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(Idea) Pokemon Wasteland

Started by XD001234 February 10th, 2008 11:15 AM
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Posted September 5th, 2008
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Hack of (Pokemon Emerald)

The game take place 7 years after the events of emerald everything was normal until your character fails to stop the fighting between the legendary Pokemon as a result the mix of sun and rain differences throughout the region causes the climate to change,disasters to occur and your character is blamed and banished to live in a mountain cave by his or herself for the rest of their life however one night resting on the summit a strange hole appears in the sky out of no where your character in a state of massive confusion walks into it and is warped to the Sun Pyramid the highest point in hoenn where a strange mystic man is on top he tells you that there is still hope to undo your faults even though they were catastrophic however you are going to have to prove yourself beyond the 7 badges you obtained those years ago he tells you to defeat the 8 sages of his clan scattered throughout hoenn then fight their master who will evaluate if you are ready to be trained to take on the biggest challenge you will ever receiv.e he gives you a banette as a starter and send you down the mountain which when you finally get down back into littleroot your in shock as the town once a grassy paradise is now in the middle of a desert you tell your parents the strange events on the summit and agree to support you they help you get a new identity and wardrobe then send you on your quest through the ravaged region that used to be your home finding the sages and encountering numerous new events people,areas and a newfound evil that is willing to kill if it means stopping you too

Planned features
new story with everything in description

way to find all legendary (except for D/P ones)

due to climate change new Pokemon become available

and a few surprises

for this hack i am going to need others to work on it as well because my skill is limited to making city's and route if anybody is up to it I need people to

script new events
create new sprites
make new map(ex item that can be used to fly from city to city)
insert new music for certain places(ill take care of finding and or creating it)
change text for people
pretty much everything else but creating the actual region im am still new to hacking and all i can do is that

i have hope that this hack could do well and if people help we can make it happen once the jobs are covered i will start mapping as soon as i can ( i have drawn it up i need to create it on the rom)

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dont you think thats a little dark for a pokemon game? kill you? they just make your pokemon faint and defeat your honour and stuff...
In my opinion, it may be a welcome change -.-

I'm getting pretty tired of evil teams just not shooting you for trying to stop them, instead of going up against you in Pokemon Battles that are always pitifully easy
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