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-Pokemon Rebirth-

Started by MeesDJ March 26th, 2009 3:26 PM
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Posted July 17th, 2010
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(Well just to keep it simple for now.. i won't really make a great lay-out for this message .. :nervous: )

Hack of: FireRed
Creator: MeesDJ


MeesDJ (Everything, from scripting to mapping)
MikeB (My IRL friend who draws some maps and help with the plot)

Short foreword..
I will release this hack in 'Saga's'. Chapters of a story. Maybe some pre-beta's in the mean time but.. Yeah. And i've seen the name Pokémon Rebirth around.. But i tought of it before seeing those other.. 'rebirths', so i'd still like to name it this way. The title is based on the storyline (Wan't prove? read the storyline! :D)

(The story takes place 40 years after Red has become the champion..)

Everything starts as a flashback.. 8 Years ago, when Team Rocket achieved their goal, to destroy Kanto the region was torn up. Forcing everyone, Pokémons and humans, to evacuate. Even Red, Green and Blue stood up to Team Rocket, even though they fell in battle. Even Team Rocket lost the control over their ultimate weapon themselves, it raged briefly but then flew, never to be seen again.

Who or what was their ultimate weapon? You can clearly see it happen again, how your father, Green, fell in battle. Yet how where they able to do this? You can clearly remember what you've seen, yet you haven't seen enough.

Now you're old enough to seek the answers you strive to be the greatest Pokémon trainer too, as your father would've wanted. Not knowing that the truth isn't as far away as you might've tought.

(Pretty dramatic huh? And i'm dutch so don't yell at me for bad grammar or whatever, i'm sorry but i do my best ^^.)

Currently working on:
-Finishing the last things on my tilesets
-Getting rid of the default Prof. Oak script (Not really priority)
-An underground city (Halfway done..)
-Replace textbox with a D/P/P style one (Easy)
-Insert Gary overworlds (Easy, but will take a while)
-Finishing touch on the Titlescreen+Bootscreen (Planned as the last thing before release of Saga I)

Me for the scripting, mapping and blahblah
Mike for coming up with some awesome ideas for our next saga's
I used Kyledove's rombase and mixed it up with other palettes and stuff.. Really, the guy is genious in spriting and should be credited if his work his used.. KYLEDOVE'S TILES<--

Ooh and thanks Christos and Interdpth for introducing me certain aspects of scripting/palette editing

Screenshots! .. (i need more posts now O_o)
Please don't steal my map of Kousei Town, rather give me feedback on how my mapping is after my first week of rom hacking ^^.

Working on my rom Pokémon Rebirth

Conan Edogawa

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Posted November 29th, 2015
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I like some of the storyline but I don't know if I got it all. So Team Rocket destroyed Kanto, the people and pokemon evacuated, they beat Green Blue and Re, then lost control and the machine flew away. But then after that are you just trying to figure out what happened while chasing the machine? I'm a little confuse as you can see but I like it.
Seen July 25th, 2010
Posted July 17th, 2010
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12.2 Years
Well, maybe it isn't even a machine.. Well maybe sort of.. You might never know ;)
As Green was your father and you saw him fall in battle but haven't seen who/what killed it you want to avenge your father and become what he always wanted to be, the best trainer ever.

You don't know if you're ever going to actually meet the thing that killed your father but you might discover who/what it was just for the sake of knowing it. I really don't want to spoil the plot for now.

Working on my rom Pokémon Rebirth


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Posted December 3rd, 2018
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sounds pretty cool well the storyline! I could help advertise once you get a banner.
1 other thing where'd you get the trainer card every 1 has one xcept mua!
Also, if I knew how to make a banner I would but I dont :P
So there you go your first advertiser!


Robot Mienshao

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Posted July 10th, 2018
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When I heard the name of this hack, I thought that it would be based off of the popular Pokemon fanfic series:

Now a hack based on that would be awesome!

Jordy San

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Posted March 13th, 2011
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It sounds pretty interesting, but you need to give some features.

(Hup holland hup!)

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Posted April 21st, 2011
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seems lots of hack of late, seems to be taking part in the future after FR/LG, its good to see more unique sortylines popping up.
"it raged briefly but then flew, never to be seen again.", Lugia??? lol
good luck.
cool idea with saga's

a upcoming stylish and original hacking team
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