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    Chapter 28: Green With Evil (Second Try), Part 1- A New Target

    Normal POV

    Three weeks later the rangers are at the juice bar, sitting at their usual table. Tracy is wearing a baby doll dress and a pair of matching Jellies that she borrowed from Kimberly. She also has a butterfly clip in her hair. Mike is getting tired of hearing Tracy tapping her fingers on the table. He places his hand on top of hers.

    "Tracy, what's on your mind?" Mike asks.

    "I'm worried about graduation and a few other things," Tracy answers.

    "Do you guys have any plans about what you are going to do after you graduate?" Kimberly asks.

    "I'm going to Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara to study communication and media studies," Mike answers.

    "That sounds great Mike. What about you, Tracy," Kimberly says.

    "I don't know," Tracy says.

    "Tracy, you can't answer every question with I don't know," Jason says.

    "Are you sure Jason? I mean it's worked this long and I'm a senior in high school." Tracy says.

    The rangers' communicators go off. They get up from the table and head outside. Jason presses the side of his communicator.

    "We read you, Zordon," Jason says.

    "Teleport to the command center, I have some good news," Zordon says.

    "We're on our way," Jason says.

    They get up from the table, go out into the hallway and teleport a few seconds later and land in the command center. Tracy looks to her left and sees the contraption that Alpha is working on.

    "What is that thing Alpha?" Tracy asks.

    "It's a machine that can make a time portal." Alpha answers.

    "That's amazing thanks, Alpha you rock. Let's fire it up," Tracy says eagerly.

    "I haven't been able to test it yet. I'm not sure that it even creates a similar portal to the one that brought you here." Alpha says.

    "Alpha, the other rangers can go to the park to test it while you stay here and monitor the city," Billy says.

    Alpha nods and hands the machine to him. The rangers' teleport to the park and they land in a clearing far away from the curious people who were enjoying the nice day. Billy turns the machine on.

    I hope this works. I really want to go home before Rita tries to use one of her spells on Mike. Tracy thinks.

    They hear a few different strange sounds coming from it, Billy jumps when it gives him a light shock. The sudden jolt causes him to drop it.

    "Billy, are you okay?" Kimberly asks.

    "Yes," He answers.

    I should have wished harder for it to work. Tracy thinks.

    "What went wrong Billy?" Jason asks.

    When it was safe Billy picked the machine up. He examined it and tells the team what went wrong using a bunch of big technological terms. His explanation went over everyone's head- except Mike's, thanks to his Dino gem power.

    "Billy or Mike can one of you try explaining that again in words normal people can understand, please," Tracy says.

    "Sure Tracy, basically Alpha just used a power source that was too strong for the engine and the thing overheated," Mike says.

    "Next time could you explain it like that the first time one of us asks what went wrong with a machine," Tracy says.

    The boys nod. A few seconds later a bunch of putties appear. Billy sets the machine down next to a tree. The rangers stand in a ready stance ready to fight Rita's clay minions.

    Does anyone besides me think this could be a distraction or a trap? Tracy thought.

    They charge in towards the putties. While they are fighting, Rita appears quickly to take the machine. Mike and Tracy turn around a few seconds later. He runs over to her and she blasts Mike with a beam from her staff.

    "Mike," Tracy shouts.

    Mike flies backward and hits a tree. Tracy looks back over at Rita and clenches her fists.

    "OK Rita, what are you planning anyway? I mean besides stealing that machine." Tracy says.

    "You'll find out soon enough pink ranger," Rita answers.

    Rita fires a beam from her staff at her. This beam is different from the one she used on Mike. It was so strong when Tracy hit the tree she blacked out instantly.

    Rita smiles evilly and flees back to her castle with the machine. Mike gets to his feet. He turns to his left to see his unconscious girlfriend in front of a tree.

    The rangers finish fighting off the putties. They turn around to see Mike being teleported. They thought it was Alpha, but it was Rita bringing Mike to her castle. Jason runs over to Tracy.

    "Tracy, can you hear me?" Jason asks as he shakes her gently trying to wake her up.

    Tracy moans but doesn't wake up. Jason picks her up carefully after he calling Alpha and filling him in on Tracy's current state. He walks over to the group and Alpha teleports them back to the command center. Jason sets Tracy down on the exam table and lets Alpha runs his tests.

    "Zordon, do you know where Mike is?" Kimberly asks.

    "Yes Kimberly, I do. I'm afraid that the scanners tell us that Rita teleported him to her castle." He says.

    Reefside 2004

    The rangers speed down the flight of stairs leading down to the lab. Conner reaches the bottom first. He catches his breath before he says anything.

    "Hayley, you really finished the machine?" He asks.

    "Yes, the only problems are that it can only be used three times and it only has enough power to send one of you back to go get Tracy and Mike," Hayley answers.

    "I'll go," Conner says.

    "I don't think so Conner. If you go, the team will be at a strategical disadvantage." Hayley says.

    "She is right Conner. I'll go." Kira says.

    Hayley hands Kira the machine. She presses the button and a portal opens up in the lab. The rangers see the park in Angel Grove.

    "Where is that, Dr. Oliver?" Trent asks.

    "That's Angel Grove Trent," Dr. Oliver says.

    "Do you guys think that Tracy and Mike are even there?" Ethan asks.

    "There's only one way to find out," Kira says.

    Kira slowly walks into the portal. The rangers watch as the portal closes behind her. Trent lets out a long nervous sigh.

    Angel Grove 1994

    In the command center, Tracy starts to come around. She tries to sit up. A dizzy spell hits her and she lies back down again. She looks to her left after the dizziness fades.

    "Alpha, how did I get here? The last thing I remember is asking Rita why she stole the machine that you made." Tracy says.

    "I teleported you here," Alpha answers.

    A light bulb goes off inside Tracy's head. She sits up again. A huge headache hits her. Tracy rubs her temples in hopes it will go away.

    "Tracy, you need to relax." Alpha says.

    "I can't do that Alpha. I have to go bring Mike back from Rita's castle." Tracy says.

    The alarm goes off again. Alpha helps Tracy down off the exam table. They walk over to the others.

    "What's going on Zordon?" Kimberly asks.

    "The scanners picked up a strange signal in the park." Zordon answers.

    The rangers turn around to look at the viewing globe. They watch a time portal open. Tracy watches Kira land in the park.

    "How did she do that?" Billy asks.

    "That would be our tech expert Hayley." Tracy says.

    "Tracy, we'll bring her back here. You stay here." Jason says.

    "Okay, but if Rita tries anything, I'm going to help you guys out whether you like it or not." Tracy says.

    Alpha teleports the team to the park for the second time and Tracy has no choice but to watch them leave in a flash of colored light, the same color as their ranger color. Meanwhile in the park Kira looks around at her new surroundings. A few seconds later she sees the ranger land in front of her.

    "How did you guys do that?" Kira asks.

    "We teleported from our command center. I'm Jason by the way." Jason says.

    "It's nice to meet all of you, I'm Kira. Have you seen my friends, Tracy and Mike?" Kira says.

    "Tracy is back at our command center. Our mentor Zordon will fill you in on where Mike is." Jason says.

    Jason calls Alpha and asks him to teleport them back to the command center. The next thing Kira knows she is turned into a beam of yellow light. They land in the command center. Billy introduces her to Alpha and Zordon.

    "Can I see that machine?" Alpha asks.

    "Sure," Kira says.

    She hands Alpha the machine. He sets it down on the exam table. He walks back over to the rangers. Kira looks to her left and sees Tracy.

    "Wow, this looks so much better than our command center." Kira says.

    "Yeah, I know it is so much better than the cave." Tracy says.

    "How exactly do we get Mike back from Rita's castle?" Kira asks.

    "I should be able to teleport him back here once I can lock onto his ranger energy." Alpha says.

    Meanwhile, at Rita's castle, Mike lands in a cell. He looks around and is really confused. He sees the door to the cell. Rita appears in front of it a few seconds later.

    "Hello my new evil green ranger," Rita says.

    "Come on Rita, do you really think that I would work for you." Mike says.

    "You don't have any choice." Rita says.

    Rita blasts him with another beam. Mike's eyes flash a deeper shade of green than they usually are. Rita laughs evily. She teleports him back to the park after she tells him to destroy the rangers.

    Perfect! I'll get to destroy Zordon's rangers and those new rangers too. Rita thinks.
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      Chapter 29: Green With Evil (Second Try), Part 2- Just A Hunch

      Normal POV

      A few seconds later the alarm goes off, and the rangers turn around to face the viewing globe. They see Mike land in the park. Tracy is relieved to see that he is okay. The pink Dino ranger's instincts are telling her that Rita is trying to trick them. Kira glanced over at her teammate and sees a strange look on her face.

      "Tracy, what's with that look? It's kind of freaking me out," Kira says.

      "Sorry Kira. I have this bad feeling that Rita is up to something. She does have a thing against the color green, plus, Mike's only been gone twenty minutes, even if he used his Dino gem power to help him escape. He wouldn't be back this quick." Tracy says.

      "If you're so uptight about it, why don't we go to the park and ask him how he escaped." Kira says.

      "Okay, but we leave the machine here." Tracy says.

      Kira nods. The group turns around again to face Zordon. Alpha presses the red rectangular button on the control panel. The teleportation system activates again, and the teens are transported to the park. They land very close to where Mike landed, so the teens have to go a few feet to meet up with him. The green Dino ranger turns around quickly, and sees them walking up. He is so happy to see Tracy that he runs over. Tracy groans loudly as he squeezes the air out of her lungs.

      "Tracy I'm so happy that you're okay." Mike says.

      Well, he sounds like the same kind hearted, sweet and friendly Mike that I know. Could my instincts be wrong? Tracy thinks.

      A few seconds later, Tracy starts to feel lightheaded. Trini sees her starting to turn blue. "Mike, you might want to let her go, she is suffocating." Mike looks down to see that Trini is right. He lets her go, and Tracy starts to breathe again.

      "Thanks, Trini," Tracy says.

      "You're welcome," Trini says.

      Mike takes a step back, and his eyes nearly burst out of his head when he sees Kira standing next to Trini. "Kira, how did you get here?"

      "It's all thanks to Hayley. She worked hard to create a machine to create a time portal to bring you two back home." Kira says.

      I knew that Hayley would come through for us. Mike thinks.

      "So, Mike, how did you escape from Rota's castle anyway?" Jason asks.

      "I broke out of the cell... fought off a big army of putties and Goldar, I found my way to the main room and used my Dino gem power to figure out how Rita's teleportation system worked. That's about it," Mike says.

      "Mike, why was there such a long pause between cell and fought? You didn't just make that up did you?" Tracy asks.

      "Of course not. I guess that I'm a little tired that's all. Why don't we head back to the command center? I'm ready to go back home," Mike says.

      Jason nods. They check to make sure that no one is around and the area is like a ghost town. The group teleports to the command center for the third or fourth time today. When they land Tracy still feels uneasy about having Mike with them, Alpha walks over with the machine. He hands it to Kira.

      "Thanks, Alpha," Kira says.

      "I think we should head back home tomorrow. It's getting late and we won't me much help to the others if we're too tired to fight." Tracy says.

      "That's a good point, maybe we should wait." Kira says.

      "No let's go now; we can sleep when we get back." Mike argues.

      "Come on Mike, I thought that you said earlier that you were tired." Tracy says.

      "Fine, we'll go tomorrow." Mike says.

      "Actually, I was thinking that it could be more like two days from now. You see The Game of the Spirits karate tournament is on Saturday. I was thinking that we would enter this year. I need a third member in order to register my team. Tracy do you think that you could help me out?" Jason says.

      "Sure, but why didn't you ask one of the other kids that you're teaching from your class at the juice bar?" Tracy says.

      "Because the rules state that all members have to be at the same skill level as the other members." Jason says.

      "I'm guessing that you're a black belt too." Tracy says,

      "Yes," Jason says.

      "Cool, I'm in." Tracy says.

      "Tracy, there is one thing that you're overlooking." Mike says.

      "What's that Mike?" Tracy asks.

      "You're black belt is back at your house in Reefside 2004." Mike says.

      "Right, I guess that I was so excited that I forgot. Sorry Jason, I guess that you're going to have to find another person." Tracy says,

      "I won't have to; just meet me at the juice bar tomorrow around ten." Jason says.

      "Tomorrow at ten, don't we have to go to school?" Tracy asks.

      "No, county-wide teacher in-service, so all the schools are closed," Billy says.

      "Sweet, this is my second favorite reason for the school being closed." Tracy says.

      "The second reason, what's the first?" Kimberly asks.

      "I moved to Reefside from Michigan so it would be two words - Snow Day," Tracy says,

      "Fine, we'll stay for a few more days, but we're leaving after the tournament." Mike says.

      "Deal," Tracy says.

      Kira gives the machine back to Alpha. He leaves to go put it in a safe place. The group leaves the command center on foot. Trini invites Kira to stay with her and they head to her house. Tracy and Kimberly head back to the Hart residence. They're greeted by the smell of chicken tamales as soon as they walk in the front door. The girls walk to the kitchen and see Kimberly's mom set the platter on the table. She looks up and sees them standing in the doorway.

      "Perfect timing girls, how about we eat while it's still warm." Mrs. Hart says.

      The girls walk to the table, set the book bags down next to their chairs and sit down. Fifteen minutes later they finish eating. The girls get up from the table. They clear the table and do the dishes. Ten minutes later they grab their book bags and head up to Kim's room. Kim sets her bag down on the desk. Tracy sits down on the bed. The girls do a little bit of their homework so they wouldn't get behind. An hour later, Kim closes her English book and Tracy closes her Spanish book. They repack their book bags and zip them up. They get ready for bed, and Tracy unrolls her pink Wildkin kaleidoscope sleeping bag next to Kim's bed. She folds up her glasses and gently sets them on the end table before climbing inside. Kim gets into bed and reaches over to turn off the lamp. "Good night Tracy,"

      "Night," Tracy says.

      Kim flicks the switch and the room is as dark as the inside of a deep cave. Tracy hears Kimberly shift around under the covers to get comfortable. After her eyes adjust to the darkness, she looks over at Kim to see her fast asleep. She turns her head back and continues to stare at the ceiling.

      Maybe I'm overreacting about this whole situation, I need to relax. Rita can't turn Mike against us, I know that his will is too strong to be controlled. Tracy thinks.

      A few seconds later, the pink Dino rangers anxious fears subside enough to allow Tracy to slowly drift off to sleep. Meanwhile, at Rita's castle, she is spying on the pink rangers with her telescope.

      "It's time to make sure that Tracy has a terrible night." Rita says.

      She removes her eye form the view piece of the telescope and picks up her staff. She points it towards Earth. The beam from it heads towards Kimberly's house, flies into Kim's bedroom window and hits Tracy. Rita sets her staff down and looks through her telescope again. She sees Tracy start to toss and turn wildly. She laughs her loud evil laugh and it echoes throughout the castle walls.

      Back with Tracy, the pink Dino ranger nightmare continues to get worse every few seconds. She and Mike are alone in the far end of the park. Mike has morphed and points his weapon at her. It's aimed at her chest. He fires it, but Tracy rolls to the side. The arrow grazes her leg. She scoots backwards so she can use one of the trees as a crutch to help her get back to her feet.

      "Mike, why are we doing this? We're Power rangers, remember, we're supposed to fight and destroy the bad guys not destroy our teammates." Tracy says,

      "Sorry, but I'm not a good guy anymore." Mike says coldly.

      He comes closer so Tracy can't dodge his next shot. Tracy feels him press his Tro-bow right up against her chest.

      "Mike, please don't do this," Tracy begs.

      The pink Dino ranger wakes up right before Mike shots at her again. She heads to the bathroom. She turns on the faucet and splashes some water on her face to rinse the cool sweat off. She splashes herself a few times to make sure all the sweat is gone. She turns the water off, and takes the towel off the hook from next to the sink. She wipes all the water off her face, and puts it back. Then she heads back to bed after turning the light off in the bathroom.

      = Welcome to Reefside=

      The next morning Tracy wakes up around nine. She gets dressed and heads downstairs. Kimberly greets her at the bottom of the stairs. They head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. The problem is, Tracy isn't in the mood to eat anything right now because the nightmare she had was getting to her. Kimberly's mom left earlier to go to work so they have the house to themselves. Kimberly sits down at the table with her bowl of oatmeal. She notices that Tracy doesn't have anything in front of her.

      "Tracy, what's wrong, how come you're not eating?" Kimberly asks.

      "I guess that I'm not hungry, that's all." Tracy answers honestly.

      Kimberly finishes her breakfast and they leave to head to the juice bar. They walk inside and the group greets them. They head over to their usual table, and sit down. Trini watches Tracy wipe the sleep from her eyes after she let out a big yawn.

      "Tracy, what's wrong? Why do you look so tired this morning?" Trini asks.

      "I was about to ask the same thing." Jason says.

      "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep. Before you ask, no it wasn't because I was nervous about the tournament. I kept having this same nightmare over and over," Tracy says.

      "What was it about angel?" Mike asks.

      "If you can believe it, Mike, it was about you trying to destroy me." Tracy says.

      "I don't believe it, we're teammates." Mike says.

      Tracy cracks a small smile. Jason sides a long rectangular box across the table. She stops it before it goes over the edge. She glances over at him. He nods to her and Tracy slowly opens the box. Her eyes widen and she is shocked seeing the black belt inside.

      "How did you get this?" Tracy asks.

      "I talked to my karate teacher and he lent it to me for the weekend." Jason says.

      "Thanks," Tracy says.

      "You're welcome," Jason says.

      Jason, Tommy and Tracy get up from the table to change. They come back a minute later in their Gis. They walk over to the group.

      "What are you guys going to do while we practice for the tournament?" Tracy asks.

      "I'm going to hit the mall. I need to get some new strings for my guitar." Kira says.

      "Trini and I are going to get our nails down." Kimberly says.

      "I'm going to the dance studio to work on some new moves." Zack says

      "I am going to go back to my lab and work on my science project for the science fair next week." Billy says.

      They leave while the others go back over to the table. Jason hears Tracy's stomach growl loudly, and she tries not to blush and laughs awkwardly.

      "How about we get some smoothies to fuel us up before we start?" Jason says.

      "Sounds great," Tracy says.

      They walk over to the counter. Ernie sets the glass down that he is drying out on the counter. He looks up at the teens with his friendly smile. "Good Morning guys, what can I get you?"

      "I'll have a tropical paradise," Jason says.

      "I'll have a blueberry blast," Tommy says.

      "I'll have a strawberry banana blast," Tracy says.

      Ernie writes down their order and gets to work. After Jason pays they sit down at the table again, Tracy didn't realize that her nightmare was getting to her when she got lost in her thoughts again. She finishes her smoothie and sets it down on the table. The small clanking sound made by Jason's cup when he sets it down on the table and snaps her back to reality. She jumps and falls out of her chair.

      "Tracy, are you okay?" Tommy asks.

      "Yeah, I'm fine," Tracy answers.

      She gets up, pushes her chair in and walks over to the mat. The boys turn around to face her. Tracy warms up her muscles before going into the kata she decided to do for the first round of the tournament. She stands in ready stance and announces the name of her kata, "Bassai Dai Kata,"

      "Wow, that's a tough kata to master," Jason says.

      "I know," Tommy says.

      They watch as Tracy goes into the first motions of the kata. She makes them so quick that they could barely see them. The rest of her movements are so graceful and flowing it is like she lived and breathed Karate. They watched her finish her kata and turns around to face them. They get up and walk over to her.

      "Tracy, that was incredible," Jason says.

      "Thanks, I read about the tournament online. What are we doing for the team kata round? " Tracy says.

      "I was thinking about doing the Meikyo Kata," Jason says.

      "That kata ends with a triangle kick, right?' Tracy asks.

      "Yes," Jason says.

      "I think that you should pick a different kata." Tracy says.

      "How come, I think it's the perfect kata?" Jason says.

      "I don't want us to lose so many points for that round because I can't do a triangle kick." Tracy says.

      "Trust me Tracy, winning is the last thing is the last thing on my mind. I'm just glad that we get to compete this year." Jason says.

      They walk over to her. Tracy lets them stretch out and they get in line. Tracy is in the middle since Jason ordered them by total letters of their name. A few seconds later they start the kata. They move in perfect sync. One of the other teams, 'The Falcons', decided to come early to check out the competition. The first member is Jack Moore; he is 6'1'' has green eyes, short born hair, pale skin and very well defined biceps. The second member, Sam Smith, is 5'6'', has brown eyes, neck-length coffee black hair, dark skin and a balanced body build. The last member, Hannah Rooey is 5'3'', has baby blue eyes, her long red hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, light-colored skin and the appropriate build for a girl her height.

      "Hey guys, check this out I didn't know that they could teach a twig how to do karate." Jack says.

      "Yeah, it hilarious, I bet that a strong wind could blow her over." Sam adds.

      "Come on you two, we really should practice." Hannah says.

      "You two can practice. I'm going to make sure that we win." Jack says.

      Sam and Hannah go over to the other side of the room to practice. Jack continues to watch his competition practice. They reach the end of the kata. They do the triangle kick. The boys land perfectly, but Tracy lands off balance. She falls backwards and lands on her butt. The boys stop when they hear Tracy groan as she gets to her feet. They turn to face her.

      "I tried to warn you Jason," Tracy says.

      "It's okay, Tracy that could happen to anyone." Tommy says.

      "Tommy is right; I know that you can get it if you just keep practicing." Jason says.

      They hear the sound of Jack laughing loudly as he walks up to them. "Plus, she could practice all day and night, but she'll never get it. You should just find another teammate. She is nothing but a walking punching bag. The only thing she'll get from the tournament is a bunch of souvenir bruises and a few broken bones." Jack says.

      "Look, whoever you are; you don't have the right to talk about my teammate like that." Jason says.

      "I'm Jack, and I can say whatever I want. This is a free country, remember. Besides, it's the truth. What's the point of entering when you are automatically going to lose because your last teammate is a weak little girl." Jack says.

      "Haven't you ever heard the phrase big things come in small packages?" Tommy says.

      "Plus, she couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag," Jack says laughing.

      Tommy glances over at Tracy to see some tears start to build in Tracy's eyes after hearing Jack's mean comments. She is trying her best to keep it together. She knew if Jack said one more mean thing about her, she would start crying. Jack stops laughing long enough to see Tracy's face. It causes a smirk to appear on his face.

      "Aw, did I hurt your feelings? Good. Why don't you run away like the coward you are. Then you can go cry a river because that's all someone built like you is good at. You're nothing but a failure. You shouldn't even be wearing that black belt. It's only for strong warriors, and that's not you." Jack says.

      Jack's last statement hits Tracy like a ton of bricks and she takes a few steps back. Then she runs out of the room and goes to the locker room.

      That's it, run away weakling. One team down and two more to go, Jack thinks.

      Jack goes over to his teammates. They see the pleased look on his face. Hannah just shakes her head.

      I wish he would stop doing this. All it proves is that he isn't confident in his own abilities, so he reverts back to his old bully ways because he knows that it's the only way to make sure that he won't have to practice. Hannah thinks.

      Back on the other side of the room, Jason nods to Tommy. The green ranger leaves to go get their teammate. Tracy enters the girls' locker room. Everything is blury because of the tears streaming down her cheeks. She changes out of her GI and puts it in her duffle bag. She takes out the outfits she came in, a pair of faded jeans and a pink shirt, and her Dino gem. She puts it back on her wrist, and leaves her bag there. She dashes out the back exit and tries to wipe some of her tears away to keep herself from running into anything. She makes a left turn and runs off towards the park.

      = Welcome To Reefside=

      Tommy walks out the front door. He searches the outside perimeter of the building, and doesn't see Tracy anywhere. He decides to search the city. Tracy enters the park. She stops long enough to dry her eyes for the second time so she can look around to find a hiding place. She can't find one so she has to use the picnic table on the far side of the park. It is far enough away from the other people in the park so noone could bug her while she continues to cry her eyes out. She runs over to it. She sits down, puts her elbows on it, and places her face in her hands after taking off her glasses. Her tears roll off her hands, fall down through the spaces between the slates of the table and make a puddle when they hit the grass. Back in the city, Tommy walks into the mall and runs into Kira.

      "Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you were at the juice bar practicing for the tournament." Kira says.

      "I was but this boy, Jack, showed up while we were going over kata we were doing for the team kata round. He walked over to us after Tracy fell and said that she is nothing but a walking punching bag." Tommy says.

      "That Jack is a jerk and a bully." Kira says.

      "I know, Tracy got really upset and ran away. Now I can't find her." Tommy says.

      "I'll help you find her; she is my friend too after all." Kira says.

      "Thanks," Tommy says.

      The two split up. Tommy checks the first level of the mall while Kira checks the second level. Ten minutes later they meet back up at the fountain. They didn't find her they conclude that she isn't there, so they head outside. They go behind the Dumpster near the back entrance to the mall and Tommy raises his communicator to his lips.

      "Zordon, come in," Tommy says.

      "I read you Tommy, what's wrong?" Zordon asks.

      "Tracy ran out of practice this morning because of something a bully said and now I can't find her anywhere. Is she at the command center by any chance?" Tommy says.

      "No, she isn't. Did you check the park?" Alpha asks.

      The green ranger mentally slaps himself for not thinking of that. He thanks Alpha for his suggestion and signs off. They head off towards the park. Twenty minutes later, they arrive at the park, and see Tracy at the far end. They go over to her. Tracy hears the sound of their approaching footfalls. She feels two hands touch her shoulders, takes her face out of her hands and turns to her left.

      "Hey Kira and Tommy, what are you doing here. I want to be alone." Tracy says.

      "Sorry, Tracy, but at times like this you really could use some friends," Kira says.

      "Kira's right, so what happened back at the juice bar?" Tommy asks.

      "Sorry about that Tommy. I've never been good at the whole standing up to the bully thing. I guess that means I really don't deserve to be a power ranger, huh?" Tracy says.

      "Tracy, don't talk about yourself like that, you're a great ranger." Kira says,

      "Yeah, besides standing up to a bully, and fighting off some monster, each requires a different type of courage." Tommy says.

      "I know that, but Jack is right. You and Jason should try to find someone else to be the third member of the team. One who doesn't look like a walking punching bag." Tracy says sadly.

      "Tracy, you can't let what Jack said get to you." Kira says.

      "Yeah, we've seen how strong you are out on the battle field. There is an amazing strong fighter underneath what everyone can see on the outside." Tommy says.

      "Yeah, just imagine the look on Jack's face if you show up at the tournament on Saturday and beat all the other boys there." Kira says.

      "I would like to see that, but I don't have much time to practice." Tracy says.

      "That's never stopped you before. Remember, the all school talent show from a few months ago? You only had 24 hours to pick a song and you blew everyone away." Kira says.

      "If you're that amazing of a performer, I bet you can master the triangle kick in time for the tournament." Tommy says.

      "Then you get to show Jack how wrong he is about you," Kira says.

      Tracy nods. She wipes the last of her tears away and picks up her glasses. She puts them back on and she and Tommy head back to the juice bar. Back at the juice bar, 'The Falcons' left. Jack saw what he needed to see and was confident that Tracy wasn't going to compete on Saturday. Jason gets up from the table when he sees Tommy and Tracy walk in. Tracy's eyes are still red from crying.

      "Jason, I'm sorry about earlier. Thanks for standing up for me like that too, I really appreciate it." Tracy says.

      "You're welcome. That's what friends are for. So, how about we get back to work training for the tournament." Jason says.

      "Sounds good," Tracy says.
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        Chapter 30: Green With Evil (Second Try), Part 3 - The Karate Tournament

        Normal POV

        Ten o clock the next morning Tracy meets up with Jason and Tommy at the juice bar. She sees a banner that reads The Game of Spirits Karate Tournament hanging on the wall. She goes over to the bar and orders a smoothie. She pays for it and sits down at a table to drink it. Five minutes later, Jason and Tommy walk up to the table. She sets her cup down and looks up at them.

        "Hey guys," Tracy says.

        "Hey Tracy, I need to sign the team in. What should we call ourselves?" Jason says.

        "What about the Angel Grove Avengers," Tracy says.

        "I like it, Tommy says.

        "Me too, it has a nice ring to it," Jason says.

        Tommy sits down at the table. While Jason gets in the line for the registration table. After he signs the form, he turns around to see Jack standing behind him.

        "So, you're still going to compete with the twig girl," Jack says.

        "Hey, stop calling her that. She may be a bit smaller than other girls her age, but I can assure you that she is going to surprise you by how strong she is." Jason says.

        "I doubt it," Jack says.

        Jason heads back over to the table. He sits down next to Tommy. They hear Tracy let out a long sigh, and look over at her

        "Tracy, you're still nervous about the tournament, aren't you?" Tommy asks.

        "Yes," Tracy answers honestly.

        "You've mastered the triangle kick," Jason says.

        "Also, you can do the Kata you picked to do in the first round - with your eyes closed," Tommy says.

        "Thanks, guys," Tracy says.

        "You're welcome, so let's show everyone what a great team can do," Jason says.

        Tracy and Tommy nod. They get up from the table and go off the far corner off to the room to stretch out. Ten minutes later, the tournament starts. The teams and members are announced. The karate kings members are Gordon Roberts, Clyde Rivera and Lenny Anderson. The Warriors members are Ron Thompson, Malcolm Lee and Samantha Moody. The Falcons and the Angel Grove Avengers members are announced too. Tracy looks around and notices that Samantha and Hannah are the only girls competing today. They had the proper build for girls their age.

        Man, I have a bad feeling. If I spar against any of the boys, they'll say I cheated if I win, or they'll even back down, Tracy thinks.

        The teams line up on the side of the mat alphabetical by last name so they know the order for round one. Tracy is happy to be second in line. Lenny walks to the middle of the mat. He turns around to face the judges and bows to them. Afterwards, he turns back to face the audience.

        "Tekki Nidan Kata," Lenny says.

        A minute later Lenny finishes with the Kata. Tracy takes a deep breath to mentally prepare herself. She walks over to the judges table and bows to them. Then she turns around to face the audience and stands in the ready stance.

        "Bassi Dai Kata," Tracy says.

        Tracy does the first few movements of the Kata. The judges are amazed at how flawless Tracy's movements are. Jack is amazed too and takes matters into his own hands to make sure that she didn't get a perfect score. He reaches up and takes the hair tie out of Samantha's hair. She feels her hair drop onto her shoulders. She whips around to face him.

        "What are you doing?" Samantha asks.

        "I'm helping my team like a good leader is supposed to do," Jack says.

        He balances one end of the hair tie on the tip of his index finger, stretches it across the back of his hand and wraps it around his palm. He holds it down by grasping the other end of the hair tie with his middle and ring finger. He takes aim at Tracy's feet and shoots the hair tie by lifting up on his middle and ring finger. They watch the hair tie fly across the room. A few seconds later Tracy feels it hit the back of her right foot. She loses her train of thought and does the wrong motion.

        Jack quietly chuckles to himself. After Tracy regains her train of thought and finishes her kata. She turns around to face the judges and bows to them again. They nod and she walks off the mat towards the hallway.

        I can't believe that I just did that. Tracy thinks.

        = Welcome to Reefside=

        Kira, Mike and the other rangers in the stands couldn't believe what they just saw. They watch Tracy walking away completely distraught about messing up. Mike clears the lump in his throat before he says anything. "That was an amazing shot considering how far away Tracy was."

        "Mike, why are you praising him?" Trini asks.

        "I don't know, but it was really cool," Mike says.

        "No, it wasn't Mike. He cheated, not to mention Tracy could have gotten hurt." Kira adds.

        "I know, but he is just so mean," Mike says.

        The group looks over at Mike. They see his eyes flash a shade of green that is darker than his ranger suit. Then she hears him start to laugh evilly. Kira moves away from him.

        Okay, Tracy wasn't being paranoid. Rita did put a spell on him. Kira thinks.

        = Welcome to Reefside=

        Tracy punches the wall in frustration. She is happy that her fist didn't make a hole when it makes contact with it. Then she turns around, leans back to let the top of her head rest on the wall and her arms dangle to her sides.

        I'm such a loser, and I don't deserve to even be here. Tracy thinks.

        She tilts her head up and slides down the wall in sadness and despair till she is sitting on the floor. She brings her legs to her chest and sets her head on her knees. A few tears escape from her eyes and slowly roll down her cheeks.

        Back at the tournament, Tommy finished his Tekki Sandan Kata. He walks off the mat and looks over at Jason. He tilts his head towards the hallway. Tommy nods and leaves the room. He turns the corner and sees his teammate sitting on the floor. Tracy hears someone walking up, so she takes her head out of her knees and quickly wipes away the tears. Then she sees Tommy standing in front of her.

        "Hey Tommy, I'm sorry for letting you and Jason down out there," Tracy says.

        Tommy takes a knee, places his hand on her shoulder and says "Tracy, you didn't let us down. Jack cheated; he shot that hair tie at you so you mess up."

        "Why did he do that anyway?" Tracy asks.

        "He was impressed just like the judges were by how well you were doing." Tommy says.

        "Okay, so why is he just targeting me?" Tracy asks.

        "He thinks that you're the weak link on the team, so he is trying to do whatever it takes to mess you up that way. Even if Jason and I do well our scores won't help us in the standing. How about you go back out there and show him how wrong he is." Tommy says.

        Tommy takes his hand off her shoulder. He gets to his feet and takes two steps back. He holds out his hand. Tracy takes her right hand off her leg. She extends it out towards Tommy's. He takes a hold of it, and pulls his teammate up off the floor. Then Tracy dusts herself off and they walk back to the contest. They go over to Jason and watch the last competitor Hannah Williams doing the Taikyoku Kake Uke Kata. When she finished the judges go to work adding up all the scores. Two minutes later one of the judges hand the MC the results.

        "A reminder to all the competitors, the team with the lowest total score first in round two. Okay the results are in, and the order for round two is as follows The Falcons, The Karate Kings, The Warriors, and last is the Angel Grove Avengers." The MC says.

        Hannah looks over at Jack. She sees his mouth hanging wipe open in shock after hearing the results. She shakes her head before using her right hand to close her teammate's mouth.

        "Jack, this is your fault, you know?" Hannah says.

        Jack uses his right hand to yank Hannah's away and hisses through his teeth, "How is it my fault?"

        "You never showed up for practice," Sam says.

        "You two were the ones who made seven mistakes when you were doing your kata." Jack says.

        "Jack that was you," Hannah says.

        "Whatever," Jack says.

        The Falcons walk over to the center of the mat. They bow to the judges before turning to face the spectators.

        "Hangetsu Kata," The team says.

        They start the kata, and the judges watch closely to make sure the team is moving in perfect unison. The team is doing well until the end when Jack loses balance. He lands on his butt. The boy gets to his feet quickly, but can't figure out where his teammates are in the kata. The only thing he can do is stand like a statue. Hannah and Sam finish the kata without him. They bow to the judges again before walking off the mat. The karate kings do the Heian Nidan kata. The Warriors do the Goju Shi Ho Sho kata. Then Tracy and the boys walk onto the mat.

        "Meikyo kata," They say.

        Jack watches the group just as closely as the judges. He is waiting to see Tracy mess up the triangle kick. Ten steps later the team reaches the end of the kata. Jack's mouth drops open again, watching Tracy perform a perfect triangle kick. The team walks off the mat. After Jack recovers, he walks over to the team.

        "How did you master the triangle kick?" Jack asks.

        "I practiced hard. Unlike you Jack, from what I saw you obviously didn't think you had too. Now, your team is paying for it." Tracy says.

        Jack doesn't say another word. He picks Tracy up by the collar and tosses her towards the mat. A loud thump is heard when Tracy hits the mat. She starts to get up, but Jack walks up to her. He kicks her in the stomach. She drops to her knees. Jack bends down and is about to punch her in the chest. One of the referees runs over and pulls him away. Hannah and Sam follow behind the team leader.

        "Jack, I'm afraid your team is disqualified." The ref says.

        "Why," Jack asks.

        "It looked like you were trying to hurt Miss. Burlew so she wouldn't be able to compete. The judges also told me about the stunt you pulled in the first round. I'm going to ask you and your teammates to leave." The ref says.

        = Welcome to Reefside=

        Back with the Angel Grove Avengers, Tracy slowly gets her breath back. She walks back over to her teammates.

        "Tracy, are you okay?" Jason asks.

        "Yeah, I'm fine." Tracy says.

        "I have a feeling that The Falcons will be eliminated from the tournament because of Jack's actions." Tommy says.

        "That means there are only nine people left including us, how will the next round work?" Tracy says.

        Ten minutes later the teams gather at the edge of the mat. Tracy glances over at the big scoreboard. She sees that they're tied for first place with The Warriors. The teams are curious who will face who in solo Kumite (sparing) round.

        "The first match in round three is Gordon Roberts from The Karate Kings and Tracy Burlew from The Angel Grove Avengers." The MC says.

        I didn't think that I would be going first. Tracy thinks.

        Jason looks over at Tracy, and sees that she doesn't move after her name is announced. He gives her a friendly shove. She walks to the middle of the mat. She sees that Gordon is three inches taller than her and his rippling muscles are showing underneath his uniform. This doesn't seem like a fair fight, rings through Tracy mind. They bow to each other and stand in ready stance.

        "Shobu Hajime," The ref shouts, as he back away quickly.

        Gordon attacks first. He does an Mae geri Kekomi (Front Thrust Kick) and followed it with an Empiuchi (elbow strike). Tracy dodges the kick, but Gordon's hand hits her right arm just below her elbow. The referee does a quick downward chopping motion with his hand and yells Yame. Gordon backs away. They two stand with their hands at their sides. The referee extends his arm 45 degrees downwards towards Gordon. The judges give him one point. Then he shouts Hajime to resume the match. After the ref backs away, she does a few Oizuki (Lunge punches) followed by a Mawashi-Geri kick. Her kick hits Gordon on his right side. He falls backwards and lands on the mat. The referee stops the match again. Gordon gets to his feet. The referee extends his right arm at shoulder level. The judges give Tracy two points.

        The referee restarts the match again. Both do their strongest Yoko-Geri-Kaegi (Side snap kick). When their feet hit each other, they fall backwards and hit the mat. Tracy winces slightly when her right elbow hits the mat. She gets up quickly. The referee stops the match for the third time. He extends both of his arms at a 45 degree angle towards Tracy and Gordon. The judges give both of them one point. One minute later the match ends,and Tracy and Gordon stand on either side of the referee. He takes hold of Tracy and Gordon's wrists and raises them up towards the ceiling. The audience applauds. After the referee lets go of their wrists, they turn to face each other again and shake hands.

        "That was a tough match, great job." Gordon says.

        "Thanks, and you're not upset about the match ending in a draw." Tracy says.

        "Of course not, you're a great fighter even if you're a bit smaller than the other girls. You're going to one of the competitors the others are going to have to watch out for." Gordon says.

        Tracy smiles and they walk off the mat towards their teammates. The boys notice that the smile has disappeared from her face. They see a disappointed look on her face.

        "I'm sorry guys, I didn't win." Tracy says.

        "Tracy, you don't have to apologize." Jason says.

        "Jason is right, a draw is good too. It means the judges agreed that you and Gordon have great skills and use great technique." Tommy says.

        The second match is between Malcolm and Clyde. The third match is between Tommy and Ron. The fourth bout is between Lenny and Samantha. The last bout is between Jason and Gordon. After their match ends the last round starts. The first match is between The Warriors and The Karate Kings. Tommy looks over at Tracy. He sees her favoring her right arm.

        "Are you okay?" Tommy asks.

        "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to use the bathroom, all the water I drank earlier went right through me." Tracy says.

        Tracy leaves the room and walks in the bathroom. She relieves herself. She wakes her hands. After she dried her hands and throws the paper towel away, she rolls up her right sleeve. She feels a slight twinge of pain when she moves her arm so she can see it in the mirror. The bruise is the size of three golf balls.

        This isn't good, so I only have one choice. I need to keep this a secret till the end of the tournament. I can handle that, I hope. Tracy thinks.

        She puts her arm back down. Another twinge of pain flows through her arm. She ignores it rolls down her sleeve and heads back to her teammates. She arrives to see that "The Karate Kings" won so they spar against them. They stand face to face in the middle of the mat. They bow to each other. Then the match starts a few seconds later. Tommy spars with Gordon. Clyde spars with Jason. Tracy has to spar against Lenny since he is the only person left. The match is going well until Lenny's Yoko-Geri-Kaegi (Side snap kick) hits her and she falls to the mat. She hits the mat hard and tries not to scream out in pain when her right arm hits the mat. A slight dizzy spell hits her and the room starts spinning. The referee looks over towards Tracy and notices that she hasn't gotten to her feet. He takes out his whistle and blows it, starting the ten second rule. Back with Tracy she hears the whistle

        Come on Tracy, you have to get up, if you don't the team is going to lose. Tracy thinks.

        Six seconds later Tracy gets to her feet. The referee blows his whistle again to stop the ten second rule. The match restarts and Tracy does a Mae-Tobi-Geri (Jumping front kick) and Lenny does a foot sweep, he counter attacks with Mae-Tobi-Geri kick of his own. The judges award him a point when his kick hits her in the stomach. Two minutes later the match ends. The teams bow to each other again and to the judges before they walk off the mat.

        "Okay, we are going to let the teams take a ten minute break while the judges total the scores. After the break, we'll find out this year's winner." The MC says.

        Ten minutes later they see a podium set up similar to the one they use in the Olympics. Tracy looks over at the table with the trophies. Her eyes light up seeing the first place trophy. She turns her head back so she is looking back towards the judges again. One of the judges hands the MC an envelope with the final results. He opens it and takes out a slip of paper.

        "Attention, everyone, I have the results. Third place goes to the warriors. The winner of this year's Game of the spirits karate tournament is…" The MC says.

        The boys hear Tracy whisper The Angel Grove Avengers over and over. They chuckle quietly to themselves.

        "By one point, it is The Karate Kings." The MC says.

        The teams walk up to the podium, and they stand on the proper block. The judges hand them their trophies. The audience applauds one more time. The teams head to the lockers to change after congratulating each other on how well they did today.

        = Welcome to Reefside =

        Two hours later everyone is standing outside the command center. Kira has the machine in her hands. Tracy hands the black belt back to Jason.

        "Thank you again for asking me to compete with you and Tommy." Tracy says.

        "No problem," Jason says.

        "Yeah, you were amazing." Tommy says.

        "Thanks for the compliment," Tracy says.

        "I wish you guys didn't have to go." Zack says.

        "Me too, but our friends need us." Tracy says.

        The group put their hands together and shouts "go go power rangers". The group leaps into the air. After they land, Kira Tracy and Mike walk a few feet away from the rangers. Kira turns on the machine. A time portal opens up and the Dino Rangers walk inside. The Mighty Morphin Rangers watch the portal close after Mike steps inside.

        "Do you think that they'll be okay?" Kimberly asks.

        "Yeah, they'll be fine. They are power rangers after all." Zack says.
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          Chapter 31: Unplanned Trip To Space, Part 1 - We're in Space!

          Normal POV

          The Rangers are floating around in the time portal. Kira looks down at the machine in her hands. It starts making strange noises.

          "Guys, there is something wrong with the machine." Kira says.

          "What would happen if you turned it off?" Tracy asks.

          "I don't want to find out," Kira answers.

          Kira looks to her left and sees the park in Angel Grove again.

          "I think we may have to go to Angel Grove again." Kira says.

          "I can't believe this," Mike exclaims.

          "Mike, we don't really have any choice, the machine is going haywire." Tracy says.

          Mike knows that Tracy is right. They kick their feet and they move towards Angel Grove. They go through the portal. Kira groans when Tracy and Mike land on top of her. The good news is that arms are stretched out so the machine is still in one piece.

          "That wasn't so bad," Tracy says.

          "Speak for yourself. Can you get off of me, please?" Kira says.

          "Sure," Tracy says.

          Mike and Tracy get to their feet. Tracy helps Kira to her feet. They head over to a tree.

          "Kira, do you have any idea why the machine is acting up?" Tracy asks.

          "Nope," Kira says.

          "I guess we need to find someone to help us fix it." Mike says.

          "Kira, I think you should hide it." Tracy says.

          "Why?" Kira asks.

          "The machine does look advanced for this time. I know that we need to find help, but we need to blend in too." Tracy says.

          "Good point," Kira says.

          They head down one of the paths that goes deeper into the woods. Tracy spots a hollow log that is wide enough to hide the machine. She waves to Kira. The yellow ranger walks over, and places the machine inside. Tracy finds a boulder that is the right size to cover the opening. She picks it up and puts it in the opening. Then they leave the park.

          Meanwhile, on the dark fortress, Astronema is busy plotting her latest scheme. She turns around in her chair to face to the video screen. She sees the dino rangers walking around town. An evil smirk creeps across her face.

          "I think we should go down there Ecliptor and welcome these new kids to Angel Grove." Astronema says.

          "Yes, my queen, we should." Ecliptor says.

          Astronema hops out of her chair. She walks over to Ecliptor, and they teleport off the ship. Back in the city, the dino rangers hear people screaming. The group runs off towards the sound. They arrive to see Astronema and Ecliptor.

          "Okay, who are you?" Tracy asks.

          "I am Astronema, and this is Ecliptor. I thought I should come down from my spaceship to welcome you to Angel Grove properly." Astronema says.

          She snaps her fingers and some of her foot soldiers (Quantrons) appear. She tells them to attack. The dino rangers lead the people to safety. Then they turn around to fight them. Tracy and Kira use their dino gem powers to defeat the ones in front of them. Mike stands a safe distance away and watches the girls fight. Tracy kicks the foot soldier in front of her in the stomach and flies through the air. It leaves a hole after it hits the wall and drops to the ground. Tracy runs over to Mike.

          "What is wrong with you? Why aren't you helping us?" Tracy asks.

          "Nothing, I thought that you girls could handle this on your own that's all."Mike says.

          "Come on Mike, we need your help. These things are tougher than they look." Tracy says.

          "Fine, I'll help," Mike says.

          Tracy turns around and runs back to help Kira. They form a small circle and stand back to back as the Quantrons close in on them. Tracy nods. They duck down and the foot soldiers blast each other. They give each other a high five.

          "These things are tough, but they aren't very smart." Tracy says.

          "You can say that again." Kira says.

          "Ecliptor, I'll fight the tiny girl and you deal with the others." Astronema says.

          "Yes, my queen," Ecliptor says.

          "I think we should show Astronema who she is dealing with." Tracy says.

          "Sounds good," Mike says.

          "Yeah, let's do it," Kira says.

          The rangers flip their wrists and their bracelets turn into their morphers.

          "Dino Thunder Power up," The teens say.

          They press the button on their morphers. Kira and Mike stand in ranger form. Tracy is still in her normal clothes.

          "Tracy quit kidding around, and morph already." Kira says.

          "I'm not," Tracy says.

          Tracy tries to morph again. The only things she hears when she presses the button on her morpher is a faint clicking noise. She looks up to see Astronema running up to her. The pink ranger frantically presses the button hoping she would morph.

          Come on, you could start working any time now. Tracy thinks.

          The pink ranger's thoughts are interrupted when Astronema grabs her by the throat. She throws her towards the wall. Tracy hears a loud pop when her right shoulder hits the wall. She starts to feel a little lightheaded when she tries to get to her feet. She drops down to her knees. Astronema walks up to her.

          Meanwhile, on the mega ship, the Space Rangers run onto the bridge. They see what is happening in the city.

          "I thought you said that there weren't any more Earth Base rangers?" Andros asks.

          "There aren't, I don't know how they got here." T.J says.

          "They need our help, we'll figure out how they got here later." Andros says.

          They leave the bridge and go to the jump tubes. They do their usual motions before entering the tube. They morph and ride the galaxy glides to earth. Back on earth, Kira and Mike use their thunder max sabers to slash Ecliptor.

          "Kira, I've got this, you go help Tracy." Mike says.

          "You sure?" Kira says.

          "Yes, just go," Mike says.

          Kira runs over to her teammate. Some Quantrons step in front of her to prevent her from getting any closer. She slashes them with her Ptera Grips. The problem is that every time she cuts down one Quantron, two more take its place. Back with Tracy and Astronema, the pink ranger gets to her feet just to be hit by the blast from Astronema's staff. She hits the wall again and the sudden rush of intense pain flows through Tracy's body, and backs out a few seconds later.

          Andros's POV

          We jump off our gliders. I tell the others to help the Dino Rangers while I help the girl. They nod and run off. I run over to the girl. I get there in time to block Astronema from using her staff hitting the unconscious girl. The twist the tip of the staff and let it go. Astronema flies backwards a few feet, spinning the entire way.

          "Why are you doing this?" I ask.

          "I was welcoming them to town," Astronema says.

          "Well, you have to work on your people skills." I say.

          "Whatever, red ranger, I'll be back and your new friends won't be so lucky next time." Astronema says.

          Astronema teleports back to her spaceship. I turn around and pick up the girl. My team and the Dino Rangers run up to me.

          "Who is she?" Ashley asks.

          "Her name is Tracy, she's our pink ranger." The yellow dino ranger says.

          "How did you three get here?" I ask.

          The yellow dino ranger nods to the green ranger. They demorph and we see their civilian form. I notice a flat facial expression on the young boy's face. The girl's face, on the other hand, has a deeply concerned look on it.

          "What are your names?" I ask.

          "I'm Kira and this is Mike," The girl says.

          "Andros, she needs medical attention," Carlos says.

          "He's right. They can explain everything to us on the ship." Cassie says.

          "The ship?" Kira asks.

          "Yeah, Deca, eight coming aboard," TJ says.

          "You can take Tracy and Mike. I need to get something." Kira says.

          "What is it?" I ask.

          "It's the machine that will help me explain how we got here." Kira says.
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            Chapter 32: Unplanned Trip To Space, Part 2 - Tracy Can't Morph?!
            Andros's POV

            "I'll stay behind and help Kira," Carlos says.

            "Okay," I say.

            We teleport to the ship, I take Tracy to the infirmary and the others head back to the bridge. I walk in the room and put her down on the exam table. Alpha walks in and gets to work. He picks up the scanner and runs it over Tracy's body. A few seconds after Alpha puts the scanner away, Tracy starts to come around. I look down at her and watch her eyes flutter a few times, before opening slowly. She turns her head to the left.

            "Where am I? Who are you?" Tracy asks.

            "I'm Andros. You're on the Astro Megaship in the medical bay." I say.

            "Okay, Andros, where are my friends?" Tracy asks.

            "Kira went back to get the machine that brought you three here. Mike is with the others on the bridge waiting for us."

            "I guess that we should head there now and let them know that I'm okay," Tracy says.

            Tracy turns her head again so she is staring at the ceiling. She quickly sits up. I can tell she is starting to feel lightheaded when she starts swaying back and forth. I place my hand on her shoulder and gently lay her back down.

            "You need to take it easy. You took a really hard hit out there." I say.

            "I got that from when I started to feel lightheaded," Tracy says in a sarcastic tone.

            "How did you get that bruise above your elbow on your right arm?" I ask.

            "I was in a karate tournament yesterday. In the third round, the sparring round, during the match that is where my opponent's hand hit me after I dodge his front thrust kick." Tracy says honestly.

            "Why didn't you tell someone that you got hurt?" I ask.

            "I didn't want my team to be disqualified from the tournament because I was hurt," Tracy says in the same tone.

            "That's a pretty good answer," I say.

            "Can I ask a question?" Tracy asks.

            "Sure, what is it?" I ask.

            "Do you know why I couldn't morph?" Tracy asks.

            "I don't, but I think Alpha might," I say.

            Alpha walks over to us. He is carrying a clipboard in his hand.

            "I just ran a few tests. It looks like your powers are being blocked." Alpha says.

            Normal POV

            Meanwhile, in the city, Kira and Carlos walk down the path through the woods. They arrive at the hollow log where the machine is hidden. Kira moves the boulder out of the opening reaches in the log and slowly takes the machine out. Carlos is in awe, seeing the advanced machine in Kira's hands.

            "That looks so awesome, who made that?" Carlos asks.

            "Hayley, she is the brainiac of our team," Kira says.

            "How does it work?" Carlos asks.

            "Honestly, Hayley lost me once she started using a bunch a technical and scientific terms and I didn't know what they meant," Kira answers.

            "Gotcha," Carlos says.

            Carlos contacts the others back on the ship telling them that he and Kira found the machine and they're coming aboard. A few seconds later they are back on the ship. Carlos shows Kira to the bridge and Andros, Alpha and Tracy walk up to them.

            "Hey, Tracy how are you feeling?" Kira asks.

            "Pretty good, I guess," Tracy says.

            "I discovered that Tracy's morphing powers have been blocked." Alpha says.

            "Why would someone do that?" Carlos asks.

            "I think we should be asking "who", instead of "why"." Kira says.

            "Good point Kira," Tracy says.

            They continue to the bridge. As the doors slide open Cassie and TJ have the same look on their faces that Carlos did when he saw the machine for the first time. Kira sets it down on the table that Cassie set up.

            "How does it work?" Andros asks.

            "Like I told Carlos earlier, I'm not sure when it was being explained - I got confused when big technical and scientific terms were used," Kira says.

            "I'm sure that Alpha can figure out how to fix it," Andros says confidently.

            "That's great Andros," Tracy says smiling.

            Alpha walks over to it. He looks at it carefully.

            "It doesn't look too bad," Alpha says.

            "How long will it take you to fix it?" Mike asks.

            "I'll get to work on it right away. I should have it fixed in a few days." Alpha says.

            "I guess that means we're stuck here," Mike whispers.

            Tracy looks over at Mike and sees a frustrated expression appear on his face. She knows how badly he wanted to get back to Reefside. She hopes that the others back home would believe that Rita put a spell on him. Alpha walks over to one of the monitors. He starts typing and logs into one of the satellites that orbit the planet. He finds some old data that Tracy and the others need to see.

            "Tracy, I think that I figured out who blocked our morphing powers." Alpha says.

            "That's great Alpha, but what happened to your voice? It sounds like you swallowed a chipmunk or inhaled a helium balloon." Tracy says.

            "My speech circuit board got damaged when the power chamber exploded," Alpha explains.

            "When I fixed him I didn't have a computer chip with his original voice," Andros adds.

            "I guess that I have to get used to it. Anyway, what did you find, Alpha?" Tracy asks.

            "I found some footage from a satellite. I think that you should come over here and watch for yourself." Alpha says.

            They walk over to him and he presses play. They see Rita's castle appear in the far left-hand corner of the shot. A few seconds later a green beam floats from the castle flies through space and hits a house.

            "That explains so much," Tracy says.

            "I guess that Rita has a thing against the color pink, as well as green," Kira says.

            "It looks like it. We don't have to go to school while we are stuck here, do we?" Tracy says.

            "You got lucky. Semester break started today," Carlos says.

            Tracy looks up to the heavens. She mouths "thank you". Then she looks over at the space rangers and sees them snickering.

            "What's so funny?" Tracy asks.

            "Your reaction to hearing that you didn't have to go to school, that's all. Is going to school really that bad?" Andros asks.

            "If you're a senior, yes, all you hear is your fellow classmate saying how many days are left until the last day of school, where they are going to college or what they are going to wear to prom. It's like they are in such a hurry to become an adult and join the real world, instead of taking their time to make memories they'll always remember." Tracy says.

            "That's true, but things are going to slow down." Kira says.

            "I know," Tracy says.

            "How about if we head to the mall," Cassie asks, as she changes the subject slightly.

            "Sounds good to me, as long as we don't do any clothes shopping," Tracy says.

            "What about hitting the music store?" Kira asks.

            "That sounds great," Tracy says.
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              Chapter 33: Unplanned Trip To Space, Part 3 - Back To Reefside

              Normal POV

              Six twenty-nine am inside Tracy's room D.E.C.A notices her tossing and turning violently and her sensor pick up that her mumbling in her sleep Mike stay away I don't want to fight you. In Tracy's dream, she is being chased down the halls of the Mega ship. She turns around to see Mike holding his blaster like in her previous nightmares aimed at her chest. The odd thing in this nightmare, however, Kira is with him and is now threatening that she will use weapons to finish her as well if she doesn't surrender her gem. Luckily for her the nightmare ends a few seconds later thanks to D.E.C.A calling to her telling her to wake up. When she does Tracy's eyes dart open and she screams loudly while the cold sweat along with a few tears rolls down her face to land on the covers.

              "Tracy, are you alright, it sounded like you were having quite a nightmare." D.E.C.A says.

              "I was, but I don't understand why Kira was in it. What time is it?" Tracy says.

              "6:30 am," D.E.C.A says.

              "I guess that I'll go get some breakfast since I'm awake," Tracy says.

              She uses the covers to dry her face off before getting out of bed. Yesterday at the mall Cassie was able to convince Tracy to do a little clothes shopping to buy a new outfit to wear so she would blend in more while she was here waiting for Alpha to finish fixing the machine. Her outfit is a navy sweatshirt with a hood, a pair of faded light blue Diem jeans and some white flats that have a lace-like appearance. She goes over to the desk to grab the necklace (one side the charm looks like a branch the leaves the other side some of the chain goes through one of the leaves and has a little bird hanging off the end). Her new bag is sitting on the desk too (it's gray and has a unique pattern on it). She pulls her hair into a ponytail so it wouldn't get tangled in the necklace chain while she put it on. She decides to leave her hair up and walks out of the room.

              Tracy goes to the part of the ship were the food synthetron is. She presses a button to get a healthy breakfast. She opens the door and takes out a plate with a breakfast burrito topped with some avocado and a glass of milk. She sits down at the table and starts eating. Ten minutes later she finished eating and goes back to her room.

              Dr. Oliver's house 2004

              Back in Reefside, Benjamin and Christi pull into Dr. Oliver's driveway. A few seconds later Aaleahya and Galan pull in behind them. The men turn off their cars. Everyone gets out and meet up a few feet away from the front steps. Christi is wearing a three-quarter sleeve white blouse, light blue Diem jeans, a suede jacket, and a pair of flats with blue flowers on the toes. She is loosely carrying her purse on her right shoulder. Benjamin is wearing a blue Merona button down shirt; dark blue boot cut Diem jeans, and a pair of light brown casual Ox Cole Haan Air Colton loafers. Aaleahya is wearing a v neck button-down pink shirt, a nice pair of matching slacks, and a pair of flats with roses on the toes. She also is carrying a rose red handbag. Galen is wearing a plain button down shirt, dark khaki jeans, black loafers and wristwatch on his left wrist. Galen and Benjamin hear their wife let out a nervous sigh.

              "Come down, honey, you know our daughter is a good kid," Benjamin says reassuringly.

              "I know sweetie. Why did Dr. Oliver call us then?" Christi asks.

              "I guess we'll find out after we go inside." Benjamin answers.

              The group walks up the steps. Inside the house, Dr. Oliver is sitting on the couch. He couldn't believe what he is about to do, but deep down inside he knew that Tracy and Mike's parent deserve to know what really happened to their kids. He gets up when he hears a knock at his front door. When he opens the door, he sees Tracy and Mike's parent dressed like they were at the last parent teacher conference.

              "I'm glad you could make it. Please come in, and I'll explain why I called you here." Dr. Oliver says.

              Angel Grove 1999

              Tracy finished eating her breakfast. She gets up from the table and goes back to her room. She walks to the desk and picks up her bag. She looks down at her gem and sighs sadly.

              I can't believe that Rita's beam was able to cut off my morphing powers. Now, how can I call myself a Power Ranger? Maybe I should just give up I'll never fight as the pink ranger again. Tracy thinks.

              Tracy shakes her head and tries to shake off her last thought. She remembers what Dr. Oliver told her a real Power Rangers never gives up and keeps fighting whether they have their powers or not. She still feels worthless even after she remembered those encouraging words from her mentor. She looks back up. She places her left hand over her bracelet, and slowly removes it to put it in her bag.

              "Tracy, why did you just take off your communicator?" D.E.C.A asks.

              "It doesn't belong on my wrist anymore," Tracy says sadly.

              She leaves her room for the second time and goes back to where the jump tubes are. She goes over to the tube. She mimics the Space Ranger's motions before she jumps into the pink tube. She sits down on the inside of it for a few seconds.

              "Where are you going?" D.E.C.A asks.

              "The park, I want to be alone," Tracy answers.

              "You shouldn't go off alone. You're injured." D.E.C.A reminds her.

              "I'm fine D.E.C.A, stop worrying about me. You should just focus your concern on someone else." Tracy snaps.

              She quickly slides down the tube before D.E.C.A is able to say another word. When she reaches the end Tracy feels herself being teleported to the park.

              Dr. Oliver's house 2004

              Dr. Oliver's POV

              I lead Tracy and Mike's parents to the kitchen. We sit down at the new kitchen table, I bought two weeks ago. An awkward silence fills the room and lasts for a few minutes till I break it by clearing the nervous lump in my throat.

              "I'm sure that you are aware the monster attacks that have been happening over the past few months?" I ask.

              "Yes, so what does this have to do with our kids?" Galen asks.

              "There is no way to ease into this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it. Mike and Tracy are power rangers."

              "How did it happen?" Christi asks.

              "Well, Mrs. Burlew, Tracy found her the pink gem at the bus stop the day you moved here."

              "What about our son, how did he get involved in this?" Galen asks.

              "During Spring break, while he and Tracy were taking their walk through the woods. They found the green gem."

              "Who exactly are our kids fighting against?" Benjamin asks.

              "Mesogog, he wants to return the earth to the way it was when the dinosaurs ruled."

              "Where are our kids now?" Christi asks.

              "During the last battle against one Mesogog's monsters. His henchman Elsa created a machine that opened a time portal. I'm afraid they got sucked into it, so to be completely honest, I don't know."

              "I still can't believe that our kids are rangers." Aaleahya says.

              "I'm not all that surprised; I knew that our daughter was meant to be part of something bigger. I never thought that she would be a power ranger." Christi says.

              "What do you mean by you always knew that Tracy was meant to be part of something bigger."

              Benjamin takes out his wallet. He takes a picture out it, and set it on the table. We look down at it to see a tiny baby inside a ventilator. I read the caption under it, Tracy A Burlew our baby girl Date of birth 9/8/91 1lb 5oz and 11 inches long.

              "Wow, if she was that tiny. When did you have her?" Aaleahya asks.

              "26 weeks," Christi says.

              "Wow, is a miracle that she is even here." Aaleahya says.

              "Yes, school has been tough for her. She was in special Ed till she started sixth grade." Christi says.

              "I have a feeling that you're really proud of her for graduating even more than other parents."

              "Yes, considering that doctor said that she wouldn't even survive." Christi says.

              Angel Grove 1999

              Normal POV

              Back on the Megaship, the others had breakfast. Kira is wearing the new clothes she bought yesterday that matched her usual style just with clothes from this time period.

              "HI, Kira," Andros says.

              "Hey," Kira says.

              "Have you seen Tracy?" Andros asks.

              "No, it's not like her to get up early." Kira asks.

              "Where is she?" Cassie asks.

              "She went to the park thirty minutes ago." D.E.C.A says.

              "Why?" Ashley asks.

              "I have a pretty good idea. I'll go bring her back." Kira says.

              "You sure that you don't want one of us to go with you," Carlos offers.

              "Yes, I'm sure. I think its best that one of her teammates talk to her." Kira says.

              She goes over to the jump tubes, and goes inside one. She lands in the park and goes off to find Tracy. She finds her sitting on the same tree where they hid the machine. Tracy looks up at her when she hears her teammate walk up.

              "Hey, Kira, Why did you come out here?" Tracy asks.

              "We aren't allowed to talk to each other anymore?" Kira jokes.

              Kira's POV

              Tracy tries not to laugh at my decent attempt at telling a joke. She cracks a small smile as I come over to sit down next to her.

              "I guess I did okay with telling that last joke?" I ask.

              "Yes, so what did you want to talk about?" Tracy says.

              "What you're doing out here alone for one,"

              "I had that nightmare again, but it was worse this time." Tracy says.


              "You were in it and fighting alongside Mike." Tracy says.

              "Why would I be fighting alongside Mike? I didn't get turned evil."

              "I know, but you believe me about Rita's spell turning Mike evil, don't you." Tracy says.

              "Yes, but are you thinking that the more people that believe you. They'll team up with Mike in the nightmare."

              "From the one I just had, I'd say that would be a yes." Tracy says.

              "You aren't thinking about not telling the others about Mike when we get back?"

              "No, we can tell them. I just won't tell them about my nightmares. Hayley will have her work cut out for her since she has to figure out how to unblock my powers." Tracy says.

              I look down at her right wrist and didn't see her gem. I'm hoping that she just left it back on the ship before she left. I was about to ask her another question before I hear it go off inside her bag. She takes it out and I lift mine to my mouth.

              "What's wrong, Alpha?"

              "There is an attack downtown. Andros and the others already left." Alpha says.

              "Okay, Alpha, I'm on my way."

              I lower my left wrist while Tracy puts her gem back inside her bag. I rush off to help the others while Alpha teleports Tracy back to the ship.

              Tracy's POV

              I land on the bridge and sit down in one of the chairs in front of the control of the ship. I see the monster on the main screen that Alpha told Kira and me about. It looks like an owl and it stands on two feet like a human. I feel even more useless than before. I know that I couldn't fight because of the bruise on my arm, but I hated watching them struggle against it. I turn to my left to see Alpha working the machine. I wanted to ask him how it was coming along, but I decided not to bother him since fixing it was more important right now than trying to unblock my power since without it we wouldn't be able to get back home. I just turn back around and start spinning around in my chair. I try to find a spot to focus on to prevent myself from getting dizzy. I spin around ten times, before I start to get bored. I set my feet down on the floor to stop it from spinning. I try to stand up, but I immediately start to fall backwards. I grab the chair to catch myself, but it slides to the left. I groan as I hit the floor with a thump.

              That didn't go as well as I planned.

              Alpha walks over to me. I look up at him and I take hold of his hand as he helps me back up. He helps me over to the chair.

              "Are you okay?" Alpha asks.

              "Yes, I got a little dizzy." I answer.

              "I'll have the machine done once the rangers get back from this battle." Alpha says.

              "That's great," I exclaim.

              Alpha goes back over to the machine. I turn the chair around to face the main screen to watch the battle to see the monster grow big and the space rangers call for their zords. D.E.C.A teleports Mike and Kira back to the ship. They demorph and walk over to me.

              "I have good new guys. We'll be heading home soon." I say.

              "That's awesome," Kira says.

              Normal POV

              A few minutes later, the Space rangers return. The two teams meet up in the middle of the room. Alpha hands the machine to Kira.

              "Tracy, I have something to give you?" Andros says.

              "Really, what is it?" Tracy asks.

              Andros reaches into his pocket. He hands her one of the space rangers' communicators and a disk with the video on it that Alpha found yesterday.

              "Thank you, I'm sure that the video will help me explain to the rest of our team why I can't morph." Tracy says.

              "Why did you give Tracy a communicator?" Kira asks.

              "It's so she still can have a way to communicate with the rest of you while Hayley figures out how to unblock her powers." Andros says.

              "Thank you again, Andros for everything." Tracy says.

              "You're welcome," Andros says.

              The Dino Rangers say goodbye to the Space Rangers before Kira turns on the machine. They watch the time portal open up in front of them. Kira, Mike and Tracy walk into it and the Space rangers watch the portal close quickly as Tracy gets completely inside.

              "I hope that they make it back to whatever time they are from." Andros says.
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                Chapter 34: Finally Home, Part 1- You know Tracy is a Ranger?!

                Normal POV

                Mike and the girls float around inside the portal like astronauts inside a shuttle after the gravity is turned off. Kira glances down at the machine and is pleased with Alpha's work. It's functioning better than it did when they said goodbye to the Might Morphin Rangers. She turns her attention to the other portals around her and sees an entrance leading to Reefside. She isn't surprised to see the others fighting an army of tyrannodrones along with a human sized bulky slimy spider-like monster. It also has spikes covering its legs. They are fighting it downtown.

                "Guys, you need to see this," Kira says.

                Tracy and Mike move their arms and legs like they are swimming to get to the portal. Tracy clenches her fists in anger when she sees her teammates getting beat up by the monster. Kira knows that Tracy is upset since she can't morph. She gets a sudden chill down her spine hearing Mike start to laugh maniacally, seeing their teammates in trouble. The girls try their best to ignore it but can't. It was too scary.

                I know we need to tell the team about what happened to us while we were away. I don't want my nightmare to get any worse than they already are. Tracy thinks.

                The girls let out a long sigh of relief when Mike stops laughing. They see his eyes glow green. When they stop glowing, the girls see them widen in shock, seeing what is happening back home in Reefside.

                "We need to get back there and help them," Mike says.

                "You and Kira can help them. All I can do is hide somewhere safe," Tracy says sadly.

                "Tracy, I'm sure that Hayley will figure out how to unblock your powers," Kira says reassuringly.

                The group enters the portal. Tracy does her best to remain positive that she'll fight alongside the others again. Back at the battle, the team looks up towards the sky; they see their teammates falling out of it. Dr. Oliver and Ethan run over to them. Tracy groans as Kira and Mike land on top of her.

                "Why do I end up on the bottom?" Tracy moans.

                "I don't know, bad luck I guess," Kira says.

                "Okay, can you guys get off me, please," Tracy says.

                Mike and Kira get to their feet just as Dr. Oliver and Ethan arrive. Dr. Oliver helps Tracy up.

                "Good timing guys," Dr. Oliver says.

                "We can use your help big time," Ethan adds.

                Kira and Mike turn their bracelets into their morphers. They morph and walk over to their teammates. Tracy still wants to help. She hopes that her powers being blocked are something that only happened in the past. She turns her bracelet into her morpher and opens the mouth too.

                "Tracy, remember, you can't..." Kira warns.

                "Dino Thunder power up," Tracy says.

                Tracy presses the button on her morpher. The mouth shuts, and there is a flash of pink light. After it fades, she stands in her civilian form.

                "Tracy, what's going on?" Ethan asks.

                "I'll explain later, for now, let's deal with the attack," Tracy answers.

                "She's right; we'll go help Conner and Trent fight this monster. Tracy, do you think that you can handle the Tyrannodrones?" Dr. Oliver says.

                "Sure thing," Tracy says.

                They race back towards the fight. A group of Tyrannodrones appear in front of them to block the team from getting to their teammates. Kira turns around and nods to Tracy. She runs up to her. Kira cups her hands to allow Tracy to place her right foot down on them. She tosses her into the air. Tracy does an enormous back flip over the others. She lands in front of them and does her strongest tornado kick. It was so powerful that they feel to the ground like bowling pins.

                "Nice work," Ethan says.

                "Thanks," Tracy says.

                They run to get to Conner and Trent. The Tyrannodrones somehow manage to stand up again. Tracy gets ready to fight them off again. Meanwhile, the others regroup in front of the monster.

                "Hey, Spidey, you're in trouble now that the team is together again," Conner says confidently.

                "Whatever, red ranger, I'm still going to destroy all of you. Then I'll bring your gems to Mesogog." It says.

                The monster takes a deep breath, and the spikes on its legs start to puff out. When it breathes out they fly towards the team. Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Mike take out the blasters. They try to blast them out of the sky, but there were too many to shoot down. They had to jump out of the way at the last minute to avoid being hit by them.

                "Wow, that was a close one," Conner says.

                "Sure was," Ethan agrees.

                Tracy finishes defeating the Tyannodrones and runs up to her teammates.

                "Hey guys," Tracy says.

                "Tracy, how come you're not morphed?" Conner asks.

                "I'll explain everything after the fight, I promise," Tracy says.

                They turn around to face the monster again. Tracy would love to know why Mesogog wants to make a monster that looks like this because she thinks it is the ugliest one she has seen every since she became a ranger. Back at the lab, Tracy's parents see their daughter fighting the monster in her civilian form. Benjamin notices that his daughter is reluctant to move her right arm too fast while fighting off the Tyrannodrones. He presses the button on the keyboard that allows him to call her.

                "Tracy, stop what you're doing right now, young lady, you're hurt," Benjamin says.

                Tracy's POV

                I hear my dad's voice come from my morpher. I was so surprised that allows the monster to kick me in the stomach. I fly backward and hit the wall a few feet behind me. I groan as I lift my morpher to my lips and wince slightly.

                "Dad, how are you calling me?" I ask.

                "I'm at the lab, along with your mom," Dad says.

                "Wait, so you know that I'm a ranger?"

                "Yes, sweetie, now I want you to stop. Let the others handle this," Dad says.

                "I can't do that dad, they're my teammates. They need my help,"

                "Tracy Anne, you need to listen to me. I don't want you to make that injury any worse, so you need to stay right where you are, okay?" Dad orders.

                "Okay, I'll stay here and not fight anymore,"

                "That's my girl," Dad says.

                I put my morpher back down to my side; I wince again but this time I do it through my teeth. I can't believe that my parents know that I'm a power ranger. I am scared to go back to the lab because I know that they're going to be mad at me for lying about where I was when I told them I was at Kira's. I was really at the lab hearing about the latest attack on the city or training the woods.

                I see the monster is retreating after they go into super dino mode, managing to slice off all of the spikes on the monster's legs. I watch my friends and science teacher demorph before they run over to me. Kira helps me up.


                "You're welcome," Kira says.

                "Dr. O, you told my parents about me being a superhero?"

                "Yes, I did. I felt that it was the right thing to do since I didn't know where you were," Dr. O says.

                "Do Mike's parents know too?"

                "Yes," Dr. O answers.

                "I guess we should head back to the lab."

                Normal POV

                The team walks down the stairs leading to the lab. They walk over to the computer. Hayley and Tracy's parents turn around in their chairs. Dr. Oliver walks over to stand next to Hayley.

                "Welcome back," Hayley says.

                "Thanks, Hayley," Tracy says.

                "Where did you and Mike end up, T?" Benjamin asks.

                "The first time, in Angel Grove when Dr. Oliver was the green ranger. Rita's spell over him was broken. The second time, we got stuck in Angel Grove again, where the Space Rangers were fighting to protect the planet." Tracy says.

                "How did you hurt your arm?" Christi asks.

                "When I was in Angel Grove the first time, I competed in a karate tournament." Tracy answers.

                "I have a question, wasn't it weird fighting alongside Dr. Oliver as a teenager?" Ethan asks.

                "A little bit at first, but he was a great person back then. He helped remind me that if someone calls me a weakling, all I need to do is believe in myself and show them who I am on the inside." Tracy says.

                "What else happened?" Conner asks.

                "Rita kidnapped Mike and blocked my ability to morph." Tracy answers.

                "How did she block your powers, exactly?" Ethan asks.

                Tracy reaches into her pocket and hands the disk Andros gave her to Hayley.

                "How did you get this disk?" Hayley asks.

                "While we were stuck in the Space Rangers time since the machine malfunctioned. Alpha was able to log into a satellite's video footage. He recorded it so I have a copy to show you guys." Tracy answers.

                She turns back around in her chair to put it in the computer. Tracy's parents turn around too so they can watch as well. Hayley pressed play. The group watches with the same dismay and shock that Kira, Tracy, Mike and The Space Rangers did when they saw it.

                "So, I guess Rita hates the color pink," Conner jokes.

                "Not funny, Conner, this is serious," Dr. Oliver says.

                "Yeah, we need to figure out how to get Tracy's ranger powers back before Mesogog finds out." Ethan adds.

                "I'm trying to say positive here. Maybe I should surrender my morpher and just try to stay away from you guys. That way the pink gem will be safe, and you guys will be too." Tracy says.

                "Honey, I know things seem hopeless right now, but you can't quit," Benjamin says.

                "Your dad is right, quitting is not an option," Dr. Oliver says.

                "All I can do without my ranger powers is fight off the foot soldiers," Tracy says.

                "True," Conner says.

                "If you didn't help us by fighting off the Tyrannodrone earlier we never would have been able to get to the others to help them deal with the monster." Ethan adds.

                "Tracy, you said that Rita kidnaped Mike, right?" Dr. Oliver says.

                "Yes," Tracy answers.

                "Did he act differently when he came back?" Dr. Oliver asks.

                Tracy shakes her head no. Christi and Benjamin get up from their chairs. They walk over to their daughter.

                "Mom, dad, you aren't mad that I didn't tell you about all this are you?" Tracy asks.

                "No, sweetie, I know that every superhero has to have a secret identity in order to keep their family safe." Benjamin says.

                "Now that you're back home, I think that we should head to the doctor." Christi adds.

                "Why, it's just bruised, I got this same injury playing softball during the summer back in Michigan." Tracy says.

                "I know honey, but I'd feel better if you had it checked out," Christi says.

                "Okay," Tracy sighs.

                "Tracy, before you go, can I see you morpher?" Hayley asks.

                Tracy nods. She takes her bracelet off and gives it to her. Then she and parents leave the lab.

                I really hope that Hayley can figure out how to unblock my ranger powers before it's too late. Tracy thinks
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                  Chapter 35: Finally Home, Part 2- College Acceptance Letters

                  Normal POV

                  The next morning Tracy woke up at 5:30 because of his latest nightmare about having to choose which college she wanted to go to. She had to choose between going back home to Michigan to go to Michigan State to study animal science or go to Jacksonville University to get a Bachelor's of Music degree. She was fatigued since she only got three hours of sleep. Once she was awake enough, she went to the bathroom. She took a shower. After her hair was dry enough, she started to do her hair. She decided to do her hair up in a roped twisted pinwheel bun. Then she went to her closet and picked out a cream colored Miso Embroidered Blouse, a hot pink H&M Jacket and a pair of Heydays Wine Red Suede Ankle Boots. She went to her dresser and got out a pair of light denim blue Dondup Distressed Skinny Jeans. She laid everything down on her bed and got dressed. Afterward, she decided to make her bed. She walked over to her desk and opens her jewelry box to take out the 14KT Rose Gold Diamond Vintage-Style Star Burst Necklace her Uncle Joe gave her for her birthday.

                  She walks downstairs after taking her backpack off of her desk chair. She enters the kitchen and hangs her bag on the edge of her chair before sitting down. Christi turns around from the stove with a plate that has a scrambled egg sandwich on it. She also made her favorite smoothie, strawberry, banana, to drink. She sets everything down in front of her to see dark bags under Tracy's eyes.

                  "Honey, how much sleep did you get last night?" Christi asks.

                  "About three hours, I kept having the same dream about choosing what college to go to. You and dad were mad at me because I picked the wrong school and degree." Tracy says.

                  She kisses her on the forehead and fixes her hair before she says, "Honey, your father and I will not get mad at you over what school you decided to attend in the fall. As for the degree, you decide to pursue we'll behind you all the way."

                  Tracy smiles and quickly inhales her breakfast. After she is finished eating, she gets up and slings her bag over her shoulder. She walks over to the hook on the wall where her car keys are. She is about to take them off the hook when she hears her mom say, "I don't want you to drive to school today. It's not safe since you're so tired this morning."

                  Tracy turns around to face her mom. She sighs in defeat before she says, "Fine, I'll call one of my friends to give me a ride."

                  "Thank you, sweetie, I almost forgot you received a few letters from the Michigan State, Jacksonville University, and Ohio State admissions department in the mail yesterday," Christi says.

                  Christi walks over to the mail caddie that's near the phone on the wall. She takes Tracy's letters out. She walks back over to Tracy and gives them to her. Tracy takes the letters from her mom. She opens the outside pocket of her bag, places them inside and zips it closed before putting it back on her shoulder again. She remembered that she charged her phone last night. She goes back up to her room to get it along with her purse. She puts her purse on her left shoulder, takes her phone off the charger and turns it on. She dials Kira's number and waits for Kira to pick up.

                  "Hey, Tracy, what's up I was just about to leave," Kira says.

                  "I need a ride to school this morning. I didn't get enough sleep last night so my mom won't let me drive. Do you think that your mom could give come pick me up?" Tracy asks.

                  "Sure, my mom and I will be there in twenty minutes," Kira says.

                  "Thanks," Tracy says.

                  Meanwhile, at Kira's house, Kira puts her phone back in her pocket. Her mom, Sylvia, walks up. She looks just like Kira except her hair is shorter and has a few gray strands beginning to show. She is wearing a black Three Star Short Sleeve Plastic Button Chef Jacket, the matching vertical striped pants and a pair of slip proof shoes.

                  "Who was that sweetie," Sylvia asks.

                  "My Friend Tracy, she needs a ride to school." Kira says.

                  "Doesn't she have her driver's license?" Sylvia asks perplexed.

                  "She does, but she was really tired this morning. Her mom doesn't want her to drive." Kira answers.

                  "That sounds reasonable to me, her mom is very smart. I wish that you would a have asked me first. I'll do it this time, even though I'll be five minutes late to work." Sylvia says.

                  They walk out to Sylvia's Electric Blue 2004 Saturn ION and get inside. Kira gives her mom the directions to get to Tracy's house. Twenty minutes later they pull into Tracy's driveway. Inside the house, Tracy's hear the car horn. She is about to walk out the door Christi meets up with her.

                  "I like to talk to Kira's mom to thank her for giving you a ride," Christi says.

                  "Sorry mom, but Kira texted me her mom is in a rush. She doesn't have time to talk." Tracy says.

                  "Okay, have a good day at school." Christi says.

                  Tracy says goodbye and heads out to Sylvia's car. Kira sees her walking up so she gets out. She pushes her seat forward so Tracy could get in. After she sat down, Kira pushes it back till she hears the click. When they buckle their seat belts Sylvia starts the car.

                  "I'm sorry that I'm making you late to work Mrs. Ford. I appreciate you giving me a ride though." Tracy says.

                  "It's all right sweetie, and you're very welcome." Sylvia says.

                  Fifteen minutes later, they get to Reefside High. The girls get out and Sylvia waves goodbye before driving away. They girls head inside and stop at Tracy's locker. Tracy opens it and empties her backpack. When she opens the outside pocket to take out her pencil case and calculator the letters fall out onto the floor. She quickly picks them up and stuffed them into her science book. Then she closes it after getting everything else she needed for class and they stop by Kira's locker before heading to science.

                  They enter the room and go over to Dr. Oliver. He sees them walking up and open his briefcase. He takes out a small rectangular box.

                  "Good morning you two, Tracy I have something for you compliments of Hayley." Dr. Oliver says.

                  He hands her the box. Tracy opens it and sees her bracelet/ communicator. She places it on her right wrist.

                  "That's better it felt really weird not having this on my wrist. I thought my powers are blocked?" Tracy says.

                  "They are, Hayley built you a replica of your Dino bracelet, and it just acts a communicator. It doesn't have your morpher built into it." Dr. Oliver explains.

                  "Got it," Tracy says.

                  "What were those envelopes you stuffed into your book?" Kira asks.

                  "I got a letter from the admission office from a few of the colleges I applied to before I moved." Tracy answers.

                  "What schools did you apply to?" Dr. Oliver asks.

                  "Let's see Michigan State, Jacksonville University, Ohio State, Duke University and a few others that I can't remember off hand. I got letters from Michigan State, Jacksonville University, and Ohio State." Tracy replies.

                  "Don't you think that you should open them," Kira suggests.

                  Tracy looks over at the clock. She notices that they have about ten minutes before the rest of the class arrives. She looks back at her science book, opens it and sets the letters down on the counter top.

                  "Which letter are you going to open first?" Kira asks.

                  "I don't know," Tracy answers honestly.

                  Tracy hears the door open. The rest of the gang walks in. Conner is the first one to say something.

                  "Hey, guys, what's up?" He asks.

                  "Nothing much just trying to decide with college letter I should open." Tracy answers, "Do you think you guys can help me decide."

                  "Sure," Ethan says.

                  "Yeah, you applied to Jacksonville University to study music. I'd love to see what they thought of application." Trent says.

                  "Me too," Kira adds.

                  Tracy takes the cues from friends and nervously picks up the envelope. She swallows the lump in her throat before opening it and taking out the letter.

                  It reads as follows,

                  Dear Ms. Burlew,

                  Thank you for expressing interest in Jacksonville University. The Admissions Committee has given a careful consideration to your application.

                  The Committee regrets to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place in the 2004 freshman class. You are an amazing performer; however, we have had many other talented students apply. Therefore, many desirable candidates have been turned away. You may apply again for the same course next year.

                  We thank you once again for your interest in our college and wish you success in all your future endeavors.

                  Kelson Rey
                  Dean of Admissions

                  "What does it say?" Kira asks.

                  "I didn't get in. I guess I'm not a very good singer after all," Tracy sighs.

                  "Tracy, you're an amazing singer. A college can't accept every student that applies." Dr. Oliver says reassuringly.

                  "Dr. O is right; I think you should read the other letters." Kira says.

                  "Yeah, I vote for Michigan State." Ethan says.

                  Tracy puts the letter from Jacksonville U back inside the envelope. She picks up the letter from Michigan State and opens the envelope a little bit faster than the letter from Jacksonville U. The letter reads

                  Dear Ms. Burlew,

                  We are pleased to inform you of your admission in the course of Animal Science for the Michigan State fall semester of 2004-2005. We congratulate you on such a great academic achievement and you have every reason to feel proud of your capabilities and aspirations that led you to Michigan State. I'd also like to inform you that the athletic department would like to offer you a scholarship to play softball it will be worth $8,000.

                  Enclosed here with your college acceptance letter, you will find a detailed document about the college and the next steps of the admission. Make sure to submit your original academic documents, three latest passport size photographs along with the first installment of the semester to the admission office by July 30th in order to complete admission process.

                  Again, the entire Michigan State welcomes you and wishes you all the best for continued success. We look forward to seeing you at our college on September 2nd 2004.


                  John Mayor
                  Dean of Admissions

                  They see a huge smile appear on Tracy's face. She is trying really hard not to shriek happily. She sets it down on the counter.

                  "I guess you got accepeted." Ethan says.

                  "Yes," Tracy says, smiling.

                  "Congratulations," Dr. Oliver says.

                  "Yeah, Congrats," Trent adds.

                  "Thanks, I don't understand how I got a softball scholarship. I didn't even apply." Tracy says.

                  "You're aware that college recruiters were sitting in the stands at the championship game." Ethan says.

                  "No, I figured that coach Burns didn't say anything so we wouldn't get distracted." Tracy says.

                  "I guess that a recruiter from Michigan State must have been impressed with your skills." Conner says. "Coach Burns must have filled out the application for you after the recruiter mentioned it to him."

                  "I have to thank him the next time I see him." Tracy says. "I guess I should open the letter from Ohio State,"

                  Tracy takes a few deep breaths to calm herself down from the excitement of getting accepted to Michigan State and going back home again. She picks up the letter from Ohio State and quickly breaks the seal on the envelope. Ohio State's letter reads,

                  Dear Ms. Burlew,

                  Thank you for expressing interest in Ohio State. The Admissions Committee has given a careful consideration to your application.

                  The Committee regrets to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place in our first year class. You have been a competitive applicant; however, we have had many students with similar qualifications applying for admissions this year. Therefore, many desirable candidates have been turned away. You may apply again for the same course next year.

                  We thank you once again for your interest in our college and wish you success in all your future endeavors.

                  Olivia May
                  Dean of Admissions

                  Tracy sets the letter down. She puts all the letters back in her book and closes the front cover.

                  "Did you get in?" Conner asks.

                  "No, but it's okay. I get to go back home to Michigan." Tracy says.

                  A few seconds later they hear the warning bell ring, so they went over to their usual seats. They look over towards the door to see Mike walking in with Zoey and Grant. Tracy waves to Mike but he just injured her. He walks over to the table where Zoey and Grant usually sit and the three sit down.

                  "I can't believe you pulled that fake college letter gag." Zoey whispers.

                  "Tracy, are you going to tell your mom that you got accepted to Michigan State?" Ethan asks.

                  "Yeah, I'm going to tell her when I get home." Tracy answers eagerly.

                  "I can't believe that Tracy actually feel for them. She is such a dumb blonde." Grant whispers.

                  Zoey and Grant start chuckling quietly to themselves. A few seconds later, Mike joins in. Dr. Oliver looks over at them.

                  I wonder why Mike is hanging out with Zoey and Grant. He is a very smart young man. Why would he try to do anything that would hurt his chances of becoming valedictorian? Dr. Oliver thinks.
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                    Chapter 36: Finally home Part 3, - A surprise Homecoming

                    Normal POV

                    Principal Randall finished doing her rounds checking the hallways making sure that all of the students are in class like they are supposed to be. She walks into the main office to see Petty Officer 1st, Edmund Browning, walk up to her. He is wearing his Navy digital blue camo uniform.

                    "Excuse me sir, but all visitors must sign and carry a visitors pass in order to walk around campus."

                    "Its right here Ma'am," Edmund says, as he shows her the pass from his jacket pocket.

                    "I assume that you've come here to surprise one of the students?"

                    "Yes, my cousin, Tracy Burlew. I was asked by my commanding officer to give a speech about Naval Science to a class of senior students today in Dr. Oliver's class." Edmund answers.

                    Back in Dr. Oliver's classroom, the class sees him write the words 'Naval Science' on the blackboard. He turns around to see Ethan quickly raise his hand.

                    "Yes, Ethan, what wrong?" He asks.

                    "I thought we were going to learn about the sinraptor?" Ethan asks.

                    "Sorry Ethan, we will next week. However, since Armed Forces Day is this Thursday. A few of the teachers from each grade got together and we convinced Principal Randall to let us do a special weeks of lessons based on a specific branch of the Military. The senior class will learn about the Navy." He explains.

                    "Umm," Devin says, as he slowly raises his hand.

                    "Yes, Devin,"

                    "Are we going to be tested on this?" Devin asks.

                    "No, but I'd like you pay attention to the speaker and show him the same amount of respect you show me everyday."

                    "Who is going to to teach the class?" Kira asks, as she raises her hand.

                    In the hallway, Edmund stands in front of the door. He decides that is his cue to walk in, so she puts his hand on the knob. He turns it slowly and opens the door. Inside the room, when Tracy hears the words Navy and Armed Forces all they reminded Tracy of is her cousin Edmund. How much she misses him and how she wishes that he could be here for graduation. She stops playing with her necklace when she hears the door open. She looks up and sees someone dressed in a Navy digital blue cameo uniform.

                    "Sorry, I'm late Dr. Oliver," Edmund says.

                    Tracy's eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. A few seconds later, they fill with happy tears after Edmund walks over to Dr. Oliver. He turns to face the class and stands to the left of their teacher.

                    "Class, It's my pleasure to introduce Petty Officer 1st class Edmund Browning. He has graciously volunteered some time today to take to you. Please remember what I said earlier about respect. Mr. Browning, my students are all yours." Dr. Oliver says.

                    Cassidy looks over at Tracy. She sees Tracy trying her to hide her happy facial expression by cover her mouth with her hands and tiny pool of tears under her eyes as she holds back her tears of joy. She nudges Devin's right arm. He turns his head to look at her.

                    "What was that for?" He whispers.

                    "Devin, quick get out your camera. Before we miss news gold - The Military Homecoming reunion." She whispers.

                    He nods and quickly picks up his camera bag. He nearly drops it while he rushes to get it out and turn it on. He thought that he charged the battery last night, but the meter reads 25 present. He hoped that would be enough power to record what Cassidy wants him to tape.

                    "Thank you for that nice introduction Dr. Oliver, but there is one thing I need to do before I start my speech." Edmund says.

                    He walks around the counter and stands in front of it where the walkway is in between the rows of tables. Tracy slowly takes her hands away from her mouth. She gets up from her stool and runs up to him. She hears the applause of respect from the class and Dr. Oliver starts filling the room as she gives him a big hug.

                    "I'm so happy that your home. I've missed you so much." Tracy says tearfully.

                    "Same here, and I have one more surprise but I'll tell you after class." Edmund says.

                    The applause fades as they back away from each other and go back to their original spots. Devin turns off the camera and puts it back in the bag before he places the bag on the floor next to his stool. Tracy takes the travel pack of tissues out of her purse. She uses on to dab the rest of her happy from her eyes and another to blow her nose. She puts the tissues back inside her now empty bag of tissues and gets up to throw it away. She sits down again as Edmund starts his speech.
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                      Chapter 37: Standing Up To Grant
                      Normal POV

                      An hour later, Edmund finished talking about The Military customs and courtesies. He sets his note cards down and looks up at the class.

                      "Do you have any questions?" Edmund asks.

                      "Why did you decide to join the Navy?" Kira asks.

                      "I've always loved the ocean. I also wanted to follow in my father Thomas's footsteps." Edmund answers honestly.

                      Grant slowly raises his hand and asks,"Are you sure that you and Tracy are related? You are so strong, confident and cool. When Tracy is weak, shy and a loser."

                      Tracy quickly stands up and walks over to Grant. He sees a look on Tracy's face that he hasn't seen before. Her lips are tight, eyebrows are raised this makes her look up to her left. She stands in front of him with her shoulder back, and her feet are a shoulder length apart, with her arm that are at her sides. Another student takes out his phone and starts recording the confrontation between Grant and Tracy.

                      "I've been ignoring all your comments since I know that they were true. Why do you bully other students anyway?" Tracy asks.

                      Grant stands up and makes a fist with his right hand. He ues his other hand to rip Tracy's glasses off her face. He tosses them on the table before he throws his punch. The room fills with gasps of disbelief when Tracy uses her left hand to block Grant's punch. She brings her back behind her ear like she is throwing a softball. Then she brings her hand forward and lets go of Grant's first. The class gasps again seeing Grant stumble backwards before he lands on his butt.

                      I can't believe that Tracy is actually fighting Grant. Conner thinks.

                      Tracy, is about to get get butt kicked. Zoey thinks.

                      Tracy picks up her glasses and puts them back on. She backs up till she is in front of the counter. She knows that Grant is going to charge at her like a mad bull once he gets to his feet. A few seconds later, Grant gets to his feet and charges in at her. She steps to her left which causes him to stumble into the counter. She pivots in order to be in a better position to defend herself. Grant does a standing push up so he would be standing up. He turns to face her and runs up to her again. This time he grabs hold of her collar and is about to starts to twist it to choke her.

                      Tracy remembers one of the moves she learned from the self defense portion of her karate grabs hold of his wrist and twists it. The gasps of disbelief echo again when the class see Tracy take down the school bully and pin him to the floor. instead of using her knee to keep him from moving she steps down on the corner of his shirt sleeve.

                      "I still would like you to answer my question," Tracy says.

                      "I want the other students to respect me," Grant answers.

                      "Haven't you learned by now that respect is something your earn. You can demand for someone to respect you."

                      Grant mumbles some colorful words because he already heard this before from a teacher that was in charge of detention the first time he got in trouble for bully a freshman student his sophomore year. He tries to escape by rolling from side to side. His sleeve starts to inch out from underneath Tracy's foot.

                      Tracy has a black belt in karate, so why isn't she using her skills to fight him. Conner thinks.

                      Tracy looks over at her friends and winks at them, She takes her foot away, lets go of Grant's wrist. He rolls into the table where Cassidy and Devin are sitting. The bully snarls through his teeth as he gets to his feet. Instead of gasps the room fills up with snickers and giggles, so Grant looks down at his arm. He sees Cassidy's crystal blue purse hanging off his arm.

                      "Sorry Grant, but this totally clashes with your outfit." Cassidy says sliding it off the bully's arm.

                      Grant stomps up to her. She stands sideways to the counter. Instead of grabbing her collar again, he starts to throw several punches right after another like a madman. Tracy continues to defend herself by using a modified version of the first basic katas she learned (She decides to omit the punches and kicks.) She steps back, pivots and alternates between her left and right low and high blocks. She also switches between her left and right front stances.

                      "You are a coward, because you know karate but won't fight back." Grant taunts, as he continues to throw a few more punches.

                      "I'm not going to fight just because you want me to. Believe me you don't want me use any of my moves against you." Tracy says.

                      A few seconds later, Tracy feels the heel of her shoe press up against the door. She realizes that she may have to use a few of her moves to get Grant to back up enough for her to be able to get into a better position to continue to defend herself from his punches.

                      I guess I have no choice but to fight him. I know I'm going to get in trouble for this too. I also have to remember to not use my dino power as well. Tracy thinks.

                      She sees Grant step back a bit. He runs up to her, turns sideways and tries to kick her in the stomach. She turns to her left and gets ready to do a side snap kick. she bends her knee towards Grant and brings her leg out. Their shoes collide and as she puts her leg down Grant stumbles back again.

                      =Welcome To Reefside =

                      Principal Randall decides to check in on Edmund to make sure that the students were behaving like they should be. She walks up to the classroom and quickly opens the door when she hears "FIght, Fight,' being chanting from the students inside. She walks in to see Grant tackle Tracy to the floor. She hits her head kind of hard on the hard. She, Dr. Oliver and Edmund run up to them. She pulls Grant away as Edmund helps Tracy up.

                      "Are you alright Cuz?" Edmund asks.

                      "I think so, but since when do you have a twin." Tracy answers, as she sees a double of her her cousin.

                      Randall looks over at the student who recorded this on his phone. She gives him a death glare. He gets up from his stool and walks over to her.

                      "Thank you, young man, you can come to my office at the end of the day to pick it up." Randall says.

                      The student nods and goes back to his seat. Meanwhile, Edmund helps Tracy over to the table closest to them. Dr. Oliver and Principal Randall along with Grant. he is being pulled by the sleeve of his his shirt by Randall over to the two.

                      "I think we should go to the doctor to make you that you don't have a concussion." Edmund says.

                      "I can't leave now, it will ruin my chance of getting the perfect attendance award." Tracy argues.

                      "Sorry, Cuz, but a concussion is something that you just can't ignore." Edmund says.

                      "Edmund is right," Dr. Oliver says.

                      "Yes, while I have a talk with Grant. I'd like you to go see a doctor right now." Principal Randall says.

                      "Don't worry about you attendance record Miss Burlew. I'll make sure that this will go down as an excused absence in your next class your perfect record will still be in tact." Principal Randall says.

                      "Thank you," Tracy says.

                      Conner picks up her books off the table and brings them to her.

                      "Thanks Conner," Tracy says.

                      "No problem," Conner says.

                      "Dr. Oliver, if it's okay with you I'm going to need Conner's help." Edmund says.

                      "Sure, just come right back after you finished helping them okay Conner." Dr. Oliver says.

                      Conner nods. They head to Tracy's locker while Grant and Principal Randall go to her office to discuss what went on in the classroom before she walk in.
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                        Chapter 38: Grant Gets Expelled

                        Normal POV

                        Tracy got her purse and put her acceptance letters in it. She and Edmund walk back into the main office and sign out. Edmund hands his visitor's pass, and they head out to his car. He drives to the emergency room. Tracy looks out the window to see the 'Emergency Room' sign when they pull into the hospital parking lot.

                        "I thought we were going to the doctor not the emergency room," Tracy says.

                        "Sorry Cuz, but I'd feel better if and emergency room doctor checked you out instead of your primary care doctor," Edmund says.

                        Edmund shuts off the engine, and they walk inside. Tracy notices that the receptionist is the same person who was working the day of her first softball game when she broke her ankle.

                        "Tracy, what happened," The nurse asks.

                        "I finally stood up to the bully who been picking on since my first day of school. He tackled me to the floor, and I hit my head," Tracy answers.

                        "Who brought you in today?"

                        "My cousin Edmund," Tracy answers.

                        Edmund introduces himself to the nurse. She thanks him for his service.

                        "You're welcome Ma'am, when will the doctor be able to see us?" Edmund asks.

                        "Dr. Anderson will be out in twenty minutes,"

                        "Okay," Edmund says.

                        They walk over to the chair in the waiting room.

                        "I forgot to tell you I got into Michigan State and even got a softball Scholarship," Tracy says.

                        "That's great, is it okay if I read the letter," Edmund asks.

                        "Sure," Tracy answers.

                        Tracy takes out the letter out of her purse and hands them to her cousin. Edmund looks down at the envelope from Michigan State and notices that the Michigan State letterhead wasn't straight. He takes out the letter, sees serval misspelled words and noticed who wrote it didn't format it correctly. He wants to tell his cousin that it's fake but knows that this isn't the right time or place to do it. He puts the letter back inside the envelope and gives it back to her.

                        "Congrats," Edmund says.

                        "Thanks, I can't wait to tell mom and dad," Tracy says.

                        Tracy put it back in her purse. They sit in silence till they hear the sound of Dr. Anderson's walking up to them.

                        "Hi, Tracy," Dr. Anderson says.

                        "Hello, Dr. Anderson, can we get started now. I want to get back to school in time to sing in music class," Tracy says.

                        Dr. Anderson chuckles and leads them to his exam room. Edmund sits down in one of the chairs against the wall. Tracy sits down on the exam table, and Dr. Anderson walks over to her. Tracy tells him everything that happened leading up to when Grant tackled her to the floor. Dr. Anderson starts his exam and finds a small bump on the back of her head. He takes out a small flashlight out of his pocket. He turns it on and move it back and forth in front of Tracy's eyes.

                        "Follow the light with your eyes, please, so did you feel dizzy after you hit your head?" Dr. Anderson asks.

                        "A little," Tracy answers honestly.

                        "Did you vision get blurry?" Dr. Anderson asks.

                        "For a few seconds," Tracy answers.

                        Dr. Anderson was happy to see that she was able to follow the light perfectly. He turns off the flashlight and put it away. "I'm going to test your balance and coordination now. Can you stand on one foot, please,"

                        Dr. Anderson takes a few steps back. Tracy hops down off of the exam table. She stands on her right foot. Edmund and Dr. Anderson were surprised to see her standing up as well as a gymnast on a balance beam and wasn't wobbling. She stands like that for two minutes before she says, "Dr. Anderson, can I stop now, my leg is starting to get tired,"

                        "Yes, sorry," Dr. Anderson apologizes.

                        "What other tests do you need to do?" Tracy asks.

                        "Just your reflexes, hearing, strength and sensation," Dr. Anderson answers.

                        "Okay," Tracy sighs.

                        =Welcome To Reefside=

                        Principal Randall and Grant walk into the main office. They walk up to her assistant Jackie. Her emerald green eye looks up from the computer screen.

                        "Grant was picking on another student," Jackie asks.

                        "Yes, but, this time, he tackled the student, and she went to the doctor. Can you call his parents please?" Randall asks.

                        Jackie nods. She picks up the phone and dials the number to Mrs. Annabelle Patterson's work, The Reefside Diner.

                        "Don't call my parents, please, I'll write an apology letter even work in the cafeteria." Grant begs.

                        "Sorry, Grant but this is your third strike," Randall says.

                        Annabelle's POV

                        We just finished serving a business breakfast meeting, and I'm clearing the dishes off the table. I put the last pile of plates into the bin and take them back to the kitchen. I set them on the counter next to the sink. I turn around to see my boss standing behind me; he has that look on his face he had the last time the school called. "Annabelle, The Principal's assistant from Reefside High is on the phone for you. - again."

                        "Thank you, sir," I say politely.

                        I walk to the office and pick up the phone.


                        "Hello, Mrs. Patterson, I'm afraid that Grant is in the principal office - again," Jackie says.

                        "I hoped that you won't call me to tell me that my son in trouble instead that he is getting an award for most improved student."

                        "I'm afraid not," Jackie says.

                        "I'll be there in twenty minutes,"

                        Normal POV

                        Grant nervously looks over at the clock and sees he only has five more minutes till his mom arrives. Principal Randall walks in with his backpack and jacket. She sets them down on the floor next to her chair as she sits down. They hear the door open and look over at it to see Annabelle standing in the doorway.

                        "Mrs. Patterson, please have a seat so we can discuss your son future at Reefside High," Randall says.

                        Annabelle walks in and sits down next to her son. Principal Randall hands her the phone she confiscated from the student in Dr. Oliver's class. Annabelle watches the video and is in shock seeing her son trying to get Tracy to fight him.

                        "Grant Andre Patterson, you promise your father and me that you'd stop acting like this." Annabella snaps.

                        "I"m sorry, mom," Grant says meekly.

                        "Sorry, isn't going to work this time young man. Your father and I will talk more about your punishment when he gets home from work," Annabelle says sternly.

                        "Mrs. Patterson, I think that there is only one option left," Randall says.

                        "You're going to hold me back," Grant says.

                        "No, you were given plenty of seconds chances, and you abused them," Randall says.

                        Grant looks down to see her pick up his bookbag and jacket. She walks over to him and hands them to him.

                        "I have no choice but to expel you," Randall says.

                        "This isn't far, you are even giving me a chance to tell my part of the story," Grant says.

                        "I'm sorry Grant, but you've lied to me before too. Plus, the video would be able to counteract any of your statements," Randall says.

                        Grant snatches his things out of the principal's hands and slumps down in his chair.

                        "Is there any papers I need to sign?" Annabelle asks.

                        Principal Randall nods. After Annabelle fills out the forms, she and Grant leave her office for the last time.

                        You might not be a student at Reefside High anymore Grant. I think that there is a new school that might take you in - Mesogog's school for the wickedly gifted. Principal Randall thinks.

                        Meanwhile, at the hospital, Tracy sits down on the exam table happy to be finished with all of Dr. Anderson's tests.

                        "So, Dr. Anderson, does she have a concussion?" Edmund asks.

                        "No, all her test revealed that she is fine." Dr. Anderson answers.

                        "Can I go back to school, please," Tracy asks.

                        "Yes, you can, but I'd like someone to keep a close eye on you for the next 24 hours to be on the safe side. Also, I'll give you a note to give to your gym teacher," Dr. Anderson answers.

                        Dr. Anderson write her the excuse note, and she happily takes it before she hops off the exam table. Dr. Anderson and Edmund chuckle seeing Tracy's eagerness to get back to school.

                        "Thank you for everything Dr. Anderson," Edmund says.

                        "You're welcome," Dr. Anderson says.

                        They shake hands before Edmund sprints out the door to catch up with his cousin.

                        "Slow down Cuz," Edmund shouts.
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                          Chapter 39: Edmund's Other Surprise

                          Normal POV

                          Edmund pulls into the Reefside High parking lot. After he turns off the engine, Tracy quickly takes off her seatbelt. They get out, walk back inside and go to the main office and sign back in. Principal Randall walks up to them and asks, "Well, Miss Burlew, what did the doctor say?"

                          "That I don't have a concussion, but he wants someone to monitor me for the next 24 hours. Plus, I'm not allowed to overexert myself. He gave me an excuse note for gym class," Tracy answers.

                          "That's great, now get to music class young lady," Principal Randall orders.

                          '"Yes, Ma'am," Tracy says.

                          She and Edmund leave and walk down the hallway leading to Miss May's music class. When they enter, Miss May steps out from the bench behind the piano and walks over to them.

                          "Tracy, I'm glad that you're okay. Kira told me what happened," Miss May says.

                          "So am I, Principal Randall wanted me to give you this note," Tracy says.

                          She unzips her purse and hands it to her. Miss May nods and says, "Thank you, Tracy. Could you and your cousin sit down in the empty seats in the front row? Kira, Hannah and Nick are about to perform."

                          They nod and go over to the chairs Miss May told them to sit in. She walks back over to the piano, sits down on the bench and places her fingers on the keys. Kira, Hannah and Nick line up, shortest to tallest. Hannah is 5'3'', has green eyes and chestnut brown hair. Nick is 5'8'', has dark brown eyes and short, curly black hair. A few seconds later Miss May begins to play "America The Beautiful."

                          Nick and Kira sing the first verse. Tracy is impressed by Nick's range since he had to sing an octave higher so his voice would mesh well with Kira's. She and Hannah sing the second verse. Tracy notices that Kira is singing in a lower key than when they sang together. She is a tad jealous that their harmonies sounded even better than her and Kira's. Nick and Hannah sing the third. Their harmonies are a bit out of tone. The class starts to cheer and whistle when the three sing together for the last verse. They stand up when Miss May finished playing the last notes. The group takes a bow.

                          "Alright class settle down," Miss May says as she holds her hand up.

                          The class quiets down and takes their seats again. Kira, Nick, and Hannah turn around to face their teacher.

                          "Good work, Nick and Hannah. You two need to tighten your harmony. Hannah you were flat. Nick, you were over only to sing the notes you've learned." Miss May says sternly.

                          "Yes, Ma'am," Nick and Hannah say.

                          The group heads back to their seats.

                          "Tracy, if you're up to it, would you like to sing something?" Miss May asks.

                          Tracy nods. She walks over to Miss May and whispers her song choice into her ear. The teacher flips through the sheet music in the folder on the music rest and finds "God Bless The USA." Tracy stands behind her so she can see the words and starts to sing the first verse after the introduction ends. Edmund waits till she gets to the chorus before he gets up and walks over to her. He starts to sing with her after she sings the first line. He puts his arm around her when they sing "And I gladly stand up, next to you and defend her still today."

                          Tracy lets him sing the second verse. They sing the chorus together. When the song ends, they get a standing ovation. Miss May holds up her hand to quiet the class down again.

                          "Mr. Browning, I'm impressed you and your cousin sound amazing together." Miss May compliments.

                          "Thank you, Ma'am," Edmund says.

                          They go back to their seats. The group sings "God Bless America." Five minutes later, they finish singing and go back to their seats. Miss May takes her place in front of her students.

                          "Good work everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing your final performances at the end of year concert," Miss May says.

                          A minute later the bell rings, and the class calmly walks out of the room. Tracy and Edmund go to her locker while Kira heads to English class. After Tracy gets everything she needs for math class, they head to the gymnasium after going out to Edmund's car so he can get a duffle bag with a change of clothes for gym class. On the way, Conner and Amber walk up to them.

                          =Welcome To Reefside=

                          The group enters Tracy doesn't see Grant standing with the other students near the bleachers. Amber is the first one to notice the obstacle course set up in the middle of the room.

                          "I wonder why Mr. Jonas has an obstacle course set up," Amber says.

                          "Don't forget this week we're doing something special in all our classes for Armed Forces Day," Tracy reminds her.

                          "I know that, but that still doesn't explain the obstacle course," Amber says rolling her eyes.

                          "During basic training, we do PT- Physical Training every other day and one part of it involves running through an obstacle course," Edmund informs.

                          A minute later, the bell rings and Tracy sees Mr. Jonas walk in. She leaves the group and goes over to him.

                          "Principal Randall email me about Grant," Mr. Jonas says.

                          "So you know about our 'fight'?" Tracy asks nervously.

                          "Yes, so what did the doctor say?" Mr. Jonas replies.

                          Tracy takes out the note Dr. Anderson wrote out of her hoodie pocket and gave it to him. After Mr. Jonas reads it, he lifts up the clip on his clipboard and places the note under it so he wouldn't misplace the small sheet of paper.

                          "I'm glad that you don't have a concussion. I've had a lot of football players in class over the years. It takes them a week to get back into their daily routine." Mr. Jonas says in a relieved tone.

                          "Thank you Mr, Jonas, so what am I going to do today?" Tracy asks curiously.

                          "You can help me by writing down the other students times as they run through the course," Mr. Jonas answers.

                          They walk over to the rest of the class. After Mr. Jonas finishes taking attendance, he clears his throat before announcing, "Class, today, we'll be running through a short simulated course of something similar to what all incoming members of any branch of the military-run through on their physical training day."

                          "Is someone going to run through as an example, so we know what to do?" Amber asks.

                          "Yes. Miss Torres, I will, and I'll try my best not to show off." Edmund answers confidently.

                          "Thank you, Mr. Browning," Mr. Jonas says, "All right everyone go change,"

                          Tracy sits down on the bleachers while Mr. Jonas goes to his office to put the attendance list and Tracy's note safety in the big front drawer of his desk.

                          =Welcome To Reefside=

                          Meanwhile in the boy's locker room, Conner and Edmund overhear two other students, John, and Austin, talking about what they heard about the fight between Tracy and Grant from their friends.

                          "Dude, I heard from Mac that Tracy and Grant got into a fight in Dr. Oliver's first-period science class," Austin says.

                          "Yeah, Sammy told me that Tracy used some sweet karate moves to fight Grant," John adds. "I can't believe that Tracy didn't get in trouble for starting the fight."

                          Conner clenches his fists before he slams his locker shut. He decides to walk over to them to help his friend to make sure that Tracy doesn't get stuck with a bad reputation - thanks to the rumors other students are spreading around the school.

                          "Hey, I hate to tell you this, but your friends are wrong," Conner says.

                          "What do you mean?" John gasps.

                          "Tracy and I are in Dr. Oliver's first-period science class together." Conner answers. "Grant asked if Mr. Browning was related to Tracy because they happen to have different personalities."

                          "Then what happened?" Austin asks curiously.

                          "Tracy calmly asked Grant why he picks on other students. Grant freaked out and tried to punch her in the face. Tracy only used her karate skills to defend herself." Conner answers.

                          "Wow," The boys gasp.

                          A few seconds later, they hear the tweet of Mr. Jonas's whistle echo through the room. They take their hands away from their ears before heading back to the gymnasium. The group walks up to the rest of the class and Tracy stands next to Mr, Jonas. She is holding a clipboard.

                          "You ready Cuz," Tracy asks.

                          Edmund nods. He walks over to the starting line. Mr. Jonas blows his whistle and Tracy starts the stopwatch after her cousin starts running. He effortlessly steps through the tires. When he gets to the push-up station, the class watches Edmund drop into the pushup position and does ten one armed push ups.

                          "We don't have to do them that way, do we?" Amber asks nervously.

                          "No," Mr. Jonas answers reassuringly.

                          A few seconds later, Edmund gets to the jump rope station. He picks up the longest one and jumps over it ten times, before carefully setting it down, before running towards the next station. He picks up the exercise ball and does ten deep squats. The last obstacle before crossing the finish line is weaving in and out between a line of cones. Tracy stops the stopwatch when he crosses the finish line and writes down Edmund's time - 1:45, next to his name.

                          "Hey Cuz, how did I do?" Edmund asks as he walks up to them.

                          "One minute forty-five seconds, but you promised not to show off. Then you do ten one arm push ups," Tracy answers.

                          "Sorry, I thought I was back in basic training," Edmund apologizes.

                          "It's okay, so who's next?" Mr. Jonas asks.

                          "I will," Conner answers.

                          Conner's final time is 1:57. After John, Austin and the rest of the boys run through the course, Mr. Jonas switches out the exercise ball to a lighter one for the girls in the class. Amber is the last girl to do the course. Her time is 2:15. The class quickly runs up to Tracy to find out who got the fastest time.

                          "Who had the best time?" Amber asks.

                          "For the boys, it's a tie between Conner and David." Tracy answers.

                          "What was my time?" David asks.

                          "1:57," Tracy says.

                          "What about the girls?" Amber asks.

                          "The fastest time was 1:15," Tracy answers.

                          "Who had that time?" Amber asks curiously.

                          "You did Amber," Tracy answers.

                          "Sweet," Amber says.

                          "Good work everyone," Mr. Jonas compliments.

                          The class leaves to change again. Tracy hands Mr. Jonas the clipboard. He goes back to his office to put it away. Tracy sits back down in the bleachers.

                          I'm sure after Zoey finds out that Grant got expelled because of me, she is going to come after me I know it. Tracy thinks.

                          She picks up her notebook for PreCalculus to review for the quiz. She is confident that she knows the correct formula to use to solve the problem that will be on it. The only problem is she is one of those students who don't test well. No matter how much she studies, once the quiz or test is in front of her, she immediately forgets everything she spent the past few days studying. Conner, Edmund and Amber walk up to her.

                          "Tracy, you know there is such a thing as studying too much," Conner says.

                          "Yeah, besides it's just a quiz," Amber adds.

                          Tracy looks away from her notes and says, "I know, but I want to do better than the 'C' I got on the last one."

                          "You need to relax. I know you'll do fine," Edmund says reassuringly.

                          "Speak for yourself, Cuz. You're the one member of the family that has a photographic memory." Tracy says.

                          Tracy gets about five more minutes of studying in before the bell rings. She closes her notebook, picks up the rest of her things, and the group heads to the cafeteria for lunch. Kira, Ethan and Trent walk up to them as they enter the room.

                          "Hey, Cuz, you said that you had another surprise," Tracy gently reminds him.

                          "Sorry, Cuz, I guess I forgot about it after what happened between you and Grant," Edmund says. "So, I asked my commanding officer to talk with Principal Randall about letting me give you your diploma at graduation."

                          "What did she say?" Tracy asks eagerly.

                          "That I could, so instead of being in the bleachers with the rest of the family. I get to sit on stage with Principal Randall and a few of the others teachers." Edmund answers.

                          "Sweet," Tracy says gleefully.

                          "It sure is. I'm going to head over to your house Cuz. I still haven't surprised your parents yet," Edmund says.

                          "Okay, Cuz, see you soon," Tracy says.
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                            Chapter 40: The Letters are Fake and Zoey's Second Suspension

                            Normal POV

                            After school, Tracy decides to call John Mayor at the Michigan State Admissions office. She nervously takes her phone out of her purse. Her finger shakes as she dials the number. She taps her foot, trying to relax, listening to the line ring on the other end.

                            "Hello, John Mayor, Michigan State Admissions office, how may I help you?" John says.

                            "This is Tracy Burlew. I'm curious when I'll be receiving the new student orientation package?" Tracy asks.

                            "Miss Burlew, I'm afraid you received the wrong letter," John answers.

                            "Are you saying that I didn't get accepted?" Tracy says wobbly tone.

                            "You're a wonderful applicant, so the board decided to put you on the waiting list. You'll receive a letter in the mail when we have a spot available." John says.

                            "Okay, thank you," Tracy says politely.

                            Tracy hangs up and slowly puts her phone away. She heads back to Dr. Oliver's classroom.

                            Doctor Oliver's POV

                            I finish packing up my briefcase by placing the file filled with the class's term papers inside before closing it. I turn around to see Tracy walking in.

                            "Hey, Dr. Oliver," Tracy sighs.

                            "Principal Randall sent an email to me along with Miss Drew saying that you don't have a concussion. Which is great news, so why are you sad?" I ask very confusedly.

                            "I was so excited that I got accepted to Michigan State. I called the Admissions office to find out that they put me on the waiting list." Tracy answers.

                            "You think this is bad news, but if the school board puts you on the waiting list, it means they are interested in you and you've made a good impression," I say.

                            "I know, but it was embarrassing. Someone pranked me, and I fell for it. I guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was," Tracy says sadly.

                            I walk over to her and place my hand on her shoulder.

                            "You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You aren't the first senior to fall for this prank. I've heard from a few other of your classmates that they've received some fake letters too." I say reassuringly.

                            "You're welcome. Also, I've noticed that Mike decided to hang out with Mike and Zoey. Do you know why he is willing to ruin his chances of becoming Valedictorian?" I ask.

                            "No," Tracy answers quickly.

                            Normal POV

                            Edmund, Christi and Benjamin sit down at the kitchen table.

                            "Did you get a call from the school about what happened in Dr. Oliver's class?" Edmund asks.

                            "Yes, we did. Christi and I are proud of her for standing up to Grant." Benjamin answers.

                            "We're also glad that she wasn't seriously hurt," Christi adds.

                            "I was just going to say that too, honey," Benjamin says sweetly.

                            "There is one more thing I'd like to tell you. While Tracy and I were waiting to see the doctor, she let me read some of the acceptance letters. I noticed that the one from Michigan State wasn't formatted properly, and the letterhead was slightly off center as well. I wanted to tell Tracy that they were fake, but it wasn't the right time or place," Edmund says hanging his head.

                            "Edmund, I know you feel bad about not telling Tracy. You have to man up and go back to the school and tell her." Benjamin says sternly.

                            "You also need to apologize," Christi adds in the same tone.

                            Edmund knew that Benjamin was right. He confidently lifts up his head, pushes out his chair and walks back out to his car.

                            Back at the school, Tracy unlocks her car and is about to get in when she hears the sound of someone running behind her. She turns around to see Zoey charging at her like a bull. The next thing she knows Zoey rams her up against the driver's side door.

                            "I know you are the one who got Grant expelled. I'm going to make sure that you stay at the hospital this time." Zoey threatens.

                            "Zoey, I didn't get him expelled, Grant's terrible decision on how he treated others is why he got expelled," Tracy says breathlessly.

                            "Liar," Zoey shouts punching her in the stomach.

                            Zoey takes a few steps back. Tracy takes this opportunity to glance over her shoulder. She sees a scratch on the door where her bracelet slid across it after she slid down to the ground.

                            Great, my parents are going to yell at me when I get home. Tracy thinks.

                            She turns her head and stands up in time to see Zoey's foot coming towards her and wants to dodge it. She doesn't want any more 'Battle Scars' on her car. She gasps for air and quickly drops to her knees after Zoey's kick hits her in the stomach in the same spot where her punch landed.

                            Principal Randall's POV

                            I'm walking out to the student parking lot, and run into Mr. Browning and Miss Burlew's parents along the way. We arrive to see Zoey beating up Tracy, so we run up to them. I pull Zoey away before she can kick Tracy.

                            "Principal Randall, let me go. I'm punishing Tracy for getting Grant expelled," Zoey snaps.

                            "Calm down Miss Bueno. It was Grant's fault he got expelled by choosing to continue to bully students instead of deciding to change his ways." I explain.

                            "Tracy forced Grant to fight her in Dr. Oliver's class," Zoey snaps.

                            "I didn't force Grant to do anything. All I did was stand up to him." Tracy says breathlessly, as she slowly stands up.

                            "Miss Bueno, you and I are going to my office." I say.

                            "I'll take Tracy to see a doctor," Mr. Browning says.

                            I lead Zoey to my office by the wrist.

                            Tracy's POV

                            Mom drives me to the ER while dad and Edmund follow behind us in his car.

                            "Mom, you and dad aren't mad about the scratch on the door?" I ask.

                            "No sweetie. It can be fixed with some scratch remover and a little paint." Mom answers.

                            We arrive and walk into the ER for the second time today. I see Dr. Anderson again and he has me get some X-rays done to make sure that Zoey didn't break any of my bones. We walk back to his exam room, and he looks at my right eye. He takes out his ophthalmoscope.

                            "Can you open your right eye?" Dr. Anderson asks.

                            "A little bit before it starts to hurt," I answer honestly.

                            "I'm going to open it enough so I can look at it, okay?" Dr. Anderson says.

                            I nod, and Dr. Anderson carefully opens my eye and shines the light into it. I wince in pain as I quickly shut it because my eyes don't like bright light. I do my best to follow it, and I sigh in relief when he puts the Ophthalmoscope away.

                            "You have no broken bones in your eye or your body. It will take about two to three weeks for your eye to heal." Dr. Anderson says.

                            "Thank you, Dr. Anderson," Mom says.

                            We leave the hospital and head home.

                            Principal Randall's POV

                            I slam the door to my office shut. Zoey proudly walks to the chair in front of my desk and sits down. I go over to my desk and shake my head as I sit down.

                            "Miss Bueno, have you ever reconsidered your friendship with Grant?" I ask.

                            "Principal Randall, I don't regret becoming friends with Grant. He is a great friend and even better boyfriend." Zoey says confidently.

                            "He's been a bad influence on you. Since you two have been dating, you've started bullying the other students. Not to mention, you've physically harmed Miss Burlew for the third time." I say sternly.

                            "You're suspending me again, right?" Zoey asks proudly.

                            "Miss Bueno, being suspended is nothing to be proud of, especially this late in the school year. I'm afraid you'll have to work twice as hard when you return if you want to graduate with the rest of the class." I inform.

                            "I'm only with the five-year plan," Zoey says in her proud tone.

                            "Miss Bueno, I know that your parents are expecting you to graduate on time. You're allowed back on campus in three days," I say.

                            "I guess I'll test your theory when I get home and tell my parents that I got suspended again," Zoey says with a sly grin.

                            I let out a long disappointed sigh as Zoey leaves my office.

                            Maybe I should try to get her and Grant to see Mesogog. Maybe with a little persuasion, we'll get them to help us defeat the Power Rangers.
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                              Chapter 41:Another Shocking Discovery

                              Wes's POV

                              I decided to take a walk down memory lane and went to the clock tower. It isn't the same since they rebuilt it. Now it has a digital readout, instead of an actual clock face. The city also voted not to put the odd jobs shop back in as well. I walk up the stairs and go to the window to look out at the city. I see two strange shaped rocks a few feet in front of me. One is purple and the other Silver.

                              These look prehistoric. I wonder how they got up here?

                              I pick them up and put them in my pocket. I close my eyes and start to have a flashback of the last time Jen and I were out here before Ransik attacked the city for the last time. A few seconds later, I feel someone tapping me on the shoulder.

                              "Wes, are you still with me dude?" Eric says.

                              I open my eyes and turn around. "Sorry, Eric I guess I got lost in my memories of when this tower was well -older."

                              "You'll have time to reminisce later. We're needed back at headquarters," Eric says.

                              "Okay," I sigh.

                              Dr. Oliver's POV

                              A week has passed since Edmund came back. Tracy is happy that she can open her eye but hates using makeup to cover up the parts of her eye that were still black. She is in the lab with Hayley and me.

                              "Hayley, did you figure out how to get the pink ranger back in battle?" Tracy asks.

                              "Not yet, but did anything else happen while you were back in Angel Grove?" Hayley replies.'

                              "I did enter a karate tournament. Mike and I helped the other rangers fight one of Rita's monsters." Tracy says.

                              "What did this monster do exactly," I ask.

                              "It attacked us with thorns," Tracy answers.

                              "Did they have any poison in them?" Hayley asks.

                              "No," Tracy replies.

                              A few seconds later the screen lights up, signaling an incoming message. Hayley presses the enter key, and Wes's face appears on the screen.

                              "Hi, Tommy, oh, I see one of your students is there too. Tracy- right?" Wes says.

                              "Yes, but how did you know my name?" Tracy asks.

                              "I've been keeping in contact with Tommy. We teamed up on the moon," Wes answers.

                              "Rewind, you fought a battle on the moon?" Tracy gasps.

                              "Yes, me, along with your teacher and eight other red rangers," Wes says.

                              "How come only red rangers? The spaceship isn't big enough to carry any other color," Tracy jokes.

                              "Well, I was wondering how long it would be before I'd get to hear one of her jokes," Wes chuckles.

                              "So, why did you call?" I ask.

                              "I was walking around the clock tower earlier and found these," Wes answers holding up the dino gems.

                              "How did they get there?" Tracy asks.

                              "I'm not sure, but we'll figure that out later. Wes, you need to bring them here as soon as possible." I say.

                              "Sure thing Tommy, I'll be there soon," Wes says.

                              "When do we contact the others, Dr. O?" Tracy asks.

                              "After Wes gets here and we've had some time to figure out how the gems ended up in Silver Hills," I answer.

                              "If Wes found the gems in Silver Hills, doesn't that mean that there are two more zords hidden there too?" Tracy asks.

                              "It's possible. While we wait for him to arrive, shouldn't you get started on your homework?" I answer.

                              "I've finished it - somewhat," Tracy says.

                              "In others words, you've done all of it except for PreCalculus," I say.

                              "Dr. O, I thought you were my teacher, not my dad. I already have one, last time I checked." Tracy says sarcastically.

                              "I know, but your parents wouldn't be happy if you let your grades slip," I remind her.

                              "Okay, if the kitchen gets trashed due to my frustration, it's on you. Hayley could you give me a hand." Tracy jokes.

                              "Sorry, it won't do you any good if I do your homework for you," Hayley says.

                              "Fine, but I'm making sure whatever career I go into won't need me to know any higher level of math than what I already know," Tracy says.

                              Tracy and I head back upstairs. I sit down on the couch in the living room to wait for Wes. While Tracy goes to the kitchen.

                              I hope Wes gets here before Mesogog finds out what he discovered.
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                                Chapter 42: More New Rangers?
                                Normal POV

                                Wes and Eric pull into the city. They need to make a quick stop for a potty break and maybe get something to drink as well. Wes sees the sign for Hayley's cyberspace and tells Eric to follow the signs. He pulls into the parking park. After he finds a spot, they head inside. Trent and Hayley look up from the bar. She had left the lab an hour ago to check on the cafe.

                                "Hayley, do those two guys look familiar to you?" Trent asks.

                                "Yes, that is Eric Myers and Wes Collins of the Silver Guardians," Hayley answers.

                                Hayley greets them as they walk up to the bar. "Hello, welcome to Hayley's Cyberspace. How can I help you two today?"

                                "Where are the restrooms?" Wes asks.

                                "They're in the back it's the second door on the right," Hayley answers.

                                Wes and Eric return and ask to get their drinks to go. After Eric pays for them they walk out to the car. They arrive to see Elsa trying to break into it.

                                "Freeze and step away from the car with your hands up," Wes says dropping his drink and taking out his blaster.

                                "Do it now or we'll be forced to shoot," Eric adds, mimicking his partner's action as he takes out his blaster.

                                Elsa smirks as she slowly backs away from the car. She turns around and calls for some Tdrones."I'm sorry, but my master knows what you're hiding in your vehicle. He wants me to bring them to him. Tdrones get them,"

                                Elsa turns back around and continues to pick the lock on the rear door. They quickly blast their way through the Tdrones. Back inside the cafe, a frantic customer runs inside. "There are two Power Rangers outside,"

                                Trent looks over at Hayley. She nods. Trent leaves out the back. He hides behind the dumpster and morphs. Meanwhile, in the parking lot, Elsa finally gets the door open, She takes out her sword to cut the chains around the box, puts her sword away and picks up the box. After she turns around there is a streak of white and the box disappears from her hands.

                                "Sorry Elsa, but Mesogog won't be getting this box," Trent says.

                                "You'll pay for this, white ranger," Elsa says,

                                Wes and Eric run over, pointing their weapons at her. A few seconds later they see an Invisa-portal open up and watch her escape through it. Trent turns around and the rangers demorph. He hands the box to Wes.

                                "Thanks for the assist," Wes says.

                                "You're welcome," Trent says.

                                Wes puts the box back inside the car on the floor in front of the back seat. A few seconds later after he closes the door, Trent's Communicator goes off.

                                "Is everything okay over there? The cameras recorded Elsa retreating through an Invisa- portal," Dr. Oliver says.

                                "Yes, Tommy, everything's fine. Trent got the gems back before one of Mesogog's henchman got away with them," Eric says.

                                "Good work Trent," Dr. Oliver says.

                                "We'll be there soon Tommy," Eric says.

                                Dr. Oliver signs off. Wes offers to give Trent a ride to Dr. Oliver's house. Trent goes back inside the Cafe to tell Hayley he has to clock out early.

                                "It's okay, Trent, just go. I can handle things by myself,"Hayley says.

                                Trent leaves again and walks up to Wes and Eric. They get into the car and Wes drives off down the road.

                                Dr. Oliver's POV

                                I decide to head back upstairs to check on Tracy, and to make sure that the kitchen table is still in one piece. I get to the top of the stairs in time to hear a loud groan of frustration coming from the kitchen. I get to the kitchen to see Tracy erasing a hole in her paper.

                                "You might want to calm down before you break the table again," I say.

                                Tracy looks up at me after setting down her pencil. "Sorry Dr. O, but I've done this problem three times and I still keep getting the wrong answer."

                                "How many do you have left to do?" I ask.

                                "Three," Tracy answers.

                                "How about you take a short break? Wes and Eric will be here soon," I say.

                                "Sounds good to me," Tracy says.

                                Tracy starts to pack up her things when I hear a knock on the front door. We leave the room and walk to the front door. I open it to see Wes, Eric, and Trent standing on the other side. Wes is carrying the box with gems.

                                "Come in, we'll talk more in the lab," I say.

                                We walk down the stairs to the lab. Wes sets the box down on the table.

                                "I've called the others.They'll be here soon," I say.

                                "What are we supposed to do while we wait?" Trent asks.

                                "I'm not going back upstairs to do my math homework," Tracy jokes.

                                We chuckle at Tracy's joke. Five minutes later Conner, Kira and Ethan along with Hayley arrive.

                                "If Mesogog sent Elsa to steal the gems. We're in big trouble," Trent says.

                                "Gee Trent thank you for stating the obvious," Tracy says sarcastically.

                                "Tracy this isn't the best time for sarcasm," Kira says.

                                "Sorry, does this mean we have to find someone to guard them?" Tracy asks.

                                "Yes, but for now, I'll keep them here," I answer.

                                "Does that mean we'll have to reveal our secret identities?" Tracy asks.

                                "Yes, I'm afraid so. It may be the only way to save the city," I reply honestly.
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                                  Chapter 43: Elsa's Sneak Attack

                                  Normal POV

                                  The next morning at the Torres house, Tracy and Amber walk into the kitchen. Tracy is wearing a purple evening rose t-shirt, navy skinny jeans and short black Ugg boots. She hangs her bookbag on the side of her chair before she sits down. Amber's mom, Cara, sets Tracy's breakfast in front of her. She sees the dark circles under her eyes after Tracy finished drying the sleep from them.

                                  "Tracy, sweetheart, are you sure that you'll be able to make it through a whole day of school. It looks like you haven't got a good night's sleep in a few days" Cara asks.

                                  "Yes, Mrs. Torres. I appreciate your concern, but I'm not going to ruin my perfect attendance record because I'm a little tired. Thank you for letting me stay the night too." Tracy answers.

                                  "You're welcome," Cara says.

                                  Tracy and Amber finish their breakfast and head out to the bus stop. While they are walking Amber stops when she sees Tracy start to fall towards the sidewalk. She catches her teammate a few seconds before Tracy hits the pavement.

                                  "Thanks, Amber, I guess lost it for a second," Tracy says.

                                  Amber helps her sit down on the curb a few steps in front of them.

                                  "I know the Senior's last day is five weeks away, and you don't want to fall behind. I think I need to call your mom. You just fainted." Amber says.

                                  "Amber I'm okay, let's move. We don't want to miss the bus, do we?" Tracy says confidently.

                                  "Sure," Amber says reluctantly.

                                  Amber helps Tracy to her feet. The girls get another block before Tracy looks up to see an Invisi-portal open up right in front of them. Elsa and some Tyrannodrones appear.

                                  You've got to kidding me. Tracy thinks.

                                  After the portal closes Elsa and the T-drones slowly approach the girls. Tracy is about to call for the others, but doesn't know if this will be the best time to reveal her identity to Amber.

                                  "Tracy, what are those things?" Amber asks.

                                  "Don't know. I've never seen them before," Tracy answers.

                                  "I can't believe you'd lie to your friend Pink Ranger," Elsa says.

                                  "Tracy, why does that lady know your name?" Amber asks.

                                  "No clue, but I think we should lady is crazy Amber. Come on, she just appeared out of thin air. Besides I'm not superhero material," Tracy says.

                                  "Tracy, I learned that you're a bad liar. You are a Power Ranger," Amber says.

                                  "I wanted to tell you, but I was hoping it'd be under better circumstances," Tracy says.

                                  "Actions speak louder than words Pink Ranger. Why don't you morph?" Elsa taunts.

                                  "Elsa, I don't need to morph to beat the Tyrannodrones," Tracy says.

                                  "Whatever, Tyrannodrones attack," Elsa says.

                                  Elsa chuckles seeing Tracy struggle against them. She is happy that she'll have the pink Dino Gem back in a few minutes. Tracy tries to use her super strength to fight, but she realizes how tired she is when she can't even defeat the two tdrones in front of her. Three more run up and pin her to the ground. She turns her head and sees the bus pulling up. After summoning up all the dino gem power she can, Tracy kicks them off.

                                  "Amber, the bus is a few blocks away. Run, I'll keep these things busy," Tracy says.

                                  "But, you'll be late for school," Amber says.

                                  "Don't worry about me, just go," Tracy shouts.

                                  Tracy's POV

                                  Amber nods. I see her run as fast as she can down the sidewalk to catch the bus. I smile when I see the bus stop, and she climbs on. It turns down the blocks, and I get back to fighting the tdrones. They pin me down again but this time, I don't have the strength to kick them away. I see one is about to take my dino gem. A few seconds later, I hear the screech of tires, so I turn my head to see Wes and Eric get out of a jeep. I watch them pull out their weapons and blast the tdrones away. They run up to me and Wes helps me to my feet.

                                  "Elsa, you forgot about us didn't you," Wes says.

                                  "You got lucky this time Pink Ranger. I'll get your gem someday," Elsa snaps.

                                  We watch her escape through another Invisi-portal before we walk back to the car. After we get in, I ask Wes if he can drive me to school.

                                  "Thanks for the help, but how did you know where to find me?" I ask.

                                  "You're welcome. We had some help from Circuit," Wes answers.

                                  "Who is Circuit?" I ask.

                                  "That would be me," A robotic owl says as it flies up to the front seat, before landing on my lap.

                                  "Hi, Circuit, how did you get here?" I ask.

                                  "Wes contacted the future and asked the commander if he could send me over to help out," Circuit says.

                                  "Do you think that you can help Hayley figure out why I can't morph?" I inquire.

                                  "Sure, but why are you so tired?" Circuit answers.

                                  "I've been having Power Ranger related nightmares as well as school related ones for the past few weeks," I say.

                                  "What kind of Ranger related nightmares?" Wes asks.

                                  "The kind where Mike is trying to destroy me." I say.

                                  "Why haven't you told the others?" Eric asks.

                                  "Because I don't want the nightmares to get any worse. After I had told Kira about them, she started showing up in them," I answer.

                                  "You're afraid if the rest of your team finds out, they'll turn up in the nightmare too," Circuit says.

                                  "Exactly," I say through a yawn.

                                  Normal POV

                                  A few seconds later Tracy falls asleep. Fifteen minutes later Wes pulls into the parking lot. Tracy wakes up and starts to get out of the car. Tracy thanks Wes for the ride before walking inside. She stops by her locker and gets her books before the warning bell rings, then walks to Dr. Oliver's class and sits down in her seat. Dr. Oliver takes notices that Tracy looks worse than she did on her first day

                                  Rita's blast did do something else to Tracy besides block her ability to morph. She looks the same way Kimberly did when Rita made her too tired to fight so she could take her power coin. Dr. Oliver thinks.

                                  He walks back over to his desk, puts down the attendance sheet then looks back up at the class.
                                  "Alright, today I'm giving you the class period to work on your final projects," The room fills with cheers and groans. Dr. Oliver walks over to the Ranger's table.

                                  "Tracy, can I talk to you in my office?" Dr. Oliver asks.

                                  Tracy nods. They walk to his office. After they are inside Dr. Oliver slowly closes the door behind him so the rest of the class couldn't hear their conversation.

                                  "Kira told me about Elsa attacking you and Amber," Dr. Oliver says.

                                  "She knows I'm a ranger. Does that mean we have to take her to the lab after school so that she can become a Power Ranger too?" Tracy says.

                                  "Yes. Rita's blast did more than just prevent you from morphing, didn't it?" Dr. Oliver asks.

                                  "No, I'm just tired from all the stress of living a double life that's all," Tracy says.

                                  The next thing Dr. Oliver sees, Tracy begins to sway back and forth. Her face turns white before her body goes limp. He catches her a few seconds before she hits the floor.

                                  Tracy's POV

                                  I think I've lost it when I feel cool water land on my face. I open my eyes, but I have to wait for things to come into focus. Then I see Nurse Polly's face.

                                  "Nurse Polly, how did I get in your office? The last thing I remember is talking with Dr. Oliver," I say.

                                  "He brought you here after you fainted," Nurse Polly says.

                                  I start to get up, but Nurse Polly puts her hand on my shoulder. She lays me back down. I blink a few times to shake off the dizzy spell.

                                  "Can I go back to class, please?" I ask.

                                  "Sorry Tracy, but I called your parents. Your mom will be here soon to pick you up," Nurse Polly says.

                                  "I can't go home. My last day is five weeks away. I refuse to fall behind," I say.

                                  "I appreciate you dedication Tracy, but If you stay you could get seriously hurt." Nurse Polly says.

                                  I turn my head when we hear a knock on the door. Nurse Polly walks over to it after she opens the door and I see Wes standing in the doorway.

                                  "Hi, I'm Wes Collins," Wes says.

                                  "May I help you?" Nurse Polly asks.

                                  "Yes, I'm friends with Tracy's mother. She just got called into work to assist in an emergency with one of the residents. I'll be taking Tracy home," Wes answers.

                                  Nurse Polly and Wes walk over to me. Wes helps me off the exam table. Wes and I leave Nurse Polly's office. We stop by my locker so I can get my things then we head out to the car.
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                                    Chapter 44: Another Veteran Ranger Surprise

                                    Normal POV

                                    Wes tells Tracy they'll be heading to Silver Hills. Tracy is too tired to show much excitement about getting to explore the city that Wes and the other Time Force Rangers protected from Ransik.

                                    "Wait, are you sure that my mom is okay with this?" Tracy asks.

                                    "Yes, Eric and I met her. She said it would help you to relax and recover if you leave Reefside for a few hours." Wes answers.

                                    "Okay, so where are we going?" Tracy says.

                                    "We heading back to the Silver Guardians headquarters. Eric and I need to fill my dad in on what happened in Reefside." Wes says.

                                    "Wes, your dad is in charge of The Silver Guardians?" Tracy asks.

                                    "Yup," Wes says.

                                    Twenty minutes later, Wes parks in the car in Silver Guardians HQ parking lot. He and Eric turn their heads and see Tracy fast asleep in the backseat with Circuit perched on her right shoulder.

                                    "We always could have Circuit wake Tracy up by pecking her cheek," Eric says.

                                    "Eric, that's mean," Wes scolds slapping his partner on the shoulder.

                                    "Yes, I don't want to hurt her," Circuit says.

                                    "Relax, you two, I was kidding," Eric smirks.

                                    "No you weren't," Wes smirks back.

                                    Wes nods and Circuit nuzzles her cheek. Tracy moans as she slowly opens her eyes.

                                    "Sorry Tracy, but we're here," Wes says.

                                    "I'm not a child, how come I can't sleep in the car while you and Eric go talk to your dad?" Tracy asks.

                                    "You can get some more sleep after you meet him, and we head to my house, okay?" Wes says.

                                    Back at Reefside High, Amber and Conner walk into the gymnasium. They see different gymnastic equipment set up. Mr. Jonas walks up to them. Conner can't believe his eyes when he sees Kimberly and her coach, Gunther Schmidt, enter a few seconds later.

                                    "No way, Conner, that's Kimberly Heart. She won gold at the Pan Global games two years in a row. She is the best gymnast on the entire team." Amber says.

                                    "Thank you for the kind words. I love meeting my fans," Kimberly says, shaking Amber's hand.

                                    "You're welcome, Miss Heart. Are she and coach Schmidt going to help you teach the class today, Mr. Jonas?" Amber asks.

                                    "Yes," Mr. Jonas says.

                                    Conner remembers that he saw her on the video diary on the computer in the lab. Then he sees the rest of the class file in right before the bell rings. The teens line up with the others while Mr. Jonas and his guests follow him to the bleachers. The gym teacher starts to take attendance and is shocked when he doesn't hear Tracy respond when he calls her name. "Has anyone seen Miss Burlew?"

                                    "Yes, Mr. Jonas, she fainted in Dr. Oliver's class. Her mom picked her up and took her home," Conner answers.

                                    Tracy's POV

                                    I am still upset about having to leave school, ruining my perfect attendance record. Wes, Eric, Circuit and I enter Wes's dad's office.

                                    "Hello, son, this is one of the Dino Thunder Rangers your friend Tommy is mentoring?" Mr. Collins asks.

                                    "Yes, dad, this is Tracy," Wes answers.

                                    "It's nice to meet you, sir," I say.

                                    "Tracy, you can call me Albert, alright," Mr. Collins says.

                                    "Okay, Albert," I say.

                                    "So, were you able to deliver those gems you found to Tommy?" Albert asks.

                                    "Yes, but we got attacked by Elsa," Wes answers.

                                    "Who is Elsa?" Albert asks.

                                    "She is Mesogog's henchwoman," I say.

                                    "Eric and I were able to reobtain the box with the gems, thanks to their white Ranger, Trent," Wes says.

                                    "Thank you for the report, son, so how about you take Tracy back to the house?" Albert says.

                                    "Okay dad," Wes says.

                                    "Eric, I need your help on another mission," Albert says.

                                    "Okay," Eric says.

                                    Wes and I head back out to the car. We walk to the back of the car. Wes takes out a case and hands me a small collapsible antenna.

                                    "What am I supposed to do with this, exactly?" I ask.

                                    "Just put it down right here," Circuit says.

                                    I place my antenna near his right foot and pull it up, so it's as tall as Wes's. Then Wes takes out a small remote, and a few seconds later I see a small screen appear along with a guy with green hair and a crystal on his forehead.

                                    "Hi Wes, so this is the Pink Dino Thunder Ranger. It's so nice to meet you; I'm Trip by the way." Trip says.

                                    "It's nice to meet you too, but how did you know I'm a Power Ranger? Wait, did I just see a flying car drive past by the window behind you?" I ask.

                                    "Yes, it was. I'm from the year three thousand four. We have an archive of all the former Rangers here," Trip answers.

                                    "So, does it say if I get my Ranger powers back?" I ask.

                                    "I'm afraid I can't disclose that information," Trip says.

                                    "Can you at least tell me if my parents will show up at Senior Awards night?" I inquire.

                                    Trip just shakes his head no. I give up asking questions about the future. "Why did we contact the future exactly?"

                                    "I wanted to check in on my friends," Wes answers.

                                    "Everyone is doing great Wes. Jen got promoted to lieutenant. Lucas won his fifth racing championship in a row, and he and Nadira got married. Katie and her boyfriend Ollie got engaged. I've been kind of busy helping them plan their wedding," Trip says.

                                    "Thanks got the update Trip. I'll check in again soon," Wes says.

                                    "You're welcome, Wes," Trip says.

                                    Wes presses the button again and the screen vanishes. He puts the antennas away in the pouch on his belt. We get in the car then drive to Wes's house.
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                                      Chapter 45: Secrets Reveled

                                      Wes's POV

                                      I pull into the driveway to my house. Tracy's eyes widen in shock as she gets out of the car when she sees the size of it. Our family butler, Phillips, walks up to us.

                                      "Master Wes, who is your new friend?" Phillips asks.

                                      "This is Tracy; she is one of the students Tommy is teaching at Reefside High," I say.

                                      "Why isn't she in school?" Phillips asks.

                                      "The stress got the best of me," Tracy answers.

                                      "Yes, her mom agreed that she could stay here to rest for a few hours," I say.

                                      "Shall I show her to one of the spare rooms then Master Wes?" Philips asks.

                                      I nod. We walk into the house. I go to the kitchen while Philips leads Tracy up the stairs to her room.

                                      Tracy's POV

                                      Phillips opens the door to the room. It has a queen size bed, a fireplace on one wall, a balcony with a view of the side yard, and a desk is along the wall near the window. There is a laptop on the desk too.

                                      "Here you are Miss Tracy," Phillips says.

                                      "Thank you," I say.

                                      I walk inside after Phillips walks away. I'm still upset about having to leave school messing up my perfect attendance record. I take the laptop off the desk and sit down on the bed. I put my flash drive in the USB drive to start working on my final paper for social studies comparing Homeschooling and public schooling kids. I finished rewriting the concluding paragraph when my communicator goes off. I hit save then answer it.

                                      "What's up? I thought we aren't supposed to use our communicator outside of battle," I say.

                                      "I wanted to tell you who Amber and I meet in gym class today," Conner says.

                                      "What did I miss in gym class?" I ask.

                                      "Kimberly Heart and her coach helped Mr. Jonas teach us basic gymnastic skills," Conner answers.

                                      "Aww man," I whine.

                                      "Do you think that you'll be strong enough to meet us at the lab after school," Conner asks.

                                      "Sure, I'll ask Wes to give me a ride," I say.

                                      "I have to go. Lunch is going to end soon," Conner says.

                                      I let go of the sides of my bracelet and finished editing my social studies essay. I closed my Microsoft Word document after saving it again, then place the laptop on the nightstand. I lay down to take a quick catnap. I hear the alarm on my phone go off, waking me up from a good dream for once. I rub my eyes and pick up my phone, turn off the alarm, then head downstairs to the kitchen. I enter to see Wes sitting at the island in the middle of the room.

                                      "Hi, Wes," I say.

                                      "Hi, Tracy, I take it you're hungry?" Wes asks hearing my stomach growling.

                                      "Yes, maybe a little. May I have a strawberry-banana smoothie and grilled chicken and cheese sandwich please?" I ask.

                                      "Of course Miss, I'll have it ready in a few minutes," Phillips says.

                                      Conner's POV

                                      I contact Tracy during lunch to tell her about Kimberly and to tell her that we are meeting after school at the lab. After the final bell rings, I go to Dr. Oliver's class after getting my things from my locker. I'm about to head down the stairs when Amber walks up to me. "Hey Conner, I went to Johnson's classroom and got a copy of the study guide for the PreCalculus exam for Tracy. Do you know why Mike didn't get it for her?"

                                      "No, that's weird. I'll give it to Tracy when I see her at the Cybercafe," I say.

                                      "So, why are you heading back to Dr. O's classroom?" Amber asks.

                                      "Well, you remember this morning when you and Tracy got attacked by Elsa?" I answer.

                                      "Yeah, wait a second, you're a power ranger too," Amber gasps.

                                      "Yes, and you might as well come with me. You're not going to believe who else is a ranger too," I say.

                                      Amber and I head to the classroom. As we enter, I see Kimberly standing next to Dr. O while the others except for Mike are standing in front of the counter in front of the room.

                                      "Where is Mike?" I ask.

                                      "I don't know. I told him to meet us here," Kira says.

                                      "Mike is a ranger?" Amber asks.

                                      "Yes, he's our green ranger," Ethan says.

                                      "That's cool, so what color are the rest of you?" Amber says.

                                      "I'm red, Ethan's blue, Kira is yellow, Trent is white and Dr. O is Black," I say.

                                      "Isn't the red ranger supposed to be the leader?" Amber says skeptically.

                                      "I know, I was shocked too," Kira says.

                                      "Wait a second; Kimberly is a power ranger?" Amber asks.

                                      "I was when I was a teenager," Kimberly says.

                                      "So, if Tracy is the pink ranger when did she use her ranger powers to fight Elsa?" Amber says.

                                      "She can't morph," Ethan says.

                                      "Why?" Amber asks.

                                      "I'll explain everything at the lab," Dr. O says.

                                      "Where is the lab?" Amber asks.

                                      "It's at my house," Dr. O answers.

                                      "Am I going to be a Power Ranger, too? Awesome," Amber says.

                                      "Yes, but it's a big responsibility," Dr. O says.

                                      "I know I can handle it," Amber says confidently.

                                      "Well, let's get going then," Dr. O says.

                                      We leave the room and head to the parking lot. Amber and I get into my car. Kimberly gets in her car. While the others get into Dr. O jeep, we head to the lab.


                                      Normal POV

                                      The group arrives at Dr. Oliver's house; Amber gets out of Conner's car. She turns to her left to see Was and Tracy walk over to them.

                                      "Hey, Amber, did you get a copy of the study guide for Mr. Johnson's PreCalculus final by any chance?" Tracy asks.

                                      "Yes, I did," Amber says.

                                      Amber takes the study guide out of her book bag and gives it to Tracy. After Tracy puts it in her Michigan State bookbag, they head inside the house and head down the stairs to the lab. They reach the bottom of the stairs, and the silver and purple Dino Gems are on the table in the middle of the room.

                                      "So, which gem is mine," Amber asks.

                                      "The funny thing is you don't get to choose the gem. It's gong to choose you," Tracy says.

                                      "How is it going to do that?" Amber asks.

                                      "Just walk over to the table and find out," Tracy answers.

                                      Amber walks over to the table. She places her hands over the silver Dino Gem and nervously waits for something to happen.
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                                        Chapter 46: Tracy gets Kidnapped

                                        Normal POV

                                        Amber closes her eyes and wishes that the gem will choose her since silver is her favorite color. She slowly opens her eyes and frowns when the Silver Dino gem doesn't light up. She moves her hand over the purple dino gem. The team smiles when they see it start to glow. Amber gasps when she sees a quick vision of an Archelon swimming around underneath the ocean. She picks up her gem and walks over to her new team.

                                        "What wrong Amber?" Tracy asks.

                                        "I was hoping that I would get to the silver ranger, that's all." Amber sighs.

                                        "No offense Kimberly, but I'm not a big fan of the color pink either. You'll get used to wearing the color purple after awhile trust me," Tracy says.

                                        "What dinosaur bonded to that gem?" Ethan asks.

                                        "It looked like a sea turtle," Amber answers.

                                        "That would be an Archelon. It lived in the Cretaceous period," Dr. Oliver says.

                                        "Amber, I'm kind of excited to see what special power that gem will give you," Tracy says.

                                        "What power did your gem give you?" Amber asks.

                                        "I got super strength," Tracy answers.

                                        "It would be cool if I could breathe underwater," Amber says.

                                        "I'll get to work making a morpher for you Amber," Hayley says.

                                        "Thank you, Hayley," Amber says.

                                        "You're welcome, just doing my job," Hayley says.

                                        "So, Tracy why did you faint at school today?" Conner asks.

                                        "I think we should bring Amber up to speed first before I answer your question Conner," Tracy answers.

                                        After Tommy tells Hayley what the head of an Archelon looks like, she leaves the group to get to work on Amber's morpher. Then the others tell Amber about everything that has happened since the beginning of the school year when they first found the dino gems. Then Tracy tells Amber about her trip back to Angel Grove, meeting Dr. Oliver and Kimberly as teenagers along with the rest of the Mighty Morphin' Rangers, fighting one of Rita's monsters, and meeting the Space Rangers.

                                        "Rita putting a spell on Mike sure would explain his current attitude adjustment," Conner says.

                                        "Yeah, but it doesn't explain why you passed out Trac," Amber says.

                                        "Rita's blast didn't just block my Ranger powers. It has been giving me nightmares about Mike destroying me. When I told Kira about my nightmares she started to show up in them too," Tracy says.

                                        "That would explain why you look like you haven't slept in days," Ethan says.

                                        "Have they found why you can't morph?" Amber asks.

                                        "No," Tracy sighs.

                                        Circuit flies over to the table where the silver Dino gem is, then says, "Maybe I can help. Set your Dino gem down on the table, please," Tracy knows he is from the year 3000 and all. She is a little nervous that he really could figure out why she can't morph. She is tired of not being able to morph and walks over to the robotic owl. She takes off her bracelet and places it in front of him. He does a diagnostics scan and when it's finished, the owl flies over to the computer. Then he projects it onto the screen so the team could see it. Tracy puts her bracelet back on and heads back to the group.

                                        "Tracy, it looks like Rita's blast created a thick coating on your gem that is blocking your access to the morphing grid," Circuit says.

                                        "That doesn't make any sense. My Dino Gem had an encasing on it and I still could morph," Trent says.

                                        "This coating is composed of something different than the coating on your gem Trent," Circuit explains.

                                        "What kind of material in this universe is even capable of blocking my morphing powers? Is there a way to break the coating?" Tracy asks.

                                        "Not sure, but I'm going to stay here and help Hayley. If that's okay with you Tommy?" Circuit says.

                                        "Sure, it's fine with me," Dr. Oliver says.

                                        "What are we supposed to do while you're doing that?" Tracy asks.

                                        "You should head home to start studying for your finals," Dr. Oliver suggests.

                                        The teens groan as they leave the room. Tracy waves goodbye to her friends as they drive away. She heads back inside to the kitchen to start on her math homework again. Wes was her ride so she had to wait till Circuit was finished helping Hayley. Then she walks past the living room and puts on the breaks seeing Elsa sitting on the couch. She slowly walks inside but stands across from her near the open window.

                                        "How did you find this place?" Tracy asks.

                                        "Pretty easily, you didn't think that Mesogog has been monitoring you and the other rangers?" Elsa answers.

                                        "Wait, so Mesogog also knows that my parents..." Tracy says.

                                        "Yes, he does Pink Ranger." Elsa threatens.

                                        "Let me guess, you want my gem," Tracy says sarcastically.

                                        "Yes, but he wants to see you too," Elsa says.

                                        "What makes you think I'd come with you willingly?" Tracy asks.

                                        Elsa gets up and leaps across the room. She grabs Tracy around her waist then quickly covers her mouth to mute her screams. Tracy thrashes around and knocks a vase off the bookshelf next to her. Elsa takes out a taser and shocks Tracy. She manages to knock a few more things off the shelf hoping that Circuit would be able to hear want is going on and alert Dr. Oliver. Tracy slowly lifts her head and sees an invi-portal opening above them as everything slowly fades to black.

                                        Wes's POV

                                        Circuit suddenly stops helping Hayley and flies up the stairs. I follow him to find what his audio sensors picked up. I walk into the living room to see him sitting on Tracy's backpack, along with several broken objects on the floor.

                                        "Circuit, do you think you can try to locate Tracy's signal?" I ask.

                                        "I can try, but why would someone kidnap Tracy?" Circuit says.

                                        I have a bad feeling about this. Tracy, help is on the way.
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                                          Chapter 47: Rescuing Tracy Again Part 1, - A Time Force Reunion

                                          Wes's POV

                                          Circuit flies over to me and sets Tracy's bookbag in front of me. I pick it up, and we head back downstairs to the lab. Tommy has a look of pure shock when he sees Tracy's bag in my right hand. Circuit flies past our heads then lands in front of the computer.

                                          "Circuit, have you located Tracy's signal?"

                                          "Not yet, but I'll widen my search parameters to find it,"

                                          "Do you think that Elsa could have kidnapped Tracy?"

                                          "Seems like the most logical explanation Wes,"

                                          "How did Elsa even know that she'd be here?"

                                          "Mesogog must have been tracking us for a while," Hayley says.

                                          "How did she even get into the house?"

                                          "She must have used an invisiportal,"

                                          Tracy's POV

                                          I slowly open my eyes and try to sit up. I get a few inches up off the chair, and I feel someone shove me back down. I bite my bottom lip to keep myself from swearing due to the sharp pain that starts to flow through my body. I hear an evil laugh and turn my head to see Elsa standing next to the chair.

                                          "Well, pink ranger I thought you'd wake up sooner,"

                                          "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Elsa. High school is stressful, especially senior year."

                                          "Whatever, Zeltrax, watch our prisoner while I go get Mesogog,"

                                          I look back up at the ceiling. I wait till I hear the door to the room close before I try to escape. I try to call on my dino power, but nothing happens.

                                          What's going on? I know I'm tired, but this is ridiculous. I should be able to use my dino powers.

                                          I hear another evil laugh and look to my right to see Zeltrax holding my gem in his hand. The next thing I see makes me wish that this is just a nightmare, I see Zoey and Grant walk up from the back corner.

                                          "Hello, Tracy, so where's your bodyguard," Grant taunts.

                                          "Yeah, I still can't believe that he asked you out," Zoey adds.

                                          "What are you guys doing here?"

                                          "We wanted revenge for you getting us into trouble at school," Grant answers.

                                          "Yeah," Zoey adds growling through her teeth.

                                          "I didn't get either of you in trouble. It was your actions and the decisions you made. Neither of you ever considered the consequences,"

                                          "Turn on the life-force extractor," Zeltrax says.

                                          Then I see Zoey hit a button on the panel next to her. I look back up to see the life-force extractor which is a few feet in front of me, powering up. A few seconds later I see a red light surround it and hear a warbling sound. Grant lets out an evil laugh, and his sneakers squeak as he walks up. I see a smirk on his face as he brings the spiral end of the machine closer to my face.

                                          "Your friends will never find you. Also, you'll never get to walk across that stage to get your diploma,"

                                          Wes's POV

                                          "Should we contact her parents?"

                                          "No, I'm sure she is trying to get free," Tommy says confidently.

                                          A few seconds later we hear Circuit say,"I found Tracy's signal. She is in Mesogog's fortress on his hidden island."

                                          "Great work Circuit, can you locate an invisiportal to get me there,"

                                          "I'm on it, Wes,"

                                          "Wes, I'm going as well. Tracy is one of my teammates, so I'm responsible for her safety," Tommy says.

                                          "I'm going too, as some extra muscle," Eric adds.

                                          "Should we go in morphed?"

                                          "Yes, it will help protect us in case Mesogog sends one of his monster's to distract us," Tommy answers.

                                          I nervously tap my fingers on my morpher while we wait for Circuit to find an invisiportal. Eric gets out of his chair and walks over to me. He puts his hand on my shoulder. "Relax Wes. Tracy is a lot like Jen. They're both tough and kind of stubborn. I'm sure she's trying to escape right now,"

                                          I hope you're right Eric. I wish Jen were here right now. She'd be a big help to this mission as well.

                                          "Thanks, Eric. I'm going to get some air."

                                          I walk outside and sit down on the front steps. I rub my temples to release the stress building up. As I slowly open my eyes, I see another car pull up. My heart leaps out of my chest seeing Jen get out of the driver's side. I stand up and walk over to her.

                                          "Hey, Wes,"

                                          "Hi, Jen, what are you doing here?"

                                          "Well, Tommy Oliver is a Power Ranger legend. I thought it would be an amazing experience to team up with him,"

                                          "I thought the real reason was that you missed me,"

                                          Jen kiss me on the cheek."That too, now let's head back inside,"

                                          "Right, Circuit probably has located the invisiportal we need to help us rescue Tracy,"

                                          We head downstairs to the lab. I see that Circuit found the invisiportal and the coordinates were on the computer screen. Circuit flies over to us and lands on Jen's shoulder.

                                          "Hi, Circuit, it's good to see you too,"

                                          "Circuit, you two can catch up later. We have a mission,"

                                          "So, how are we going to get there?" Eric asks.

                                          "You'll have to ride our Raptor cycles," Hayley says.

                                          "Sounds good, now let's get going."

                                          Circuit flies back over to Hayley. Tommy and Eric walk over to us.

                                          "Everyone Ready?" Tommy asks.

                                          "Ready," We say.

                                          "Let's do this. Dino Thunder Power Up,"

                                          "Time For Time Force," Jen and I say.

                                          "Quantum Power,"

                                          Then we walk over to our bikes. Jen gets on Tracy's bike. I get on the red bike. Eric gets on the blue one. While Tommy gets on his ATV, then the wall in front of us opens, and we see a swirling portal.

                                          "So, we ride into this thing, right?"

                                          "Yes, since your the red ranger Wes you get to go first,"

                                          "Thanks, Tommy,"

                                          I rev the engine before I slowly let go of the gas and race off into the portal.

                                          Stay strong, Tracy, help is on the way.
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                                            Chapter 48: Rescuing Tracy Again Part 2, - The Mission and More Help

                                            Wes's POV

                                            We get off the bikes and head down the hallway till it splits off in two directions.

                                            "Let's split up into teams of two," I say.

                                            "What do we do if one team finds Tracy? I'm sure the Mesogog will be able to hear us," Jen says.

                                            "We'll have to risk it, Jen, while one team deals with what Mesogog sends to distract us the others will rescue Tracy," I say.

                                            Okay, so who is going with who?" Tommy asks.

                                            "I'll team up with Tommy. I haven't had a chance to work alongside him," Jen says.

                                            "Well, Eric, it looks like we're partners," I say.

                                            Eric and I go to the left while Jen and Tommy go to the right.

                                            Tracy's POV

                                            I start to feel dizzy and turn my head to see nothing but blurry blobs. I look back up at the ceiling as my eyes begin to get heavy. A few seconds later everything turns black. I hear an evil laugh as I feel someone take my Dino Gem off my wrist. I try to wake up, but my body won't let me.

                                            "You can turn off the machine now Zeltrax," a new voice says.

                                            "Yes, Lord Mesogog," Zeltrax says.

                                            My body slowly regains some strength when I hear the machine turn off. I try one more time to wake up. This time I'm able to open my eyes and make out Dr. O run in then kicks Zeltrax and catch my Dino Gem before it hits the floor. My vision returns to normal, and I'm a bit confused when I see another Pink Ranger and Two Red Rangers standing around me as some T-Drones appear in front of Zeltrax and a freaky looking lizard man.

                                            "Wes, we'll deal with the Tyranodrones and the others. You help Tracy," Dr. O says.

                                            "You got it, Tommy," one of the Red Rangers says.

                                            The second red ranger turns around. His suit and helmet have a red arrow on them. He unhooks the restraints and helps me down off the chair.

                                            "Wes, I didn't think your powers were still active," I say.

                                            "They are and don't worry, Tracy, we'll have you out of here soon," Wes says.

                                            "How did you find me?"

                                            "Circuit located your signal,"

                                            "When we get back I'll have to thank him,"

                                            "Can you walk?"

                                            I take a few steps before my legs turn to jelly. I start to fall to the floor. Wes catches me before I hit the floor. He puts my left arm around his shoulder and helps me out of the room. We go down the hallway, and I smile when I see my bike.

                                            "Should we try to contact Hayley?"

                                            "After the others get back,"

                                            We wait three more minutes before Dr. O, and the other Rangers show up. Dr. O hands me back my gem. I put it back on my wrist. A few seconds later I feel a sudden rush of power flow through me like my Ranger powers were coming back. We turn around when we hear some T-drones walking up. I want to morph but remember that I can't since I don't have my morpher.

                                            "We should get out of here," Wes says.

                                            "Good call, Hayley," Dr. O says.

                                            "I'm on it," Hayley says.

                                            I hear the portal open. I walk over to my bike, but another dizzy spell hits me. I fall towards the floor again, but this time the pink ranger catches me.

                                            "Thanks," I say.

                                            "No Problem, I'm Jen," the Pink Ranger says.

                                            "Jen, you can talk after we get back to the lab," Wes shouts.

                                            Jen helps me onto the bike, and she climbs on too then we drive through the portal.

                                            Normal POV

                                            Tracy is semiconscious as they enter the lab. Hayley asks Jen to bring her over to the exam table so she can examine Tracy. Jen helps Tracy over to the exam table after Tracy collapses for the third time since the group rescued her. Wes carries Tracy over to to the cot he set up, then rejoins the group.

                                            "So, is Tracy going to be okay?" Wes asks.

                                            "She is going to be fine, Wes. It looks like some of the evil coating on her gem is missing," Hayley answers.

                                            "What does that mean?" Jen asks.

                                            "I think some of her power may be active," Hayley replies.

                                            "We'll have to wait for her to wake up to find out," Tommy says.

                                            "So, Tommy, you wouldn't mind if we stayed to help out," Eric asks.

                                            "It would be great to get back to action things are pretty quiet back home," Wes adds.

                                            "Sure, my team could learn a lot fighting alongside you," Tommy says.
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                                              Chapter 49: Tracy's Singing Issue part 1- Voice Cracking

                                              Normal POV

                                              The next morning the Rangers arrive at school and head to their lockers. Tracy is happy that her Ranger powers will be back soon. She is disappointed that her Dino Gem powers haven't returned to full strength yet. She tried to test them before school and wasn't even able pick up one of the bookshelves in Dr. Oliver's living room. As she finishes putting her things away, Tracy sees Amber walk up from the corner of her eye. Tracy turns around after closing her locker door and gathering her things for homeroom.

                                              "Hey, Amber, what's up?"

                                              "I was wondering if you had any idea when I'll get a chance to morph?" Amber asks.

                                              Tracy feels her heart nearly leap out of her chest as she sees Cassidy and Devin turn the corner. She quickly covers Amber's mouth with her left hand as they walk up to them.

                                              "Why would Amber be asking you about when she is going to morph?" Cassidy asks.

                                              "Becuase she was asking me if I have even seen that bit from Animaniacs where they did a parody of The Power Rangers," Tracy answers.

                                              "Oh Super Strong Warner Siblings I loved that bit," Devin says.

                                              Tracy happily cheers inside her head when she sees the rest of her friends walk up.

                                              "Yeah, I loved Animaniacs, the Bumbie's mom one a good one too," Ethan says.

                                              "I always like the 'Good Idea, Bad Idea" bits," Conner adds.

                                              "I enjoyed this trip down nostalgia lane, but we really should get to class before we're all late," Devin says.

                                              Tracy takes her hands away from Amber's mouth after she sees Devin lead Cassidy away from the group and they were far enough down the hall where they couldn't hear them anymore. Then Tracy lets a long sigh of relief.

                                              "What was that for?" Amber asks.

                                              "We have to keep our 'after school club' a secret from the rest of the school, remember?" Tracy answers.

                                              "I'm sorry, Trac, I'm just excited," Amber apologizes.

                                              "It's fine just keep your voice down. I don't want to be a part of another news story for the school, alright," Tracy says.

                                              Amber nods and the group heads to class. Before Dr. Oliver starts his lecture, Conner and the others ask Tracy if she had received any real acceptance letters from the schools she had applied to before she moved Reefside. She tells them that she got into Michigan State. The school is offering her a full ride scholarship for her first year of class and a softball scholarship too.

                                              "Tracy, that's great," Trent says.

                                              "Yeah, congrats," Ethan adds.

                                              "So have you decided what your major is going to be?" Kira asks.

                                              "Music Education," Tracy answers.

                                              "Sounds like a good choice to me," Kira says.

                                              Tracy's POV

                                              I couldn't focus in Dr. Oiver's class today since I wasn't sure if Mike even remembers that he is supposed to fight alongside us to defeat Mesogog. Kira and I walk into Miss May's class. She asks me to sing first today, and I'm a little nervous the last time I sang a G note my voice cracked. I walk over to Miss May's laptop and plug in my IPod. I picked "Somewhere Out There." When I get to the end where the high note is as I start to sing it my voice cracks, so Miss May stops the song and walks over to me. She hands me my Ipod and slowly put it back in my pocket.

                                              "I think you should sit out the rest of class today. I'd hate for you to damage your vocal cords,"

                                              I nod and walk back to my seat. Kira looks over at me and asks,"Do you know why your voice just cracked?"

                                              "No, but I hope there isn't something seriously wrong with my voice,"

                                              "Me too," Kira says.

                                              The rest of music class flies by, as I hear the bell ring. Kira and I leave to go to our lockers. I 'm nervous about going to the doctors since I'm still on the fence about knowing what is wrong with my voice. The rest of the school day the only thing on my mind is am I ever going to be able to sing again. I texted my parents during lunch and mom replied that she was able to schedule an appointment with my doctor at five. I need to drive myself there, and they'd meet me to give me some support. When I arrive and walk into the waiting room and sit down in one of the chairs to wait for my parents to show up, then one of the nurses walks up to me, and she says, "Tracy after your mother called and explained what happened to your doctor. He suggested that you see our ENT physician."

                                              The nurse walks back to her desk. I look to my left to see my parents walk in. They sit down next to me, and we wait for the doctor to come out. Twenty minutes later we leave the doctor's office. It turns out I have nodules on my vocal cords. I'm glad that I didn't need surgery to have them removed. The doctor set me up with an appointment with a vocal therapist that would teach me the proper techniques so the nodules I have now can heal properly and prevent any from returning in the future.

                                              I promised Hayley that I'd sing at the cybercafe on Friday. I hope she won't be mad at me since I'm going to have to cancel.

                                              ​​​​​I promised Hayley that I'd sing at the cybercafe on Friday. I hope she won't be mad at me since I'm going to have to cancel.

                                              I drive to the Cybercafe after telling my mom not to save me some dinner I'll get a smoothie. I park my car and walk inside to see Kira rocking on stage with her band. I sit down at the bar and let out a long sigh. After the applause fades, I feel someone place their hand on my right shoulder. I jump and nearly fall off my stool.

                                              "Sorry, Tracy, I didn't mean to scare you," Dr. Oliver says.

                                              "It's okay, Dr. O,"

                                              "So Kira told me what happened in music class today, so what did the doctor say?" Dr. Oliver asks.

                                              "I have nodules on vocal cords. I'm sorry Hayley. I'm going to have to cancel my performance on Friday,"

                                              "It's okay Tracy. I hate it if you lose your voice or damaging it from performing here on Friday. Just focus on your recovery for now," Hayley says.

                                              "Thank you, Hayley," I say trying to smile.
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                                                Chapter 50: Tracy's Singing Issues, Part 2- Surgery?!

                                                Normal POV

                                                Tracy has finished a week of vocal therapy and gone back to the doctor. She and her parents are waiting in the exam room for the doctor to come in. Tracy nervously taps the heels of her shoes against the front of the big black chair which is next to the where the scope the doctor used to look at her vocal cords. Christi looks away from her watch and sees her husband trying to calm down their nervous and scared daughter. She knows that Tracy is more worried than she is to find out whether or not she can sing at the concert at school in two weeks. She gets up from her chair and walks over to her. She sees a few tears start to form in Tracy's eyes as she looks up at her. Christi wraps her arms around her, and gives her a soft hug in an attempt to calm her fears, as well as her nerves.

                                                "Mom, I think we should just go back home." Tracy says.

                                                "Honey, I know you're scared, but we need to know if the therapy worked," Christi says.

                                                Tracy is about to try again to convince her to leave, when she hears the hinges on the door squeak. As the doctor walks in, he is carrying the clipboard in his hands. The doctor walks over to Tracy and her mom.

                                                "Tracy, are you ready?"The doctor asks.

                                                Tracy tries to remain positive and nods. Christi walks back over to her husband so the doctor can work. After he completes the full head and neck part of the exam, the Doctor numbs one side of Tracy's nose with the spray. Tracy gets into the proper position so the doctor can get the best results for her test before he slides the scope inside. He looks over at the screen and isn't too impressed by what he sees. Tracy slowly sits back after the doctor removes the scope.

                                                "So, doctor, can I sing at the last choir concert at school?" Tracy asks.

                                                "I'm afraid it will depend on how well your vocal cords heal if you choose to go through with the surgery to remove the nodules," The doctor answers.

                                                Tears start to stream down Tracy's cheeks. Benjamin gets up from his chair, and goes over to Tracy to give his daughter a hug, since his heart is breaking hearing her cry. Tracy sets her head on her dad's chest as more tears continue to flow from her eyes.

                                                "So, if we go through with the surgery, are there any side effects?" Christi says.

                                                "It's a minor procedure, but there is a slight chance that her voice may be permanently altered. I'll give you time to decide what to do. If you decide to go through with it, I'll call one of my fellow colleagues Dr. Calhoun. He is one of the best surgeons in the state and he lives here in Reefside," The doctor says.

                                                "Thank you doctor," Christi says.

                                                The doctor nods before he leaves the room. After Tracy calmed down, they leave the office and Tracy gets into her car and drives to Dr. Oliver's to fill the team in on what just happened.

                                                Tracy's POV

                                                I still can't believe that the only option I have now is surgery to remove the nodules on my vocal cords. When I pull into Dr. Oliver's driveway, I see a new car parked next to Dr. O's jeep. I walk up to the front door and knock on it. Dr. O opens the door and invites me in. We walk to the kitchen and I see Kimberly sitting at the table.

                                                "Hi, Tracy, how are you? Tommy just told me that you found out last week that you have nodules on your vocal cords," Kimberly says.

                                                "Not too good, Kimberly. I just visited the doctor. Actually, I was hoping that the team would be here. I have some news that could change how the team operates," I say, trying my best not to sound over dramatic.

                                                "I take it, from the tear stains under your eyes, that the news wasn't what you were hoping," Kimberly says.

                                                Dr. Oliver calls the others over his morpher and everyone tells him they're on their way. We leave the kitchen and head down to the lab. When we enter I see Circuit is sitting on the perch Hayley made for him. He wakes up and flies over to us.

                                                "Hey, everyone, what's wrong? My scanners haven't picked up any activity from Mesogog." Circuit says.

                                                "Thanks for your help Circuit. Tracy just has something important to tell the team that's all," Dr. Oliver says.

                                                "Okay, Tommy, " Circuit says, flying back over to his perch.

                                                I sit down in one of the chairs in front of the computers. I know there is no point in asking Circuit to tell me what is going to happen to my voice if I decide to go through with the surgery. The whole not being allowed to talk about the future since it will mess up the time space continuum or something like that scares me. I wish Jen would let him do it just this once. The next ten minutes feel like an eternity, I let out a long sigh of relief when I hear someone come down the stairs. I look up to see Wes, Jen and Eric come down.

                                                "Hey, Wes," I say sadly.

                                                "What's wrong with her?" Eric asks.

                                                "She just got back from the doctor to find out whether or not her vocal nodules healed," Dr. Oliver says.

                                                "Got it," Eric says.

                                                They walk over to us. I look back down at my lap. I look up again when I hear my friends' voices as they come down the stairs.

                                                "I wonder what Tracy is going to tell us," Conner says.

                                                "Yeah, I hope she's going to say that we are going to get to hear her sing at the choir concert," Amber says.

                                                "Me too," Kira adds.

                                                I slowly stand up when they walk over to me.

                                                "Okay, Tracy, spill. What did the doctor say?" Amber says eagerly.

                                                I take a deep breath and let it out slowly, then hope I don't start crying again like I did at the doctor's office. "I have bad news, the therapy didn't work. My vocal nodules looked worse than they did a week ago. So, the only other option I have is to have surgery to remove them. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it."

                                                "It seems pretty obvious to just have the surgery," Conner interrupts.

                                                "Conner, you didn't let me finish. There is a chance after the surgery my voice won't sound the same,"

                                                "It would just be temporary, right?" Amber asks.

                                                "No, Amber, it would be permanent." I answer.

                                                "So, what are you going to do?" Ethan asks.

                                                I'm about to answer when the alarm goes off and Circuit flies over too. He lands on the headrest of my chair. He brings up the image on the screen behind me. Dr. Oliver, Wes, Jen, Eric and I turn around as the others gather around us. We look at the monitor and see what Mesogog has made to terrorize the city.

                                                "Mesogog has sent his newest monster and its attacking downtown," Circuit says.
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                                                  Chapter 51: Purple Ranger Debut Part 1, - The Archelo Launcher

                                                  Normal POV

                                                  "Finally, I get to make my debut and morph for the first time," Amber says eagerly.

                                                  The team lines up and Amber accidentally stands where Conner normally does. Tracy watches their bracelets turn into their morphers. She sees Amber's Archelon morpher for the first time. Amber opens the mouth on it and mimics Conner's movement as they shout, "Dino Thunder Power Up," A few moments later, Amber is in her purple ranger suit and the newest ranger is admiring how it looks from underneath her helmet. Amber's suit has the pattern of the Archelon's shell around the center symbol. The helmet is the same shape as the others, but has the shell pattern is slightly raised, so it looks like armor going all the way around it. Also, the visor looks like the Archelon's mouth.

                                                  "Wow, Amber, your Ranger suit looks so cool," Tracy says.

                                                  "I know, now I can't wait to see what my signature weapon look like," Amber says.

                                                  The group gets onto their vehicles. Dr. Oliver tells Amber she'll have to ride with Trent till Hayley gets a chance to build her a bike. After the team leaves through the portal, Tracy activates her morpher, looks down at it and lets out a long sigh.

                                                  First Mike gets turned evil, then I lose my Ranger powers and now I might lose my singing voice. I'm starting to think that the universe doesn't want me to be a superhero or become a famous vocal coach. Tracy thinks.

                                                  Circuit contacts the future and Jen asks Alex if he can send her and Wes their bikes.

                                                  "Of course Jen, I'll be there soon," Alex says.

                                                  After Circuit signs off, Jen walks over to the stairs. Wes walks over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. Tracy slowly looks up at him.

                                                  "How about you join us?" Wes says.

                                                  "I guess so, since I can't help the others," Tracy says.

                                                  She and Wes go over to the stairs. The trio heads to the lake since it's the only spot big enough for the ship to land. They reach the lake and Tracy tries to look impressed when she sees the time ship come out of the time portal.

                                                  "No offense Jen, I thought the ship would look a little cooler since it's from the future and all," Tracy says.

                                                  "None taken," Jen says.

                                                  "How did the bikes even fit on the ship?" Tracy asks.

                                                  "Why don't you see for yourself," Alex says, walking up to the carrying a briefcase.

                                                  Alex sets the case down on the ground and opens it. Tracy eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when she sees the tiny pink and Red bikes inside the case, "Okay now, that's really cool, but how to do make them big again?"

                                                  "How about I show you?" Trip says.

                                                  Jen runs up to him and gives Trip a big hug.

                                                  "It's good to see you too, Jen," Trip gasps,"Could you let me go now?"

                                                  Jen chuckles and lets him go. They rejoin the others, and Tracy sees Trip press a button on his morpher. Then a red beam of light comes out of it, the bikes float out of the case, and become regular size when their tires touch the ground.

                                                  -Welcome To Reefside-

                                                  Meanwhile, downtown, the Rangers arrive. Amber is the first to see the monster. It looks like a prehistoric shark.

                                                  "What's that thing?" Amber asks.

                                                  Wes, Jen and Tracy arrive a few moments later. Tracy runs over to her, "It looks like a Cretoxyrhina, the only predator of the Archelon,"

                                                  "So how am I supposed to fight it?" Amber asks.

                                                  "Try using your weapon," Tracy suggests.

                                                  "How do I do that?" Amber asks.

                                                  They look over at Conner and see him call for his Tyrano Staff. Amber looks back at the monster and calls for her weapon. A mini crossbow with a dial on the side near the trigger appears in front of her. Then she looks at the dial and sees the different settings: Barrage, Shock, Blind, Blind and Shock.

                                                  "What should I call it?" Amber asks.

                                                  "How does Archelo Launcher sound?' Tracy says.

                                                  "It has a nice ring to it, now let's see what the Archelo Launcher can do," Amber says confidently.

                                                  Amber sets the dial to the shock setting, aims it at the monster and pulls the trigger. The girls see a disc fly towards the monster. When it hits the monster, a bolt of electricity shocks it.

                                                  "Wow, let's see what the blind setting does," Tracy says.

                                                  Amber turns the dial to blind, and pulls the trigger again. Another disc flies towards the monster after she pulls the trigger. This time the monster punches the disc, and ink splatters on the monster's face when it shatters.

                                                  "That mode could come in handy," Tracy says.

                                                  A few seconds later an invisiportal opens, and Tracy's heart drops when she sees Mike as the green ranger. Along with Elsa appears in between them and the monster. After Mike summons his tro-bow, he points it at her chest. Tracy grabs Amber's weapon and turns the dial to the barrage setting. She looks up and watches Mike pulls back the string on his bow. Tracy's finger shakes on the trigger of the Archelo launcher.

                                                  Oh no, my nightmares are coming true - sort of. Tracy thinks.

                                                  She slowly raises the Archelo Launcher so it's at the same angle as Mike weapon, but Tracy's finger shakes on the trigger as she presses down on it. They watch several discs shoot out simultaneously towards Mike and Elsa.

                                                  Mike, I don't want to hurt you. I'm sorry, but I need to defend myself from what I know is going to happen next. Tracy thinks.
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                                                    Chapter 52: Purple Ranger Debut Part 2, - How To Break Rita's Spell
                                                    This chapter is shorter than my others but enjoy anyway.

                                                    Normal POV

                                                    Amber stands in shock as Elsa draws out her sword. Mesogog's henchwoman slashes them. All the pieces of the discs land in a big pile in front of her. Tracy brings the newest member of the team back to reality when she pokes her in the ribs with the Archelo Launcher before handing it back to her.

                                                    "Amber, I want you to set the Archelo Launcher to shock. Then, fire it at them again," Tracy says.

                                                    "Tracy, I can't do that. We don't know what will happen to Mike," Amber argues.

                                                    "You have to trust me. Mike will find the strength to fight off Rita's spell and dodge the discs." Tracy says.

                                                    Amber slowly turns the knob on the Archelo Launcher to shock. The only problem is she isn't sure if this is the best way to handle the situation. Elsa notices that the purple ranger is hesitating to attack them due to the fear of hurting the green rangers. She decides to summon up the strongest bolt of lightning she can, and it flies towards the girls.

                                                    "Amber watch out!" Wes shouts.

                                                    The girls look up. Amber stands like a deer caught in the headlights as she sees the bolt of lightning coming towards them. Tracy quickly pushes Amber out of the way and takes the full force of the blast.

                                                    "No!" The team shouts.

                                                    The kick back sends Tracy flying. She knows that screaming is bad for her vocal cords, but a scream still comes out of her mouth as she heads towards the wall of a building near her. Wes runs over to the wall and stands in front of it. Tracy mentally prepares herself for the pain she is about to feel when she hits the wall. She is surprised when she doesn't feel the texture of the wall on her skin. Instead, she feels the smoothness of the fabric of Wes's suit. Then she hears him groan as he hits the wall, but everything turns to blurry blobs due to her beginning to lose consciousness. Wes looks down at her and notices that she is fighting to stay awake.

                                                    "Thanks for the save," Tracy says weakly.

                                                    A few moments later, Wes feels Tracy's body go limp in his arms. He slowly stands up as Jen runs up to them.

                                                    "Wes, we should take her back to the lab. The others can handle the rest." Jen says.

                                                    Wes nods and they leave the battle. Amber tries to follow them since she feels like she let everyone down - especially Tracy. She goes a few steps and Elsa runs up to her and grabs her by the waist. When Tommy runs up to help her, Elsa holds the tip of her sword up against her neck.

                                                    "Sorry Tommy, but the Purple Ranger is coming with me. You'll see her again after she gives us her Dino gem." Elsa says.

                                                    The next thing Tommy sees is an invisportal opening behind them. Elsa slowly walks backward into the portal. Mike quickly runs over to it and jumps inside just as it closes. Tommy demorphs as the others run over to him.

                                                    "Let's regroup at the lab," Tommy says.

                                                    The group nods. They arrive at the lab and see that Kimberly, Wes and Tracy aren't in the room.

                                                    "Is Tracy okay?" Kira asks.

                                                    "I contacted my doctor and he gave her a checkup. He said that she'll be fine once she wakes up." Wes says walking down the stairs.

                                                    "That's good, so how do we break Rita's spell over Mike?" Conner asks.

                                                    "Yeah, I'm not sure how long we can go being down three Rangers," Ethan adds.

                                                    "I have a suggestion," Kimberly says, walking down the stairs over to Tommy.

                                                    "What is it, Kim?" Tommy asks.

                                                    "Maybe we could try using the same tactic we used when Rita had you under her spell," Kimberly answers.

                                                    "You mean we have to destroy his weapon?" Kira asks.

                                                    "Yes, Kira, that is exactly what I was thinking," Kimberly says.

                                                    "Did Dr. O loses his powers after you did that?" Trent asks.

                                                    "Yes, I did Trent, but it's a risk we have to take in order to bring him back to our side," Tommy answers.
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