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Edison Kintobor
Monday, September 28th; afternoon
Oldale Town

After her Gym battle, Tsu headed back to Oldale to visit the Pokémon Center, but not before she, Ed, and Sunny discussed her prize outside the Gym.

"So... how does this work?" Tsu asked, looking at her new TM.

"It's quite simple." Ed pointed out the features as he explained them. "By placing a Poké Ball within the device, you can instantly teach a new move to your Pokémon. Provided they're compatible with the technique, of course."

Tsu nodded slowly, until Sunny stepped up to demonstrate. "Here, watch." She took Tsu’s TM, placing a Poké Ball of her own into it and showing Tsu which buttons to press. "And just like that, a new move is learned."

"Oh, that's neat! What TM did you get, Ed?"

Ed was looking at Sunny curiously, wondering which Pokémon she just taught a new technique. He hadn’t considered the possibility of sharing TMs, but he couldn't recall reading any rule that prohibited it. Tsu’s question grabbed his attention, and he dutifully pulled the device from his satchel. "I won the Bulldoze TM, a Ground type attack that sends shockwaves through the earth."

"That's pretty cool! Hey, do you think any of my Pokémon can learn it?"

Ed checked his Pokédex, comparing the move to her team. "Yes, it looks like your Gyarados and Nosepass can learn it. Why?"

"Can I borrow it? Stacy would love to learn a new move! All she has is biting or landing on her opponents right now. Kind of hard to plan a Contest performance around, you know?"

Ed hesitated, but a pleading look from Tsu and a nudge from Sunny convinced him to share. As a reusable TM, he taught both Stacy and Cyrano the move, along with Sunny's Aron, Striker. Only Addie on his own team could learn it, but he was happy with Addie's current moves, and didn't want to replace any of them just yet.

With none of his team willing or able to use any of the TMs, Ed felt like he'd drawn the short stick in this particular exchange. Tsu assured him she'd return the favor someday, before heading to the Pokémon Center. Ed and Sunny, not particularly needing to return there, instead went to a café for some drinks.

Sitting here now, Ed thinks back to his discussion with Marie earlier in the day. "Sunny, I've been thinking. Can we talk about something?"

Sunny removes the lid of her iced tea, trying to fish out some boba with a spoon, since the straw is too small. "That's what these places are for. What's up?"

"It's... well, I know we've had our ups and downs lately, and I wanted to talk about... us. And more specifically, you and your actions."

Sunny avoids eye contact, gripping the edge of the table. "Can we not?" She asks hopefully. "Look, I know I've made some mistakes, we don't need to bring them up, right?"

Ed takes a deep breath, exasperated but staying calm. He'd expected she'd try to avoid the subject, but communication is key. "Please, just listen. I know I got mad before, but I'm calm now. I think I understand where you're coming from, and I'm willing to forgive you.

"However." Ed holds up a hand before Sunny can interrupt. "You clearly need to work some things out. We need to establish better boundaries, and you can't just do whatever you want and expect me to go along with it. I'd also appreciate it if you didn't hit me so frequently."

"Hearing a lot of things I need to change, Eddie. You trying to say something?" Sunny isn't avoiding his gaze now, but is meeting it with a scowl.

"Don't get mad at me, Sunny, you're the one causing problems. All I'm asking is that you respect what I'm doing and not be so possessive all the time."

"Possessive?! What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well... that’s how it was described to me. You don't respect my-"

"Described by who?" Sunny leans closer, getting mad the more Ed speaks. "Have you been talking about me behind my back? What, you couldn't come talk to me?"

"Sunny, calm down." That seems to upset her more, but Ed keeps talking. "We're talking now. I just needed to sort out my thoughts, and you know that sort of thing takes time. Having a sounding board expedited the process, is all."

"I am not possessive! I thought we were doing this together! I can't just stop what I'm doing every time you want to go visit some Professor or something! I'm just trying to motivate you, you know? Like a friend? Where would you be without me?"

"You know there's no way I could know that, it's not scientifically possible. But think... you 'shouldn't have to stop every time I want to do something'? Am I a hindrance to you? What's wrong with us each going at our own pace? Why do I need to rush and hurry because of your impatience?"

"Okay, fine. We've tried it your way. We've spent days in this town, and what have we accomplished?"

"We fought a Gym Leader. We met up with Miss Tsu, and you caught yourself a new Pokémon. You thought I didn't notice, but I did." That catches Sunny off guard, but Ed keeps going. "I had a nice talk with the Professors, including Professor Wisteria. She even told me of a place in Mauville I can get my Holotch looked at." He pulls the note from his pocket triumphantly. "That's the one thing that you wanted to do, plus a handful of extra perks we would have missed out on if we'd-"

Sunny snatches the note from his hand, looking it over.

Ed sighs in frustration. "This is exactly what I meant about boundaries! You didn't ask, you just grabbed. And you interrupted me. You see what I mean about you not respecting me?"

"What is this?" Sunny looks at the note, in particular the number at the bottom. "Why is her name on this?"

"Oh." Ed had forgotten about that. "I met Marie outside the lab, we talked a bit. She left me her number so I could call her when my Holotch gets fixed."

"So when you called me possessive, those were her words." The paper crumples as she clenches her hands into fists, which Ed protests.

"Sunny, I needed that!"

"I can't believe you'd go to her for help! She's trying to drive us apart, can't you see that? You shouldn't hang out with her!" She tosses the paper onto the table in frustration.

Ed frowns, as evidence for Marie's theory continues to accrue. "You don't get to make that decision. I get that you don't like her, but she's still a friend to me. And you throwing one of your little tantrums won't change that."

That was the wrong thing to say.

"Little... well excuse me for having emotions, Eddie! Sorry I'm not some machine you can tinker with and just fix, like your watch! But you can't even fix that!" She grabs her cup, splashing the iced drink into Ed's face.

He recoils from the shock of cold, and Sunny gasps at her outburst.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I shouldn't have said... I gotta go!" She bolts from the table, her chair clattering to the ground as she leaves.

"Sunny, wait!" Ed calls after her, but she doesn't stop. He sighs, grabbing a napkin to clean himself off. Luckily none of the drink got on the note paper, and all the information is still readable. "I'm not sure I deserved that."


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Maritza White
Monday, September 21st
Chapter 3 - Part 4: Brave Enough
18:00 - 19:00, Enomoto Conservatory
Petalburg City is one of the places I had been hoping to visit at some point. Not only because it's the place in which Mr. Wally started his journey, but because I read there was a Pokémon Conservatory here as well, and it's the best place to start a more thorough research on pokémon.

I have to admit that I did not expect Miranda to be so excited to be here, but she is. I thought she would find it boring, but she insisted after she asked what I had planned for today. She must have a lot of energy to be running around like a little kid, looking at the pokémon living here. It’s cute in a way.

She's an interesting person, to say the least. She's given me nothing but surprises since the day I met her. The fact that she came to the region without knowing anything at all is enough of a surprise already, and she's also a fast learner.

Of course, her behaviour can be problematic. It's hard to interact with her because her emotions are like fireworks continuously exploding in different directions. When she's excited about something, she runs around like she is right now and doesn't stop talking; but when she's angry or annoyed, well… you know what happens.

“Mankey, look! There's more of you over here!” Miranda cheers, running to some kind of playground with treehouses in which two other Mankey are hanging out.

Miranda's Mankey hops into the playground and starts calling the other Mankey that just noticed him there and they invite him to the top of the tree with them. The girl laughs with a big grin and goes to see the other pokémon, leaving Mankey behind.

“Miranda, are you sure this is alright? Mankey tend to be really aggressive.”

“PokéDex said they live in groups.” Miranda shrugs. “Mankey likes to play and doesn't like his PokéBall, so I'd rather have him hang out with more of his kind than attacking other pokémon.”

“But aren't you afraid that he may get lost?”

“I can recognize him and I know how to call him too.”

I don't like how carefree she is with her pokémon. Mankey could easily get separated from the group and get lost while we are away. It's exactly because of her recklessness that she ends up with her hand zapped, but I can't tell her anything because she doesn't like to listen to what I say unless someone else tells her to do so!

As we walk further, the areas stop being playgrounds and turn into flower fields full of flying bug type pokémon. Someone did tell me the conservatory had a lot of bug types, actually, and it's also one of the reasons I wanted to come here.

“Bugs might not be the strongest creatures, but I think a lot of people underestimate them and their importance for the planet. Wimpod, for example: Their role in nature is to consume trash and other contaminants, acting as nature cleaners; however, they also serve as food for other pokémon, such as wild bird pokémon.”

“What would you do if a bird pokémon takes Juggernaut?”

“Oh, were you listening to what I was saying?” I snap after hearing Miranda's words; turns out I was thinking out loud. I giggle. It's fine, I guess. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it. “That's a good question. Wild pokémon have to look for food on their own, so if one just happens to choose Juggernaut, I think I shouldn't be mad about it, it's just how nature works. However, Juggernaut and I have been taking care of each other for years now; I would be sad if something were to happen to him…” As I say that, I rub Juggernaut's exoskeleton with my fingers, he lowers his antennae as he curls into a ball on my arms. “I think I'd try to save him. I don't know how, though.”

Miranda doesn't say anything.

“I try to make sure he has all he needs to grow so he becomes the juggernaut he is destined to be. What a wild pokémon does to him will be less worrying once that happens.”

She still doesn't answer. Maybe she doesn't even know what Wimpod evolves into. I take my smartphone to show her a picture.

“This is Golisopod. It's what Wimpod grows up to be like.”

Miranda's eyes instantly go wide open and I can see the glow on them.

“Golisopod!? This is awesome! You mean Juggernaut turns into that thing!? No middle stage or anything!?”

I nod.

“How does that even happen!? It's too big! And it also doesn't look like the evolution of this...”

“Coward? I mean, you're not wrong, but Golisopod still run away from battles they can't win; the difference is that they can stand a chance in battle. You see, in the wild there comes a moment in which Wimpod just have to stop fleeing and defend themselves from predators to survive,” I start explaining. “However, against strong predators, they won't stand a chance; that's when the stronger Wimpod that have been holding down on evolution evolve.”

“What? They hold down on-- That means they choose not to evolve, right? Why would they choose to be the weak thing over the strong thing?”

“Survival? Wimpod are smaller and faster than Golisopod, meaning they can find food more easily, since most of it is on the ground. Golisopod leading and protecting a Wimpod group eat the food they gather, but lone Golisopod have to eat the pokémon they beat in battle.”

Miranda nods, although it seems she didn't understand most of it, judging by her expression.

“So you say you want Juggernaut to become that thing?," she says after her long pause.

I nod.

“... That's cool and all, but… shouldn't you be doing some battling then?”

I look away for a second, trying to find an answer for that question. She's got a point.

“I still don't know what you're doing here, but you got that license thing, don't you? That means you came here to battle.”

I'm here because I want to follow on Mr. Wally's steps.’ That's the answer I want to give because that's the truth.

But there's something holding me back from giving that answer.

Maybe it's because of the fact that I know I can't follow his steps.

I've lived in fear. Fear of what the outside world -people and pokémon- might do to my health. Fear of losing Juggernaut a second. Fear of being laughed at again for finding inspiration in the story of a trainer with a condition similar to mine made it to the top.

Wally Greene's story is the reason I am in Hoenn, but despite all of my admiration for him, I'm not brave enough to go out and follow his example.

“... I- I don't know.”

“You don't know?” The girl frowns at me. “How do you not know!? You went through a whole paperwork to get that piece of muk and don't know why you did it?”

“Y- yes! Maybe. I don't know. I might've had a reason back then, but it was probably in the moment and just… forgot about it afterwards.” I laugh nervously and then clear my throat. “Um a-anyways… Look! The one that looks like it has a scarf is a Ribombee,” I say, pointing at a yellow winged pokémon flying over some flowers. I have to change this topic and do some thinking about this myself to calm down. “They are normally friendly creatures, although they can be pretty aggressive if provoked. I don't know if they can be found here in Hoenn, but there are some in Galar. What's particularly interesting about them, is that they are one of the few pokémon capable of using the move Powder, which protects them from fire type attackers. It's a move that's only known to be learned by the Cutiefly evolutionary line and Vivillon.”
20:00, Petalburg's Pokémon Center

Miranda was pretty quiet during the rest of our stay in the conservatory. The only time she said something was when she called Mankey back to brag about how she knew how to recognize him in a passive aggressive way.

The more I thought about it, the more confused I was about being here and the quicker I thought I should find the answer.

“Miranda.” The girl knits her brows and turns her head at me. “I've been thinking about it and I'm cancelling tomorrow's class.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s about what we were talking about earlier. The whole thing with Juggernaut and my Trainer's License. I have to do some thinking.”

She takes her time to come up with an answer, but her expression getting more intense says everything. As if Mankey's humor was in synchrony with hers, he stands in front of me and growls. My hand instantly goes to one of my LuxuryBalls, however, Miranda realizes Mankey's attitude and blocks him with her bat.

“You could've trained Juggernaut yesterday when I asked you for a battle.” She turns around and starts walking away. “Whatever. Do what you want, I don't give a muk. Let's go, Mankey.”
Current Party:

- 10 LuxuryBalls
- 10 Full Restore
- 1 Eviolite
- 1 Silk Scarf
- 1 pair of Safety Goggles (Inkay sized)
- PokéGear
- A lot of money
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Sunny Dey
Monday, September 28th; late afternoon

At the northern end of Oldale lies the road toward Mauville, as much as a small body of water can be called a "road". After fleeing from a possible confrontation with her best friend, Sunny paces back and forth along the road, never officially stepping outside of the town boundary. It is entirely the fault of the sign, proclaiming this "Route 103". A part of her brain- a childish, romantic part -can't help but remember how she and Edison had left Mahono town together, taking their first steps onto Route 301 together. And taking these steps without him just seems… wrong. Like a betrayal.

"Not like you haven't done that lately…" She mutters darkly to herself. "What's the harm in doing it again? Why not just leave? I can just go off on my own, do my own thing! Who needs him?!" She shouts at the trees, but they don't answer her.

Clearly it's the stress. Between the everyday challenges of a Pokémon Journey, that damn Professor woman getting in her head, and just generally not knowing where she stands with Eddie and Tsu, Sunny can't recall ever feeling more anxious. "...And I'm talking to myself again."


Sunny turns at the sound of another voice, and of all people, Marie Rachelle Mocinno saunters out from the treeline, lazily twisting a pen between the fingers of one hand and holding a small notebook loosely in the other.

"Oh." Sunny replies, her look more of a sulk than a glare. "Of course I'd run into you."

"And I figured I'd see you soon. Where Edison goes, you're never far behind, after all." Marie tugs her drawstring bag around to stow her pencil and notebook and switch them with… something plain. It might be a book. "Did you win a badge?"

Sunny instinctively moves her hand to her jacket, where Benji's badge is still pinned. "I… yeah. Yeah, I- why? Why do you want, I mean… what about you?" She curses under her breath. That was not smooth, Sunny.

"Oh wow, how many is that for you, then? Three or four?" Marie asks, suspiciously lightly.

"Uh…" In a brief panic, Sunny can't remember how many badges Marie has. Brawly's, for sure, not Benji's… Should I say four, to be safe? No, that's suspicious, no one has them all... She shakes her head to clear her thoughts. "What do you want, Marie? Can't you see I'm busy, here?"

Marie tilts her head. "Busy talking to yourself? I was busy until you startled my research subject, so at least you could have a polite conversation with me."

"Okay, fine. I can be polite." Sunny glares at that last part. She doesn’t know why Marie always throws her off her game so much, but she hates that she does. "What were you researching? Eddie and I just finished a report on Seedot."

"Congratulations," Marie says in what might be a sincere tone, Sunny can't tell. "We were watching a Noctowl. Oh-" Realization flashes across her face, breaking the light and neutral expression she'd settled on. "Hold on."

Sunny nods once as Marie wanders back into the woods a short way and retrieves a red wagon from behind a bush. That Slowpoke from the Point sits comfortably inside, even as Marie exerts actual effort to drag it over tree roots.

Sunny frowns at Slowpoke, knowing it's not fair to blame the Pokémon, but still feeling a little put out just seeing it. She winces as Marie hauls it over a root, even though Slowpoke doesn't react. "Okay, I know you have a ball for it, why are you dragging it with you?"

"Same reason you drag Edison around. I like him and he's cute." Marie shrugs.

"Okay, that…" Sunny cuts herself short, her fist shaking slightly. "Let's not talk about Eddie right now. I am not dragging him anywhere, alright? I'm not."

"If you say so." Marie clearly is disbelieving, but goes to pat the Slowpoke and accidentally bops him on the head with whatever is in her hand. "Ah. Yes. Um, this is for you."

She offers the object to Sunny. It's rectangular and wrapped in plain brown paper. Sunny looks at it in confusion, not reaching for it as she eyes Marie suspiciously. "What is it?"

"A gift."

"Well, duh. But what…" Marie has that look on her face, that one that Sunny hates so much, so she knows there's no point in arguing. "Oh, fine. Give it here." She steps forward, grabbing for the Mystery Gift. Marie allows it to be taken, no fuss at all.

Sunny cautiously opens it, and sure enough, it's a book. Specifically, a hardbound black notebook with a raised image of a Slugma on the cover. The Slugma is... squishy? And full of a glittery gel and little fire-shaped beads. Sunny runs a hand over the lava slug, and the beads squish around inside the gel. There's a little orange pen slotted into a holder on the side.

"This is… pretty cool, actually…" Sunny pokes the Slugma a couple times before looking at Marie suspiciously. "Why are you giving me this? I thought you hated me."

Marie inhales sharply. "No! Nonono, I don't even- I don't even dislike you, I…" She cups an elbow in her hand and the other comes up to tug at her bouncy hair. "You gave me a Lure Ball, indirectly. So I had to give something back. That's only fair. And I didn't like how angry you were at the Point."

Sunny laughs bitterly, once. "Yeah, neither did I… I'm, uh, going through some stuff. You know how it is."

"I suppose."

There is a long, awkward silence as the two look at each other, neither knowing what to say or do next.

"Well, um, I don't think the Noctowl is coming back. So I'm going to…" Marie gestures south, in a vague indication of leaving.

"Yeah, of course, um..." Sunny feels her face heating up as she clutches the book to her chest, idly kicking at the discarded paper wrapping. "Thank you? I guess we're even now… for now, I mean. I'll… I'll see you later. Or, I'll be seeing you later…" She tries to sound tough and menacing.

Marie doesn't look particularly afraid. "Yes. Probably. Pick up that wrapper before you leave, hm? Littering is illegal here, you know. Ta."

She strides off, the wagon rolling much more easily behind her on a real road as opposed to forest.

Sunny watches her go, keeping a foot on the wrapper so it doesn’t blow away. After she's out of earshot, Sunny mutters, "Yeah, well… they let trash like you be… here… that's terrible, what's wrong with me? That's a lame comeback…"

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AGE: 17 ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto
DATE: Monday September 28 ⟡ TIME: Evening
LOCATION: Littledale

Chapter 4 #09 - Owl Details

Noctowl are a primarily nocturnal species- their common name is an indication of that behavior- but I observed one in a hollow tree on the northern edge of Oldale even in the late afternoon. No others seemed to be around, and I was in that area for a while. The one I did see appeared to be smaller than the average height listed in the PokéDex- that being five-foot-three and this one perhaps around four feet- but it had a short "beard", which I read is generally indicative of an older age. It was fully asleep until I stepped on a branch and alerted it, then it watched me without moving or blinking for several minutes. Its eyes glowed pink at one point. I don't think it did anything to me, but my Slowpoke fell asleep out of the blue, so it must have used Hypnosis on him. I couldn't find any other techniques that would produce a similar effect in Noctowl's technique list, so that must have been it.

The Noctowl did not do anything else until someone nearby shouted- it then puffed up its feathers and swooped out of the hollow. It seemed healthy and capable despite being so small. It did not make any noise- no hooting or screeching, and as soon as it was gliding it was silent in the air. Some dirt and a stick fell out of the tree when it flew away. It went north and west, which I assume it knew was away from town and humans.

I looked in the tree after it left. There were no eggs, just a bunch of droppings, so it probably wasn't a nest. Perhaps it's not egg season, so they don't need to build nests yet. Or perhaps its nest is elsewhere, guarded by another of its species. There are no obvious indications of sex in this species, so I do not know if that had any effect on the behavior observed.

Hey Marie!
Thanks for the update on the local Noctowl! You're right- it's not quite breeding season yet, so there wouldn't be any eggs, even if that were its nest. Noctowl prefer to make a nest not in the trees but in sheltered but solid areas- steep hills like the dells and small cliff caves are preferred.

Keep an eye out for a Pidove- it'll be bringing you five Chesto berries. They should help next time you encounter something that might put your Pokémon to sleep!

Brendan Birch

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power // Ominous Wind // Confuse Ray
Stunnie ⟡ Stunfisk ⟡ Male ⟡ Static ⟡
Sucker Punch // Mud Shot // Thundershock // Discharge // Water Gun // Mud Sport // Charge
Cutie ⟡ Alolan Exeggutor ⟡ Male ⟡ Frisk ⟡
Bullet Seed // Hypnosis // Reflect // Leech Seed // Dragon Hammer // Barrage
Pokie ⟡ Slowpoke ⟡ Male ⟡ Own Tempo ⟡
Disable // Confusion // Yawn // Water Gun // Growl // Curse
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [Johto and Hoenn] ⟡
$2,000 ⟡
Knuckle Badge ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 3 ⟡

Sunscreen ⟡
Berry-Print Bikini ⟡
Beach Towel ⟡
Oversized Sunglasses ⟡
Large But Lightweight Backpack ⟡
Rechargeable Battery + Charging Port Housing ⟡
Lidded Pot, Dishes, Chopsticks, Spoon ⟡
Camp Stove ⟡
Soap, Washcloth, Towel ⟡
A Red Wagon ⟡
5x Chesto Berries ⟡
Spoiler: Contacts
Dad ⟡
Mom ⟡
Brothers #1, #2, and #3 ⟡
Brawly ⟡
Brendan ⟡
Edison ⟡
Natsuko (via insta) ⟡
Sunny (via twitter) ⟡
Van ⟡
Wally ⟡


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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

written with Groc as Natsuko Soyokaze

Pokémon / Inventory:

AVRIL'S MONEY: $32 000

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) ♀
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Aromatherapy, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) ♀
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) ♂
Night Slash, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Venus (Mawile) ♀
Fairy Wind, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Iron Defense, Taunt, Baton Pass

🌼 2 Empty Pokéballs
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch
🌼 5 Rare berries

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


🎀• 1

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/338886
The old spark
Monday, September 28th - evening - Littleroot-Oldale township, near Brendan's lab
"Alright Tsu… we are supposed to go look for some Pokémon, right?" Avril asks as soon as the two girls are out of Brendan and May's lab. Finally. "Should we do it now? I… look, I need something to distract myself from what happened. It's still so much to process…"

Tsu looks over at the sun, squinting against the light. "I think we have time. If we go back toward Oldale we can probably find some Pokémon in Trainers' Corridor to observe before it gets too dark."

"Oh, that’s good news!" Avril smiles, as Poppy takes off and floats in front of her. "Thank you Tsu, hopefully this will be fun."

"I don't think he'd recommend it if it wasn't!" Tsu laughs, pulling out her phone. "I think we have to leave the main road, check out some areas off the beaten path… should I buy a real camera? I could probably get better pictures if I did… sorry, I'll focus."

“I'm no expert but… I think you'll be fine. The photo you took back then looks nice to me, you know!"

With Poppy already going on ahead, Avril prompts her friend to follow her. "She's our self proclaimed scout, I guess… we shouldn't make her wait. But… hm, I wonder what kind of Pokémon there are around here? I haven't really checked just yet…"

"I think it's just wild versions of the Pokémon they farm around here. Wooloo and Skiddo, stuff like that." Tsu follows behind Avril and Poppy, checking the Ranger Database on her phone.

"If it's just them, then it's great! And ooh, I'd actually love to find a Skiddo, my family had some and they were just so cute…" Avril sounds cheerful and enthusiastic as she speaks up. "You heard it, right Poppy?" She asks her Pokémon, who chirps back promptly.

"Apparently they're kind of rare, but maybe we can find some if we go… this way…" Tsu looks at the map on the database, which shows general information on the Pokémon in the area. "Near the blue parts, which might be water? Makes sense, I guess."

Eventually, Poppy does point Avril towards what she's been eagerly looking for, a small herd of Skiddo passing by the Trainers Corridor. While on one hand, the girl turns around way too often to make sure Tsu is still close to her, on the other she's following those Pokémon very intently, giving it her all just to run after them. "They ought to stop soon, so we can… oof, they're fast. Whatever…"

Tsu tries to keep up, keeping her camera ready in case a good shot presents itself. She stops at one point to catch her breath, happening to look to her side to see just such a shot. She quickly takes a photo of a small pond just down the hill from where she's stopped, calling out to Avril, "Aww, Avril! Look at the babies!"

From further ahead, the blonde girl takes a few seconds to focus on what Tsu wants her to see. She’s still busy keeping the pace of the Skiddo, or rather, having to let them run further away as they distance themselves from the path the girl’s following. But once she and Poppy calm down and turn towards the direction that their friend pointed at, a wide smile reappears on their faces, followed by another “Aww!”

The babies in question are a pair of Azurill by the pond, one happily balancing on a lily pad while the other nervously watches from the shore.

Tsu looks back to where the Skiddo they'd been following had gone. "You know, we could just observe these guys for a bit. Maybe write a report on them? It might be better than chasing Skiddo all night."

Given how much Avril’s panting, it’s a no brainer. “G-good idea!” She remarks, slightly nervous for putting herself in that situation. “I wonder what they’re doing though…”

That question is answered eventually, but not before Avril and Tsu spend a couple of minutes just gushing about how cute those Pokémon are. The Azurill standing on the shore lets its tail float on the water for a bit, then turns around and tries to immerse one of its legs instead, all while crying out towards the other Azurill.

“Oh, is it just… learning to swim?” The blonde girl tries to get Tsu’s attention. “It just… looks like baby me going through the same process! But… we have to write that down for this report, correct? Hopefully it’s enough info…” She continues, as she gets her Holotch from her bag and starts to type in a few sentences in the Notes app.

Tsu lets Avril take notes, preferring instead to take some more pictures. These Pokémon really are too cute, even doing something as simple as going for a swim. She wishes she had a better camera, and makes a mental note to look for one next time she's in town.

If it hadn’t happened before already, now Avril’s heart is almost melting as a Marill appears from underwater, and with a smile tries to lead the nervous Azurill into water. The evolved Pokémon clearly has no trouble with swimming and, in fact, even the girl’s Pokédex confirms that it’s a Water and Fairy type now - unlike Azurill, who is Normal and Fairy instead.

It’s a cute scene, there’s no denying that, but it’s also a very timely one. Given what Avril’s been through, it just makes sense, and, even more important - it makes her feel less alone. Everyone may struggle with something, maybe more than others, but help is always in reach.

Tsu notices the look on Avril’s face. She's smiling, looking at the Azurill below with a look of… determination? It's a good look for her, makes her look confident. Tsu turns her camera on Avril, taking a picture before the moment can pass.

“O-oh?” Avril turns around towards Tsu as she notices her phone appearing inside her field of view.

"Don't mind me!" Tsu grins as she waves her phone. "Just taking a picture for myself, not the report!"

“I see…” The blonde girl blushes. “Well, can I look, please?”

"Oh, sure!" Tsu pulls up the picture, turning the screen to her friend. "I wouldn't keep it without your permission."

“It’s no problem!” Avril nods, as Poppy also takes a glance at the photo. She then can’t help but smile again at how good that shot is. Tsu seems to have really captured what Avril was feeling! “That’s another… good moment we had, correct?”

"Definitely! And I have the pictures to prove it."

“You’ll have to send me that one as well, then…” Avril laughs. It feels genuine, free of all the tension she built up at the Research lab. “And we can finish up the report at the Pokémon Center with what I’ve typed so far!”

"I'll be sure to send you those photos, too!" Tsu joins Avril in laughing, and even Poppy chirps happily. It feels good. She's glad to see her friend have a bit of that old spark back, and despite her initial misgivings, doing this report was kinda fun! Or at least, taking pictures was.

With that, the girls head back toward Oldale and the Pokémon Center to write up their report.

This report was written with the help of Natsuko, and is our first assignment for the both of us. Right after visiting your lab, we looked for some wild Pokémon to observe, and found the cutest group of Azurill in a nearby pond. So that would be Littleroot, about 7 p.m. on Monday.

What we saw was two Azurill and a Marill, being involved in what looked like swimming lessons. One of the two baby Pokémon looked tense and somewhat afraid of the water as it made acquaintance with the pond, while the other seemed more at ease and stood on top of a lily pad.

If Marill is a part Water type but Azurill isn't, then we assume that it's the familiarity with water and the ability to swim that is able to trigger the evolution. And case in point, Marill is perfectly capable of swimming and staying underwater for a long time.

We also noticed how the different balls at the end of each Pokémon's tail behaved in water. The nervous Azurill's was probably the worst at floating, while Marill's was perfect for the job and let the Pokémon even control its movement more easily while in water. Given the Pokédex entries we already read, we think that this ability to float is related to the…

"What's the word here? Hm… come on Avril!"

...lack of nutrients in it. So, the more the nutrients in the tail are used up by Azurill, the lighter the ball becomes and the easier it is for it to float. That may also have to do with the oil that the Pokédex says Marill is able to produce.

Marill themselves seem to be very kind and patient with their little friends. They help the Azurill with swimming with motherly care, trying their best to make them more confident in their own swimming capabilities. They also bring them food and teach them how to gather it!

The Pokédex said another thing- Azurill seem to evolve by happiness. That's what we couldn't really explain but, by just imagining how good it could feel for a little Azurill to finally learn how to swim and live in water, well… the thought of that motherly care playing a large role in that really made our day.

We hope you enjoy reading this report and find it at least a bit useful!

~ Avril and Natsuko

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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

written with QueenNothing as Akira and Giorgia Enomoto

Pokémon / Inventory:

AVRIL'S MONEY: $36 000 ↑

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) ♀
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Aromatherapy, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) ♀
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) ♂
Night Slash, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Venus (Mawile) ♀
Fairy Wind, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Iron Defense, Taunt, Baton Pass

🌼 2 Empty Pokéballs
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch
🌼 5 Rare berries

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


🎀• 1

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/338886
The big questions
Tuesday, September 29th - morning - Enomoto Farm, Oldale
Avril is used to waking up early: more often than not, it's the sun filtering through the window that gets her going, and once it's bright enough, there really is no turning back for her. She can't get any more rest, even if she tries to.

But this is even earlier than she's used to, and it throws her off. She clumsily turns off the alarm she's set and forgot about, trying to get a few more minutes of sweet sleep, until she finally remembers what that annoying noise was for. She was going to the Enomoto farm at sunrise, working there for a little money and hoping to meet June as well.

She finally sits on the bed, her head spinning, her eyes wide open. Poppy looks at her as if she'd been waiting hours for her to get up, but soon lets out an Aromatherapy to soothe her trainer ever so slightly. With that fragrance in the air, the girl gets up, gathers her stuff, and… oh true, good idea, Poppy!

Avril is not exactly on time when she's finally on the doorstep of the Enomoto farm, but she's gained back some time by skating there, all while providing Poppy with more effortless fun. A pair of shoes hang awkwardly from her cloth bag, being simply tied to it by their laces, but it's the best solution Avril has found. Needless to say…

Her face is very much red.

The door creaks open, and she’s meet by Akira, who exhibits a wide grin on her face upon eye-contact. “Why, if it ain’t Avril! Howdy!” She greets while giving her a strong handshake. “Glad t’see ya made it!”

The gesture makes Avril wobble on her skates, all while Poppy chuckles ever so slightly. "Yeah, t-thank you! Hope I'm not too late, but at least I never fell… I guess."

“Ya missed the early mornin’ milkin’, but we was just about to groom our livestock! Sure I don’t need to introduce ‘at to ya.” Akira chuckles.

"Oh oops!" Avril runs a hand through her hair. "Right, I'll come soon, I just need to get ready for that. I'm going inside for a bit if that's ok?" The girl is already trying to look past Akira, looking for a place to change out of her skates. Or rather, Ebb and Flow's…

“Sho ‘nuff!” Akira exclaims, making way for Avril. “An’ if yer hungry, Giorgia fixed breakfast and has leftovers, so help yerself!”

The girl rolls inside with a nervous smile, but that immediately gives way to relief as she finds the leftovers Akira mentioned, as well as Giorgia washing dishes. "Oh, hello there! And… thanks." yes, I skipped breakfast this morning, just to get here in time. "I'll change out of the skates right away, just remember they're just… yes, rented! Could they stay here while I work?"

“Oh, why hello there! What a delight- we could always use help around the farm.” Giorgia beams. “Please, place your skates wherever you need!”

"Nice, and as for work…" Avril's eye falls on one of her bracelets while she's sitting down. Right, you had one job, girl! The charm on her wrist works just as expected.

"Uhm, is June around here this morning, by any chance?"

“I’m afraid not.” Giorgia shakes her head. “Akira had informed me of your situation with Junko, so I am sorry I have to inform you of that. But I’m sure you two will cross paths while you’re both in Littledale.”

"Oh, I see… thanks. Thinking more about it… yeah, I don't feel too good about what happened with her, but I have to let her know if…" Avril is just thinking aloud.

“Let her know what exactly?” Giorgia asks.

“If… we want to be close again, right?” The girl replies hastily. “Look, I did something that was not good and felt too guilty to explain, but if she’s understanding even in that situation maybe I can… you know, solve this!”

“I think that’s a swell attitude to have! You said it yourself, she’s a very forgiving girl, so I’m sure it will turn out well!”

Avril’s cheeks are now definitely more red from the blushing than from the skate trip to the farm. “Aw, that’s… good news! Thanks again…”

“It’s no problem.” Giorgia gives a warm smile. “Relationships are difficult to figure out- I would know- so I’m always willing to hand out advice on the subject. After you’ve been helping us out around the farm it’s the least I can do- aside from paying you, of course.”

“R-Relationships…” She really said it! “Maybe we’re not there just y-yet but s-sure, it should be good advice regardless…” Avril mutters, trying to place the pieces together. Her only real measuring stick here is Lucas and Vanessa, and she doesn’t even know too much about it because her brother has never been too happy to have her around when he’s being all cute and flirty with his girlfriend. It does make sense, sure, flaunting relationships in public is just not typical in Avril’s area in general, but it sure doesn’t help her now.

“Oh right, I really must say, this is so good!” The girl briefly changes topic, as she finally munches some food. “It’s surely going to help with work… haha.”

“Of course, of course- when you’re married to a mountain of a woman, it’s something that comes naturally after a while.” Giorgia softly giggles. “But as far as ‘not being there just yet’ goes- there’s no need to rush yourself. These things take time, afterall.”

“Yeah… right. I’m still figuring things out, it’s ‘my first time’ if you will.” Avril takes a heavy breath. It takes time… and that means staying here in Hoenn anyways. One more reason, I suppose…

“We all have to start somewhere. Although speaking of starting- perhaps we should head outside? We wouldn’t want to keep Akira waiting.”

“O-oh oops!” Avril jumps up, nearly startling Poppy, who was resting on her head. “Sure, I’m ready to go.”


This time, instead of the Miltank, Akira leads Avril to the building right beside it, where all of the farm’s Wooloo are kept. “They’re just… so cute!” She gushes towards the farmer, happy that her first impression was this positive. “These Pokémon are here to get… their wool, right?”

“We do farm ‘em for their wool, yeah, but we ain’t here to shear ‘em just yet. That don’t come ‘til a while, so right now we’re just here to groom ‘em.”

“Oh, that’s just fine!” If not even better. “I’m sure the wool will turn out to be great!”

“Course it will!” Akira smirks as she ties a halter around the muzzle of a Wooloo, leading it and Avril to the stable. “But even though shearing season ain’t for awhile, we do wanna trim ‘em regularly, cus their wool is how they get around.”

“The wool is how they… get around? Oh right, you mean how Wooloo just roll around sometimes, right?” Avril questions, ending with a giggle.

“Truth be told, I barely even see ‘em use their legs. Only time they do is, well, when I’m takin’ them in for a groomin’ like we are now. Have to ask myself why Arceus even gave ‘em legs in the first place when they never use those darned things!”

“Aw, that’s a good question then!” The girl laughs. “I wonder what it’s like to move around like that though. Surely I’d get all dizzy!” Poppy confirms that thought, by doing a few somersaults in the air and proving how that indeed makes her dizzy.

“These critters might just be tougher than they look.” Akira muses while leading Wooloo to a platform. “And if that’s true that means that despite havin’ all that strength, they’re as harmless as a Magikarp. I reckon that’s quite respectable.”

“Hm… one second,” Avril stops to think. “You’re saying they’re harmless only because they don’t want to cause harm? But they could if they wanted to?”

“Well… kinda, yeah. If there’s one thing I learned from workin’ with these lil’ critters so much is that they don’t like conflict. Well uh, we got a few that get a lil’ rowdy, but still! An’ when they evolve they get them big ol’ horns but they don’t use ‘em for tusslin’ - just matin’.”

Well, that is interesting… Avril puts her hand on her chin. That is a somewhat familiar topic, and now that it’s been brought up, the girl is interested in hearing Akira’s take as well.

“Oh, that’s cool and all but what if it’s, uhm… c-conflict that comes to them?” She mutters, slightly afraid that might be a weird question, but curious nonetheless. She could probably learn a thing or two from those Wooloo.

Akira, holding a pair of scissors close to Wooloo’s wool, pauses for a second before replying. “Often they try to roll away from any conflict that even gets near ‘em, but if they can’t get away, well Arceus didn’t give ‘em moves like Double Kick for nothin’.” She then begins to lightly snip at the surface of the wool.

Avril chuckles nervously as she hears just what she expected. If life is a struggle… yeah. She repeats in her head as she sighs. “That’s… admirable from them, yes! Fighting only if necessary. But it means they still need to be r-ready if needed, uh?”

“...I guess so, yeah. If they ain’t ready to defend ‘emselves, any strength they have amounts to a hill o’ beans.”

“I… I see.” Avril nods seriously, seeing that theory being confirmed. Where am I even going with this… oh! “I guess I’d love to be like that too, yes!”

“If I had my druthers, that’s how the world would be.”

“Sorry but… your what?” The girl shakes her head. “I still don’t know every word there is in Ransei…!”

“Sorry, I must sound kinda funny to city folk.” Akira snickers. “That just means if I had my way everyone would be like a Wooloo. Just rollin’ ‘round the fields carelessly, livin’ high on the Pignite, only fightin’ when danger rears its ugly head… shucks, sounds like heaven!”

"I'm not even a city girl, I'm just from Kalos!" Avril giggles slightly, trying to let herself go. "But… yeah, that does sound like heaven… minus the carelessness part maybe. My uh…" She sighs. "My issue is that I have no moves, I can't really fight when conflicts get to me. There, I said it…"

“Most people ain’t got no moves, nothin’ to be ashamed of. That’s part o’ the reason why we have Pokemon as our companions, to help us with what we can’t do. I can’t keep watchin’ our Wooloo every second of the day, so we got a Herdier to guard ‘em for us. The problem with all these trainers is that they just send Pokemon out to senselessly beat the tar outta each other! People and Pokemon should be like… how Giorgia and I work together! Giorgia can talk a Snorlax outta sleepin’ but she ain’t got the gumption to do heavy liftin’! That’s where I come in.”

Avril’s eyes sparkle as she listens closely to what Akira has to say. “That’s a lovely way to think, yes! I can work on that… hopefully.” The last word is definitely picked up by Poppy, who starts giggling noticeably from on top of Avril’s head. “Even just by keeping me company and playing with me, Poppy is already doing her part, for sure.”

“What I meant though is…” Let’s get right to the issue at hand, if I can. “Like, uh… some people. Who don’t really let you roll away from the conflicts they bring up. So I should fight back, right? But as I said… yeah.” Avril groans out, feeling weirdly satisfied to say those things right to someone else’s face.

“That’s when ya fight back! No one said it was easy, but ya gotta grow a backbone for these things!”

“And… how, then?” Avril immediately replies. Maybe not the brightest question, but she’s willing to try.

That’s a whole nother question!” Akira chuckles. “That’ll be somethin’ to figure out on your own.”

“Oh… alright alright… oops!” The girl sighs, but it’s at least reassuring to get an answer, whatever it is, from someone who seems to know what she’s talking about. “That was still helpful of c-course! Thank you Akira…”

And if that's something that comes in time, Avril is probably better off focusing on the other piece of advice she's still trying to process: try new things and find what you really want to do…
one thing at a time, take it easy girl.

“Don’t mention it, missie! Anythin’ for my future niece in-law.” Akira guffaws, slapping her knee. “Naw, I’m just pullin’ yer leg.”

"Please…!" A flushed Avril yelps out. "E-Even if I wanted to I'd still have to be lucky and hope she forgives me, you know…"

“Hold your Ponytas- we can take that one step at a time. But for now, we still gotta whole lot o’ Wooloos to groom. Heck, I ain’t even tripped this one’s hooves and horns!” The Wooloo bleats as if to respond to Akira. “So let’s focus on that for now, shall we?”

Avril takes a heavy breath, and a little smile appears on her face. "Alright, let's do it!"

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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Pokémon / Inventory:

AVRIL'S MONEY: $36 000

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) ♀
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Aromatherapy, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) ♀
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) ♂
Night Slash, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Thistle (Wooloo) ♀ ♥
Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Copycat, Guard Split, Double Kick

🌼 Venus (Mawile) ♀ - at Littleroot Research Lab

🌼 1 Empty Pokéball
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch
🌼 5 Rare berries

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


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🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/338886
Tuesday, September 29th - morning - Oldale town center
When there’s no one around reminding her how much she could improve her skills with them, Avril is actually glad she’s wearing skates. Cruising along the road is just the right amount of fun she needs, and it's also quite convenient compared to just walking, given how spread out Littledale is.

That's especially important knowing what Avril is planning to do next, and that is finally trying to meet June. Talking with Akira has made her more confident, more daring even - or at least, more inclined to just do something regardless of how bad some of the possible outcomes she’s imagined actually sound in her head.

Never mind actually, what about a quick text to let June know she'll be waiting for her, maybe at the Pokémon Center? Avril picks up her Holotch, ready to type in a message to the other girl. Something like… oh wait, how to start? Simple and direct, like "let's meet please" or "where are you?", or maybe more interesting, like "I really have to let you know what happened to me!"

She should probably record an audio message - it's easier when you skate - but that's a bit too much to ask of her when Akira and Giorgia still haven't dispelled all of her anxiety. And so, the girl keeps thinking about her important message, as the houses of Oldale’s center get closer and closer.

What also gets closer though is… some painful shrieking, some battle cries - the sounds of a rowdy fight, so to speak. Not really something Avril can ignore, especially not after Poppy floats in front of her field of view just to make her change direction. And so, the girl puts her Holotch away and skates towards the commotion, with a mixture of curiosity and fear for what she could be getting into.

The setting is that of a nicely kept storefront, with a few stalls full of fruits and vegetables, a sunshade on top, and a few signs that invite people to shop there. The problem is that most of these features are either toppled or ruined, with some fruit boxes laying upside down on the ground, and the signs being all displaced. The culprits?

The nearby people point at a small group of Wooloo, about four or five of them, trying to stick together and face the Boltund - so says the Pokédex, at least - erratically jumping in front of them. Some of them look rather afraid of their opponent, who’s charging up electricity around its body in an intimidating fashion, while another Wooloo is desperately trying to… push another member of the herd away from trouble. But that seems to be the main source of those cries of pain!

Voices seem to blame the Sheep Pokémon for what’s been happening to the shop and, needless to say, they don’t have many alibis. Wild Wooloo, apparently, don’t come this close to the town center normally, but they do when they try to find some easy food by raiding shops and homes. Avril can see why that would be a problem of course, and yet… the look in the eyes of those Pokémon, what Akira told her about them… it doesn’t quite add up. Wooloo are not like this usually and, even then, they’re supposed to run away from trouble. Especially now that Boltund seems to have the upper hand, thanks to its speed and powerful Crunch and Spark attacks.

The Boltund turns out to be the shop owner’s Pokémon, and he does seem rightfully angry, so its own reluctance to hold back is… at least understandable. Or is it? The shop owner is not exactly red in the face, or acting impulsively, but rather seems calm and, well, cynical. That’s the word. Surely, the attitude Avril would not want to see in him. Bystanders keep saying that he barged outside of the shop, realized what was going on, and set himself the one and only goal of teaching those Pokémon a lesson.

Avril just looks at the battle raging close to her, but doesn’t act. She sure doesn’t like the situation she’s in though, and can already feel her body trembling with every attack. Some of the Wooloo seem to get brave and attempt a Double Kick on Boltund, but it is quite good at dodging and retaliating. Through all of this, it also makes it impossible for one of the Wooloo to push the injured one out of the way - and that is what Avril’s most concerned about. Perhaps, the whole little herd is just trying to get that Wooloo to safety, but… right, that Wooloo is paralyzed. It can’t even roll that fast like the ones Avril saw at Akira’s farm, and in fact it can’t even get up on its legs. If that’s “teaching a lesson”, then the shop owner is going too far. Definitely. So much of this is leaving a bad taste in her mouth.

Wobbly on her wheels, Avril slowly skates towards the side where the shop owner is - although it feels more like a crawl. In the meantime, Poppy is giving her gentle nudges on her head, to let her trainer know that she has her support. When the girl is close enough, she gives it a try.

“Excuse me, sir…”

Nah, that would never work. The man is calling out another attack, and Boltund crunches the paralyzed Wooloo again.

“Stop, please, stop!!”

The man turns after what seems like an eternity. “Why would I, I got just what I needed! And who are you anyways?” He sneers.

“T-that Wooloo is very hurt already… and I’m… well...” Avril replies, some of her confidence already fading away.

“Well, Flower Girl, that’s the point! I ain’t letting any of them escape.” He clenches his fist. “If I let them, they’ll come back and raid us again. If I lock them up, it’s actual community service. I can pass them off to some farmer, too, and…”

“N-no! You’re just taking out your rage on that poor…”

“I know what I’m doing, but you sound like a Mauville doll who’s never seen the world! Now let me finish… Roar them back and use Spark!”

It obviously didn’t go as well as Avril hoped - not to mention, the man was at least somewhat right. Locking them up was safer… maybe catching them… chills go down the girl’s spine. Yes, spine, because in these moments you have to show whether you have one or not.

The Kalosian happens to have a spare Pokéball in her cloth bag - probably a leftover of her Petalburg shopping, but it’s convenient that it’s still at reach now. She also happens to have less distractions in front of her, as the other Wooloo have backed up because of Roar and have left the hurt one laying on the ground by itself, all while Boltund is approaching. Oh, and she has encouragement in the form of a magical hairpin that’s actually a Pokémon. In fact, Poppy seems to be absolutely ecstatic at the thought of, well… what’s about to happen.

“At least I’m a trainer!”

The Pokéball that Avril throws lands somewhere on the Wooloo right before Boltund closes the gap. The Dog Pokémon is forced to continue running, and looks very confused as to where its target went: in those seconds of relative calm, the Pokéball containing the already hurt Wooloo seals tight, and with a flicker, announces the successful capture. Avril only has to skate up to it, grab it, and roll away… just like the other Wooloo of the herd.

She’s not sure whether or not that was the right thing to do. Surely the shopkeeper is disappointed that the rest of the herd is gone, but if it’s true that raids are not that rare of an occasion, he could do more to protect his provisions. The herd will also be worried for their member, that they fought so hard to protect only for it to get snatched up by a random girl on skates. The bystanders, well… their reaction seemed to be mixed, in this case, with some defending the shop owner and some being happy that a trainer got to take care of the hurt Wooloo.

But the most important actor in this play is the Wooloo that’s been caught, for sure. Avril now has to be responsible for healing it and ensuring a quick recovery… which is why she’s increasing her pace as she makes a beeline for the Pokémon Center.

And for the record, that text message for June is still sitting there, waiting to be sent.


“Hm… sounds like that was a herd of Wooloo who ran away from a farm, yes. They’re usually the ones that raid shops and such for food, and it’s a good thing you stepped in.” The nurse speaks, as the Wooloo Avril caught is sitting right on top of the counter, one of its legs wrapped in several layers of gauze. It nods at that remark, while the girl tries to just put the pieces together.

“You want me to keep it then? Is the rest of the herd going to be ok?” The blonde girl questions, her eyes bouncing between her new catch and the nurse.

“For us citizens, it’s a good thing, it’s one less Wooloo turned wild. For her, it’s also good, because she’s clearly had enough of the farm lifestyle, and coming with you is a surefire way to avoid getting shoved into a farm again. For you… I guess you two already know each other a bit, which is a good thing for any trainer who’s got a new Pokémon.” The nurse smiles reassuringly. “And for the herd? They’ll make do, honestly. Just focus on her, it’s already more than enough.”

All of that makes perfect sense.

Avril was already busy trying to get used to her team of (now) three Pokémon, and getting to gain back the trust of Angie and Wisteria. Mostly Angie actually. Another Pokémon to look after was something that she was still on the fence about, even after Brendan’s tips. But the nurse… she was so right.

“Well, Wooloo… you heard the nurse too, right?” The girl now looks right at her new Pokémon. It’s the last step she needs to reassure herself this will be fine. “Are you willing to come with me then?”

Avril has to take a step back, because Wooloo is literally jumping towards her as if she was hugging the girl. All the wool gets into her face and she can barely speak, but that’s just a strong way to say yes. “Hah, it’s decided!” The nurse chimes in, congratulating Avril for that… catch. “No need to worry, you handled it well enough. People will understand, I’m sure.”

“Right, thanks.” The girl chuckles nervously, because of course she had to bring that up. But it was a short lived feeling. Avril’s mind quickly realized that there’s no going back, and with it, no real reason to think it over. The Pokémon Center’s lunch will be a great way to wind down.

This report may not be that useful, considering it’s about Wooloo, a very common Pokémon around here, but I’ve decided to write something anyway. It’s the first report I write all by myself, and it should be useful to know if I’m doing a good job!

I’ve seen about two or three herds of Wooloo around Littledale on Tuesday morning alone, and I can say the herds themselves don’t mix that often. They don’t really fight for territory, and often mind their own business or move somewhere else entirely: after all, Wooloo and Dubwool strike me as rather peaceful and kind-hearted Pokémon on their own. The only situation where they proved to be more fiery was when they were protecting an injured member of their own group, which is definitely… understandable.

Their devotion to their group seems to also come in something I saw some Wooloo do: they would often roll into other Wooloo, pushing them forward and back into their herd. To me, this looks like a desire not to leave anyone behind, not even the slowest Pokémon. This also makes sense given that, with all that wool… some of these Wooloo really struggle to walk! They prefer to roll, using the wool as cushion and occasionally getting help from other members of the herd. I don’t really see any other way out for them, other than evolving into Dubwool and developing stronger, longer legs…

Finally, speaking of wool, something I have noticed while grooming some Wooloo during one of my odd jobs is how there’s different colors and textures to their hair. In particular, some have a whiter, softer wool that feels just perfect for a jumper, while others have slightly greyer hair that feels a bit shaggy to the touch and that also makes the Wooloo look more unkempt, if that’s even a thing. It definitely feels sturdier, but also less comfortable, and I’d rather see it used in stuffed clothing or even on the inside of some plushies! I still have no idea what causes this to happen, but it may be interesting to look into, at least.

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Saturday, September 26th @ 1100 - Route 102

Clint had been on the road out of Petalburg for a couple hours now, departing early in the morning. Clint had made a couple of stops on the way out, picking up a few supplies for his trip. Enough food for a couple days, pokeballs things like that. The big purchase was a new tent, something he needed after the last camping trip he took with a few friends back home resulted in his old tent being rendered unusable. Nothing needed to be mentioned about the amount of Dickinson family homemade booze his friend from back home, Clyde Dickinson brought with him was drank that weekend. That vile hooch tasted like paint thinner but on the bright side it would have you walking like a Spinda in no time at all.

Bringing his attention back to the present day, he felt it was nice to be out in nature again, Clint had grown tired of all the civilization he had been forced to encounter so far, with only brief opportunities to escape it so far. But now he had at least a couple of days out on the open road, nothing but himself and his team of Pokemon.

He had planned at some point to let them out to travel on foot with him, but he wanted to make some ground first. Maybe later, once Clint set up camp for the night.

The path ahead of Clint was a fairly easy one, Route 102 was a relatively calm countryside, rolling hills with small clumps of trees along the way. You could hear the sounds of birds chirping and streams flowing. Clint could always enjoy places like this, get away from the rapidly expanding metropolis determined to devour beautiful places like the one he found himself in. Being that it was Saturday, Clint noticed a fair amount of campsites set up along the way, hopefully he would be able to find an unclaimed area before nightfall.

Clint's path took him down into a sizable grove, the once shining sun blotted out by the large deciduous trees stretching their branches over Clint. The sounds Clint was hearing earlier were also muffled, replaced by the wind brushing up against the leaves. He kept an eye on his surroundings, never knew what could pop out of the trees. Clint decided now was the time to let out one of his Pokemon to walk alongside him, better to plan ahead then be fumbling for a Pokeball after a wild encounter. So out came Charmeleon, who seemed excited to be out and about with his trainer. Clint had to instruct Charmeleon to stay away from the bushes on either side of the path they were on, last thing Clint needed was Charmeleon accidentally starting a forest fire.

The duo had been walking for a while uninterrupted through the grove, but that all changed with a Seedot dropping down from above, just barely missing Clint on the way down. Both Clint and Charmeleon were surprised by this, taking a couple seconds to re-focus. Seedot used this moment of surprise to hit Charmeleon with a Tackle, the two Pokemon colliding and falling towards the side of the road.

"Let's see if our new friend likes an Ember," Charmeleon immediately shot an Ember at the Seedot, pushing the Seedot back. It started to run back towards a large tree, presumably the one it was hanging above Clint before dropping down. Clint instructed Charmeleon to hold position, no need to go on the offensive if it wasn't necessary. The Seedot continued back into the bush, so Clint felt it wasn't needed to pursue the issue further. With the Seedot out of sight, the duo kept pushing on through the grove.

Clint could hear branches cracking as he kept walking, but chose to ignore it. Forests were often full of noises, couldn't be bothered by that. Besides, he had to be coming to the end of this patch of woodland soon anyways, seems like he had been walking in there for at least a couple hours now. But that would have to wait, looks like Clint had another problem on his hands.

It appeared that same Seedot from earlier had returned with more accomplices. A few more Seedot were also up in the trees, along with a Nuzleaf for added measure. This wasn't the news Clint was hoping for. Clint wasn't going to be able to fight his way out of this one, he was going to have to flee. Easier said than done. He could see the edge of the forest from here, but the Nuzleaf and its crew of Seedots were in between Clint and the wide open. Clint looked around for a quick second, figuring out a plan. The Seedot were standing still, seems as if they were still figuring Clint out just as Clint was figuring them out.

Clint decided to make the first move, having Charmeleon deploy a smokescreen while running below the Seedot and Nuzleaf in the trees above them. The duo were hightailing it towards the clearing, but Clint looked back and saw the Nuzleaf chasing them down through the smoke.

The Nuzleaf used the move Razor Leaf, shooting a flurry of sharp leaves towards Clint and Charmeleon. Charmeleon seemed unbothered by the attack, but Clint was tripped up by the leaves, falling down onto the dirt road. The Nuzleaf, with the Seedots following behind. Clint started to pick himself up, and notice Charmeleon had turned around to come help out his trainer. Clint appreciated the valiant effort, but Charmeleon was still outnumbered. Clint reached and grabbed his other two Pokeballs, and let out the Pokemon in them.

The Pokemon were stuck in a stand-off as Clint picked himself back up. Charmeleon, Grovyle and Poliwag on one side and Nuzleaf, with a entourage of Seedot backup on the other. Clint and his team's backs were now towards the exit of the woods, which had Clint thinking retreat. He wasn't going to be able to beat an entire group, but he could engineer a quick escape. The focus had to be on the Nuzleaf ringleader.

"Poliwag, use Hypnosis on the big one, Charmeleon let's get a Smokescreen going," Clint set up his plan.

Poliwag shot a ring of energy at the Nuzleaf, causing the Nuzleaf to become very drowsy, putting its hands on its knees, before slowly falling over. While this was happening, Charmeleon was deploying another Smokescreen, giving Clint and his travelling party a chance to break for the wide-open area. The Seedot pursued a short distance, but eventually circled back towards the Nuzleaf who was snoring away.

Clint made it out of the grove, with his team of Pokemon in tow. After looking back to make sure he wasn't followed, Clint sat down on the ground, breathing heavily. His Pokemon surrounded him, checking in on their trainer. Clint himself did a damage assessment, he saw both of his forearms were scraped up, one of the knees on his jeans wore a hole into it but he felt alright. Poliwag shot a quick jet of water at Clint, which felt refreshing. Clint showed his appreciation by patting the tadpole Pokemon on the head. With this team of his, Clint thought, things just might work out. He was going to catch a quick breather here, then keep on moving.

Team & Inventory:

Blaze|Brave| Moves: Ember|Dragon Breath|Bite|Smokescreen|Fire Fang

Overgrow|Sassy| Moves: Leaf-age|Detect|Quick Attack|Double Kick

Water Absorb|Quiet| Moves: Hypnosis|Water Gun|Pound|Mud Shot


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Junko "June" Enomoto
Monday, September 28th
Early Morning
Oldale-Littleroot Township
Littledale’s gym doesn’t look much like a gym- not by June’s standards anyways, and a far cry from the traditional style Brawly and Norman went for with their gyms. If it weren’t for her GPS directing her here she would have completely glossed over it as it blends in with the surrounding farms. Sure, the emblem seen on most gym exteriors is on this building as well, but it does little to make it stick out, and June idly stares at the gym before deciding to walk over.

“Howdy. Looks like we got a challenger here?” A stranger’s voice takes June out of her state and she looks around to see where it came from. She glances down and sees a short and stout young adult whose gender she can’t quite figure out, and the straw hat obscuring their eyes doesn’t help much with that. “I’m Leader Merry Richtide, an’ my pronouns are they n’ them.”

June looks at Merry in disbelief as they extend their arm out, confused why the gym leader is just wandering around the gym. “Oh, um, my name is Junko Enomoto. But everyone calls me June. Nice to meet you.” She bows, unintentionally ignoring Merry’s handshake offer. “If it's important information, I have two badges, the Knuckle Badge and the Balance Badge.”

“Thems are two very different badges.” Merry chuckles. “Now what are we waiting’ for? Let's mosey on over!” June nods and follows them, but is confused when Merry walks right past the gym.

“Um, excuse me- isn’t the gym over there?”

Merry shakes their head. “We don’t do battles there, dirties up the place. Besides, I like havin’ Pokemon battle out in the fields to give ‘em freedom.”

Then what’s the point of even having a building in the first place…

Behind the gym is a wide open field where Miltank graze alongside some Wooloo, all of which are being tended to by a group of kids and a few adults- June figures they must be on some sort of field-trip. One of the adults from the group, a man with dark brown skin and a poofy mustache looks up and walks towards the two.

“Is this another challenger?” He asks. Merry nods, and June formally greets the man whose name she finds out is Yosuke. After introductions are made, Yosuke jogs over to the group he was with, and Merry takes this time as an opportunity to explain the rules to June.
“Y’see June, what we do here is a smidge different from what you’ve done at your other gym battles. Y’ever hear of knockout battles?”

June pokes her lip and shakes her head. “They ain’t very different from regular battles, the difference is that battles are segmented into rounds. The winner of that round has to go back to their ball and can’t be sent out for the rest of the battle. What we’re doin’ is that we both use four Pokemon, and if you can beat three of ‘em, y’get the Dell Badge. Sound good?” June nods, and the two create enough space for a battlefield. As this happens, the group of children all rush toward Yosuke, screeching and jumping with excitement. This wasn’t exactly what June had in mind when she pictured having an audience, but support of any kind is always pleasant.

“The battle between Leader Merry Richtide and Junko Enomoto is about to begin! The challenger may send out a Pokemon!”

Not really having any idea what Pokemon Merry uses, June just sends out Chip to scout their team, and it takes no time for Merry to send out their Pokemon: a Yamper. It's a Pokemon June actually recognizes for once, although she’s always seen them specifically as pets up until now. The only other thing she knows about Yamper is they’re electric-types, making this a bad matchup for June. Switching out isn’t an option however, so she needs to make do.

“Chip, use Aqua Jet!” Chip bullets straight towards Yamper, who bears his crackling fangs, but this was expected. June calls for Chip to change trajectory, and he skids against the grass to appear from behind Yamper before knocking him back a few feet and scurries after just to get a Sand Attack into his eyes. When Yamper stands up again, he howls to boost his confidence, but getting hit with a Struggle Bug stops him before he can finish. Trying to escape any chance of getting with a Thunder Fang, Chip engulfs himself in water to run away, but Yamper is able to use his sense of smell to follow suit, even with dirt in his eyes and ends up playing a game of tag with his foe. The two run around the field for a bit until June has to order Chip to repeat the strategy used at the beginning of the round. With the assistance of Aqua Jet, Chip circles around Yamper before closing in to strike. The same trick doesn’t work twice though, and Yamper turns around at just the right time to catch Chip with his electrified jaw. Chip is still able to battle, but does a 180 and cowardishly runs back to his Pokeball.

“Wimpod is unable to battle!” Yosuke shouts, trying to be heard over his screaming students. “This round goes to Leader Merry!”

“Wait! B-but Chip can still battle!”

Merry shakes their head. “Sorry miss, thems the rules. Yer Wimpod didn’t wanna do no more fightin’, so perhaps it's for the best anyways.” They then return Yamper to his Pokeball and wait for June to send out her next.

“Sting, it's your turn!” Merry spends about two seconds looking at the Beautifly’s movements before they send out a Herdier. Upon seeing this, Sting hastily spits a Poison Sting straight towards the Loyal Dog Pokemon who sidesteps the attack. Trying to catch it off-guard, Sting then launches an Electroweb in quick succession only to be blocked off by a Protect barrier Herdier puts up. This doesn’t discourage Sting in the slightest- he rapidly flaps his wings to gust forward a Silver Wing in an attempt to put pressure on the barrier, and is proven to have some success when the Herdier looks irritated by the continuous attack. Feeling energized, Sting unrolls his proboscis and charges forward with a Bug Bite. Things only seem to be looking better when the barrier vanishes before the attack lands- but so does Herdier, and in his place is a hole in the ground. June’s eyes widen before they’re averted to her PokeGear.

“According to the Pokedex, this is Dig… the user burrows and attacks the user-”

She’s cut off by the sound of Herdier (who must have popped out of the ground behind Sting while June was inattentive) pouncing on Sting and biting in his wings with an Ice Fang. Sting nearly comes crashing down but fortunately he’s able to muster up the energy to use a Silver Wing, which not only releases him from Herdier’s jaw, but also sheds dead wing particles. The speed granted from this allows Sting to trap Herdier in an Electroweb right as it thuds to the ground, and with his target stationary, he jolts forward with his proboscis pointed forward for a finishing Bug Bite- June instinctively shields her eyes before the attack connects.

“Herdier is unable to battle! This round goes to Junko!”

June lowers her hands to return Sting while the crowd of children cheer- although she’s able to discern an adult voice that wasn't heard a minute ago.

”Fantastico!! Keep it up Junko!!”

She turns her head to see what the source of the roaring was, and sure enough, Giorgia stands adjacent to the crowd of observing schoolchildren, cheering so loud that it actually draws everyone’s attention to her. Akira is with her as well, arms crossed while her face is stone cold.

“Gi-Giorgia!? Aunt Akira, when- how did- why are you-” She looks to the referee to signal a time out and dashes to her aunts.

“Hello Junko- we’ve just arrived here, we’re so sorry for being late.”

“I ain’t.” Akira remarks before receiving a forceful elbow to the gut, causing Akira to give an annoyed groan. “Alright, fine. The reason I’m here is because Giorgia reckoned that if I was willin’ to cheer for Junichi and even that varmint Tetsuo, I should do the same for ya. Even if I detest it, she has a point…”

June’s face slowly forms into a grin. “Thank you Aunt Akira. I really appreciate you showing up for me.” Even though her aunt is the only one not cheering her on, her presence does more for her than anyone else could.

“That’s sweet an’ all, but are we gonna keep battlin’ or what? We got an audience of rowdy youngins rarin’ to see some action!”

“Right… of course.” Not thinking much of it, June sends Einstein out to battle. There’s a brief pause from Merry before they send out their next Pokemon, and it’s one June is well aware of: a Tauros. She’s seen what kind of destruction her dad’s Tauros is capable of, so she’s feeling somewhat discouraged by this.


“Tauros, Iron Head!”

Of course, she can’t afford to waste time worrying about this. She readjusts her glasses, and has Einstein use Reflect to bounce Tauros back, following up with a Confusion to exacerbate the impact. Things are looking good until Tauros scrapes his hoof against the dirt while snorting with eyes that briefly flash red. The Pokedex’s description of what just happened throws June off a bit.

It seems this move is Spite, which restricts the last move an opponent uses! This isn’t good, as Einstein only knows two damaging attacks, and the other of which is significantly weaker than Confusion… Tauros charging forward with another Iron Head serves as a motivator to order Einstein to zip out of the way while shooting Struggle Bug at him to deal chip damage.

After Einstein dodges, Tauros just stubbornly changes his trajectory to charge headfirst into the Orbeetle, but he’s met with the same outcome as before. When he misses a second time, he repeats his previous action, and at this point it becomes second nature for Einstein to dodge and shoot. This pattern continues for a bit until Tauros decides to stop in his tracks and furiously moo, harshly stomping his hooves into the ground, causing it to shake. June wobbles about, but Einstein is completely fine as he never really touches the ground- or so she thought. As Tauros continues to bulldoze the ground, his power output increases, and chunks of dirt are hurled upwards toward Einstein. They don’t actually do much damage, but some of it manages to get into his eyes, functioning as a powered up Sand Attack.

Tauros takes this as a sign to charge forward and surround his body in electricity, ramming into Einstein with all his might. Reflect weakens the attack, although Tauros’ insane strength is just barely weakened by the barrier, and the momentum of the attack still makes contact with Einstein’s body, blowing him back by a good distance before Einstein is able to do that himself with Confusion. His barrier isn’t looking too great either, as Wild Charge put a serious dent in it. There is good news for June in that Wild Charge can damage the user as well as the target, and the exhaustion from Tauros only seems to prove that right. Despite that though, more electricity crackles along his fur and he rushes forward as if nothing happened.

Einstein scans his surroundings and notices the debris from Bulldoze used earlier. With time running out before he’s hit with another force of electricity, he uses Confusion to fling the dirt chunks forward, and just like what happened to Einstein, some of the dirt gets into Tauros’ eyes, causing him to loudly writhe in pain. Taking advantage of this, Einstein uses Confusion again, this time using the psychic energy to put an immense weight on Tauros and making him unable to move forward. This seems to be enough to end this round, but when Tauros, staring Einstein down with glowing red eyes, unleashes a burning ear-shattering roar while using his three tails to furiously whip himself… well, that’s enough for her to realize she’ll have to put up with this final bout of resistance.

“Consarnit!” Merry groans, tipping their hat. “That there is Anger Point. Whenever it activates, Tauros becomes as stubborn as a… well, a Tauros. See for yerself.” They point towards their Pokemon, who fights against the current and moves forward with all his might. “‘Fraid I ain’t got no more control over ‘em when he’s like this.”

Einstein exerts more energy to keep Tauros in place, and it becomes a struggle battle, literally brains versus brawn. Both Pokemon need to be careful- Tauros has already taken considerable damage for his ability to activate, and the psychic energy holding him back is hurting him considerably. Likewise, it takes an immense amount of psychic energy for Einstein to hold Tauros back, so much so that it becomes physically exhausting. Being an urgent situation though, they both push their limits, Tauros moving ever so slightly faster while Einstein becomes increasingly drained from using his dwindling power. So drained, in fact, that he quickly runs out of Confusions, and Tauros, now freed, starts bustling forward, electricity crackling through his fur- until about halfway through he suddenly collapses to his side.

There’s a sudden silence from everyone. June blinks in disbelief, and even rubs her glasses to make sure what she’s seeing just happened.

“...it seems that Confusion had depleted enough of Tauros’ energy that simply activating Wild Charge was enough to knock him over.” Yosuke declares, putting an index finger and thumb to his chin. “Which means Tauros is unable to battle! This round goes to Junko!”

The combined cheers of the children and Giorgia raises June’s spirits. Einstein hovers over to June, occasionally faltering, and his trainer pets his shell. “You did a marvelous job, Einstein! You deserve a good rest after your hard work- return for now.”

“Now don’t get too big for yer britches just yet, June.” Merry says, readjusting their hat. “We still got one more round to go, and this’ll be the decidin’ match!

“Right.” June nods. She has two Pokemon to choose from, Kit and Heracross, and she’s inclined to go with the latter. While she’s clueless what else Merry has in store, two of their Pokemon are normal-types, and it’d be reasonable to assume that’s what Merry will send out next, and June would have the upper hand. That, and also the fact that Kit is… well, she’s been hesitant to use Kit after what happened at that contest last week.

“Heracross, lend me your assistance!”

Right when the Single Horn Pokemon materializes, he lets out a battle-cry and hops up and down, raring to go. Seeing his hasty nature, Merry smirks. “Hoo boy, have I got just the Pokemon for this Heracross to face. C’mon out Miltank!”

While Merry’s Miltank isn’t as large as Big Blue, her presence is certainly comparable, which excites Heracross. His familiarity with the species gets him a little cocky. As soon as the referee gives the cue, Miltank charges forward with a Rollout, and Heracross firmly plants his feet into the ground, just like he did with Big Blue. Unlike Big Blue however, this Miltank doesn’t aim straight for her target, and actually goes off-course a little, rolling towards a chunk of the ground that had been there from Tauros’ Bulldoze, and uses it as a ramp to gain air. She falls in a dowards arc towards Heracross and breaks her previous position, striking Heracross from above with a harsh Stomp. Heracross quickly counters with a Horn Attack, but it's overpowered by Miltank’s hoof, and he’s knocked onto his back. Miltank uses this as an opportunity to use Rollout again, maneuvering around Heracross in circles to gain momentum while he struggles to get back up on his feet. Right when he’s about to however, Miltank plows over him. He takes a moment to get up again, but just like before, he’s hit by Rollout. Thinking third time’s a charm, he tries yet again but is rammed into again by Miltank, inflicting far more damage than the previous two executions of the attack.

June starts to grow anxious. This Miltank is on an entirely different level from Big Blue. Seeing this become a pattern is certainly discouraging… but she can’t give into her worries! Not while Akira is watching! She needs to get in-sync with her Pokemon, especially when Miltank is about to hit a fourth time. Heracross is very energetic, doesn’t hesitate to make a move, and impulsive, so she’ll have to adopt a similar mindset for the moment. She takes a deep breathe to recollect herself, and she feels an impulse telling her to call out for an attack at the moment. It’d be a huge risk, but…

“Heracross, do it!”

At the call of his trainer, Heracross jabs a fist into Miltank with every ounce of his strength, halting Miltank in her place. June looks to the Pokedex to see what this is and sees he’s learned a new move: Counter, a fighting-type move that hits the target with twice the power that the last physical move that struck the user.

“Shoot! Miltank, get outta there!” Miltank uses Rollout to create distance between the two Pokemon and stops at a close hill where she can safely drink milk from her own udders. June tries not to think about the demonstration Akira gave her yesterday, and calls out for Aerial Ace. Heracross uses this attack to not only quickly catch up to Miltank, but also to strike before she can fully heal herself. Miltank headbutts Heracross in the face and makes him flinch, and Miltank holds a finger in the air to move it left and right, left and right…

What happens next absolutely puzzles June: Miltank exhales and a cold gust is blown towards Heracross, forming chunks of ice around his legs and making it difficult to move. Not that it really matters when they’re both within a close proximity of each other, as seen when Heracross knocks her back with three strikes of Arm Thrust. She skids against the ground, but deliberately falls to her back and uses Rollout to create more distance, standing atop the hill before wagging her finger once more. June learns this move is Metronome, a technique that somehow becomes any move… but this Metronome just turns out to be an Aqua Ring.

While there certainly could have been much worse outcomes, she can’t allow Miltank to heal up anymore. Heracross hastily shatters the ice chunks with his fists and uses Night Slash to zip uphill while Miltank uses Metronome again. This time it comes out as Retaliate, and Miltank is quickly fueled with an immense rage for her fainted comrades before rushing downhill and ramming her head to intercept Night Slash. Heracross recoils and sternly plants his feet into the ground to prevent himself from tumbling down, but is dangerously close to that. One more attack should be enough to make him go rolling downhill and put him at a massive disadvantage, and Miltank wags her finger in hopes of getting lucky. She ends up using Rock Slide, sending a barrage of boulders rolling his way, but Heracross manages to shatter them all with Arm Thrust. When those are no longer a problem, he notices one final rock heading towards him that’s significantly faster than the others- no wait, that’s Miltank using Rollout!

“Heracross, Counter!”

Heracross holds his fit back as if to charge up the attack, and swings it straight into Miltank. The brunt of his fist is enough to completely halt Miltank and knock her straight into the ground where she’s nearly buried. Even though the round has yet to be called, Heracross sets a foot on her belly and flexes his expanding muscles, his way of celebrating.

“Hold on, hold on!” Yosuke shouts as he makes his way over to both Pokemon to get a better look. He briefly examines Miltank before twirling his mustache and calling the round.

“Miltank is unable to battle! The winner is Junko Enomoto!”

“Heracross!!” June cheers as she dashes to her Pokemon, roping her arms around him. “You did such a good job!”

“Well, guess I shoulda seen this comin’.” Merry says as they catch up. “Ya showed a lot o’ promise durin’ this here battle, an’ for that I’ll have to give ya yer badge and money, but I’ll be throwin’ in a TM as well! This thing right here is Bulldoze, that move Tauros used to shake th’ ground. It’d suit a tough Pokemon like that there Heracross and slows enemies down, which he can use t’ get ahead.” June gladly accepts her award and bows at Merry. She turns her head when hearing the footsteps of her aunts approaching.

Molto bene! I’m so proud of you Junko!” Giorgia cheers. As she and her wife get closer, Akira’s expression slowly grows more and more irritated. “You did well yourself, Merry!”

“Thank you kindly, Giorgia. I see you brought along… Akira Enomoto!?” Merry says with a mixture of surprise and pleasure. “Why, I don’t believe it! Never thought I’d see ya ‘round these parts! Giorgia tells me a lot about ya, but I ain’t never see ya! How’s you these days?”

“Buzz off, Merry!” Akira barks, much to June’s shock. It takes a lot to get this sort of reaction from Akira, and how she’d snap at Merry of all people is baffling.

“Same as always, I see.” Merry chuckles.

“Aunt Akira, um, so…” June takes a deep breath. “I was wondering what you had thought of my battle? I know you believe Pokemon battles to be little more than senseless violence, but I was hoping that by showing how determined I was that I could have you see my viewpoint-”

“And y’did that by havin’ yer big ol’ bug smack the heck outta that Miltank?” Akira interrupts.

“Um, n-no, not like that-”

“Y’ain’t gonna change my mind, Junko. I already told you.” Her stern face starts to become more and more intimidating as she stares down at June. “I stand by my values.”


“An’d those big ol’ puppy dog eyes ain’t work either! Now c’mon Giorgia, there’s more work to be done at the farm.” She says before walking off into the distance.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Don’t worry Junko- I’ll talk some sense into her when we get home.” Giorgia reassures before catching up with her wife.

“Shoot, ‘fraid I can’t help ya with family problems.” Merry readjusts their hat. “I’m a gym leader, not one of ‘em therapists.”

June gives no response, just standing in defeat as she watches her aunts’ departure, despite her victory just a minute ago. Maybe this is just one of those battles she just can’t win.

Heracross forgot Tackle and learned Counter!

🐞 June's Party 🐞

  • Einstein (Orbeetle) M|Telepathy
    Struggle Bug|Super Sonic|Confusion|Light Screen|Reflect|Ally Switch
  • Chip (Wimpod) M|Wimp Out
    Struggle Bug|Sand Attack|Defense Curl|Aqua Jet
  • Sting (Beautifly) M|Swarm
    Attract|Silver Wind|Poison Sting|Bug Bite|Electroweb|Air Cutter
  • Kit (Surskit) F|Swift Swim
    Bubble|Quick Attack|Sweet Scent|Water Sport|Bubble Beam|Agility
  • Heracross M|Moxie
    Arm Thrust|Counter|Endure|Horn Attack|Aerial Ace|Night Slash


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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Pokémon / Inventory:

AVRIL'S MONEY: $36 000

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) ♀
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Aromatherapy, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) ♀
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) ♂
Night Slash, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Thistle (Wooloo) ♀ ♥
Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Copycat, Guard Split, Double Kick

🌼 Venus (Mawile) ♀ - at Littleroot Research Lab

🌼 1 Empty Pokéball
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch
🌼 5 Rare berries

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


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Bad Wool
Tuesday, September 29th - early afternoon - Littledale Pokémon Center
Let’s be real.

Being a trainer is still a bit too much for me, even if that’s exactly what I told that weirdo with the Boltund, or what’s printed out on my license. In a moment like this, when I should take things slowly, what I did doesn’t really work in my favor.

I don’t really like the word “trainer” also because… to me, it implies you’re spending time with Pokémon only for your sake. You teach them things and you bond with them only to further your own goals, be it getting wool and milk, earn some money to live with, or compete against other humans. That’s just the impression I have, but what makes trainers different from employers at this point?

Being a Pokémon friend is more like me though! Surely what I did before with Wooloo qualifies me as one, too. And the reports too… writing them is actually more enjoyable than I thought!

Speaking of Wooloo though…

I decide to head out for a bit after lunch. I’ve had a quick nap too, I’ll admit, but now is about time I check on my new capture again. Behind the Pokémon Center, a few benches in the shade, close to some battlefields, are the perfect place for me to stay.

The Sheep Pokémon materializes onto my lap, all of her bandage still there on one of her legs - that’s where Boltund really Crunched her the hardest. Her wool is still all rough and dirty, but it’s ok, I can try to groom her later during the day. For now she’s getting a few head pats.

According to my own Wooloo report, she has the shaggy kind of wool. A bit on the greyish side, somewhat uneven and unkempt. The other kind of wool is probably more cute and more desirable but I’m happy regardless given the circumstances I caught her in. What I’m more keen on is the fact that yes, Wooloo still seems to enjoy my presence, and is baaing happily as I pat her. Poppy doesn’t quite intervene, and just looks at us from above, seemingly interested to see how this pans out.

I eventually try to put Wooloo on the ground and see if she’s able to walk but… actually, the answer is no. She doesn’t want to budge, her legs folded down beneath all that heavy wool. Even worse probably - she is visibly struggling to roll around, or at least giving herself the first push with her legs. She shakes her head too, as if she’s certain it’s not going to work. Understandable, I’d say - she’s still hurt from that “battle”, but seeing her in this state is still painful to me.

About at this point, though, the insistent chirping of a flying-type Pokémon forces me to raise my head. Turns out it’s not one, but two Pidove, each carrying a little gift for me to take! Definitely the ones Brendan mentioned in his (pretty sweet) response e-mails.

Hey Avril and Natsuko!
Thanks for the attached photo! It's great that you were able to observe such a cute scene! It's often difficult for researchers to see Pokémon in such a relaxed state. It probably helps that those living in town are fairly used to people. Your theory that Azurill's evolution can be triggered by happiness in itself and confidence in the water is an intriguing one, and definitely worth exploring. Evolutions categorized as "happiness" are a strange phenomenon indeed, and many researchers are involved in pinning down the various ways such a thing is achieved, especially in the wild. Professor Rowan of Sinnoh has published many a paper on the matter, if you would be interested in further reading! Either way, keep an eye out for a Pidove! I'll send it to find Avril, since she officially submitted the report, but it will be carrying a Sea Incense for each of you.
Cheers, Brendan Birch

Hey Avril!
All information is helpful- don't worry about what I may or may not need. Just focus on your observations! Wooloo are indeed herd creatures that prefer not to leave their friends behind. You're on the nose that their wool makes them struggle sometimes- this is why they are an exclusively domestic animal. Humans have selectively bred them for many years for the thickest, most luxurious wool and as a consequence these Pokémon need regular full-body shearing to keep comfortable and mobile. Keep an eye out for a Pidove! I think you might enjoy this- a felted beret made here in town of 100% Wooloo wool and hand-dyed dusty pink. May hid it from me months ago and I just found it, but it goes so well with your report that I'll send it to you instead of wearing it tomorrow.
Cheers, Brendan Birch

Case in point, the packages do contain just that: two Sea Incense, one of which is for Tsu, and… one of Brendan’s hats, apparently. Just like he said… yes, I happen to enjoy that hat. My Holotch’s camera confirms that it looks pretty good on me, and it also acts as a good place for Poppy to hide under if the weather gets cold. It’s… actually Wooloo that doesn’t seem to like it much, for some reason.

At first, this feels weird to me, because all the Wooloo from Akira’s farm seem fine with being groomed and sheared, and I’m not sure why my own would feel any different. But then I notice that… the wool that the hat is made of is just different from my own Pokémon’s coat. And the sad look that Wooloo is giving me right now only fuels more unsettling thoughts. She’s definitely getting more head pats for this…

Avril, 29/9, 2:56 p.m.
Hello Tsu! Just letting you know that I got the two Sea Incenses! I’m around the PokéCenter for now, but I can leave it at the help desk for later if you want. Gotta leave at 4:30 p.m.!

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