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    Holy Helix Fossil, this might be my longest chapter yet! Also, this is number 21. So this is now over the twenty mark. Wow, I wasn't expecting it to run this long on the site, but wow, I'm glad it has. (Disclaimer: this isn't a bragging statement. Get that boasting outta here!)
    Enjoy! (<< Let me know if this is getting old)

    Chapter 21
    Two Opposing Forces

    The two stared and readied to clash again. Robin with his newfound resolve to win, and Bexan ready to counter Robin’s strength. However, before the two started Marco called out to the two grabbing their attention.

    “Wait a moment.”

    The two paused as Marco walked along the side of the field to the middle area. Robin and Bexan were confused as to Marco’s intentions. Marco then raised his right arm to the night sky and shouted so all present could here,

    “This is a one on one battle. The battle will continue till a mon either yields or faints. On this side we have Bexan a student with no team affiliation, but skills that can make up one. And on this side we have Robin.” Robin wondered why Marco was interrupting their fight. He looked back Bexan who sighed out of tolerance,

    “Just let him have his time.” Marco continued,

    “A mon fighting for his friends and a chance to reach a new height in life. Now you two, I want a fair fight but feel free to not hold back. With both members ready here.”

    He threw something to the two mons. Robin caught the item. It was some night black goggles. He looked at Bexan who was busy putting some goggles too. Robin was about to ask why, till Bexan explained,

    “Marco is a bit exaggerative, but it appears he wants us to go all out. Him giving us these means, he believes we’ll put on a good show. Now brace yourself wimp.”

    Robin smiled too, putting his goggles on and the two readies to resume. The three on the balcony braced to see the fight begin. Emmet asked Rein, “Who do you think will win?”

    Rein thought for a second before answering with, “I don’t know. While Bexan has skill to back his abilities, I can tell Robin is much more durable. The earlier display is enough to prove that. Along with that I don't know Robin's limits so this should be fun to watch.”

    Marco then shouted “Begin!” and Round 2 commenced.

    Bexan unleashed another Dragon Pulse, Robin quickly launched from the ground, avoiding the impact of the Dragon Move. Robin then fired his own, but Bexan avoided it. Robin then began to fly around with speed, and began to become hard to track.

    “He’s going so fast.” Dextra marveled. Emmet stared in awe too, but Rein frowned.

    “What is it?” Emmet inquired if Rein spotted something.

    “Bexan isn’t stupid. He knows how to deal the fast opponents.”

    Bexan didn’t even try to keep track of Robin. He merely braced himself and waited for the inevitable attack from the hidden Noivern. Finally, the flyer charged from the shadows, cloaking himself in Wild Charge. The attack came from Bexan’s right and despite Bexan having good reaction, couldn’t avoid it fully. He got hit by the super effective move, while Robin had mediocre damage.

    Robin’s friends cheered at his impressive hit. Bexan got back up, as Robin smiled from the hit. But stopped, when Bexan rolled his arm, cracked his necked, and smirked while saying, “That all you got?”

    Robin got serious and once again sped through the air to obscure himself. The three were still observing when Hicko jumped onto Emmet’s head from behind.

    “Hey, get your own perch” Emmet protested, but Dextra teased with, “Why, he already knows yours is good.”

    Emmet grumbled as Hicko cheered on the fight.

    Emmet sighed but nodded. Robin kept using Wild Charge after Wild Charge from one after another. Bexan avoided some and got hit by others. Every time Robin did suddenly appear, he vanished just as fast. Rein scowled, and thought in his head,

    “What is Bexan doing? I would’ve expected him to have found a way to counter by now.” Rein closed his eyes and thought for a second. As the other three watched the fight progress.

    Bexan had suffered a few strong hits and was showing signs of damage. His breathing was becoming heavy, but he kept a strong posture. Once again Robin charged out of nowhere, using wild charge. It was then Rein figured it out. He leaned over the rail with exhilaration, as Bexan evaded, with speed he hadn’t shown before, and punched with a powerful brick break onto Robin’s stomach from below. Robin crashed onto the field from the attack as Bexan ran after him.

    “Oh no!” Hicko shouted.

    “So he was playing fake.” Rein mumbled.

    “Wait, then why did he take all that damage when he could’ve evaded all this time” Emmet pointed out. Dextra added with,

    “Yeah, he didn’t deal enough damage to compensate for Robin’s hits. So why was that his strategy?” The three looked at Rein, who chuckled with saying,

    “You’ll see, just know Robin’s chances of winning just got lower.” They gulped and looked back.

    The fight had now moved to melee. Robin was using Steel Wing and Bexan was unleashing Brick Break. Neither was landing a decisive hit on the other, however their stalemate was draining them of their energy. Robin finally broke away and fired a BoomBurst widespread. Bexan fired a Dragon Pulse that pierced through the center. Robin was hit by the weakened Dragon Pulse, and Bexan was hit by part of the BoomBurst. At the end the two still were standing, panting and very low on energy.

    “It’s almost over.” Emmet noted.

    “Robin! You can do it!” Hicko shouted to Robin who nodded back.

    “Don’t be too sure Pidove.” Rein stated with a grin as the three looked back.

    “You asked me earlier why he hesitated to dodge effectively. I also was confused at first, till I realized he was doing a drawn out battle.” Rein mentioned.

    “A drawn out battle?” Hicko repeated.

    “He wants them both to get tired.” Rein clarified. They asked him to elaborate and Rein explained further as the two readied to spar again.

    “They both are low in strength by now. However, Bexan knows a move called Brine.”

    “BRINE!” Emmet shouted in shock.

    “What’s brine?” Hicko asked not following. Rein continued,

    “It’s a move that becomes twice as strong when the opponent is at least halfway beaten. He’s kept it hidden well.” Rein educated the Pidove resting on Emmet's head.

    “Plus Robin doesn’t have to much strength to fly fast anymore.” Emmet added from below the bird.

    “But, Robin can endure right? I mean water isn’t effective against Dragon.” Hicko added.

    “That’s true,” Rein agreed but led into, “but that will just lessen a very devastating blow. Because not only will Brine be very powerful and be boosted by his type similarity, one more thing adds to it. He let himself take so much damage, so he could take the win with his ability ‘Torrent’. That ability will overpower that move, despite the drawbacks. I would be surprised, if he endures it.”

    Emmet understood exactly the scopes of Rein's reasoning, since he shared such an ability along with Dextra (but with Blaze).

    Back on the field, Bexan chuckled and challenged, “You ready to feel my full strength.”

    Robin nodded and readied a Dragon Pulse. Brexan formed a water ball in front of him and began to
    glow in a blue aura, causing Robin to pause. It was then Brexan fired Brine in a flurry of water torpedoes. Robin fired Dragon Pulse, but it was overpowered by the torrent water. It impacted the area were Robin stood and resulted in a steam explosion. Bexan panted with a smile, then stopped, closed his eyes, and with a grin muttered,

    “Looks like (huff puff)… win.”

    Rein stared in shock at Bexan who suddenly fell to his knees.

    Suddenly the steam cloud cleared revealing an empty crater.

    “What!” He shouted as Hicko cheered, “Yah, Robin dodged!”
    The other were confused as well.

    "If Robin isn't there then-" Dextra began.

    It was then, Robin landed in front of Bexan readied with steel wing to slice at the tired Wartortle. Robin's eyes showed fierce and focus as he stared into Bexan's equally strong gaze. Bexan then uttered with a firm grin ,

    “Looks like (huff puff) I didn’t take into account, how high you could get (huff puff) before the impact. Then all you had to (huff puff) do was spread your wings and ride the explosion out of harm’s way. Good plan, (huff puff) Robin. (huff puff) I yield.”

    Robin dropped the steel wing and reached out his hand to the exhausted Wartotle. He took it and was pulled to his feet.

    “That was awesome” Hicko chirped as fluttered onto Robin’s head followed by the others three.

    “I admit, I underestimated you boy.” Rein beamed.

    “That was a great battle.” Marco applauded in a sophisticated manner, “You two went all out and played extraordinarily off each other.”

    Robin then turned to Emmet and Dextra who congratulated him on his victory. He gave them his gratitude on behalf of him and his little goup.

    Emmet then looked at Dextra. She nodded and asked Robin, “Since your now a student, want to join our team?”

    “Really?” Robin reacted with surprise, “But we haven-”

    “Dextra can be blunt,” Emmet interrupted, “But she can see a good fighter and friend when it’s there. So think of this as joining our little friend group, If you want.” Robin paused, looked at Hicko and the others, and accepted.

    Marco and Rein were with Bexan, who was still tired from the fight. Marco gave him a sitrus berry to which he happily ate.

    “You know Bexan, maybe joining a team would be good for you. After all, you seemed to have so much fun in this fight.” Marco pointed out.

    This flustered Bexan and reacted by stuttering trying to reply while hiding his embarrassment. At least till Rein patted the blushing Water Type on the shoulder.

    “You need to learn from others, not just me. And despite your knowledge and skills, I think you could learn a thing or two from that Noivern. Added, you could use some friends that care and would never leave you behind.”

    Bexan looked away for a second, then muttered, “How’d you figure out I thought about teams?”

    “Well, your fight here was a good clue” Marco bragged, “but I’ve seen how you’ve envied the two siblings there since meeting them in that library. How you were so reluctant to help them then, when all you were skimming at that time was a book on team building. Come on Bexan
    (Marco urging him with his hand), you can’t forget what They were to you. But maybe this group could be More.”

    Bexan stared at the ground thinking. Then raised his head, slightly smiled at his mentors, and nodded. He walked up to the celebration scene and asked if he could join their exploration team.

    Team pulsar now had gained two new members and a couple of cheerers (since the kids weren’t old enough to join).

    My goodness, I forgot how fun it was to write battle chapters. While they do take a bit of time to research (though not as much as foreign world building Ugh) I'm glad its finally done. Sorry it was a pretty long, I kinda wanted to fit all these points in and, well you know. Also, yeah character update!
    Also when new member are introduced I'll be giving out the team and their current move set. A little aid in keeping track.

    Team Pulsar

    Emmet-Male Marshtomp
    Move set: Ice Punch, Mud Bomb, Endeavor, Waterfall

    Dextra-Female Monferno
    Move set: Brick Break, Flame Wheel, Focus Energy, Thunder Punch

    Robin-Male Noivern
    Move set: Boomburst, Dragon Pulse, Wild Charge, Steel Wing

    Bexan-Male Wartortle
    Move set: Skull Bash, Dragon Pulse, Brick Break, Brine
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      Days like this when your weekend comes to a close and your only writing energy comes at 9:00PM, are days I want to hit with a massive Giga Impact.

      Chapter 22
      A Stupid Question

      Two days had passed since Bexan and Robin’s battle. The group of four were adjusting to being full-fledged teammates. However, they needed to master their coordination if they were ever going to be a great team. So after all their individual lessons were done the group met out in the sandy battle fields to work on their teamwork.

      “Alright everyone” Emmet announced, “We need to go over each of our strengths and then come up with ways to use said abilities to cover each other’s weaknesses. So who wants to go first?”

      The three just stared at him, till Bexan asked for clarification, “What do you mean by strengths and abilities? Do you mean move set and abilities, or fighting style and weaknesses?”

      Emmet paused and answered while rubbing the back of his head, “I actually meant the whole deal.”

      “That’s ludicrous” Bexan pointed out, “Memorizing everything about the other isn’t a great approach, considering it would be an enormous amount of info to always haul around.”

      “And even then” Robin added, “there are always things we won’t be prepared for.”

      “So what solution do you two have?” Emmet asked his critics.

      “Perhaps” Bexan began, “Since Robin is our only flyer he could be more of our scout. Dextra seems to bring the brawn so she could be our main attacker, while I’m better at observation so I could cover our backs or openings. And you Emmet could be our water fighter like me or take a support approach.”

      Robin and Dextra agreed with Bexan’s analysis on everyone’s roles, but Emmet was pretty vexed to this proposition, mainly to his part in the team. He remained composed and then asked Bexan about why he would be “Support”.

      “Oh, since you’re not as strong a fighter as we are, you will be better served as support or-”

      “Wait Wait Wait a minute Bexan” Emmet interrupted but keeping a polite tone, “What do you mean by ‘nor as strong a fighter’?”

      “Well I mean no offense Emmet” Bexan apologized, “but you have to admit that compared to the rest of the team, you seem to be better at thought rather than fist.”

      “Sure, heh I mean I’m not overpowered, but I can pull my own weight right Robin?” Robin paused and answered with, “Well somewhat.”

      Emmet’s face changed expression from polite to worried confusion, “What do you mean somewhat?”

      “You’re a good battler but you don’t really have the best stamina.” Robin mentioned, “Remember yesterday in gym.” Emmet faked a laugh and replied,

      “Oh that, (pffft) I was having an off day. After all you’ve only known me for so long so it’s just a bit of poor timing and not enough sleep the night before.”

      “I disagree Emmet.” Dextra stepped up and looked at Emmet directly, “I know your stamina isn’t great. We can work on it, but till then you probably should remain support.” For a brief second Emmet’s eyes, widened then receded to normal.

      “Oh” He smiled, “Makes sense. I mean after all, our team needs us to do our best and each of us need to do our individual strengths.”

      “I mean, you did say that we should put each of our skills to best use and for covering each other’s weaknesses.” Bexan reminded Emmet.

      “Plus, this is only for now.” Robin assured, “I’m sure you’ll get better the more you practice and we’ll be better prepared for that Time Gear Tourney. Just work on your endurance and then we can again discuss team roles.”

      Emmet nodded, hiding his remorse for starting the whole conversation.

      The group trained and practiced in the field for most of the afternoon. Robin on aerial evasion, Bexan and Dextra working on sparring, and Emmet with endurance. When they ended Robin had better his flight dodges, Bexan and Dextra taught each other new techniques, while Emmet laid on the ground exhausted.

      “Uh, do you need some help bro?” Dextra bent down to her brother’s motionless laying in the dirt. Emmet spoke in the ground, to which Dextra could only make out, “Go….ahead…join lat..r.”

      “Oh, um okay. You sure you don’t want to come back with us now? Oh are you going to practice some more?”

      Emmet raised his dry head and muttered in an annoyed tone, “Yes”.

      “Okay, see you when you get back.” And with that the three left the field. Emmet got to his feet and watched the three go off.

      “Is he okay? He seemed pretty upset about our choice.” Robin inquired.

      “My bro likes to feel tough, but he’ll get over this.” Dextra answered.

      “I hope so.” Bexan concurred, “After all we three did decide he would the leader because of his expertise. Course that would mean he wouldn’t fight as much.”

      Meanwhile, Emmet resumed his training of his endurance. He would try to run three laps around the battle field without having to walk. He would make most of two, then would finally have to walk. After finishing, he would rest for a few minutes then try again. This recurring cycle happened till the sun was nearing off the horizon. Emmet hadn’t complete all three laps without having to walk, and this proof of his friends points made him pretty angry.

      After cleaning up he decided to go to the roof of the academy, the same spot he and Dextra had lunch the day they met Robin. There he sat as the stars started poking through the dimming sky. He sat there depressed and insecure. He thought to himself,

      “I know I’m not that tough, but support. I mean it makes sense, evidence being my display earlier, but it just bothers me. Sure, I like doing smart things and strategy, but that doesn’t win battles or win challenges alone.”

      He lowered his head feeling low. Clenching his fist, he got to his feet and shouted to the now visible moon, “YOU KNOW WHAT! I’M GOING TO GET STRONGER AND I’M NOT GOING TO TOUCH A BOOK TILL I DO BECOME BETTER!”

      He paused and let his arm fall to his side. He remembered that even if his endurance was better, it still wouldn’t negate the fact that the others were still better at it. He once again sat down and stared at the view of the main gate. The words Rysco had said were in his mind.

      “If you don’t have the power to back it up, then I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself.”

      This got him frustrated and made him glare at the courtyard below.

      “What’s a Marshtomp doing in such a high place?” A voice came from behind him. He turned out of surprise to see a Mawile observing him.

      “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude on your privacy.” He politely conveyed.

      “It’s okay.” Emmet assured the mon. The Mawile walked up to him, sat down beside him, and asked Emmet about himself, “So what is your name?”


      “Oh?” The mon responded, “That’s..a nice name. I don’t’ believe I’ve heard a name like that.”

      “Well, to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised.”

      “What’s your age?” the Mawile followed with.


      “I’m 16 too.” Emmet’s eyes widened with interest at this similarity. Emmet then suddenly remembered, “Oh I’m sorry I forgot to ask your name.”

      “Oh my name?” The mon asked as he looked at Emmet directly. Emmet nodded “yes” though unsure why there was confusion. The Mawile thought for a second, shrugged with a smile, leaned close to Emmet’s ear, and whispered, “Lester”.

      New friend, yyyaaaaaayyyyy.

      Kay, I'm going to say this bluntly since school has become tougher and my natural insomnia has decided to give me a hard time. I apologize for update difficulties, but school comes first to me. I do love doing this, but I need to ensure I do well in my main priorities. I will try to write, however it won't be as main a priority. I hope you all understand. I am grateful people are reading my works and I hope enjoying them too. But on the bright side, I am starting to get to parts I really want to write so, that means I will have more motivation. Course, right now school trumps typing so whenever I update I update.
      JUST TO MAKE SURE: This is not going on "Hiatus", but merely keeping my tasks in check.
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        So after working little by little, I've managed to finish this chapter. I hope you enjoy (especially since it has been pretty hard to work these things as of late.)
        Chapter 23

        “Well it’s nice to meet you Lester.” Emmet offered his hand for a friendly shake. He was startled by how quickly Lester started shaking it.

        “Oh I’ve always wanted to make a friend! Can we be friends! I know it’s sudden, but if you’re okay with it and I’m okay with it, doesn’t that mean we can equal friends! So what do y-”

        “Woah, pause for a second.” Emmet expressing his uneasiness by retrieving his hand back.

        “Oh, I’m sorry I can get carried away.” The mon explained rubbing the back of his head, “It’s just I’m still surprised to see someone else here at my spot.”

        “Your ‘spot’?” Emmet repeated, alarmed at this claim.

        “Yes, I don’t really get to come here a lot, but I sit here and think when I can. So if I might ask, is this a thinking spot for you too?”

        Emmet hesitated to answer, causing the Mawile to retract his question, “Oh you don’t have to answer. It was out of nowhere.”

        Emmet felt guilty and responded quickly,

        “Oh it’s alright I don’t mind. I came here to well, think.”

        “So,” Lester continued for clarification, “you think, by shouting from this places roof?”

        This turned Emmet’s face ripe red. He was filled with discomfiture along with Lester regretting his previous observation. He weakly assured Emmet that he didn’t hear “exactly” what he blurted out, but merely heard a loud noise as he was making his way up there.

        A slight relief replaced Emmet’s uneasiness and he sat down again looking at the sea in the night sky. Lester stared at Emmet for a few seconds before looking down to his feet. He pondered what to talk about.

        “Say!” Lester voiced, coming up with a new topic of conversation, “Do you like stars?”

        Emmet was confused by the somewhat random inquiry, but gave a nod “yes”. Lester then asked a follow up question.

        “Which one is your favorite?”

        “Huh, I’ve never looked for a favorite.”

        “Really!?” Lester gasped.

        “I mean, I never really had a reason for one. After all, there’s a multitude in the sky and I would lose track of it eventually.”

        “Oh well I am a little weird” Lester laughed, furthering Emmet’s bewilderment. After recuperating his composure, Lester got up and pointed to a specific spot in the sky. “That’s my favorite.”

        Emmet got up alongside him and tried to locate this specific “favorite star”.

        “Is that it?” Emmet inquired, pointing to small beaming one amid a cluster of brighter stars.

        “Yep” Lester gleefully answered, that one means a lot to me.

        “It does? Why if I may ask.”

        “Well, that one was my brother’s favorite.”

        “Your brother’s?” Emmet repeated, implying for context.

        “Yeah, we used to enjoy watching stars. However, he kinda lost interest in it.”

        Emmet remained silent, assuming he shouldn’t press it any further. However, Lester continued as if softly venting.

        “He’s no fun anymore. He’s just too busy to play with me.” Lester’s face turned to a simple scowl. Emmet paused before putting his hand on Lester’s shoulder and saying, “If you want I can play with you.”

        “Really!?” Lester beamed with excitement.

        “Not now, I have to get back. But maybe tomorrow after my classes.”

        “Oh, well that’s fine. I’ll be waiting outside the Academy gates if that’s okay.”

        “Sure” Emmet nodded and started to leave with a wave. He was cheerful about making a new friend as he made his way back down the roof. Lester sat down and stared at the moon and began thinking to himself.

        “He’s so nice. Wish brother was as nice as him. Ever since the incident, he’s been too busy trying to achieve his stupid goal. Still it really is a strange feeling. I wasn’t expecting him to be that nice. Heck, I actually liked him being around for a little bit. Maybe, if things didn’t happen as they did, we could have been friends.”

        As the Mawile sat lost in thought he heard a slight beeping noise.

        “Ugh” he groaned, knowing exactly what it was. He got up, looked around, and once seeing he was indeed alone covered his left eye with his hand. A green light shined through the cracks made by his fingers. He removed his hand showing a piece of metal over it with an engraving of the symbol ꚙ. He then closed his eye as the metal piece gleamed and showed his true body, Mega Mawile. He wore a with hood, however his cloak floated around his body, being held by two bent sticks of metal.

        “What is it” He asked very annoyed with the interruption.

        “Lester” the voice sounded through his eye cover, “Where are you?”

        Lester let off a little laugh and answered with, “Oh nowhere interesting.”

        “You were supposed to meet with Primo near the city outskirts, why are you not present there?” The voice amped in volume and aggressiveness.

        “I ran into somebody.”

        “Who? And why did you stay with-”

        “If you would let me finish I was getting to that.” Lester interrupted, now also annoyed like the voice he was listening to.

        “I ran into a guy that bears an interesting resemblance to someone we know.”

        “Just tell me and quit playing around.” The voice shouted.

        “But that’s what I love doing.” Lester laughed before changing his voice to a very dark tone and saying, “its fun to play with victims and mess in their heads.”

        The voice was about to yell again, till Lester finally stopped toying and answered with,

        “He bears a good resemblance to that mon from the directive initiation.”

        “…are you absolutely sure” The voice replied with a very serious tone.

        “Uh huh” Lester responded as he nodded, “It’s a very uncanny resemblance. I can’t confirm if he is him though. He didn’t appear to have any of his abilities or anything else distinctive.”

        “We can’t rule out this possibility. If the third player this game is in fact still persisting, we need to be absolutely sure.”

        “Do you want me to observe him?” Lester asked.

        “Try to get as much info as you can from him. Though, is showing signs of attempting to locate us. We mustn’t let him locate or identify us or we will have to have our associate keep his end of our deal, though he won’t be happy.”

        “Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t get discovered by Dialga or we will be set back, I know.”

        “Also, try to see any instances of him showing, ‘potential’.”

        “Will do. But when will I get to have some fun?”

        “Patience” The voice faintly buzzed, “If you are correct in your assertion, you can have the pleasure of playing with him.”

        “That’s funny” Lester laughed malevolently, “He already said he could play with me. Course I would need your permission to set up a play time. (HeHeHe)”

        “Just keep an eye and avoid any direct contact. Also, be wary of temporal agents. Apparently that mon that survived Primo’s failure, is aiding them.”

        “Fine, Lester out.” And with that the symbol on his eyecover disappeared. He looked up at the night sky, directly at the star he talked about earlier.

        “Friends” He thought, “I wonder, what it would be like to have him as a friend.” He looked to the ground, closing his right eye. He then chuckled again muttering to himself, “I can’t wait to play with you. I hope ‘he’ is back so we can make him go through hell again.”

        Did I mention I love writing psychotic characters
        But in all seriousness, if anyone wants to leave some feedback I would be grateful.
        Also, if posting on this thread isn't desirable, I do have a discord. It's the same name as this one.
        I hope to finish the next chapters soon.

        It begins!

        (Image not mine, citation at it's bottom)
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          Chapter 24

          The next day of classes were normal for the team of four. Robin still adjusting, but aided by Bexan, while Dextra continued working on staying awake in class. During a lecture on the schematics of cutting edge Dungeon Exploration items, Dextra noticed Emmet staring outside the window near his seat. She slightly scooted closer to his, spacing out her movements to avoid a getting in trouble. She leaned in when close enough and asked him what he was doing. Without turning his head he said, “Listening”.

          “No he’s not” Dextra reasoned in his head. She shot back into a straight up position as the Teacher asked the group, “So who invented the Magnagate Minor?”

          The class instantly turned to look at Emmet, since he had a reputation for being the first to answer any question asked by the teacher. However, Emmet continued to look out the window, as if he didn’t hear the question at all. The sent an awkward pause in the room as one student slowly raised his hand. The teacher called him reluctantly, concerned that Emmet was just jerking her and the class around.

          “Yes” She weakly asked the student, who stuttered, “Silas, an Umbreon and his assistant Melia, an Espeon.”

          “That’s rrright…..okay I’ll continue.” The lecture resumed, with everyone thinking Emmet was sick or something.

          After the class let out Dextra and Emmet were walking through the hall to meet up with their two friends. As they walked on, Dextra decided now was a good time to try and get a “What the heck is wrong with you!” answer from Emmet.

          She kept her casual, arms behind head posture and asked him in with a tone of curiosity, “So uh, you feelin’ okay bro?” She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, trying not to look worried or nothing. She changed her mind seeing Emmet not even twitching, but remained in a happily pondering expression.

          “Okay that’s it!” Dextra firmly put it stepping in front of her spaced out Brother and staring into his eyes directly, “What’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird.”

          Emmet finally got his head out of the clouds and was startled at the “in your face” Dextra was doing with her stare.

          “Sis?” He replied in a slow pace, “Why are you looking at me like that? Also, why are you so close?”

          “You tell me first.” Dextra countered, “Why weren’t you focused in class? You’ve been staring at the sky in your head since school began today. Why?”

          Emmet’s eyes widened for a second and with a stuttering reply assured her it was nothing. Dextra was having none of it.

          “Spill it out.” She firmly pressed verbally.

          “Sis, I’m fine.” He repeated, still with a shaky and diverting voice, “Besides we need to hurry and meet up with Robin and Bexan.” He walked passed her and went on. Dextra gave a slight scowl and followed him.

          They reached library, and headed to the meeting spot.

          “Where the heck have you two been?” Bexan inquired as the duo came up from the stairs.

          “Took us longer than we thought,” Emmet shrugged, “right Dextra?”

          “Yeeaaahhh longer than we thought.” Dextra agreed, with reluctance in her voice.

          “Well okay then” Robin interjected, “let’s get started with the planning for the summer break. We need to get ready for the Time Gear tourney after all.”

          Bexan began his synopsis, “Okay, so besides training, we also need to work on our individual abilities in dungeons and courses. Since tourneys like these aren’t merely battle skill testers, but more all rounded in narrowing the winner, we need to be prepared for anything. Everyone agree?”

          “Yep” Robin smiled,

          “Uh-huh” Dextra nodded,

          “Sure…that’s good” Emmet mumbled. The three stared at the, distracted Marshtomp. Bexan then asked, “Emmet, are you listening?”

          “Huh? Oh yeah of course.” Emmet responded.

          “Alright let’s continue.”

          Their meeting was filled with exchanging ideas and occasionally having to bring Emmet back in. After they finished Emmet made an excuse that he had something to do. The trio were left bewildered.

          “Is he okay?” Robin inquired Dextra.

          “He was acting like this, this morning. I don’t know what happened to him.”

          “How was he last night?” Bexan questioned.

          “I only saw him briefly last night. But he did have some twinkle in his eyes. I mean, it was contrast to how discouraged he was yesterday afternoon.”

          “Hm, maybe we should follow him.” Dextra threw out the idea, returning to her normal posture.

          “WHAT!” the two replied, shocked by her laid back mood to this invasion of privacy.

          “Just me morons.” She elaborated, “Just get ready for tomorrow, I’ll see how he’s doing and what he’s up to.”

          Dextra parted from the two and proceeded to follow her brother. She followed him, till he stopped at the school’s front gate. She observed him doing movements as keeping an eye out for something. He then smiled and greeted some mon that walked up. Dextra remained in her peering spot as Emmet exchanged unclear converse with a Mawile.

          “Who’s that?” She thought, “Did he meet that mon yesterday?”

          As Dextra watched the two, she didn’t notice someone watching her from behind. Bexan and Robin had decided to follow despite their problems at first.

          “Should we really be doing this?” Robin asked Bexan as the guilt was settling in.

          “Look Robin” Bexan replied, “since we’re a team with them we need to make sure their alright.”

          “What if it’s a family matter?” Robin pointed out.

          “No one’s forcing you to stay Robin.” Bexan bluntly stated. Robin shriveled back and decided to stay. However the two along with Dextra in the front were suddenly surprised to see the Mon took something out of its bag, and gave it to Emmet. It was something that appeared to be an odd rock attached to a string.

          “What is it?” Emmet asked Lester.

          “It’s called an “aqua drop”. It’s not just for decoration, but is also used to temporarily improve you water moves.”

          “Wow, thanks Lester.” Emmet expressed his gratitude.

          “Your welcome. About our time today, I’m going to ask for a rain check.”

          “Huh? Why?” Emmet replied, concerned.

          “My bro is being stubborn again. I’ll try to meet you again as soon as possible. I’m sorry.” Lester apologized.

          “It’s fine Lester.” Emmet assured him, “When you can, we’ll hang out.” The two waved as Emmet walked back to the school and Lester walked back to the town. Emmet was so entranced from looking at the gift, that he didn’t noticed Dextra step in front of him.

          “So what’s that?” She inquired him as he stopped in his tracks.

          The two stared at each other. Emmet in surprise, and Dextra in firmness. The two onlookers’ hearts sank as they pictured the likely argument/fight in the future between the siblings.

          Wow, I can't wait until school's done.
          Also, perfectly inserted cameos from yet to be shown, yet known characters!!
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            Sorry for the wait, busy and finals. Hope it's good.

            Chapter 25
            Hot Air Rises

            “What do you mean, ‘What’s what?’ and on a second note, why are you here?” Emmet demanded.

            “My question first. What’s that?” Dextra enforced.

            “I think mine is more important.” Emmet stated, now with a firmer tone.

            “Look bro, before you get ma-”

            “Don’t ‘bro’ me Dextra!” Emmet shouted, “Why are you here when I said I had something to do.”

            Dextra gave of an annoyed sigh and answered, “You were acting weird, like you waiting for something, and I wanted to make sure you wer-”

            “Make sure of what? What gave you the idea you needed to check up on me?”

            Dextra paused and though carefully about what she should say. She then put her hand on his shoulder and with a change in character said, “Look I’m just making sure things are okay. You were pretty bummed yesterday and then suddenly you were lost in some kind of happy daydream. I wanted to make sure you were fine.”

            Emmet wasn’t pleased by the answer. He was still upset regarding last night and NOW she wanted to check on him. His vexation from last night surfaced up.

            “Why are you always so bent on having a say in what I do or how I am? I don’t need you to be like mom now. I’m old enough to know what I’m doing and what I’m good for without you having to voice your opinion.”

            “Emmet calm down,” Dextra tried reasoning, “I’m not trying to sound overprotective or something. You’ve just were upset last night and now your more than happy today and I wanted to make sure everything was okay with you. Because you know, you’re kinda-”

            “I’m ‘kinda’ what?” Emmet interrupted, “Just go ahead and tell me what’s wrong with me.” Dextra was puzzled by this.

            “Tell you what’s wrong with you? Emmet, me asking you to tell me what’s going on isn’t a lead in to pointing out your faults. I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

            “Okay, or just fine by your standards.”

            “Where’s this coming from. I know you were upset last night, but why exactly are you being so-”

            “I don’t have to tell you everything. If you want to know why I’m mad, you should’ve asked me last night.”

            Emmet shrugged her arm off, and walked past her with glare. Dextra called for him to stop, but he didn’t even look back. Her arm lowered and she slightly frowned as Emmet disappeared inside the building.

            Bexan and Robin had watched the whole scene completely. As they witnessed Emmet go around the corner, the two looked at each other and then to Dextra standing alone in the walkway.

            “Emmet sounded very angry.” Bexan stated to his fellow eavesdropper.

            “You think we should ask her abo-” Robin began then stopped with Bexan covering his mouth. He sternly stared in the Noivern’s eyes and firmly stated, “No we shouldn’t.”

            Robin shook his snout out of the grip and while rubbing it reminded Bexan that the whole idea of staying to listen was his idea. Bexan weakly laughed as he tried to sidetrack the talk away from blaming.

            “Well I still think we shouldn’t ask Dextra. But maybe we can ask Emmet.” He suggested.

            “Why him and not Dextra?” Robin questioned.

            “Well, it would help to get his side and maybe we can get some info on why he’s so mad. Plus, he’s less likely to figure out we eavesdropped.”

            “If his sister couldn’t get a thing out of him all day, what makes you think we both could?” Robin challenged Bexan’s plan.

            “That’s a good point.” Bexan concurred, “However, considering his current anger levels at Dextra, he may want to vent. And we can take advantage of that to fix this problem.”

            Robin gave off a sigh as Bexan made a good reason. He reluctantly nodded and they started looking for Emmet. They looked everywhere for him. The food area, classrooms and study rooms, Emmet’s lodgings, none of these places where chosen for his venting area. They even asked Marco and Rein if they saw him, to which they replied “No”.

            Reaching dead end after dead end, the two sat on the front steps going over the places they had checked and the places that were candidates to check.

            “You think he went out of the school area?” Robin stated, throwing out the possibility.

            “We don’t have any idea where his ‘off school area’ places are.” Bexan answered.

            “Well,” Robin thought out loud, “could he have….you know…..gone to t-t-the sssssschhool sparring field?”

            “We checked that already.” Bexan reminded him with a sigh.

            “When?” Robin inquired.

            “When on the balcony.”


            Bexan growled in frustration as Robin scratched his large hear with one of his wing claws. They could tell Emmet was mad, but not so mad to the point of disappearing for the afternoon. Robin laid on his back, looking at the orang sky, trying to think of any other possibility. He squinted a little when looking at the large roof of the building looming behind them. He spotted something cyan on it, then saw some orange.

            “Hey you think he’s on the roof?” Robin asked Bexan, not taking his gaze off the area in question.

            “Why would he be up there?” Bexan answered, getting annoyed by the constant throwing out of random possibilities.

            “Well you could ask him. He’s on the roof.” Robin bluntly mentioned.

            Bexan first looked at Robin, then at academy’s roof, saw the blur that was Emmet, and face palmed.
            “Alright,” He snarled in agitation, “let’s go climb up there.”

            “I’m gonna go ahead and fly. See you up there.” Robin smirked as he spread his wings and launched upwards, before Bexan had a chance to object. The wartortle tensed his body from Robin’s dumping of him, then let it loose after calming down. He headed for the building, grumbling along the way.

            “Why does she have to hold my hand and remind me how much lesser of a teammate I am to the rest.” Emmet ranted to himself as he browsed the see line from his sitting vantage point. He felt a little bad for his behavior to his sister, but it really bothered him he wasn’t as strong or built like the others. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to be or hadn’t tried. He worked hard to get physically fit the way he is now. But compared to others he was no contest.

            “Dextra’s strong and I’m not as. I really want to be better, and I have naturally strong arms as a Marshtomp. But with being a Marshtomp I have smaller legs and can’t run as fast or be as maneuverable.”

            Emmet sat there still sulking in his head. It was then a swift silhouette flew in front of him sending him to his back startled. The thing landed on the roof and turned to face him.

            “Oh, hey Robin.” Emmet greeted, in a very lackluster tone.

            “Hi Emmet.” The Noiven responded, more vivid than the Marshtomp, “You look down. Did something happen?”

            Emmet, unaware Robin knew what was wrong, answered with, “Just had a disagreement with my sister.”

            “Oh, what about if I may ask?” Robin politely requested elaboration, sitting down next to the Water/Ground Mon. Emmet rocked his legs over the edge and twiddled his fingers. As they looked over to the ocean’s glittering waters, Emmet posed a question to Robin.


            “Yeah, Emmet.”

            “I know we haven’t been around much or have been teammates for long, but um….., do you ever wish you had something that you don’t?”

            Robin laughed at the question. “All the time Emmet.”

            “No, I don’t mean objects or stuff. I mean, something about yourself that made you feel different and well, in a way…..inferior?”

            Ah siblings. You can't live with them and can't live without them. It's a paradox of annoyia.
            Have a nice time everyone.
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              Chapter 26
              Two Sides of One Solution

              “Huh?” Robin responded, surprised at the serious question, “What does that have to do with wanting something you don’t have?”

              Emmet began meekly mumbling gibberish. Robin then got the message. He figured that Emmet was upset with something related to Dextra and due to this he was angry at her. This situation was sensitive so he decided to take a subtle approach.

              “Its fine you don’t have to answer.” Robin affirmed with a smile. Robin’s grin made Emmet start smiling, though he tried to suppress it.

              “You know Emmet, I’m curious about something that I’ve been wanting to find out about you.”

              “W-what is it?” Emmet faltered, concerned yet curious about Robin’s intentions.

              “Since you both are siblings, were your parents like you two?”

              Emmet gave a confused look, to which Robin clarified with, “Are your parents from the Chimchar and Mudkip line?”

              “Oh, actually no Robin. They’re both are Infernapes.” Emmet answered.

              “Wait really? So does that mean-”

              “Yeah, I’m not really Dextra’s real younger brother.” Emmet weakly stated while rubbing his shoulder, “I was taken in when I was very little so I don’t really remember the first few days.”

              “But you two act so much like siblings. I’m viewed as an older brother by my group, but even then we aren’t really portrayed as siblings.”

              “Really? I mean we fight a lot and-”

              “How’s that not like siblings?” Robin pointed out. Emmet paused and noted Robin’s point.

              “What I’m getting at is you two are close as siblings from my perspective. Especially since you both make up alo-”

              “WHY THE HECK DID YOU MAKE ME WALK ALL THE FREAKING WAY UP HERE!” a wheezing voice shouted from behind the two. Emmet and Robin looked back to see an angry Bexan, glaring at the Noivern.

              “Oh, Bexan you’re here.” Robin stated in intimidation.

              “I’m sorry what’s going on?” Emmet inquired as the mad Wartortle stomped over to the duo.

              Bexan sighed and muttered, “Forget it. Anyone care to fill me in on what’s going on?”

              Robin relayed the info back to Bexan and what they were discussing right then. He then asked Bexan for his thoughts on the two acting like siblings.

              “Yeah I honestly thought you and Dextra were related siblings.” Bexan admitted to Emmet.

              “I’m glad you two can somehow see the relation between me and Dextra as somewhat believable, but what does this have to do with anything?” Emmet demanded. The two looked at each other and replied with,

              “Do you have something against Dextra?”

              Emmet took a deep breath and explained his feelings on the matter.

              “Dextra is tough and strong. I’m glad I have someone tough like her to rely on, but she can be very assertive with me. I’ve tried to keep up with her, but I can never catch up to her. Sure, I can beat her in any smart thing, but I don’t want to be smarter I want to be strong. I-I guess I’m jealous.”

              The three remained silent after this word was said. Emmet looked down, while the two looked at each other. Emmet sighed heavily and went on to say, “Yeah, it’s stupid. It’s very childish of me to be so envious for reasons that Dextra isn’t really at fault for.”

              “Hey Emmet, it’s not all that bad.” Bexan laughed, smacking Emmet on the shoulder, “It’s not abnormal for siblings to be jealous of their relatives since after all, siblings are normally competitive.”

              “For example,” Robin added, “Hicko sometimes ask for a fight with me and when I beat him he sulks for a few days.”

              Emmet gave a little smile at their encouragement. Then the two told Emmet that he needed to resolve this with Dextra herself. Emmet sighed and admitted that they were right and she deserved an apology.

              “I hope I didn’t get him too riled up.” Dextra spoke to herself as she skipped some stones in the river at the base of the cliff beneath the school. She looked up at the place where she and Emmet climbed up and saw that book get stolen. She laughed at the sight of Emmet shouting and running around when her tail burned him as they hid in that chest.

              “I guess it makes sense he would get mad about me trailing him. I do wonder who that mon was, but Emmet is smart and can take care of himself in a talk.” She sighed thinking about how overbearing she must have looked to her brother. She then got fire in her eyes and decided to apologize to Emmet. She went back on the path to go up to the school. As she went up however, she ran into Rein.

              “Hey there Dextra.” He greeted, “I hope you haven’t been slaking in training. After all, I want our fight to be somewhat entertaining and challenging.”

              “Don’t get to ahead of yourself.” Dextra countered. The two laughed together and Rein broke the laughter with, “So why are you here. Getting some self-training in?”

              “Not really. I was just thinking about an argument me and Emmet had.”

              “Oh?” Rein replied, raising one eyebrow in curiosity, “What about?”

              “Well, I kinda rubbed him into thinking I’m not letting him take care of himself. Or in other words, I kinda made him feel like I have to be there to ‘hold his hand’ I guess.”

              “Ah yes I see. Have a seat Dextra.” Rein requested patting a log to be a seat for their discussion. As they stayed there in the sun, Rein began explaining to Dextra his thoughts.

              “While I don’t know the details I think it’s safe to assume he feels upset about his shortcomings.”

              Dextra stared at her coach and began defending Emmet, “What? Shortcomings? He’s a very bright guy and is capable of a lot. It was strong of me to follow him and not give him spac-”

              “Well that ignited it,” Rein clarified, “but I wouldn’t put it past him to feel upset about being weak compared to you. He’s a guy after all and with you being his older sibling it’s only natural he would get upset when he feels like his power is threatened. In fact, I think he’s angry because he wants to be tough like you.”

              Dextra thought for a second then went on to say, “But he’s smart, so why does he have to be tough.”

              “While I can’t say every reason since I’m not your brother, I can say that maybe he’s going through a phase of feeling weak compared to others. Or in any case, starting to feel more self-aware about his lesser skills, with his strength being one of them.”

              “Makes sense,” Dextra replied in concurrence, “But how do I make it right? I should apologize.”

              “While yes an apology would be good, I have a better idea.”

              Rein leaned in and whispered something into the Monferno’s ear. She smiled with a mischievous grin and Rein joined her.

              “We’ve looked everywhere for her.” Robin complained as the three were stumped to Dextra’s whereabouts.

              “She’s probably really mad at me.” Emmet stated as he shrunk down in self-disappointment. The other two reminded him that Dextra wasn’t that type of person, and that he and she have had fights before. But before they finished a voice resounded in their heads. It was the Librarian Vicky.

              “……Emmet, Bexan, and Robin you have been requested by coach Rein to report to the gym……….objections and declinations are not an option…….”

              The three wondered what that was about, but complied with the order. As they entered the gym, Emmet’s eyes widened as he saw his sister and Rein; arms crossed, eyes stern, stance firm, and aura strong. Emmet began to apologize.

              “Dextra, I want to apologize for my behavior-”

              “Hold it!” Dextra silenced him, “Me and Rein have talked and I’ve decided that if you want to make up and express how you feel to me you must prove yourself.”

              “What!? Dextra I just want to-”

              Rein then interrupted him, “Basically, you, Robin, and Bexan vs. Me and Dextra.”

              “To put it bluntly,” Dextra uttered, changing her stance to an aggressive with a raised hand pointing to her perplexed brother, “I challenge you to a two on three. If you me to accept your apology then do it on my grounds and show me that you are capable of standing for yourself.”

              Hoping to get further down the road with this fic, since this isn't based off any specific PMD game. I hope that this and/or PMD #2 are entertaining and enjoyable. I would like comments and thoughts if there are any, but if you just want to say negatives or positives that's fine a well. I don't expect a review from anyone and I feel anyone that cares to inform me of their thoughts has something to bring to the table (unless its completely irrelevant or pointless spam). But to conclude, I hope I've bettered at least a little bit as a writer and that it also shows in my writing.
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                If it hasn't been noticed, I've been updating my works in order of the one with the longest time since updating. I'll try to stick to this formula to make things simple. There may be times I break this, but it most likely won't be without prime cause and I wouldn't drop it out of the blue.
                (Though the Journal work statement still stands till its time to resume.)

                Chapter 27
                A Game of Catch

                The two teams were ready. The energized and intimidating Dextra and Rein, with the three reluctant mons across from them wanting to get this over with. Before they began Vicky walked up to the spot, her eyes half closed and obviously uninterested. Without looking at Rein and his teammate she asked in a robotic tone,

                “Is the team on the left field side ready to engage in battle combat?”

                Rein and Dextra nodded. Vicky remained quiet, till Rein sighed and uttered, “YES!” She then uttered,

                “Are their shivering opponents ready?”

                “Hey!” Bexan shouted, insulted by the comment, “Who are you calling shivering!?”

                “‘Shivering’ present participle for the word ‘Shiver’. ‘Shiver’ shaking slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold, frightened, or excited. The two directly behind you fit said criteria and therefore can be classified as ‘shivering’. Considering that your teammates outnumber you by a 2 to 3 ratio, it is safe to assume that the majority of your team is indeed shivering and therefor-”

                “ALRIGHT CAN WE JUST START?!” Bexan shouted, tired of the unneeded and obnoxious lecture.

                “Well you asked for it.” Rein rubbed it in, “No one ever questions Vicky on matters of Lexicon and doesn’t earn themselves a discourse. How do you think she got those cold staring eyes.”

                Vicky turned her head slowly to stare at Rein. Her plain, yet intimidating stare made Rein uneasy.

                “I received this from vast utilization of time and energy to construct a vast understanding over a spectrum of important topics and subjects, instead of using time for physicality enhancement which fails in regards to being able to effectively use it in such scenarios either requiring mental skills and/or strategy instead of brute ability. In other words, I’d rather be a King than a Pawn in a chess game.”

                “Did she seriously just burn you with chess pieces?” Dextra giggled as Rein sighed from the obvious truth in her words. Even the three on the other side were having difficulty containing their laughter. Finally the two groups got their acts together and Vicky announced the fight’s rules.

                “Since this is a two on three battle the rules will be the following. The team with two members will have the objective to protect this item from their opponents possession.”

                She levitated a ball to the two, which clipped onto Rein’s armband.

                “Huh? What is that?” Emmet asked.

                Rein explained, “This type of competition at our school is what we call Capture the Ball. These armbands me and Dextra are wearing attract the ball, and can only be disengaged by us to pass the orb. However, should one of you three grab and possess the ball it will disengage the links with our bands to the ball resulting in your victory. However, you have only ten minutes to accomplish this, or we win. Oh and feel free to use your moves.”

                “Wait!” Robin interjected, “Wouldn’t that cause a lot of damage to all of us or this place.”

                “Don’t worry about it Robin.” Rein assured the three, “Our bands also work as move inhibitors. That being, they lower the power and effect of moves used by us so that it won’t cause excessive damage, all moves will be normally effective on any type on mon, and while stat boosts along with status problems are still in effect they won’t be as strong or impactful.”

                “Okay, so we have to get the ball you two possess. If we fail to then what will happen again?” Emmet inquired.

                “Don’t focus on what will happen if you lose. Just work on winning.” Dextra replied, tensing up to prepare.

                “Do we really have to do this?” Emmet murmured.

                Vicky raised her paw and announced, “Begin.”

                Rein held the ball, Dextra moved to the far right, as the three made their way to them. Robin ascended high and fired a Dragon Pulse at Rein. It hit its target, but failed to even make him flinch. Robin was surprised by this action, so he didn’t respond when Rein’s Frenzy Plant grabbed his leg and began twirling him round and round in the air. Bexan leaped tried to cut the Vines with Brick Break, but failed as Dextra jumped and hit Bexan with a Power-up Punch. Bexan hit the ground as Robin was flung to the ground from the Fenzy Plant. As this went on, Emmet was trying to make his way around and sneak up on Rein, while the two were busy with his teammates.

                He tried reaching for the ball while Rein was distracted, however Dextra shouted to Rein, “Watch out for Emmet.”

                Rein spun around and Emmet’s nerve sank. He tried to grab it, but was knocked away with Rein’s Drain Punch. Emmet landed near the other two, as Rein enjoyed the healing factor that came with the punch. The got back on their feet. Bexan then grinned and said, “I have an idea. If we can get Rein to throw the ball to Dextra, we can intercept it.”

                “But how will we get him too, with Dextra giving him aid.” Robin questioned.

                “It’s better than nothing and we’re timed.” Emmet pointed out. The three charged again. Rein braced himself as Dextra remained on the left. Robin struck at Rein with Steel Wing as he flew around the Chesnaught. Bexan readied his head bash as Rein was distracted. Dextra moved to attack Bexan, but Emmet got in the way with a readied Ice Punch. She suddenly darted away from Emmet, surprising him. She leaped on top of Rein’s back and readied her Power-up Punch again.

                Emmet was troubled as to what they planned. Robin still was giving air pressure, though he had moved to long ranged moves, since Dextra was on Rein’s back. Bexan had raised his defense well and waiting for his opportunity. Emmet fired a Mud Bomb at Rein’s face. Rein raised his arm to block, leaving his stomach open.

                “Now!” Robin shouted, as Bexan charged. Dextra was about to counter with her Power-up Punch, but she was tackled midair by Robin. Bexan then hit Rein causing him to lose some o fhis balance. Emmet then leaped and used Ice Punch to knock the ball of Rein’s arm band.

                Suddenly Rein shouted, “Perfect, ready Dextra.”

                Rein put his other arm to keep from falling, and used Frenzy Plant along with it. The vine grabbed Robin, pulling him off of Dextra. Dextra struck Robin with a Flame Charge knocking him out of the vine and into the air.

                Rein then quickly used his planted arm to pull himself away from Emmet’s attack and do a back hand spring. Emmet and Bexan were speechless at Rein’s surprising agility. Dextra then leaped threw a focus blast at the two distracted mons and it exploded behind them. The got sent towards Rein who hit them with Hammer Arm from both fists. They were flung up. Robin got his grip together and tried to catch the two. However, Dextra attacked with a thunder punch on Robin’s back. Robin collided with the two and were sent back to Rein. Rein smirked as he punched his fists together and used Spiky Shield.

                Bexan however fired Dragon Pulse striking the shiled, pushing the Chesnaught back from the impact. The three landed on the ground, hurt but not done yet. Meanwhile. Dextra ran past them and joined Rein at the other end.

                As the three were getting to their feet, Emmet looked at the clock, which was displaying 5:30 minutes remaining and decreasing.

                “It’s no use.” Emmet shouted, slamming his fists on the ground out of frustration, “We can’t beat their teamwork. Dextra has trained with Rein before, how can we beat them.”

                Bexan and Rein looked at each other, nodded, and told Emmet, “You have any ideas?”

                “No I don’t! We’re running out of time and-” Emmet growled.

                “Hold it Emmet.” Robin interjected, “Take a deep breath and think. You’re good at strategy right?”

                “I uh wouldn’t say that well. I just like the concept-”

                “Then pretend this is a game against an opponent.” Bexan suggested, “Tell us what to do and direct us from behind.”

                Emmet was growing frustrated, “Why do you two want me to sit out! I want to contribute not cheer from the side.”

                “Wha? You aren’t going to be cheering us, but telling us what to do.” Robin corrected, “Me, Dextra, and Bexan talked together last night and decided to make you our leader.”

                Emmet stopped his tantrum, in suprise.

                “Why? I’m the weakest of us all?” He inquired, confused.

                “Perhaps, but you’re the smartest and most calculating of our group.” Bexan explained, “Dextra told us that you aren’t very good with stamina, but you really do well with strategizing ideas and plans. We don’t want to keep you out, the opposite in fact. We want you to have the big perspective and be able to lead us to victory. You tell us what you see and come up with plans. It’s like what Vicky said earlier.”

                Emmet paused and looked at Dextra as she grinned at him with her arms crossed. He then thought in his head about what they were telling him.

                “I wanted to help in the way they contributed. But by refusing to play my part, I’m just being jealous of their strength and refusing to use my skills to better our team. But their right. I’m not as strong nor as durable. But if they would entrust me with our plan of attack and go through this elaborate test to show me what I can do, then I would be a terrible teammate not to do my part. I’m done being selfish and sorry for myself. I’m going to be a friend all three of them can rely on. I trust their judgement.”

                Emmet walked in front of the two, took a breath to relax his mind, glanced at the clock time, and smiled.

                “Thanks you two.” He stated, giving the two a thumbs up, “Time to stop rushing this, and think things through.”

                Bexan and Robin nodded and remained silent for Emmet to ponder a plan. Emmet smiled then called the two into a huddled and went over his plan and broke circle. They lined up and stared at Rein and Dextra. Emmet grinned and said with a challenging tone,

                “Ready you two? Cause I’m going to play my part to my best. This time Dextra, Rein, you’re going to lose to us.”

                “Bring it.” Dextra replied bracing herself along with Rein.

                “Let’s do this.” Robin and Bexan roared as they two teams readied to finish their competition.
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                  This technically is the last chapter in this section/book or whatever.
                  There will be a bit of a time jump FINALLY! so don't be too confused by the next one.

                  Chapter 28
                  Moving Forward Together

                  5:15 was the time left as the trio once again charged the two fighting types. Dextra once again moved far to the left. Robin flew towards her, shrouding himself with Wild Charge. Dextra evaded, but he kept after her using charge after charge. She however managed to keep on dodging well, due to her boost in speed from her previous successful Flame Charge.

                  Meanwhile Emmet and Bexan were facing Rein, who once again possessed the orb. Emmet moved to the far right of Rein, while Bexan charged again for a Skull Bash. Rein braced himself, ready for Emmet to try another distraction. To his surprise, Emmet became cloaked in water, from Waterfall and lunged in the opposite direction. He struck at Dextra, who had been driven closer to Rein’s position by Robin’s pressure. Dextra spotted his attack and evaded, but was hit directly by Robin’s Wild Charge. She flew over to Rein who caught her with his broad right arm. It was then Bexan lunged with Skull Bash. Since Rein had caught Dextra he couldn’t use Spiky Shield. Rein defended by catching the charging Wartortle with his left arm.

                  As Bexan was trying to break through, Dextra leaped off Rein’s arm and used Power-up Punch at Bexan. He got struck, but to Dextra’s surprise wasn’t affected hardly.

                  “Wha?” She stated puzzled, to which Bexan replied with,

                  “Double Skull Bash, means double defense boost. Which matches your attack boosts yet I already have a strong defense. Plus I’m on the ground with me feet planted.”

                  Rein was about to hit Bexan with hammer arm from his other hand. However, Robin caught his arm before attacking. Rein’s arm were split between holding back Bexan and being back by Robin. It was then that Robin used Dragon Pulse on Rein’s other arm, sending the orb straight up. Bexan, being freed from Rein’s arm, leaped off the mon to grab the orb. Dextra leaped off Rein too, and was about to leap off of Bexan to recover the orb. As Dextra reached to pull herself on Bexan’s head Bexan grabbed her arm and leaned down. It was then she saw Emmet, who was aimed and set. She was struck in the face with a Mud Bomb.

                  Robin ascended to get the orb. Rein tried to catch the Noivern by his leg. He failed due to a Dragon Pulse by the falling Bexan.

                  “Do it Robin now’s our chance!” Emmet shouted.

                  Robin caught the orb with his leg talons as the timer stopped at 30 seconds. Vicky then uttered in a monotone shout,

                  “The orb is now in possession of the Capture Team. The winners are Robin, Bexan, and Emmet. With the results and this being a one game match I hereby declare the winner the Capture Team comprised of Robin, Bexan, and Emmet.”

                  The trio gathered around, high fiving each other in victory. It was then that Rein and Dextra came over and congratulated the three.

                  “Good job Robin, Bexan, and you two Emmet.” Rein chortled.

                  “So your plan was to restrict Rein’s arms and keep me close instead of cover when he needed me, right?” Dextra guessed.

                  Emmet nodded “yes” as he faced her. He looked down at the floor and while pressing his fingers together he tried to articulate his explanation and apology.

                  “So um Dextra. I…I’m sorry for getting so mad at you. To answer your question that little thing you asked is an ‘aqua drop’. It was given to me by a mon I met last night. I should have told you that I didn’t like the idea of me being just ‘support’. I met this mon named ‘Lester’ later that night and had a talk with him. He gave me a lot of attention and dare I say admired me.”

                  “So this mon’s admiration lead to you focusing on him more. So when I asked you about the item, you got angry from that.” Dextra deduced the rest.

                  “I shouldn’t have been so blunt on how I felt and just talked to you directly. I was engrossed in it so when you came in I felt well you know. I’m sorry Dextra for being a selfish brother.”

                  “Well you deserve an apology too. I was a bit assertive in my question and didn’t stop when you obviously showed some form of frustration. I’m glad you beat me this time, doing it the way your best at.” This was when Rein put his arms on both of their shoulders and with a laugh stated,

                  “I’m sure you two and your team will go far. Just recognize your individual skills and your future teammates and you’ll be in much better shape. Also you better get ready, since the Time Gear festival in getting closer. There is going to be a lot of teams there trying to vie their way to an early advantage. So Team Pulsar better be ready. Who knows, you both might make it to the Junior Exploration Team League. Maybe even win it. Then you can do the Tournament of Elitists to try and join the Elitists guild. Heck, maybe even be on the High Council one day. I can see it now, Team Pulsar standing there waving at the crowd wi-”

                  “Stop!” the siblings shouted, starting to feel awkward from Rein’s joking.

                  “Alright, just focus on winning the Time Gear festival.” Rein chuckled starting to leave, “I’ll leave all of you too your training.”

                  The Team got together and began planning their training methods to prepare for the Festival’s Qualifier Tourney.

                  “Still nothing.” The Time Lord sighed from frustration. He had been focusing on finding these threats and so far had made no progress. It was then his operative Alakazam walked in and announced,

                  “Sir, your brother Palkia is here.”

                  Dialga nodded and dismissed the mon. It was then a rip in space opened as Palkia flew in. The pink hole then closed as Dialga turned to talk with the Space Lord face to face.

                  “I’ve looked as you’ve asked and, I haven’t found anything relating to your description. Whoever your ‘troublemakers’ are, I have no knowledge of their place. Course, extra information would be much more helpful along with what you said earlier.”

                  “It told you all I know so far.” Dialga replied.

                  “You expect me to find a mon named ‘Primo’ in a world filled with mons who don’t wear their names as labels? Honestly brother, do you understand limits and ‘not enough info’?”

                  “I have to find them as soon as possible. They are a threat and whatever they’re planning I’m sure it will have enormous repercussions.”

                  Palkia sighed, and suggested, “Have you tried asked Giratina about it, or heck Father?”

                  Dialga growled, “Our brother wouldn’t care since his head is to focused on his own domain, and I have asked father about it.”

                  “And?” Palkia pressed.

                  “He doesn’t answer. Just says that I should be able to find it myself.” Dialga sighed as Plakia looked at the library of notes and information of eras in the room.

                  “You know father is a bit um detached and our brother is just angry with father and not us. Besides I’m sure he’ll help us if we ask him nicely.” Plakia weakly chuckled.

                  Dialga didn’t answer, but muttered in his head, “Primo is our only lead on one of their identities.” Palkia frowned. He concluded Dialga was to focused to listen anymore. As the Spacial Mon threw a Spacial Rend, ripping a wormhole in space to his own dimension.

                  “Ugh, am I the only one in this family that has any sense of non-extreme actions.” He shouted in his head, letting himself out.

                  “So why again did you need me?” Lester asked again, still sulking about having to join Primo in Treasure City.

                  “I’m beginning to question it myself, considering your obnoxious behavior.” Primo scoffed, “but to answer your question AGAIN we need to research on the whole ‘Time Gear’ stuff.”

                  “So why the time gears. Everyone knows about what Team Adventure had to go through to stop the results of the Time Gear incident. I know Jakob doesn’t care about what would happen, none of us as either, but wouldn’t that shut off our only means in-”

                  “He doesn’t want to do that moron. He merely wishes to try a different energy supplier to complete our overall goal. He’s to focus on doing that stupid project that he completely ignores anything anyone suggests.”

                  “You mean anything ‘you’ suggest.” Lester rectified Primo’s statement. Primo gave off a snarl to vent a little.

                  “So you gave that mon Jakob’s leash for him.”

                  “Yes, if the mon is in fact our enemy then we’ll know it. But don’t you think it would be weird that the mon would not remember me or at least show some signs of disgust? Could he not be the consciousness of our enemy?”

                  “Regardless, that will keep him monitored while we focus on our own things. So come on. We need to hurry.” The two mon’s metal eyes flashed briefly, changing them into a normal looking Gallade and Mawile.

                  “Ugh, I hate this look.” Primo complained.

                  “I kinda like it on you.” Lester giggled a little, “It’s seems fit-”

                  “Shut it and move.” Primo shouted as he headed to the Historic Archives of Treasure City. Lester followed with a frown kicking a little rock along.

                  I won’t let you find him Jakob. Emmet is safe as long as I remember your tactics. I’ll make sure you and the other five pay twice what you gave me and my friends. Sleep for now Emmet, I’ll wake you when it’s time for retribution.

                  Glad I've finally update this. While I do admit it is frustrating going in the circle, I have to say it does help with quality and even distribution. Hope it stays enjoyable.

                  PS: Thanks for all the reads on my works. I could go on and say how glad I am for the view count, but I'm just glad people come back for what I write next. I won't pretend my works are well written or easy to read, but I'm glad people are willing to look past at least some of my faults to give my work a chance. I hope I continue to live up to expectations and improve my ability and effectiveness as a writer.
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                    PMD# 6
                    Part 3
                    Flowing From the Surf

                    Chapter 29
                    A Get Away

                    A week was all that separated the present from the Time Gear Festival. With such an event so close, the academy would be on break. Team Pulsar took advantage of the week long break and worked hard to prepare for Festival. They spent half of the week on this, leaving only four full days till their first real goal challenge would begin. The group of four were sitting at a table having breakfast and discussing about any final planning for the Tourney.

                    “Okay,” Emmet announced straightening his white tie, “So since the details on the exact rules and actions in the Tourney haven’t been announced, I think it would be a good idea to reflect on anything we could focus on with our remaining four days left.”

                    “We’ve worked on strategies and gotten physically fit for the tourney. I think we also have a good sense of chemistry and team play so we’re good in those regards.” Bexan stated to the group.

                    “So” Dextra interjected, “if we don’t have any team building or training stuff to do, what’s the plan till the Festival comes?”

                    Emmet paused and thought for a little bit. His expression became puzzled leading to him outright stating, “I honestly don’t know.”

                    The four remained silent for a while. This was broken when Dextra slammed her fists on the table and stated, “Then let’s do something fun!”

                    The other three stared at her awkward display with half closed eye looks. They all had been working together for a while now, and weren’t surprised whenever she would do an outburst out of the blue. Robin then threw out threw out the basic question, “Any ideas?”

                    He bit into his sandwich as Dextra lost the energy drive due to not having an answer. Emmet sighed and asked the group for any other suggestions.

                    “Since we live here in Vertana Town maybe we could take a little trip to Aegis cave.” Bexan suggested.

                    “What’s Aegis cave?” Emmet asked.

                    “Oh yeah I forgot you two aren’t originally from Triacal.” Bexan laughed at his forgetfulness.

                    He pulled out his explorers badge, activate the holocaster function, pressed a few holo buttons and pulled up a map of Triacal. Bexan then described his thoughts while pointing to the location of the Cave.

                    “Vertana Town resides on the coast of the Gulf of Triacal, and Aegis cave is a bit inland from there. I’d say we could walk there and spend the night. We could see the Cave the following morning and make our way back. That would leave us a whole day for any last minute preparations and to rest up for the Festival.”

                    “That sounds awesome actually.” Emmet admitted.

                    “I do like caves so I’m in.” Robin added.

                    “It would be great to see a new site after all. Count me in as well.” Dextra weighed in. Bexan grinned as he shifted his holocaster map off. Bexan put his badge away and declared,

                    “Then it’s settled then. We’ll head there this afternoon and start exploring tomorrow morning. Also, we’ll need to bring some items and precautions stuff. After all, Aegis cave is a mystery dungeon.”

                    “Oh, one of those places.” Robin repeated, expressing his interest, “I’ll be sure to bring plenty of berries in case there’s trouble.”

                    “I’ll bring a couple of orbs and some poke in case we need to get supplies there.” Bexan added.

                    “I’ll bring the punches.” Dextra boasted, earning a frustrated stare from her brother.

                    “Me and Dextra will bring some poke for lodgings and any medical stuff” Emmet sighed.

                    “Kay, let’s all meet at the school cliff point near the front gate at noon, then we can then travel to Aegis Lodge.” Bexan proposed to the group. With their plans in place, everyone went to their own rooms to get ready.

                    “Come on Emmet, hurry up. We don’t need to bring a hospitals worth of stuff, just a couple of bandages maybe and a bottle of one of the boosters.” Dextra shouted as she left the room.

                    “Go on ahead and get our poke withdrawals Dextra, I’ll grab one booster along with some bandages and meet you in the entrance lobby.” Emmet yelled in replied, while going through the cabinets. He picked out one stat aid bottle after another, think about which would be better, then put back on the shelf, and then second guess his reasoning leading to repetition.

                    “UGHAA!” He screamed out of frustration. He took a breath to calm his head then looked at the two candidate bottles he had been debating on for way to long.

                    “Okay, Protein or Iron. Attack buff and energizer or Defense buff and durability enhancing. Both are temporary so let’s see. Only I really rely on special attacks instead of physical so that’s a plus for Protein. But on the other hand, Only Bexan is really defensive so an Iron could help one of us having trouble keeping up……….Ugh not again.”

                    He sighed angrily as he pulled out a Legends Collection coin and decided which would win how. He flipped and it landed on Palkia.

                    “Okay Iron wins.” He exclaimed in relief, putting the Protein back and putting the Iron on top of the bandages in his bag. As he walked out he looked at his study desk and noticed the Aqua Drop, hanging from his luminous lamp’s neck. He frowned as he walked over and grabbed it. He hadn’t seen Lester since receiving this and it was really bothering him. His eyes drooped a little, but shot back up from Dextra roaring from the far end of the school hall.

                    “You’d better stop being picky and come here, OR I’M GOING TO DRAG YOU OUT BY YOUR HEAD FIN!”
                    Emmet put the Aqua Drop in the bag and rushed out the door.


                    A solid line moved up and back to normal on a screen. The top right of the screen said, “Gravity Force Tracer”. The screen resided in a dark room, along with a large mon watching the repeating cycle of the line.

                    The door across the monitor screen clicked and slid open as a white cloaked mon walked in.

                    “Any change?” It asked the silent figure.

                    “Nothing outside the normality of mass attraction. I’m beginning to question Lester’s hypothesis on our second opponent’s play.”

                    The asker lifted the white hood off its head. The Mega Sceptile's face showed in the faint light of the screen. His eyes were covered with a grey visor with the symbol across it.

                    “Speaking of Lester, the Time Gear research he and … Primo acquired has proven to be a possibility for us. Course, I would advise that we don’t take that course of action though it would be a large energy source we need. Perhaps taking one would be reasonable.” The Mega Sceptile informed the mon in front of him.

                    “I’ve already determined that such a course of action would be unfruitful, Deker.” Deker’s head tilted in slight surprise as the motionless Pokémon continued. “Despite this reality it would be wise to take advantage of such an concept. Making a move on the Gears would put our main opponent in an nervous if not unsure state.”

                    “A diversion?” Deker relayed his reckoning.

                    “Yes, by fooling our opponent into a false sense of danger in an area we have no intention to move on, would aid well in keeping his sight stretched thin.”

                    “But Jakob,” Deker interjected, “Wouldn’t our deal be strained because of our diverting act?”

                    “We have a piece that finalizes our deal so long as it is in play. He will respect our moves so long as we do our end of the agreement. I do however have a mission for you, Deker.”

                    Deker nodded his head and tightened his focus.

                    “I want you to gather information on a certain mon that has earned my attention.” Jakob pressed a button showing a picture of a Golduck.

                    “This mon’s name is Rysco. His Bio and known information you will receive upon your exit. I want you to find him and learn all you can about Marco the III’s son. That is your mission”

                    “We already have his information and understanding of his current role as Guild master of Vertana Town’s Guild Academy.” Derek corrected, "What would we gain from him aside from revealing our presence to him."

                    “I want to know their connection. Deker. Marco the IV no doubt shared things with his graduate Rysco and I wish to know what.” Jakob defended his command.

                    “In case the Golduck learned something from Marco we don’t know?” Deker asked.

                    Jakob answered with, “An experiment to see if we gain a possible operative, have a piece against Marco should he become a threat, or erase the mon after tearing everything from his mind that we care too.”

                    No updates or comments, just the usual. Hope it's good and leave feedback should you wish.
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                      Work still being busy bodying, but I was able to do this so I hope it's good!

                      Chapter 30
                      A Run In Along Way

                      “Ugh are we there yet?” Dextra complained, as the four’s journey to Aegis cave was nearing its end.

                      Emmet turned an annoyed face back to her, finally broken by Dextra’s fiftieth time saying that.

                      “How about you ask Robin to fly up and see instead of DOING NOTHING BUT MAKING OUR LIVES MISERA-”

                      Robin got between the two to prevent another “Emmet vs. Dextra” moment. He agreed to fly up and check, while giving Bexan a brief nod. As the Noivern spread his wings and ascended, the Wartortle stood ready to tackle Emmet should Dextra provoke another attempt of attack from the fed up Marshtomp.

                      Robin gazed upon the beautiful country scenery. From this view Vertana Town looked like a small spec behind them. To the right was the enormous Gulf of Triacal. He looked to the left to see the enormous rock structure that contained the famous Fogbound Lake. Turning to look in front, Robin was surprised that the Aegis Cave wasn’t in sight. He looked directly down to see that all of them were only two hills away from the cave’s location.

                      He quickly dove back towards the group. Upon nearing his team’s spot something caught his eye a few meters behind his crew. It appeared to be two specs. One mostly blue with a hint of white on the top and something pink and brown.

                      As he landed, Dextra began hounding him for an answer to her question.

                      “We are only two hills away.” He responded.

                      “Alright!” Dextra exclaimed along with Emmet muttering to himself, “Thank goodness.”

                      “Say, I also saw something behind us.” Robin mentioned. The group gave him their attention.

                      “Well I wasn’t able to discern what those things were exactly though I pretty sure they were some mons. One was blue and the other was pink and brow-”

                      “EMMET!” A loud feminine voice called out from behind the group. Emmet felt a chill in his spine, having a dreadful idea of who that voice belonged too. He slowly turned his head to spy Maya rushing towards them along with the rest of Team Huggers.

                      “Hey there Dextra! Emmet!” Berry shouted running with Candice on his head.

                      “Hey there you three.” Dextra shouted back waving. Suddenly the three members of Team Huggers stopped in their tracks confused. The three other members of Pulsar looked at the spot where Emmet stood. Well, were he once stood. The sight of the Bewear again rushing towards him had sent the feeling of horror through him and as a result he sprinted towards down the path.

                      “Wow,” Dextra whistled as their three acquaintances joined them, “I guess he isn’t over it. Heh I think he’s running even faster than the first time.”

                      Berry asked what she meant exactly. Dextra relayed Emmet’s introduction to Maya and the whole catastrophe that ensued from that.

                      “Yeah I don’t blame him for being scared of Maya. Heck, she scares the jeepers out of us.” Berry stated.

                      “Does he not like me?” Maya asked Robin with a sad eyed face. Robin replied, feeling extremely uncomfortable form the sad derpy face a foot away from his own.

                      “Uhhhmm….. He’s not one to bear a grudge for to long…….uhhh-”

                      “He means,” Bexan interjected, “Emmet is just nervous around you right now. I’m sure he’ll come around.” Bexan then turned to Dextra, “So, why exactly is he scared of her? I mean, yeah that’s terrifying but it couldn’t have been that bad. Besides she looks pretty in-scary to me.”

                      “Well,” the Pachirisu explained leaping off Berry’s head, “she can be terrifying. You see, if she eats a gummi, she starts going into a hugging craze. Basically hugging any mon that’s the same color as the gummi.”

                      “That sounds stupid.” Bexan bluntly expressed his thoughts.

                      “But it’s true. Heck I got a good laugh from it.” Dextra replied with a guilty yet amused smile.

                      “Apparently it wasn’t funny to Emmet.” Bexan reminded her followed by a tired sigh. Berry then asked the question in everyone’s minds.

                      “Speaking of Emmet, how far down the road did he go?” They all turned their gaze to the distant path; Emmet was no longer in sight. Everyone resumed their trip, taking along the way. “Emmet will be fine since we’re close.” They reasoned.

                      Meanwhile, far ahead of the others, Emmet was still running as fast as he could. He could just picture the sight of the terrifying Bewear with the freakishly wide eyes running after him to squeeze him to bone crushing. He glanced back for a second, and realized that he wasn’t being chased. However, before he could stop his scampering, he rammed into some mon ahead of him. The two began tumbling down the road, rolling over each other like a split wheel.

                      Finally the two stopped rolling. Emmet was on the bottom of the two, trying to stop blinking from the dirt. He finally was able to see the mon on top. His face became full of surprise and dread upon seeing Rysco on top of him.

                      “YOU!” the two exclaimed in unison.

                      “Wow Rysco,” a teasing voice joked from behind them, “and you said you were capable of watching your own back. But look at you, getting tackled by your little rival.”

                      Rysco’s eyes burned in fury as he leaped off the Marshtomp and stared directly into Reina’s smirking face.

                      “I’d like to see you dodge some mon running up behind you without making a sound loud enough to grab your attention!”

                      “You look funny when your aggravated, Rysco.” Warren chuckled, catching up to his teammates and Emmet, trying to stand on imbalanced legs.

                      “Anyway, so why were you running at 20 miles per hour and ramming straight into Rysco?” Reina asked, changing her tone from mocking to serious.

                      “I was being um.” Emmet became nervous. As if he wasn’t in bad water with them already, but them learning that he thought he was being chased would seal his stupidity in their eyes.

                      “I was being……practicing my r-r-running. Yeah, that’s what I was doing.”

                      “Then pray tell, why didn’t you stop, moron?” the skeptical Warren questioned.

                      “Uhhhhhh” Emmet cringed.

                      “There you are!” Dextra shouted running up to him, “Are you okay? You looked like you took a nasty tumble down in some dirt.”

                      “Oh, so he wasn’t alone after all.” Reina sighed, upon seeing the girl Monferno run up.

                      “You!? Hey, did you do this to him?”

                      “Dextra,” Emmet whispered to her, “they didn’t do anything to me. It was an accident.”

                      “And even if we did, what would you have done?” Rysco commented.

                      “Hey! Rysco was it!? Nice to see you again.” Robin sneered, gliding up to the group. He was joined by Bexan and Team Huggers a few seconds later.

                      “Huh, didn’t expect to find you here. Taking up offers from the naïve are we?” Rysco muttered, crossing his arms.

                      “Still commanding goons like a wimpy boss.” Robin countered with his own insults. The two stared at each other with burning friction.

                      “Ugh, come one Rysco. We don’t have time to waste. We’re on a job after all.” Warren urged.

                      “Valid point.” Rysco concurred, exhaling from annoyance. He and his group began walking towards the top of the hill before Maya asked, “Hey are you three going to Aegis Cave?”

                      Rysco growled and muttured, “Yes, now if you’ll just leave us be a-”

                      “We’re going too! Since my team; Dextra, Emmet and their friends; and you three are going to Aegis Cave, how about we all go together!”

                      Rysco and Emmet gave blank stares. Dextra, Warren and Reina’s jaws dropped. Robin stared from shock while Bexan stared in confusion. Berry was clueless while Candice applauded the idea.

                      “It’s settled!” Maya exclaimed in happiness.

                      “No we aren’t.” Rysco disagreed, but stopped at the scary sight of the sad derpy face of Maya. Reina winked at Rysco as Warren gave him a pat on the back.

                      “You two aren’t serious!?” He exclaimed.

                      “What? Might as well. Since we all are going to the same place anyway.” Reina pointed out.

                      “Also Rysco, the bigger the group the safer the trip.” Warren added.

                      “You two are insufferable…….backstabbers.” Rysco growled, reluctantly complying due to peer pressure.

                      So the three groups headed over the last hill. Team Ragewave, Team Pulsar, and Team Huggers. Three very different teams all going to Aegis Cave, known for its connection to the unknown and rumored to contain an underground pathway that links to the World Abyss.
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                        Finally this has been updated. How long has it been? (Looks up the last update date) Holy Helix Fossil it's been 10 days! Man, I need to step up my game. Sorry about how long it's been since this was updated. I'm still doing the whole cycle thing and I've had a busy schedule. I know this doesn't mean it isn't inconvenient so I've got to try and do better. I hope you all understand and I'll try to not take so freakin' long, though I can't say that I'll be able to be consistent with this. All I can say is "I'll try to do this." since you never know when a meteor called "Unplanned Life Issue" comes flying in and impacts my cranium. Thanks and I hope this goes well.

                        Chapter 31
                        Reading Letters

                        The group stood at the enormous ruined cave entrance, gazing upon the ancient stones that surrounded the opening. There were many symbols on the stones which had been identified as the language of the ancient and mysterious, unown. The group of ten remained silent as they took in the view. Though it was unsettling with an annoyed Rysco and Emmet sending out a heavy aura in the area. They were emitting enough friction in the area to even make Maya somewhat uneasy.

                        “Well we can be sure for one thing. This place definitely looks a bit AEGID of a cave!” Berry joked, trying to break the tense atmosphere. Grasping the idea behind Berry’s flop of a joke, Maya and Candice tittered to try and salvage some positive effects. The results? Bexan face palmed, Robin and Reina sighed, Warren covered his laugh with his hands, and Emmet along with Rysco firmly stated in unison.

                        “Are you done?”

                        The two team leaders didn’t seem to notice the sync in their speech. Team Huggers stopped their weak laughter as Emmet broke from the group and waved for his teammates to come along. Rysco lead his team inside as well. Team Huggers brought up the rear as they joined the others inside.

                        The inside was a mix of ruined structure and cave stones scattered over the sides of the cave. Pulsar and Huggers were stricken with awe at this sight, however Ragewave just merely went on without a care about the view. Rysco and Warren congregated at the center of the room, standing in front of a large stone slab.

                        Snapping out of his moment of admiration, Emmet noticed the slab and Rysco apparently trying to read it. He ran over to the group and asked Warren what the slab said.

                        “Oh that? This is the map of the ruins.”

                        “Hey Warren.” Rysco called for the Machoke. Warren leaned over as Rysco pointed to something on the slab.

                        “Huh, Rysco why is that there?”

                        “Its unown writing, but it doesn’t make sense.” Rysco speculated, “It shouldn’t be here. This slab was placed as a map from the locals here. So why exactly-”

                        “Whatchya looking at?” A loud voice came from behind. Maya had joined the group of four.

                        “Is everyone going to bother me? I’m busy trying to figure why this strange writing is here.” Rysco grumbled.

                        “Why don’t you ask it?” Maya suggested. The three at the slab were puzzled. They knew she said weird things, but why ask the writing?

                        Rysco bluntly stated, “How dumb are you?”

                        “You know you can’t ask writing why it’s there.” Emmet added, “It’s not really living so-”

                        “But it’s moving.” Maya pointed out. The three looked back and cringed at the letters moving all over the slab wildly. Rysco quickly got a grasp on what was going on and shouted, “Run!”

                        But it was too late. The letters shot out of the slab, revealing a multitude of unown. The creatures blocked their escape route.

                        Seeing her friends in trouble, Reina fired an Ice Beam at the group of unown, however it was met with a multitude of Hidden Power attacks. It was blown away and struck all over the area Reina was at. Reina was sent flying back, but Robin swiftly flew up and caught her midflight.

                        Berry and Bexan then fired their respective range attacks. Berry with his Hydro Pump and Bexan with his Dragon Pulse. The attacks were once again met with a multitude of Hidden Powers as well. The straggler attacks struck against them. Bexan and Berry managed to defended themselves from most of the attacks, but they took enough damage to force them to stand down. Dextra was about to unleash her attack, when Bexan urged her to stop.

                        “There’s nothing we can do.” He wheezed, “There’s to many to get through.”

                        “But Emmet, Maya, and those two are surrounded by them. We need to get them ou-”

                        Before she finished a Luminous orb was activated from inside the swarm of unown.

                        “Now!” Rysco’s voice sounded as the group of four rushed out of the temporarily blinded mons. However, the blinded mons began firing Hidden Power in their blindness, striking the walls and themselves. A stray Hidden Power hit Rysco in the back. This specific one was super effective and sent Rycso fall on his face.

                        “Rysco!” Warren yelled as he tried to rush back. Unfortunately, another stray one blasted the in front of Warren knocking him backwards onto his back. The unown began to swarm around the injured Rysco. Emmet leaped in front and readied to shield Rysco from their attacks. Maya joined him and protected the area he couldn’t cover.

                        “W-what are you-” Rysco tried to speak.

                        “Stay down,” Emmet ordered, “We’ll keep them from hurti-”

                        Rysco interrupted, as he struggled to get back up, “You don’t understand. They aren’t going to attack, their trying to ensnare us. We need to stay separated.”

                        The Unown began to form circles with themselves around the three. Gibberish chanting came from them as symbols began forming on the ground they stood. The three were sucked into a newly formed hole, screeching as they fell in. The unown then began to fly away.

                        “Get back here!” Dextra shouted and threw a Focus Blast at the fleeing mons. The left a strong blast along the wall, as the unown escaped laughing.

                        “Dang it!” She uttered in anger, “Where did they take them?”

                        “I don’t know.” Robin answered.

                        “It could be anywhere.” A huffing Reina added, trying to stay on her feet with Robin’s help. The group looked at the deeper parts of the cave, worried about their kidnapped friends.

                        Observing the group from the behind an aged pillar, the silhouette of Deker stood. He had watched the entirety of the events unfold.

                        “Hmm, it appears I’ve been set back. Perhaps I can take advantage of this.” His ꚙ symbol on his visor glowed a bright gray as he began contacting Jakob.

                        “Jakob I’ve found the target. However, it appears he, that Marshtomp we’ve been observing and some dumb Bewear were sucked into an unown wormhole. I need you to locate where they were sent.”
                        A low voice responded from his visor, “I’ll begin the tracking. As I try to find them you need to go deeper into the cave. Unown may be able to open a wormhole, but they never transport mons anywhere outside the cave they dwell.”

                        “Understood” Deker replied and nodded.

                        “One last thing,” the mon over the com added, “Get the Golduck by himself so you can interrogate him. Ensure that his associates don’t see you. If you can’t separate them, wait till they’ve escaped from the cave and offer assistance from the shadows should they meet obstacles in their attempts.”

                        “I’ll ensure I’m not seen Ja-” Deker started.

                        “Hiya Deker, so your talking to Jakob too!” A loud obnoxious voice cheered from his visor causing Deker to cover his visor concealed ears.

                        “What the-…Lester! What are you doing!” Jakob shouted from his end.

                        “Just wanted to report from my mission.” Lester chuckeld, “Didn’t know that you were already chatting with-”

                        “Silence Lester!” Jakob ordered with anger, “Get off this now and wait till I contact you.”

                        “Ugh, fine fearless leader,” Lester grumbled, “I’ll wait till you all me.”

                        Deker growled as he finished up with Jakob, “That little punk needs to stop being so boisterous. Aside from that, I’ll be sure to not be spotted. Deker out.”

                        His visor’s light faded and he began to rush deeper into the cave. Deker masterfully bolted through the cave, using his skills in stealth to avoid being spied by the group of mons in the center of the room.
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                          Chapter 32
                          A Lost Opprotunity

                          “…Uh…….. Ow, my head,” Emmet groaned, as he was waking up. He felt lightheaded, but still recalled him, Rysco and Maya being sucked into some strange hole. The only light that shown was a faint blue coming from his right.

                          As he was squinting, he noticed something above him. It was overshadowing him so he couldn’t make it out. But before he started to get up, the object above him moved first.

                          “W-where the-he heck are we?” A weary voice said above him. The figure moved a little, allowing the light to reveal its face. Emmet’s stare was met with Rysco’s stare. Their eyes widened upon realizing what was going on. Rysco quickly rolled off of Emmet.

                          “Y-you, how long have you been there!” Rysco demanded.

                          “W-what, I just woke up genius,” Emmet ranted. He shook the awkward feeling out of his head and scowled at the golduck.

                          “Why were you on top of m-” Emmet began.

                          “Wait,” Rysco interjected. “unown are known to be mischievous creatures. Apparently they figured out that we weren’t exactly great around each-”

                          “I get it, please don’t go any further with it please,” Emmet interrupted, trying to get his mind off what happened.

                          “Agreed,” Rysco replied, disturbed as well, “If Warren or Reina found out about this, I would never hear the end of it.”

                          “Yeah, and Dextra would tease me about it for months,” Emmet said with a shiver.

                          “Let’s just not tell anyone and agree to never speak of…….that again.” Rysco offered.

                          Emmet nodded, “The sooner we get out the better.”

                          The two got on their feet browsed the area around them. The blue light seemed to be coming from a gash in a nearby wall. It was large enough to squeeze through. Rysco began to investigate, but was stopped by Emmet.

                          “Hey hold on a minute. We need to find Maya first?”

                          “You mean the bewear?”

                          “Yes, the bewear.”

                          “Not my problem,” Rysco replied, resuming his way. However, Emmet wouldn’t just be brushed aside again. He ran in front of Rysco’s path and firmly said, “She and I are only here, because we wanted to protect you from the unown. We’re not going anywhere till we find her.”

                          “I told you two to get out while you could,” Rysco said to the defiant Emmet, “I would have been fine if you two hadn’t gotten in the way.”

                          “What kind of ungrateful person are you?”

                          “Even if the unown took me with them alone it wouldn’t be much of a hindrance. I and my team have our badges linked in trackers. They should be on their way to find me. However, I need to move since this is a mystery dungeon.”

                          Emmet’s face turned from anger to curiosity. The only Mystery Dungeon he had been in was that one in the forest. The one where he met Robin and first encountered Rysco in person. Course, he had used a warp orb outside so he didn’t really go through it by normal methods. Seeing that Emmet appeared to have calmed down a little, Rysco inquired something.

                          “Have you traveled in one?” Emmet looked at the ground and shook his head. “Well, perhaps then I can at least tell you something about it since I can’t deny you are in this predicament due to me not informing you in time.”

                          Emmet gave the golduck a surprised look. Rysco looked to the side, his face showing an annoyed expression.

                          “Was our first impressions that much damaging to your view of my character?”

                          “Well, you kind of did a bit much. Also, you smacked me against a tree,” Emmet mentioned. Rysco gave a little grunt.

                          “You were pretty arrogant and well….”

                          “You’re right about that. I mean, I guess I was caught up in the moment.”

                          “Whatever, anyway do you want to hear what I have to say?” Emmet nodded “Yes”.

                          Despite being uneasy by this little bit of niceness from Rysco, Emmet didn’t hesitate to take in everything he was told. After Rysco finished, he began to walk off towards the blue light again.

                          “Wait, we need to find Maya,” Emmet said once again.

                          “I don’t have time to. My teammates are probably on their way so I need to find them,” Rysco gave a sigh as he turned slightly to Emmet and tossed an object to him. Emmet caught it and gazed upon the white orb.

                          “That’s an Echo Orb. Due to the special space distortion in dungeons it can be used to send waves through all the areas of the dungeon. You can use that to see if Maya is nearby. That’s all I have that I can give you.”

                          Rysco began to resume his way, but Emmet again asked him to wait.

                          “Thank you for the orb, but there’s something I would like to say.”

                          “What?” Rysco asked, getting tired of the stalling. Emmet paused, fiddling a little with his tie. He then took a deep breath and said, “I would like to apologize. I assumed you and well wrote you off as some jerk. I know I probably am still a kid to y-”

                          “You are a kid to me,” Rysco interrupted, slightly upsetting Emmet. But he fully faced Emmet and gave him a look of integrity.

                          “But….you do have potential. You still have a long way to go from what I see. But you have resolve and maybe you might actually catch up to me.”

                          Emmet was astonished at this semi-compliment from Rysco. Emmet couldn’t help but grin a little. Rysco didn’t smile back, but merely proceeded to the light again. Emmet turned as well and began using the orb to find Maya.

                          So they split up. Good, Deker muttered to himself, seeing two dots, on a holographic map, start to move away. He closed the map and brought up the communication link again with Jakob.

                          “What is it?” Jakob’s static voice inquired.

                          “Rysco is alone, but I need to report something else. The marshtomp of interest is nearby as well. Can you get Lester to check on the attraction measure again?”


                          “The unown seem to be avoiding a strange dimensional static, not natural to the unown environment. I haven’t pinpointed the location of its origin, but the marshtomp is within its area.”

                          “Dimensional static you say? That may be of some importance, but focus on your mission with Rysco. He is still a mon of interest.”

                          Deker nodded as he broke the communication link. He continued on his way, making his way towards Rysco’s location.

                          He was closing in on where Rysco was on his map till it suddenly shut off. Deker tried to boot it up, but failed to do so.

                          What the….is the static messing with my map? I need to locate Rysco before he rendezvous with his friends, Suddenly a faint voice echoes from behind him. He quickly got into a fighting stance bracing himself for an attack. But he was startled upon seeing floods of Unown flying right past him. They didn’t seem interested in him as they flew by in no time at all.

                          unown don’t flee, unless something that can match their powers is nearby, Suddenly a pink light lunged at him. He narrowly evaded a powerful Psyshock. He turned to see a meowstic eyeing him.

                          “So you’re one of those mons Dialga talked about,” The meowstic growled. Deker didn’t reply, but merely activated leaf blade. The opposing mon gave a smirk in defiance.

                          “That’s all I needed,” He laughed. Deker suddenly heard a loud ripping noise from below him. He had no time to escape the spacial rift that opened beneath him.

                          Despite being caught off guard, Deker managed to land on his feet and recover his balance. He looked around his new surroundings. It was a dimly lit place that towered above him. He scowled behind his visor, realizing where he was.

                          “I suggest you surrender,” A deep voice ordered. He was in the presence of Dialga and Palkia.
                          “Looks like your new operative was effective,” Palkia said with a smile, “You now have someone to interrogate.”

                          Deker lowered his leaf blade, knowing he wasn’t a match for two legends by himself. Dialga then took a few steps forward and asked, “What are you and your allies objectives? Why are you after energy sources?” Deker remained silent.

                          “You probably should answer,” Palkia stated, “He can freeze you in place and I can rip you up where you stand.”

                          Deker’s visor then began glowing its light again. Jakob’s voice spoke from it. “Lord of Time and Lord of Space. I’m surprised yet somewhat intrigued at this play by you.”

                          “I assume you are the one behind this,” Dialga spoke, “If that’s the case then I demand you cease your actions against us and surrender.”

                          “Quite forceful of you Master of Time,” Jakob said, “But I’m afraid you need to let my operative go. You are aware we are after power sources and well, you’ve left yours unguarded.”

                          Dialga’s face showed horror, understanding what Jakob meant. The sound of an explosion was made from above them. Dialga immediately headed to the pinnacle. Palkia, was about to attack Deker till Jakob spoke again.

                          “It was a well-played move. However, I was prepared. If you value the time gears, I suggest you not intervene in our affairs.”

                          “You’re insane to tamper with them!” Palkia roared.

                          “This is my last warning. Leave them open again, and we won’t hesitate to take them.”

                          “Yo-You have to be bluffing.”

                          A portal then opened behind Deker as Jakob said his parting words. “I’m not one for empty threats. Don’t think the Time Gears will be our only pressure point against you legends.”

                          Deker walked through the portal as Palkia grid his teeth. He opened a spacial rift and appeared at the pinnacle of Temporal Tower. Palkia gazed along with Dialga at the site of the Time Gear holder. It had been attacked and took a good amount of damage. The gears were still in their places but barely.

                          “I can’t risk this,” Dialga muttered out loud, “Palkia, we need to rethink our moves. We cannot risk an apocalypse over them. We’ll have to be cautious for now.”

                          Palkia reluctantly agreed. They would have to hold off their investigation for now.

                          Meanwhile Deker had safely appeared from the portal. Standing before him was a Mega Swampert with a metal piece covering his mouth. Deker’s head became downcast as he said, “I was careless Jakob. I’ve failed your assignment.”

                          Jakob stroked his chin. He then replied in a deep voice, “We’ve dodged a hyper beam barely. We can’t risk another sloppy move again. Our diversion may keep them busy, but now we don’t have the luxury of over-activity. Contact Lester and Primo and inform them to return here. Us that have been identified will remain here until it is safe to move. I will have a talk with our associate and see if an agreement can be reached.”

                          Comment Box:
                          Well it's been a while. I was having trouble with this work so that's is why I haven't updated till now. I hope you all understand that while I do enjoy writing these things, I'm not exactly perfect at it. Especially since this was my first one and well, I'm not exactly the most experienced writer. But I digress. I hope that this chapter was enjoyable.
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                            Chapter 33
                            Finding Retort

                            “Hm, this looks like a good spot to start,” Emmet said to himself upon reaching a small clearing in the cave. He held the Echo orb out in front and it started to glow. The marshtomp could feel strange reverberations course through the area. As the orb continued its function, Emmet pulled out his explorers badge and activated the holocaster. After pressing a few holographic buttons, he synced orb with his holocaster. A hologram of the cave began to form as the echo waves rushed through the cave.

                            As this went on, Emmet couldn’t help but marvel at the technology. I wonder how someone could have put this all together. I mean, orbs have been here for a long time, but haven’t really been fully understood till- oh?

                            He snapped out of his fantasizing upon hearing a ping. He scanned the map with his eyes and noticed a small dot appear on a lower level of the map.

                            “Is she there?” He turned off the orb, put his explorer badge away and made his way to the spot on the map.

                            After a bit of traveling, he was nearing the location of the dot. He started to hear some noises ahead.

                            I must be close…wait what-? He thought as he ran towards the noise. He reached a turn just in time to see the last bit of a horde of unown hover away. Wait are they fleeing from-

                            He was interrupted by a sudden explosion happened to his right. He was knocked onto his side, frightened but unharmed. He scrambled back onto his feet and hid behind what remained of the turn. He spied around the turn and managed to see a white cloth fall into the ground. He noticed there was a pink hole but he didn’t get long to discern it before it closed. The pink light faded, revealing a scowling meowstic staring at the spot. What did I just see? Emmet thought, completely lost at the scene. He decided to watch this stranger for now, since pulling out the orb now could be problematic.

                            “Good riddance,” The mon said, glaring at the floor where the hole used to be. The meowstic the started walking into the cave.

                            Determining that his orb found the wrong mon, Emmet was about to go away to try again. He took one last look at the leaving mon and finally identified the stranger. It was the same meowstic that stole one of Guildmaster Marco’s books. Emmet followed at a distance. Despite his lacking in stealth skills, Emmet managed to keep from being detected. The marshtomp trailed the thief for a while before the cat finally stopped. The mon pulled out an orb and spoke into it,

                            “Yeah, what is it?”

                            All Emmet heard was a muffled response, before that thief’s eyes widened in shock.

                            “W-what but how did he-? You said that if I bro- ... Oh, so that was in danger. It’s okay, I’ll be fine. Let me know if he has another mission for me,” Zane lowered the orb and moved his stare to the ground. His fist clenched tightly on the orb.

                            What’s that about? Emmet thought. He moved his arm towards his chin like he always did when observing intently. This unfortunately knocked a few pebbles nearby. He froze in terror upon hearing the tiny rocks land. He was about to sprint away, but stopped upon seeing pink beams right in front of him. He fell back, but got back up upon noticing they were at a standstill. The psyshock apparently stayed suspended in the air.

                            “You might as well come out,” Zane said, calmly, “I know your there and I have you cornered. I won’t hurt you if you come out.”

                            Emmet gulped and reluctantly walked into the open. Despite being shaken by almost running into those beams, Emmet took a firm stance and stared into Zane’s green eyes. Well he tried to, but staring into Zane’s ear eyes made him pretty uncomfortable.

                            “Oh it’s you,” Zane stated, not hiding his disinterest. He sighed then gave a goading grin. “Still sore about our last meeting are we?”

                            “You gave me good reason to you know,” Emmet protested, “If Guildmaster Marco wasn’t so lenient with me and my sister, we could have been expelled.”

                            “Hmm well at least you weren’t. Not that I’m concerned.”

                            Emmet gave an annoyed scowl and said, “Of course you wouldn’t. I’m sure you stole it for some reward or what not. I shouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t sorry.”

                            Zane’s closed eyes squinted and the ones in his ears tensed. His psyshock beams shot and surrounded Emmet. “You’re right, I’m not sorry. Maybe you could have saved it if you hadn’t been so gullible. Not my fault you didn’t think to KO me first.”

                            “I certainly should have,” Emmet replied in an agitated tone. However he composed himself. “But I was stupid. My sister and I weren’t even supposed to be in there.” Emmet’s head dropped slightly, recounting the scene and the lecture afterwards.

                            “Because of that we were in trouble. You just well happened to be there, but we went there of our own volition. While you did steal that book there I can’t blame you for my mistake nor the consequences for that decision.”

                            This shift in tone surprised Zane. While not impressed, he was interested in this change. Of course, he had other things to worry about. Zane’s ear eyes relaxed and backed his beams off a little. “Well you should take the brunt of your actions anyways. Now let’s cut to the chase. Why are you even here anyway?”

                            “I came with my team to visit this cave.”

                            “So I assume, you had a run in with unown then and that’s why you’re this far in, correct,” Zane asked Emmet, who answered with a nod. Zane stopped using psyshock and closed his ears. Emmet took a little relief upon seeing Zane’s normal eyes open.

                            “Well, you should probably leave,” the meowstic bluntly stated.

                            “I right now have to find someone that got caught up with me. Have you seen a female bewear around here?” Zane just gave a perplexed stare. “She’s just a friend and got dragged here with me and another guy.”

                            “I haven’t seen any. Well, hope you find her,” Zane stated and was about to leave till Emmet interrupted.

                            “Hey, wait a minute.”

                            “No, I’m not answering why I took that book.”

                            “I wasn’t going to ask that,” Emmet muttered.

                            “Sides I regret doing it anyways.”

                            Emmet’s eyes widened. “Y-you do?”

                            “Don’t get the wrong idea,” Zane clarified, “Not cause I feel guilty about the theft or putting you two in hot water. Ugh, never mind,” The meowstic dropped his gaze a little, his face now a mix of anger and regret. The two were quiet for a moment, till Zane asked what Emmet wanted to know.

                            “Oh, I was going to ask what happened back there. You know with that hole.”

                            “Hm, none of your concern.” Zane said, without any hesitation.


                            “Look, you don’t want to get involved and it’s none of your concer-”

                            “It is to!” Emmet shouted. This outburst surprised Zane and even Emmet himself. “Uh…sorry I … dunno what that was about.”

                            “Your fine, just focus on your own stuff,” Zane stated.

                            Why did I do that? I know I don’t like being left out on info, but that was unwarranted. So … why do I feel like … ugh Emmet growled, pulled out the orb again and continued his search.

                            Rysco stood still, staring at a stone slab with strange markings on it. The tablet looked ancient and obscured an apparent path. It was definitely locked and sealed upon the cave depths to prevent entrance.

                            Rysco looked at the path he came from with an annoyed look. “When are they getting here?” Rysco growled, “Did they run into trouble or something?” He turned his focus back to the stone tablet. He decided he’d save them all time and try to decipher it without the notes he entrusted to Reina. He put his claw on a section and followed the lines.

                            “Definitely not from this area. I assume it’s one of those dungeon treasure rooms. So it definitely requires a key. Not the standard one…but from what I can tell this is the resting place of the treasure we’re after….Where are they‽ I can’t get in without-”

                            “Chill Rysco, we’re here,” Reina’s voice spoke from behind.

                            “What took you two so long?” Rysco inquired, turning to meet up with his team.

                            “This place wasn’t easy to travel through Rysco. Sides, we didn’t take that long,” Reina stated annoyed at Rysco’s scolding, “Anyway, here you go.” The floatzel handed a metal wristlet to him. Rysco then unlocked it and put it over left wrist.

                            “You sure this is gonna work. I’d like to think we didn’t come all this way just to leave empty handed,” Warren said. Rysco merely gave a grunt as he locked it on his wrist in place and face the stone tablet. The golduck closed his eyes and sharpened his focus. Stretching his left arm outward, Rysco channeled his psychic energy into the band. The object began to form a pink ball in front of Rsyco's outstretched palm.

                            The two teammates watched in awe. Rysco looked at Reina and said, “Show me it,”

                            Reina pulled out a piece of paper out of their sack and showed him a design of a strange key. Rysco nodded and closed his eyes again. He made small grunts as he slowly twisted his wrist, causing the ball to begin morphing into something. It wasn’t long after, that Rysco had formed a key from the raw psychic energy. He mentally pushed the key into the lock and twisted his wrist, like he would opening a door. A loud clank resounded as the tablet unlocked and slowly began to open. Rysco dropped his arm and rested on his legs, worn out by the mental stress.

                            Warren gave a grin as he congratulated Rysco. “Incredible, so it actually worked.”

                            “You know we saw Rysco use it when we were given it,” Reina pointed out.

                            “Yeah, but on a test door. It still amazes me that it worked.”

                            Rysco stood straight up again and began to head in. The two joined him.
                            The inner room was lit by a solid blue orb in the center. It was around a foot in Diameter and emitted a warming light. Warren rushed up to it and stared at the object with curious eyes.

                            “So is this what we’re supposed to get. It definitely feels like it contains immense energy levels.”

                            “I agree,” Reina added, “Just looking at it makes me feel a little warmer.”

                            “Energy will do that to you. Especially synergy,” Rysco explained as he joined Warren at the orb. Rysco pulled out his badge and ordered the others to do the same. It would be their only lifeline should there be a trap upon taking the item.

                            The golduck slowly reached for the orb and readied for a fast swipe. He was about to reach, when Warren grabbed it, causing Rysco to jump back startled.

                            “Wha-? Warren! What are you doing‽”

                            “Just getting it, don’t be a drama queen. You don’t have to act paranoid every time we get a treasure.”
                            Rysco crossed his arms and defended. “It doesn’t hurt to be careful. After all, there could be traps and it only takes one to ruin an explorer.”

                            Warren patted the duck on his head laughing a little. “You know this is Aegis cave. The unown are more interested in making mischief rather than killing. Not to mention, that this is some simple chamber. You don’t have to be a team Raider or nothing, we’re not running from collapsing things.”

                            “Stop patting my head and zip you mouth now or I’ll twist your head into directions it was never meant to twist,” Rysco threatened in a low, angry tone.

                            “Alright fearless leader, heh,” Warren replied, taking his hand away and giving the angry golduck a goofy grin. He pulled out his badge and activated it. Warren was engulfed in a brief pillar of light as he was teleported away. Rysco was next. Reina took one last look around. She thought for a second, then pulled out her communication orb.

                            “You two made it safely out?”

                            Warren’s confirmation rested amid the static in the noise. Rysco then joined asking, “Why aren’t you out yet?”

                            “I’m gonna stay a little longer.”

                            “Reina, this isn’t a leisure trip, we need to head back to our employer.”

                            Reina gave a sigh and stated, “I’m gonna stay and ensure the others make it out safely.”

                            “We don’t have time for th-” Rysco began.

                            “Come one Rysco, we were going to stay in the town anyways. Let her help them. Who knows, they might need her,” There was silence for a few seconds. Till Rysco answered with, “Don’t take over thirty minutes.”

                            Reina gave a little laugh and accepted the time limit. She closed the orb and headed out of the chamber. She pulled out her own Echo Orb and activated it.

                            “I’ll see how things are and if they’re fine without me then I’ll join the boys. I mean, it shouldn’t take too lon-…what, why am I getting four pings?”

                            Reina studied orb map as she saw two red dots moving together. Another one was moving in its own direction and the last one was standing still, ahead on the path of where the first two dots were headed. Reina shut the orb off and began sprinting.
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