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Pokémon Journey for Truth

Started by LuluRina March 23rd, 2019 4:49 AM
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

After the news was done, Jocelyn turned off the tv sighing. They still haven’t figured out who did it yet, huh? she thought, thinking back to where Lavender Town was always on the news.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere her 7 year old brother decided that it would be fun to jump on her in his pajamas. She snapped out of her thoughts in surprise as he toppled over, getting up on the couch next to where she was sitting.

“You’re getting your pokemon tomorrow!” He said, jumping up and down. “Did you decide who to pick? I would honestly pick Charmander, he’s the coolest! He got fire on his tail and he’s basically a DRAGON!” He jumped up and fell backwards, hitting the couch on his back. Jocelyn smiled at her brother before looking at the time.

It was 10pm, which means it was time for them both to go to bed. She got up and signaled for him to go to bed, to which he replied with “Oh come on! Can’t we just stay up a LITTLE bit longer? Mom’s not gonna be home until late tonight, and Dad doesn’t mind. PLEASEE??”

Jocelyn glared at him. After a moment, he sighed and rolled off the couch. “Fine, I’ll go to bed…” She smiled and directed him to follow her to the bathroom, brushing his gold hair as he brushed his teeth. When all of that was done, she directed him towards his room and he entered, plopping himself down on his bed.

She went back into the bathroom and started brushing her short brown hair. She had just finished when she heard something in the kitchen. Heading towards it, she looked in and saw her little brother trying to sneak cookies. Half annoyed, she tapped the wall to get his attention, and his blue eyes immediately looked over to her, shocked.

He sheepishly closed the cupboard he had opened and left towards his room, with Jocelyn watching closely. He headed back inside his room and went into bed, throwing his dragon blankets over him. Leaving him be, she went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed.

She passed her brothers room before entering her own, and she saw that he was fast asleep, cuddling his Dragonite plushie. Smiling, she went into her bedroom which was right next to his. She grabbed her fairy nighty out of the wardrobe right next to the door and changed into it before hopping into her bed. She pulled her sea blue blanket over her and closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.


”Jocelyn…” A creepy voice whispered, sending chills down Jocelyn’s spine. She looked around, trying to pinpoint where the voice was coming from, but all she could see was fog in all directions.

“Jocelyn…” The voice repeated, slower. It was closer than before. She frantically looked around, trying to see something other then fog.

“Over here..” it said, and Jocelyn whipped around, seeing a cloaked figure through the mist.

He raised his hand, and a dark force hit her on the chest..


She woke up with a start. Still feeling something on her chest, she pushed herself up slightly and saw a Dragonite plushie on her chest with her brother, still in his pajamas, leaning on her bed.

“Come on, come on!” He said, bouncing. “We’re going to get your Pokemon soon! Then you can start your journey and be awesome!”

Jocelyn looked at him for a moment, then smiled as their mother ran in, saying “Uther! Stop bothering your sister and get ready!”

Uther looked over at their mother, saying “Okay mom!” He grabbed his Dragonite plushie and skipped out of the room. Their mom watched him leave, then looked over to Jocelyn, saying “You should be getting ready, too! It's your big day after all”

Jocelyn nodded as her mom left the room. Getting out of bed, she headed towards the wardrobe and put on her black t-shirt with long white sleeves, her black trousers, and her black lace-up shoes.

She left the room and headed towards the bathroom, where she saw her dad brushing Uther’s hair. She entered, grabbed a spare brush, and started brushing her hair, making sure it looked nice.

After they finished, they headed to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat. After a little bit of begging, their dad gave Uther a chocolate-chip cookie. He was munching on it as they left the house, seeing their mom just outside, leaning up against a Pidgeot and a Fearow.

“You guys ready?” She asked.

Jocelyn nodded as Uther shoved the remains of the cookie in his mouth. “I am!” Uther replied.

“Uther, it's rude to speak with food in your mouth!” her mom criticized. He apologized and got on the Fearow with their dad while Jocelyn got on the Pidgeot with her mom.

They flew up into the air and headed towards Pallet Town. Jocelyn took one last look down onto her own town, however she knew she would be back in order to challenge Misty, the water type gym leader.
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