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Old September 7th, 2007 (8:25 AM).
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Hi, I have made another RP, Pokemon Destiny: Chapter One.

I hasn't been accepted yet but hopefully it will be accepted soon, this is for questions, discussion, or asking for permission and stuff.

All OOC things go here ok? Thanks.

PM me for a battle! Here is my name and freindcode!

Name: Michael
Friend Code: 5197 9887 7813

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Old September 7th, 2007 (1:53 PM).
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Hm, next time...

- Be more patient with me. I'm not a robot, and I'm not on all the time, and I DO have school and DO live in a timezone. I am not immune to them.
- Wait until the roleplay is accepted till making an OOC thread.
Old September 8th, 2007 (8:01 AM).
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Your other roleplay (which seems to be doing good) hasn't even been up for a week! Isn't it a little early to be starting a new one?

Monotype Fire Challenge
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