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    --Tyre's Data--

    Name - Tyre
    Age - 22
    Type - Steel
    Ability - Anticipation
    Moves - None

    Tyre slowly opened his eyes, followed by several tired blinks. Not knowing what happened, he quickly sits up. The grass in his hair ever so slowly falling down. The sun wasn't out, but the sky had an orange horizon to it.
    He scratches his head in confusion.

    "..... Did I... Fall asleep?"

    He wipes his face and rubs his eyes with his right hand hand. He attempted to use his other hand to pull out his holodex only for him to realize it was heavy. His Poochyena's Pokeball was in it.

    "Riiight... I caught Poochyena." He said to himself as he looked at the Pokeball. "What Should I even name him?" He pressed the button on the ball, sending out the dark dog Pokemon.
    It came out, sitting, Glaring directly at Tyre.
    It seems Poochyena hasn't accepted me as his trainer. Makes sense, since we've only recently just met.

    The dog didn't move. Just glared.

    "... I know! Maybe it needs a friend." I reached for my other Pokeball containing spooks, then sent him out. The the ghostly gas Pokemon came out with a wicked smile. "Go play with him." I commanded Spooks. Spooks tried swirling around Poochyena to get his attention, but Poochyena seemed indifferent towards Spooks attempt to play and continued glaring at Tyre.

    "...C'mon, lighten up!"

    Tyre sighed. "The Pokemon Shows made it seem like once you catch them, they're automatically your best friends... I guess this is the reality."

    Tyre looks up, at the sky, thinking about all of yesterdays events.
    Getting attacked by those grunts was a real peice of work... I'm surprised I wasn't caught. There was a whole lot of them in the lab, so last night was probably a death zone. Since I'm fine, I'm going to assume That they left the area.

    Tyre held up both of his hands, staring into his palms.
    I can't believe that I'm a hybrid. I didn't think much of it yesterday, but now that I think about it, this is a pretty big deal.
    I'm basically a walking army now. Once I learn how to do some moves, I can do whatever I want and get away with it because nobody can stop me.... Except for other Hybrids...

    He began to think about the people who also found out they were Hybrids.
    They most likely decided to stick together... Hmm... Does being in a group has its benefits?...
    I dunno... I mean, If I'm friends with at least one other Hybrid...

    Tyre began scratching his head, Somewhat regretting the fact that he ditched everybody.
    "Well... I made my decision and can't change it." He said, halfheartedly.

    Now. My moves... That's something that needs taken into account. How could I learn some?? What would a steel type like me even be able to learn?
    That's when it hit him.

    Maybe not every move I learn has to be a steel move... Grass types can learn bug moves, and Water types can learn Ice moves.

    Tyre smirked, impressed at himself that he may be on to something.

    So... What would I have to do to activate these moves...?

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      Route 2 - Santalune Forest
      Part 1

      EmeryRyan • Versai • AlexGarett

      “Ready to go?”

      Was she ever. One more second in this town and Emery thought she just might end up as nutty as Uncle Devlin. She takes one last look at the way back 'home'. Part of her thought that maybe she would feel some longing, maybe a bit of regret for how she left things with Dev - but it never comes. Only the thrill of finding out who she really is and being able to explore that away from such a boring town.

      Remembering those still lingering inside, she moves back to the Lab's doors and hammers her fist on it three times.

      "Hurry up or we're leaving you behind!"

      Hearing the pounding at the door spurs Ryan to move. He had been uncertain of what to do next, but at least someone was taking charge now. "I guess we should get going, guys." He picked up Froakie and headed for the door. "Let's go, or I'll call the cops again!"

      When he opens the door and sees Emery, he grins nervously at her. "That was a joke. I'm not actually gonna call the cops again. I learned my lesson last time."

      That draws out a chuckle from her; his nerves were almost endearing. She reaches over to pat his shoulder. "Relax, kid. I won't bite."

      Releasing him, Emery scoops up 'Vee from the ground and helps the little fox to perch on her shoulder. "Ready," her eyes flash to Versai's, answering her earlier question. Not interested in waiting around any longer for the robot, she starts to head for the entrance of Route 2.

      Once he heard the man walk away, Garett sat up and looked to the lab where Emery, Alex, and Versai were standing. “Guess we’re heading out” He said, standing up as Meric took his place on Garett’s shoulder. Unsure of what to say to any of the trainers standing around the lab, Garett quietly followed Emery to the exit to Route 2.

      Alex followed as the other left, looking back at the lab, hoping they would come on soon. They should be fine during the day, it was mainly the night time that Alex worried. He still felt a little out of place with everybody already seeming to have some power, yet he still had none.

      Alex took out his map as the walked toward the Bridge and would soon cross the river, into Route 2. Then they would have to head to the forest along the branched part of the big river. He studied the map and looked at the time, giving the time it would take to get to the forest and then having to go through the forest, it would seem they would need to find a camp site inside the forest.

      "Looking at my map on the Pokepedia thing that has the map and info about the region and town, we will have to find a camp site somewhere in the forest. I don't think we can get through both Route 2 and the Forest in a single day unless we walked through the night. And I am not 100% possitive it would be safe to walk through the forest at night. That isn't even counting the people who may be after us." Alex explained.

      Alex closed his map and looked around the town, to see if anyone seemed to be following them, but nothing seemed out of the normal, "Let us try to also enjoy the journey. I know it will be hard, but we should at least try we can." Alex finished.

      "The forest should be safer at night, really, most of the Pokemon that live there will be asleep." Not that the Pokemon in the forest are a great deal threatening to begin with; most of them are first stage bug types, with the occasional Pikachu and Fletchling...neither of which are incredibly hostile Pokemon. With those words said she let Alex be, realizing that he might very well be in denial of the situations that had unfolded before them in the last twenty-four hours...a man was dead...murdered before their eyes, that wasn't exactly something one experiences and walks away from with a light heart.

      Attempting to shake her forlorne feelings, she flashes a smile to Ryan, who looks like he could really use one after remembering his tiny falter in judgement the previous day. "You don't need to keep beating yourself up over that...nothing came from it." And he learned his lesson. For now 'trust no one' might be a good philosophy for their group to go on.

      Ryan returns the smile, grateful for the small gesture. He hadn't exactly endeared himself to the rest of the group, and was hoping to change that. "I say we keep going, but we'll probably have to stop eventually. Maybe it would be better to make camp before we're all tired from the journey, but I think we'll make plenty of progress."

      "That was my thoughts as well. We have to pass through the forest and two routes before the next town according to this map. We will have to stop and eat. I am not sure any of us have anything, but I could be wrong. The forest should have plenty of berries. Also, even though we are what we are, it might be nice to catch some new friends. Hopefully not a cold or fire across the face again. Although that was my fault the first time. I don't really want that to happen again." Alex said, trying to still be himself.

      He understood what Versai was saying. According to the map, for the most part. He was not really thinking about the pokemon, more along the lines of not being able to see where they were walking. However, he didn't say anything.

      Emery keeps her mouth shut as the group discuss their next course of action behind her. Her plan was simple: get to Santalune City before she was driven insane by the onslaught of personalities. Every second spent in that Lab reminded her more and more of why she avoided 'friends' and 'socializing' in the first place.

      "Afraid you'll lose this time?" Emery addresses Alex without looking at him, a smirk fixed on her face at the prospect of a rematch - this time using their powers.

      "Berries?" Ryan shook his head, unable to stop a smile. "We're in town, there's a grocery store and a sandwich shop just down that road. We won't have to forage for food." He split off from the others, turning back to wave them on. "I'll grab some lunch and other supplies, and I'll meet up with you guys at the forest."

      “Be safe!” That was a bit of a motherly response, yet in this case…she felt very justified in saying such things. They are walking down a dangerous road. Part of the dark type wishes to go along with Ryan, if nothing else, to help him carry food, though the logical side of her reminds her that leaving Alex and Emery alone together is asking for another outbreak of carnage…especially if Alex stayed keen on bringing up what happened between the two of them.

      Versai waves to Ryan’s departing form before quickening her pace, catching up to Emery. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to get others caught up in our affairs. Not now.” Especially after what happened to the last person that reached out to them, tried to help them…it’s the very reason she’s so very reluctant to contact her brother.

      "I wasn't aware that I won. Pretty sure you won the fight between us. I did win the pokemon battle. which probably went too far on my part. I want to try to start over from last night. If we ever have another pokemon battle, I would prefer us to train ourselves more and catch more." Alex said, trying to avoid the fact that he had no desire to fight her. He didn't have his powers like she had. If they were to fight now, he would surely lose. He also had no desire to hit a female unless there was no other choice.

      He didn't really think about buying food and what not before leaving the town. He guessed that they wouldn't want to spend money on anyone but themselves. He could smell the river that was most likely infested with magikarp, but there was no way of telling. He had never heard of anyone fishing in the large river that went around Kalos, other than in very limited places. For all they knew, there could possibly be some type of clown like seal species that no one had ever seen before, but there was no way to tell. Alex chuckled at the thought of a seal with a clown nose and pushed it aside. Yeah right. He thought.

      Garett stared at his Holodex as he quietly followed behind the group. Hm. So Santalune City is the closest Gym… But where do I go after Lumiose? Garett scrolled around the map before stopping on Route 8. After reading information about the route, Garett closed the map and turned to face Meric. “Looks like we’re going west from Lumiose.” Meric tilted his head and gave Garett a blank stare before pecking his trainer’s forehead. Garett flicked at Meric’s beak but the bird pokémon flew to Garett’s other shoulder. Meric continued going back and forth between Garett’s shoulders for a few minutes before Garett finally gave up. Why couldn’t I have gotten Gastly? Garett let out a groan and turned his head as he realized Ryan had walked away from the group. Guess he forgot something?

      "See you, Rye-Bread!"

      She wants to engage with Alex again. Even with his pathetic attempts to move on from what happened last night, Emery was skilled in holding grudges. If it weren't for Versai cautioning her against another fight, she would have no problem testing out her new found abilities on him.

      Eevee presses her nose into her cheek, a silent reminder of what happened the night before and just why she was so pissed off. It never should have gone that far.

      Emery squints at Garett. He doesn't talk much - he was already on her good side. The ball of fluff that was apparently his Pokemon became a distraction as it flew back and forth on his shoulders. "Can you control that cotton ball of yours, already?"

      Meric stopped flying around and stuck his tongue out at Emery as he landed on Garett’s shoulder. Garett took the opportunity to return the Rufflet to its pokeball.

      Emery chuckles, amused that the little Pokemon took offense to her remark.

      'Vee leaps off her shoulder and gracefully to the ground, dancing around Garett's feet and then sprinting far up the path. She finds a small Bunnelby in a bush. Her hopeful gaze shoots to Emery's when the trainer finally catches up and she shakes the idea off with a sharp turn of her head. No way. She had no interest in adding another addition to the team so fast.

      The Bunnelby hops away, naturally threatened by the little fox. 'Vee dives after it.

      "Come on, you little menace," Emery climbs over the bush and has to tear the Eevee off her playmate. Four more Bunnelby watch the exchange from behind a tree. "When did you learn how to track?" She questions 'Vee, impressed that she knew there were Pokemon nearby from almost a kilometer away.

      She hoped that meant 'Vee could sense if any grunts happened to find them.

      Alex watched as Emery ran up ahead after her little Eevee. He watched as she disappeared from sight for a few minutes. For a brief moment, he wanted to go after her, but that moment passed him by.

      She will be fine. He thought.

      He wondered if he should go after Ryan to help, but he was not a fan of shopping, unless it was technology or Pokémon supplies. He still didn't think they would be attacked out in the open like this. Then again, the people did attack the lab. He wondered who the team was, but they had no idea. In his mind, it was possible that they weren't after them at all. They could have just been after Brian for all he knew. It was possible that the only reason they even attacked the group, was because they were there at the wrong time.

      Why the hell am I even worried about this damn group? It isn't like we are friends. In my life, I have never even cared about anyone else, but my family and myself. So why now? I've only known them for a day. Alex thought, trying to push his thoughts aside, but they continued to flow as they walked down the route.

      “Feen?” Fennekin’s eyes widen as Eevee darts off the path. When Emery goes after her Pokémon, Fennekin hops down from Versai’s hold. The fire fox trots along until she comes to the bush, where she makes an abrupt stop. It seems this little one is hesitant to leave her trainer, yet she walks in a short circle around the bush, attempting to find an opening where she can peer through.

      Versai walks towards her tiny fox and kneels down to retrieve her; much like Fennekin herself, Versai is reluctant to stray too far from her partner. “You sure are a curious little one, aren’t you?” She asks as she stands.

      “Fen!” Fennekin’s tail swishes easily. In Versai’s arms, she can peer over the bush and see where her fellow fox had run off to.

      “Curiouser and curiouser.” She recites, which causes Fennekin to tap her nose into her trainer’s cheek. For a moment, Versai’s mind eases. Out here, bonding with her Pokémon like this…the events of the lab seem galaxies away.

      Meanwhile, Ryan was off doing something much less exciting back in town. He was used to doing the shopping, and knew where all the little shops were. He had gone camping before, so he knew what kinds of foods to bring on a long trip like this one. Canned fruit, potted meat, a loaf of bread for everyone (which wouldn't last long on a long journey), and most importantly, candy. Candy was essential for keeping up morale, and would break the monotony of trail rations. Plus, Pokemon loved the stuff.

      He also managed to buy a knapsack for everyone, so they could carry their own food if they got separated. It didn't come cheap, but after taking Team Shadow's wallets, he had enough money. "Now I just need to catch up with the others." He left the stores behind, making his way back toward the forest.

      Alex continued to walk as the forest was slowly getting closer. He wasn't sure how much longer they had before they reached the forest. At the moment, Dratini popped out of its pokeball. Its eyes droppy.

      "Dratini? Are you ok?" Alex asked as he held the little dragon Pokemon in his arms.

      "" The Dratini said as he put its head on Alex's shoulder.

      The sensation was somewhat new to him. The feeling of caring for something new. It felt good.

      "Did you get out of your poke ball and keep a look out while we slept?" Alex asked.

      The little dragon nodded as it put its nose on Alex's neck. Alex smiled as he started to gently pet the dragon.

      "Well you can sleep now. Here let me help you." Alex said, clearing his throat.

      He didn't sing, but he did hum to match the lyrics in some way. It was a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him when he was younger and couldn't sleep.

      It wasn't long before the little dragon had fallen asleep on his shoulder and softly snoored. Alex smiled again and continued to walk.

      "I hope we will be friend forever Dratini, I guess you could say you are my first friend I have ever truly made. Whatever Brian had done to the Pokemon to choose a trainer, must have took a long time." Alex said.

      Emery continues walking far enough ahead of the group that she doesn't have to hear anyone talk. She had enough of a headache from Ryan's incessant rambling the night before and the speech from Alex had since made it unbearable.

      She slows as the river alongside the Route cuts off and travels far beyond her sight. The tree-lines get thicker, darker. An unsettling cloud of uncertainty drapes over her; this would be a good place to stage an ambush. While eager to put her new abilities to the test, she wasn't entirely sure how to control the fire. It was too unpredictable.

      Not one to let her fears get the best of her, Emery ventures deeper with the utmost faith that she could handle the Grunts should they show their faces.

      Ryan, however...

      She hesitates, takes a deep, shuddering sigh and pivots on the spot. "One of us should wait here for the kid," she addresses the group, uncomfortable. "He might get lost."

      So involved with the moment of bonding between herself and her Pokémon, she didn’t realize just how far ahead Emery had gotten. It’s only when the steady sound of their collective footsteps go slightly off beat does she glance up—Emery has stopped walking.

      The redhead’s shoulders shake delicately, indicating she’s drawing in a deep breath, then turns to face the rest of their group. Dark eyes cut to the surrounding area, noting the change in terrain. It’s much darker up ahead…with more obstacles that one could use to conceal themselves…which is why Emery looks suddenly less at ease.

      As Alex catches up with Emery, she pivots back toward the others. It took him a minute to comprehend what she had said, but sincerely smiled.

      "I can, although I am pretty sure Ryan is the same age as most of us, if that is who you are talking about. But yeah, I can wait for him." Alex said.

      Alex was enjoying the fact that she looked uncomfortable when asking about someone else. It did make her look cute. Alex thought about saying something, but stopped himself. It might cause it to rain fire. He knew she was right. He walked over to a tree, Dratini still hugging his neck.

      His stomach growled as he took a seat and leaned up against to tree. He didn't remember eating anything for breakfast....they should have gotten some food before they had left.

      As Alex leaves, Versai picks up her pace, lessening the distance between herself and the fiery redhead. "Something tells me it will be Ryan leading Alex back, not the other way around." She speaks, hoping to lighten the mood...albeit she is not entirely sure how to do so, considering the seriousness of the situation. She props Alice on her shoulder, hoping her Pokemon's large ears will pick up on any subtle movements that shudder through the bushes.

      Garett slowed his pace as Alex turned back and left the group. So much for staying in a group. Garett looked around and noted there were only three trainers headed to the forest. Guess Myra changed her mind about going. And what happened to the guy with the Gastly? He started walking faster to keep from falling too far behind Emery and Versai. Hopefully I can finally relax a little once we get to the forest.

      As Alex relaxed by the tree, he could hear the sound of frantically approaching... hoofsteps? In the distance, a Skiddo was running as fast as it could, juking and weaving side to side. Ryan clung to its back for dear life, and the little goat was doing its best to dislodge him. It finally succeeded just as it reached Alex, knocking Ryan to the ground. It bloated in annoyance before bounding away, leaving Ryan flat on his back at Alex'S feet.

      "Ugh... remind me never to do that again..." He muttered as he climbed to his feet. "Hi, Alex. You stayed back to wait for me?"

      Alex could feel the warmth of his dream, as he heard something or someone running. He was in a room that was totally white, looking down at a female who was in the bed. She had pink hair, most of which was covered in ash or burned. Her once clear skin was severely burned. He could feel the tears stinging his eyes.

      "Alex... it isn't your fault. There was nothing they could do. It was already too late." His mother's voice echoed, trying to comfort him. He shrugged off her hand and walked away to the bed and put his head on the girl's stomach.

      He heard a bang and jerked awake, "Fire!" His head slammed into the tree trunk that he must of dozed off underneath.

      He opened his eyes and quickly reached for his head and started rubbing it. He could here Ryan's voice who was laying on the ground near him.

      "Oh Ryan. Yeah sorry about that. Must have dozed off. They wanted me to wait for you in case you got lost." Alex said, standing up a few seconds after Ryan.

      "Was that a Skiddo? Why were you even on one?" Alex asked.

      "It's a long story..." Ryan patted himself down, making sure he hadn't lost anything. "I was on my way back, was thinking it could take a while to catch up to you guys, then noticed that Skiddo in someone's yard. I thought, 'I bet I could ride that and catch up to the others before dark.' Turns out it's harder than it looks."

      Satisfied that he hadn't dropped anything, he readjusted his backpack, which was stuffed with the knapsacks of food for everyone. "But the important thing is that I got plenty of food. Even bought bags for the others. Of course, I had to spend the money I took from those Shadow goons, so that's all gone."

      "That's good. How 'bout we catch up with the others?" Alex said as he said, turning toward the woods to head in. He could still feel Emery's aura thanks to her fire typing and his ice typing. He had actually forgotten he could sense Emery's aura because of their typings. So he was the best choice to wait for Ryan.

      In the haze of the afternoon Emery felt more relaxed and perceptible to their surroundings, even among the darker edges of the forest. She leisurely walks alongside Versai and Garett. The silence was more or less comfortable, much preferred over constant banter and idle conversation.

      Eevee jumps down from her shoulder, gets a boost from Emery's hips and darts up ahead the path. Emery almost cautions her to be careful and not go too far ahead, but the little fox seems to know her fears and stops every so often as she catches up.

      He walked, he was sure Ryan was behind him, but he didn't look behind much. He was concentrating on his surroundings, keeping his ears open, making sure Ryan didn't fall too far behind. In case Ryan had yelled.

      After a bit of walking, Ryan and Alex caught up with the others. Alex had returned Dratini before Ryan had showed up so it could sleep in peace.

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        Santalune Forest
        Part 2

        AlexEmeryGarett Versai • Ryan

        Alex looked around the area where they had stopped. He could hear running water not too far away. He grabbed a waterskin that his parents had packed for him and walked over to the sound of water. He arrived at a small stream that ran through the woods. He could tell that the water was clear, so chances were high that it was spring water from a hill or mountain area. A few Caterpie, along with other bug types, were drinking from the stream. As he approached, they looked up at him, but they continued to drink water as he bent town to fill his waterskin.

        He could see the haze in the trees. He could tell just by looking that it was humid, but he couldn't tell. He was an Ice Type after all. Alex guessed that was way he never felt hot on hot days. He didn't think he would use the waterskin, but he figured it would be wise to always have it full, just in case. He returned to the resting spot that they had taken, wondering if they were going to set up camp. He took a seat on a fallen log and thought for a second before speaking.

        "So what do you guys plan to do? I mean we are on a journey still after all." Alex asked.

        Emery starts at the sudden arrival of Alex, her arms flinging out in defense. Her brows furrow. When the heck did he get back? Eevee bounds back when she notices Emery has stopped following and sits impatiently by her feet, tail swishing back and forth, anxious.

        "Get to Santalune City," Emery answers stoically and settles beside 'Vee. She stares down the path, eyes adjusting to the darkness for any impending danger. They weren't even concealed.

        As he entered the forest Garett released Meric from his pokeball. The Rufflet flew to Garett’s shoulder and shook its body. Garett looked at Alex as he spoke. Well, if I’m going to be traveling with these people I might as well talk to them a little bit.

        “First thing I’m doing once we get to Santalune is taking on the gym.” Garett said as Emery finished speaking. He leaned back against a tree and followed Emery’s gaze down the path. “Hopefully this little guy stops being a pain by then.” Garett patted Meric on the head who pecked his hand in response.

        “The Santalune gym leader is a bug type trainer, so I’m sure you two will do well.” Versai speaks up. She reaches up toward to break off a small branch from a tree, which she gives to the Fennekin draped on her shoulder. Alice replies to the gift with a happy cry before chomping down on the twig.

        As for her own plans, she had nothing to say. She had no plans, aside from stay alive. Maybe taking the gym challenge would be a good idea; hiding in plain sight, or maybe it would be best to stay hidden…travel only during the fall of night and interact with as few people as possible. There was still…a lot to think about.

        Ryan handed Alex his knapsack, thinking over his words. "The Gym is certainly an option, but I don't think I'm cut out for it." He moved on to Garett, handing him his. "By the way, these are full of food for the trip. I used the money I took from Team Shadow to buy them."

        He handed a bag to Emery, lifting a hand to forestall any objections. "And since we all participated, we all deserve a cut, so don't think you owe me or anything." He handed out the rest, taking a seat next to Versai as he gives her hers. "I just decided what to spend the money on, is all. Can't go on a journey on an empty stomach, after all!"

        Emery cuts her gaze from the path to watch Meric be oddly adorable. For something that looked like it had been blow-dried for five minutes too long, it had a certain appeal that made her genuinely smile.

        A part of her wants to reject the bag Ryan tries to give her, just out of instinct to not accept anything from anybody - but she was hungry and impressed that he robbed Team Shadow. "There's hope for you yet, Rye-Bread."

        “Th-thanks” Garett said as he took the bag from Ryan. He opened the bag up as Ryan mentioned food and pulled out a cracker that he handed to Meric who happily chirped in response as he took the cracker. So the first gym is a bug gym huh? Guess having a bird for a starter isn’t so bad after all.

        Alex listened as every started to talk. He was glad that he was able to get them to talk somewhat. Especially Emery, although he jumped when she put her arm up. Afraid that he had done something wrong. But it seemed like she stopped once she noticed it was him.

        Guess they didn't know we had reached them yet. I can't blame her for doing what she did. He thought, he pulled out he poke ball and released Dratini.

        The little dragon stretched its body out and then looked around the forest in amazement. Especially up to the sky and trees.

        "The gyms sounds nice. But I am not sure what I want to do 100%. I read up about the gyms a good amount when we were stuck in the town. It sounds like it would be fun to collect the badges, but I really don't want to enter the League. But it could be fun. I do really want to meet Wulfric though! He is the strongest gym leader known right now and he is an Ice Type expert! I really really really want to meet him! It would be amazing!" Alex said.

        He accepted the bag from Ryan after a moment, "Oh thanks Ryan."

        He didn't really comment on the fact that he stole from the people who attacked them. He didn't really care for thieves. Which is another reason he was wary of Emery. He looked at her and then suddenly he could feel heat rush to his face and he quickly looked away. Although he didn't get hot, he could still feel fire and extreme heat. He put one hand over his face and attempted to erase the heat he felt in his cheeks and back.

        Ryan leaned back against his seat, happy that he had done something useful. It probably didn't make up for his previous actions, not completely anyway, but it was a good start. At least the others would think of him as the helpful guy who brought them food, instead of the loudmouth who nearly got them arrested.

        "So... plenty of Pokémon in this forest." He tried to break the awkward silence that had settled over the camp. "Capture, training, what's everyone thinking?"

        Emery involuntarily flinches at his question. Before arriving at the lab and meeting the Professor, her objective had been clear - pick a starter, get to Santalune and make amends. After that, she was going to let her journey unfold however it pleased... now the only thing on her mind is getting to the bottom of what she is.

        "Figuring out why we are Half-Pokemon would be at the top of my list," Emery retorts.

        Meric quickly turned his head and stared off into the forest while Garett listened to the others speak.

        “That’d be a little easier if the one guy who knew hadn’t burst into flames.” Garett responded. “Where would we even…” Garett’s speech faded to silence as Meric flew from his shoulder and disappeared into the forest.

        “Hold that thought.” Garett groaned as he pushed himself off the tree and ran after his Rufflet. “Damn it Meric! Get back here!”

        "Garrett, wait!" Ryan tried to stop him, but wasn't close enough. "We shouldn't go off into the woods alone! ...I'll go get him." Ignoring his own advice, Ryan goes off by himself to find Garrett.

        written by
        IcyIce shatteredxfrostElBurrito • LinearAxel •

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          Name: Alex Hunt
          Age: 20

          Alex yawned. It had felt like months had went by since anyone had spoken. Both Garett and Ryan had run off, leaving Alex alone with Emery and Versai.

          "Uh..." He said.

          For some reason, it felt off for him to be alone with just females, even if one was older than he, it just felt odd. He never got this way around girls. He remembered once that he walked up to a group of 6 girls and asked all of them out at the same time. Of course, he was turned down... and possibly slapped a few times, but hey, he had to try right? Most of the awkwardness came from Emery for obvious reasons and possibly because she was a fire type, which he felt uneasy about.

          "Well sense they went of on there own, I guess it wouldn't hurt to explore close by. I have never been in the forest before." Alex said, getting up from where he sat and walked away from the two girls.

          "If anything bad happens, I guess I could be the Knight in shining armor, riding atop my amazing Rapidash Stead. I will be near by." Alex said, turning back to the two girls, and smiling. Then he turned back away form them and walked away.

          Hmm... Rapidash may not be a good idea... But I guess I got to get over fire eventuall. He thought.

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