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Favorite Character design?

Started by Palamon October 7th, 2019 8:53 AM
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What is your favorite character design in the Pokémon anime? Since there's about thousands of characters, you guys aught to have a favorite character, design wise, right?

Character design wise... I really liked Suzy. She's extremely pretty. But, in terms of important characters I really like what they did with Professor Elm, he looks really cute, omg.

And obviously, by default any red haired character is my favorite Pokémon anime character design, but shh.
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In terms of male designs, I like Paul, Barry, Brock, and the old iconic Ash. I liked Meowth for his standing on two legs since Meowth way back when was designed to stand on fours like a cat, but since Nintendo leaned more toward Team Rocket Meowth for the Pokemon design, it's less interesting to me.

For female designs, I like Dawn, Officer Jenny, and Flannery the best.
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Ash (D/P) - i know most of you americans would say "but Bartek, Ash's changed voice in those series!" Well not in poland (well except session 10 where he's sounded like a man, from session 11 Hanna Kinder-Kiss returned to voice him), also it's a brief of fresh air after seeing him in Kanto/Johto and Hoenn clothes, and i'm not a man of brown eyed Ash from Unova onwards
Misty (first apearence) - As a fan of midriff baring girls i found her design to be amazing even when Pokemon TV switched to computer animation during the last episodes of the Johto saga.
Marian/"Marion" - Just like Misty, i am a fan of midriff baring girls, but Marian's polish voice is also cool in my eyes
Prof. Rowan - He's a pokemon prof. from my fav region also he was a moustache (It's funny cause this guy also voiced Paragus in DBZ before he retired and later died)
Paul - He has a good design yes, but his personality is meh

To be continued
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For Ash, I loved his Hoenn, Unova and Kalos looks the best. As well as the Power of us Design.

For male characters, honestly, most looked generic compared to female one of characters. But I loved both Hoenn and SInnoh design for him.

For females, I loved May's, Serena's second design, Mallow and Lillie's hair up design.

For rivals, I loved Soledad's, Trip's, and Nando's,

For other bigger characters, I love Alexa's, Aria's, and Casey's,
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