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    So I recently just binge watched the first season of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime on Netflix.

    I was expecting it to be a complete flop; I’d given up on the Pokemon anime years ago because it became stale and formulaic. With the drastic change in character design with Ash and the fact he was going to school and not going to journey across Alola for the island trial challenge, I was convinced I’d probably stop watching the anime about 10 episodes in.

    I. Was. Wrong.

    I absolutely love the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. The music is on point, and the new art style allows for so much more expression. I am currently watching Pokemon X and Y on Netflix and while I’m only nine episodes in, it feels quite labourious to watch. The dynamic and pacing of the story telling and the characterisation in Sun and Moon is far superior over (so far) over that found in X and Y. I am hoping that when I get to X, Y, Z I’ll be enjoying Ash’ adventure in Kalos more.

    I’ll be watching X and Y while I’m doing other things (like catching the bus somewhere, or riding an exercise bike) so I know I’ll get through it...but does anyone else feel the same way that I do? Or am a lone fan of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime and the current direction it is going in?
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      You're in for a real treat when watching the XYZ series. Do post your thoughts when you are finished with it, I'd love to hear your reaction.

      Regarding Sun and Moon, it's more of a meh, but if you watched XYZ before that you would understand. The animation is still on point, and battle choreography is still pristine, I agree with the music, it's nice for the holidays, easy to relate and story wise there are some great arcs.
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        The first few Episodes aren't too bad but it bogs down post Hala. After getting his first Z-Crystal from Hala, he doesn't travel to Akala until Episode 30. In that time its a ton of filler for the most part, with two Episodes of any real significance: Episode 15(captures Rockruff) and Episode 21(captures Litten. Arguably the best Episode of the series, possibly even the Franchise if one were to have a debate on it).

        Post Akala Trial is more filler, including the two Episode Season finale in Kanto involving Brock and Misty. The next Season(Season 21 for English) starts off with the Aether Arc. Its not bad but I found the Episodes in Ultra Space to be really underwhelming with an "Ash-pull"(term that PRB12 uses for pulling something out of left field involving Ash. AKA a WTF moment) to boot. More filler post Aether until Episode 74 when Ula'Ula arc finally begins. After that there's a short lull of filler before Necrozma arc starts(which to me was underwhelming). Then afterwards we've had nothing but filler that honestly makes me cringe at times.

        Although there are a few scenes that make me chuckle, the series overall frankly sucks. Its nothing like the games and they can't make up their freaking mind in terms of the setting. On one Episode they're on Melemele, another Akala, and another Ula'Ula or Poni. They jump back and forth with no logic to explain it either half the time.
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          Hopefully to the end. I'm just not feeling the animation. I don't really watch the anime much anymore, but the episodes I've seen are pretty meh.
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          you're not alone, i also prefer sun & moon over xyz. don't know what it is about xyz that makes me bored. sun & moon is still an enjoyable ride for me though. there were moments that it was just plain funny but there were also moments that were intense. just lessen the fillers and it would be better
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