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Seen December 23rd, 2018
Posted December 20th, 2018
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So I have a bit of an odd issue. I am doing a graphical hack of Pokemon Platinum. Exporting, editing, and re-inserting the graphics into pokegra.narc works perfectly fine. The images are the right format (8BPP 16 color indexed), they display correctly in PokeDsPic, I write to the .narc file, and I use Nitro Explorer to reinsert the .narc file into the rom.

But when I load the game and get into a battle, the Pokemon's edited graphics do not show up. I tried editing Bulbasaur, for example, and inserted the new sprites and palettes over his, items 6-11 (and then making him a wild Pokemon to fight in game). But in battle, just regular Bulbasaur shows up.

Am I editing the wrong file? Or is there a step I am missing somewhere? The file I'm editing is root/poketool/pokegra/pokegra.narc
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Posted July 10th, 2019
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You are, the pokemon graphics are stored in pl_pokegra.narc. Just make sure you use the version of pokedspic for platinum and heartgold.

pokegra.narc is a leftover from diamond. The file actually is used for features like the pokemon dressup minigame (since you can share your dressed up pokemon with other players so you wouldnt want a different sprite to mess that up), probably contests and other things. If you're completely replacing pokemon with different pokemon I'd reconmend editing that file, otherwise it can be left alone.
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