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Started by ~Hot n' Cold~ November 5th, 2008 3:53 PM
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~Hot n' Cold~

is too good for a title.

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Engine: 1635 - Pokémon Fire Red (U) -
Creator: ~Hot n' Cold~
Language: English, German

General plot summary.

Welcome to the region of EXOTAH. A land of great beauty with many secrets and mysterys waiting for you to unfold. Your uncle, a great Pokemon Trainer in his time has returned to his home in VERMILION CITY after traveling the EXOTAH region for 7 years. The EXOTAH region is 2 islands, so you never got to see him. You were very close to him when you were a little boy, so you decide to take the FERRY in THORNIGHT HARBOUR to go see him. But you don't want to go alone... Recently a Legendary creature has showed up north of Thornight Town at the Kurnoit Caves. You are curious so you go check it out, but its blocked off, and next thing you know Prof. Mulberry runs up to, which is perfect because you needed a Pokemon for protection to Vermilion City. At the LAB you meet a nice young boy who wishes to be a Pokemon Champion. He seems tough and pure hearted, perfect rival material. His dream rubs on to you, as you to decide to take the Pokemon League Challenge. While on the ferry, it is taken over by the villianess TEAM CLOVER who wish to take the ferry to a far away island where the legendary CELEBI sleeps. And thus begins your adventure...

Project Overview
Some general information.

Well this is my third hack that I'll actually try to make an effort on. I'm determined to complete this hack and use the best of my abilities on it. My goal is simple - to create an entirely new and fresh Pokemon RPG using the Fire Red engine but still keep the charm of the past Pokemon RPGs. I hope to implement new features (especially D/P features) and graphics, tilesets, etc. I'll make an effort while making this hack and try to create a nice and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Game Features
Check out what the game has in store!

  • New Region - Entire new region of Exotah complete with diverse areas for you to explore!
  • Many Pokémon - A good portion of the 386 ADV gen Pokémon will be obtainable.
  • Team Clover - An entirely new "evil" team
  • D/P Features - A few features from Diamond & Pearl will be carried over.
  • Sprite Changes - Pokemon sprites from D/P will be carried over and applied to select Pokemon.
  • New Music - Tracks from R/S/E will be in this game, some entirely new ones might as well too!
  • Events & Sidequests - Entirely new and fresh events and sidequests to keep you busy!
Screenshots & Media
An in-depth look into the actual game itself.

Expect some soon.

People creating this hack.

- ~Hot n' Cold~: Scripting, Mapper, Pallete Editor, Spriter
Hoping for more people.

There are no downloads as of yet, check this spot once Beta 1 is released.


Myall was created by Professor Eric Stone in a last-ditch attempt to thwart 'M and MissingNo's attemps at world domination.

Originally designed to be a Mew clone, Stone later added DNA from Entei, Jeremy Thorn's Persian, and Rose Bush's Meowth to complete the creature. Myall is a very gentle creature, since the very first emotions she experienced at 'birth' were love and affection.

Myall's exact abilities are unknown, but she seems to possess telepathic skills, as well as new moves like Psy Dust and Crystal Wave. She seems to be a very strong Pokemon, as befitting a creature with so much Legendary DNA.


An ice-type eeveelution, Frosteon was first discovered during an especially cold Kanto winter. Frosteon was delightedly sitting on Cycling Road, coating the hill with ice as he went. Frosteon doesn't want anyone to get hurt, he just loves snow and ice. Frosteon gets extremely angry if his snow-colored fur get splashed with mud. His triple tails symbolize the harsh arctic winds.
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