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Development Complete FireRed Upgrade Page 4

Started by ghoulslash October 11th, 2019 1:06 PM
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Edit3: Question was answered elsewhere. It does not actually modify the item related tables but already fully supports expanded items and has all the hold effects and such complete and usable. Just repoint the tables yourself and add as few or many items as you want.
Glad you figured it out. I'll have the FAQ updated because I've seen this question a few times now.

I was hoping to update Kanto Black with this for my own personal use. I read the documentation about necessary things to do, and noticed that the Vanilla Pokemon's name's were in the species.h file. Would I have to rename all of those Pokemon to match the current Pokes in Kanto Black? It's a fairly heavily modified game so my question would be: What modifications to a hack would make CFRU unusable? Thanks!
You would definitely need to update the species.h file to match the species list from Kanto Black. The documentation contains a full rundown of what you need to do when dealing with species. Additionally, you'd need to make sure all data (a large chunk are the flags and vars) in the config file and constants header files (like items, pokedex, trainer classes, trainer sprites etc.) is correct for Kanto Black. If you're not the creator, you'll need to do some digging to determine what you need. Lastly, many tables found in the rom (see the table compendium in the documentation) would need to be updated to account for Kanto Black's changes.

Hi, just want to make you aware of this:
Thank you for the warning. However, this bug was fixed when the code was ported in months ago.
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@jastolze007 yes, because the author of the romhack replaced the old mons with the new mons. I am sure he updated the items or included new items this and that. who knows maybe he even replaced the old moves with the new moves? so overall you can't update it or rather I say that game doesn't need any update and perfectly fine on its own.

@Necaca, I had say if you can't even make this engine work then don't even bother thinking of finding patch. That will be end up full of nothingness because you can't even edit stuff. Just make sure to read the instructions very throughly.
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Thank for your help so far. We are getting closer! Could you please help me with the problem cited at "2"?

1. I have followed your advise and I think that I found the pointer to my overworld data. I can indeed find 1C F7 96 08 data in hex at this address. So this time I have used the pointer instead of the overworld data address, as you told me to do. The pointer address is "0x2CA83C". I have tried to put that in the src/config file as my "EXISTING_OW_TABLE_ADDRESS"

//#define 0x2CA83C

However, it didnt solved the problem, as my screen turned black in my character naming screen.

2. Luckily you also gave me a second option. I used my overworld data address in the src/character_customization file like this:

#define gOverworldTableSwitcher ((struct EventObjectGraphicsInfo***) 0x0896F71C)

This time my game didnt crash during the character naming screen. :) Unfortunately I couldnt see any overworld sprites appear on the map, including the players sprite. The game is playable though, outside of some crashing scripts in my progressed hack.

Strangely enough the same happens when I apply the CFRU, following the README steps very carefully, to a vanilla fire red ROM. Something is really going wrong here. I obviously havent made any changes to the files, but after the CFRU update every overworld disappeared on the map.

Do you have any idea to fix this problem?

3. Please note that Python 3.8 (newest version) doesn't work when you try to apply the CFRU according to the README steps. This could also explain the feedback from some other users in this thread. I had to download version 3.7.3 of Python to make it work!

After you try the python scripts// script, nothing will happen with Python 3.8!

Thank you


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When this patch is applied, are there any tools that can handle modifying the pokemon data?
According to the first post, using G3T is recommended. You'll most likely have to change the ini to reflect the changes made by CFRU.
However, it seems that it may be a bit easier to just change the original files prior to applying the upgrade to your rom.
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So small issue I've run into while checking some things. Oricorio seems to crash the game when the dex entry for it attempts to load after capture; this affects all 4 formes. Dex entries for all 4 work fine if it is gifted to the player first. I haven't made any changes to the files other than some un-commenting to enable movesets and such, and I didn't see anything wrong anywhere so yeah.. not sure what might be the problem there. I'll try rebuilding when I get time and see if it changes.

Edit: I have been informed that this is fixed.
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