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Old April 29th, 2017 (3:25 PM). Edited May 4th, 2017 by Catnip~.
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    This has been a long time coming! And it's finally back up...

    Saprailia is the region I invented back a few months ago. I've always liked world building, and was working on a world when I realized that the name I was using actually belonged to some band, not to mention that the whole thing (literally all of it) was just a frozen wasteland. I decided to make something more interesting, and Saprailia came to be.

    It was small at first. I told myself I'd get to the other parts of it later and focus on the capital, which turned out to be a HUGE limiting factor. Time constraints combined with bad planning left some parts feeling very unfinished. So I restarted, planned it out way better, and now, if I wanna expand on what I've already made it should be much easier.

    Map: WARNING HUGE IMAGE- Open in new tab to see it up close

    More details about the individual islands will come in future posts.

    Green = Land
    Blue = Water
    Dark Blue = Underwater civilization
    Red/Grey/Orange= Rivers of existance (to be explained later)
    Black= Names/Borders

    Table of Contents:
    Post 1: Introduction/World Map
    Post 2: Races
    Post 3: Geography
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    Old April 29th, 2017 (4:06 PM). Edited September 22nd, 2017 by Catnip~.
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      Before I start doing more detailed geography, I need to work on the races so I can state which race lives on which island.

      This time around I avoided using the standard Human/Dwarf/Elf and decided to go for some more "rare" creatures.

      These are cat people who like to live near water. They look similar to humans, but have cat ears and tails. And they like water. Also they are good at magic.

      Similar to the cockatrice, these bird-like creatures have large wings, and talons that are capable of landing on solid ground.

      These dragon-like creatures can fly, and they have very tough scales that make them great in combat.

      Sentient robots that have adapted to life underwater, after their home was flooded. They have the best technology in the land, and immense power, but they mostly keep to themselves.

      Formerly known as "The Masters", these beings resemble floating eyeball squids, and have the ability to harness magic from anywhere in the universe, giving them immense power.

      These beings live in the ash wastes of volcanic areas, and have evolved to drink the lava and use it when it hardens to build homes. They resemble humans in shape, but their skin looks like molten rock.

      A race that is good at magic. They are usually taller then other races, but they are usually hunched over because their physical bodies are very weak, and their bones can break if they attempt to support their entire body weight. Some Sembla are civilized, but others seek out places to conquer and turn into their lairs.
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      Old September 22nd, 2017 (9:32 PM).
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        Bout time I updated this.

        Warning: MASSIVE image (4k)

        Slisce: The smallest of the Gliex Alontilid, this island is the least inhabited, because of it's cold climate. A powerful Sembla, Brilius, and his apprentice, Omxea used magic to turn the island into a frozen tundra.
        Area: 1373 sq. meters

        Area 1, (Sorry the text is so small lol, if you zoom in hopefully you can see it?) Wizard's Tower: This is where Brilius and Omxea reside and practice their magic, away from the laws that the capitol sets on using magics.

        Area 2, Glacial cliff: The side of the island is a steep cliff, making the island very hard for the capitol to take back from the rogue Sembla.

        Area 3, Magical well: The Sembla drilled a hole into the middle of the island in order to tap the planet's magical energy more efficiently. This makes all magic within a certain area much more potent, a practice normally banned by the magical council due to spells going out of control.

        Area 4, Glacial caves: Underneath the ice are the remnants of the island before it was converted. Nobody lived on the island however, so there isn't much to see aside from some fossilized plants.

        Area 5, Red Ice: Dead bodies of soldiers sent to reclaim the island end up floating here because of the natural currents, and their blood mixes with the ice, tinting it red.

        Area 6, magical shield: A spell that deflects magic was set up here, so not all the water would be frozen, allowing for food to be grown.

        Bactynet: This island is heavily forested, and Clucharrua are known to live in the trees. It is the second smallest island of the Gliex Alontilid. Tribes of Clucharrua are known to claim various clearings and make ceremonial fires.
        Area: 7922 sq. meters

        Area 7, Glolp Gikost (Clearing): Area of the Quarkwah clan.

        Area 8, Ziez Gikost: Area of the Ruqahl clan.

        Area 9, Suvet Qrulz Wrohilt: The only actual "civilization" on the island, a few Nekisu and Sembla have created a trading village that exports raw materials.

        Area 10, Juvymt: An ancient temple, believed to have been created by Levischien before they went extinct above-ground.

        Area 11, Medicinal plants: A point of the island known as the Clehiq to the natives, many medicinal herbs grow here.

        Area 12, Nysk Gikost: This clearing is inhabited by Clucharrua that practice the magics of Nyskism, the area is technically unclaimed as many tribes share the area.

        Area 13, Flidoln Gikost: Area of the Gluhst clan.

        Area 14, Pylp Aq Qlocem Gikost: Area of the Ohym clan.

        Area 15, Aq Suvet Qrulz Wrohilt: A small harbor. Boats leave here if they are going to the mainland, however boats going to the capitol go to Suvet Qrulz Wrohilt (Area 9).

        Area 16, Varalf Gikost: Area of the Slish clan.
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