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Old February 10th, 2017 (6:15 PM). Edited March 7th, 2017 by ^Ace^.
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    Plot: Lillie travels with Lusamine to the Kanto region. This focuses on Lillie and Lusamine's story in the Kanto region. Lillie tries to become a Poketrainer while helping her mother to understand her mistakes. During that time, Lusamine would slowly try to fix her relationship with Lillie as she comes to grips with her actions.
    (I think this genre might border on drama, but I intend to maintain the feeling of a Pokemon adventure.)
    [This has now become a collaborative effort from me, and @Summerdown. Credit goes to both of us for this story.]

    Chapter 1: Prologue/Departures
    Lillie stepped outside, looking out in the sky. The horizon shined with a bright orange.
    Her destination is very far from her home here in Alola, she couldn't even see it where
    she was standing. Though she was uncertain, she was willing to see this through. She was
    willing to for her mother. Her only parent for most of her life, she had not been herself in a
    long time, she had grown cold in the span of a few years. But she was not entirely gone. Lillie
    could still see what little of her still held on. This trip had to help that little bit of her
    left, she wanted to help her through it.
    But she had a more ambitious reason for going to Kanto. Lillie also wanted to be an actual
    Poketrainer: she couldn't imagine herself being one before, and this new dream amazed her
    more than she could say. She had to pursue it.

    Someone joined her on the docks, this person didn't say a word when he arrived.
    "I figured you'd be here." he spoke. Lillie recognized the voice. She turned to face him,
    seeing the young man's clothes were a little shabby - intentionally.
    "Oh, morning Gladion." She greeted him politely. His usually cold expression seemed
    softer than usual, he almost seemed uncertain. He no longer wore that skull-shaped medaillion
    either. "So... you're actually going to Kanto with her?" he asked, he lent against the railing,
    almost mirroring her as they both looked out to that vast orange ocean spread out before them.
    "Yes, I am." she answered almost excited.
    "You're sure you wanna go through with this?" he asked her with worry. "I can go instead,
    if you want."
    "No Gladion, I need to do this. I'll be okay."
    Gladion considered what Lillie said to him for a moment. "... I suppose you're right. I mean...
    you cared enough to go after her." he noted.
    "It was kind of you to offer though." she smiled.
    "I'll be here with the paradise. But... call if you need any help."
    "Thank you, I'll make sure to."
    She looked again at shore before the water, Wimpod scurried the rock formations near the land in
    search of a home, and Lillie could only relate to them.

    Lillie glanced back to the paradise, looking to the tallest building that is her home.
    She eventually saw someone walking to the docks, someone she waited to see. Lusamine worked
    her way down the stairs. She seemed slightly shaky walking to the docks - seeing the president
    of the prostegous paradise, and her mother, so fragile, worried Lillie. For years she seemed as
    sturdy and as glorious as the building she was decending from. Weakness was hard to read in her.
    But here she was, half as strong, and less as certain. At least she was still willing to make
    the trip. Lillie was glad she came.

    "Are you ready mother?" she asked earnestly. But no matter how brightly Lillie beamed, in this
    moment Lusamine walked with an air of a thunderstorm at night.
    "Why do you ask?" she exhaled. "I never had a say in this."
    "Mother, don't act like I'm punishing you."
    "... I'll try not to see it that way." Lusamine sighed annoyed. Her poor attitude to the adventure threatened to drain
    the wonder from it, but Lillie wouldn't let her mother - or anyone for that matter
    - set a harsh contrasting light to their improptu vacation. "This will help you, I promise."
    So they brought what luggage they could - not much, there would be time to buy more fleeting things
    in Kanto - and boarded the ferry without much said: and Lusamine, without a glance toward her
    son - Gladion regarded her the same.
    "... Not that it means much, but... let her know I wish her well." Gladion spoke uncomfortably.
    "I'll be sure to, Gladion."

    She said her goodbyes to Gladion, Wicke, and other members of the Aether foundation. It saddened
    her that she couldn't say goodbye to her friends on the other islands, but it would have made this hard for her to leave.
    She finally boarded the ferry, waving to everyone there. Gladion waves to his mother and sister. Lillie waves back to him
    as the gap widens between them. Lusamine eventually waves back as well, albeit more awkwardly than Lillie.
    Don't worry, I'll come back to see you all again... she thought to herself, watching the paradise shrink out of view.

    Pokemon rights belong to Nintendo and Gamefreak. Story belongs to me and was written by @Summerdown and me.
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    Old March 3rd, 2017 (4:18 PM). Edited April 9th, 2017 by ^Ace^.
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      The boat moved in its steady route, rocking slowly, and gently. Much like a cradle in someone's
      bedroom. Two hours ago, Lillie woke up in her bed at the Aether Paradise. Now she was traveling
      across the ocean to someplace else entirely. She sat looking out the window, watching with
      excitement. "We'll be in Kanto very soon mother, aren't you excited?" she asked, eager for a
      "Huh? Oh, sure.... Can't wait." Lusamine sighed, she barely looked at her when she spoke.
      Lillie slid back with a froun, her joy shortened by Lusamine's cold disinterest. She tilted her
      head down in slight frustration; as she had before in Alola, when her mother was "unforgiving"
      with her. "... Sorry." Said Lusamine, "I don't mean to ruin our trip, it's just that... I've been
      feeling down since we left. I'm... Afraid, I suppose."
      "What do you mean?" Lillie asked, now slightly worried.
      "... It's probably nothing Lillie." she shrugged.
      "I'm here for you mother, please don't forget that." Lillie placed a hand on Lusamine's, trying
      to ease her worries.
      "I won't..." Lusamine nodded.

      An hour passed while they floated, and neither Lillie nor Lusamine had much to say to eachother.
      Lusamine wasn't sure how to interact with Lillie. None of their previous exchanges were happy ones,
      it was odd that Lusamine hasn't hasn't acknowledged much of that yet. Of all the things Lusamine
      had done in the past, Lillie was hurt mostly by how distant Lusamine had become. Hopefully this
      trip will benefit them both. "So... what would you like to do when we reach Kanto?" Lillie asked,
      trying to break the silence between them.
      "Aren't we here to find treatment for me?" Lusamine yawned.
      "Yes, but it wouldn't be just that. We're headed all the way to Kanto, that's very far from home.
      And... It's also been too long since we last spent any time together."
      "What I'd like to do in Kanto eh? Let me see..." Lusamine pondered Lillie's question carefully.
      "Not much of an idea... But I think I'd like to just shop around." She finally answered.
      "That's a start," Lillie nodded. "I've always wondered what everyone dresses like up there."
      "It's quite different Lillie." Their conversation lead to more than just shopping. They talked
      about the Pokemon and activities involving them. Then about the cities in Kanto, Cerulean city
      should be blooming with flowers this time of year. This conversation, however small it was, gave
      Lillie hope for Lusamine. <This might work after all. I'm sure of it.> Lillie thought happily to herself.
      They now talked about the food there when a growl interupted them. Lusamine looked away,
      suddenly embarrased. "I knew that Pinap juice wasn't enough. I was in too much a hurry to
      make breakfast this morning." Lusamine shrugged.
      "Heh, well I guess all this talk about food's made me hungry too." Lillie giggled. "Let's get
      something to eat." They made their way to the back of the boat where the foodcort was.
      The didn't have to walk too far. They each had Malasadas, Lillie's was sweet, and Lusamine's
      was spicy. Lillie looked at Lusamine's Malasada curiously, she asked if she could try it.
      Lusamine advised against it however, warning her that it could burn her, but Lillie
      insisted she could handle it. Lusamine reluctantly gave her the Malasada. Lillie looked
      at the crusty pastry. It wafted a spicy scent that would flare her nostrils if she sniffed
      it too closely. She nibbled on an unchewed side, it reminded her of a Passho berry, but with
      a more pronounced tang. "Mm... it's an interesting flavor," she noted. "It almost reminds me
      of...!" Lillie's eyes began to water, her face turning pink. Lusamine heard what sounded like
      a whimper from Lillie.
      "Lillie?" she sounded pretty worried.
      "S-suh... Spicy!" Lillie yelped.
      "I'll go get some milk, j-just wait here please." Lusamine left quickly for the bar.

      Lusamine hurried back to the table, she saw Lillie's face turned a bright red hue. She whimpered
      and was covering her mouth as if she were trying not to spit fire.
      "H-here, I got it!" Lusamine squeaked. Lillie took the bottle and drank it in a hurry, quickly
      reducing it to a drop.
      "Huff... Thank you..." she wheezed.
      "I did warn you Lillie." Lusamine sighed. She rolled her eyes, but then she began chuckling,
      amused by Lillie's reaction. Lillie looked up, confused by Lusamine's giggling.
      "What's so... funny?" she asked, still panting from the spicy Malasada.
      "Nothing, heh." Lusamine sniffed. "You looked so silly burning up like that."
      Lillie eventually shared Lusamine's laugh, finding the event humorous as well.
      "Heheh, well that certainly surprised me." She giggled. "I must have looked like a Magmar for a
      second. haha."

      It grew dark on the horizon. The passengers started to let out tired yawns, most of them
      leaving their seats to the lower decks. Lillie found herself yawning too, almost lulled to sleep
      by the boat's gentle sway. "We'd better find the lower deck." Lillie spoke, rubbing her sleepy eyes.
      Lusamine shook her head, also a little tired. "I wouldn't want to sleep in these seats." she nods.
      They stood up from their seats and headed to the lower deck, Lillie tried to shake herself from
      sleep, long enough to reach their bed room at least. Lusamine looked at her briefly, faintly
      smiling. She almost tripped when a larger wave hit the boat. Lillie helped her stay on her feet.
      "Sorry... I'm still not used to this constant rocking." Lusamine sighed. She felt embarassed for
      almost falling.
      "It's alright." Lillie reassured, while helping her dust off her dress. "We're both a little
      tired. Just take it slow for now, okay?" Lusamine nodded.

      Their room was cozy, painted with warm colors. and the floor was covered with a soft carpet. The
      beds looked like a cloud compared to their seats upstairs. Lillie bounces on her bed, looking out
      the circular window. She was tired, but her excitement was still very bright.
      "By the looks of it, we'll reach Kanto by tomorrow, Lillie." Said Lusamine.
      "I know," Lillie spoke with energy. "I'd want to stay up for it, but I need to sleep."
      "Me too... Well, see you tomorrow." Lusamine climbed under the covers, resting on her side, facing
      away. Lillie lifts her covers to climb in, resting her head on the fluffy pillow. She looked at
      the ceiling for a while, eventually dosing off. Her dreams filled with adventures in Kanto, with
      a Pokemon by her side.
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      Old March 3rd, 2017 (7:17 PM).
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        Let me start this off with pointing out that this was a very impressive start. I liked the atmosphere you set with Lillie in the beginning about her wanting to help her mother, but keeping into view her own ambitions to be a trainer herself.

        There were a few things I noticed.
        One being this.
        ^Ace^ & Summerdown
        Someone joined her on the docks, this person didn't say a word when he arrived.
        "I figured you'd be here." he spoke.
        This felt a little contradictory, for the abruptness of him talking without a transition informing that it was after a little bit. Nit picky if be, but it helps the reader not have to stop and take a better look and break their speed.

        Aside from some minor spelling, one word repetition, a few hard to read parts (how their placed), and a few grammatical errors (this is minor in my book), I have to say this was a very good pilot. All of your analogies were well done and brought me in as a reader. I'm glad you both captured how Lillie would be in this ordeal very accurately along with proper Lusamine dialogue/actions.
        Plus the spicy Malsada was fitting for the setting. (Favorite part of mine so I had to mention)

        I will say that in the beginning of the Layover, a bit of a time lapse has happened, without much of a notice on it. This also is minor, but indication for jumps in time can save some confusion and preserve the experience for later.

        I hope this was helpful , because I know I've said this thrice already but this was very impressive. I do hope you two continue this. I do believe from all these types of stories I read (regarding Lillie) yours is the best I've seen so far in accuracy to character/proper and engaging scenes/important and appropriate dialogue/ and overall good emphasis on Lillie as a character of her own.
        Keep up the good work! (Should you both choose to continue of course)
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        Old March 4th, 2017 (11:52 AM).
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          @Vragon: Thank you. You're words are very kind indeed, we're glad you like it so far. @Summerdown and I will certainly look into your suggestions, thanks. ^~^
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          Old April 15th, 2017 (6:38 AM).
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            The morning shone its blinding light to Lillie's eyes. She used her hand to shield her face from
            the harsh sunlight. "Mother, are you awake?" she asked, surpressing a yawn. Lusamine started to
            shift from under the covers, she may have just woken up.
            "Mmm... What is it Lillie?" she mumbled. "Did you have a bad dream?"
            "What? No. What time is it?"
            "It's... after seven." Lusamine answered. "We're probably close to Kanto now." With a burst of
            energy, Lillie threw off her covers and rushed outside their room. "Lillie? H- hey!" Lusamine
            yelped. Lillie could hear her stumbling after her. We're almost there. she thought in stride.
            I Have to see it.

            Lillie ran outside with energy behind her steps. She catches the hand railing. When she looked up,
            she saw a large shape in the distance. It just had to be the Kanto region. Seeing it before of her
            was unlike anything she saw in Alola. It was much bigger than she had ever imagined it to be. It
            was about as big as all of Alola, but that it was connected to a seperate region made it look much
            larger. Cinnabar island could be seen from where she stood. Its volcano breathed thick white clouds
            that traveled skyward; adding a smokey scent to the salty air. We made it... We're in Kanto! she
            thought in amazement. Lusamine eventually caught up to Lillie, panting from her own sprint.
            "Huff... Lillie... Don't hurry off like that." she gasped.
            "I'm sorry, mother." Lillie said sheepishly.
            "... It's alright." Lusamine reasured her. "Let me catch up next time, I did just wake up."
            Lusamine looked at Kanto with the same wonder in her eyes. "We-... This is Kanto? It's much
            bigger than I thought it would be."

            It wasn't long before the ship finally stopped at the docks. Lillie stepped outside the first
            oprotunity she got. They docked in Vermilion city, a portside city that trades and recieves
            their goods from other regions. Lillie inhaled the salty air with renewed vigor, this will
            be the start of many things for her, and Lusamine. "Hey Lillie?" Lusamine spoke. "I think I'll
            go visit the salon in town. You wouldn't mind exploring this city by yourself for now, would
            you?" she asked.
            "No, it's fine." Lillie answered. "I won't be too far."
            "Okay, I'll be at the Pokecenter waiting for you." Lusamine proceeded to the salon. She waved
            to Lillie before walking in.

            Lillie started to wander through the city, admiring the colorful sights of this small
            portside city. This place reminded her of a certain seafolk village in Alola. Everyone there
            was very welcoming to Lillie and the other travelers. She felt at home here with these people.
            She made her way over to the port, watching the Slowpokes loafing around lazily. They were likely
            taking a break from still loafing over the water. There was an odd rock floating alone by the port
            that caught Lillie's eye. She saw this rock looked very different from the other ones by land. A
            large shape suddenly rose to Lillie's eye level, it was not a rock, but a Lapras' shell she was
            staring at! and it rose up to greet her. She reached out and gently touched its nose, it didn't
            seem to mind her contact.
            "Oh watch out!" a voice yelled.

            Something really fast crashed into Lillie, knocking her to the ground. The Slowpokes slowly
            scurried to the water in alarm. "Ow! ..." Lillie cried. She felt a stinging pain from her knee,
            she may have scraped it on her landing. Someone else was climbing back up; it was the same one
            that shouted earlier. She blinked hard and stood up again.
            "Huh? Oh not again..." the person moaned. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" she asked.
            "I'm alright." Lillie answered. "It's just my knee." The girl lends a hand to help Lillie up
            off the ground. She thanked the girl for her help.
            "Sorry about that." The youth rubbed her head awkwardly. "I shouldn't ride around town like
            "Really, it's alright. I'm still in one piece." Lillie chuckled. She takes a closer look at her
            knee - it is fine, just a little scraped - then looks at the stranger's bike: a rigid, firm frame.
            From its low form to the flames adorning its sides, it must go incredibly fast. "You have a nice
            bike ma'am." Lillie complimented.
            "Ma'am?" the girl giggles, "Sorry, I'm a little young for that. This bike's pretty cool isn't it?
            the girl grinned. "But I doubt this Mach bike is right for me. Waaay too fast.
            "Oh... I forgot to introduce myself. Name's Nina"
            Lillie began to smile. "Well hi there Nina, nice to meet you. I'm Lillie."
            "Lillie, eh? That's a wonderful name, reminds me of my favorite flower." Nina chuckled.
            "So... are you from Pallet town? I don't think I've seen you around here before."
            "Actually... This is my first time in Kanto." Lillie said bashfully.
            "Oh, you're one of those people on that boat huh? Cool." Nina's face beemed brightly. "Welcome
            to Kanto, fellow traveler. Hope you enjoy it here." Nina wheeled her bike away, she wasn't going
            to ride it this time.

            Lillie continued to explore Vermilion city for the rest of the morning. She met many friendly
            faces, human, and Pokemon alike. Fun as this was, she had to find Lusamine to share her journey
            with. Maybe she had some interesting to tell Lillie? She would have to find her to find out.
            She visited the Pokecenter in town; the only Pokecenter there, and entered it. She looked in
            the Pokecafe for Lusamine. She looked around but she didn't see her there. Is she still in the
            she thought. Then she saw a fasionable woman sitting by the window. Lillie looked at this
            person closely before recognizing who it was. "Mother?" she asked in surprise.
            "L- Lillie..." she started to shrink inward slightly. "It's not too bad, is it?" she asked,
            her face as red as a cheri berry.
            "You look... Different, mother." She said. "Wonderfully different."
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