokémon of all types were gathered, waiting to be teleported out of the city. Most of them were panicked, but they waited patiently; they had no other choice. Off to the side a makeshift medical station had been set up. Gaia and Desmond walked over to and Audino that was tending to some injured Pokémon.

        The pink rabbit turned around and looked the two men up and down. "Sorry honeys, but we have to take care of the injured before anything else."

        "Of course," Gaia stated curtly, looking over the sick in question. "We simply require a bit of energy."

        The Audino glanced at them again, looking at them in greater detail. She noticed the gold charm around Gaia's horn, showing him to be Gold Tribe. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "yes, of course!" She quickly walked over to them, opening her hands as she wrapped them in a Heal Pulse. A second later, both men were fully charged.

        "That," Desmond said with a sigh of relief, "was great."

        The Audino nodded, gave them a smile and then shooed them away. They returned to the mass of pokémon just as Zai entered the building, Mordekai and Raishuma in tow.

        "Desmond!" she yelled when she spotted her husband. "Where are the children? What's going on?"

        "Children are with your grandparents and aunt. Selta's helping out with the Network Point. Me? I'm just here for the fun stuff!" Tebra responded, reappearing next to Zai.

        "Tebra!" Zai exclaimed, embracing her friend. "Is Kesley here too?"

        "Nah, he's back at the forest like the little kitty cat he is. No offense, Kai." The Liepard simply glared at her with narrowed eyes. "I've been here bein' me, helpin' out a few goldies and Snype and whatnot. Oh, and I helped to get your sexy relatives to a spot near the front! One guy tried to complain but then Eona threatened to explode. I guess people take Espurr explosions pretty seriously." She said that last part with a concerned yet thoughtful look on her face, which she quickly shook off. "So how've you been doing?"

        Zai frowned. "Well, the main gate exploded. Then I got called here. Not sure why."

        Tebra jumped up, a little too eagerly. "Probably because the first two network points exploded as well. A stupid Greninja has been goin' round blowin' things up! This is the last one, so they've been calling a bunch of people in to come and, you know, protect it."

        Zai's fur stood up, her face a mix of shock and confusion. "Oh. I see."

        "Right now we're waiting for Snype and Guardia and some other peeps. I'm sure they'll be here soon." Tebra plopped herself down, her ears out and tail wagging. She was prepared to wait and wait happily. Zai supposed she didn't have much other choice until her leader got her, so she sat down next to her friend as her uncle went to check on their family.

        "Hopefully they'll be here soon."
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          Picking up some friends

          Charlie Vensworth & Snype

          Snype made his way through to city, passing by any sort of rubble in the way. The fight was mostly at the wall so the city itself was still somewhat intact. Just abandoned. Well, mostly. Apparently, there was at least one bug-brain who hadn't quite picked up on the memo that the city had erupted into a war yet; one of the Thieves Snype brought with him to the festival was still meandering around town somewhat aimlessly - inattentively enough that as the Scyther turned what would normally be a two-footed landing into a spectacular disaster right in front of the Sableye he failed to even register the ghost.

          Snype halted his movement as soon as he noticed Charlie land right in front of him. Ironic since he had planned to bring him along anyways. "Ah there you are Charlie. I was just about to start looking for you. You alright? Quite a landing ya had there. Keheh" Snype said. The Scyther looked like he had one to many drinks... during a time like this? Snype had a bad feeling about this conversation.

          Charlie didn't even take the time to extract his face from the ground before giving Snype a muffled "Yeah... I'm like... totally fine boss. No need ta worry. Getting up might be a little.... dizzy is all.. Ground's kinda comfy. You should try it some time...." Charlie adjusted himself on the ground into a position where he'd be comfortable should he fall asleep. Foreplanning is everything in these matters, after all.

          Snype stepped forward and held out his hand to pick up Charlie and try to get him on his feet. It was kind of a feeble attempt though due to their size difference. He'd probably end up falling on top of Snype at this point. "Keh, yeah it looks comfy but I kinda need you off the ground to help me out with a pretty big task." Snype said, trying to pull him up with his little arms.

          "Oh! Ya need my help, boss? Why didn't ya just say!" Charlie immediately buzzed into action - literally, shooting himself a couple of feet in the air on his wings, without even giving Snype a chance to let go of him. Snype ended up losing his grip of the Scyther as he flew up, causing him to fly up a few feet above the Scyther and flailing about a bit. "At your service boss... wait... where'd ya go? I thought you said it was important... now's no time for tricks, boss!" Snype ended up landing on top of the Scyther's head, wrapping his arms around his neck lightly so that he wouldn't end up splatting on the ground. "W-well give me a bit of warning before ya do that next time!"

          "Before I do what... and where is your voice coming from?" Charlie looked left, right... remembered he was looking for Snype and checked down at his feet... he couldn't see the dastardly Sableye had made his way to! "Y-you're startin' ta creep me out boss! Cut it out!"

          Snype shook his head and repositioned himself around his head so that he could be face to face with the Scyther. Nose to Nose practically. "I'm right here bug brain!" Snype said with a frustrated look. The fact that he was too close for comfort and hanging for his life seemed to get him like that.

          "Oh! There ya are!" Apparently, by some kind of miracle, Snype's antics hadn't been enough to upset Charlie's balance in the air, still... he gently set himself down two feet on the ground - very gently, so there was almost no chance he could stumble over and yet he still nearly managed it. "So boss, for somethin' so damn important, yer taking yer sweet time telling me what it is....."

          Snype shook his head and pressed his nose up against the Scyther's in an irritated fashion. "Yeah, being flung in the air does that to a ghost! Anyways, we gotta head over to Network Point 3. I'm gathering some people on this list. We're taking part of an expedition that might stop Darkrai from totally destroying everything.

          The Scyther tilted his head at the Boss... "Darkrai's destroying everything?" Charlie looked all around him... for all he could see the city looked like the kind of Tribe-sponsored piss-hole it already was. "Looks fine ta me... you sure ya ain't goin' a little cray-cray? You know, loopy, doo-lally, 'round the bend-"

          Snype poked the Scyther on the cheek hard. "I'm not losing it! Didn't you hear those explosions earlier? Especially by the gate? We're in a warzone right now and we need to stop it. This expedition might lead us toward the only way out of this mess. have you been taking one too many drinks back at the bar?" Snype said, still clinging onto the Scyther, who finally removed the Sableye from his neck and put him gently(-ish) on the ground. Charlie then proceeded to quietly and carefully count out on his claws. Then, he counted out with his claws against the ground, before pensively resting one claw on his chin as he mulled it over. "Yeah." finally came his response.

          Snype crossed his arms. "Ahh great. Well at least ya enjoyed yourself at the party. Kehehe. I'm gonna need ya to focus though. We're gonna be grouped up with a couple different people from several organizations. Gold Tribe included. Not sure how ya feel about that. Your choice if you wanna tag along or retreat back to the forest." Snype explained.

          "The Tribe? I'm drunk, not crazy, boss! Forget about it!" Charlie turned around to walk away in a huff, but only succeeded in stumbling over his own feet - once again he was going to be having a conversation with Snype from below the ghost's own height. It wasn't fair, he wouldn't be this drunk if he hadn't been trying to forget about talking to Josh... But thinking about his brother stirred something in him - maybe it was that honor he kept thinking he didn't have... but he had to ask, with a resigned sigh, he turned his head back towards Snype... "Hey boss... ya hear anything about any other Vensworth goin' on this journey?"

          Snype observed his list. "...Yeah there's another one of you on here. Why do ya ask?" He wondered.

          With a groan, Charlie clutched at his head. "Long story. Longer than I'd care to explain right now, but that's a guy... I gotta keep my eye on." All that echoed in Charlie's head were his own words when he'd finally got to meet his brother again - 'We're brothers for better or worse right?'. "Look... I'll go." Charlie sounded almost defeated already in that he was working with the Tribe again. "Just... you know I ain't got the best past with 'em... You gotta vouch for me so I don't get lynched, kay?"

          "Keh. Well I wanted another thief to tag along with me and you're the first one that popped up in my head for some reason. Keheh. I'm sure I can fit ya on the list one way or another." Snype said with a mischievous snicker. "I don't got the best past with the Gold Tribe either. We're thieves and all. I'm just doing this because I don't want that monster out there destroying the thieves again. Besides, the last time the Gold Tribe had an expedition like this, the Silver Tribe happened. I'd like to make sure that doesn't happen again. Kehe." Snype said.

          "Boss. I got no idea what in the hell a Silver Tribe is. Sounds... like the Gold Tribe cut down on their standards." Even given the situation, Charlie still found the time for a sjirachi. "Even more than already. But thanks. If they kill me, I'll haunt you by the way for not warnin' em off."

          Snype snickered and put his foot on the Scyther's face lightly. "Keheh, well you aren't wrong there. And hey, try haunting me and I'll haunt ya right back. Kehe" Snype said, taking his foot off after lightly pressing it against him. "I'll see ya over at the Network then. I still got alot of names to hunt down."

          As Snype walked away from Charlie, he couldn't help himself from leaving some kind of parting shot... but with his current wits being somewhat hampered that didn't go exactly to plan... "Hey, boss! Yer foot smells like ass!"
          Snype smirked back at him. "keheh, oh yeah? Ya wanna compare the two? Kehehe" Snype joked, shaking his rear back at the Scyther to tease him back before heading off to complete his mission.
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            Obsidian and Scar: A ninja!

            "You know, it always makes me wonder how they fall for it always." Mused Alexandre as Obsidian groaned loudly. The Weavile was about done hearing about his tricks and he glanced on over to where that Medicham guy was. He elbowed Alex lightly as he smirked, "So what do you think will go down? Place bets?"

            Alex sighed, "Well obviously the Medicham must win. Either he wins or we're stuck here."

            "We'll be stuck here either way." Obsidian muttered. "There are probably thousands of people here loyal to Darkrai. I remember those stories Penance told me. You know how they locked up ev-" Obsidian paused his speech as he looked on and he quickly took off his back pack and threw it at Alex, "Hold this for me!" He shouted as he ran off toward the now changing battle. Scar was there and Obisidan came in from behind the Greninja, "Hey frog face!" He shouted out. He raised up his clawed hands as he narrowed his eyes, "Leave my friend alone."

            "You know he'll probably kill you!" Alex called out from his living seat.

            "Oh shut up Alex!" Obsidian snapped back.

            Gabriel turned around, observing the Weavile behind him. Scar quickly opened his mouth and shouted at Obsidian. "Get out of here! Now!" He cried out loud, moving forward to try and get on the same side as where Obsidian was. "Go find Penance and get out!"

            "You know me Scar... I'm not leaving you." Obsidian said as he kept his eyes trained on the frog. "My... well you know what? It wasn't going to be secret anyways. Name is Obsidian. Penace has trained me, not as a Seeker though. Listen... I don't know why you want to destroy all life here... or enslave it... or whatever. If you want to be a puppet for Darkrai, fine, but just because you think it's the right course of action doesn't mean you can force your opinion on everyone else. I think even if I ask you to leave you'll just keep doing what you're doing. It's like Penance says... people can't change." Obsidan smirked and stretched back a leg as he balanced himself, "So, shall you make the first move?"

            "GET OUT OF HERE! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Scar screamed at the Weavile. The Greninja made a subtle move with his hand, twitching his fingers just a slight bit. His face contorted to what was believed to be a smile, but it was unclear from underneath his scarf-tongue. The Greninja burst forward from his position, being upon the Weavile in a blur. He stuck a leg out to kick him, aiming right for the sensitive spot on his neck. "You should have listened to the old 'mon," He stated simply.

            However, before Obsidian could be hit, the old Mienshao managed to wiggle his way to the front of his attack, pushing the Weavile out of the way and blocking his kick with his arm. The moment the Greninja's foot impacted the Mienshao's arm, a large snap was heard, and the force of the blow suddenly sent the Mienshao through the air, directly to where the Weavile stood.

            Obsidian ended up falling with the Mienshao, though as they flew through the air he twisted his body so that as they landed on the ground he took the impact. "S-Scar!" He gasped as he got up from under him and shakily got onto his feet, "Alex! Scarf!"

            "So now you remembered." He muttered as he threw out a small blue cloth that Obsidian grabbed. He stared on at the Greninja as he wrapped it tightly around his upper thigh and stood back up, "I... I can't let you do this." He said to the frog, "I might not beat you... but every second lets more escape." He held up his clawed hands again, "You and me. Scar... just stay down there. Please."

            Scar grunted as he slowly rose himself, using his left arm to prop himself up. His right one was useless, he could feel it. It was broken, and just from one hit. He could tell the Greninja was more than he appeared the moment he collided with him in the Close Combat. Those punches the frog had thrown...Scar didn't think he had felt anybody toss him around that strong before, not since Rey did so thirty years ago. Just who the hell was he?

            "Young one, don't go looking for death so boldly, not when you could do more with your life," He declared. The Greninja approached again. Any sign of him cooling off or slowing down was gone now.

            Obsidian looked right at the frog, "I'm not looking for death Scar." He said as he smiled a bit, "Now stay down. I'm not dying today. Remember... Penance taught me." He made his way forward and took in a deep breath, his eyes flashed as his body shimmered In an instant two identical copies of the Weavile formed on either side of him. The three narrowed their eyes as he they held out their clawed hands, no words leaving their lips as they began to concentrate on the frog.

            The Greninja walked forward, undeterred by the appearance of the clones. He suddenly struck the ground in front of him, three controlled, well-placed kicks to three parts of the ground. The kicks were so forceful that it caused the ground in front to fissure and large pieces of stone to rise up from the pressure. He broke apart these three large formations of rock with a sweeping kick, breaking them off the their roots on the ground and flinging them in the air as if they were small stones. He then leaped into the air after them, using his leg muscles to jump high enough so that he was right above them.

            Gabriel then made three more precise kicks to each of the large pieces of stone, breaking them off into smaller pieces and sending these shards of stone down at the three copies, raining down a Rock Slide at them. As he did so, Scar could be heard muttering from behind, "He's gone!" Just as the rocks were launched.

            Obsidian watched as the Greninja threw his stones, but this time he was ready. He pulled off his band and let it fall to the ground and held out a hand as green shield surrounded him just as the rocks splattered against the shield. As soon as the shield faded he kicked his scarf into the air with his foot and sliced through it, destroying the power it held. "Yeah he is." Obsidian said. He held out both claws as they glowed with a purple sinister hue.

            From the many rocks that were flung at him, the Greninja appeared, using them as cover as he dived in and launched an Acrobatics assault from the sky. He managed to move around quickly, striking at each of the three clones with a punch, before leaping on another piece of rock that had yet to fall and doing the same to the others. As his last attack hit a clone he would find that he didn't hit air, nor did he hit flesh. Instead... he had hit a plushie? Right before his eyes, instead of a Weavile, was a cotton plushie that had a goofy face drawn on it. "Gotcha." Obsidian had managed to use the rock slide to his own advantage, getting pelted a bit sure, but still blending into it as he extended both claws. The claws themselves grew longer and appeared to be shadowy as both aimed to rake across the Greninja's back.

            Gabriel quickly diverted to his side, unable to make a complete turn in time in order to block the strikes. Instead, he stepped on one of the rocks still within range and whirled himself around so that he faced the side. He then fired off a large Hydro Pump into that direction, causing his body to be thrust backwards and effectively avoiding the two claws. When he was in a safe enough distance, he turned his body again, this time aiming the typhoon of water at the 'mon.

            Obsidian gritted his teeth as the wave came at him. He quickly held up his arms as he set his feet as best as he could, but the gush was too much he flew back and slammed against the ground, the water causing him to gasp and wheeze as he slowly began to get up, "I-I didn't think he would give... so much power." The Weavile narrowed his eyes as water dripped off of his fur, "I'm not... giving up."

            Scar joined beside Obsidian, patting him on the shoulder with his good arm. "Obsidian...get out of here. The others will need you, Penance will need you, far more than they need me. Let me hold him off. I promise you, I won't fall here today," He reassured him with a smile.

            Obsidan stared up at him and then he gave the Mienshao a tight hug, "K-Keep your promise." He stammered out as he let go and slowly back away, "O-Okay?" He turned about and began to run to Alex, "Let's get out of here!"

            "Done with your exercise I take it?" Alexandre asked as he looked over at Scar, "He's going to be fine. Trust me."

            Obsidian glanced on back and sighed, "Le..Let's just keep moving alright?"

            "Admirable," Gabriel commented, crossing his arms. "But what makes you think you'll keep your promise?"

            Scar sighed deeply, once more getting into a fighting stance, eyes weary but determined as ever. "Try me."
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              It's a madhouse!
              |Joshua "Watchman" Vensworth, Obsidian, Alexandre.|

              Joshua was now in a complete state of panic and unease. Sylvio had run off and gotten lost in thw crowd, and now the walls had apparently been breached as well. It was at time like these that Joshua really hated being so small. He didn't know what to do... well, that wasn't entirely true. He was Gold Tribe; his duty was to protect the citizens, and he had resolved to help evacuate them through the network points.

              Somehow along the way, he had gotten lost. Too many people were running about the streets, making concentration impossible. He wanted to shout for everyone to remain calm, but considering he himself was decidedly not, it would have been for naught.

              Still, against all his worries and doubts, he pressed onward. Joshua quickly shuffled through the crowds, dodging the onslaught of feet stampeding in every direction as he made his way to the closest Network Point. When he got there, his heart sank.

              The citizens had all run the opposite way, leaving the streets empty, for once. The Swadloon moved closer to observe the wreckage. "What in Arceus name happ-"

              As he scouted out Network Point 3, or rather, what remained of Network Point 3, something blue caught his eye. A Golduck lay face-first on the ground, drooling all over his arm as he snored rather loudly. He shifted a bit in his sleep onto his other side as the pool of drool kept coming out.

              "You're still alive?!" Joshua exclaimed in shock. Silence answered him, though he could see that the Golduck was breathing as judged by rising and lowering of his chest. Joshua quickly scurried to the napping water-type, shaking him thoroughly in an attempt to wake him. "This is no time to be napping, citizen! We have to get out of here, right now!"

              As he shook the Golduck a cry shouted out from behind Joshua, "Hey! Hold it right there!" Behind him was a Weavile who held up his bladed hands and stared right at the bug type, "Let Penance go!"

              "Relax Obsidian, he's of the Tribe." A Gardevoir next to the Weavile casually observed. This Gardevoir had a top hat, a cloak, a cane, and had a small smile on his face, "He doesn't seem that dangerous after all." He observed. The Weavile twitched a bit, but still kept his hands up.

              "Not dangerous?" Joshua asked with an indignant tone. "I'll have you know th- wait, did you just say Penance? As in, the Penance?!" Joshua nearly had a heart attack right then and there, immediately jumping away from the Golduck's unconscious body. He had heard stories of "The Madman" during his training for the Gold Tribe, enough to have a certain fear of the crazed 'mon. "A-and who are you two? What happened here to the Network Point?"

              Obsidian quickly dashed over to place himself in front of Penance as he held up his claws, "How the hell should I know!?" He snapped, "Whoever you are... just stay back!" He hissed angrily. The Gardevoir came over and looked down at Penance, "Heh, still alive but out of it."

              "'Scuse me, Joshua 'Watchman' Vensworth of the Gold Tribe?" A Ninjask asked the Swadloon as it floated in beside him. "Guardia and General Riken's asked you to meet them at the new Network Point 3, in the Display Building. You're goin' on a mission."

              Joshua gave a confused glance towards the Ninjask, but before he could even pose a question to the bug, it flew away. "They moved the Network Point? Oh geez..." He turned to the other two, the Weavile and Gardevoir still looking over Penance's limp form. Well, he may have not known these people, but it was his job to make sure everybody was evacuated safely. He did his best to put on a brave face before speaking up. "Well, you heard the Ninjask. We need to get out of here!"

              Obsidian grunted as he hauled Penance over his shoulder and stared at Joshua for a moment, looking right at his face before he burst into laughter, "Oh... oh that's rich!" He chucked. "I've seen that look before! You think he's going to rise up and slash off your face? Please... we have better things to do." He muttered. "Right, I'm already heading off. Laters Watchman!" Obsidian began to jog on by with the Gardevoir following patiently behind him.

              "Now you listen here!" Joshua shouted after them, but they were gone. Headed off to the Network Point with an unconscious Penance in tow. He sighed to himself, readjusting his coat and taking one last look at the place. No more unconscious civilians, at least. Now he just had to get to the display building. He had no idea what sort of 'mission' he'd been asked to go on, but he wouldn't be able to find out until he made it to the Network Point.
              "Johnny rocked that golden circle, and all those VIPs, and that music that had freed us became a tired routine.
              And I saw his face in close-up tryin' to give it all he had, and sometimes his eyes betrayed him, you could see that he was sad.

              And I tried to rock on with him, but I slowly became bored
              Could that man on stage with everything somehow need some more?"

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              Sylvio Arcansus & Guardia

              Sylvio pointed his wand in the sky, the tip producing a flare that was shot upwards and burst into a firework. He sat down on edge of the roof and waited. The horizon of the plains before him was filled with Darkrai's army; the walls were under attack, and he was out there somewhere. Sylvio wondered what it would be like, to fight a legendary Pokemon such as Darkrai. Defeating him would be quite a feat. The Delphox tugged lightly on his pointy, silver beard, smirking. The dancing fire in the city was reflected upon his face.

              Soon, his ride arrived. Griff the Braviary landed harshly on the roof tiles, shattering some beneath his strong feet; he walked over to where Sylvio was sitting and let the Delphox stroke his feathers. "Well done." He reached for his pouch and gave the Braviary a treat: a Bunnelby leg, leftovers from the inn he was staying into. Griff swallowed it whole without chewing; Sylvio hopped onto the bird's back and scratched his sides with the claws of his feet so he would ascend. The Braviary took flight and Sylvio hugged his feathery neck to stir him around.

              The city below them was a mess, herds of confused and terrified citizens who were partying a few hours ago trying to find a way out. Some did not know some of the Network Points were destroyed, and headed towards there anyways, but Sylvio knew better. His eye caught a ninjask moving fast above the crowds. "There, catch him," he ordered Griff, who dove forward, tearing through the air like a rocket. The Ninjask wasn't going as fast as he could - he appeared to be looking for something - so Griff easily managed to catch up.

              "Pardon me," Sylvio shouted to catch the bug's attention. "What is happening?"

              "Few Network Points got destroyed, I got this list of people-- wait... who are you?"

              "Sylvio Arcansus," Sylvio replied curtly.

              The Ninjask looked at his list. "You're not on the list."

              "Ah!" Sylvio exclaimed, somewhat dramatically. "But allow me to help out anyway."

              "Oh," the Ninjask let out, "alrighty then, I got nothing against that. Meet these peeps over at Point 3.5. See ya." The Ninjask quickly flew away.

              Sylvio nodded and stirred Griff's head to where he believed was the Network Point 3.5. "Griff," Sylvio said, "you do know where the point is, eh?" Griff nodded and soared.

              A few minutes later, Sylvio dismounted in the street that led to the Point, deciding to walk the rest of the way.

              Guardia meanwhile was on her way back to Network Point 3.5. She didn't manage to find any of the others, but hoped they would be on their way back after hearing word from the Ninjask. That is, assuming they were around to hear it. She swiftly shook her head, abolishing those thoughts. Along the road, she spotted a familiar Delphox, one she had seen and conversed with earlier in the day. "Still here, Sylvio? I would have thought you would be gone by now."

              "Gone? I think not," Sylvio replied, his mouth instantly slipping into a formal smile, although a veil of worry covered his face. "My student appears to be still in the city, but that is not my only reason for staying. I attempted to capture that troublemaker who disabled your Network Points, but alas, I was at a double disadvantage and he escaped. How fares the battle?"

              Guardia nodded at his explanation, then sighed. "Let's just say it could be better," She replied, not wishing to go into too much detail on it. She didn't want to worry the 'mon, even if he wasn't a regular citizen. As far as the conflict went, it definitely wasn't looking good. "As we are now, the most we can do is delay. Which is why...I'm heading to get help."

              Sylvio nodded firmly at her words without looking at her. "A reasonable decision, if I have to say anything for it. Is there anywhere in particular where you may get this kind of help?"

              "Not here, that's for sure," Guardia replied, looking around at the destruction of the city. "Not in Valkaria. We don't have...we don't have enough. We need to go beyond now."

              "Mhmheheh," Sylvio let out, although he looked a bit unsettled, "I figured as much. I wish to lend my aid, if you would have me."

              Guardia eyed the Delphox curiously, recalling the conversation the two had earlier. "You're from Karn, right?"

              "One could say that," Sylvio allowed, smiling formally.

              She looked around. Had she not been in a rush given the current situation, she would have thought more carefully about who to bring along. However, at this point, she could use everyone she can get, and this 'mon could definitely be useful over there. "Follow me to the Network Point, then." She said suddenly, and proceeded forward.

              "As you wish," Sylvio replied smiling, joining his hands and bowing slightly to her back; he went after her.

              *** Open Blue OOC ***
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                Kaveri "Jetstream" Vian and Callimer "Emerald Sentinel" Vian

                "Urrrrgghh" A pile of rubble with an antenna sticking out of it groaned and grumbled, starting to shake. A big green head burst from the debris, followed by the remaining mass of emerald scales. I think I may have worked too hard on becoming a tough guy, I've made such a big deal out of running towards danger so others don't have too that now I suck at running away from it when there's no other option... Wait! I can't sit here lost in - I wonder if she landed anywhere near me? Cal thumped his own head to make sure he was back to his senses and leaped into the air. When he crashed back down he flapped his wings as hard as he could at the moment he hit the ground. The shaking of the earth and the large gust of wind worked in concert to send all the rubble nearby scattering so he could clearly see what was around.

                The rubble wasn't all that was sent flying. A flash of sleek blue fur was briefly seen along with a set of flailing paws, before it once again disappeared beneath the rubble as the debris settled back to the ground. It wasn't long before a stone shifted, though, and Kaveri exploded out from the wreckage, a bit bruised from her fall and spluttering indignantly. "You couldn't think of a better way to look, really?" she huffed.

                Cal stared blankly at Kaveri for a few moments before his expression changed to one of pure joy and he sprinted at her and lifted her into a hug, shaking her a bit as he squeezed. "You're okay! I was so worried you might have been too close to the explosion, or too much junk fell on you! Or-or-" He froze for a second, then dropped Kaveri and backed up. "Uhh... sorry about the whole search method...and squeezing you like that I just - there was no time, we need to find Guardia and figure out where we stand."

                Kaveri took a wheezy breath as Cal released her from his tight embrace, taking a moment to catch her breath. A big dragon squeezing you in a hug can take a lot outta you, you know! "Isn't it supposed to be the older sibling worrying about their younger sibling?" she chortled, casting him a brief grin before shrugging and turning to scan their surroundings in search of the Gold Tribe leader. "Eh, whatever. Yer right, we should fi- Oh, hello there." She had turned around to come almost face-to-face with a hovering Ninjask. Since she'd seen Snype use a Ninjask to pass a message on earlier, she guessed this one was part of the thieves' network as well.

                "Kaveri 'Jetstream' Vian and Callimer 'Emerald Sentinel' Vian of the Gold Tribe, yes?" The Ninjask asked, glancing between the two then continuing after Kaveri nodded in confirmation. "You're both needed at Network Point three, at its new location in the Display Building."

                "New location?" Kaveri cocked a brow questioningly. "Something must've happened if they've moved to a new location..." The Ninjask seemed prepared to explain the whole thing, but Kaveri waved him off. "Nah, no time, we'll figure out what happened later." Then she looked back over to Cal, her twin tails twitching eagerly behind her as if she sensed they were about to go off and do something exciting. Even if it did mean leaving the breached wall with that much less protection. But, orders were orders! "I guess that tells us where we stand, eh?"

                Watching the Ninjask fly off Cal couldn't help wondering why there wasn't a system in place for the Gold Tribe like those Ninjask. They couldn't waste anymore time staying still though so he patted Kaveri's shoulder and said, "Seems so, guess we better hurry then huh?" before flying towards the Display Building at full speed. He knew Kaveri would catch up to him in no time since he wasn't even using Extremespeed so he started talking as if she was already there. "Thank goodness, with how badly things went at the wall even with the majority of our manpower and elites there I was so worried...I was so worried there'd be nowhere left to go, no means of escape for the citizens."

                Kaveri had been running through the streets at first, but with the panicked crowds that filled them, she hadn't been able to keep up with Cal; so now, she ran along the buildings, keeping pace with her brother fairly easily. "Like the SEC would let that happen! They're made for times of turmoil like these, ya know. Even if there's only one Network Point left, they'll get everyone out!" She said, ever the optimist, always looking for the best outcome. Whether she or anyone else actually believed that outcome to be possible, she always looked to it and hoped.

                "Yeah, I've got faith in our allies..." He looked down at the ground for a second, making sure to keep his flying stable through the change in weight distribution. "It's still so hard to believe, I know it's been such a big part of our lives this whole time anyways but... Darkrai... He's really back, and now we're gonna be a part of the effort to stop him."

                "I'm glad it's happening now," Kaveri said firmly. "Better now than in another 30 years when there's no one around who remembers him. And to be honest...," she continued, clenching her fists as a grin spread across her muzzle and her eyes lit with fiery determination, "I always hoped I'd be able to play a part in the fight against Darkrai. And now that he's here again... we gotta make sure not to let Wildfire down, yeh?"

                Cal nodded. "It's definitely reassuring to not be the only ones who took it all seriously, and even better to still have some around who were there before and know first-hand what it is we're dealing with." He matched his sister smirk-for-smirk and his eyes took on the same excited cast Kaveri's did. "We'll make sure everything she fought for ends up even better than she ever expected, Darkrai's going down, however long it takes."

                Kaveri nodded her agreement, falling silent afterwards. They were nearly to the Network Point now, and the crowds in the streets below were only getting thicker as some Pokemon tried to shove their way through the line, causing confusion in the masses as some other Pokemon hurried up and down the street, seemingly trying to keep some semblance of order.

                It was amongst these crowds that Kaveri spotted a familiar Zangoose with a not-so-familiar Delphox. She waved to Cal to get his attention, pointing down to where she'd spotted Guardia before dropping down from the building she had been running atop to move alongside the leader of the Gold Tribe and the Delphox. "Yo," she greeted briefly, blinking at the two.

                A quick twist sent the Dragonite gliding down to land next to Guardia and the Delphox moments after Kaveri did, shaking the ground slightly under his weight. He'd seen that Delphox around before a few times, and made sure to ask around about him since he didn't seem like a normal citizen. "Greetings, Sylvio, I think it is? Nice to meet you. We're reporting in Guardia, sounds like it's time to leave right?"
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                Annabelle Serta & Hanso Sharp-Eye

                Hanso entered the backroom of the Display Building, shooting past the thieves stationed there and proceeded into the main room where the Psychics were positioned around the Network machine. This was the last point left in the city, the others being destroyed by someone allied with Darkrai. Things weren't going at all how Hanso envisioned, and he did his best to plan for the worst. But then again, he hadn't expected to get back into the actual fighting himself at his age, so even now the way the world works could surprise him. He was at the eastern wall, but returned after heard about Riken's plan and the state of the main gate. The eastern wall wasn't in as bad of shape, but it was getting worse by the hour.

                He eyes scanned across the room, relying more on his grey one as his other one was currently covered in blood from a cut he received. He managed to spot Anna in the room, directing traffic and making sure everything was going smoothly. He walked over to her, favoring his left leg on his cane with each step. "Anna, how's it going?" He asked the Mareep.

                "Everything is going rather-- M-Mr. Sharp-Eye!" Anna hadn't been expecting Hanso to show up so suddenly at the new Network Point. She had been so focused on what she was doing she didn't even recognize his voice when he spoke to her. There had been so much chaos and confusion Anna hadn't even had the time to wonder if her boss had made it through all of the fighting. He was alive still, thank the gods, but now she wondered how long that would last. For him or for any of them. Anna cleared her throat. "Everything is going smoothly. Much better than I would have expected, actually," she admitted. She had been on edge this whole time. Every moment seemed like the best time for an enemy to come crashing through the glass roof. "I haven't been updated one what's going on outside of these walls. Is this a sign that the battle is going well outside?"

                "...It could be going better," Hanso replied in a grim tone. Two Network points were down, one destroyed by the weapons that were supposed to guard it. Hanso made a note about removing Hyper Beam Cannons from Network Points later. They were helpful, but highly destructive, and now he sees kind of pointless in defending against smaller infiltration parties. He focused back on her. "But I'm impressed at your work here. That was quick thinking moving the Network here. You probably ended up saving it."

                "It wasn't without a few tries, sir," Anna answered, recalling her first attempt at moving the Network Point. "And I hope so. Though I owe it more to the men and women guarding it right now than my personal efforts." She couldn't take all of the credit for what was happening at this Network Point. Without the Gold Tribe members or even the thieves the Display Building would have been overrun ages ago, she was sure. "Will you be staying here, sir?"

                "Well regardless, it was good work," He crossed his arms, looking around the room at the other Pokemon who began to gather, presumably for the mission he heard about from General Riken. "Yeah, I'll stay here. Help organize the forces and hold back the armies. With any luck, we should be able to hold them off..." Hanso brought his gaze to a window overlooking the city. "At least long enough for you to find some help. You'll be representing all of SEC on it, Anna. You'll be representing us, but you'll also be my eyes and ears," Hanso took out a card from a sack he was carrying around. The card had a large number '9' on it with a few of Annabelle's information. "Here, I'm putting you at level 9," He said, handing the card over to her. "That's one below the my son the CEO, so you should be able to command any SEC forces in the other nations."

                Anna was absolutely stunned by her sudden promotion. From a seven to a nine!? And so quickly! It wasn't easy for her to rise up the latter as she had now. The promotion made her nervous. "Th-Thank you, sir!" Anna tucked the card into her wool near her bow tie. She could feel the weight of the responsibility it carried on her. "How would you like me to correspond with you sir?" There were a plethora of ways she could do it, some slower than others but Anna assumed the least obvious choice was the best.

                Hanso nodded, approaching the Mareep and tapping her on the forehead. "We're going to link minds, and communicate Psychically. Normally, that would just be enough within Valkaria for me. But since you're going way beyond, I don't think we'll be able to keep the link because of the distance," He explained, removing his finger from her forehead and pointing to the Psychics who made up the Network. "So instead we'll use the Network. Whenever you want to report in or ask anything, or talk, just find any of the Network Points throughout the world, use their abilities and find me. The Network machine should be able to track us both down and project me to you in a hologram-like form. Even if something happens with the Network here, as long as one of us have it, we'll be able to talk."

                "I'll relay anything to you as quickly as I can." With the expansion of the Network Point system there weren't too many places without them nowadays and if negotiations were still running smoothly, more would come during the mission she was about to partake in. "Hopefully we will both stay safe during out missions."

                " too," He began, sighing deeply. "Remember what we say."

                "Yes, sir!" Anna nodded in response, the motto giving her a sense of duty and new confidence. Near the Network Point Annabelle's new group was forming together. By the looks of it they should be leaving soon. "I think it's time for me to take my leave, sir."

                Hanso nodded. "Good luck," He said to her as she turned around and headed toward the group.
                Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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                Lyn "Guardia" Reed - Network Point Three

                “Sentinel, Jetstream!” Guardia beamed, thankful her allies across the wall were alright. “Good to see you both in one piece,” She stated with a smirk. Upon hearing Cal’s question, the Zangoose bowed her head slightly and nodded solemnly. “’s time to go. I’ll explain inside, come on,” Together they proceeded inside the Display Building. Through the front doors, ‘mon lined up for what seemed like miles to exit the city. The Network Psychics were working furiously to get them out as swiftly as possible, while SEC scientists, Alpha Alliance soldiers and Gold Tribe members tried to maintain lines and order.

                Looking across the room at the others present, she was content to see most of the ‘mon from the list seemed to be present, along with a few others that would apparently see them off. She noticed Ripper there and approached him, figuring she would converse a bit with him before General Riken would arrive.. “Ripper, how goes it?”

                “Guardia,” The Houndoom replied with a growl, showing his frustration with the situation at hand. “I’ve got some news from around the city that we got from Snype’s Ninjask and our brothers...if you’d like to hear.” Guardia nodded slowly and her ears perked up. “So far, the damage is worst at the main gates, where you were at. They stopped the siege momentarily to probably wait for the smoke and dust to clear, and instead are working to surround us entirely. We’re trying to push them back but…” Ripper growled again, gritting his teeth. “Two of the tribe have fallen so far. Brawler from the main gate, and Warhawk from the east gate.”

                Guardia responded to the names by a small twitch of her eye. At this point, she didn’t want to show weakness or too much emotion in front of so many of the others, but she knew both of those ‘mon. In fact, the Gold Tribe being what it was now, she knew practically every member quite well. They were warriors, and would kill many. The Gold Tribe today lost only two. Yet everyone one that fell was a friend, someone she had personally accepted into the tribe. Before it was all said and done, many more might have to die. “What about Scar?” She asked Ripper.

                Before Ripper could answer, the Beatrucian Gold Tribe member Abel spoke up from beside Guardia. “I saw him last, holding off the Greninja Gabriel,” He said to the Zangoose. Guardia turned to Abel and cocked an eyebrow.

                “Gabriel...I’ve been hearing about that blasted Greninja everywhere. Just who the hell is he?”

                “I’m...not sure. I don’t think anyone is completely. He’s following Darkrai apparently on his own whim. And he’s strong. Took down two of the Network Points himself.” Ripper stated back.

                Guardia shook her head. “By himself…” The doors to the back of the Display Building opened, with General Riken proceeding through. “Well, looks like it’s time,” Guardia declared. She looked around, seeing everyone that had gathered and felt content with the group she had chosen. Riken approached beside her, placing his large hand on her shoulder.

                “I’ll make the arrangements with the Psychics to teleport you all out. Best you tell them instead of me.”

                Guardia nodded, and looked on to address the gathered ‘mon. They were a mixed bunch, not just Gold Tribe. “Right. You’re all here because many of you would have been selected to accompany me on my mission tomorrow. Unfortunately, because of Darkrai, we’re going to have to advance our schedule to today. Right now.”

                “What? You’re leaving? Right in the middle of the battle?” Ripper asked, confused, and a bit angry.

                “We have no choice, brother,” Guardia replied sternly. “If we don’t leave now, there’s no telling if we’ll be able to leave ever again.”

                “But if you leave now, what becomes of the rest of us?” Ripper demanded. “What becomes of the citizens?”

                “We will hold back Darkrai’s armies,” General Riken declared, speaking up after arranging the location transfer with the Psychics. “We’ll get the rest of the citizens out, and hold the city, delay the armies.”

                “Delay? Delay for what?”

                “For us to find help,” Guardia replied. She looked around the room at the many faces staring back at her. “The mission we’re going on has two objectives: the first, find Cresselia. We know that she is out there, somewhere. It’s been a long time since ‘mon have seen sight of her, but we have to believe she still exists. The old timers back in the day defeated him with her help, and we will do the same.” She turned around, looking through the open window at the main gates, where smoke was still visible. “But Darkrai’s armies aren’t just Ancients now. They’re actual Pokemon too. Real, tangible Pokemon that are fighting willingly for him. Even if we destroy Darkrai, that doesn’t guarantee a victory. We need help from the other nations. We need to convince them to help us.”

                She turned back around and addressed the group again. “I’m not gonna lie to you. I know some of you would rather stay here, especially the Gold Tribe, to help the fight with your brothers and sisters. If I’m being honest, I’d rather stay too. But the fact of the matter is, if we stay, we’ll die. Maybe we’ll hold for a while. Damned if we hadn’t before. But we can’t hold on forever. We can’t do this alone. I’m asked you all here to come with me, but this mission is volunteer-based. If you don’t want to come, you don’t have to. If you do come, know we’re going all the way. We’re going to find help, or die trying.”

                “We’ll head north to Fort Ferrol. We scouted ahead and it seems that it hasn’t been hit by Darkrai’s forces, so for now we’ll be safe there. From there, we’ll decide where to seek help first.”

                “I’ll be sending Annabelle here to represent SEC,” Hanso Sharp-Eye added in, walking beside Riken. “I’m also linking my mind with each Network across the lands, so if you ever want to talk back over here, we’ll be able to communicate.” Guardia nodded, offering the Gallade a smile.

                “I’d like to come as well, if I may,” Thomas Blake chirped up. Guardia looked at him with a somewhat surprised expression. Before she could ask why, he spoke again. “I’ve made a few mistakes recently, and I hope to atone for them. Besides, the movement, the exposure, there’s pockets of it in other places too. If I could help in any way, even if its in this small way to inform everyone, I want to.”

                Guardia stared for a few seconds blankly at the Hypno, before nodding in agreement.

                “Alright, this is it,” General Riken declared. He motioned for everyone to gather around the Psychics. “Come around this vicinity. Do it,” He ordered to the lead Psychic around the Network Machine. The Kadabra nodded, closing his eyes.

                “Contacting the Psychic network in Fort Ferrol,” He said. The other psychics all silently sat in their circle, apparently deep in concentration. The machine in the middle of the psychics flickered with a blue light. It shone on and off for a few moments, before permanently flicking on. “Network established,” The Kadabra said. “Sending you to Fort Ferrol now.”

                General Riken stepped back, and watched the group dematerialize. “Good luck.”

                Before Guardia left, she caught sight of the window inside of the Display Room which had a full view of the smoke that rose from the main gates, the many screams and worried Pokemon gathered around trying to leave from the city, the brave ‘mon who continued to defend it, and the vast armies of Darkrai outside the walls. She saw the tower of the Gold Tribe in the middle of the city, standing strong and proud, but was surrounded by three different points of smoke coming from the three destroyed Network Points. She saw the remnants of fire that had outbroke in the city. It took the entire thirty years of discipline she developed as leader of the Gold Tribe not to say ‘screw it all’ and rejoin her brothers and sisters in the defense of the city. This was the second time in her life she left Gold City to the anguish of war.

                Fort Ferrol. It was established as the first presence of the Alpha Alliance outside of Valkaria’s borders after scouting parties have been sent to spread tales of Darkrai. The area directly above it doesn’t actually belong to any country, instead being home to a collection of isolated villages. However the area has been hit with bandit activity many times in the past, and starvation due to their isolated nature in the wastes weren’t entirely uncommon. This resulted with them welcoming the presence of the Pokemon of Valkaria. The area became known as the Valkaria Protectorate, a series of villages which are mostly autonomous but fall under the Alpha Alliance’s protection. Fort Ferrol is a combined village and fortress, being home to a population of no more than a hundred or so Pokemon. However, it serves as a base for the Gold Tribe, SEC, and the Seekers, all having a presence there. The fort acts as a connection point with the rest of the Valkarian Protectore’s villages and Valkaria itself. It’s location nearby a lake and mountains also makes it strategically difficult for enemies to find or siege.

                However, the current situation of Fort Ferrol was nothing like it was the last times Guardia passed through here. There was an air of gloom and desperation. Most of the villagers were hiding in their homes or no longer present, while many of the defenders were notably absent. Guardia knew that there were usually about twenty Gold Tribe members here to protect this and the nearby village, but she suspected when they heard about the attack on Gold City, most were sent down through the Network to help. Guardia counted only three there presently. One was a Seaking, titled ‘Reign’, who was swimming around the water of the village, apparently on patrol. Another, a Fearow who went by ‘Whirlwind’, was perched up at the top of a lookout outpost, her eyes wandering across the vast wilderness of the nearby forests and mountains. She momentarily gazed at the group as they teleported through the Network in curiousity. The third was approaching the group, a Dusknoir veteran Gold Tribe member named Marcus, but who went by Wraith.

                “Guardia,” Wraith acknowledged the Gold Tribe leader with a nod of his head, floating over to her and the others. “Brothers, sisters,” He added to the other Gold Tribe members present. “I hadn’t heard you were coming. What are you doing here? How goes the fight in Gold City? Did you come for the rest of us? No, that wouldn’t have made sense, you would have just sent a single ‘mon to collect us then. Is Gold City fallen? Did we lose already, and these are the survivors? Unlikely either, you would never knowingly ru-”

                “Wraith, Wraith!” Guardia interjected, trying to stop the Dusknoir. He had a habit of rambling on for a while, asking many questions and often answering them himself before giving anyone a chance to talk. “Remember that mission I was planning tomorrow?” She asked, watching the Dusknoir nod slowly. “Well the situation in Gold City sped that along. We’re going to stay here and rest and then decide where to go from here.”

                “Ah, very well. I assume the situation isn’t too good then, if you were to leave. We will of course provide you food and lodgings and anything else you will need. I am curious about the rest of your group. I see a lot of non-Gold Tribe members too, many faces I do not recognize, although there are a fe-”

                “Wraith,” Guardia interrupted again, holding up a hand to her head and clutching it while she held up another in front of Wraith to get him to stop. “It’s been a long day.”

                “...Right. Well, you’re standing in front of the SEC HQ here." He said, pointing to the largest hut right beside them. "Gold Tribe quarters are up to the left of the village, in the larger hut on the second level, while Seeker’s base is to the far right. The dining hut is still open, though I fear most shops are probably closed, some of them maybe permanently due to half of the village taking off. If you need anything else, let me know.”

                “Thanks,” Guardia said to the Dusknoir, who began to float off. Guardia turned around and addressed the rest of the group. “Well…” She began to say, but found no words to explain the current situation they faced. “Let’s have a meeting to discuss what we’ll do tomorrow. I figure everyone here could use a rest.” With those words, Abel nodded and headed off to the Gold Tribe hut.

                Wraith seemed to remember something and turn around, floating back to Guardia. He spoke in a lowered voice.

                “Oh, also, ma’am, if I may say. Both Reign and Whirlwind have been on patrol for the past 8 hours now without break on their own. I know you are all likely tired, but if anyone would at some point take over, I think they would appreciate it. Seeing you here now, there’s no way they would ask to be taken off of patrol. Probably too proud.”

                Guardia looked at the Fearow and the Seaking floating around. In a way, he felt she could sympathize with them. For many Gold Tribe, being on patrol was worse than being in a battle, especially a battle to protect their home. She could only imagine what it must have been like to stay behind while the rest went off to help the city. A long time with often no one but yourself to sit and think was frightening, especially if you didn’t know what was happening and you were left with your imagination to play it all out.

                “I understand, I’ll take over for Whirlwind,” She announced. “Don’t think I’ll be doing much sleeping tonight anyways…” Guardia sighed, and looked around at the others who came with her through the Network, before proceeding up to relieve Whirlwind.

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                Snype - Fort Ferrol

                Snype managed to return just on time for the group to be teleported away from the city and continue their investigation. The other thieves were bound to hear of this back in the forest. He instructed the Ninjask network to remain in the city and assist the Gold Tribe in keeping their communication links strong. His access to the network would be more limited outside of the network but of anything happened, they would be able to notify Snype if necessary. At least staying here would give him some time to plan something out away from all of that chaos. He wasn't too comfortable leaving his thieves there. Of course, they were free to retreat on their own terms at any times. They had no obligation to follow orders from the Gold Tribe, considering the history between them. With the situation as it was though, he didn't think they would retreat so easily. The thieves have been preparing for this type of scenario after all.

                They needed to get help with Gold City, and on top of that, the group had to find Crescellia. The only problem was Snype had no clue where to begin looking. It's not every day a legendary Pokemon swoops down to greet you and help your cause... usually.

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                  A Teensy Weensy Little Argument
                  Featuring Razathiel, Charlie, Guardia, Snype, Obsidian and an unconscious Penance

                  Raz had been dawdling to some effect ever since he'd got bored with his makeshift Wailord rolling pin. Well, technically he wouldn't have been able to break past the protective psychic barriers even if had wanted to continue, but being bored was his failsafe excuse - and a good and frequently used one, at that. He was dawdling, of course, to make sure he wasn't helping too much with the effort against Darkrai, though in retrospect, he wasn't sure it was necessary. Guardia seemed oddly more comfortable - or at least not as incredibly murderous - in Raz's presence than the Dreadmage had expected. Maybe it was the fact he was a tiny Ralts, or maybe it was that she spent so much time around the Madman that everyone else seemed like far less of a threat. It was a shame, he supposed, that he could probably have afforded to fight after all. Maybe a few lives could have been spared. Not that he cared about that, though, of course; he was evil, after all. Regardless, the main thing was that he was here, never mind how the situation played out that led to it. Here with the Gold Tribe, the Madman, and... bloody hell, this was an odd group if he had ever seen one. He stood for a moment observing, his luminous red eyes beaming out at the 'mon surrounding him in a piercingly discerning gaze. One particular individual seemed to stand out a fair bit to him: firstly, because Raz recognised him, and secondly, because he appeared to be smashed out of his mind.

                  The Scyther, however, rudely barged past Raz, giving only a quick "Out of my way, kid." as he seemed to have a beeline towards another person entirely. The Dreadmage didn't even spare the drunk a word, psychically returning the barge and flinging him off into the water.

                  "The f-?" Charlie didn't get time at all to react as he was flung into the water - which is, needless to say, not a bug's natural environment, even if he was sober. After the initial shock of hitting the water, Charlie flailed his claws around, as if they would even have a hope of finding purchase against the water, but to no avail... almost immediately, he sank with all the grace and poise of a beached Magikarp.

                  Raz put a hand to his chin and turned around momentarily. "Oh, yes. Murder not allowed. I'd forgotten." He dragged the drenched bug out of the water with his Psychic grasp, then draped him across the woodwork with just a little less than motherly care. "A shame." He turned again, waddling away from the incident like one might walk out of a lovely shop that didn't stock what you'd come for, but was nice nonetheless. He tended to get that way after harming someone he disliked.

                  "Hey!" Guardia yelled at the small hooded Ralts walking away. She had turned around earlier when she heard some sort of commotion going on, and watched the entire scene unfold right before she had reached the outpost with Whirlwind on top of it. "Razorspheal!" She yelled again, walking right beside the 'mon the Psychic had just dropped onto the wooden docks. Her eyes were glued onto the small Psychic.

                  Raz stopped and turned, looking back at the Zangoose. "Oh, Guardia! Did you see that? It looked as if I was about to kill him, but then I didn't. I thought it was quite nice of me; goodness, you must be proud you can provoke such restraint in one as evil as I. You know, me. Razathiel. That person who has that name, the one that people tend to get right with about an ounce of effort."

                  Obsidian groaned as he got off the ground, managing to jump right for the group as they teleported. It was a lucky break on his part... or not. It seemed that there were some clashes here, but he took a few glances about, "A fort huh?" He looked over at Raz, quickly recognizing him, and the Scyther that gasped on the ground he recalled from the city as well. Another face in the crowd... was Guardia. He pulled Penance off of the ground and slung him over a shoulder as he made his way over and set the duck down. "So... Guardia can I have a word when you're done here?"

                  Guardia held her hand up to Obsidian to wait, not taking her eyes off the Ralts. "Listen up. I brought you here because you said you wanted to help against Darkrai, and you have knowledge and abilities to back it up."

                  "Yes, I have those. What's your point?" Raz snapped.

                  "We're all allies here," She continued, pointing to Charlie on the floor without looking at him. "You pull any sh*t like this again, I'll break you in half myself. Clear?"

                  "Yes, we are allies, that is why he is here and not the water. I don't understand. Is this not a good thing?" He gestured to the dripping Scyther with his arms, as though gesturing to a fantastically wrapped basket of muffins.

                  Guardia stared at the Ralts, unsure if he was being sarcastic, or if he really didn't think he did anything wrong and that was simply how he grew up. Either way, she knew she couldn't let him go under the assumption he didn't do anything wrong. She walked up to the Ralts, raised her fist and punched Raz right across his jaw.

                  Razathiel twisted and flew back, scrambling to his feet and readying his staff. Worked up in the confusion that he wasn't being praised for such an obvious act of mercy - Raz generally didn't do mercy - it took the Ralts a little while to register that he'd just been punched in the face. Just like that, his plans were foiled? It took him a little longer, but eventually, he glanced up at Guardia - who was still in the same place and, apparently, not trying to kill him - and raised an eyebrow quizzically.

                  "Whu- is that it?"

                  "Here, trying to kill our allies is almost as bad as killing them. Maybe not in your mind, but as long as you're traveling with us, don't do it," She stated sternly. She relaxed her stance and eased up her fists. "I'm sure you'll be able to do a lot worse against Darkrai's forces, trust me."

                  Behind Guardia, there came a small, but devious chuckle. "Ya know, it's nice ta see, after all these years, the prime b*tch of the Gold Tribe ain't cooled down any..." Charlie's voice came in the tone as if he was speaking to an old friend. "So how's the Tribe been copin' without me around then, eh?"

                  "You punched me." Raz murmured, still quite unsure as to the logic of his situation.

                  Guardia turned around toward the downed Pokemon for the first time, her ears perking up from the sound of his voice. She knew it, and she was surprised to hear it, thinking she would never hear it again in her life. When she saw him, her eyes widened. "You..." Guardia began.

                  "Yup, me. I gotta name, though." Charlie shrugged. "But I guess that you'll work for now. So... I'm tryin' ta catch up here! Head still firmly up yer ass?"

                  Guardia barged forward at the Scyther without another word, raising her fist once more, but this time striking with a bit more passion and force. This was definitely personal. "I shoulda let Razzmatazz drown you!"

                  Raz blinked, then shrugged. "I mean, I still can, if you've changed your mind."

                  Obsidian dropped Penance as he held up his hands, "Aw crap! Guardia can we please not kill anyone else!?" He asked as he ran over, "Look I get it, this guy did something. Just walk away." Although Obsidian was against this, he wasn't so against it that he would actually step in front of Guardia or actually try to pull her away. In her enraged state... well, he didn't want to risk it.

                  Charlie rocked with the punch, needing maybe a whole second to shake out the cobwebs and come back to his senses. "Oh, you know nothin' mate. I didn't just do somethin', I kept the wool over the eyes 'a this dumb broad and her tribe for a whole damn year!

                  "No, I'll take care of him," Guardia stated to Raz, before pointing to Obsidian. "Obsidian, you stay out of this. This has nothing to do with you!" She stepped over to Charlie again, angrier than she had been in a while. There was few things she took as hard as betrayal on that level in the Gold Tribe. With coming from the war in Gold City, she was just about ready to wreck the Scyther just to let off some steam. She brought her right hand to the left side of her body and swiped the Scyther again across his other cheek with the back of her hand as hard as she could.

                  Charlie again rocked with the slap across his face. "Eheh. Ya know, this is no way ta greet an old friend..." He slowly brought himself to his feet, bringing with him the stench of the alcohol that stopped him thinking this was a bad idea. "But if ya wanna play rough, girl... I'm game for that too!" Seemingly having forgot he was dripping wet, when the Scyther's wings kicked into action, he fortunately went absolutely nowhere, just standing in place, buzzing his wings.

                  Snype pinched between his eyes, looking rather irritated from all of the commotion. "Did we escape Gold City to have a petty argument or to find Cresselia? Charlie, if this is the only reason you wanted to come along then I suggest you make your way back to the forest, or start getting along." Snype said with a stern expression before turning over to Guardia. "I don't know what's up between you two, but I'd prefer you both step back and take a breather. I'd say it's pretty bad when a thief is trying to keep the Gold Tribe leader from losing it."

                  "I'll say." Raz huffed. "She punched me for showing restraint. Do I get to kill this bug, or not?"

                  "You bet your ass you don't! Try it again, now I'm ready for ya, ya little creep!" Charlie snapped at Raz, then let out a sigh. "You know I got my reasons, 'kay boss? Don't mean I ain't gonna butt heads in a while... guess I just leave her ta cool off."

                  "Wait, you're telling me he's with you now?!" Guardia snapped at Snype.

                  "Yeah. So he's my responsibility. If he gets out of line then I'll keep him in check if it keeps you two from fighting each other."

                  "So... is that a 'yes' on the killing?" Raz asked hopefully.

                  "Ugh, why am I not surprised?!" She screamed, before heading off to the outpost. She looked back at Snype once more, pointing at him in an intimidating manner. "You better watch him."

                  "... So, yes? I'm going to do it, you know. Fire would work. Bugs burn and alcohol burns, I guess the two would be pretty good."

                  "Now get this, shortstuff. You. Ain't comin'. Nowhere near me. Try it, I'll lop your f*cking head off!" The Scyther raised a claw at Raz to punctuate his point.

                  "Well, yes, I'm a ranged mage. Honestly, keep up, it's like you don't even know how fights work."

                  "Stop it, or I'll start smacking both of you around. We're all stressed after that attack. If your gonna take your anger out on anything, then don't take it out on your own allies. For our sake anyway." Snype said. It was times like this that he really wished there was a Punching bag or a training dummy he could practice on.

                  Obsidian just sighed and placed Penance back over his shoulder and ran after Guardia, "Hey wait up!"

                  Raz paused for a fairly long time. "... So, that's a no, then...?" Snype simply facepalmed and gave an irritated groan.

                  "You know what? F*ck it. I came here with one reason in my head and I ain't lettin' some pint-sized twerp get in my way!" Charlie waved his claw dismissively as he walked away - making damn sure it was the other way to Guardia's exit. "Peace."

                  The Dreadmage turned to the King of Thieves. "I'm going to assume that was directed at you so I don't have to kill him for that."

                  "Yeah. Sure. Let's go with that." Snype said as he took a look at the area around him.

                  Razathiel glanced over at the leaving 'mon, lifting his hood to scratch his head. "For the leader of the Gold Tribe, Guardia doesn't seem to have all that much restraint. And that's coming from me. Bloody hypocrite." He drew his hood back and twirled his staff in hand before grasping it in its regular position, giving it a light tap on the wood below him. "Now I want a f*cking ice-cream."

                  Snype chuckled at Raz for a bit. "Kehe, hey you can use Magic right? Maybe you'll learn how to conjure one up during our expedition eh? Ice Cream magic... kehe. I'd be pretty darn jealous of that. Whatcha think?" Snype said, trying to lift his own spirits by returning to his usual cheery self.

                  The Ralts turned back to the Sableye and cocked an eyebrow, ignoring his suggestion of ice cream magic. In terms of conversation, at least - he actually felt it quite a delicious idea. "You're the King of Thieves." He stated.

                  "Kehe, yup, that'd be me. I perfer the name Snype, but I'm fine with either. Kehe" Snype simply responded.

                  "Interesting." Raz nodded. "Razathiel, the Dreadmage. Or the Eye of Dread, the Dark Psyker - at any rate, I am powerful, and I am evil." He turned to walk in the direction of whatever buildings lay nearby, but shortly turned back. "Also, teach that bloody bug a lesson, if I'm not allowed to kill him." He turned back again, and then again to Snype. "Also, don't try to steal anything from me." He finally turned back towards the buildings, but suddenly stopped again. "Also, do you know where I can find some chocolate ice-cream?"

                  "Keh, well I just got here, but if ya don't kill Charlie, then I'll be sure to let ya know if I find some, o' Eye of Dread. Kehe." Snype said, kinda playing along with the whole dreadmage stuff. For some reason, Snype found it kinda charming.

                  "Yes, well, be sure that you do, minion."
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                    Mutual Acquaintances : Obsidian and Guardia

                    Obsidian huffed as he followed after the departing Zangoose, "Hey! Guardia! Come on slow down! It ain't easy carrying him ya know! I'm not built for this!"

                    Guardia turned over her shoulder to see Obsidian following after her. "I'm not in the mood for it right now, Obsidian. Maybe you should go tend to him instead."

                    Obsidian shook his head, "Look, he's going to be out for a while. I can see that right now. What's more important is that you at least get that anger you just built up out. Yeah you punched him, but I still see that need in you. But more importantly..." His voice lowered a bit, "What do we do? I mean... I mean I've always heard the stories. Penance always told me but, it's different. I mean, it's one thing to read about it and be told about it, but to have that just happen there? Out of all places? What now? Honestly, what do we do?"

                    Guardia turned around fully now, eyeing the Weavile and there looking around at the other Pokemon, some of which were still fairly close. She motioned with her hand for him to follow her. She then climbed up the ladder beside the outpost, thinking on what she had just done. She didn't regret the way she handled the situation with the Ralts. He wasn't, and still probably isn't right in the mind. She knew she had to snap him out of the way he was thinking, or at least make him understand that she wouldn't let him do that kind of thing on this mission. The way she handled the Charlie situation...that could have gone better. She hadn't snapped and struck at someone out of anger in a long time. But then again, she hadn't been so angry at someone to this extent for a long time either. What Charlie did to the Gold Tribe, she wouldn't ever tolerate anyone betraying the Gold Tribe like that. Even if it didn't show the best face to the others, it sure felt good to let out.

                    She reached the top of the post, seeing the Gold Tribe member Whirlwind sitting perched up on top, her eyes scanning across the scenery earnestly. When she saw Guardia's face poke up onto the roof, she let out a small gasp and smiled. "Guardia! Great to see you!"

                    "Likewise, sister. I'm here to relieve you. I'll be taking the next watch here."

                    "What? But...I'm alright. You don't have to do it, you must have been through so much as it is," Whirlwind began to protest. Guardia held up a hand.

                    "It's OK, Whirlwind, get some rest," He said to the Fearow. Whirlwind looked on beyond the village toward the direction of Gold City. It wasn't in her sights from this distance, but Guardia had the feeling that's where she was looking.

                    "A-alright. Thank you, Guardia," She said finally, taking off to the direction of the Gold Tribe hut. Guardia climbed to the top of the roof of the outpost, and sat on it, looking out into the vast area in front of her, the darkness of night having long crept in and covered the place in shadow. She motioned for Obsidian to sit beside her and the Weavile made his way over, setting Penance down as he looked out silently.

                    "What Penance has told you, the stories I mean, I'm guessing he's tried to be as realistic and lifelike as he could be," She began, staring off for a moment longer, before glimpsing at Penance's sleeping body beside them. "But nothing can prepare you for the real deal, no matter how much you try to. I learned that my first time around thirty years ago. But this's different even than that one. I can lie to you and say I have all the answers, but that wouldn't be true, so I won't do it. To answer your question, we've got to do the only thing we can do," She moved her gaze from Penance to Obsidian. "Get help from the other nations, and find Cresselia."

                    Obsidian sighed, "I guess it's like trying to prepare for an earthquake and even though you know what's supposed to happen... you still end up screaming when it happens. You recoil when you see dead bodies." He hung his head, "I... I guess I've more prepared than most you know? Penance has gone out of his way to teach me, and yet here I am shaking with fear." He let out some sarcastic laughter, "I just had to do one thing, I just had to keep my cool and I cracked."

                    "It's a lot harder than it looks. Thirty years ago, if it hadn't been for my father, I probably would have too. It's not a crime to be scared. Every 'mon is. I was then, I am now," Guardia explained. "It's how you deal with that fear that's important."

                    Obsidian let out a shaky breath, "Back then, Penance said the only way to follow Darkrai would be to have corruption, to be forced to." He shook his head, "But... all that army back there in the city. I didn't see any corrupted. and those people in the city? They were so strong. That Gabriel... is that how all of them are now? Is it where we step out and only two of them are needed to kill all of us?" He put his head into his clawed hands, "I'm trying really hard ot be positive... but I... I'm so scared. What if we go into a building and everyone immediately starts attacking us cause they all follow Darkrai?"

                    He raised his hand and looked wearily at Guardia, "What if we just so much as close our eyes and suddenly we're stabbed in the night? No way to tell who is friend and foe?"

                    Guardia began to think on what Obsidian said. In truth, she hadn't considered it herself to that extent. With willing followers joining the corrupted, there was no telling who was a friend and who was a foe. "I did see ancients among the forces, but you're right, a lot of them looked like they fought willingly. It's going to be hard, but we'll have to be careful who we trust. Mostly everyone in this group I've known for a long time. I can't say I trust all of them completely, but for more, I can say I don't think they'd betray us to Darkrai." She had a few in mind among the group who were newcomers that she may have to watch a bit more, but generally speaking most of the group seemed to be on the level. "We have to rely on each other. Even if its a scary thought to do. We'll keep our eyes open, but some of us have known each other for a while."

                    Obsidian slowly nodded his head, "You know... you're stable." He cast a glance back at Penance, "We really need that. We have so many seekers that... that I'm not sure how many can be trusted. We all sing the song of Darkrai, but if so many rallied to his cause... what if we helped to spread harm? There are so many areas we are and we open up to anyone. It would be so easy just to get someone in and spread tales of lies. I mean... that Sceptile guy. You knew him, yet he still got in."

                    "Grett you mean? Yeah, that was a surprise," She commented, moving her eyes into the cool water, where she managed to see Reign swimming by on his patrol. "But then again, he did only become General a month ago. If it turned out to be General Riken who was in league with Darkrai, I think I would have been a lot more, well..." She trailed off, but turned back to Obsidian again. "I'm going to need you. I never liked it that you followed him," She stated, pointing at the unconscious Penance. "But since you're with him, you might be the only person that can control him. I'll need Penance on this, I know I will. But I need him to be as calm as possible."

                    Obsidian sighed, "I know that I'll have to work on that. He's... he prepared for so long." He chuckled softly, "You know... I don't remember much about my childhood. I can't remember names and faces well... but I remember that one time I was brought to the border outside of Karn. I remember that time when that... incident happened. I remember you were there. And... and when he just... exploded." He shook his head a bit, "Imagine him waking up and realizing that with all his planning he never really took into account how persuasive Darkrai could be. That he planned a majority of his plans with the belief that he would be fighting corrupted?" He sighed and rubbed at the back of his neck, "He likes to be in control. He likes to think that he has thought up of everything... but that isn't the case always. The moment he wakes up I think there's going to be some madness going on."

                    Guardia could somewhat sympathize with the Madman here. She too had a lot of plans regarding Darkrai, if he was to return. She certainly didn't expect a few things to go the way they did, particularly the non-corrupted Pokemon. Now, everything seemed to go to hell, and if Penance was going to go crazy when he woke up, that would only add more fuel to the fire. "We have to stop it if it comes to that. I know it's a tall task, but he needs to get a grip, same as the rest of us. That includes me too. What we're doing here...we've got a lot of people relying on us back home."

                    Obsidian slowly nodded, "Yeah. I know that." He looked back out, "So, I guess that's it huh?" He stood up and went over to the duck and slung him back over a shoulder, "I'll watch over him. I guess if anyone tries to murder us my screams will be enough." He let out a weak chuckle, "Uh... stay safe Guardia." Obsidian made his way back down the ladder as he headed for the Seeker's hut.

                    "You too, Obsidian," She replied, returning her gaze to the vast dark around Fort Ferrol. It was going to be a long night.
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                    Not even a Bloody Sprinkle - Snype, Raz, Joshua and Callimer

                    Joshua remained silent after arriving in Ferrol. What was he supposed to say? The situation quickly exploded; Guardia lost her temper, they had a homicidal Ralts in their group, and somehow, his brother had ended up in the group as well. The Swadloon simply stood motionless, wrapping himself tightly in his cloak, hoping that he would not be seen. He didn't even know why he was on this mission. Hand picked, too, from what he could gather. He sighed, as Guardia and Charlie each went their respective ways. Abel had left too, much earlier, and now there was nothing but awkward silence. There were others still in the group; some he recognized, others, not as much.

                    With a deep sigh Callimer tried to think of what to do to be productive. Only thing that came to mind was checking on supplies and such but he had to address one little thing like that. He strode over to Snype and started talking right away. He figured someone his size stepping up to someone as attentive and vertically-challenged as Snype would be noticed just fine. "I'm glad you said something there. I stayed quiet because I trust Guardia's judgement and I've never seen her like that before. She's never lost it like that since I joined the tribe; your Scyther friend must have done something low enough that I'd want to clock him myself, if I knew what had happened and there weren't better things to worry about."

                    Snype turned around to the Dragonite. He remembered that Kaveri was with him earlier. "Keh, yeah well guess its a good thing I'm pretty on edge about her judgement then eh? Kehe. I knew he had some bad history with the Gold Tribe but I wasn't told that it was that personal. Keheh. Well I guess its my problem now eh? Suppose its better then having those two duke it out right here. You're Cal right? I remember your sister mentioning you a couple times." Snype said.

                    "Yep, that'd be me, the protective little brother she can't stop reminding he was born second, even though I completely eclipse her anytime I stand too close." Cal answered with a chuckle. "And you'd be Snype, the king of thieves, and a lot more famous - or should I say infamous - than I. You know she tried to tease me about you, act like you two were on a real date and get me all riled up. That was why I had to bring up the fake threat earlier, if you were curious about it."

                    "It's only personal because he makes it personal," Joshua interrupted, ignoring the two and their introductions to each other. Their conversation regarding the Scyther earlier had caught his attention. "Charlie's just stubborn, is all."

                    Snype snickered at Cal's explanation on the whole threat. He still wanted to keep that little gag going if Cal was really gullible enough to believe it at first. "Keheh, well hey, she isn't totally lieing. We did go out to eat. Pretty fun day I gotta say... you know, before the attack." Snype said with a snicker. He turned over to Joshua to respond to him. "I take you know him then? Yeah, Charlie insisted that he come along after I mentioned you were coming. Sorry if that's a problem. I figured having a second thief along with me would have been handy. I'll try to make sure his personal grudges don't get in the way." Snype said.

                    Joshua nodded in response to the Sableye. He was bewildered as to why Charlie would have specifically requested to come along, just because of himself. "It shouldn't be a problem. Just... well, he's really independent, if you couldn't tell. As long as he respects you, you should be able to keep him under control."

                    "Yeah he'll pretty much do what I say. But its natural for a thief to be independent. Guess that's why he fits in so well with our little group. If ya can't grow up to be who ya want, then you just forge your own path. That's how alot of us start out. Kehe" Snype said.

                    To the left of the group, a bar door opened somewhat forcefully.

                    "Only vanilla! F*cking plebs. Not even a bloody sprinkle!" Razathiel, the Dreadmage, the source of the voice, slammed the door shut behind him.

                    Cal listened to Snype and Joshua, well aware that there were some big details between both of them and the Scyther that were clearly lost on him. When the uppity Raltz burst back into their presence he could suppress a chuckle at his entrance. "Well I'm sorry a small village made mostly of wood can't accommodate your clearly-decadent taste oh wise and powerful dread-fairy." He couldn't resist making use of the nickname he'd overheard someone-or-other mention earlier during all the commotion. "We can't all be magic."

                    "Might be a good time to learn that Ice Cream magic I mentioned eh? Kehe. Ya know, to turn it into chocolate or something!" Snype joked with a big ol grin.

                    Raz deadpanned. "Yes, I'm sure that would be an excellent idea. I planned to learn it soon, comes right after fireballs and lightning bolts on my learning schedule."

                    "Well I'd love to see it." Cal answered with an earnest smile. "I'm sure it'll be quite impressive whenever you pull it off."

                    Joshua just stood motionless. He had nothing to add anymore, and the idle chatter was quickly losing his interest. He needed rest, especially after everything that had transpired that day. "Well then, gentlemon. I'll be taking my leave, I suppose..." He looked at each of them in turn, before shuffling off towards the Gold Tribe hut to, hopefully, get a moment's peace and recharge.

                    "He's taking his leaf?" Raz murmured, before shaking his head. "Eugh, horrible joke. Wait, horrible is bad - bad is evil! Aha, victory...!"

                    "Pretty sure he'd have to take his leaf. Otherwise we'd be looking at a naked Swadloon right about now. Kehe." Snype joked back.

                    "Not to be a complete bother or anything," The eerie voice of the Dusknoir Gold Tribe member Wraith was heard. "I realize you all accompanied Guardia here from Gold City, and must be quite...anxious or something of that nature, but can you all keep it down? The villagers are a bit...antsy with all these new faces here standing outside conversing in the middle of the night."

                    "Evil people don't get anxious," Raz said. "We get murderous. If you could direct me to the nearest chocolate ice-cream, though, it may serve to stifle my undying wrath."

                    "Chocolate ice...what? At this hour? The shopkeepers that are still in the city will open up in the morning, I suggest you check them out then." Wraith replied, somewhat annoyingly. "Who are you? You're not Gold Tribe, that much is certain, or I would have recognized you. Are you with the SEC? No, that wouldn't be true either, or else you would have been aware of the situation, or would have checked in with the HQ here. That, and you don't have a card or identification of some sort. Perhaps you're with the Alpha Alliance army? I suppose it would make sense for Guardia to bring along some from-"

                    "-Look, you... just... be quiet. Sorry, did I say that quietly? I meant of course to say that IF YOU DON'T SHUT THAT INFERNAL MOUTH-HOLE OF YOURS THIS INSTANT, I'LL SEND YOUR SEVERED HEAD FLYING INTO THE NEXT PLANE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW SEVERELY IRRITATING YOU ARE? YVELTAL ALMIGHTY. LISTEN HERE." Raz took a moment to compose himself. "I am Razathiel, the Dreadmage! I bear no association to these piddly little organisations you so HELPFULLY listed, because I hold enough power in MY OWN HANDS. Now, either direct me to the nearest chocolate ice cream, OR LEAVE MY F*CKING SIGHT. Giratina's wings..."

                    Snype just stood silent as the little guy suddenly threw a tantrum. Well so much for making a first impression. The kid really loses it when he doesn't get his ice cream! Snype held back his laughter for now.

                    Lights flickered across the village as some villagers stuck their heads out of the window to observe the screaming Ralts. The Dusknoir floated silently in front of the Ralts, rather stunned by what he had just heard. He was so stunned that he was moved to silence, which is a very rare thing for the Gold Tribe member. He pointed to the other side of town, at a fairly sizable hut close to the Seekers main hut. "...shouldn't be open for another few hours though."

                    Raz's left eye twitched. "Did I say that I wanted ice cream in 'another few hours'?"

                    "The other thing you can do is wake the shopkeeper up at this hour, which I don't exactly recommend. Since I have sworn to keep the peace, in Valkaria and from without, I will have to prevent that from happening. I have, after all, taken an oath, an oath of the Gold Tribe. Would you like to hear it? I'll just go ahead and say the oath for you." The Dusknoir cleared his throat, preparing to say the entire oath of the Gold Tribe. "I sha-"

                    Raz cleared his throat, eye still twitching, before calling to those behind him. "Snype, Dragonite man. I'm not supposed to kill anyone. And this moron is making it rather difficult."

                    "Wraithwraithwraith that's enough, I think he gets it, he'll have to go without his chocolate for a little while. Isn't that right?" Before Raz had a chance to grow indignant at the statement Cal leaned in and whispered to him. "What do you want more, some chocolate instead of vanilla, or to not have to listen to him and an army of mon like him, but whinier?"

                    The Dreadmage was about to protest, but stopped. "I- egh. You drive a hard bargain, but you make a good point..." He put a hand on his chin. "Are you sure there's no way I can have both? Yes, both would be good. No, it wouldn't be good, it would be evil. I'm evil, you see."

                    "Very well then, I shall take my leave," Wraith replied. "Perhaps you would all like to join me in the Gold Tribe hut? I can tell you a story to ease the tension. No doubt you're all quite on edge after the recent happenings in Gold City."

                    The eye of the Eye of Dread twitched once more. "I would honestly rather spend an eternity in the searing flames of Entei's fury than even so much as listen to the first line of whatever merit-less rubbish you would see fit to shove down our throats."

                    Snype sighed. "Alright alright. Hey, I'll come along and listen to your story. I think we should let these two have chat with eachother in the meantime. Should be less commotion that way right?" Snype offered. He had to break two arguments in one day. The Sableye was becoming quite the hero today.

                    Cal almost snorted in annoyance when Snype offered to listen to Wraith so Raz would quiet down. Yeah, more like leave me with the crazy one while you go relax with a lullaby to speed your journey to dreamland... "Really t-that's not necessary, I'm sure, Raz was it? I'm sure Raz has his own plans for keeping himself occupied, simply talking to someone is probably beneath him."

                    "Razathiel, but yes, Raz is the short version. And yes, I can find ways to keep myself occupied. That tends to happen when you're evil."

                    "You know..." Cal barely managed to keep his smile from becoming a smirk at the thought that graced him. "I'm sure the hut will already be packed with brothers and sisters and refugees wanting to hear Wraith's wonderful stories, it might be a little cramped and you wouldn't want to deny them right? And I gotta go see what's up with Kaveri, why don't you stay with Rathaziel, Snype, and you can keep each other company?" No sooner had he rattled out his excuse than he was already bustling off to find his sister and get some peace and quiet for the first time that day.

                    Snype didn't even have a chance to object. At least Snype could somewhat tolerate Raz but now he had to keep him entertained. "...Keheh. Well hey, I don't have anything better to do tonight. Hey, if ya promise not to start any more trouble, I'll go buy you some chocolate Ice Cream the minute they're available. Whatcha say?" Snype said to Raz.

                    The Dreadmage's eyebrow raised slowly, but decisively. "I am perfectly capable of purchasing my own confectioneries."

                    "Yeah but how is buying your own food evil? Shouldn't that be up to the minion? Kehe" Snype retorted and somewhat implying that was his role now.

                    Raz's face twisted into a smirk. "You make a valid point. A very valid point. Very well, minion; there is not-trouble afoot." He raised his staff and left abruptly, then stopped. "Wait... killing people counts as trouble, doesn't it?"

                    "Yeah pretty sure it would. So don't do that! Kehe."

                    "I don't know how you people live like this..."

                    "Aw ya get used to it. It's not so bad keeping people alive. You'd be surprised how entertaining it is to watch them be idiots! Sometimes its more evil to let them go about that way. Keheh. Trust me." Snype replied.

                    "Aha. Yes, for then they can suffer and-! Wait, I feel this is just a sly ploy to get me to not kill people. Ah, screw it. It's convenient, so I'll let it work for now."

                    Snype nodded and turned to Wraith. "So uh... stories right? I'll catch up with you later. I'm gonna see if anybody else I know is hanging around here."

                    Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
                    Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
                    Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

                    Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
                    Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

                    Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
                    Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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                      Judge of Character
                      |Joshua, Abel.|

                      Joshua wandered towards the Gold Tribe hut in Ferrol. Once inside, it seemed largely vacant, save for a scant few 'mon scattered here and there. As the night was beginning to wind down, it appeared more people were retiring to their beds rather than staying and filling themselves with food. The Swadloon found assorted fruit set out for people to take, grabbing a few berries for himself and finding a vacant seat. Considering they were likely to head out first thing tomorrow morning, this one opportunity to relax was something Joshua was keen to take advantage of.

                      Abel was in the corner of the room, munching on a few berries himself. He had heard commotion of some sort occurring on the outside, but he didn't bother to go find out what it was about. If he had to guess, it was the group arguing or letting off steam from the events of Gold City. He couldn't sympathize. To practically every 'mon here but himself, Valkaria was their home. It may have been a selfish thought, but seeing Gold City in flames only made him want to return sooner to Beatruce, and ensure his own home was secure.

                      Abel spotted the Swadloon he had encountered earlier in the day in the same room as he, and raised an eyebrow at him. "You're here," He stated, in a somewhat surprised manner.

                      Joshua jumped slightly at Abel's comment. He looked at the Medicham, recognizing him as the one who was badgering him at the festival earlier. He quickly averted his gaze, intimidated by Abel's stern gaze. "I'm here..." Joshua stated quietly. He began to nervously poke at the berries he picked.

                      "Why's that?" Abel asked rather bluntly. He leaned on the back of his chair and crossed his arms, waiting for a response. "I understand you're Gold Tribe, yes? But I'm curious what it is that made Guardia choose you to accompany her on this mission."

                      "Oh, I... uh..." Joshua stammered. Honestly, he wasn't even sure why Guardia had requested for his presence specifically as she did. He didn't think himself as better than anybody else, nor could he think of any significant talents that he possessed. At the same time, however, the last thing Joshua wanted was for this Abel character to have another reason to find him incompetent. That much was made clear during their first meeting in Gold City. He puffed himself up just so, trying his best to sound confident. "She picked me because she believed me capable of assisting her."

                      "Ah," Abel replied, not entirely convinced on the Swadloon's answer. He let out a small sigh. "I suppose I'll see for myself how capable you are fairly soon. At least until we reach Beatruce."

                      "I suppose so..." Joshua said, feeling relieved that Abel bought his answer, at least partially. He wasn't sure what he had done to attract the Medicham's ire. Joshua knew himself to not be the most physically imposing pokemon around. That much was true, considering he was still a tiny Swadloon and had yet to evolve. And yet, at the same time, he was in the Gold Tribe, wasn't he? He had his emblem, his title; everything said he was deserving of it, even if this Abel didn't believe it. Sure, Joshua may not have been as tough as an Aggron, or as smart as an Alakazam, but he had something... right?

                      "So... Beatruce?" Joshua asked, hoping to ease the tension with a change in subject. "I suppose that's where you're from, right? I haven't seen you before in Valkaria, and I've been there most of my life."

                      "Unless you can tell me another place that has a Gold Tribe base, then the answer's pretty obvious," Abel replied coldly. He looked over the Swadloon, before taking in another deep sigh and calming himself. Maybe the battle had taken more out of him than he realized. Even if it weren't his own people, seeing destruction on that scale was unsettling. "Yes, I'm from there. Second-in-Command of the Beatrucian Gold Tribe. I've only been to Valkaria a handful of times, but I have met Guardia and Scar numerous times. We've been on a few missions together. The rest, well I'll learn of you as we go."

                      Joshua looked up, finally meeting Abel's discerning gaze with his own. Second-in-command... it would make sense, then, that the 'mon would be a shrewd examiner of character. He tentatively took a bite from one of his berries, unsure of how to respond. Part of him wanted to leave and retire for the night, but abandoning the Medicham mid-conversation would be disrespectful. "Well, all I know is Guardia picked me for a reason, and I intend to live up to her expectations and complete this mission." That answer was good, he felt. Hell, he almost convinced himself of it's truth.

                      Abel stared for a while into the Swadloon's eyes, his latest words out of his mouth inciting a bit of curiosity from the Medicham. He continued to stare silently at the 'mon, as if to try to decipher his entire being with only his eyes. He tried to pick his way through the sockets and into the brain. A few moments later, Abel snorted, got up and dropped the remains of his berries on a plate in the center of the main table. He then proceeded toward the upper levels of the hut, to catch some sleep. "It's going to be a long day tomorrow," he said plainly, and without another word, he headed up the ladder to the next level.

                      Joshua was slightly startled as Abel's abrupt exit... and also somewhat relieved. The way the Medicham was staring at him earlier made Joshua anxious. It was almost as if Abel was actively looking for reasons to resent him. Regardless, he was gone, and Joshua finally let out an exasperated breath. "Thank goodness..." he thought to himself. "Come to think of it though... I should probably retire for the night, myself."

                      Joshua neatly put aside his plate, hopping off the seat and heading towards the upper levels. If Abel was right about anything, tomorrow was indeed going to be taxing. Everyone was on edge after the day's events. It was a miracle they were able to keep their composure under such dire circumstances. After climbing to the higher levels, Joshua found an empty cot for himself. He settled himself into a comfortable position, wrapping his cloak tightly around himself for warmth, slowly drifting off into sleep.
                      "Johnny rocked that golden circle, and all those VIPs, and that music that had freed us became a tired routine.
                      And I saw his face in close-up tryin' to give it all he had, and sometimes his eyes betrayed him, you could see that he was sad.

                      And I tried to rock on with him, but I slowly became bored
                      Could that man on stage with everything somehow need some more?"

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                        Rest for the weary

                        Obsidian sighed as he walked to the Seeker’s hut, weariness already causing him to rub at his eyes. At the same time he knew he wouldn’t be getting much sleep thanks to the current affairs that were spiraling out of their control. As he made his way past a rickety wooden fence he suddenly paused in his walk and glanced back at it. Normally he wouldn’t have paused for a fence, but the funny thing was that there was only one section of the fence up and it looked odd to his eyes. He slowly made his way toward it and as he got closer the fence was suddenly pushed at him.

                        He didn’t really cry so much as quickly throw Penance off and ready his arms, but by that point the fence had toppled over to reveal that it was only a cardboard cut out. Not only that but a set of familiar faces were behind it. Surge and hoods were giggling up a storm as Alex smirked at him, “Illusions still fool you Sid?” He asked with a smirk.

                        The Weavile narrowed his eyes as he angrily marched back over to Penance and picked him up, “You weren’t with us when we ported.” He muttered, “I thought you had been left behind.”

                        Alex’s grin just grew, “Heh, you forget already my position? I have high clearance with the SEC. After you went off to go find Penance I decided to make my way over to the last network point. Of course, being affiliated with Hanso and all, I was able to easily get ahead in line. Surge and hoods were already waiting there and we got a access pass to the safest place, and the safest place would be among those that my father trusts. And my father trust Guardia a lot.”

                        “Hehehe, we really boiled your sausages huh?” Surge giggled out.

                        Obsidian rubbed at his forehead, “Yeah you did. Look, I really need some sleep soon. I’m barely functioning as is. Can we cut the rest of the c**p out and just get to the hut?”

                        Alex gasped, “You don’t enjoy the night life Obsidian? How can you call yourself a Weavile?”

                        “Flaafy clothing!” Surge accused.

                        The Weavile didn’t bother to retort as he made his way to the hut, hoods coming up to walk beside him, “So, how bad is he?”

                        “Not very, he’ll just be sleeping for some time.” Obsidian said, “But given the recent… betrayals we’ll need to keep an eye out. He’s vulnerable and I doubt anyone will let such an easy target just go like that.”

                        The hooded on nodded, “I see. So should we trust anyone else?”

                        Obsidian hung his head, “I… I just don’t know.”

                        The four soon arrived at the hut and Obsidian carefully pushed open the door. Inside were only a few slumbering mon while others were up and busy playing cards. A silence overcame the room as Obsidian silently padded past the tables and back into the more private rooms. These rooms were reserved for those who desperately needed rest such as for medical reasons. He laid Penance down and patted his shoulder softly, “Sometimes… I have to be the parent.” He said softly as he grabbed a blanket and placed it over the water type. He stepped out as Surge walked right on past him and into the room.

                        Obsidian could tell see a difference amid the various pokemon there. Those who were older were the ones who were actually sleeping. Those who were young however were the ones still awake and many of them had troubled expression on their faces. “Stay calm everyone.” Obsidian said, “Please, take a rest and just remain calm. Right now, I’m far too weary to sleep. Any questions can be answered in the morning, but right now.” He went over to a cot and laid down in it, “Just carry on however you all wish.”

                        The Weavile glanced about and saw that Alex had pulled yet another disappearing act on him. No doubt the Gardevoir had gone to rest with either the Gold Tribe or the SEC. He didn’t care which, in fact he found himself caring less and less. Despite his initial fears of a traitor being among them the comfortable nature of the cot began to lure him to dreamland until finally he only knew darkness.
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