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Evening guys. Im having trouble finding somewhere decent or even just one decent genuine place where somebody could tell me what and if at all my "ancient" pokemon card collection is worth its not massive by any means maybe 100 cards from hologram machamp edition one to lass trainer cards. This collection is roughly 20-25 years old which i have found in an elastic band in an old box in the loft (litterally a few cards i collected and grew out of as a child) i honestly do not have the slightest clue about them or the game im sorry to say they were just shiny cards we used to play with as kids but my 11 year old son loves pokemon cards and is nagging me to get them checked as i suspect there may be a few semi- valuable cards. any help or information would be massivley appreciate. Thanks guys


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That elastic band may have done a decent amount of damage to the edges, so your cards' conditions may not be great.

PriceCharting is your best bet for finding values, but keep in mind those prices are for mint/near mint cards that would earn an 8, 9, or 10 grade from a grading agency.