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    Author Notes:
    Hi there! This is gonna be my First Fan fic Ever! so please if i make a Mistake please respect! :D plus i'll try to get Better. also this is Rated 14+ so that means theres gonna Swearing ,Violence and all that! so i hope u Understand that! ok 3...2...1 NOW!

    Chapter 1 "The Beginning of a Journey"
    Narrator:It was a Peaceful day in Metropolis City until when Dr.Eggman came and Seized the City but then One day a Hedgehog Came to Metropolis City and Said "Shadow is Comin' at Ya!" *music plays*
    Shadow: That's a Lame Quote for me!
    Director: But it Sounds so Cool! for People at the age of 14 and Higher.
    Shadow: umm what Have you been Smoking? because Movies i have Watched don't use Lame A** Quotes like that and they were Good Ones also Literally Enemies use Swords!? what else? Rocket Launchers? Geez this Movie would Suck More Than Twilight if you had these Ridiculous Add-ons on the Characters!
    Director: ehh you! how do u know about Twilight? Huh!? also your Game Sucked More than Sonic 06! Shadow: SHUT UP! also Everyone knows Twilight you Bag of Old Fart!
    Director: you know i Quit!
    Shadow: Pfft! i didn't even wanna do this Movie! so kthnxBAI!!!
    *Shadow Leaves*
    Amy: Soniiiiiiiiccc!!!! Where are youuu?? Were Gonna get Married! Hey, Shadow do you know where Sonic is?
    Shadow: I don't know!? u tell me!? aren't u his Personal Stalker!? U Big baby!
    Amy: Heyy!! I ain't a Stalker nor am i am baby u Ba--
    *10 Missiles hit the Skyscrapers*
    WTF Guy: WTF!?
    Amy: What the?? anyways U Big Baby!!!!
    Shadow: What!? Now your doing it!? THAT IS IT!? Come at me Amy!
    Amy: My Pleasure!!
    *Building about Crash on Shadow and Amy*
    Shadow: umm Amy look out!!
    Amy: Oh No...It Seems like i'm gonna Die Today, Everyone!
    *Amy's head filled with pictures of Every Sonic Character*
    Shadow: AW HELL NAW!!! Dang it!!! Hold on Amy!!!
    *Shadow uses a few Chaos Spheres on the Building and Carries Amy*
    Amy: Huh? Shadow? What Happened?
    Shadow: U Almost Died!! You Idiot!!
    Amy: Shadow why did you save me?
    Shadow: Because i Might need a Partner to help me know whats Going on!
    Amy: Oh. I thought you liked me...
    *Shadow Laughs really Hard!*
    *Shadow lands on the road*
    Shadow: Yah right! like that would Happen plus isn't that Sonic's Job!
    Amy: What job?
    Shadow: oh nothing...
    *Shadow Whistles and looks the Other way*
    Amy: Wait! Where did Sonic Go!?
    Shadow: Amy, if u ask me one more F***ing thing about Sonic! then i'll Pull The Trigger!
    Amy: What Trigger?
    Shadow: Why did i even Save you?... Anyways Let's go we have to know who the Master Mind of this Cities Attacks and I normally am Gonna be Forced to do this Thing Sooner or later!
    Amy: Sure! Let's Go!
    *Shadow sees a Blimp showing a Monitor*
    *Dr. Jenkins appears on the Screen*
    Dr. Jenkins: Well Hello there! Young Generation of Metropolis City! My Name is Dr. Jenkins and i wanna Take over your City but if you won't Agree with it then Bye Bye City!
    Amy: Who's that again?
    Shadow: Well First of all let's hope he Puts Better a Fight than that FatA** Eggman and Second i think it was Dr. Henkins??
    Dr.Jenkins: No its Jenkins! you Flubber Nugget!
    Shadow: Okay! so what would you do if i went on Killing Rampage on you?
    Dr.Jenkins: Well then i would say "COME.AT.ME.BRO!" and get my Robot Army that is Stronger than Eggman's and Kill u first! so wait I'll Accept that Challenge! you?
    Shadow: Rip-off! and CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! also the Names Shadow the Hedgehog! the Ultimate Life-Form!
    Dr.Jenkins: oh your the Ultimate Life Form well then Shadow all you need to do is Come to my Laboratory but I'm always gonna be a One Step Ahead of u Shadow on Killing you First!
    Shadow: Alright! try Anything you would want on me but I'll Kill U!
    *Sonic Runs in the Scene*
    Sonic: So what did i miss?
    Amy: Soniiiiic!! Where were u?
    *Amy hugs Sonic*
    Sonic: Aww Come on Amy not now!
    Shadow: I'm Out!
    Sonic: uhhhhhhhhh
    Dr.Jenkins: Hello!? Shadow!? i need to tell you that if you Lose I Destroy this Planet and go on to my Next Step to World Domination! also I have got my Robots to Install Cameras in the Zones that u have to Pass! and if you don't win this one and i decided not to kill u at the Last minute then that would mean i want you to Collect 8 Super Emeralds if they Exist or you can do that or kill me!
    Shadow: Super Emeralds!? What are those?
    Sonic: They are a More Powerful Chaos Emerald make you more Powerful than Super and they are Real!
    Dr.Jenkins: Really!? well ok i'll have my Robot to Search them instead since i wanna defeat the Ultimate Life-Form for my World Records!
    Shadow: Alright! I'll Kill you just Watch!
    Dr.Jenkins: KTHNXBAI!
    *Blimp Leaves*
    Everyone: Bye Dr. jenkins!!
    Random Guy: I love you!...
    Random Girl: Shut the Hell up Ted!
    Shadow: Now i'll be Going to save this World!
    Sonic: Shadow you can't Go Alone!
    Amy: yah Shadow! Please Let us Come!
    Shadow: OMG! ok don't be Nuisance on my Journey! then!
    Amy and Sonic: Okay!
    *Shadow goes*
    Amy and Sonic: heyy!! Wait up! Shadow!
    *Amy and Sonic Catch up to Shadow*
    Sonic: so how do you know where your going Shadow?
    Shadow: i saw his Blimp go this way.
    Sonic: oh.
    *Shadow,Sonic,and Amy Appeared at Lush green Zone*
    Shadow: Alright! were at Lush Green Zone! so don't fall for any traps!
    Amy: ooh a Treasure Chest!
    Shadow and Sonic : No Amy!
    *Amy Opens Treasure Chest*
    *A Fake Clown Appears and Scares Amy*
    Amy: *Screams*
    Shadow: haha that was Funny!
    Sonic: Shadow!!
    Shadow: Ok fine!
    *A Giant robot Appears*
    Shadow: Oh no.
    Sonic: yep
    Amy: Uhhhhhhh
    *Giant Robot Spawns little Robots*
    *a Monitor Appears out of the Robots Chest*
    *Dr. Jenkins on it*
    Dr.Jenkins: Well hi there Shadow!
    Shadow: hi
    Sonic: hey
    Amy: I hate you...
    Dr.Jenkins: Shut up Pinkie! also Shadow you may Pass if you Defeat this Robot i also set up a Force Field around you guys so that you won't escape.
    Shadow: Sh*t!!
    Sonic: awww
    Amy: Awww Come on Really!?
    Shadow: Alright it seems like we will have to fight these n00bs! Alright Everybody ready for the Fight! I am!
    Sonic: I am!
    *Amy Pulls out her Hammer*
    Amy: I am!
    Shadow: let's Go!
    *Sonic does his Homing Attack on the Robot Spawns on the Left*
    *Amy is Battering Robots with her hammer on the Right*
    *Shadow is Defeating all the Robots in the Middle*
    Amy: I'm Kinda Getting tired at this...
    *Amy Faints*
    Sonic and Shadow: AMY!!
    Sonic: She must have been Searching All over city to find me!
    Shadow: that Crazy A** idiot!
    *Sonic Goes over to Carry Amy*
    *Giant Robot Brings out the Minigun*
    Shadow: Oh no a Minigun! Sonic, Watch out!
    Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL!
    *Shadow uses chaos Control and Breaks the Mini gun with his Chaos Sphere*
    Sonic: Shadow? That was Chaos Control? Why didn't you use it any Sooner!?
    Shadow: because I thought it would be a Waste of power but i got Forced on it by Temptation!
    Sonic: uhhh you okay?
    Shadow: ya What Ever!..
    *Sonic Puts Amy Down*
    Shadow: Alright Ready to create a Whirlwind!?
    Sonic: i was Born ready!
    Shadow: Not when you were about to be Killed!
    Sonic: heyy!
    Shadow:anyways Lets go!
    *Shadow and Sonic Create a Whirlwind around the Giant robot*
    Shadow: Alright! Ready!
    Sonic: yep
    *Shadow Fires a Chaos beam while Sonic does a Homing Attack on the Giant robot Forcing it to be Pushed into the Area of where the Chaos Beam is fired at*
    *the Giant Robot got Destroyed and its Energy Tank came before being Demolished*
    *Shadow Catches the Energy Tank*
    Shadow: Whoa! its Glowing!
    Sonic: yah what can it be!
    Shadow: I think i might know why it's Glowing.
    *Shadow Pulls out his Chaos Emeralds*
    *The Energy tank's Energy infused with the one of the Chaos emerald*
    Shadow: Whoa! it Fused with one of the chaos Emeralds
    Sonic: I think that Chaos Emerald was Given more Power.
    Shadow: No Sh*t Sherlock now Carry Amy and give her a Full heal!
    Sonic: umm Shadow i think that's only in Pokemon!
    Shadow: oh ya! well get her to Safety and let's Sleep over night under that tree!
    Sonic: Sure!
    *They All Slept under the Tree*

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      Unfortunately, FF&W has a rule against script fics unless they're written in the proper format. Between that and the copious amounts of chat speak (Never use "u" as a pronoun in a fic please), I'm afraid I'm going to have to close this thread.

      VM/PM me with any questions and I'd be happy to help.

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