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Recruiting A Zoroark Among Us - Recruitment Thread

Started by AZAUdev November 4th, 2018 8:42 AM
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Seen March 31st, 2019
Posted November 4th, 2018
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A Zoroark Among Us - Recruitment Thread

> What is the game about?

A Zoroark attempts a Pokemon Trainer disguise to protect himself from being caught by a poaching organization.

This game will give more emphasis on Pokemon characters. Gameplay-wise, we're trying to make interesting by balancing the mechanics and varied Pokemon from gen 1-7. If it's not obvious enough, you're playing as a peculiar Zoroark, who seeks safety in the most daring way, because it might be the only way to stand a chance.

Other stuff:
- PMD and gen 4 music, along with some custom themes.
- Regional variant is on the way, just need some spriting.
- You can talk to other Pokemon! (because you're a Pokemon, duh)

> Progress?

We completed a prototype for Game Jam. Its pretty bad. Here are some screenies.


You can check the thread in

> What are we looking for?

Right now, were recruiting mappers! [SHORT-TERM]
- The outdoor mapping session will last from mid-November to January
- We already prepared some of basic layout to make the process more efficient
- Tileset? Ready to use
- Send your previous works through DM or Discord (HollowGap#6951), get a sample map done, then youre on team

So heres an example from an early map. The grey parts are elevations, while yellow tiles are anything impassable like trees or rocks. Its not a rigid layout, but you get the point.


By short-term, the goal is to produce a number of outdoor maps in the short period of time with decent quality. Given most people are doing multiple project; we dont want to burden you to stay if you want to focus on other things. Its also a form of schedule. There are still writing, setting trainers, and other event creations waiting on our list. We want to get mapping done as soon as possible.
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