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Okay so some quick things
Since I can't edit the older chapters due to it being on my non-existant account now, I'm just going to re-post all the current chapters here. Why am I doing this? Because there are edits that have been made and things that are important to this book.

Is this sloppy yes, confusing maybe, and all that sort, but I hope this isn't too bad of an inconvenience. I will say, that my writing has gotten better ~to my knowledge at least~ and the story and chapters are getting more fleshed out so these "replacing versions" of the ones on the other can be seen as "better adaptions". They are essentially the same thing, just more and all that with other stuff included and maybe some changes.

You'll also notice another change, namely being the [insert number here]
This is to indicate the chapter's age warning. Now this isn't strict or whatnot, but it can help emphasize intensity. Also, something else to mention is that [13] is kinda the default so even ones that could be seen as milder will still have this. This isn't for emo purposes just for helping with order. Now that all that's been said, I hope you enjoy these chapters again, and new chapters will be put here.

Thank you all for your patience and reading my story.

Contains Mild Language [13]
Chapter 1
In a Moment's Notice

A lone drapion walked along on a deep dark path filled with dense brush on both sides. However, he wasn’t nervous or tense. He knew where he had to go and that the recipients of his message were friendlies. He suddenly heard rustling coming from his left. He immediately leaped backwards, faced the where the sound had come from, readied his pincers and curled his tail to strike. To his surprise, something from above landed firmly onto his back, putting a claw around his neck and a firm foot on his tail.

“Who are you?” A growling voice demanded from above him. He tried to remain calm and uttered the words,

“M-miss, I have a letter. From Team Alpha’s leader. He says, ‘Your thick headed feraligatr will listen to you if not to me so don't harm this guy’.”

"What's team alpha?" the voice demanded, increasing the pressure she had on his tail and putting he claw even closer to the drapion's neck.

The Pokémon began to stutter in fear, but managed to say, "Please don't hurt me. I'm jut giving a message from Nasch; I swear he said you'd listen to that code or whatnot. Please I'm being honest here."

The creature above him paused for a moment, then removed the claw from his throat, released his tail and got off his back.

The drapion caught himself as he fell forward, breathing heavily.

“Sorry for that," a less threatening voice spoke, “I can’t be too careful. After all no one needs to know I’m here. I hope it wasn't too frightening for you?”

The mon got up and looked at her. His former attacker was a female charizard. Strong built, but still slim and tender in appearance. Her eyes were blue and quite calm, and on her shoulder was a Norfarion Crest. He began rubbing the back of his head and blushed a little. "I-it's fine miss."

The lady gave a sigh, determining that she had frightened the poor soul quite immensely. She gave a gesture for him to follow. "Come, we can discuss why Nasch sent you to my place. Also, if you'd like to rest before you head back, I'd be happy to have you." She gave a little laugh as she rubbed her left shoulder. "It's the least I can do after putting you through that startle after all."

The drapion was quite surprised, but finally gave a nod of approval. She took the lead and the reluctant scorpion followed. As they walked through the jungle area, the drapion managed to muster the nerve to ask, “So um, why are you here miss?”

She gave him a brief glance and just kept walking on. Even with no vocal response, the drapion got the idea that it wasn’t his concern. However, she didn’t leave the stranger completely lost in the dark. “I live with my family.”

“Family? You are residing here with a family?” The drapion repeated in surprised.

“Yes I believe I said that,” the charizard replied with a slight bit of annoyance, “I live with my family. All four of them to be exact. Speaking of which.”

Without any warning, she thrust her claw into a cluster of lush leaves on their left. The drapion was left confused as she pulled out a little charmander from his hiding place.

“Maw….how didya-” the little orange mon growled in a high boyish voice.

“You shook the brush too much, your breathing was above silent and most of all you didn’t lower your tension enough to make your tail's light dim enough for stealth. I could see it. Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't catch the forest on fire again.”

The little charmander crossed his arms with a scowl. Angry that his little time as a spy was cut short. He gave off a little growl to which his mother smiled and began tickling his belly. The child began struggling to push her hand away, laughing uncontrollably. "Hahaha, hay stoppit hehe maw!"

She finally obeyed his request. She then asked, “Shouldn’t you be with your father in training?”

The little mon looked up to her and exclaimed with an upside down smile, “He let me, Seliph and Jaron outta train’n early. He said dat he had somethin' tah do.”

Freya sighed and put the little mon on her tail. He clasped onto tightly and laughed a little as his ride move up and down as the adults walked on. The charmander stopped being engrossed in his fun for a second and asked the stranger, “Hey, whawt’s yah name misteh? Mine’s Ciecro!” The Drapion gave a confused look; a mix of surprise by this Western Accent to the lady's Eastern and the scene that just played half a minute ago.

“Don’t just give out your name son,” Freya rebuked, looking back at her son.

“It's fine maw. Dad says yah can say whawtevs, so long as yah make sure yah kill'em before dey get away.”

The drapion flinched and Frey facepalmed. He is the spitting image of his damn father. she muttered in her head.

< O >

“Jaron!” a frogadier called out, as he strolled through the woods, “Jaron! come on, dad’s going to get mad if we aren’t back at the house by the time the visitor comes.”

A little rustling came from some grass nearby. The water type quickly glanced at it, but failed to spy it in action. He stated browsing the group of bushes with squinting eyes. He heard another rustle. He darted his stare where the sound came from, but once again he failed to catch it moving. He slowly began to turn around in a circle, glancing anywhere he thought looked suspicious. Finally he sighed, crossed his arms, closed his eyes and smiled. So that’s what it will be huh. Well fine then, Jaron, I’ll catch you. A smile covered the frogadier’s face as he walked on.

Amid the many leaves lying in the area, a totodile watched his older brother. The little water type laughed in his head at his brother’s seemingly clueless display. Despite this, Jaron remained ready to move since Seliph wasn't a dumb older brother. His eyes followed Seliph’s every movements very carefully. He was aware of the frogadier’s frubbles since he had lost many hide and seek games in the past due to that feature.

Hmm, what's he doing? the totodile though to himself as the frogadier stood still and closed his eyes. Jaron refused to take his eyes of him though, expecting anything. He can't be trying to hear me so-...wait...is it me he's trying to hear? Is he even trying to hear me? The totodile was confused as his brother remain motionless and seemingly uncaring to even search. Jaron however wouldn't fall for it. He's baiting me no doubt. He wants me to move or something.

For seven minutes straight, Seliph remained still and Jaron watched his brother. Jaron's boredom was slowly getting the better of him. He decided to adjust himself into a better position. Unfortunately, as he was doing this suddenly Seliph shouted, "Jaron!" The startled totodile slipped a little at this surprise.

"Gotcha." Seliph quickly spun around, drew out a Cut, and threw it straight at the spot her heard the rustling.

Jaron shrieked and fell over, but not until the move had struck him. To his surprise, it disintegrated upon impacting him. He landed on his back with a “thud”, startled but unharmed. Dammit his substitute. But it was too late. Seliph was already leaning over him with a grin on his face.

“I take I win again,” He boasted with a slight smirk.

“That was dirty Seliph,” Jaron growled.

“Your own fault brother,” Seliph answered, holding out his hand to his angry sibling. Jaron raised his hand, but hesitated for a moment before clasping it. "Come on, I won fair and square," Seliph stated with a smile. Jaron looked up and gave out an aggravated sigh, before clasping Seliph's hand.

"How was it my fault?"

Seliph pulled him back up. “You know what my moves are after all. Certainly, with the vantage point you had, you would have expected some trick up my arm.”

Jaron was still ticked. But he set aside his frustration to ask, “Yeah, but I never expected you to pull off something like that.”

Seliph gave off a short titter. “Jaron, it’s called being creative. Mom taught you moves are extensions of your power, right? Use your head and manipulate them in ways to your advantage.”

"Well, yeah but...ah screw you Seliph." Jaron pounced on Seliph, laughing and telling how next time he would win.

Seliph laughed as well. "We really should get back home now."

Jaron nodded, got off his older sibling and the two started walking home. They didn’t stop till they arrived at a little hut in a clearing. The two went around it to the back and entered. Once inside Jaron let out a little yawn and asked Seliph, “Hey so when are mom and Ciecro gonna get back?”

Seliph just shook his head. Jaron let out a bigger yawn and muttered, “I hope mom gets back soon. At least before dad.” Seliph slumped his head down. Their faces shot right back up, as a loud slam filled the room. A growl came from the front of the house saying, “Anyone here! Freya, Ciecro, Seliph, Jar-”

“We’re here dad,” the two answered, coming to the front room. They couldn’t lock their eyes with Dad’s scary ones, but remained focused on his neck. Jaron turned his head to the floor shaking slightly. Seliph, on the other hand, remained more composed, but was a little nervous too, since their dad’s tone indicated business was happening. Business, that while never happened often, would tend to put Gathor in a less than positive mood.

Despite his unease with having a visitor, Gathor relaxed a little upon confirming that the other two were fine. Their actions in avoiding eye contact didn’t bother him. He turned his gaze to the window and went on to say, “Freya will be bringin' someone here soon. I want yah tah stay in the back. Do whatever, just don’t come to dah front nor go outside, yah hear.”

Without waiting for a nod in confirmation, he went towards the door, opened it and said, "Be on yah best behavior." The door slammed as he made his exit.

The two stopped their shivering and let out relieved sighs. Jaron broke the silence first. “You think the visitor is scary? I mean dad is all tensed up. He didn’t even smile slightly.”

“I don’t know Jaron,” Seliph replied, “I don’t think he would be scared of some mon. I mean dad is one of the toughest Norfarians out there.”

Seliph looked at the Norfarion crest on Jaron’s right shoulder, something he, Ciecro, Jaron and Norfarion children would be born with. A birthmark of their bloodlines always on the right shoulder. Of course, that wasn’t all that made them Norfarions, or just Original clansmon in general. “I’m surprised your gift didn’t act up?” he said to Jaron, looking at his brother.

“It was, I could clearly see you and feel your presence. You just startled me you bully.” Jaron got up and walked over to Seliph, “you didn’t even have to use your gift.”

“Yeah heh,” Seliph grinned as he rubbed Jaron’s head making the totodile sulk, “Well, it’s like dad says. ‘Don’ try tah us yah gifts all dah time, o’ yah migh’ give dem clues to yah fightin’ style.’”

Jaron’s annoyance, shifted to a little giggle at Seliph’s attempt at impersonating their father. “Heh, that sounds more like Ciecro,” he joked, making Seliph give him a playful punch to the shoulder.

“You moron,” Seliph said with a smile as Jaron a defiant playful, full toothed grin.

Suddenly voices were heard outside. The two rushed to the window to see their father carrying Ciecro under his arm while Freya talked to a drapion.

Is that the visitor? Seliph thought. The door once again slammed open and a little Ciecro was thrown in. The charmander quickly got to his feet and rushed towards the exit. He didn’t make any progress due to the feraligatr’s hand walling his son.

“Bu' dad, I wanna be there to,” the little one demanded.

“This is an adult conversation. Stay witcha brothers, Ciecro.”

“Buh I wanna be dere!” Ciecro protested, “I’m ten now so I’m old enough. Come on Gathor!”

Gathor gave off an annoyed growl and pushed his son back with his palm. Ciecro struggled to push the arm back with all his body, but Gathor's arm on his head wouldn't give way. After multiple attempts of head pushing, the poor charmander finally sank his head in defeat.Gathor then bent down and put his face on level with Ciecro’s. He then put his big left claw on the son's shoulder.

“Son, if yah can’t budge my hand with you's body then yah don't need to concern yahself with dese matters. When yah'r stronger and learn more, then I can let yah help som'more. Till den, I want yah to be a good boi, okay?"

Ciecro gave a little whimper. Gathor removed his palm from his shoulder and then placed it onto the little boy's head. "Ciecro, yah gawt some growin up tah do before yah ready for awdult things. Now stay here with yah brohders Ciecro." He looked away for a second and then muttered, “and if yah good I’ll give yah a high taws in' de air.”

Ciecro’s eyes widened with glee and he exclaimed, “Prawmise?”

Gathor tried to keep a straight face, but Ciecro’s cute smile even made him fail to fully hide a smile. “Promise. Now stay here and be good.”

The door shut tightly behind Gathor as he left the three kids inside. Jaron and Seliph got from their spot at the window and joined their brother in the middle of the room. It was just them and whatever they wanted to do for fun.

Ciecro began doing small twirls with anticipation. "I hope he trows me real high, like higher dan dah trees and up in dah clouds."

"I don't think even dad is that strong, bro," Jaron pointed out.

Ciecro just gave him a slight scoff. "Yous just jealous, 'cause when I grow up, I'm gonna be able tah fly and yous gonna be stuck on dah stupid ground."

"At least I can swim." Jaron countered.

"So can Seliph, so whasso special about dat?" Ciecro countered Jaron's counter.


"Looks like he's got a point Jaron. Sides, he's a fire type so it's not like he was born to swim," Seliph added earning a grateful nod from the charmander, who instantly took the time to rub it in the annoyed face of Jaron.

< O >

That night Jaron and Ciecro were in their straw beds sleeping well. Seliph however was wide awake. He thought about the stranger and the wondered what he wanted from his parents. Suddenly he heard a door open with a little flicker of light come from the area outside their room.

“I’m going tah bed Freya,” The voice of their father resounded, “Tell me what it's says, tomorrow.”

This sparked Seliph’s curiosity. ‘What it says’ so it’s a message. He got to his feet and tip toed his way to his Mom’s study. He peered inside and gazed at the room he was rarely allowed to be in. His Mother was at the desk looking at something on it.

Hmm, I wonder what this is about, she thought while she mulled over the message. She stopped pondering as she detected someone outside her study. Acting on instinct her wings shot up, causing something to nudge the door a little. She quickly deduced it was merely one of the kids spying through the door Gathor neglected to fully close.

“Don’t leave, come in here now,” she spoke to the silhouette in the door crack. A nervous Seliph walked in. His face had guilt written all over it. Freya took a deep breath and asked for an explanation.

“I just was curious.” Was Seliph’s reply. Freya gave him a stern look not taking this answer lightly.

“Seliph come here,” she ordered the frogadier. He reluctantly walked over head still downcast. Despite his face looking at the floor, Freya could easily see the remorse in his eyes. She looked at the crest on his right arm and pondered deeply.

“Son,” she spoke in a softer tone, “look at me,” After a few minutes of moving, his eyes finally locked with hers. She picked him up and placed him in her lap. The Water type was caught off guard by this odd move by his mother.

“Seliph, since you’re awake do you want to help me read this?”

It took a few minutes for it to click, but Seliph realized that he wasn’t in trouble but on the contrary, lucky. He looked at the piece with is mother and read over its contents.

“What’s odd about this? It’s straightforward,” He stated after finishing.

She explained, “Letters like this may look direct, But usually they hold another hidden message. Letters like these sent by Norfarion higher ups tend to be coded to be decrypted later by its receiver.” His eyes widened with interest and resolve. But he had no knowledge of any “Code”. Seeing the stumped look on his face she decided to throw out an example.

“Well, some words may say one thing, but usually there is a metaphor or simile in its meaning. Or possibly retracing a sentence or paragraph. I believe this one might be like that so give it a try.”

Anxious to impress his mother, Seliph tried again. After re-reading he looked back to his mom and summed the contents.

“The first two paragraphs were very straightforward about inquiring how you were and what you and dad have found. Also it asks if any additional research materials are needed, But,” he shifted to a more analytical stare. “The third one talked about some list of information and random stuff.”

“Any thoughts?” she asked in a challenge tone.

“Well, the list of stuff in the third paragraph appears to be normal items. But, the first paragraph about asking how you were and if you needed research material felt a little weird. I mean, would these travel items be research material?”

“I don’t leave here when I work so let’s see about this list,” Freya concurred with the thought. Seliph peered closer to the list of items and began reading them out loud.

“Materials that will be sent for research.
Healing Items
Food Supplies
2 Fire orb
A pair of Eye drop seeds
Huh? Hmmm”

“You found something?” She asked.

“Well these two ‘Fire orb’ and ‘Eye drop seeds’ are pretty specific. Maybe they are related to the secret message. What do you thi….”

He stopped upon seeing a serious expression cover her face. It was like she was seeing something horrible from the letter. Seliph said her name over and over till she snapped out of it.

“Mom what’s wrong?” He innocently asked. She didn’t answer, but looked away at her shelf of books. This was a side of his mom he hadn’t seen before. A scared side. This made him uneasy and sent a shiver down his spine.

Freya put him down on the floor and walked over to the book case. She was mumbling something under her breathing, but Seliph could only make out the words, “incase” and “Come”. As she fiddled with some books Seliph noticed her wings begin to spread a little. Another indication of her anxiousness thus giving him more reason to worry.

She pushed some books aside and pulled out a little box. She then took a key out of one of the satchels on her travel belt and checked to see if the box was locked. After confirmation, she put the box in a drawer in her desk and locked it with another key.

Seliph remained quiet all through this, but was scared to even think of what this could mean. His mom scared? His mom was never scared? What could possible scare her?

She walked over to her son and moved onto one knee. She gently grabbed his hands and moved them into a cup. She then put the box key in those hands and closed them.

“Mom wha? What’s this?”

“Seliph, I want you to take care of this. What I’m going to tell you is between me and you. I don’t want you to speak of this to anyone at all. Son, if…” She paused to take a second to think of what to say.

“If what?” She sighed softly and with a slight smile she said, “Seliph I want you to hide that key. Only use it and take what’s in that box you saw should we be…attacked.”

His spirit fell at that last word. A thousand question flooded his brain. Freya put on of her claws on his shoulder. She leaned in and nuzzled his cheek as to calm him down.

“This is only in an emergency Seliph. I know you are young, but I need you to be brave. You’re smart and clever and you can take care of your brothers and yourself if need be. I know this is sudden, but I tell you this because I trust you fully.”

These words only made him feel worse. He tried to pull out of the nuzzle, but Freya got the message. She stopped and pulled back her head. Looking directly into Seliph’s eyes, she whispered something to him.

Seliph returned to his bed, shaking. What happened was the biggest question in his head. He looked at the key his Mom gave him and obeying her, stuffed in into his bed of straw. He lay there wide awake unable to even close one eye.

What did she mean by attacked? Will it happen soon? He rolled over to his side and tried to sleep. He wasn’t scared, but the words his mom told him eased him a little.

“Your father and I love you Seliph. We might not show it all the time, but we do. You, Ciecro and Jaron mean so much to us. I know you’ll do me proud if need be. Because you have strong blood in your veins, but more importantly you are the smartest kid I know.”


Freya (Fray-ah)

Ciecro (See-eck-row)

Seliph (Sel-ief)

Jaron (Jair-in)

Gathor (Gahth-ur)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


Say it with me (Vray-gun)

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Contains: language, dark themes, and violence [13]
Chapter 2
A Rising Temper

Seliph could hardly sleep that night due to info drop from his mother mixed with unsureness of the future. He opened his eyes to see morning light coming from the window. He sat up and rubbed his tired eyes.

Hm? Jaron and Ciecro aren’t here. Guess they got up before I did.

He looked at their door to see Jaron trying to drag a sleepy Ciecro to the door.

“Come on Ciecro. We’ve got to go before mom or dad come to drag us out,” Jaron stated, his words spaced out with yawns.

“I don't wawna. I’m tired Jaron, so dere,” Ciecro sleepily answered, struggling against Jaron’s weak pulls. Seliph let out a sigh, got on his feet and moved them out the door.

While Seliph was getting berries from their storage, the other two were waiting at the table half asleep. Jaron’s stomach then let out a little rumble. He yawned and said to Ciecro,

“Heh, looks like my stomach is getting impatient. I hope Seliph gets back here with breakfe-” He stopped his words at the sight of Ciecro sleeping again. He growled as he got up, walked over to his sleeping brother and began to shake him roughly.

“Wha? Jaron what de reverse are yah doin'?” Ciecro asked angrily.

“Waking your sorry self up. Stop snoozing you baby.” Jaron answered.

“I snooze if I wanna, so shu'it.”

“Seliph’s gonna be back soon with breakfast and mom said we need to be awake for breakfast.”

“I can catch a few z’s before den.” Ciecro pushed Jaron’s hands off of him earning a light spray in the face from Jaron’s Scald. He jumped out of the seat and the two began growling.

“I said, Imma sleep some more!”

“And I said you’re gonna wake up!”

“Yah can't tell me whattah do. I’m gonna sleep now and you can't stop me!” Jaron gave a little smirk and sprayed Ciecro again with a light Scald. This was the last straw. After wiping the water off his eyes Ciecro jumped and started taking a deep breathe. Jaron did the same. The two were about to fire Scald and Flamethrower. But before they could unleash their moves a pair of frubble gobbets hit them on their mouths. The frubbles sealed their mouths shut.

“Can’t you two just get along,” Seliph reproached. He ambled over to them with a frustrated gaze. The two pulled the frubbles off their mouths and began arguing about who started it and that the other one was being a jerk.

“Enough both of you!” Seliph yelled, “I don’t want to keep separating you both from your childish squabbles. Why can’t you two just grow up and stop giving me more problems,” Jaron and Ciecro froze in their places as Seliph stormed off. He left the berries on the table, but Jaron and Ciecro didn’t feel like eating.

“W-what just happened,” Jaron stated, still surprised from Seliph’s outburst.

"Why’d he hafta go and do dat?" The Charmander growled angrily. He went to a wall, rested his back onto it, crossed his arms and mused over what happened with a scowl. A few minutes later, Jaron walked over to Ciecro. He gave his sibling a concerned look. Ciecro sighed and said, “I guess we was bein' dum babies?” He uncrossed his arms and stood back on his feet. The two decided fix this. However they would have to wait, due to their father calling them and Seliph for training.

< O >

Seliph let out a shout as he threw his cuts at small wooden logs set up for training today. One by one he struck the targets, showing his bad mood with the excessive force with each throw. This was noticed by his brothers, watching nearby with Gathor.

“Man he still looks pretty mad,” Ciecro whispered to Jaron, “He's tryin, dem moves with pretty stiff arms.”

“I hope he doesn’t mess up. He hates messing up his throws, especially in training,” Jaron murmured back, “but he only has three targets left and he’s been nailing every target so far so he should be fi-”

“Good so fah, Selif,” Gathor shouted, breaking the boys’ conversation, “now show me just as good aimin' while dodging dis.”

Seliph stopped and faced the three mons. He took a light stance, thinking it was one of the three who would play obstacle this time. Jaron and Ciecro looked at each other perplexed.

“Di’ he ask you tah be de-” Ciecro began, but stopped as Jaron shook “no”. At that moment they heard a yell from their brother. They swung their heads back to see Seliph on his back shaking. In front of their brother was a shallow but clear claw slice mark. They followed Seliph’s gaze to see Freya in the air, retracting her Dragon Claw.

“Mom!” They shouted in unison. This earned the “Shut up and watch,” look from their father.

He rushed towards the targets while glancing back to see where Freya was. He threw another Cut and again it was destroyed by another Air Slash. Seeing she took his diversion, he suddenly leaped up and fired a Water Pulse at is mother. Due to her using Air Slash, her wings were open enough to be hit before fully closing. He took advantage of the time he bought himself and headed towards the targets.

“Yeah you’ve got it Seliph!” they shouted as Seliph took out the first target. They cheered again as he nailed the second as well. Seliph drew another cut for the last one.

“Seliph look out!” Jaron shouted causing Seliph to lose focus for his aiming for a second. He threw it only to barely miss the wooden log. The miss devastated him, but not enough to hesitate dodging Freya second attack.

Jaron shriveled back at messing Seliph’s aiming. Ciecro turned back and tried to cheer him up.

“It’s okay Jaron. Yah only wanna cheer'im awn. I’m sure he'll be fine.”

“But I messed him u-”

“Jaron,” their father growled while giving him a stern stare, “not another word. Wha'ever comes from the result will happen. Now watch your brother.”

Jaron’s head bent slightly down as he turned back to watch Seliph. The two’s spirits dropped as they watched Freya kept unleashing attacks at him and eventually landed a hit. Jaron groaned and Seliph scowled as they saw their brother pinned by Freya’s right arm.

They watched as Seliph got up and walked off very angry. Freya walked over to them and whispered something to Gathor. He responded with, “Can’t yah do it Freya, since he listens t'yah more.”

“But he almost did it and he hates missing. At least say something,” Freya argued. Gathor gave her a rigid look, but Freya’s unyielding scowl trumped her husbands. Gathor looked away and rubbed the back of his head.

“Okay, I’ll talk tah him,” Gathor stammered. He went after Seliph, while Freya stayed with the other two. Jaron turned to his mom and struggled to apologize due to his crying.

“Its fine dear,” Freya reassured him, lifting the totodile in her claws, “your brother is better than to hold a grudge. Don’t worry, he’ll forgive you no doubt,” Her words lifted his heart a little and he gave a little grin amid his tear covered face.

“Yeah,” Ciecro added, “an' if he’s still mad I’ll knock'em back to his senses.” The two fire types laughed

while Jaron joined with a muffled chuckle. Suddenly, an idea crossed Jaron’s mind.

“Hey mom, can you do me a favor?”


“I want to apologize to my brother, but I need something to do it.”

< O >

Seliph curled himself up next to a tree letting angry thoughts run all through his head. He drowned his angry gaze at a little pond a few feet in front.

Suddenly a noise caught his attention. He got out of his slump and braced his body against the tree. He waited for the stranger to get close enough and figured where the head was. He leaped from the tree and punched. His fist was caught by Gathor’s much larger palm. He pulled him in and grabbed one of the frogadier’s ankle with his other hand. He held Seliph upside-down wearing a playful grin on his face.

“You throw yah punch too tightly,” Gathor stated as he released his grip. Seliph got up from his fall, scowling with immense frustration.

“Leave me alone,” Seliph ordered as he stormed off a little ways.

“Make me,” Gathor challenged. Seliph tightened his palms as his exasperation grew. He was so engrossed in being mad that he didn’t hear Gathor walked over to him. He felt the large claw of the feraligatr rest on his shoulder. He tried to shrug away, but the grip was hard enough to cause him to submit to it.

“Sit down Selif,” Gathor asked in a dominant yet soft voice. Seliph obeyed, and Gathor joined him. The two mons stared their reflections in the pool. Gathor pondered on how to start the uncomfortable heart to heart talk. His thinking was halted at Seliph grumbled, “Why are you here?”

Gathor replied with, “To talk wit'yah.”

“About how I shouldn’t have been affected by it and hit the damn target!” Seliph shot back. Gathor scowled from a mix of surprise and annoyance.

“I don' appreciate yous outburst after I came tah-”

“You mean after mom told you to!” Seliph shouted, “Face it dad, I failed so leave me alone. I don’t want to hear a dumb lecture from you,”

Gathor sighed as he slightly turned to face his angry son. “Selif,” Gathor calmly said, “yous not wrong about yah mother tellin' me to talk to yahs. But it’s not like I never wanna talk to yahs, son.”

“So why don’t you?” Seliph skeptically countered. Gathor looked back at the water. Seliph’s expression changed as he looked at Gathor’s eyes. Wait, he’s nervous?

“I’m not good at dees things like your mother,” Gathor answered. He turned again to his son and asked, “Did mom eveh tell yah how we met?”

“Yeah,” Seliph replied in a calmer tone, “she was tasked by her captain at that time to capture or take you out due to your criminal reputation. She outsmarted you in your fight and caught you. You were later offered a chance for redemption if you worked with them.”

“An' eventually she and I worked hard enough tah join Team Alpha and become mates. I was a hard bastard, but your mother broke me outta my state. She’s a wonderful person, takin' a punk like me as her bi***, heh.” Gathor finished followed by a chuckle.

Seliph hid his face, trying to obscure his childish grin. Gathor’s expression then changed to daydreaming. Seliph leaned in closer, devoting his full attention to Gathor’s next words. “Yah know she taught me somethin' that I’m still trying tah do.”

“Speak Eastern," Seliph joked.

Gathor head locked him and rubbed his head, both of them laughing. After five minutes of this counter, Gathor let his son's head go, lowered his head slightly, drew a smile along with his serious stare at the ground and said, “She taught me dat I’m okay bein' weakish. I remember being on a mission wi' her and another teammate. I wasn’t strong enough to cover dem and as a result your mother was injured bad. I hardly left her side. It was de first time I was truly afraid foh someone else. Not from bein weak or inferior, but 'cause I failed her.”

This was a side of his father Seliph never noticed. A side he felt he needed to see. Hearing this disclosure from his father sent mixed feelings into his heart.

“When she recovered, she assured me it was a'ight.” Gathor then gave Seliph a stern look, “I didn’t believe her, so I trained for days. Pushin' meself further to never fail her or anyone I cared about ever again. One day she asked me to spar and I agreed. In da fight she left herself open. Intentional or not, I dunno, jus' I couldn’t attack her dere. It was then she show me how much she cared wid three sentences.”

To Seliph’s surprise, Gathor started rubbing his cheek. Gathor closed his eyes and turned his face to the branches above. “She punched my face and shouted, ‘you think you’re so strong that you’d rather not fight me with your full power and treat me like I’m some pansy in the wind!? You need to get your self-righteous head out of your weak mouth and fight like the mon I know you are. A bastard that will die fighting alongside me and will never give into damn self-doubt cause he knows I like a man I can punch and can punch me back just as hard!’”

Seliph tried but couldn’t hold in his barrel of laughter. Gathor blushed from his sons chortling, but then joined in. After the two calmed down Gathor said, “Selif I don’ want yas to be strong tah please me, yah know. I want yas to bec strong so you can surpass me. Same foh your brothers. I want y'all to be able tah kick my ass and laugh wit' me. We may be an annoying fam, but I hope yous won’t let that affect yahs.”

Seliph thought to himself and said, “So you're saying love you all by being distant?”

“Naw, we still should try and be a close family, but you're yahself and so am I. Don' do your own battles wit us in mind. I wanna rely on you when I need yahs and I want you tah do de same. Watch my back and let me watch yahs. Be angry at me. I wan'tya to be honest and I don' wish I was de perfect father, but one you can love while punching his face in.”

The two started laughing again. Seliph got to his feet, but was swept up by his Dad’s arms and place on his shoulders. Gathor gave a goofy smile and Seliph hugged his dad’s head.

“Thanks dad. You may be a brute, but I don’t want any other dad.” Gathor headed home with Seliph sitting on his shoulders.

< O >

Freya peered out the window, wondering what was taking Gathor so long. Surely he wasn’t that bad at talking to his kid. She gave an annoyed growl and was about to walk away, till she spotted a chesnaught headed there way.

“Something must be up if he’s here. Gathor better get back soon,” she said to herself leaving her watch at the window. After telling the two present kids to play in their room she headed out to meet the unanticipated visitor.

“Hello miss, how are the young ones,” the chesnaught politely greeted. Despite her uneasiness, she nodded her head in greetings and answered with, “They’re healthy. I assume something is going on for you to be here.”

The large mon looked around a little and let out a little sigh. Freya then asked, “Have you seen any of them?”

“…yes, I and other rangers spotted mons that fit the eyes you talked about save for them only being that color in the iris. We’ve also found-”

Their conversation was interrupted by a shout from Gathor as he stepped out of the woods with Seliph on his shoulders. Freya smiled at her husband’s success for a moment, but finally drew to business and gestured her head towards the chesnaught. Gathor’s cheerful expression changed as well, getting the message. He picked up the frogadier off his shoulders and set him down.

“Go in and play with yah brothers. I and your maw have some business wit dis mon here. Be good and don’ leave de house wi'out asking us firs'.” Seliph gave a serious, but understanding nod and headed inside. Once Seliph was inside, Freya now joined by Gathor, resumed the conversation.

Without introductions, Gathor asked to be filled in on the news. Freya relayed the info about the spotting of the cult’s presence in the town. The mere mention of these strangers made Gathor tense on instinct. He kept his composure as he faced the chesnaught and asked, “Have they done anyting?”

“There have been some attacks on rural families. No more than a collection of one or two in a spot, but still nothing left but ashes.”

Freya let out a sigh. Despite the sympathy she felt for the victims of these recent attacks, she took relief in the thought that the enemy wasn’t aware of them yet. Gathor let out an angry snarl, pulling in Freya’s gaze.

“It’s awful, I know,” The chesnaught added.

Gathor didn’t seem to hear him at all. Their visitor felt he had misspoken till Freya explained, “The red eyes are no doubt doing a ‘life gathering’ in the area and my husband doesn’t react well to this.”

“Hm, Life gathering?” The ranger replied confused. Freya shook her head and explained they don’t exactly know what it is done for, but they would attack mons and take them away for whatever they plan to use those poor souls for.

This disclosure was a bit unsettling for the ranger. In an attempt to lighten the mood for Gathor and their guest, Freya asked Gathor how his time with Seliph went.

The big feraligtr scratched his head a little. Not out of thought, but apparently out of unease. “Well um…it went okay. Not too great but he at least feels better an' uhm-” She walked up and gave him a little smooch on the cheek. Gathor couldn’t help but blush and let out a slight titter at it. A fake cough from the chesnaught snapped the two back.

“Well,” The ranger stated, “I’ll inform the other rangers to evacuate the more rural families. You two should come as well.”

“Thank you but that won’t be necessary,” Freya declined, surprising the guy. “Considering we haven’t been attacked here means they don’t know we’re here. And considering your report of mons being there implies that they don’t know of our existence here. Otherwise your town would be overrun trying to find us. We should stare here and try to weather this out.”

A chill went down the ranger’s spine. Gathor gave a short laugh and said, “Guess it a good thing dis place don’t look suspicious. Though, yah migh' wanna keep casual if you don' wanna be killed off.”

Despite this just making his nerves worse, the mon gave a light laugh and bid them farewell. As he was about to leave he pulled an orb out of his pouch. He talked to the voice coming from the communication orb and after a few seconds placed it back in the bag. He took a second to clear his throat, turned to face Freya and after a deep breath said,

“Miss Frey, apparently a mon arrived town and says he knows you.”

“I wasn’t expecting anyone but the messenger," Freya muttered.

The ranger scratched his head upon saying, “He says he’s your brother.” He heard a low angry growl come from the female charizard. She muttered fiercely under her breathe,

“Why in Reverse's name did he come?” After a gulp, he continued.

“He said that he wished to join you both after um … being smart and since the others have let him know about the attacks he states will join you too ASAP,” The Grass/Fighting type replied. Freya face palmed and grumbled in annoyance, “Does he have a psyducking death wish?”

Gathor muttered with a smile, “I wonder what he did to ‘be smart’.”

Freya clenched her fists and started shaking them slightly. Her tone grew rough amid her growling. “When he gets his sorry little ass here I’m gonna take his head and brea-”

“Whelp, I need to go now. Those families aren’t going to evacuate themselves,” The chesnaught said, hiding his discomfort under a mirthful tone. He darted away before Freya finished, waving to the startled two without looking back. “Have a good day and stay safe!” was the last thing they heard as he disappeared into the forest.

Gathor laughed into his hand as Freya calmed down with a sigh. Upon finishing, Gathor said to his annoyed wife, “Yah brother is pretty stubborn. He probably will be in bigger trouble goin' back then whatcha do tah him.”

“When he gets here I’ll pound that idiot’s face in!” Freya shouted in frustration.

“You might not wanna, after alls, we could use all the help we can get. Especially if dey figure out, you know.” Gathor pointed out. Freya gnarled as she buried her face into her hand. Gathor laughed as he put his arm behind her neck and whispered, “Come on, it’ been awhile. He can help us and let’s face it, he still is your little brother you love.”

Despite the slight teasing tone, Freya couldn’t deny he had a point. She nodded, but suddenly said, “I’m still going to punch that loser’s face in.”

“Let 'im have it honey,” there shared a little chuckle as they headed back inside.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 3
A Last Order

A sigh came from Seliph as he sat on a stool in his and his siblings’ room. He would occasionally look at his bed, specifically at the part obscuring the key. Hmm…well all I can do is do my part. My mom gave me that thing and my dad trusts me to…..I dunno, she said to take the contents and my brothers and get to safety. Course, they probably would want to stay or whatever. They’re so stubborn. He let out a sigh as got off the stool and went to the window. “How long till Uncle Tethe gets here?”

“Seliph!” the voice of his mom resounded in the room.

What does she want now? He thought as he obeyed the call. He walked into her study. Freya was sitting at her desk again, her wings were folded inward and her eyes focused on something on her desk. Seliph walked up and asked what she needed.

“I just wanted to know how you’re holding up.”

“Fine, why do you ask?”

“You were a bit upset after training today.”

Seliph darted his eyes away and rubbed his left arm. He reiterate that he was fine, but his answer was less than convincing.

“Look son,” Freya said bluntly, “You can’t expect me to believe you’re okay, especially after last night. Now just tell me.”

Seliph took a sigh. He turned his head to her shelf, where his mom had pulled out the key. “I well….I got scared, okay. I know you need me to do it, but how would I keep the key and my brothers safe if it happens?”

Freya then looked at him for a second and said, “How about you go play with your brothers?”

The answer startled Seliph. Why did she ask me and then just drop it that quickly?

“But…But Mom”

“Go play with your brother right now Seliph. I have something to finish here. I’ll talk to you when I’m done. They’re outside near that little pond you all like to play at.”

“Fine then!” He shouted and stormed out of the room. Freya didn’t budge from her position, but merely laughed to herself. I’ve set you up Jaron, now don’t disappoint me you silly little totodile.

< O >

Seliph stomped his way to where his brothers were, ranting in his head about his mom’s mean joke. He was nearing it when he heard something up ahead.

“What are they up to now?” He whispered to himself as he continued on. He was about to walk in the small clearing when he heard the two arguing. He refrained from stepping in and instead listened.

“Come on Ciecro it has to go on this, how do you expect to get this rock on it?”

“Can’t yah just tie it up or somethin'?”

“It’d take too much of the string dolt. We have to finish this before he gets here. Now go get a better object.”

“Hey! You said foh me tah get somethin' I liked an' I reckon I did. Deal wit'it shrimp.”

“Did you forget, moron, that this is to patch things up with him.”

Seliph chuckled to himself at their usual, but somewhat amusing arguing. They were trying to do something nice for him and even then they couldn’t agree on how to do it. But there was something about those two he couldn’t get over. He walked into the clearing and said, “Hey bros what are you both doing?”

The two froze in their spots. Seliph kept just kept smiling as the two let go of each other. Jaron then said with a disappointed tone, “Um we were doing uh….We were making something for you, but I guess we were too slow.”

“Yah mean, you were,” Ciecro objected.

“I mean we were,” Jaron countered, “And by ‘we’ I mean you more than me.”

Seliph gave a little laugh as he rubbed his brothers’ heads. He assured them that he appreciated the thought. He offered to help them finish. Jaron showed him a piece of string and some colorful stones. Seliph grabbed some of his frubbles and stuck the stones to the string. Jaron then tied the knot as the finishing touch.

“Here you go Seliph,” Jaron said with a smile, “this was for yo-”

Ciecro then interrupted, “Dem tree stones were my idea! You see, each one is a color that is suppose' tah be one of us. Red is me, White is you and Blue is-"

“I wanted to say that!” Jaron shouted, but stopped as Seliph hugged the two.

“This means a lot, bros, thank you so much.” The two hugged back, glad they were able to make him happy with their gift. Glad I have you two. You’re the best little brothers I could ask for.

Obscured in the distance Freya watched her kids. She went along to make sure they were safe since there was still the danger, but she had to admit she wouldn’t want to miss this sight. All three of her sons happy together; if things did take a turn for the worse, then maybe they will have a chance.

< O >

Gathor and Freya were sitting at the table while their kids were at the window getting a good glimpse at the setting sun’s light over the trees. It was getting late and Uncle Tethe still had yet to show up.

“How long is he gonna keep us waitin'?” Ciecro muttered with impatience.

“He’ll get here soon I’m sure,” Seliph answered, “I mean he probably doesn’t remember the route well.”

“Yeah,” Ciecro answered with a snort, “well he better, or I reckon he….hey is dat 'im?”

The kids huddled at the window as a figure came into view. It was a blaziken with a bag over his right shoulder, his Norfarion crested shoulder. The kids shouted their uncle’s name in unison and ran to the door. To their surprised the door was shut from the parents beating the kids outside. Seliph tried to open the door, but no doubt it was locked. They were supposed to stay inside. Since in person greetings would have to wait, the trio went back to their spot at the window to watch.

“Freya, big sister hey,” They heard the cheerful blaziken called with a big smile and a wave. But their mom just remained still with only a scowl to greet him. The kid’s grew a little uneasy as their mom’s expression didn’t change the closer their uncle got.

“Seliph,” Jaron said, taking his view from the scene to Seliph, “Was mom like that last time?”

“I don’t believe so,” Seliph replied to the best of his knowledge.

“You think he's in trouble wid her?” Ciecro added. They looked back and saw Tethe was now almost within 3 feet of the charizard. The blaziken reached out his hand, but was instead socked in the face by a pissed off Freya.

“Big sister, nice to see y-”

He didn’t finish, for Freya socked him in his face. Tetheron fell on his back from the impact. The three kid’s eyes widened at this scene play.

“Why in Arceus's name are you here?" Freya demanded quickly grabbing him on the ground by his throat, picking him up, and holding him in the air by his neck.

“Wow,” Tetheron laughed getting his head back together, “you can still punch me off my feet.”

“Answer the damn question, you pathetic twat!” Freya roared, tightening her grip on the neck of her smiling Brother.

“Fine” Tetheron choked. She gave him some slack to talk. He sighed and confessed, “I came because I was worried about you.”

“You pathetic, prideful, useless stain!! How could you come here? You know that we space these visits out for a damn good reason, and you still came. You stupid, shrimpy, moronic, idiotic, poor excuse for a norfarion elite!”

“What” The blaziken defended trying to get his neck out of her firm grip, “I didn’t want to just sit back and wait for news to happen or not. So I came to help. Despite your abilities sis, you aren’t exactly a survivor, like our old leader. Plus, you tend to be a little too reckless in your- ”

Freya really tightened her grip again and was about to punch him again. Gathor intervened by grabbing her free arm and while laughing exclaimed, “Your nimrod of a brother is already here, Freya. You can’t send 'im back now. At least not while dose mons are nearby. It would be good if he wasn't pieces, should our place get found.”

Freya growled in great displeasure, but realized Gathor’s point. She let go her grip so Tetheron fell to ground on his knees. After coughing for a little bit, Tetheron got back to his feet.

“So,” Tetheron stated brushing the dirt off his person, “where are the kids?” Both Gathor and Freya looked at him with fierce eyes. But then sighed as Freya pointed to the hut.

“It’ll be nice to see them kiddos again.” Tetheron laughed.

“He’s such a Damn child.” Freya muttered as her brother walked up to their hut.

“But a Helpful, Damn child,” Gathor snorted, forming a grin where his frown was. Freya sighed as she and Gathor walked up to the house following their unexpected guest.

As the door swung open the kids were ready to greet their visitor. The three jumped at him while shouting, “Uncle Tethe!”

He managed to keep on his feet despite the three hugging. He laughed and put them down.

“Well now,” He smiled rubbing each of their heads, “You three were almost big enough to topple me that time.”

“We'll reach dat point someday!” Ciecro assured as if issuing a challenge.

Tetheron laughed and knelt down to Ceicro. He exclaimed while patting the charmander’s round head, “You just worry about beating me in a fight someday.”

Ciecro let out a big smile as he hugged his Uncles face. Jaron joined in too. Seliph just smiled looking on. Ciecro then unlocked his hug and innocently asked, “Hey Uncle Tete, why did Maw punch you den choked yah for a while?”

Both he and Freya blushed from the naïve inquiry. Tetheron rubbed the back of his head and weakly laughed.

“She just sometimes has to show me who’s the more alpha of us two, eh sis.” Tetheron answered, subtly teasing his annoyed sister. Freya sighed while once again face palming. The six Norfarions then congregated around a bamboo table. They talked about this and that along with catching up with each other, as the Sun was continuing its setting phase.

< O >

“It’s, nearing dusk,” Tetheron apprised as the other two adults walked in after leaving the kids to indulge their dinner.

“The mere fact we haven’t seen sight of them by now, is relieving. I hope that they don’t show up at all and this storm can blow by without damage.” Freya uttered.

“Say,” Tetheron stated after having a thought, “Whose turn was it to visit?” Gathor and Freya’s eyes widened and tensed up at this statement. Freya put her hand on her head in dismay.

“How could we forget about their visit?” She stated in guilt, “We’ve known about it for a while now and now their coming at the worst time. Tetheron did you see either of them in town at all?”

“No, but knowing those two it shouldn’t take long till they show up.” Tetheron answered, his face joining Freya’s distress.

“Well them two could be a 'uge help should things go sour.” Gathor pointed out. Gathor joined Tetheron by the window and stated, “I wondeh how dose kids are doin'. Heh, cause I can’t call 'em kids anymo'e. It’ll be nice tah see 'em here.”

Tetheron then leaned towards the spaced out feraligatr and whispered, “Yeah, considering how Garon is a match for you now.”

This earned a snarl from Tetheron’s brother in law, “Garon’s too soft tah be a match. He's too busy being a worry heart tah keep a steady face or his mind focus, on the action.”

Tetheron, “Well perhaps, but I bet Swift could beat yo-“

“Yous primed if yah think there's a chance of Swift beatin' me.” Gathor muttered. And so the exchange of Tetheron’s teases and Gathor’s threats began. Freya sighed at the sight of the two immature boys in her life, but they were worth it. Besides, there were others that deserved being charred more than those two. Freya looked back at her study, her face scowling as she thought.

“It’s abominable that they would wish so much to prevent a cure for their deeds. But if the ‘Red Eyes’ are their mind slaves then I guess it makes sense they would care to keep their pawns and use them for the dirty work.”

The noise of the two behind her slowly began to fade as her focus went back in her memories. Back when she and Gathor’s lives here were about to begin.

( O )

“You called us Leader Nasch.” Freya saluted along with Gathor.

“Aye,” A big nidoking answered while staring out a window. He turned around; his multiple scar covered face, an eye patch over his right eye and a cheery smile gave signaled the two to “you may cease the formalities,” They dropped their formal stances and waited for him to continue.

“To the point then,” Nasch said in a quieter tone, “as you both are aware, things on the continent Kalisié are taking a bloody turn. With the Amestrian senate gathering a pro-Yveshia aggression support and the Yveshia blokes still sitting in isolation and mystery. I can quite frankly, assume that Amestria may act upon their bloody threats sooner or later.”

“As in attack, Yveshia?” Freya answered with a somewhat skeptical tone, “Not even their pro-war senate would be so bold or risk taking to do it so early.”

“Indeed, Freya,” Nasch replied with a nod, “which makes suspicious that they are gaining a bunch, of influence for their group, But I’ve also been told that some of the Senate have engaged in diplomacy with...” Nasch paused as his eye showed his aversion. “With Sorphia.”The two listeners went stiff at the mere mention of this country. Nasch continued,

The Przeciwdzia?anie Collective has cut off diplomacy with Drikaim. Despite this gesture of aggression, Drikaim has refused reinforcements from us, any of the other clans or Prime Winter.”

Gathor interjected with, “Why not get support? They’re litter'ly on dah same continent. The one dat holds malice to them Original Clans. Why would they deny help?”

“They probably wish to avoid giving Sorphia motivation to attack,” Freya answered, “They have a very strong and skilled military despite how small the country is, Gathor. It wouldn’t be that easy to overrun them let alone occupy.”

Nasch nodded in concurrence. “Yes, however there is another matter with which to discuss. It's obvious Sorphia is in league with the ‘red eyes’ and no doubt is willing to co-operate with them. Perhaps even being their gaffers. They are some of the originators of the Przeciwdzia?anie Collective to oppose the five clans, but so far it’s only to keep a rival power against us. Although…these red eyes have me concerned that the current status of our stalemate might be coming to an end.” Nasch gave them a focused gaze and said with a softer tone, “I’ve been offered a position in the Higher Generals.”

This news seemed to hit the two harder than the others. Gathor’s head sunk a little while Freya kept face. There was silence for a while till Freya broke it with a question.
Freya gave a swallow before guessing, “I assume you will be accepting.”

Nasch nodded and explained, “I’m leaving our Team to oversee the Special Forces so I’ll still be in business with Alpha.”

“I’d hope so,” Freya declared with a smile this time, “You’ve been a good leader of Alpha. I’m sure your insight will be good for all the Teams.” Nasch thanked her for the compliment. Nasch walked up and put his hand on Freya’s shoulder. “I’ve decided to pass the position of Team Alpha leader to Katherine.”

“Not 'er,” Gathor muttered in annoyance with a following face palm. Freya and Nasch let out a little laugh, but the Nidoking’s face once again went to serious.

“Freya, Gathor” Nasch stated, snapping them into focus, “I need you two to do a special mission. It will require you both to leave Team Alpha as well.”

“What!” they both shouted in unison.

Nasch closed his one eye and answered, “Your resignation is only to cover what you will be doing.”

The two stood there perplexed as Nasch walked over to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled out a flask holding a strange red liquid. Freya recognized it upon sight, “Why do you have that?”

“I was requested to give this to you,” Nasch said, walking back to Freya, “I conversed with the high generals along with the centre council and they’ve agreed that you are to research it.”

Freya tensed up at this honor. However, she inquired why it would require leaving Alpha. “Because this will be discrete." He tapped one of his fingers on his other hand on the bottle's surface and said, "This is the only flask of the ‘red eyes’ liquid in our possession. You, Freya, are to research it fervently and create a counter solution. This is abrupt, but we cannot keep it in Norfair. It’s already been attempted to be stolen thrice since we’ve acquired it. Freya you are a skilled Synergist and know your marbles in psychology. You've seen what this liquid can do to a mon. I’m asking you as your captain and friend.” He opened her claw, placed the flask into her hand and closed the claw softly. Despite how abrupt this was, she understood how important this was and why she needed to accept.

“I will do you proud, sir,” Freya said with an understanding nod.

Nasch nodded in response and grinned. “Don’t worry, I have arranged that your teammate will be able to visit you and Gathor. It’s the least I could do considering this huge request I’m asking of you.”

“All of them? Ciel, Garon, Swift, my broth-”

“All of them,” Nasch answered.

Gathor then added with a goofy grin, “'Sides Freya, they would track yas down, foh a visit with us anyways.”

The three shared a short chuckle at the truth of those words. Despite this news, it would be nice that the Team would stay in touch with her and Gathor.

Nasch turned his head to Gathor and held out his hand. Gathor clasped it firmly and the two said a Norfarion parting.

“May thy soul’s fire-” Nasch started.

"Be bright an' blazing." Gathor finished.

Gathor attempted to squeeze Nacsh’s hand really hard. But was reminded that their leader wouldn’t beg for mercy that easily. Freya sighed at her husband going to his knees bawling with a laughing Nasch refusing to let his grip go.

< O >

“What’cha thinking about sis?” Tetheron’s voiced, snapping Freya out of the memory.

“Oh, just memories,” She answered softly.

Gathor walked up to her and nuzzled her cheek, “Good memories?” He inquired.

She nuzzled him back as a subtle yes.

“Yah know Freya, I’m glad yah kicked my tail back then.”

“Heh, I’m glad to,” She replied with a smile.

Gathor gave a weak laugh, “Well,” he added, “yous the one mon I don't mind losing to. At least till our kids surpass me. If dey do, hah! I won’t get beat by 'em dat easy.”

“Perhaps, but then again 'we' are training them and you did say I 'kicked your tail',” Freya whispered.

Gathor chuckled and the two shared another snout nuzzle.

“Ugh can you two just tone down it for the single in this room,” an uncomfortable Tetheron asked.

“Jealous Torcky,” Gathor teased earning a dirty look from the blaziken.

Tethron countered sneering, “No…I’m fine being a single. And besides, I’m independent right now. I got here on my own after all.”

“Really?” Freya said with a sarcastic tone, “So I guess then you are capable of convincing Ciel not to lecture you for hours when you get back?”

Tetheron gave a gulp and turned his back to them trying to drown out the sound of the two’s laughter. Freya then walked up and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. Her brother gave a little blush, followed by a nervous laugh.

“You’re hopeless, but you have at least some charm to make up.”

“Heh thanks sis.”

“Now who needs taw tone et down,” Gathor stated. Gathor started to laugh soon followed by the fire types.


primed - A term meaning "Crazy" or "Mad". It's used in context of when one loses their mind to primal instincts.

Prime Winter - Kyurem


Tetheron (teth-eer-on)

Garon - (G-air-run)

Ciel - (See-el)

Nasch - (Na-sh-ch)

Kalisié - (Kal-ee-see-ay)

Yveshia - (E-vey-schia)

Amestria - (A-mes-tri-ah)

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“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
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Language, Dark Themes, Blood, Crude Humor, and Violence [15]

Chapter 4
Attack on the Mind

It was 9:00PM. Seliph and Jaron were playing checkers on a wooden board, while Ciecro was being driven out of his mind with boredom while watched.

“Come on, one of yah win already.” He yawned.

“Quiet bro.” Jaron shushed Ciecro, “I’m trying to beat him this time. Now let’s see.”

Jaron looked over the board. Contemplating the moves he could make and what his brother would do in response. As he analyzed the board Seliph began yawning from Ciecro’s consistent yawns. “Ugh fine.” Jaron growled in anger moving one of his pieces, “There, your move Seliph.” Seliph looked at the board for a few seconds. He picked up a piece and jumped three or Jaron’s pieces. “Dammit Ciecro, this is your fault!” Jaron shouted at the half asleep charmander.

“Now now Jaron.” Seliph laughed, rubbing the mad tododile on his head. “It is late. Come one, let’s see what Mom, Dad, and Tethe are doing. Jaron went to the living room, while Seliph led the drowsy Ciecro behind the Water Type. When they got in, they spied their Dad looking out the window, arms crossed and making quiet growling noises. He looked at the kids. They shuddered a little, from his serious gaze, meaning something was wrong. Jaron walked up and asked what was wrong.

“Don’t concern yahself, Jaron,” He dismissed the question turning back to the window, “Keep doin' what y'all were doin' in de kitchen.”

They were going back, till Gathor called Seliph to stay. A chill went up his spine as his brothers closed the door behind him. He turned to face his dad, though not making eye contact. Gathor called him to come closer. Seliph slowly made his way to his father.

“Your Mother is outside with Tetheron. She told me she gave you de key to her desk box. Where is it?”

Seliph paused for a second, out of fright from the worried tone from his father. He snapped out of it thought after his father leaned in closer and said, “Uh-uh, I have it in my leaves bed.”

“Ge' it and keep it on yah person.” He leaned down further till their faces were only a few inches away, “Get it and come outside. Make sure yah brothers don’ come with you.”

Seliph nodded and went out to do what his father asked. He was really scared. He looked in his bed and pulled the key out. He looked at it for a few seconds before getting up and going to the front door.

“Seliph? Where yah goin'?” He heard the voice of a tired Ciecro from the Kitchen.

“Um, mom and dad want me outside. They told me to tell you to stay in the Kitchen with Jaron.”

“Ugh fine, but hurry. Jaron is still sore and is being a little bi'ch 'bout it.” Seliph gave a nod with a smile, as Ciecro walked out. He slammed the door with the intention of letting the noise from the slam speak for his annoyance with the order. Seliph gave a shake of his head and laughed in his mind as he went outside. He saw his Mom, Dad, and Tethe gathered around something. Freya looked to see him and nodded to her brother. Tether walked over to Seliph and patted him on the head.

“What’s going on?” Seliph asked his Uncle.

Tethe sighed and decided to inform Seliph. “The chesnaught is back. Listen to me Seliph.”

As Tetheron disclosed the news, Freya and Gathor were busy with the chesnaught. “Where did you find him?” Freya asked the mon as she checked the drapion laying before them.

“Near the side road out of town. Freya opened one of his lifeless eyes and looked deeply at its pupil. Freya got up and glanced at the body's Norfarion Crest.

“From what I can tell, his mind was crushed by a strong psychic force. If given enough mental strain from psychic moves, mental static or just damage in general the mind can go into shut down or essentially in shock. Then it'd be child's play for a psychic to take whatever they want and even crush the brain mentally if they are strong enough. I’ve never seen a mon rip out the soul in a mon eyes like this, let alone a Dark Type. Whoever did this had very strong telekinetic abilities and mental pressure. Was there anything else you found there?” The mon shook his head “No”.

“If dis was a mental attack, I doubt they broke his mind dat quickly,” Gathro added walking next to his wife, “Dat migh' be why dey didn't attacked dis aftehoon.”

“If the mon that did this acquired info before killing him, then why not attack us now?” Freya though.

“De private wasn’t aware of the contents of de message, remember Freya,” Gathor mentioned.

“Yes, but by mentally extracting his memories could lead the culprit to anyone he talked to regarding the data. That was me, you, Gathor, and…….”

“I think it was just us. Tetheron didn’t arrive till later,” Gathor stated crossing his claws and tilting his head to try and remember any other instance. Freya thought as well.

After coming up with no connection for herself she took a minute to look back at Tetheron with a shock-faced Seliph. “I’m worried Gathor. Something is obviously not right, yet no one has made a move against us. They can’t have just lost nerve, or haven't found some lead yet.” Gathor nodded in concurrence.

“I’m sorry, but we are still talking about the same mons right?” The chesnaught inquired, wanting to rejoin the conversation.

Freya looked at the ranger and answered, “Yes, unless they received aid." An idea crossed her mind and she followed up with another question. "Does anyone else know about this mon?” She lifted the dead Drapion's head with her right claw.

The chesnaught crossed his arms and his eyes fell onto the poor soul being held up by Freya's strong arm. “I took him to town first. I was informed by this heliolisk guy about who this guy was and told to show you him. The heliolisk had a Norfarion crest on his arm,” He recounted.

“Dat sounds like Swift to a degree.” Gathor mumbled.

“Did they get here that fast?” Freya said out loud, finding it hard to believe the two had made such good time. She shook off the question and continued “Even so, what did he tell you?”

“He told me of the condition and that he would get here. Says, he's anxious to see you again.” The ranger replied looking back at the woods behind the three.

Ferya growled deeply saying, “That isn’t Swift. He was with Garon and didn’t meet Tetheron earlier. He knows better than to leave stuff like this to a mere ranger, no offense."

"None taken," The chesnaught assured, pushing both his arms out and giving a weak smile.

"If he was with Garon, and I can't imagine why he wouldn't, Garon alone would be able to bring this mon to me easily and in much faster time." Freya's eyes squinted and formed a scowl as she started thinking up theories on plausible explanations.

“If dis mon told yah and asked yah tah come back, yet didn't insist on goin' with yahs then I bet my fangs that ain't swift. Could mean dis punk was trying tah track us? If dat's true den they probably know where we are," Gathor added with a grim expression on his face.

“So then why aren’t they-” they suddenly heard Seliph scream. They all ran over to find Seliph crying while clutching his head. Freya grabbed his shoulders and frantically tried to talk to him. Gathor grabbed Tetheron and demanded to know what happened.

“He was suddenly like this,” Tetheron answered with worry and confusion.

Freya calmed herself to think for a second. She then calmly looked at Seliph’s tearful and pained eyes, and gently told him, “Calm down, Seliph. Someone is invading your mind. What is the voice saying?”

Seliph managed to say as he squirmed, “S-She wan-n-nts what y-y-you g-gave-”

“Seliph try to listen only to me. Calm your mind and think of nothing. Your mental defense is strongest when you can remain calm and blank your mind of any thoughts. It'll make the intruder have a hard time getting a firm grip on your mind.” She motioned to Gathor to grab something in the house.

Seliph squirmed his head around and covered his frog ears, trying to stop from hearing the voice. "Where is it?" The boy, finally opened his eyes for a second...he saw his mon, but it was slightly hazy. He could see a dark silhouette walking towards him, he couldn't tell if it was real of imaginary. His eyes widened upon seeing this, an action Freya noticed.

"Seliph, listen to me." Freya moved her head close and whispered firmly but with a calm composure, "Do you see someone? Do you feel a presence like someone inside or around?" He gave a slight, quick nod. "Dammit, Seliph, think about some memory or something irrelevant or simple. You need to stall whoever is in there from finding it till we can force them out."

Seliph began to think, despite the surging headache. He looked back at Freya and could spy the figure. The figure oddly began looking around. "Curious, so you intend to make this hard then? No matter," The figure said in a confident tone, "I don't have to find the spot in your head on my own." The figure then stretched out one of it's arms.

Pain surged in Seliph's head, like an excadrill was Drill Running his skull. He cried and shook around shouting, "Get out of my head, you whore!"

"Heh," a female voice replied to his pleads, "You can make this easier on yourself, just think about it. Where does she have it hidden."

"I...I don't know!" Seliph lied, but was met with a sharp head sting from the figure thrusting her arm forward.

"Now, now, children shouldn't lie when asked things, heh." She upped the mental force on him, to hasten her search causing him to go onto one knee. Freya put her arms on him and put her head onto his.

"Seliph, keep your eyes on mine," she begged beginning to fear he was losing, "look at your mother!" Seliph obeyed. It took all of his will not to break eye contact, but their stare maintained. She then started to say the words "focus" and "calm" over and over in a soft and motherly tone. The pain didn't feel so bad for him.

"What?" The figure uttered, confused at this sudden change.

Seliph started to say, "Mom it's wor-" but was interrupted by her.

"Good, that means you're relaxing. If you can't defend or repel a psychic mon, then you need to lessen their grip and effect on you. Keep calm boy."

The figure in his head gave a growl, "You know what fine! You wanna play hard to get, well two can play that." The figure thrust her arm forward in a direction. A huge hit of pain struck Seliph. He collapse, but was caught by his mom. "Give me it now!" the figure shouted, "else, I'm going to keep on doing it, even if I have to knock you out."

Freya tried her best to keep Seliph, still from his squirming around and crying. Trying to say calm things, but apparently whoever was attacking her son's mind, wasn't intending on searching for it anymore. She gave a quick glance to see how Gathor was doing and shouted, "Hurry up!" She looked back at Seliph, whose eyes were slowly beginning to close. Her faced filled with concern and fright, she pulled him in front of her, placed her arms on his shoulder, shook him a little and ordered, "Seliph, don't let it make you go unconscious. You can't defend yourself or resist if you're asleep, please hang on." Her words didn't seem to reach him as his eyes neared complete closing. "Seliph!" she shouted, pulling him to her chest, "Don't...don't you can't give in. Hold on! I..." her eyes widened and froze. The image of that Drapion's eyes flashed in her mind, but on her son's eyes. She shook her head violently, trying to get a grip. she composed herself, moved him back in front of her and softly whispered, "Seliph...I love you." She put her claw on his cheek and looked directly in his almost shut eyes, "You're strong. If you can't stop whoever is in there then...I'm sorry," She raised her claw and gave him a hard slap on the cheek.

This action, shot his eyes wide open and made him yell from the hard smack. "What the?" the figure said, surprised by the change in Seliph's state, "what did she do to y-"

It was then Gathor rushed out holding a black orb firmly in his right hand. "Freya catch!" He roared, throwing the orb to her.

Seliph watched his mom catch the orb, causing the figure to snarl and say, "Fine I'll settle with just a clue then!" She thrust her arms again, making Seliph shriek again.

"There!" the figure shouted, right as Freya activated the orb. A dark repulse shockwave surge around them, causing the figure to vaporize but not before she said, "A key then." As the orb concluded, Seliph fell over landing on Freya's chest. She held him out in front and begged for him to open his eyes, till he slowly woke up finally relieved from the pain. She hugged him relieved that he survived.

"What was that?" The chesnaught asked Gathor.

"A mental static awrb. It's used tah cause mental static dat hurts mons usin' mental attacks or psychic abilities and supress dem. Think of it as a dark type awrb." He explained.

"Seliph," Tetheron inquired, walking up to the hugging two, "Did this mon get anything from you?

A teary eyed Seliph looked up at his mom, who nodded for him to go on. He then looked at Tetheron and managed to say among sniffling, “I’m sorry mom, Uncle Tethe. I tried not to, but she-she." He threw himself on his mother and cried, "She made me tell her about the key you gave me."

Gathor walked up to the group and put his claw on his son. "I'm sorry son..." He looked away for a second, making Freya tilt her head as to what he was doing. Gathor looked back to his son after assessing what he wanted to say. "But not every mon is able tah do whatcha jus' did...I'm proud of yah."

The frogardier, got off from his mom, looked at his dad and pressed against the feraligatr's chest. "Dere, dere," the gator said with a smile, rubbing his son's head with his rough claw. “It’s fine Seliph,” he assured the crying boy. He gently moved him in front of him and lowered his head, giving him a genuine smile. He then instructed, “Go in de house now and find yah brothers. Bring dem outside. We need tah get ou-”

He stopped as Freya, shot a Flamethrower at an incoming Focus Blast. The impact of the moves caused an explosion creating smoke all around them.

“Get Seliph back inside and kill anything that enters!” Freya shouted to the chesnaught. The mon nodded and grabbed Seliph. As they went into the house, the other three adults got side by side, bracing for whoever was attacking. Standing twenty yards in front of them, were seven mons. Five of them had eyes that were solid red with no Iris or pupil, while two of them had only red Iris eyes, probably the leaders. One was a smiling heliolisk, while the other was an frustrated gardevoir with red instead of green hair.

“Funny,” The heliolisk chuckled leaning over to talk to his ally. “If the mon I'm acting as saw what my friend was doing to your kid, I’m sure he would be very agitated. Does this mean I'm out of character then Rosa?”

“Drop the shrimp's look please and show us your real self. Swift isn't to kind to mons that coy his act let alone get it wrong!” Tetheron shouted with snark.

“Why should the creep?” The gardevoir answered, her annoyance at her failure made obvious in her tone, “After all, he wouldn't do it even if I tortured him. He apparently values his version of fun over any sensibility.”

“Besides,” the heliolisk laughed putting his arms behind his head and leaning slightly to the right side, “wouldn’t it be devastating and tragic if he hears that it was a mon impersonating him was the reason we found you and killed you? Hey, Rosa, you think it’d be to much for the runt, heck maybe enough for both. Wouldn't that be just horrible?"

“Drop the act and tell me what you did to Swift and Garon you Bastard, or I'll tear that head off those shoulders!” Freya roared taking an aggressive step forward. Gathor did likewise, but with a quieter snarl and a more intimidating leer.

“Don’t worry girl.” Rosa sighed, “They were never here. Meaning they won’t be dead. Course, if you give it to us, we might conside-”

She didn't get to finish as a Flamethrower was shot towards the two. The gardevoir growled as she swung her right arm vertically upwards, parting the move from hitting the two. Unluckily for the mon's next to them, she only parted it wide enough for her and her associate. The grunts were seared and screaming from the powerful fire and the burns they acquired.

"Letting your troops get burned before this evens starts?" Freya began angry at this unsympathetic gardevoire.

Rosa just gave a huff and muttered, "Eh, doesn't matter, they're the feral kin-"

"I know little girl," Freya interrupted, making the psychic type angry at the insult. Gathor put his fist out to his wife, who gladly did a fist bump from the burn.

Rosa crossed her arms and said, "Really?"

"Give them credit," the heliolisk stated giving her a condescending smile despite looking up to her, "it was a good burn."

"Whose side are you on?" She angrily asked. The heliolisk just gave a carefree shrug, making her even madder.

“Are yah gonna keep talkin', or are yah gonna fight us?” Gathor sneered.

“Fine then!” Rosa shouted, giving the feraligatr her attention and a Shadow Ball attack. Gathor calmly walked up, covered his arm with an Ice Punch and jabbed it directly, shattering it upon impact.

"Anyting else, whore?" He mocked with a grin. Rosa formed two more and was about to throw them when the heliolisk chimed in.

"Come now Rosa, it's apparent he's more buff than your balls can take. I suggest you let the others we brought take care of them."

"Others?" Gathor repeated, his eyes widened at this reveal. Just then he was struck by a Thunderbolt from the woods to his left.. He gave a roar from the shock, but remained standing.

"Honey!" Freya shouted rushing up to her wheezing husband.

"Thanks," he wheezed with a full-toothed grin, "I can take more dan dat." He stood up straight and surge an ice punch in his right arm again and blocked another Thunderbolt. Three electabuzz then jumped out, each possessing the feral eyes the other five had. One swung down with a brick break, but was caught by Gathor's left claw. The second tried a Low Kick, but the move didn't make his leg even budge. The third fired another Thunderbolt, but Gathor swung the first on in the way of the attack. Though no damage was done, due to an apparent Motor Drive ability, Gathor swung the mon into the one hitting his leg. He then rushed towards the other one and sliced it with his Ice Punch coated arm. His ice sharpened claws easily cut through the electric type's chest, surging blood out and killing it quickly.

Before the other two were able to get up, Freya fired a poweful Flamethrower upon them, searing their flesh before they could avoid. They gave cries from the burn pains that were left.

"Wow, she must be pissed to cause such bad burns from one Flamethrower," the heliolisk whispered to Rosa.

She just rolled her eyes and asked, "So where are the others?" The heliolisk raised a brow at this. Rosa then turned to him and with a scowl said, "are you saying these are all we brought?"

"You say that like we can't take them?" he replied in a relaxed tone as he did some squats.

"Are you fu***** kidding me!" she roared at him, "you mean to tell me that for this important mission, you decided to not bring more than just eight mons with us?"

The heliolisk then gave a huge grin and snapped his fingers. Three Weaviles popped out along with two Ryperiors. "It is so much fun to press your buttons dear." She raised her hand to slap him, which was met with a half eyed, unafraid stare from the electric type. She gave a snarl as let her arm fall to her side.

"Just get them already," she commanded, fed up with his games.

The lizard merely gestured forward with a bow and said, "ladies first". She sighed in agitation and walked forward. She bent her arms outwards from her sides, as if she was grabbing two sticks. She then moved them forward, ripping two trees from the edge of the forest.

"Woah, this Torchic doesn't mess around," Tetheron stated with a whistle, earning miffed looks from the other three. He rubbed his head weakly and defended just as weakly, "I mean, I'm single and all heh."

"What did you say about me!" Rosa shot back turning the roots of the trees towards them, ready to send them their way, "The nerve of som-"

It was then the heliolisk interrupted with a smile, "some cocks?"

"That's it!" She roared, throwing the trees at the group. Gathor caught one and was sent back a ways from the force of the throw. The other was destroyed by a mix of Freya's Air Slash and Tetheron's Blaze Kick, while the chesnaught shielded them from the splinters. Freya then flew up in the air and fired two Air Slashes from her wings in an 'X' towards the two. The heliolisk rushed out of the way, while Rosa levitated in the air, avoiding it from above. She ascended to the same level as Freya, who gave a condescending look at this substitute for wings. She did a quick dive to the side turning to fire a Flamethrower at the psychic type. Rosa, did an evade, mixed with an elegant twist. Though Freya's was the distraction from the real attack. Rosa was struck in the stomach by a High Jump Kick from Tetheron, up in the air from a leg up by the chesnaught.

Despite the powerful move's direct impact, the gardevoir didn't take too much damage cause of the typing matchup. Tetheron used his footing on her to push off and backflip back to the chesnaught. "Dang, that was a direct hit too." the ranger said a bit disappointed.

"Yeah it sucks..." Tetheron agreed, "the tragedy of us fighting types, eh."

Rosa by now had regained her areal balance and was about to attack till a loud voice shouted, "Watch dis bois!" Rosa and the two fighting types looked to see Gathor spinning around with the tree in his arms. He gave one hard swing and threw it directly at Rosa. Her eye's shut halfway and said, "Really." at the spinning tree thrown at her. She lifted her arm slightly, giving a telekinetic push from below it, thus sending it over her head and crashing behind her somewhere.

"Dumb brawd," Gathor gloated with a sardonic smile. Rosa gave a wide eyed stare in puzzlement, right before she was tackled by a speedy Freya and landed in the trees somewhere with her. "F*** her up good, honey." Gathor walked over to the other two and eyed down the remaining six Pokémon.

The heliolisk gave a few claps before pulling his right to his side and thematically swinging it forward to signal the charge. The three Weavile rushed forwards, pulling out Night Slash claws. They zig zagged their way towards the three. The chesnaught got in front and threw up a Spiky Shield forcing the Pokémon to go around, right into a waiting Gathor and Tetheron. The blaziken's butterfly kick sent to two on his side onto their backs, while Gathor's back fist swipe knocked the other one into a tree.

"Good job guys!" the ranger shouted, but suddenly his Spiky Shield was struck by a huge force. We was knocked back and almost fell over, if Tetheron hadn't leaped in to help him keep his balance. The ranger dropped his shield, seeing the rhyperiors taking a few breaths from using Rock Wrecker.

"Whatcha wai'in for?" Gathor bluntly stated, walking by the two, "take dem out, while I get da runt. You, Ranger!" The chesnaught pointed to himself, for clarification, "Get inside and keep dah young-uns safe."

"Go, I'll cover you if they fire something," Tetheron assured, helping the mon up and pushing him towards the house. As soon as the ranger had made it inside her turned around and joined with Gathor. The rhyperiors were still needing some time before being able to attack again. Tetheron and Gathor kept their gazes straight towards their enemies.

"Cover me," Gathor requested, without looking.

"Sure," Tetheron nodded taking a few steps to the side, and readying his fists to fire Flamethrowers. They were about to carry out the charge, when Rosa came flying from the woods rolling on the dirt, right to the casual heliolisk. Freya stepped out from the forest with a few cuts, but not as much as she had inflicted on her opponent. Rosa, slowly got up, wiping some blood of her cheek from a hard punch she had received.

"Having fun?" the heliolisk mockingly asked. Rosa didn't answer, but formed a shadow ball as she eyed him angrily amid her wheezing. She threw it straight for Freya, who stepped to the side and leaned back, barely evading the edge of the Shadow Ball. She then surged an Air Slash in her right wing and flung at the Gardevoir, who fired a Shadow Ball in response. The resulting collision sent a wave that knocked an unbalanced and damaged Rosa down to one knee.

"Are you going to help or what?" a panting Rosa demanded from her ally.

“What? I think you're doing splendidly. Great entertainment value.” The heliolisk laughed, shrugging with a dark smile.

“Idiot, You’re wasting our time and giving them opportunity to-” Rosa began, struggling to get to her feet.

“Fine Rosa, since you're so reverse bent on doing our job,” The mon grumbled in annoyance. He snapped his fingers signaling the rhyperiors and weaviles to come. They complied and the heliolisk ordered. "Weaviles, take on the feraligatr, while you rhyperiors deal with the Charizard. Keep them off me and Rosa so we can kill the weaker ones of their group."

"Excuse me!" Tetheron shot, a little offended by the comment.

"Break," The small mon ordered, and their grunts immediately targeted the couple. The rhyperiors forced Freya back in the air with their alternating Stone Edge, while Gathor was busy trying to keep up guard against the weavile's switching of range and close up attacks.

Tetheron was left standing between the two leaders and the house. He raised his fists and put a serious expression on his face. His muscles were tense, though he was nervous, especially due to being against a psychic that seemed to be the one that killed that soldier earlier.

"Which one wants to dance with the Tetheron first," He shouted in prideful facade, trying to keep his worriedness hidden.

“Ah, that's cute, he thinks he's a match for us," the heliolisk commented with a smile. Rosa rolled her eyes as she rubbed on of her bruises. "So, do you want to dance with the male first?"

“You can play stupid with him instead, you sicko. I’m going to get the chesnaught and that kid.” Rosa spoke with an angry gaze. The heliolisk shrugged and stepped forward to fight, while Rosa was walking over to the left, to go around.

“No you don’t!” A voice shouted from the woods on Rosa's right. The three looked in the direction of the shout just as the chesnaught jumped out and threw an orb at the two. The heliolisk leaped a little out of its possible range, while the gardevior stopped it midair and flung it away with her mental powers, but not before it activated, sending a black repulse in the area. The gardevior clasped her head in agony from the Mental static orb. This mixed with the wounds she had accumulated caused her massive pain, sending her to her knees.

“Oh sorry my dear, looks like you’ll have to sit this one out. Get her out of here so she can rest her head.” He signaled one of the weaviles to carry the squirming gardevoir away. Tetheron rushed to stop the escape, but barely managed to spy and avoid a Thunderbolt. He found himself cut off from the escaping two and the ranger, by two electabuzzs, the ones Freya had burned before. Tetheron snarled and got into a defensive stance as the two mon's circled him slowly.

Meanwhile, the ranger was staring down the smirking heliolisk. “I don’t know who or what you are,” the chesnaught growled readying to engage, “but I won’t let you harm children you monster.”

“Oh what caring heart,” the heliolisk teased with a malicious grin and squinting eyes as it walked forwards in small steps. He suddenly began to morph and grow taller. As this transformation was going on, the morpher said, “Tell me carer. What happens when a heart stops?”

The mon stopped walking revealing a dark grey zoroark with white strands on his chest fur and red vertical lines with his yellow eyes. the ranger braced himself as the Dark Type cackled, putting his claw on his face. “The blood ceases flow and the body dies slllowwly. So metaphorically speaking, if you have a heart to protect yet you die in the process, does that meant the thing you protect will be hunted down and slowly die in an agonizing way?” The Grass/Fighting type just remained silent and stood firm in his stance.

The zoroark continued. “You should feel proud about your noble actions. You prevented my associate from tracking the mon inside or on the run. Guess then We’ll just have to find any witnesses ourselves. After all, if you don’t find the area of infection, the infection spreads till such a place is no longer able to stay on the body without killing it." As he spoke, he slowly moved his claw off his face and on his neck, where he clenched it firmly as if pretending to choke himself. Not enough to actually affect his breathing, but enough to intimidate the ranger.

The ranger shook his head, trying to keep his focus on protecting. He responded with, "Yeah, well just try! I've sworn to protect mon's as my job states. You don't scare me."

The dark type merely gave a "pfff" jerking his head slightly to the right, clearly showing his disbelief for this acting. "Want to know what's is even more hilarious?” The zoroark stared at him and raised his right claws to attack, “It’s how painful it is when it does get to that stage of corruption. In my head, you are the protecting heart of this story, those mons your fighting with are the other organs, the body is the prize 'her research', the mind is whoever is in that house, and the infection spreading is these pawns. I’m what you call the infector or in another wording, I’m the Plague. Funny how that's so close to my name, Plageues."

Plageues gave another malevolent laugh as his tongue licked his chops. He then made a gesture of a claw slice on his head. As his hand slowly dragged on his face, he whispered loud enough for the mon to hear, "Tell me heart, how does it feel to stop moving yet still alive. How you’ll slowly die knowing that the rest of the body will soon follow even more tortured than you will endure? That your failure to purge the virus will cause the rest of the body to follow you to death going through more reverse than you will?”


Torchic - Chick/Lady a more casual term.


Plageues - (Play-jee-u-is)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Language, Blood, Dark Themes [14]

Chapter 5
Smoke in the Trees

Seliph was watching outside the window at the fight. He trembled at the sight more of the mons attacking his parents and uncle. He was frozen in place. He heard that horrible voice in his head over and over from that female in his head.

“Heh, you can make this easier on yourself, just think about it. Where does she have it hidden?"

He closed his eyes and clasped his head from the trauma of it all. What was happening? Why was this going on? So many questions permeated his head. He was suddenly shook out of it by Jaron.

“Seliph stop it! Get it together, mom and dad need our help.” Seliph opened his eyes to see his youngest brother Jaron, trying to keep a brave face. He looked at the door seeing Ciecro trying to break down the locked door.

“Damn dis door!” He shouted in frustration, “Why did dat chesnaught lock it!”

“Come on Seliph, help us break it!” Jaron urged the Frogadier, running over to help Ciecro.

Seliph looked out the window at the brawl. He saw Gathor slicing through his opponents, Freya burning any enemies near her, Tetheron thrusting blow after blow on multiple mons, and the chesnaught squaring off against the zoroark. He remembered what his Mom had asked him. He knew what he’d have to do.

He ran into his room, and pulled the key out of its hiding spot. He then hurried to Freya’s study. He pulled the box out and used the key. He gazed on the contents within. A parcel full of notes, and a bottle containing some strange red liquid. He didn’t stop to marvel at the items. Putting the items and bottle in a nearby shoulder bag, he headed back to the front door.

Jaron and Ciecro were still trying to break the door down, but failing miserably due to how sturdy it was.

“Jaron Ciecro, come were getting out of here!” He yelled, waving for them to follow.

“What? Why?” Jaron asked.

“I’m not runnin'. Dey need our help,” Ciecro protested.

Seliph sighed as he pulled the hot headed charmander from the door. "Look, I want to help them, but we aren't strong enough to and they told us leave."

Ciecro crossed his arms and huffed, "I can't jus' leave dem."

"I know, I know," Seliph said putting his free arm on the fire type's head, "but...you see we need to keep this away from them." Seliph, gestured his head to the sack.

"What's in there?" Jaron asked.

Seliph slid the bag onto his shoulder and turned to Jaron, "It's what those bad guys outside are after and we can't let them get it. Mom and Dad are strong enough to take them, along with our Uncle and that...other guy. We need to keep the stuff in this safe incase there's more."

"Bu-" Ciecro began till they heard an explosion outside, making them all freeze. They looked simultaneously to one of the windows to see some smoke begin to form. They all assumed immediately that it was mom doing her thing, but with the intent to kill instead of train. Without another word, the three made their way to the back door.

< O >

“Gathor!” Freya shouted above the brawl, “We need to buy them more time.”

Her husband nodded and raised his defense. He let his weavile assaulters sliced at his body repeatedly to charge Rage.

“What is wrong with you!” Tetheron exclaimed to his sister, trying to evade his opponent's Thunderbolts, “He’s bad enough with his gift active, without an enormous attack boost. Are you trying to get us all killed?”

“Just stay out of his sights and help the Ranger against their other leader. I’ll deal with the back woods. We have to guarantee an escape route, if we can’t win this fight.” she advised, taking a moment from her range move exchanges with the two Rock mons.

Tetheron concurred and began rushing towards the one electabuzz between him and the dueling two. The mon tried a Thunderbolt, but Tetheron jumped onto his knees, using the moment to slide as he leaned back to avoid the attack. He then dove forward off his knees and planted one of his hands, using the speed to spring over and kick the attacker before he could fire another. He twirled his body slightly, as he planted his other hand and used both to spring himself back to his feet and back to a sprint. "Sorry kid," He waved in a boast at the laying down and dizzy electabuzz.

Meanwhile Plageues had driven the chesnaught to the clearings edge. He then fired a focus blast. The ranger was about to block with Spiky Shield. However, he was pounced upon by one of the weaviles from behind and the two were hit by the move. The ranger hit the tree while his attacker fell nearby injured. Plageues smiled as he sauntered over. “How funny you are.” He faintly cackled raising his claw, “Thinking you could help, when you just a simple mon fighting with your superiors.”

He was about to slice, but stopped spying Tetheron’s incoming hook kick. He leaped back just in time to avoid the strike and a follow up Butterfly kick. After he was far enough away, the zoroark growled in annoyance, “Why bother? He’s just a mon and you’re a Norfarion.”

Tetheron smirked in a defensive stance and replied with, “Funny talk coming from a leader of mindless minions. I’m sure you feel so brave having to resort to a minion meat distraction to even land a blow.”

The villain was about to reply when a loud roar came resounded in the area. The two looked at the origin of the noise to see Gathor, his red eyes were glowing wildly and his body pulsed a violent aura. The weaviles tried to attack with range moves, but had to give all their time to avoiding the powerful slashes from Gathor. However, it wasn't long till one was sliced across the chest. The other tried to leap on his back, but was sent sailing with a powerful swipe from the angry Gathor's arm, right towards the blank staring two.

“What the fu-” Plageues began, till the flying weavile landed on him from Gathor’s smack.

“I hope you know what you’re doing Freya.” Tetheron muttered, rushing over to help up the injured ranger.

“What’s wrong with hi-” the injured mon asked, holding his injured side.

“His Original’s gift is Death Wrath. Let’s just let him kill till he calms down.” Tetheron answered. They were joined by Freya, who had finished burning the rear forest.

“Where’s he hurt?” She asked the chesnaught, who looked at his cut side. She, however she suddenly spread her wings and flew away from them, using Dragon Claw on an incoming Focus Blast.

“Dang, and I thought I was observant.” Plageues cackled, admiring her impressive detection and reaction. The zoroark turned to look at the spectacle of Gathor taking on the remaining five ferals and winning.

“Wow,” He marveled, “Norfarions are powerful. Especially when they aren’t in control. If only we could get more of your kind in that state.” He stroke his chin while looking at his right.

Freya, rightfully so, was pissed by this comment. “Can it you wretch. If you value your life, I suggest you leave with your tail between your legs,” Freya threatened.

“Sorry not an option.” He smirked, looking to his right. The trio were met with a volley of Zap Cannons from a group of four porygon 2s in hiding. The three were paralyzed and damaged from the amount of hits. The porygon 2s came out and rallied around the group, awaiting their leader's order. "I did say it was fun to mess with her, but she was right about me not being an idiot." He let out a dark smile and gave his most chilling stare at the female charizard, “Fight them till they can’t resist. I do want them alive, but feel free to spread the lovely red as far as you can.” He walked away and waved as the ferals unleashed Thunderbolt after Thunderbolt on the struggling group.

Plageues then stopped as he stared at Gathor, still fighting and unaware of the situation regarding Freya and the others. He licked his chops a little and with a wide grin thought, Now for the real fun. He raised his right arm and closed his palm as if it was some kind of signal. Some rustling happened on the forest to his right and eventually faded. Clever trying to cover your escape route...course I have good reason to believe that escape wasn't directly for you, heh. I'm going to have fun with whatever offspring is brought to me.

< O >

Meanwhile, Seliph and his brothers put good distance between them and the fight. They looked back to see fire light coming from the rear.

“Good, mom gave us some cover,” Seliph expressed in relief.

“She is tough after all,” Jaron agreed. They resumed but were suddenly greeted with a Thunderbolt a few steps in front. An electivire sprang in front of them. It fired another Thunderbolt, but the three evaded.

“Guys,” Seliph uttered to his brothers, “we have to take him down.”

“Right!” The two shouted in glee, ready to put their training to work.

Jaron fired Scald at the mon while Ciecro unleased Flame Burst. The opposing mon blocked both with two Thunderpunches. Seliph dove between the attacks and threw a Water Pulse into the mons eyes. The mon's vision became foggy and hurt due to the move's impact. He couldn't see and began firing random blasts of Thunderbolts in random directions. The brother's immediately sought cover. Ciecro quickly dove behind a stump just big enough to cover his body, Jaron stood behind a tree barely evading some random bolts and Seliph did his best to nimbly make his way to a rock not far away. As he was nearing it, one of the bolts struck the ground behind him, making him stumble slightly.

"Seliph!" Jaron shouted, who had been watching.

"Shut it!" Ciecro shouted, but it was too late. The mon was aware of which direction the group was and while still mostly blind, he had recovered from the confusion and was starting to be able to see better. This however, didn't stop him from firing Thunderbolts to cover for his temporary handicap.

Seliph scrambled behind the rock and took a few breathes of relief. He barely crazed his view past the rock at the mon still firing, though starting to blink his eyes. sh** Seliph ranted as he realized the mon's attacks were firing in their direction only, the direction where their parents were fighting. If we don't do something now, any pursuers could find us. If they follow these moves they'll find me, the bottle and my bro-..... His face grew serious. He took a breath as he drew out a Cut and held it backhanded.

“Bro, what are you doing?” Jaron asked as best he could from his cover without their enemy hearing.

Seliph ignored it and leaped from his hiding place. He maneuvered past the bolts and dove close to the mon's legs. The electric type was still a little blind and with it being night, he failed to noticed Seliph was directly in front of him at his feet. Seliph, shifted his Cut to forehand and bent down. In one motion, he lept onto the mons head and thrust the move’s into the mons forehead. The mon’s red feral eyes blacked out as he let out a loud screech for a brief moment. Seliph kept the move firmly pressed on the mon's head and move it in deeper. The Electivire's arms fell to his side and he fell backwards. Seliph pulled out his Cut and backflipped off as the mon fell on his back...dead. Seliph sighed as he released his Cut, causing the blood on it to fall on the ground.

Jaron who had seen the whole thing, stood there frozen. Those eyes as Seliph stabbed the mon were implanted in his head. It sent shivers through his body. "Did he get 'im?" the voice of Ciecro asked. Jaron blinked for a second as his focus went to Ciecro, who hadn't seen the scene, but who had just released himself from being curled into a ball. Jaron didn't say anything, just gave a fast nod. He then got from his hiding place, returning his eyes to the slightly wheezing Seliph. Out of some impulse, Jaron ran up to Seliph and shouted, “Why did you do that?”

The question surprised Seliph, who did realize he had just killed someone, hadn't really questioned the choice. He let out a sigh, knelt down a little so his eyes were on level with his scared little brother's and answered, “He was a threat and could have lead mons to our position.”

“He’s righ' Jaron.” Ciecro defended getting out of his hiding place to join the two, “Da mon wouldn' stawp. It was either him or us.”

“But-” Jaron began, shivering a little.

Seliph put his hand on his younger brother’s her and rubbed it. He softly answered, “I’m sorry Jaron, but we couldn’t risk it. I didn’t want this either, but they struck first. As Ciecro put it, ‘either him or us’.”

Jaron reluctantly nodded and they hurried on. After a few more minutes of running, Seliph stopped. The two were about to ask “why” till Seliph gave them the bag he was carrying.

“Take this and get to the mountain pass. Go to the safe location Mom and Dad showed us and stay there. If I don’t return in half an hour, go to Perion town and take this bag with you. I’m going to check on how the fight is going.”

They were about to protest till Seliph replied sternly, “You two are the only ones they don’t know about. Those items in that bag are the whole reason for this attack. If they acquire those things, all mom's work and the whole reason we came to live here will be as well.” Jaron’s head looked down, while Ciecro nodded in understanding.

"What do you mean?" Jaron inquired, with a tilt of the head, "what's in here?"

Ciecro looked at Seliph and said, "Ge' goin'" The frogadier nodded and rushed off. Jaron was about to call out, but Ciecro covered his mouth.

After Jaron finally wrestled his mouth free, he demanded in a whisper, "Why did you do that?"

Ciecro didn't say anything. He just merely opened the bag and pulled out a red bottle and shoved it at Jaron. The little totodile eyed it, his annoyance replaced with curiosity. He was about to ask his older brother what this was, but Ciecro shook his head. "I dun know," The charmander admitted, "but I'll be damned if dem bastards ge' it from us."

Jaron looked back at it, just staring at the red liquid. It seemed so scary what with mom's research on this and yet it looked so … calming.

< O >

After ten minutes of traveling, Seliph arrived at the side of their home’s clearing. The fire was still raging, but not near where Seliph was. He was filled with dismay at the site of his mom, uncle, and the ranger restrained and exhausted. Gathor was also greatly spent, but was still putting up a fight against the two rhyperiors restraining him.

“Well, you’ve certainly made a good head count. Well, from my team that is,” Plageues praised the three mons before him. Freya growled, Tetheron scowled, and the Ranger was nearing unconsciousness.

“Now, I might as well ask. Where is the liquid and we’ll leave?” The Villain asked.

“Go screw yourself!” Tetheron sneered.

Plageues sighed and complained, “Look I don’t want to kill you while you have info I require. So how about you tell me and we'll leave. Besides, it’s not like that info will mean anything anyway and aren't the ones you care about more valuable than some stupid liquid.”

“It means freeing mons from your groups influence. If we all die for such a reality to happen, I would more than accept death. You think your little ploy isn't going to work.” Freya snarled.

“Well we’ll get it out of you one way or another. Take her and the Cocky blaziken. But before you do.” He smiled as he slowly walked over to the barely awake ranger. He looked at the Grass mon’s right shoulder and sighed.

“Oh well, I guess you’ll do,” He spoke in disappointment as he sliced the victim's throat with one stroke. The other two were left in horror till they were hit on the heads and became unconscious.

Meanwhile, Gathor was still trying to resist despite his gift’s effects from wearing off. He glanced just in time to see the grunts begin carrying the two away. He roared as his Death Wrath surfaced again. He broke free and shredded at the two mons restraining him. He rushed towards Plageues roaring.

Gathor sliced at him, but Plageues leaped over him. Gathor did a turn slice, but stopped in his tracks. In front of him was Freya, with a scared look. His arm shook as he angrily said, “Damn you.”

Freya then gave a malevolent smile as she pierced Gathor’s chest with her Night Slash shrouded claws. Plageues then dropped his illusion and put his head next to the frozen Gathor.

“Looks like you couldn't even hurt her image. Shame that she made a mon like you soft. But don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her. I’m sure she won’t have any trouble learning our ways.” The zoroark chuckled in a low tone as Gathor’s growl became weaker, “Don’t worry about her being alone. We’ll make sure she visits her kid in person. Imagine the look on his face when he sees his mum again. Well, the last face he’ll see.”

This was it. Gathor mustered all he could out of his left arm and sliced Plageues over his right eye. The mon caught his balance grabbing his face, as Gathor hit the ground, slowly losing consciousness. Instead of crying out from the pain, Plageues merely laughed.

“Your claws are sharp aren’t they?” The Villain complimented as his right eye bled, “Thanks for the sendoff. I’ll make sure to pass on your message to your kid."

Plageues then walked away, leaving Gathor reaching out his arm to his now gone Freya. Gathor rarely cried, but he couldn’t stop the tears from forming now. He clenched his outstretched hand and in his head he pleaded, “Seliph, please keep y-yah brothers safe. Please, keep dem sa……….” His head hit the ground. His eyes slowly closed and his breathing grew very slow.

D-d-d-dad? Seliph screamed in his head. His mind shot back to the day before; He thought about his talk with his dad. Seliph fought back the tears and nodded to his father. Dad....I'll keep them safe. At all costs. It won't be easy, but I won't let you down. I-I'll ... I'll do you proud ... Dad. Seliph then ran into the woods leaving the battle scarred clearing.

The last of the grunts had left now, some in search for the kids others to help with the escort. All that was left were the fallen and Gathor. A rustling sound came from nearby as a silhouetted figure came out of some bushes. It moved cautiously, making sure that no one was watching. Upon arriving at the corpse of Gathor, it knelt down and examined him.

"...Tell me..." Was all it said as it placed one of it's arms on the feraligetr's head. It was then lights of green shown on the strangers eyes, "...Tell me everything...".

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 6
The Mind of Prey

Seliph rushed on his way towards the mountain pass. While the scene of his father’s death still was in his mind, he remained focused on finding his siblings. He knew that it hadn’t been half an hour, meaning he could still rendezvous with them. As he left the forest and now tread on the mountain’s stony road, Seliph occasionally would look back at the forest. It was that he feared being followed, but that he still couldn’t believe this all was real and had to grasp again at this reality. A reality with his dad gone, mom and uncle taken, home destroyed, and brothers alone.

He finally arrived at the spot, a crevice that lead into a series of small tunnels. These tunnels were dug through the mountain by Durant workers on request of Freya. In case there was such an instance of attack, they would go into the crevice, get one of the maps in their location, and head to a town via the tunnels.

Seliph looked in the crevice. There was no light from Ciecro’s tail, nor any traces of movement or tracks. Seliph remained calm and spoke his brother’s names. He did this three times, each met with silence. He leapt through the crevice and landed in the tunnel. He called again for his brothers, met with still no reply.

His face showed dread from the fear he felt. He walked a few feet still trying to see something. His foot then struck against something. Something soft. He froze and reluctantly began looking down slowly, until his eyes saw the bag he had given the two. He fell on his knees and grabbed it. He was about to open it when suddenly his face was struck with a torrent of boiling hot water. He fell on his back and was pounced upon by some mon. A red light illuminated the area faintly. He looked up to see a Dragon Claw at his throat, the red light on flickering on an orange tail, and a growling face of a charmander above him.

“C-cicero?” Seliph stuttered.

“Seliph?” The mon spoke trembling. Ciecro released his dragon move and hugged his brother’s neck. “Yah okay brother, yah okay! Jaron, it’s okay, it’s our brother.”

A totodile ran out from the darkness and joined Ciecro hugging Seliph. The three shared a silent moment of tearful embrace. Till Seliph complimented with a chuckle, “Your Scald is really hot Jaron.”

Jaron backed a little ways and rubbed his left mid arm with his right. He blushed and awkwardly said, “T-thanks, I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you. Ciecro made a plan in case a mon that wasn’t you found is before we left.”

Seliph laughed and rubbed Jaron’s head. Ciecro smirked like the punk he was and Jaron tried to suppress his laughter but it was in vain. Seliph got up and opened the bag to make sure everything was there.

“What happened back there?” Jaron asked, causing a sad frown to cross Seliph’s face. He fearfully turned and opened his mouth to talk. He paused for a second, sighed and told them the truth. What hurt more to Seliph wasn’t just their faces after hearing it, but that they didn’t even understand why. Why their family was targeted.

Seliph looked at the two and their tearful eyes and with a rueful smile said, “Let’s go. We have to hurry to the town. Ciecro did you get the map.”

The charmander wiped his face with his arm and nodded. Seliph grabbed Jaron’s hand gently lit a stick with Ciecro’s tail, and asked Ciecro, “You wanna take the lead?”

Though Ciecro was still crushed, he gave an encouraging “Reverse, Yeah!” smile. He took the lead as Seliph and Jaron followed.

< O >

They arrived in view of the town after removing the stone covering the tunnel. There was still light in its presence, indicating awake mons. Seliph nodded to the two and they began to move cautiously. Taking the lower routes around the little hills, instead of a quick run over. They were almost a hundred yards away, when Seliph pulled the two and ducked beneath a rock.

“What is it?” Jaron whispered. Seliph didn’t answer, but continued to stare at something. He gazed upon a mon silhouetted by the towns light. However, he could identify the species as a Rhydon. But more importantly, he saw the solid red eyes it had.

So they were prepared incase mons escaped. Seliph thought. He turned to the two and relayed the news.

“What now?” Jaron asked in fear.

“We can’t stay out here in the open,” Seliph admitted, “We’ll have to go around that guy.”

“Wait look over dere.” Ciecro quietly announced, pointing to a secluded house on a dock residing on a rivers bank. Seliph agreed, making the Charmander smirk with pride. They stealthily made their way to the house. On the door was a name. Miss Dresha.

“You think that we can stay here for the night?” Jaron asked, a bit skeptical due to how scared he was.

“We got no choice, Jaron,” Ciecro bluntly stated, “It either here or dat town, dat could have more den one enemy in dere.”

Jaron gulped and clenched on Seliph’s arm with both hands. Ciecro tensed his body, in case they needed to fight whatever met them. Time stopped for the three as Seliph made three knock noises on the door. It was silent. Seliph raised his hand to do it again.

“I heard you.” An old voice came from their right.

Seliph gasped, Jaron shrieked and hid behind Seliph, and Ciecro shouted, “f***!”.

“Jumpy little strangers are you.” A middle aged female lumineon laughed, “What can I do for you three?”

After regaining his poise, Seliph asked the lady, “Miss, I hope you don’t mind but me and my brothers need a place to stay. We can’t stay in town, and we saw your house. I don’t have money on me, but if you do let us stay we’ll work for whatever you deem a fai-”

“Nonsense,” The Fish interrupted, “To turn children out in the night with no place to stay is a chilling thought to any civil citizen. You can stay here boys free of charge. Though I would like to learn about your story, my guests.”

Seliph nodded, “Thank you miss that's very kind of you.”

“It's not much, my house, but it's been good to me. Then again you lot are half the space my dear wailord of husband was so it should be fine. Wait right here as I go let you in,” She stated and dove under in the round pool of water.

"'Ey so um bro," Ciecro mumbled while they waited, "ain't wailohds...big."

"Yes...?" Seliph answered, a bit confused about the question.

"So den how is her-"

"Oh no, she doesn't mean her husband was a wailord, Ciecro," Seliph interrupted, a little amused by Ciecro's assumption. "She just meant that...well...um that he was...kinda-"

As Seliph grasped for a proper way to say this, Jaron though about it on his own. He came to the conclusion and said, "So she was saying he's fat."

That statement hit Seliph out of nowhere, "Jaron! not fat. That's not a nice thing to say about somebody. Besides, she probably meant he was big all around as in a large...like fish."

"But isn't a fatter fish a larger fi-" Jaron defended. But stopped as he saw an icy stare come from Seliph. A stare that speaks, "Doesn't matter, don't say it"

The tension was broken as a sudden click came from the door, resulting in its opening. "Careful when coming in," They heard a voice call out, "the steps for leg walkers can get a bit slick," Seliph then led Jaron in, as Ciecro followed after giving the hilly plains one last browse.

Jaron and Ciecro, snoozed on a nice little rock, while Seliph shared some Oran tea with the lady of the house.

“Thank you again Miss Dresha for letting us stay.” He spoke with a long face.

“Please call me Dresha and don’t give it a second thought. You boys seem like good children and I’m more than happy that you decided to come here instead of the town.” She took another sip of tea and asked about him and his brothers. He told her the events, though kept the details to a minimum.

“How horrid those mons.” Dresha shook her large fins, “I’m sorry about your loss. Tell you what young man, you three can stay here as long as you’d like.”

“W-why? You don’t even know us?”

“I believe in my abilities to judge character, and while you three did show up randomly your exhausted faces were enough to convince me. And hearing your story sealed the deal. Plus, I would love to have children in this home, since my dear husband died before we could have any.”

“Thank you mam.” Seliph nodded. But his face remained tense. Miss Dresha dove to retire, while Seliph went over the items in the bag. He looked over the notes, looked at the bottle, and thought about all that had happened. Voices from the memory played in his head.

“Tell me anything about your Mother’s research or I’ll break you over and over!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her. I’m sure she won’t have any trouble learning our ways.”

“It means freeing mons from your groups influence. If we all die for such a reality to happen, I would more than accept death.”

“Go into the house now and find your brothers.”

He began pondering what to do next. He thought for about an hour before making a decision. He tore an empty section of a note sheet, took wrote a notes and put it on the desk for Dresha. He looked at his kin and closed his eyes.

< O >

The next morning, Jaron woke up. He was still tired, and tried to keep on sleeping. He soon gave up and yawned. He looked around the room and spied the snoring Ciecro next to him. He sighed with a smile and went to find Seliph and Miss Dresha. He walked into the entry room to see Miss Dresha at her pool desk, wearing her glasses, and slightly down in mood.

“Miss are you okay? Also, do you know where my older brother is?”

“Oh um he’s not here,” She replied with pauses in between the words.

“What do you mean?” Jaron inquired confused.

“Don’t worry Jaron.” Ciecro yawned, scratching his back walking in, “He's prob'ly makin' sure dat everytin' outside is okay.”

“He’s not rel…….he left this note for you.” The lumineon informed them with a low lady tone voice.

Jaron lifted the note off the desk and began reading it. His eyes widened in disbelief as he continued to read the torn paper.

“You, okay Jaron?” Ciecro asked the tearing up Totodile.

Jaron didn’t reply, but said the word, “Why?” over and over.

Ciecro snatched the note away and read it.

To my siblings

I’ve asked Miss Dresha to take care of you. I’m going to continue what mom started and I don’t want you two to set me back. Stay there and don’t follow me. I don’t need you two in making it harder for me in making them pay for what they did. Don’t expect my return and don’t try to find me. You both can survive with what they taught you and Miss Dresha has agreed to take care of you. I don’t want any of your help and if you’re confuse about why I’m doing this, then figure it out and prove you both aren’t clueless kids. You both are still my brothers, but it’s in all out best interest that you runts stay here where you both won’t be a burden to my objective and won’t get yourselves killed. And don't do anything reckless. Just stay there where it's safe; you both stay where you belong.


Ciecro dropped the note. He scowled and rushed to the door. He broke it open and ran out shouting, “Seliph come back!” Jaron rushed to the entrance and watched Ciecro going in wide circles trying to locate Seliph. Jaron looked back at the Lumineon with shocked eyes.

“I’m sorry, he left this note when I awoke.”

“It can’t be. He needs us. He-He wouldn’t abandon us here to do our fight by himself.” Jaron mumbled to himself, “Were in this together.”

Thirty minutes passed. Ciecro had tired himself out and walked back to the house. Jaron looked at the scowling Ciecro. He walked past Jaron grumbling, “Fine Seliph. If we’re just a burden to yous, den just stay away an' never come back!”

Ciecro sat on a seat rock in the house. Jaron joined him an Miss Dresha wrapped her fins on their shoulders.

“Thank you for taking care of us, Miss Dresha.” Jaron stuttered.

“Y-yeah... Thank you.” Ciecro mumbled with forming tears in his angry eyes.

They hugged her and cried. They felt alone and confused. Miss Dresha nuzzled their backs with her fins and said, “Please call me aunt Dresha. I’ll take care of you two.”

< O >

“Dammit he’s not here either,” Rosa shouted in anger at the town in front.

“Shame you overslept my dear,” Plageues mocked, disguised as the Chesnaught he murdered.

“Do you want to die?” The Gardevior spoke, gritting her teeth.

Plageues sighed, reverting back to his normal form. He walked and stood beside her, overlooking the town. The sun was starting to rise across the horizon from the two.

“How could that runt have eluded us? He shouldn’t have made it far or at least near enough for me to recognize his mental energy. He even has the works that we tried to acquire,” She muttered in annoyance.

Plageues added by saying, “Its intriguing how one child escaped us. The only witness too. Well unfortunately we’ve been ordered to return to Mextrien. It will be nice to be back in the Original Hating continent. I wonder if they caught any to execute or torture for info. Even if that's more or less the radical ones in that land.”

“Shut up you freak. You know he most likely knows you killed the father.” Rosa reminded him.

“That’s perfect, actually. I hope he tries to avenge his dad, only die failing.” Plageues snickered, “I still think we should just kill all these nearby towns in case he somehow could escape your reach.”

“That’s ludicrous on two accounts.” Rosa rebuked turning to walk away.

“Careful not to sass the superiors Rosa. If you want to get promoted in the group you’ll have to stop being so affected by teasing.” Plageues stated with an evil smile. Rosa turned her face from him coldly and went on her way. Plageues looked back at the town, gave a quick chuckle and went after his associate.

< O >

It’s felt so long ago since our world was destroyed. All I had was Ciecro and you. While I would say I didn’t wish for this, I’m glad what good has come from it. It’s almost the eight year since that happened since HE left. Thanks for taking my grumbles and giving us a home. You’ve been so kind to us and a second mother to me and I assure you to Ciecro too. I’m glad you’ve helped us grow in this town and for housing my friend for a while. For everything you’ve done for us Aunt Dresha, I and Ciecro would like to take you out for a fun time.

Happy Birthday Aunt Dresha!

Jaron and Ciecro.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 7
Unwanted Changes

Jaron giggled as he read over the letter he and Ciecro had made for Miss Dresha’s birthday tomorrow. He slid the letter back in the neatly designed envelope and placed in into his desk’s drawer. Jaron then looked at the mirror on his desk and thought about the words he and Ciecro mulled over last night. He thought about the truth in the words. How he and Ciecro didn’t want to believe Seliph really did go or even would come back and be with them again. She helped them cope and not become bitter as they grew into the mons they are now.

Jaron chuckled a little at how the little totodile he once was, is now a fifteen year old Croconaw working for the Perion Town Local Ranger with his charmeleon brother. He looked at the papers on his desk and sighed. Miss Dresha got them into looking for something to do and despite this jobs cons it really wasn’t that bad. He was respected by his co-workers, despite being the youngest. Tomorrow, he would make that day very special for her.

Jaron finally decided to get back to working on the papers. He hadn’t gone for five minutes till the two entry doors slammed open. In walked a charmeleon dragging a fainted bunnelbee.

“Another one?” Jaron asked, not even glancing away from his focus on work.

“Yep, dis garbage is the one that broke into that orb shop nearby.” Ciecro grumbled, throwing the mon on a desk nearby, scaring the workers all around it. As the bunnelby was dealt with Ciecro leaned his back against the wall behind Jaron.

“So, you got the stuff set?” He asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, I did,” Jaron said out loud.

“Dude.” Ciecro shushed him, “I told you, this is between us. I don’t want any of dese losers thinking something silly about me.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Jaron chuckled looking at his scowling older brother, “Besides Ciecro, you don’t always hide the nice-guy you are inside well. I mean, isn't it clear, by all you do?”

“Can it shrimp! I need tah keep up my rep,” Ciecro snapped.

“Honestly Ciecro.” A voice came from an absol to their left, “It’s not bad to actually not be intimidating all the time. Besides, I and Jaron obviously can see through your little …… maturing.”

“Don’t flatter yah head Jasmine,” Ciecro replied, turning his head to face the female absol, “Your little psycho wording doesn’t mean s*** tah me.”

“By that he means he doesn’t understand,” Jaron interjected with a tease. Ciecro gave him a growl.

Jasmine walked over to the two and with a smirk told Ciecro, “You know what you need Ciecro.”

“A brain?” Jaron interrupted again also earning a louder growl from Ciecro.

The charmeleon crossed his arms and looked away with his closed eyes. “Your a stupid runt, Jaron.”

“He’s not all wrong.” Jasmine teased.

Ciecro gave a small spat and walked off saying as he went, “I have better things tah do than listen to yawls' teasing. Just make sure you're ready for tonight, Jaron.”

After Ciecro had gone, Jaron let out a sigh. Jasmine inquired what was wrong to which Jaron replied, “Ciecro’s just well, feels distant. I know he cares about us, but he’s well not very open about it much anymore. It would be nice to get a smile from him just to see me once in a while.”

“Well maybe he just needs someone to show him how lucky he is.” Jasmine mentioned.

“Please, no one in their sanity would want to try and burn their hand in that fire. Besides, he doesn’t like being pestered anyway so-” Jaron dismissed till Jasmine interrupted.

“Well, if there is such a person for him I hope that person finds him and isn’t appalled by the mere first impression.” The two looked at each other and giggled. “Honestly Jaron I still find it hard to believe the stuff you told me about when you and Ciecro were kids.”

“Like when I said he used to roar like a frightened litleo girl.” Jaron chuckled softly.

“Or like when you told me how you splashed water in his face, and he shrieked like he had been stabbed and ran into a clove of trees nearby.” She added, trying not to giggle.

“He still does if you splash water on his tail.” Jaron added.

They tried not to laugh and keep their composure. But the silly image of present Ciecro being freaked out by water on his tail was too much for the two. They almost fell over laughing at the thought.

“Your brother tries to act so tough, but he sometimes is such a little kid.” Jasmine stuttered catching her breathe.

“Sometimes!” Jaron smiled, “Just yesterday he was getting seeds for our aunt he was about to pick a seed up when the store owner yelled don’t touch that, it’s a blast seed! and do you know what he said?”

“What?” Jasmine curiously asked.

“He said, 'Buzz off, I was told to get seeds and this I reckon this is a seed He picked it up and it blew right in his face leaving a mix of shock and black powder on it.' That sight along was priceless.”

“You mean he seriously touched a blast seed thinking it was a just any other seed.” Jasmine laughed in disbelief.

“You think he could tell, what with the sign in front that said DANGER BLAST SEEDS, ASK STORE MANAGER FOR INSTRUCTIONS FOR HANDLING BEFORE TOUCHING.” They both laughed hysterically.

“I don’t think anyone could be as stupid as Ciecro.” Jaron laughed.

“What about Vragon?” Jasmine giggled.

“He isn’t stupid!” Jaron protested. Then giggled a little as he added, “He just is too complicated. Like when at the library this dedenne was wanting to check out a book. Well Vragon wouldn’t let him because the book was for adolescents, and he thought the kid was too young to read it without asking his parents first.”

“Just to find out that kid was a thirty year old dedenne.” Jasmine finished while laughed.

“He said he was never so embarrassed in his life. In fact for a week he browsed through the town’s log, just to try memorize the townsmon’s ages.”

It took them five minutes to stop laughing at this. Finally they regained their sanity. Suddenly Jasmine recalled something, snapping her out of her laughter.

“Oh speaking of Vragon,” Jasmine said “He was here looking for you earlier.”

“Why, does he want me to try explaining it to him again that the phrase, 'It’s as plain as a nose on your face' is a metaphor for stating the obvious. Not a derogatory phrase for Mon’s without visible noses?” Jaron teased.

“No, though I know right. Such an over thinker, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word local color. He literally gave me such a surprised look when I said, 'Smell you later.'” Jasmine sighed trying not to laugh again, “But anyways he wanted you to meet him at his place after your shift. He thinks he might have found something else and wants to show you.”

“I’ll head there soon.” Jaron said with a nod. Jasmine went back outside, as Jaron internally laughed at all the things they talked about.

The town’s wooden clock tower rang three as Jaron walked out of the building. He looked up at the clear sky with a smile.

“I wonder what he’s found this time.” Jaron thought, beginning his way to Vragon’s residing, “I do hope this one does have a lead. I really hate it when he feels so close, only for some ‘new variable’ as he puts it, to come in and ruin it.”

Jaron passed from the eastern side of town and looked at the tree that housed Vragon’s one roomed home. As he continued he thought about meeting Vragon five years ago. How he was the one that found Vragon as an axew in the forest along with Ciecro. The reaction when Vragon finally awoke along with the truth of Vragon not knowing anything of his past. To think he would meet his best friend out of pure randomness.

By the time he finished this internal dialogue, he was at the trees base. He shouted up to the wooden treehouse.

“Hey Vragon, Jasmine said you wanted to see me about something.” He was met with only silence.

“Ugh, not again.” Sighed Jaron, “I swear, not even ten Metal Sound moves, would reach his ears when he’s reading”. He grumbled as he headed to the rope ladder. As he was climbing up, he would occasionally try calling again, but each time still meeting silence.

When Jaron reached the top he spied , Vragon, sitting in his wooden chair completely with the book he was reading. The dragon types topaz eyes moving left to right over and over again. His arms, top of his head and back were a solid black while his face, back spike and mid chest were white. His lower torso and legs were grey like every other fraxure, however his tusks were smaller and pointed close to his cheeks rather than straight out.

Jaron was about to get his attention, but stopped when an idea crossed his mind. He smiled darkly as he crept up behind the unsuspecting fraxure. Once behind him, Jaron grabbed Vragon’s shoulders and in a loud low voice Growled. “granbull!”

Vragon’s book was sent to ceiling as the poor Mon screamed and jumped into a nearby pile of books and notes.

“Sucka.” Jaron teased, snapping his fingers with a smirk of satisfaction. Vragon’s head popped out of his mountain of books to spy Jaron giggling at the reaction.

“Arceus, Jaron!” Vragon yelled, getting to his feet. “I about threw my book out the window again, and besides I’m not scared of any silly looking granbull.”

“Sure you aren’t.” Jaron teased.

“Well I am not Jaron!” Vragon snapped, “And why in the Creation Trio's Name! Did you do that?”

“Yeah,” Jaron laughed, “I just wanted to get your attention.”

“You liar!” Vragon slithered, “You could have easily just said 'hello' or possibly 'beg your pardon' instead of being goofy.”

“Mine was more fun.” Jaron defended with a grin.

“You Jerk.” said Vragon angrily, “Out of all the inconsiderate, rude, stupid nimrods that I have known. You Jaron! Are the most-”

“Anyhoo,” interrupted Jaron, quickly changing the subject before Vragon’s words got nasty, “Jasmine told me you found something interesting.”

In a mere second, Vragon’s attitude changed from great anger and displeasure to upbeat interest and excitement.

“Oh yeah,” he muttered as he moved papers and books to find what he wanted to show his friend.

“Here this is the one.” he proudly exclaimed, picking up a dusty old book. He blew on it to get some of the dust off, right in front of Jaron’s face, causing a rapid amount of loud sneezes.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there.” Vragon apologized sarcastically.

“Now whose lying.” Jaron protested back rubbing his now itchy snout.

“Don’t be sore Jaron.” Vragon laughed with vengeance, “You had that coming and not just for today.”

“Ugh” Jaron sighed, “Are you still mad about me hiding that ‘torn up book of yours’?”

“Firstly!” Vragon scolded harshly, “That 'Torn Up book of mine' is a rare first edition of a collection of many theories and speculations on the topics of 'Real and Reverse world distortions'. And secondly, you didn’t just hide that Book, making me frantically search for it all around town for two whole days! You had the gall and audacity, to return it to me on the third day saying, 'Oh I found this in your pile of books. Were you looking for it?'”

“I promised I wouldn’t do that again.” Jaron grumbled.

“After,” Vragon yelled, “you did it a second time but with my Cultural traditions of Hohann!”

“Who cares to read about some place where Ho-oh’s rule as shoguns?” Jaron sighed, growing bored of the conversation.

“I do!!!!!” Vragon yelled, Loud enough to make Jaron cover his ears.

“Okay, okay.” Jaron apologized, “I understand,….Pfft, that you’re obsessed with your books, I get it.” Jaron giggled.

Vragon was so angry at this joke, that he began walking slowly to Jaron. His claws giving the impression of a future strangling.

Trying to divert the topic, Jaron reminded Vragon about why he asked him to come. Vragon sighed, cooling his emotions down. He set the old book on his desk and explained.

“This book here is a collection of monarchy traditions of many countries and kingdoms.”

“So what is it you found?” Jaron asked getting a bit curious.

“This is what I found.” Vragon exclaimed boastfully as he opened the book and turned to a page with beautiful embroideries and detailed illustrations.

“Take a look at this picture” he said pointing to a picture of the symbol Truth and Ideals intertwine.

“So,” The curious yet clueless tododile theorized, “This is a finding because it’s the same color as you?”

“If it was that simplistic of a connection I could say any black ink on white paper would be a finding.” Vragon bluntly put it, planting his palm into his face.

“At least you would have more to go on.” Jaron joked.

The middle evolution dragon growled in annoyance at this, but collected his thoughts and explained to Jaron his reasoning.

“My pendent that I was holding on the day you and Ciecro found me is the exact same symbol and design as this picture.”

“Neat, your pendant is on a page of a dusty book.” Jaron murmured a little disappointed.

“It’s not just the matching you dolt!” stated an agitated Vragon, “The text below the illustration says that this design was and still is used in the kingdoms of Zekrious and Reshama, but they both only used their respective color side of the pendant parts.”

“So you think that could be a lead?” Jaron asked.

“Unfortunately it probably is not.” Vragon confessed with a frown, “It also stipulates that whenever royals of either kingdom pledged mate hood to one of the other kingdoms royals. The crests were then joined to commemorate this union of truth and ideals. Of course only royals wore the crests as pendants and only the legendary species Zekrom and Reshiram were royals in those countries respectfully.”

“So,” Jaron asked, rubbing his head trying to understand, “How the heck did you get this pendant? I’m mean it looks like it wasn’t made too long ago. And it’s not like a Zekrom nor a Reshiram can together have a Fraxure, like you, as offspring. I mean, you’ve told me that legends can only produce legends, no matter the partner, right? So why do you have that pendant?”

“I wonder about that a lot. I mean, biologically yes, legends couldn't have me, but you have to admit me being a breed of black and white fraxure is a bit coincidental. I mean, sure fraxure's like me exist in the world, but you never see them here in Triacal. Winthrobax maybe, but that's pretty far away, not to mention the fact I can't remember how I got near this town. So yeah, biologically it doesn't make sense yet I have this.” Vragon imparted, “Course, the only other possibilities out there would be;

A) I was given it, but the Royals only gave these to spouses and I assume I’m not at the age of mate hood in that country,
B) I stole it which I hope I didn’t, but still is plausible, or
C) I found it somewhere.

But even if it’s one of these three I still have no recollection of my life before being found five years ago.”

“And you’d think that the owner would know its missing by now if he’s still alive.” Jaron added.

“Not just that,” Vragon ranted, “but look at this map.” Vragon pulled out a dusty map he had been given.

“Were here in the silky plains region of the continent Triacal. We’re near but still a ways from Triacal’s eastern coast.”

“And where are these two kingdoms you speak of?” Jaoron inquired.

Vragon moved his claw to the far end of the continent Vestruben.

“You’re kidding. That’s how much space we are from those places!” Jaron stated in disbelief at the distance.

“I know, and this is just a map of our continent, Winthrobax, the Primordial Islands and Vestruben. By using the measures from the map’s scales, I have narrowed the distance, with straight line from us to it, a little over two thousand miles, excluding the six hundred more across each continent's body of water combined to even reach Reshama’s borders.”

“But that means there is at least a possibility, right?” Jaron encouraged.

This fact didn't cheer the Dragon Type up.

“Even if it is probable I still have an Averian Crest, so there’s that to consider. Just when a piece comes into play ten more holes pop up. It’s like when I begin to think of a possibility or explanation for me being here, something shows up to disprove or downgrade the plausibility of the my theory’s accuracy.” Vragon sighed. He slouched onto his study desk very discouraged.

“I wonder if I’ll ever find out, who I was, where I came from, and how I have this pendant.” He moaned, as he grabbed the glittering pendant around his broad neck and looked at the thing with a very depressed gaze.

“Don’t worry” said Jaron cheerfully trying to ease his friends worries, “I’m sure you’ll find out eventually.”

“Thanks Jaron,” Vragon replied, giving a slight grin, “If I have to have a total jerk of a friend in my life, I’m glad it’s you.”

“Thanks?” Jaron replied, to the bittersweet comment. Jaron shook it off and blurted out confidently, “I’m sure we’ll find another lead someday.”

“If only it were that easy to find one.” sighed Vragon even deeper than before, as he looked out the window to the light blue sky, “If only we had more clues.”

“Hey Vragon I know what will cheer you up. How about you and me go on another round.” Jaron challenged.

“Huh? Jaron I appreciate the thought but I should focus on work-”

“Nonsense Vragon.” Jaron interrupted throwing his arm over the disheartened fraxure, “It’s your day off from your job at the library and I’m done with my duties. You’ve read through books all day and haven’t been outside. No get your case and let’s go have some fun. Besides, I have a good feeling I’ll win this time.”

Vragon gave a little noise from internal chuckling.

“Yes Jaron, maybe today you will beat me in chess.”

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 8
Bluffing Rivals

“You sure we should play chess out here?” Vragon questioned, unsure about Jaron’s reasoning for doing chess outside.

“Come on Vragon the breeze isn’t strong today. Your pieces won’t be blown down easy anyways, being made of hard wood and all.” Jaron urged the fraxure on, “Now come on, let’s find a level place to set up and play.”

The two looked around the lush hilly plains, till spotting a level rock they could play on. Jaron rushed over and got the chess board out. Vragon walked up and arrived when Jaron had finished placing the pieces in their respective places. With the board ready, the two sat on the grassy ground ready to start.

“So do you want the white side or the black side?” Jaron offered.

“Well, I’ll go with the Black Salamance side,” Vragon responded.

“Okay I’m White Dragonite.”

They started the game. Jaron thinking hard about his next move, while Vragon seemed to know what to do on his turn immediately upon its start. As they played, Jaron spied Vragon’s dull stare at the board. Jaron let out a slightly frustrated sigh and remarked.

“Are you going to mull over your research all day? Take a break you researchamaniac.”

Vragon mumbled, “That’s not a real word.”

“Arceus dammit Vragon get your head in the game. I want to beat you at your best.”

“I’m sorry Jaron,” Vragon replied with a guilty sigh, “I’m just down about all this and-”

“That’s why you need to take a break and get your head some peace,” Jaron advised, “now come on Vragon.” Seeing that Vragon was still down, Jaron resorted to plan B.

“Say Vree-gon, what do you think abo-”

“Don't you dare start that again,” Vragon replied, still with a whisper but annoyed as well. But Jaron continued causing Vragon to grow angrier.

“What Vree-gon? I’m just some illiterate country mon. I hope thy skill in proper speech can change this mon of slur to a more sophistica-”

“Shut up you cretin!” Vragon lashed out in fury.

“Awake now?” Jaron teased. Vragon didn’t counter, but merely exhaled in an attempt to calm his anger down. Jaron let out a friendly chuckle, causing Vragon to grin despite trying not to.

“Come on Vragon. I just want you to take it easy. After all, you’ve spent so much time on figuring this out and like you said, you haven’t found a viable explanation for why you’re here. I’m your best friend and while I do want you to figure it out, your working yourself so hard that it's affect you physically and mentally. I mean hell, I know who my parents are, but I can’t imagine not remembering them let alone questioning who or damn it even what they are,” Jaron encouraged the down Fraxure.

“…Heh you’re blunt Jaron, but I too am obstinate at times. I’m glad you know how to lure me out of my sad hollow thoughts. Though, beating me in strategy is a much more arduous task.”

Vragon moved a piece with a determined grin. Jaron gave a punkish smile as the two locked direct gazes and resumed.

Do to Jaron’s spurring Vragon was now serious. Jaron, despite not being as calculating as his Dragon Type friend, had managed to set himself in a good play position. He carefully grazed the board with his eyes, formulating a plan since it was his turn.

Suddenly his confidence heightened upon getting a move to initiate check on Vragon in three moves. He moved his Escavalier Knight into position and readied himself for Vragon’s play along with thinking about his future play.

“Okay, My Escavalier Knight can cover my Slowking Bishop. My Slowking Bishop is set in place to protect my Gardevoire queen to check him. All Vragon has to do is not check me or block my way and I’ll be in a good spot for checkmating him.”

He smiled and urged Vragon to go ahead and move. To his surprise, Vragon merely moved his Bisharp knight to a square in the middle. Jaron stared at this weird move, perplexed at the intent yet not surprised by Vragon making a daring play.

The corconaw looked from the board to see a crossed legged, arms folded, left eye raised and staring at him, and a firm and confident grinning Vragon. The croconaw studied the board over and over, trying to figure out Vragon’s counter. Jaron subtly attempted to get a reaction from Vragon by moving his hand over the board, picking up pieces, drawing lines with his claw and touching pieces.

Unfortunately Vragon’s bluffing face was really hard to read. With every move from Jaron’s arm and actions that followed, Vragon merely followed with his eyes not dropping his challenging grin and solid posture. Jaron went back to pondering for his next move.

Ugh, he isn’t reacting. Damn it! Okay slow down Jaron and think. Vragon made a strange play that you can play off of. Okay so my options are,
1) Moving on with my plan
2) Take his vulnerable piece he moved
3) Do a diverting play
Wait? That piece he moved. It’s in a spot to possibly check my Dragonite King on his next play. I have two more plays to make before I’m set. But if I take that piece he might have a trap or be delaying me. Ugh I don’t know what to do.

Jaron began feeling really stressed about thinking about his three options. Vragon just sat there in patience, which only made Jaron more nervous. Jaron moved his hand over the left part of the board, causing a brief widening of Vragon’s right eye.

Jaron caught the quick change in glance and with a confident roar exclaimed. “Okay I’m calling your bluff.”

He moved his Honedge Pawn from the right side of Vragon's Bisharp and took it. Vragon remained silent while Jaron chuckled showing his sharp croconaw teeth. Vragon closed his eyes and complimented Jaron with,

“Congratulations Jaron, you called my bluff.”

Jaron did a little hand gesture of “Yes!”, but immediately froze in place at the sound of Vragon’s voice speak in a dark sadistic tone.

“But did you call the other bluff?”

“What? Other bluff?” Jaron repeated baffled and getting a little nervous.

“While yes I did have a good set up with my Bisharp knight and you foiled that with your Honedge Pawn, you moved the piece I wanted you too.” Vragon grinned darkly as he leaned in closer. Keeping his leering eyes and sinister smile on Jaron, the fraxure moved his Vespiquen Queen through the opening made by Jaron’s play and stated “Check your turn.”

Jaron heart sank at this vile move upon his king. He gave himself a face palm as Vragon chuckled. The game ended a few minutes later with Jaron as the loser. The Water Mon began grumbling at the site of his checkmated Dragonite King.

“Ugh you’re so fu***** good at chess. I thought for sure I called your plan, Ugh.”

“Well technically you called part of it, Jaron.” Vragon explained, “But the issue is that you made the wrong action upon calling the part you did. I gave that look to try and get you to move the piece I wanted. You appeared to show a skeptical look as you decided your play, so I tried to make it look like a trap. Reading your opponent’s play is a good idea, but playing off their moves you predict before they even make them is even better.”

“I never thought of that. Wow, I have my work cut out for me.” Jaron marveled. He then gave a friendly punch into Vragon’s shoulder and challenged his fraxure pal, “I’ll beat you one day.”

Vragon weakly laughed, rubbing his arm from the firm hit. Jaron guffawed and began putting the pieces up. After finishing the two began walking back to Vragon’s home. Jaron then remembered about his aunt’s birthday plans and got a great idea.

“Hey Vragon, me and Ciecro are going to celebrate our aunt’s birthday tomorrow. You want in?”

“Of course I would.” Jaron accepted with glee, “After all she let me stay with her, Ciecro and you till I got my treehouse. I would be-”

“Damned if I didn’t.” Jaron finished Vragon’s sentence. Vragon laughed rubbing the back of his head with his claw.

“Yeah something like that.” Suddenly Vragon stopped and exclaimed, “Oh hold on!”

Vragon rushed back to the spot and picked up something off the ground. He jogged back to Jaron, putting his special pendant around his neck.

“Heh, I thought you never let that thing out of your sight?” Jaron teased.

“I took it off before we began.” Vragon explained dangling the piece of metal in front of his face.

Jaron’s face became less rivaling and expressed a more friendly appearance. He looked at Vragon with a slight smile and stated, “That thing means a lot to you, right?” Vragon nodded in response. A few seconds later Jaron got to the point of his question, “So why?”


“Why does it mean a lot to you? I mean, it’s still a mystery how you got it.”

“Well Jaron,” Vragon smiled, closing his eyes while simultaneously placing the pendant back on his chest, “While I don’t know how I got it I have this certain feeling about it.”

“Feeling?” Jaron inquired further.

“I can’t explain it but, I somehow feel that this thing is in fact mine. That it was given to me,” Vragon remarked as he turned his face towards Jaron, the light reflecting off his topaz eyes to form a warm gleaming yellow. “By someone I really cared for.”

"Perhaps, that means it wasn't stolen or whatnot," Jaron pointed out.

"Maybe, but I'd rather confirm it with things that are actually tangible."

"Heh true," the croconaw swung his arm over his friend's neck and said, "Well I'll tell you one thing."


"If you fight as good as you bluff in chess, you'd kick my tail over and over."

Vragon gave a smirk. "Well you have to win at something."

"I'll dethrone you one day," Jaron exclaimed with vigor.

"It'd be a nice goal for you. You know, one that doesn't involve hitting something." The two laughed as they made their way back.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 9
Pushing forward and away

“See you guys!” Jasmine hollered to fellow Ranger workers, leaving the building as her shift ended.

“Have a good day Jasmine.” A rhydon waved at her to which she nodded. He suddenly rushed and stopped her for a second. He handed her a letter and explained,

“Wait a second Jasmine. I forgot about this. This came in the mail for Ciecro. Can you please take it to him? He seems to tolerate you the best so can you please do this. I don’t want another employee coming back here shooken up.”

“Okay, I’ll take it to him, sir.” Jasmine replied, taking the letter and placing it into her travel bag. As she continued her way outside the rhydon added with,

“Also, tell Jaron to get him to stop throwing mons on desks. Those things aren’t cheap and need to last.”

“I’ll be sure to.” Jasmine answered with a wink and left the place.

She strolled through the town, greeted by many cheery mons as she went. She had only been here for four years, and yet acquired quite the reputation with the locals. Course she didn’t mind the attention. She liked to feel appreciated no matter how small or from whom. Perhaps that’s why she forged a friendship with Jaron and a semi-understanding with Ciecro.

I wonder how Jaron’s visit is going? Probably fine, I need to find Ciecro first anyway. I’ll visit Jaron and Vragon later. as she arrived at the edge of town. She looked over the fields, hoping that her guess about where Ciecro was currently was right. From her history with the charmeleon, Jasmine had observed that Ciecro only was ever at four specific places in town: The Ranger Station, Dolly’s Diner and Bar, Miss Dresha’s home, and that one place. She gave a little sigh at seeing she called it.

There Ciecro was in the distance. On a large round grassy hill between Miss Dresha’s house and the main road to the mountain.

She took her time making her way there, knowing that he wouldn’t budge from there anytime soon. If there was one thing she did admire about Ciecro’s stiff-necked behavior it was when he was there on that hill. She had seen him stand there before for hours in the rain, snow, and very strong winds, showing no intent of budging. It took the urging of Jaron to ever get him to leave, though Ciecro had started to concede to her requests recently.

“How are you today?” She asked the tall charmeleon, as she joined him on the hill. She was only greeted by a low grunt. She didn’t pay it too much focus, since Ciecro wasn’t exactly very talkative in front of his parent’s tombstones. What mon would after all?

Though the pair of kids didn’t have their parent’s real corpses, they put up stones anyway to par respects to their kin. She wasn’t here till after the stones were put, but had heard the stories of them being built. About Ciecro carrying the two himself, while a Jaron carved words in them.

There was silence for a while as the two pondered what to say. Jasmine spoke first. “So how’s your aunt?”

The answer she received was a lackluster “Fine.” She set her bag down and pulled out the letter she had been given. She held it out to him with her mouth and tried to explain it was for him. He accepted it before her saliva got it too wet.

“So it got here,” He stated, putting it into his carry sack.

Jasmine’s curiosity refused to stay quiet and she asked, “So what’s in it? That is, if it’s okay to answer.”

“Nothin' big, jus' a little something extra for my aunt on her birthday. I’ll let Jaron give it to her.” He threw his sack over his shoulder and started to walk towards town. Jasmine smiled as he left.

He seemed to be okay at least. Sure he wasn’t ecstatic or even seems happy, but if working around the pair of brothers had taught her anything it was that Cicero had a hard shell but a deep core.

“I think I’ll see how Jaron and Vragon are doing.” She spoke to herself and headed to the direction of Vragon’s treehouse.

< O >

Ciecro walked through town. Unlike Jasmine, no one really stopped to greet him or ask him how he was. Just merely a stare from him at a mon would sends a chill through their spines. There was no denying he was feared to a mild degree. But not by all. There were mons that didn’t seems phased by his outward display of stubbornness. There was his aunt, Jasmine, his younger brother, Vragon to some degree, and Dolly.

Might as well see how de old Kangaskhan is doing. he thought putting a mini grin on his face. He stepped through the door below the sign saying Dolly’s bar and diner.

Upon his entrance into the little hub, the mons on the bar scooted down to the far edge of the bar. “Howya doing Ciecro!?” a cheery voice greeted him as he put his sack on a nearby stool and sat down on another.

“Fine Dolly.” Ciecro replied with a little more liveliness in his tone, “I’ll just have some Moomoo milk.”

“Sure, so did it come today?” Dolly asked the charmeleon, as she poured him the glass of milk.


“That’s good. So tell me Ciecro,” Dolly inquired in a quieter tone as she set the glass in front of him, “how was your visit?”

“Heh, dad’s doin' fine,” Ciecro replied with a grin, gulping down the milk, “Mom’s the same.”

“So, what do you plan to do today?” She asked him leaning towards him so their faces were adjacent.

“Nothing much. Might go for a walk.”

“How about you spar with someone. You always like doing that and it lets you get some hot air out. After all Ciecro, you need to have happy days now and then.”

“Nah,” Ciecro declined, “Everyone else here is too wimpy tah fight. Jaron’s de only one that is a challenge.”

"Oh well aren't we the confident one? You sure it's everyone?" Dolly said with a sceptical tone. She leaned in closer, letting her arm prop her up.

"Well besides yous and maybe the head ranger, but other den dat no one really amounts to any satisfying battle."

“What about that Absol girl?” Dolly teased, “I bet she’d be pretty tough for you to beat.”

Ciecro merely took another sip of the milk and muttered, “She can handle a fight, but not a fight with me.”

Dolly chuckled leaning in closer, “Really, cause what makes you so sure? I bet you’d be too nervous to hit such a fine friend of yours.” Dolly gave Ciecro a brief wink, making his eyes widen and start blushing.

“She’s just a friend you hag!” He shouted getting off his stool. The volume of his objection brought every eye in the room towards him. Dolly just laughed and whispered,

“Never mind, dearie. I’m sure ya’ll are just friends.”

This sentence didn’t make Ciecro feel any better. He didn’t like being made fun of and if he didn’t respect Dolly he wouldn’t hesitate to let out a punch. He merely growled and sat back down.

“Ugh, why is it dat mons think I shouldn’t be grumpy for a day. I do it every day, after all,” Ciecro grumbled.

“Well it’s the mons that care about you mostly. We know it’s that time of year again and you’ll be thinking about you parents more. Feel free to shed an extra tear for me today.”

“I’m no whiny brat.” Ciecro growled, emphasizing wanting to get off this topic.

“Sure,” Dolly laughed, “but you sometimes act like one. And while I wouldn’t say you should do it often, it’s fine to be vulnerable with us after all.”

“Ugh can’tchya give it a rest.” Ciecro sighed setting the empty glass on the counter, “I don’ care for de motivation or anything. I’m ready to rip any mons head that tries to hurt any of us so why worry? I’m tough Dolly I can take a hit.”

“Yeah I know,” Dolly said, reaching for the next glass at the pile of ones needing wiping, “I’ll just keep on hitting then till I get you on a knee.”

“You’re a stubborn lady, you know that,” Ciecro bluntly put it.

“And you’re a loved loner that is twice as stubborn as he is anti-social. Take care Ciecro and try to have at least a smile tomorrow. For your Aunt’s sake.”

“I can stand pestering yah know. If I learned anything from my pops it's strength to back up what yah carry. I’m fine just the freaking way I am Dolly. Auntie is gonna have a good birthday and I don't need to move an inch of lip tah do that."

"Well whatever heals your burn. But come on boy," Dolly continued, "you really think you shouldn't at least try testing the waters or in your case try warming that fire in your heart?"

"You don' know when to shut it do you?"

"And you don't know when a good person is looking at for you. I mean, I know your folks are swell and all, but you've got friends here and all. Don't be forget'n us at this time of remembrance."

Ciecro sipped the last of his drink and replied as he sat the glass down, "Don' worry, this just happens and all. My folks also made sure to grind into my head to make sure I don't lose what matters tah me. You, Jaz, my brother and ever dweeby Vragon have been good to me. Now will you can it with this sissy talk?"

Dolly let out a little giggle and nodded. She took his glass and Ciecro dropped a few poke coins on the desk. "Glad to hear that. Take care Ciecro." Ciecro nodded, turned around and left.

Dolly set his glass next to a couple of other dirty glasses and watched the young mon pass through her doors out into the world. I Always liked the little hothead. she thought to herself, smiling while she wiped the charmeleon's glass, Maybe it's his history or how he's a good person at heart. But I think he's just got a fiery passion, when he sets his eyes on something. Course, I'd like to see that passion be put in other areas sides him breaking rocks or mons, but if he's as fast as he is smooth then I shouldn't expect it for a while. She gave a little titter as she sat the clean cup down and picked up the next one for cleaning. A smile crossed her face as she thought, Imagine Ciecro and Jasmine. Heh, I'd ship it, but probably won't try it till they are older.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Nothing to say here as well
Chapter 10
Mutual Gain

“Um...so if A, B and C are the bools then there are...um ... *growl*,” Jaron uttered.

“It's fine, slow down and remember how truth tables situations work,” Vragon suggested.

"Well if there are three variables of chances, each one being either true or false, then there are um...8 situations, that are possible."

"Good...and how does this apply to the problem?" Vragon continued.

"Well if we have C false then ... dammit it only gets 4 solutions, so we need to add another situation...So without making A false, perhaps we can link a logical gate where we have an inverse of C along with ... Ugh! Why is this necessary again?" Jaron shouted in frustration.

"Hey, you're the one wanting to get into electrical circuitry and that area requires logic and discrete mathematics." Vragon answered Jaron's rhetorical question. The fraxure looked out the window and noticed the sun was getting close to setting. "It's getting late so how about we end it here?" Jaron gave a nod in approval. Vragon shut the book closed, but suddenly asked, So why do you want to get into electricity circuitry and mechanics? I mean, it's cool and all, but Synergy is already a primary power source and all. No one hardly uses it on a bigger scale."

Jaron got up from his slouching position and gave a yawn. "Well it can help with some projects I wanna make. Like in regards to orb making and other things." The croconaw got up and rubbed his head.

"But why electricity, when synergy can do the job just fine?" The fraxure pressed.

"Just cuz," Jaron answered.

"Kay, but why? What reason do you have besides, 'just cuz'?" Vragon asked, not satisfied with lazy answer.

"No reason, just cuz." Jaron repeated, this time with a smirk.

"If you don't want to tell me it then you could have just said that from the start." Vragon muttered.

"Where's the fun in that?" Jaron replied giving Vragon a nudge on the shoulder.

Vragon gave a growl as he shut the book and headed back to the shelf mumbling. As Vragon backed from the bookshelf, Jaron pounced on his back laughing. The two hit the floor. “Jaron! You’re that anxious,” Vragon chortled as the croconaw got off him.

“Come on, it’s time to spar,” Jaron pressed, with competiveness in his tone. Jaron then turned to the trap door opening. Vragon smiled menacingly behind the croconaw and then pounced at Jaron. This however didn’t result the same way. Jaron caught the move and they ended up with both palms locked. Vragon moaned, seeing he failed to return the favor.

“Nice try Vray,” Jaron teased, “but I would recommend you save your energy for our spar.”

“Fair” Vragon smiled, releasing his end of their palm lock. They both kept their gaze focused. The competitiveness burning in their eyes.

“Getting cocky are we? Cause” Jaron responded.

“Warning you is my answer. I let you speculate what the warning means,” Vragon laughed.

< O >

The orange light of the late afternoon was beginning to show. The wind was blowing just right to make these two mon’s spar area perfect.

Jaron stood in a provoking stance, while Vragon retained a balanced posture. Jaron tightened his gaze. Vragon readied his focus and waited for Jaron to move.

Jaron lunged for the fraxure and Vragon shot up his defense. The croconaw sliced, but his claws only skimmed over Vragon’s blocking arms. Jaron took the advantage of the momentum to sweep at Vragon’s legs with his tail. Vragon jumped over the swipe. Suddenly Jaron stopped and did a reverse head-butt onto Vragon’s vulnerable chest. Vragon was knocked on his back as Jaron leaped upon him. Jaron grinned as he crossed his claws over Vragon’s throat.

“Ha! I win!" Jaron grinned as removed his claws. He then offered his hand in good gesture to his friend. A sigh came from the defeated mon and he accepted Jaron’s hand.

“That was dirty, Jaron” Vragon protested.

“You expect a fight to be fair. Vragon, you’ll never beat me with that mindset,” Jaron put it bluntly. He smiled as he pat Vragon on the head and said, “But hey, you still can fight pretty well and you have a knack for reading opponents. You just got to be able to react quickly and learn to save the predicting for when you’re safe. I’m sure you have potential and all that stuff in you.”

The fraxure blushed from embarrassment. “Come one Jaron,” Vragon weakly laughed, “You’re just saying that because-”

“But it's true Vragon, course you’ve always dodged compliments. Come on, your way to modest.”
It was then that they heard a familiar voice call their names. The duo turned to see their absol friend heading their way. The three met up and exchanged greetings.

“So Jasmine, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Would you like to join me and Ciecro for our Aunt’s birthday?” Jaron asked.

“Sure love too,” Jasmine accepted gleefully. She then turned her gaze to the fraxure and said, “Vragon, you wanna help me look for a gift for Miss Dresha?”

Vragon quickly replied with a “Yeah.”

“Okay, so I’ll leave you two to your thing and go find my brother.” Jaron announced and the three went their ways.

Jasmine and Vragon began walking towards town, chatting as they went. During the converse, Vragon mustered the nerve to ask Jasmine a question.

“Hey uh Jasmine.”


“You have two sisters right?”

“Uh huh. What about them?”

“Well, what’s it like to have siblings?”

Jasmine looked down and thought for a second. Then with a mischievous smile jested, “A lot like you and Jaron.”

“Jasmine!” Vragon shouted, “I’m being serious here. What’s it like to have siblings?”

“Why do you need to know? I mean you don’t have any so why bring this up?” Jasmine pointed out. Vragon stuttered for a second as he got his thoughts together.

“That’s the reason after all. I mean Jaron has his older brother and you have your younger twin sisters back where you are from so I guess I’m interested if not curious.”

“Well Vragon, not everything can be explained.” Jasmine pointed out.

“Your right about that.” Vragon agreed.

“It’s kinda funny that you’d ask that. Are you worried about something?” Jasmine pressed while smiling.

“W-wha?” Vragon reacted, a blush covering his face.

“Listen Vragon, don’t worry being a friend doesn’t make you lower. After all we can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends. So us having you as a friend speaks for itself now doesn’t it?” Jasmine pointed out.

Vragon paused. He sighed as he replied with, “Sorry, I guess I’m just-”

“Paranoid?” Jasmine guessed.

“Jas-!....heh okay your right. I’m paranoid.”

Jasmine assured him with, “You’re alright Vragon. Besides not all siblings are great as Jaron can no doubt attest to.”

“Yeah, I can’t blame Jaron for being mad at Seliph. I wonder what he’s like.”

“What do you mean?” Jasmine asked.

“From their history he seemed like a pretty good older brother. Course, I wasn’t there and such an event like they descried could really affect a mon if not change one. But that’s enough of this let’s find that gift.” Vragon concluded.


There was nothing but silence for a little bit. Well at least after Vragon raised one more question, “You really think me and Jaron are like siblings?”

Jasmine giggled and answered with, “Sure.”

< O >

Far away from the silky plains region, near the famous Shimmer Hill was Crion City. Crion City was a hub for trade in Triacal with many other continents. However, due to the trading environment and foreign influence, it was a higher place for criminal activity, even more than Treasure City to the southwest.

In a nearby alley stood an aggron. He was flipping a Triacal poke coin staying in the shade of the alley. In a little bit a mon came up from the back of the alley and joined up with him leaning on the wall. The aggron’s large body kept the figure hidden from public view and the Steel/Rock type whispered, “Find anything?”

The mon looked at him and leaned in closer. The light emanating from the alley reached part of his face revealing tan skin around a blue iris eyes.

“I did find my end of the bargain. Did you get your end?”

The aggron chuckled beneath his breathe as he rest his head against the wall. “Yeah I got it. Course if you want it tell your bit first.”

The silhouetted figure sighed and relayed the trade records to the mon. The aggron nodded in understanding and then told his information.

“I’m not certain to what you wanted to know about what they were after, however I did get what you mainly wanted. Two mons made a transport deal with traders to the Fogbound region of Triacal. Rumors were they were in a hurry to get to that region. Also they fit your description on the irises they possessed.”

“Thank you sir,” The mon said and began to walk away.

“You intend to follow them?” The aggron inquired, leaving an implication of skepticism in his tone.
“What is that to you?” the figure softly shot back.

“I might be able to get you there without means of traditional methods. It would help keep you from being discovered or at least noticeable.”

“And what is your price?” The mon asked the aggron turning to face him. Seeing this interest, the aggron answered with, “I want the records of another competitor. Once you do, I can smuggle you to Fongus City near the Lake and you will be on your own from there.”

“I accept.” The figure bowed his head and went to complete this new task.

“I can get you a false identification just incase,” the aggron offered, “I can even get you a different name and records to prove it.”

“Thank you but I’m fine,” the mon said as it reached the end wall of the alley, “Seliph is fine with me.”
Seliph wall jumped his way to one of the roofs and began walking on the rooftops.

Why go there? Seliph pondered, I know my brothers haven’t been found yet there so close to where they reside. They shouldn’t have much interest there since that area is more rural. I need to find the objectives of those two operatives just to be sure. I might get a lead I need and eliminate another threat on believable reasons to keep them off that area.

He reached into a pocket in his belt and pulled out a little jar with red liquid in it.

I’m not knowledgeable enough in psychological influence and biological mutation to use this. I also don’t have enough of this to create a cure without using all my resources. I can maybe get info from the about where I can find more. I promised my parents that I would find a cure and do whatever it takes to do it.

He put the liquid back and resumed his new task.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Nothing to say here again.
Chapter 11
Keeping the Directive

It was midnight on seaside as a little cargo vessel made its way south, along the shore. The sky was clear with stars illuminating the area. Seliph rested his back against a crate and was busy reading something.

Research Entry #13
While I haven’t discovered a suitable cure for the red liquid I have been able to deduce something uncanny about the nature of this concoction. It doesn’t appear to be merely some controlling fluid, but has many traces of mental and psychological mutation abilities. From what my Mother’s notes have disclosed to me, it appears that strange behaviors being attributed to this fluid aren’t necessarily implemented upon consumption. Despite this revelation, I can’t seem to figure the core mechanic that makes it so unique compared to other mental affecting fluids.

From results of testing my sample, I’ve confirmed my speculation does have the potential to inflict a form of primal instinct on a host and as a result can be susceptible to a prime controller, whether by object or Pokémon. However, some mons I’ve spied in their ranks have retained their mind and soul yet appear to still have a mental effect from it. I haven’t been able to interrogate any case study of a mon possessing this, but I can confirm that it could be more than just an influential case. Perhaps with some subjects, it’s something beneficial to the host. Becoming somewhat a part of the Pokémon if you will. I don’t know why anyone would want this, but maybe this liquid possess something other than what I’ve hypothesized. Something that while pulls on the hosts mind doesn’t appear to alter their control of themselves. I know that sometimes when I look at it, I get a feeling of a very minor attraction to it. A yearning for it. I wonder how the liquid can pull at ones psyche with merely a look. I’ll have to continue my investigation further.

< O >

Seliph closed his research book and rested his back on a crate. As he looked out the window flashes of memories flooded his head. Going near to where his brothers were put little flashbacks of him with them. It brought a little smile, but it was soon doused. He wasn’t going back there for their sake. Those two mons could be subjects he needed to interrogate.

Mr. Fryka told me that the mons that fit the description I gave him were two in number. A slightly darker gengar and a normal colored gallade. They both have the red eyes save for their conjunctiva being normal. I wonder why that is? Hm, they might be higher ups that I’ve been speculating about. I have to be ready to engage them.

Seliph opened his travel bag and began storing his notes. As he did this, a little object fell out of the bag. He stopped and merely stared at the necklace he and his brothers had made. He reached out and grabbed it. The necklace was a little old, but had been kept in good condition. The sight of this object weighed heavy on him, bringing back the memories of him leaving that day.

( O )

“Seliph?” the voice of Miss Dresha rang through his head, “where are you going?”

He remembered answering with, “I’m sorry Miss Dresha for this and having to ask you, but I can’t stay here. My brothers will be safe here as long as I’m not here. It’s too complicated to explain, but-”

“But don’t you want to say goodbye?”

“I can’t, I couldn’t do that to them. I…..I’d rather leave now because-”

“Because you don’t want to say it to their faces, right?”

“…………yes mam.”

“I’m not going to act like I know what’s going on, but from what little I’ve seen you mean a lot to them.”

“I know and that’s why I have to leave. If they see me go, they’ll want to come along and it will be that much harder to keep them here.”

“But do you really have to keep them he-”

Seliph cringed as he remembered how sharp his response was. “Yes I have to! It’s for their own good. My journey is going to be dangerous and even I might not survive it.”

“But you will come back someday right?”

This question always stuck with him since leaving. He recalled his quick answer of “No”, but during his travels he thought about if he perhaps was too hasty. He shook himself out of his pondering. He sat up and took a deep breathe. He said to himself,

“Enough, I’m only going there to either capture those red eyes operatives or kill them. I can’t let the fact I’m so close to where my siblings are distract me. I made my choice and I can’t go back now. So stop questioning your reasoning Seliph and just get going!” He sighed and leaned his back against the wooden crates as he gazed out the window.

This was a rare chance to get more of the red eyes fluid, which could mean a world of difference in finding the cure. If he had to drain it from their carcasses, he wouldn’t hesitate. This was no time for mercy, nor was it time to hesitate. He thought to himself about the only other mon that knew he was doing his mission.

< O >

“So how far are we from our destination?” a gallade growled as he and his ally were going down a rural road.

“We left Fongus City about three hours ago, so I would assume we have about twenty miles till our destination,” a gengar answered, “But there isn’t a rush,” he chuckled a little upon finishing.

“I’d rather get there quickly,” the gallade coldly replied.

“Patience Siegfried,” the ghost assured, “it’s not like some rural town is going anywhere. Plus, our target is a standout there.”

“Still Vex,” Siegfried stated, locked in a scowl, “I wouldn’t put it past our luck to run into obstacles.”

“So, we’ll destroy them then like we always do.”

“……..Why again do we have to grab some stupid Averian thing there?”

“There has been evidence that Prof. Kristoff’s colleague, Zekerane, was researching different ways of using synergy. Kristoff used that research to work on projects that would hinder our progress so we had to eliminate that guy. Our target is important since he's supposed to be that guy Zekerane’s kid.”

"And why is he important?”

“He was said by mons in his hometown to have a special gift. One that hasn’t really been seen with any other Averian. Unfortunately, we have to confirm what it is. Though it could be a big break for is if it’s the gift Savoir. Also he’s supposed to be dead and well, mons don’t just not die when they should be deceased, well at least according to the report.”

“Ugh, fine let’s just grab the kid and go,” Siegfried replied with snarl as he and Vex continued down the nighttime road.

"Something interesting though, if it is Savoir and we nab him boy would we get the boost heh," The gengar dreamt out loud.

"Perhaps, but what makes you think this one will be something of promise? I'd rather just get this over with. I'm not really interested in this anyways."

"Cause we're capturing a kid under pretenses that our leader's don't elaborate on?" The gengar inquired.

"Sorta, I don't like feeling like an tool for them." the gallad muttered with a scowl.

"Whatever, let's just hurry then, since it's a chore to you or whatnot. Whatever, so long as we get it done and don't get marks then that'd be fine." The gallade nodded in agreement and the two continued on.


Vex (V-ehx)

Siegfried (Seeg-freed)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Nothing to say here either again.
Chapter 12
Deduction and Reaction Skills

It was around 10:00PM when Vragon got back to his little home after a fun time celebrating Ms. Dresha’s birthday. Despite how much fun he was having, he had bid his farewell to the occasion early. He needed to finish organizing a list of incoming books for the library.

The list was taking longer than usual Vragon noticed. He rubbed his slightly stinging eyes and glanced at the hourglass on his stand. It indicated an hour had already passed. Vragon sighed and flipped it over again.

I need to finish this, but I can’t focus. I’m not too tired…I think. Vragon tried again to work. After thirty more minutes of attempting to get it done, Vragon finally slouched back into his wooden chair in exhaustion and frustration. He had messed up the organization five times in a row in the entire span of his time back. Why was this going on? He slammed his face flat on the desk and let out a muffled yell.

Upon picking his face up, his eyes fell back onto his pendant. It looked pretty with its black and white sides glowing in the candlelight. He reached out and picked it up. What was it telling him?

< O >

Dolly was cleaning dishes after her place was nearing closing. It had been a fine day despite not seeing her hothead Ciecro, charming Jaron or cutie Vragon as she called them. Just then her doors were pushed open and she once again went with her welcoming routine.

“Hi welcome what will you..have,” Her voice dropped a little at the site of a menacing looking gallade sitting at one of the bar stools. Trying to act casual, despite the weird feeling she was getting, Dolly once again asked what the stranger would have.

“Just some milk if you don’t mind. Oh and could you pour it here.”

This request was uncanny, but Dolly wasn’t one to quickly dump a request based on weirdness. She opened a bottle of momomilk and as he asked began pouring it in front of him. As this went on, the stranger looked into her eyes and she to his. His irises were blood red and very vibrant.

“Tell me, do you have any favorite customers?” the mon asked. Dolly began to feel strange but answered with, “Yeah, some that I like more than the normies.”

“That’s good,” the stranger said, his eyes widening a little more. “Are any of them somewhat unique?”

Dolly remained quiet, but the feeling was becoming stronger. The stranger’s eyes were seemingly pulling her in and keeping her staring at him. The stranger then asked one more thing, “I’m curious about this town. Do you know anyone else here that isn’t from here like me. I would like to get to know some other folks that know the locals better.”

Dolly could feel her head beginning to hurt a little. She saw flashes in her head related to each question the stranger asked. If it wasn’t for the milk she was pouring to overflow, she would’ve kept staring into the stranger’s eyes.

As she rushed to clean up the mess, the stranger merely got up and tossed what he owed her. “But wait don’t you want your drink?” Dolly asked, snapping back her composure.

“It’s fine madam. I suddenly feel different. Good day and sorry for the mess.” He gave a polite head bow and left. Dolly stood there paralyzed. She finally got herself together and tried to figure out what happened.

This stranger guy definitely wanted something. I don’t know if he got whatever the heck he wanted, but I’m guessing that staring contest was his means to getting it. I don’t know what but…huh wait unique…..could he be aft…… I have to go warn the group, but I can’t leave yet. Incase they’re suspicious of my acting.

Meanwhile outside the diner, the same gallade was leaning on a wall in an alley. He stared out to the road with an aversion gaze.

“What’s got you riled up?” Vex asked with a slight laugh in his voice. He wedged out of a shadow on the wall. His answer was only met with silence. Vex sighed.

“Fine then business first. What did you find out?”

“The mon we’re after is indeed here. He lives in some small house in a tree. It’s near the outskirts so we can go there and get him,” Siegfried firmly answered. He was about to head out till Vex said something.

“Why are you exactly so tense? It’s just a kid we’re after.”

“An Averian kid,” Siegfried snarled. “He’s stronger by default.”

“So, we can take him. But, I’m beginning to think you mean something else,” Vex slithered, a dark smile forming on his lips. Siegfried turned away, trying not to look at the fool behind him.

“Man don’t you have a hate boner for originals,” Vex said with a chuckle. “He’s just some kid. At least wait till we’ve got everything out of the runt before you beat him up.”

To this Siegfried spun around, revealing a face full of rage. “Are you saying that I would hurt him just because he’s a tool like all the Original Clans children are!?” Vex gave a shrug. He then walked past and suggested they get on with their mission. Siegfried gave a sigh and followed the gengar into the ally.

< O >

Vragon had finally given up on the organizing for the night. He just couldn’t do it today not while he was in this shape. Course, what shape was he in? It wasn’t like the part dragged him down. He didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t feel wrong, he just couldn’t keep his focus to do this job. He got out of his chair and looked out his window.

The sky looked pretty with all the stars in the sky. The soft nighttime breeze blew on his face, sending wonderful chills through his spine. He suddenly heard some sound below him. It wasn’t a new sound. Just someone climbing up on his rope ladder, but the sound was louder and the boards squeaked weirdly. Then he heard a thump as something hit the tree.

Someone else? Someone was coming up and apparently didn’t want to be noticed. He didn’t have much time and if they were after him they wouldn’t hesitate to rush him if he tried to escape, plus there may be someone outside waiting. An idea struck his mind. He grabbed his pendant so he wouldn’t lose it in the ruckus to come.

Siegfried was trying his best climbing up the rope ladder. He tried to rush up there, but was met with a bump into the tree and a lecture from Vex. He shrugged off both and continued on. As he was nearing the top he heard a voice from above, “Hey is that you Jaron? Come on in.”

The trapdoor was opened with no figure standing there. Despite being relieved he didn’t have to lift that thing himself, he was suspicious of this action on the occupant’s part. He looked down to Vex, who nodded in concurrence at this uncanny move. Siegfried tensed up as he slowly made his way up. When he got to the top he didn’t see their target. His eyes fell upon a messy desk. The notes covered the desk and also on the..

“Window Sill!” Siegfried shouted, rushing to try and see where the fraxure had gotten to. It was then Vragon, who was behind the trap door, leaped down the whole. Vex below looked up to meet a Dragon Claw to his face.

He yelled in pain, clasping the scratch on his face. He shouted for Siegfried to pursue the target. Siegfried leaped out, however Vragon wasn’t on the road to the town. The gallade turned around to see Vragon rushing to the forest’s edge nearby.

“That runt!” Siegfried roared as he chased after Vragon, while Vex kept rubbing his face to calm the stinging.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


Say it with me (Vray-gun)

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Contains Mild Language [13]
Chapter 13

The sound of panting came from the fraxure’s mouth as he tried to shake his pursuer. He was glad he had chosen the deep brush for his escape, since while gallade was indeed faster, his tall body made it difficult to keep up with the smaller and less slowed by the branches Vragon.

Okay, since I don’t have a communication orb I’ll have to hide so I can get to town. He rushed deeper into the brush, hearing the noise of the gallade behind him. In the middle of his rush, he darted to the right and stopped behind a trunk. He couldn’t see the gallade rush past, due to the darkness and because he didn’t want to risk it if the gallade turned around suddenly. To his dismay the gallade stopped running. Oh no, Vragon scrunched closer to his hiding spot and remained absolutely still.

The gallade browsed the forest around him, trying to see or hear his target feeling. He began to hear grumbling behind him. He gave an aggravated sigh as his accomplice caught up to him, still rubbing his face.

“That little punk really ticked me off,” Vex vented to the uncaring Siegfried, “Anyways, where the hell is he?”

“Apparently, he’s hiding somewhere nearby,” Siegfried stated loudly, attempting to get a reaction from the fraxure. His words were met with silence. “Ugh, he apparently isn’t as naïve as I thought.”

“Wasn’t that obvious when he duped us,” Vex added, glad that his face’s pain was bearable now.

“Shut up,” Siegfried snapped back.

Okay so they know I’m hiding. I can’t just wait here, but now there’s two of them. Ugh what do I do? Vragon stopped his thoughts upon hearing the gengar say something to his ally.

“So have any way of finding the runt?”

A harsh reply came from the gallade, “Of course you dolt, now shut up so I can focus.”

A feeling of dread hit Vragon. Wait, what did he mean by “of course” he had a way? If he did then why didn’t he use it earlier? Or….was he saving it till I hid?

The silence was killing Vragon’s nerve. It took all he had to not start shaking. I’ve got to get out of here. If he waited for me to stop to use it I’ve got to keep run-….wha…what’s this. Agh my head. He clasped his head with one hand and covered his snout with the other. He tried closing his eyes, but to his surprise he couldn’t. It was like he had to look around. Like an urge. He stared in front of him to see a clearing from the brush.

“Found him,” He heard the gallade shout, “He’s looking at a clearing. He must be hiding behind something…Ah right there.”

Vragon had hardly a chance to recover before a psycho cut struck the trunk. Vragon was hurled a few feet away onto his stomach. He quickly picked himself up and began running towards the clearing. He didn’t make it far before another Psycho cut hit him. He landed in the clearing, hurt but not down.

“Clever little sneak,” Vex laughed as he floated from the brush and landed a few feet away. He stretched out his palm and formed a Shadow Ball. Vragon slowly got to his feet to defend himself; Vex laughed as he pointed out the pointlessness of resisting. Vragon didn’t deter and drew his Dragon Claws. A sneer came from the gengar, “Oh yeah, I need to pay you back for that.”

Vex threw the shadow ball as Vragon blocked with his Dragon Claws. He diverted it upwards, where it struck near the pinnacle of a tree. Vex then phased into the ground and slithered towards Vragon. The fraxure fired a Dragon Breath at the shadow scurrying towards him. It suddenly darted away from the impact. Vragon drew his Dragon Claw again, but was hit in his chest by a kick from Siegfried. Vragon landed on his back with Siegfried pinning him down. The fraxure struggled against his heavier foe, but failed to free himself from the gallade’s firm grasp.

“Don’t struggle,” Siegfried whispered. Vragon didn’t comply. “Stubborn brat.” The gallade growled as he looked into Vragon’s eyes. Vragon felt a foreign presence in his head.

“Ugh stop!” Vragon protested, slowly losing his ability to struggle, “What do you want with me?”

“Ask the higher ups,” Vex staring down at the fraxure whelp. He bent down, keeping his face only a few inches from Vragon’s. He looked into the fraxure’s topaz eyes, as if peering into his soul.

“Interesting, you honestly don’t have any notion. Tell me little sneak, you know of your heritage right?”

“Y-you mean my crest,” Vragon replied, pausing at this strange question. “Of course I do.”

“Heh Siegfried, you have something in common.” This earned a vicious glare from Siegfried.

“Shut it you moron.” The gallade turned his gaze back to Vragon.

Vex’s eyes then trailed to the Pendant Vragon was wearing. “Ooooh what do we have here?” the gengar said, smiling darkly. He leaned down to grab it.

“Don't you dare touch it!” Vragon lashed out loudly.

Vex replied as he stepped back, “Woah there kid, just curious. So what is that anyway, never seen a necklace like that before.”

“Enough fooling around Vex,” the annoyed gallade ordered, “we’ve wasted enough time, now take over pinning him.”

Vex nodded and phased into the ground. His shadow slithered to the ground under Vragon and his purple palms emerged to take over. Siegfried got up, look deep into Vragon’s eyes and began prying in Vragon’s head. After a few minutes Siegfried grunted, “I can’t find it.”

“…Wha? What do you mean you can’t find it?” an angry Vex demanded.

“I just can’t find it. He doesn’t have anything on Prof. Kristoff or his research.”

“Then find something else.”

“Fine!” Siegfried shouted back, peering back to Vragon’s eyes.

“W-wwait,” Vragon stuttered, “Are you…looking for something? Like in my head?”

A sigh came from Siegfried as he confirmed it with a nod. However he and Vex were struck with surprise upon a request from Vragon. “Hey um…can you see if there’s anything in my memories?”

Vex thought for a second then asked, “Wait...are you saying you don’t remember anything?”

Vragon gave an annoyed sigh as he explained, “Yes that is the general gist of it. It would also explain why your accomplice didn’t find whatever you were looking for.”

“Don’t get smart with me,” Vex growled back.

“You asked didn’t you?” Vragon replied.

“What did I say about getting smart with me?” Vex shouted back, peering his head out of the ground.

“Would you two just shut up!” Siegfried roared. Vragon then suddenly pulled his legs and mudskicked the gallade. Before Vex could react, Vragon angled his head back and fired a Dragon Breath. Vex managed to evade, but this allowed him the chance to rip his arms out of the gengar’s grip. Once free Vragon sliced down upon the black blob on the ground with Dragon Claw. The shadow evaded and Vragon rushed away from Vex. The gengar lunged towards him, but Vragon blocked with Dragon Claw. He fired another Dragon Breath to which Vex blocked with a quickly made shadow ball. Vragon sprinted away till Vex’s voice called out, “Hey kid, you sure you wanna leave this?”

The fraxure looked back to see Vex standing, twirling Vragon’s pendant around with his hand. The fraxure froze in place. Vex laughed, flipping the pendant in the air and catching it in his palm.

“Now stop being a sneak or I’ll break this.” Vex began to squeeze it.

“No! Don’t break it please, it’s all I…..” Vragon begged but stopped halfway. His head fell and he stopped using Dragon Claw.

“Good boy,” Vex smiled.

Siegfried joined with Vex and muttered, “You are pathetic. You know that. It's kinda low”

“Well whatever gets the job done. You'd prefer to chase after the dweeb again?,” Vex defended with a shrug, “Now come on. We can get any info once we take him to th-” He didn’t finish due to a Psycho Cut hitting him in the back. Siegfried spun around to defend himself from the attacker, but to his alarm white blur sped past his side. It leaped towards still hurled Vex. It went towards the Ghost’s hand, went through it and snatched the pendant. The figure landed in front of Vragon; Jasmine stood there holding the pendant in between her teeth.

“You okay?” Jasmine asked the dazed fraxure, her voice was muffled a little by trying not to drop the pendant.

“J-J-Jasmine? Oh yeah I’m fine. Thanks for getting my pendant back, but how did you find me?”

Jasmine strode over to him and dropped it in his hands. “Well Dolly informed us you may be in trouble, I rushed ahead of the others to find you. I have to say, I’m glad you shouted loud enough for me to hear. Made finding you much easier.”

Vragon despite being a little perturbed by this revelation laughed a little as he replied, “Yeah, I can get vocal when someone touches my pendant.”

The then stopped their little banter and returned their attention to the two ruffians. Vex had gotten to his feet with an angry Siegfried next to him.

Siegfried gritted his teeth as he asked Vex if he had anymore “Ideas”. Vex merely pondered for a second while rubbing the back of his head. Vex shrugged.

“You handle this, I’m gonna try and stall these associates. You can handle a Dark Type can’t you?” Vex derided.

“Fine whatever,” Siegfried answered unamused, but focused on the task at hand.

Vex grinned as he phased into the ground and his shadowy circle moved back into the brush. Siegfried slowly began walking towards them, threatening,

“Stand aside girl I will hur-”

“Come on you know my answer, just fight me punk,” Jasmine interrupted. Her horn flashed a vibrant pink, ready to use Psycho Cut.

Siegfried just kept walking, unaffected by Jasmine. He stopped however, when Vragon joined her with his Dragon Claws drawn. Siegfried just gave a snarl as he extended his elbows and readied his Psycho Cuts. He lunged towards them and sliced at the absol. She leaped away and sent her Psycho Cut right at him. He blocked it with his other arm, using the Psycho Cut still in his arm for extra power.

So he did pull out that psychic move just to empower his arms, Jasmine deduced. “Vragon,” she shouted, “Get behind him. We’ll take him on from both sides,” Vragon nodded and moved behind Siegfried.

The gallade didn’t seem to mind being in-between the two. In fact, he seemed to be more at ease. Vragon noticed this; he tried to figure out what the gallade’s advantage was. He had to wait on that as Jasmine nodded for a simultaneous attack. The two lunged at him from both sides, Jasmine with Psycho Cut and Vragon with a Dragon Claw. Both were blocked by Siegfried’s Psycho Cut arms. He grinned and jumped up, using their moves as a push off to leap further. He twirled intensely in the air using Vacuum Wave and releasing his Psycho Cuts along with it. His two attackers were engulfed by the move. After the move’s conclusion, Jasmine got back to her feet. She had taken some damage from the priority move, but was unaffected by the Psycho Cut additions.

“You okay Vragon,” She called to the fraxure, who had taken a bit of damage. He gave her a calming grin as his legs slightly wobbled. Dang, he’s taken a lot of damage. Melee wouldn’t be good for him.

“Vragon offer range support. I’ll handle the close confrontation,” she suggested. He gave her a nod and rested his claws on his knees.

Her opponent once again surged Psycho Cut in his arms. Jasmine lunged towards him with Quick Attack. The two were locked in a turn exchange of attacking and evading each other’s moves.

Vragon merely took his time to rest till he spotted an opening for his Dragon Breath. Finally the opportunity showed up and he unleashed his Dragon Type move. Siegfried parried the move and spun to block Jasmine. Despite this, his Psycho Cut aided block was overwhelmed by an assault from Jasmine’s Megahorn. The unexpected move knocked him off balance, giving her a chance to use Bite on the gallade’s neck. Siegfried gave a yowl of pain and jabbed at her with a Brick Break. She leaped off of him enabling Vragon a clear shot at their off balance enemy. A quick roll and hand spring to the side, saved Siegfried from taking a hit.

Siegfried had taken a bit of damage and was running low on endurance from this drawn out mission. He looked at his arms that had two big cuts from the same Megahorn. He sighed as stood straight and stared at the two.

“So you both are Reverse bent on making this harder for me. Well then,” Siegfried stated taking another stance. Jasmine once again rushed to engage and the two began to fight again. It was then something caught Vragon’s eye. He noticed the gallade had tied on pads covering his shoulders, but they were extended a bit down his body. An idea struck him as he made his way closer to the battling two. He draw a Dragon Claw and waited for a chance. When an opening emerged, Vragon leaped and slashed. Siegfried evaded, but Vragon had hit his target. The band holding Siegfried’s right shoulder pad was cut and the pad flew off as Siegfried landed.

“Y-you have one,” Vragon stuttered, “A P-Phynecion crest, right?”

Siegfried looked at his shoulder with his crest on it and his eyes grew very angry, but he took a deep breath and looked at the two.

“Wait, if you’re a Phynecion then why are you after Vragon. You both are from clans?”

“Implying that me being a Phynecion means I care about an Averion. It’s thinking like that, which makes me sick of having this. You should feel glad you don’t like with your people.” The gallade replied.

“So you’re rogue,” Jasmine replied.

“If that’s your term for it,” Was Siegfried’s reply, “but I refuse to be just another Unit for their directives.”

“What do you mean?” Vragon replied, curious at the viewpoint of this stranger.

“If you’re in a clan you are stronger, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing is yours in their world. I however, make my own decisions. If you indeed don’t know of the clan’s society then I hope you never go there. That crest on your shoulder may be a mark for you, but to me it’s a brand.”

The words from Siegfried, flowed into Vragon's head. He obviously had no reason to take such a mon seriously or even consider his position after he had attempted to kidnap him, but something about what he said seemed to resonate. Vragon didn't like hearing the word "brand" for the thing on his shoulder, and his questions for his friends had always been received with good answers.

It wasn't till an intentional cough from the absol besides him that Vragon snapped out his inner debate. "Worry about it after we've kicked his butt," Jasmine stated, "Look at the guy. He's just like ones Ciecro and Jaron told us about. You know, the ones responsible for them not having their parents."

It was then it clicked for Vragon. He did indeed had eyes that fit his friend's description, though they didn't seem chaotic or insane. However, it was easy to assume that this guy indeed worked for his friend's enemies and therefore he was his enemy. He'd have to wait on musing this stranger's point of view for now. He had to focus and help Jasmine take him down.

Despite her tough and focused act, Siegfried's words were in her head as well. She wasn't of any of the five clans and the two siblings were her first interaction with such mons, considering her more rural upbringing. She was aware that Ciecro and Jaron weren't brought up in their clan's territory, as they claimed and well she believed them. That meant that this stranger could defiantly be telling the truth. But unlike Vragon, Jasmine had no need to concern herself for now.

"Hey punk," She shouted to the red eyed gallade, "If you're gonna talk about backstory and get some sympathy, how about you do it with someone that gives a damn."

"Jasmine!" Vragon reacted.

"Fair enough," Siegfried replied, figuring that the absol wouldn't be deterred from fighting, "But you there, Averion."

Vragon looked at him upon hearing his clan's name. "Do you have the gift Savoir?" Vragon just gave him a puzzled look. "I see so you don't know what that is? Well it's-"

"Can it already!" Jasmine interrupted, "I thought you came to catch him and now you're just wanting to play backstory. I don't care about what you have to say so stop."

Vragon gave Jasmine a concerned look. She could definitely tell he was worried. But worried not just about if what this gallade said was true, but if he knew something about him or where he was from. Jasmine gave a calm and encouraging smile and said, "Don't worry we'll find a lead. But you can't trust him like that. His eyes prove that. He wants to use you and just put doubt in you. We're your friends and we are the ones that'll help you."

"Perhaps," Siegfried said, intruding in the two's conversation, "But what if I am right. Tell me fraxure what is your gift?"

Vragon just shook his head. "I see, so you don't know." Then never go to Averia, or you might lose everything."


Whelp – A term used in this world for adolescent birds and dragon types.

Mudskicked – A term in this world that is the same as out “Donkey Kicked”. For sake of world sense.

Reverse – A term for referring to the reverse world. It is used similar to “hell” in terms stubbornness, however the reverse isn’t seen as a hell, but rather a darkish world called the "Reverse World" home to Giratina and Rivier, or as they are more commonly referred to, "Dwellers"

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


Say it with me (Vray-gun)

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Mild Language [13]
Chapter 14
An odd gift

“Huff…Puff, I hear some fighting ahead!” Jaron shouted to his brother, a few feet away.

“Good, so Jasmine did make it to ‘im,” Ciecro replied, “Come on, Dolly, we’re almost dere!”

“Don’t wait up for me,” Dolly shouted a couple of yards behind, “I’ll just slow you down. Get to him first and foremost.”

The two didn’t hesitate to leave the kangaskhan behind; Dolly was out of sight in a manner of minutes. The sound of a battle was ahead.

“They should be up there,” Jaron shouted with slight relief. He ran ahead, but was tackled by Ciecro. The noise of an explosion came from behind them. Ciecro got up off the confused Jaron and began scouring the area. He told Jaron that he was almost hit by a random shadow ball and that someone was around. Jaron didn’t hesitate to get back up and cover his brother’s back. The two listened and watched. Ciecro surged a dragon claw from his right claw and sliced another rogue shadow ball.

“Brother,” Jaron whispered, “the mon must be a flyer. The ball came from the opposite direction and I didn’t hear any rustling.”

“You right,” Ciecro whispered back, “Wait fo' another attack and go for it. I’ll deal with de move.” The two waited again for another one to be thrown and sure enough a shadow ball headed towards them again. “Deep left!” Ciecro shouted slicing at the ghost type move. Jaron ducked under the charmeleon’s arm and fired a scald. A silhouette moved evaded the attack, but it was too late.

“Gotcha,” Ciecro said with a grin as he twirled from the moment of his slice. He professionally pulled out a luminous orb and threw it. It’s lit the area up with a blinding light, causing the creature to squirm from the sudden light. The two brothers managed to shield their eyes before being blinded as well.

“Ow, that- ugh,” a gengar ranted, rubbing his hurting eyes. He blinked them just in time to see a dragon claw headed towards his throat. He phased into the ground, barely avoiding the lethal attack.

“Dammit,” Ciecro growled as the shadow rushed away from him.

“I’ll get it,” Jaron uttered before firing another scald at the gengar. It swiftly evaded and charged at Jaron. Vex slightly moved out of the ground and fired another shadow ball. Jaron dodged and fired his scald back, but once again the gengar phased into the ground and evaded with impressive speed.

“He’s faster in the ground,” Jaron shouted, as the shadowy circle rushed past him. Vex leaped out of the ground and fired more shadow balls, each one met with either Ciecro’s flamethrower or Jaron’s scald. Vex was about to hit the ground and phase, but spied out of the corner of his eye an incoming fist. He floated away from a powerful dizzy punch shredding the ground where the gengar would have been.

“More?” Vex muttered, a bit shaken from his second narrow escape.

“Jaron, Ciecro,” Dolly exclaimed, “go help them up ahead, I can handle this goof.” The duo nodded and resumed their mission.

“Heh, clever using the scare factor of that move even though it wouldn’t have hurt me,” Vex laughed. Dolly just gave an arrogant grin. She outstretched her arms and formed a focus blast.

She’s bluffing, but what if she has the scrappy ability?

She hurled the fighting type move at the ghost. Out of doubt, Vex flung his own ball move and the two collided. Dolly smiled and began to taunt. “Heh, lost your nerve. Wouldn’t blame yah, after all I can be a bit scrappy.”

“Shut it,” Vex replied, starting to get annoyed.

“What afraid of a normal type? I thought you ghosts were immune to our normality with your edgy style and mean looks.”

“I swear I’ll-”

“What’s the matter? Am I messing with your focus? Don’t worry hun, my battles always are a blast.”

Vex screamed in frustration. “I don’t have time to mess around with you or your poor excuse of humor,” Vex exclaimed, phasing back into the ground.

“Nope,” Dolly said, her irises glowing cyan. To his surprise, Vex phased out of the ground. He was left perplexed until Dolly exclaimed with a laugh, “Not so sneaky once you’ve been sighted, well foresighted that is.”

Both this news and the pun just angered the gengar. He fired a shadow ball straight at the kangaskhan. Dolly let it phase through her body and strike a tree.

Dammit, I’m hugely disadvantaged now, Vex thought as he scowled at the smirking kangaskhan. Two of my moves are useless to me and now I can’t phase into the ground to lose her … wait … heh very well then.

Vex’s scowl vanished as he looked up into the night sky. He closed his red eyes and said in a soft maniacal tone, “Now dearie, I suggest you leave while you still have your arms.”

Unintimidated by this threat, Dolly replied with, “If you think you puny ghost arms can even lift them.”

Vex gave a giggle and faced her again. As he opened his eyes slowly he slowly spoke, “Who said my arms?” His eyes opened wide; they were glowing an evil red light.

Dolly braced herself for an attack, but slowly she began to sway. Her eyes began dropping a little. She tried to look away from the hypnosis, but she couldn’t escape it. She fell onto her left knee, but managed to catch her fall with her right arm. By now she was half awake as Vex walked up towards her, his eyes still beaming.

“Mon’s like you are why the phrase, ‘muscle for brains’ exists. If only I had the time to waste on you, but unfortunately I need to beat those two there. Have a nice rest while I and my associate get what we want. Oh and don’t worry, we’ll try not to make it too gory of a scene,” He gave an evil grin as the kangaskhan collapsed into a deep sleep. Vex’s eyes reverted to their normal red selves. Vex felt a pleasurable jolt in his body as he returned to ghost type normality. He phased into the ground and shot to aid Siegfried.

Just as he left, Dolly began to turn a little. Her eyes opened up and she slowly got back to her feet. She rolled her head and with a smile muttered, “Good thing I’m an early bird kangaskhan, heh.”

< O >

Siegfried narrowly dodged a Psycho Cut from Jasmine only to raise his own to block Vragon’s Dragon Claw. He diverted one of his arms to block Jasmine’s incoming Megahorn. Siegfried slid his arms in front and pushed off using the combined force of all three moves. He landed a few feet away with Vragon and Jasmine readying to strike.

“I admit,” Siegfried commented while panting, “you both are quite impressive. An ordinary such as yourself really puts a lot of force behind those cuts.”

“I don’t need flattery goon. And shouldn’t you be appalled that you are losing to an ‘ordinary’ such as myself?” Jasmine retorted.

Siegfried smirked and answered, “It makes sense since I have two opponents. I mean you two have good battle chemistry considering your inexperience.”

“Hey!” Vragon shouted, “I’ll have you know we have plenty of experience.”

“Well I do at least,” Jasmine added with a small smile. Vragon gave her a truculent look. “Seriously, Jasmine? Fighting focus or comedian, Pick one!”

“Sorry Vray I enjoy riling you up too,” Jasmine said as she walked in front, readying a Psycho Cut, “But you’re right. It’s time to end this.”

“Indeeeeed” a voice came from her right. She turned to see a Shadow Ball headed her way. She swing her move to collide with the blob, causing a minor explosion. Vex’s shadow circled around the resulting smoke and leaped out of the ground. His Shadow Claw headed straight for Vragon. The startled fraxure raised his claws in response, but to his surprise he didn’t need to.

“You need to work on your reflex skills,” Jaron said with a smile, holding back the gengar’s attack. The croconaw focused on the ghost and pushed the mon back. The reptile fired a following Scald attack at the floating gengar. It hit its mark, knocking Vex into the ground a few feet away.

“How’s it going, Vee?” Jaron asked with a frisky smile.

“Don’t call me ‘vee’, Jaron” Vragon berated, “Can you lay your antics aside till after we’re in the clear?”

“You’re welcome,” Jaron answered, with a lighthearted smile. “Though yeah you’re right Vray. Jasmine, stay with Vragon, let me and Ciecro handle this,” Jaron ordered.

At that moment a beam of fire flew past the group at the just now getting up gengar. Vex barely was able to push himself away from the fire and fly out of the blast range. He descended towards Siegfried and landed beside him. Ciecro walked in front of the group, rolled his neck and snarled.

“Dese punks better be worth de trip,” Ciecro said with a sigh as he began walking towards them, cracking his claws.

“Wait? He’s the one from before?” Jaron announced. A worried expression crossed his face.

“What?” Vex replied with a grin, “She wanted to take me on and well that didn’t go so well.” Jaron’s face scowled.

“Why you-” Jaron started as he was about to rush towards them. To Jaron’s surprise, Ciecro blocked Jaron’s path with is arm. Jaron looked up at Ciecro’s very angry face.

“You just asking to be damaged,” the charmeleon rushed towards them. Siegfried rushed to join him and the two’s punches collided. Ciecro twirled around to strike with his tail. Siegfried leaped over it, only to be hit by a scald from Jaron.

“I’m surprised, that was a good plan,” Vragon praised Jaron.

“I just have to know when to play the support when he gets carried away.” Vragon gave a weak smile. Jaron gave a sympathetic one in return, “You’re not the only one that thinks before he moves.”

Jaron looked at the scene of Ciecro versus Siegfried. His eye then trailed the gengar, sneaking through the ground to flank them.

“Jasmine,” Jaron requested. She nodded and quickly threw a Psycho Cut at Vex. Vex evaded.

“Can’t you mons just try and be stupid for me,” Vex muttered, really annoyed with the resistance.

“Can’t you just fight directly and not make me have to keep an eye on you,” Jaron countered with a smirk. Unamused, Vex turned his attention to Vragon again.

“So much trouble over you. I’m beginning to think it isn’t worth it,” the ghost scoffed.

“I hope it isn’t,” Vragon agreed.

“Yeah Vragon’s not the funnest mon around,” Jaron stated, earning a scowl from the fraxure.

“Though it’s fun to fluster him,” Jasmine added. Vragon closed his angry eyes, took a deep breath and firmly said, “You both are the definition of delinquents.”

Jaron and Jasmine got in front of Vragon and readied for combat.

“But you like us anyway,” Jaron stated. Vragon sighed then answered with a slight smile, “Yes, yes I do.”

“Mind cutting the wimpy scene short,” Vex mocked as he readied two Shadow Balls. Right when he was about to fire he felt a chill in his spine. “What but I-” he said upon being identified.

“That’s what you get for being lazy,” Dolly said coming out of some bushes.

Vex gave a frown and sighed. “Oh come on.”

“Your fault for snoozing on the job.” Vex flinched angrily at the return of poor puns. He looked at the trio, back at the normal type Pokémon and finally to his hands.

“We can’t win this,” Vex snarled, “Siegfried, we’re out of here.”
Siegfried broke from his fight to join his all.

“I don’ think so,” Ciecro shouted as he lunged towards Siegfried, catching his right leg. The gallade fell on his face and turned just in time to parry a Thunderpunch. Vex fired a shadow ball to assist. Ciecro jumped away in time to evade and countered with a Flamethrower. Vex rolled out of the way and charged another Ball. To his dismay Jaron struck it with an Ice Beam. The ice covered the dark blob and froze over Vex’s hands.

“Now Jasmine!” Jaron exclaimed as the absol leaped up and fired a Psycho Cut right into Vex. The ghost hit the ground from the super effective move. Vex didn’t stay down for long though.

“You’re leaking,” Dolly said with a grin as she pointed to a slit in the gengar leaking an odd blue substance. Vex gasped and clasped the wound.

“Give up and I’ll patch you up,” Dolly offered, “and then you’re going to tell us why you are after little Vray.”

“Is everyone going to make fun of me,” Vragon groaned with a face-palm.

“Don’t be dragon me down little Vray.” Dolly smiled and Vragon growled.

“I’ll pass lady,” Vex answered with a creepy smile, “Better than the alternative.” Siegfried ran rushed towards Vex as Ciecro fired another beam of fire. Vex countered with a Shadow Ball. Siegfried pulled an orb out of his coat’s pocket and threw it at Jaron and Jasmine. Jaron hit it with an Ice Beam, but this only helped make the Luminous orb more effective. By the time the light died the two mons were gone.

“Dammit,” Ciecro growled as he browsed the area. After failing to see their escape path, he joined the group.

“Whelp that was something,” Jaron stated, “Did they catch on why they wanted you, Vray?”

Vragon shook his head. “All I can say is that they wanted something from my memories and maybe wanted to assess something about me. I don’t know for what though.”

“It’s fine buddy,” Jaron said putting his claw on Vragon’s shoulder, “But till those guys aren’t a danger you’re staying with us. Right Ciecro.”

Ciecro just gave an annoyed sigh. Vragon then noticed Jasmine’s had some wounds. He walked up to her and got down to see the damage to her leg.

“It’s not bad Vray,” Jasmine assured.

“If you walk on it, you might infect it unless we bandage it. Actually…” Vragon put his claw on it, causing Jasmine to wince from the pain. A small yellow light glowed for a second. Vragon removed his claw, revealing the wound sealed up.

“Thanks..Vray?” Jasmine said out of concern upon seeing the fraxure's eyes begin to droop.

Vragon began to wobble a little, But Jaron held him up. “Easy there, you’re hurt a bit yourself.”

“Yeah,” Vragon panted, “I kinda need to sit down. Jasmine, I’ll fix it up when we get back.”

“I’m fine Vray, you’ve helped enough,” Jasmine declined, “Save your energy for your own healing.”

“You mean synergy,” Vragon corrected.

“Yeah, yeah I know doctor,” Jasmine teased.

“Can you now Vray?” Jaron asked. The fraxure got up and wobbled a little, but retained his balance.
Dolly took the lead while Ciecro took the back.

< O >

Vragon sat in Jaron’s room looking at his pendant. His eyes followed the metal patterns on its surface. He flipped it over and repeated the process on the back. Hmm I almost lost you. I’m glad it worked…out.

Vragon’s head lowered slightly as he set his treasure on the nightstand. It was then Jaron walked in. The croconaw just stared for a little, with a worried expression on his face. He finally gave a cough to announce his entrance.

“Oh…hi Jaron,” Vragon said without looking, still in pensive.

“You okay? I don’t blame you for being a little-”

“It’s not that Jaron,” the fraxure admitted as their eyes locked. “Jaron…the gallade in that fight asked me if I had a gift called ‘Savoir’. I don’t know what that gift is about and it from some reason it’s worrying me. Do you happen to know what that gift does?”

Jaron thought for a bit, then shook his head. “I don’t know of a gift like that. But it doesn’t matter. Sides your gift isn’t uncommon well whatever it is. I mean Passing Life and Synergizer are some that can heal wounds like you can.”

“He also talked about…Averions," The mention of this word again sent a little shiver through the fraxure. He hadn't thought much about the Averian clan, but now it was one of the top things in his mind. He began twiddling his claws as he asked, "Jaron, do you or Ciecro know anything about Averions?”

Jaron walked over and sat next to Vragon. For a moment the croconaw stayed quiet; His crimson eyes showing an attempt to come up with an answer. Finally, Jaron shook his head and answer, “No, not really. Never been to their lands nor met any of them. Forest upbringing, remember." Jaron gave another one of his basic grins to try and lighten the effect of another dead end for the fraxure.

“Yeah…” Vragon’s head sank a little dashing Jaron's attempts in preventing a drop in mood.

The two sat there for a few minutes not saying a single word. Finally, the croconaw was getting a little antsy and decided to change the subject. He began looking around the room, searching for a viable conversation starter. He spotted Vragon’s pendant and took it from its resting place. Vragon didn't react at all from this action nor from the water type's gazing at the detailed grooves.

“Tell me something Vray,” Jaron said suddenly, causing Vragon to look up at him, “You ever thought about becoming a doctor? I mean, you’ve got your gift and your already are pretty smart in that area.”

“Maybe," Vragon said, taking a moment to entice the idea, "but I just comprehend synergy concepts well and my gift bypasses any really complex stuff. Sides, I’m not great on big wounds.”

“I dunno, one day you might regenerate Pokémon’s arms back,” Jaron chuckled while Vragon rolled his eyes with little grin.

"Your just being puerile, Jaron," Vragon stated, giving Jaron a skeptical smile

“It could happen,” Jaron continued, showing the genuine in his tone, “Heh, maybe with more practice. I don’t know the complete potential of your gift, Vray, and something tells me you haven't even scratched the surface.”

Vragon quickly darted his gaze to the wall, trying to keep a future blush at bay. He then began to ponder something as he looked at the wall opposite him. Jaron was about to ask him if he was alright, but Vragon beat him to it. Vragon whispered, "You know Jaron…I never really thought about it.”

The croconaw raised a brow and guessed, “Your future?” Vragon nodded. Jaron gave one of his encouraging smiles, causing Vragon to roll his eyes again. The croconaw then raised the pendant up so that he and Vragon could look at it together.

“This is a pretty pendant. I remember my dad being a toughie that rarely showed his soft side. But when he did he wouldn’t fail to make me smile,” Jaron reminisced. Jaron then put the pendant into Vragon’s hands, “Vragon, I want to help you find your past and everything, but don’t forget about us here. I hate to see you bummed and worried about this stuff and well…I wanna make you feel better. You get what I mean?”

Vragon nodded. These words from Vragon filled him with gratitude and slight guilt. He had been focusing on his search for clues, but he never really thought about his future much.

“Hey Jaron…”


“You mind coming with me to the nearby town?”

“What for?”

“I wanna get some books on medical stuff. I think you’re right about me having to think about my future and all.”

“Of course I will Vragon,” Jaron replied with an even bigger smile.

< O >

“Well this is awful” Vex complained rubbing his newly bandaged cut. The two were residing in a small cave far away from the town. Siegfried stood at the entrance keeping watch.

“I hope we had someone decent on this assignment. Considering we failed to catch the kid, we’re going to get so chewed out.”

Siegfried turned around and “I want our backup just to be competent enough to help us finish, Vex.”

“What?” Vex defended, “Are you going to blame me for everything? If you had just handled those two then we could have gotten away.”

Siegfried growled and Vex just rolled his eyes. The gallade was about to look out again until he noticed Vex’s expression change to surprise. Siegfried turned around only to clasp on his throat by a firm claw. The gallade began to gasp as Vex quickly got to his feet, only to be the landing cushion for Siegfried.

“You both are f***ing idiots,” An unrelenting voice snapped. The two looked upon their superior. A black scaled haxorus walked into the darkness, the ground crackling under his strong steps. “I have no intention of going back without our objective. You two twats will assist me.”

Siegfried got to his feet and informed, “They most likely will have him under protection or something.”

“I won’t take a risk losing a potential end to my search.” The mon said as he turned his backs towards them. He clasped his claws behind his back and peered at the crescent moon outside. “Do you fools comprehend the importance of this mission?”

Vex finally got up and managed to say, “We don’t get told too much, but we are after information and that kid is supposed to be linked to it.”

Siegfried added, “However, when I probed his memories I couldn’t find anything related to it.”

“That was your former mission purpose. You now will assist me in his capture.”

Vex gave a little cough and inquired “Um…If I may uh-”

“Trishula, but you will address me by ‘Sir’.”

“Um sir what do you mean by-”

“I have interests that is all. I have been informed that our thorn ‘Seliph’ was on your trail.”

Vex looked down in shock while Siegfried kept his stern face. Siegfried then stepped forward, leading to Trishula looking far enough back just to glimpse him out of the corner of his eye.

“If he’s coming then we should back off. He’s formidable and has killed many an agent of ours. If he joins them then….we’ll have no-”

“Silence,” Trishula scolded in a low aggressive tone. Siegfried stopped as Trishula once again looked outside, “Whatever your fate to complete this capture is of no concern. I will not risk my goals with cowards. Now you will assist or I will relieve you of your existence myself.”

The two grunts looked at each other. Trishula then raised his right arm in front of his view of the moon. Clenching his fist Trishula whispered, “You’re the reason for my existence, Aegis.”

“Aegis?” Vex whispered to Siegfried, curious about the name. Siegfried whispered back, “One of the five originals. The starters of the clans. He is the starter of the Averion’s. Remember when I mentioned if he had Savoir it would be a big break for us? Well Aegis’s gift was Savoir.” The two looked back at the haxorus, who seemed lost in deep thought. I’ll find you and then I shall complete myself from your destruction.


Trishula (Trish-oo-lah)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 15
A Short Trip

“You sure you don’t need me to come?” Jasmine asked Jaron and Vragon. They were at the edge of the road leading out of town.

“Thanks Jasmine, but Vragon and I will be fine,” Jaron replied with a smile.

“You haven’t forgotten about what happened last night have you?” She replied with a mix of concern and scepticism.

Vragon answered with, “No we haven’t, so we have someone to accompany us. We’re waiting for her.”

Jasmine’s eyes widened upon having a thought. “Don’t tell me it’s-”

“That was fast Jasmine. What are you, Psychic?” Dolly’s voice asked from behind the absol. Jasmine frowned with annoyance, refusing to turn around.

“Are you serious Vragon?”

Vragon gestured a "no" and gave a little point to Jaron, who was giving his gator smile.

“Jaron, you can’t just go by yourselves. At least take Ciecro with you,” Jasmine protested.

“Jaz, we’ll be fine. The route is about a two hour stroll and it’s daytime.” Jasmine wasn’t convinced. Jaron sighed, leaned in closer, pointed to his arm sack and whispered, “I have one communication orb for each of us, three chesto berries for sleep status, two all-Mach orbs for instant move critical ups, some sitrus berries, two blast seeds, one grenade orb-“

“Okay, I get it. You’re prepared,” Jasmine shouted in the middle of Jaron’s listing.

“Look Jasmine, I’d bring you along, but I need you to do something else.” Jasmine gave a surprised look. Jaron looked Vragon, who gave a sigh and shook his head. Jaron then said to Jasmine, “I kinda need you to do my job while I’m gone. You’re fine with that right?”

All the anticipation from Jasmine died in that instant. She gritted her teeth underneath a “It’s fine”. She turned around, said, “Fine, just hurry up,” and walked away.

“Yeah she’s mad,” Vragon stated, giving Jaron a leer.

“It’ll be fine Vragon, she’s Jasmine and she always thinks that I’m inconsiderate.”

“And that’s a good thing?” Dolly asked, not quite getting it.

“Not really, but if she’s willing to be friends with Ciecro, then I’m pretty sure she’s fine with me.”

“I question your logic on that, but I suppose she does have a reason, if not out of sympathy,” Vragon added, “I mean why else would she hang around with you?”

“I dunno, why do you hang out with me?” Jaron responded arrogantly.

“Well um..not the point.”

“What’s wrong Vray? Don’t have an answer?”

“N-no it’s not that I just…well... I need to think of how to say it… wait no! This is about you and your-”

“Say what Vray? You know, you’re kinda acting a little, flustered. Is that blush I see,” Jaron joked, with a lie at the end.

“What?” Vragon stammered, “No I’m not b-b-b-b-blushing for that. I mean it’s just flusterednessishy stuff you know. Kinda like-”

“It’s fine Vray. I like you too.” This sent Vragon reeling back with redness covering his grey cheeks. Jaron laughed, giving the fraxure a pat on his back. “I’m just messin’ with you Vray.”

“Yeah..well … let me know next time when you’re being stupid so I don’t have to play a part in your...stupidity,” Vragon countered in frustration. The fraxure stormed a little ways away and crossed his arms. It was that moment that Dolly smacked Jaron on the shoulder. Jaron winced from the pain and demanded a reason. She didn’t answer, but walked over to Vragon, grabbed his head and twisted him around.

“Dolly what are yo-?” She pulled him over right next to Jaron. She then put her hand on his head and twisted them to look at her.

“Now pay attention.”

The two’s expressions were a mix of surprise and fear. They awaited for whatever she had in store for them. She took a breath and with a deeper voice said, “We gonna head out soon or what?”

“Aww Dolly!” the two shouted in unison, pulling her hands off her head. Dolly began laughing while the two sulked at falling for that dirty scare.

“You know, on second thought, maybe we shouldn’t have brought her,” Jaron said.

Vragon nodded and suggested, “It’s not too late to return the buffoon.”

“Come on guys I’m just joking,” Dolly stated putting her arms on the sour mon’s shoulders, “You know me. I tend to break the mold when it comes to kangaskhans.”

The two's eyes shut halfway. “Wow, real cool,” Jaron muttered in an unimpressed voice, “Its funny cause Vragon has that ability. Mold Breaker heh …. heh.”

“Respect Dolly,” Vragon added with his own sarcasm, “that was both witty and original. I’m sure it’ll be a treat to have you with us on trip.”

“Oh come on guys don’t be sore. I’m just messing with you.”

“Oh neat,” Vragon said while rolling his eyes, “You’re taking logic lessons from Jaron.”

“And apparently bad at telling jokes class from Vragon,” Jaron countered. The fraxure and croconaw locked heads, staring angrily into each other’s eyes. Dolly just stood there concerned as the two kept their eyes locked. After about two minutes, Jaron gave an angry smirk. Vragon tried to keep his scowl, but gave up and backed away.

“Hah, you can’t resist my adorable grin,” Jaron boasted in his trivial victory.

“Heh...maybe just out of sympathy.”

“You jerk,” Jaron said in a playful tone as he head locked the fraxure. The two began laughing. Jaron left his prisoner out and Vragon rolled his neck till it cracked.

“Though yeah Jaron…you should do something for her. I mean, she isn’t a wimp like me.”

“You’re not a wimp,” Dolly protested, “You’re just a kid that’s still finding himse-” She stopped upon receiving a murderous stare from Vragon. She returned a grin.

“I’ll definitely make things up to her. But for now, we should head out. The town’s not gonna meet us halfway after all,” Jaron announced, as he swung the travel bag over his shoulder and began walking. Dolly and Vragon followed after him. Soon the town was but barely visible as the three continued on the dirt road. After a while of silence Dolly gave a big yawn.

“Say, either of you hungry?” Dolly asked.

“A little break wouldn’t hurt I guess,” Jaron answered in agreement, “You Vragon?”

“Uh..yeah,” the dragon replied. Despite the answer, Jaron could tell Vragon wasn't focused on his question.

He squinted his eyes, scooched closer to the lost in thought fraxure and said in a mischievous tone, “And while we're at it do you wanna get some strong berry juice at some local place? Be a nice way to lose your problems, eh.”

“Yeah sure Jar- wait …. But we aren’t spending the night there...and what do you mean by some 'local place'? We aren't going to the town to get waste-” Vragon stopped upon seeing Jaron's classic grin. He was, once again, being messed with. Vragon gave an annoyed sigh.

“So what are yah thinking about, buddy?” Jaron responded.

“About which books I should get,” Vragon answered, returning to his pondering stance.

Jaron’s eyelids drooped and he said, “Aren’t we a bit far to think of that?”

Vragon apologized, “I guess I’m just anxious. Yeah, a little rest wouldn’t hurt.”

“Then it’s settled,” Dolly declared, “good thing I made some food for us.” She reached into her travel shoulder bag and pulled out some dry berries and some moomoo milk filled bottles.

The three sat down and started to get their trip snacks out. Dolly ripped into her berries, Vragon took his time to savor it and Jaron ate slowly. He was keeping his eyes on the forest edge, carefully moving his gaze along its border. I hope this is a good idea. But then again it was mine, so I better do my best to make sure it works.

< O >

Jasmine gave an annoyed growl as she gazed upon all the paperwork she had just finished. She slouched on the ground mumbling, “Why do I put up with them? Then again, if it’s for Vragon doing something and Jaron to get out then I guess it’s fine. Well at least not scratching worthy.”

“Hey uh Jasmine.” a fellow ranger walked in. “Uh you know where Ciecro is?”

Jasmine lifted her head from the floor and said, “No I don’t…why?”

“Well um…we can’t find him.”

Jasmine immediately hopped to here feet. She demanded information, now. The startled ranger explained that Ciecro hadn’t been seen for a while.

“Dang it now I’ve gotta find him before I do his work,” She grumbled brushing past the guy. She stormed through the building and made her way outside.

“Why did he have to go and do whatever he does when he leaves?” She mumbled to herself, making her way down the road. She was too busy scowling at the ground to see that she had walked into an alley. It didn’t take her long to run into someone there. She stuttered a little, but managed to avoid falling unlike the other Pokémon.

“Oh my, I’m sorry sir are you okay?” Jasmine inquired as she hastened to help the Pokémon.

“I’ll live thankfully” he assured her, “though I hope this isn’t a normal practice in your town, heh. Because I suffer from being too focused on things up in my head than my current positioning in my walk.”

The two shared a short laugh and Jasmine replied with a, “Don’t worry it isn’t. Oh are you a visitor to our town?”

“Yes I am. Dang, I’m a bit dirty.”

While the stranger was busy brushing himself off, Jasmine was busy taking in the view of this mon. He was a fit yet slim greninja, who appeared to be a few years older than herself. He wore a thin, blue vest with few tears in it. He wore a belt with a few sachets on it.

“Is there something you need miss?” The greninja asked, snapping her out of her staring.

“Oh sorry about that sir. No, I’m fine, I need to hurry and find someone,”

“Pardon me real quick,” the water type intervened, “Is it alright if I ask you a question?” Jasmine stopped and gave a nod.

“Don’t worry, just information. I’m looking for two mons, a gallade and gengar, have you seen them? If it helps, they both have red eyes.”

Her eyes froze; she leaped back and readied to fight. The stranger didn’t flinch at all to this, but did change his expression to serious. “So you have seen them,” he answered for her, “I’m not with them. I’m after them. I ask you answer me, time is of the essence.”

“How about you prove it!” Jasmine demanded.

The mon nodded and reached into his vest slowly. Suddenly he spun around and threw a little ball at her. She quickly sliced it. “Good reflexes,” the stranger’s voice spoke from behind her. She turned around to see the greninja holding a night slash blade at her head. “I implore you to tell me where and when you saw them. They are very dangerous.”

Jasmine calmed her nerves and obeyed the stranger. “They attacked us last night and well vanished before we could catch them.”


“Uh..me and my friends,” the stranger disintegrated the blade and raised his hand to his chin. He began mumbling some gibberish. Jasmine turned around and angrily said, “What is your deal?”

“Do you know why they attacked you?”

“They were after one of my friends.”

“I see…where is this friend?”

“Like I’d tell-” the water type moved his face right in front of hers and gave a fierce stare. “If you value that friend of yours I suggest you take me to him. If they are indeed after him, they won’t stop because of one loss to a bunch of locals.”

Jasmine thought for a second and finally nodded. She gestured with her head for him to follow and began galloping away. The greninja followed closely. “I apologize for intimidating you, I don’t really have too much time.” Jasmine just gave a grunt. Trying to make amends, the stranger asked, “Um, might I ask you for your name?”

“Only if you tell me yours.”

“Um…my name…is well…not important right now. What is right now is your friends.”

Jasmine nodded, but added, “I’ll keep my eye on you.”

“Of course,” He replied as they picked up the pace.

< O >

“Well this is new,” Dolly said staring at Jaron’s weird walking, being odd twists and occasional twirls.

Vragon joined Dolly in saying, “Jaron? What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just getting that feeling.”

“Elaborate,” Vragon pressed.

“My gift is acting up. You know, Wary.” Jaron suddenly turned around. He then walked past the two and stared into the trees again.

“I wish I could see deeper or something.”

“So, you think they are nearby?” Dolly whispered, moving a little closer to Vragon.

“Either they recovered fast or they can’t afford to let us leave,” Jaron muttered, “I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but … stay close both of you.”

Jaron took a few steps away from them and shouted, “Hey bit***s, how’s the hiding going?” Both Vragon and Dolly’s jaws dropped. Jaron looked around a little, then shouted again, “You wanna piece of us, cos we’re going to beat you up again!”

“What’s he doing?” Dolly whispered to Vragon, who shrugged just as clueless.

Jaron then shouted, “I know you’re there idiots!” Vragon face palmed, and Dolly walked up to try and get Jaron to stop. Suddenly Jaron spun around and fired an ice beam at an incoming shadow ball. He leaped past Dolly to fire a follow up scald, trying to hit an evading blob on the ground.

“My, aren’t we perceptive and attention seeking,” Vex declared as he leaped-phased from the ground.

“You should’ve stayed hidden. Did I strike a nerve?” Jaron taunted.

“You struck nothing, but a low in my interest. Thankfully I’m not asking for a beating like you are.”

“I don’t see why you’re so confident after all,” Siegfried said as he walked out from the forest, “You don’t have your numbers like before.”

He crossed his arms as Vex joined up with him. Siegfried then gave Vex an angry stare, to which Vex gave a shrug with a carefree smile. Siegfried extended his arm blades and vex opened his mouth, letting his tongue ooze saliva. Vragon shuddered, Dolly gave a “really?” look and Jaron just kept his mocking smile.

“You’re not nearly as scary as my brother. Speaking of which-”

The two grunts gave confused looks, before a flamethrower struck Vex in the face. Vex cursed from the pain of the singing move, but stopped when Ciecro’s foot shoved him into the dirt.

“My bro's right,” Ciecro snarled, keeping the gengar’s face in the dirt, “I’m way scarier dan yah two could eveh be.”

Siegfried was about to attack, but was stopped by an orb thrown by Jaron. It gave a small explosion, releasing a net. It ensnared the galllade, the momentum sending him rolling a few feet away. He tried to cut himself out, but the net gave its prisoner a nasty shock.

“I call it the Electronet orb,” Jaron said, tossing an orb in his hand, “a little thing I made myself.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you liked dabbling in making stuff,” Vragon mentioned as he and Dolly joined the croconaw.

Dolly smiled and said, “Good thing your plan worked, Jaron.”

“W-what plan?” Vex demanded, struggling to get up. However, he was forced back into the ground by Ciecro’s foot.

“Can it punk.”

Jaron walked over to the gallade and said, “I figured it would be better nabbing the two of you instead of trying to stay safe while you both roam free. So I devised a little plan for me, Dolly and Vragon to head out and play bait while Ciecro was hunting you.”

“How did he hide from us?” Siegfried shouted, continuing to struggle.

“Let’s just say, he knows how to control his light rather well,” Jaron said as he winked at his brother, who responded with a growling sigh, “and he kinda had a cloaking orb.”

“Now I think it’s time for some answers,” Ciecro snapped, putting more pressure on the gengar’s back, “Like who you both are, why you both are here for Vragon and yah ties to the red eyes. Answer us and maybe I won’ break you.”

Ciecro was suddenly struck in the face by a powerful fist slap sending him flying a ways away. He rolled a ways, before finally stopping himself.

“Bro!” Jaron shouted as he rushed to help the charmeleon. He helped him up and said, “Are you injured?”

Ciecro just gritted his teeth and grumbled, “I’m going tah kick the ass of whateveh son of a rattata did dat. Vragon! Dolly! Regroup!”

The two didn’t hesitate to join the brothers. The group watched as a tall, black scaled haxorus step out of the trees. He looked down at Vex and ordered, “Get your associate on his feet.”

He walked forward while Vex released Siegfried with a shadow claw. The haxorus gazed at the group, moving his eyes from one to the next. His eyes finally fell on Vragon’s Averion crest.

“So you must be the candidate,” The dragon stated in a cold tone.

“Candidate?” Vragon repeated, perplexed.

“For now, you are one. I require you to come with me, consenting or not.” He started moving towards the group. Ciecro fired a flamethrower as a warning shot, straight into the fierce dragon.

“Strong, despite the weakened typing,” Trishula answered, strolling out of the remnants of the fire, “But a child’s fire is still merely a spark on a solid steel.”

“I take it you’re the boss,” Jaron deduced out loud, “in that case.”

He fired an Ice Beam at the Pokémon. Trishula quickly blocked it with his arm. His arm was covered in ice. His stare remained firm as he struck it against his chest, shattering the ice off his arm.

Ciecro stepped forward, unflinching. He let out a roar as he formed Dragon Claw with his left hand and Thunder Punch with his right. Trishula raised a brow at this, unimpressed. Ciecro instructed Jaron to give a follow up, before charging the haxorus.

“Time tah break your jaw!” he shouted, jabbing with the Thunderpunch. Trishula caught it. Ciecro then swiped with his other move, only for it to be stopped by Siegfried’s Psycho Cut arm. Trishula then gave Ciecro a firm hit with his head. Ciecro fell on his bum and was kicked firmly in the chest. He was knocked back to the group. Jaron fired another Ice Beam to slow Trishula’s progress, but it was canceled out by Vex’s Shadow Ball.

“Dammit.” Ciecro growled, trying to get back on his feet despite his hurting ribs. Suddenly he felt a surge of energy in him. He looked up to see Vragon’s claws on his shoulder. “I’m fine Vray,” he snapped, “Save yah energy for de fight in-case we need you. Stay with Dolly while me and Jaron deal with dis prick.”

Vragon nodded and backed on over to the kangaskhan. Trishula then rushed towards them. Jaron threw a blast seed, forcing Trishula to block the blast. Jaron then fired another Ice Beam trough the smoke. Trishula sliced the beam apart, but was struck by Ciecro, leaping from the smoke. The haxorus staggered a little, before regaining his balance.

“Hurts, don’ it? Ciecro said, giving a mean grin. His arrogant grin turned to another scowl as the haxorus merely cracked his neck.

The dark dragon stated in a condescending tone, “If you want to get in my way, then at least try to be an obstacle, otherwise I demand your departure from matters that don’t concern you.”

Ciecro’s anger got the better as he lunged with another Dragon Claw. Trishula was too fast though and a firm smack from his fist set Ciecro flying a few yards. Trishula started a follow up attack, but was struck in the face by Jaron’s Ice Beam. He tore the ice off his face, while Jaron covered Ciecro.

“We might have to strat, brother,” Jaron suggested, his tone changed to pretty serious. Ciecro nodded as he wiped the dirt off his slightly cut cheek. They got side by side, Jaron taking a low stance while Ciecro took an aggressive straightened. Trishula eyed the two curious about what they would do, but not caring to actually figure it out.

Meanwhile Dolly and Vragon were dealing with the two grunts. Siegfried sent a Psycho Cut straight at the two. Dolly moved her arm to block the move from hitting Vragon, who fired a Dragon Breath at the attacker. Siegfried dodged with a back hand spring. Vex took the opportunity to attempt a flank. However, Dolly noticed and tried to use foresight, but Siegfried did another Psycho Cut to distract her.

“Vragon cover!” She shouted to the fraxure, who got between the gallade and Dolly. Vragon activated Dragon Claw and stood right behind Dolly, waiting for another attack. Siegfried slightly nodded his head, signaling the ghost for a joint attack. They both fired their range moves.

“Get down!” Dolly shouted and the fraxure obeyed. Vragon hit the ground and covered his head, as Dolly dizzy punched the psycho cut and let the shadow ball pass through her. Siegfried evaded the move, spun with the moment and threw another Psycho Cut at the two. Vragon gave an upper slice with Dragon Claw, deflecting the move into the air. Vragon and Dolly returned to defending each other's backs.

Ciecro and Jaron were also struggling in their team up fight against the red eyed leader. Despite their best efforts Trishula was easily able to count Ciecro’s Flamethrower or Jaron’s Ice Beam.

“Dis isn’t working!” Ciecro shouted as he dodge a slice from his tall opponent.

“Try this,” Jaron called out, throwing an all-Mach orb to his brother. Ciecro reached out to grab it, but it was caught mid-flight by Trishula. The two froze as the dragon pulled the orb closer and looked at it with squinting eyes.

“Resourceful children, I’ll give you that,” He stated crushing the orb. He spread his arms and puffed out his chest. He then opened his mouth and began to inhale.

“Jaron! Get back!” Ciecro shouted, warning Jaron of an incoming move. Jaron leaped up in the air right when the dragon fired Incinerate. The fire move surged in a straight line, burning the grass it traveled over. Jaron threw an orb at the mon. It blasted out an Electronet that covered the haxorus. Trishula merely sliced his way out with one Dragon Claw swipe, ignoring the net's shocks.

“Dammit, not even that,” Jaron snarled. He looked to see how the others were doing; He noticed they were having difficulty in fighting the opened due to the ranged moves the grunts kept throwing at the two.

Jaron decided they needed a new plan. Take them out one by one, “Ciecro, change targets. Let’s take them out first,” The charmander nodded and they rushed to help. Jaron forced Vex back with a Scald, while Ciecro locked moves with Siegfried. Trishula ran after them.

“Dolly, catch!” Jaron shouted, throwing a heal seed at her. She got the message. She lunged to meet the haxorus and unleashed a barrage of jabs and kicks. He parried as best as he could, but finally was out sped by the aggressive Dolly. He staggered a little giving Dolly more jabs and kicks onto the dragon’s body. After about a minute of pummeling, Dolly finally grabbed the Pokémon by his cheek blades and threw him deep into the trees. Dolly let out a fierce roar. She could feel the confusion starting to take over and quickly ate the heal seed. She let out a calming sigh, feeling the status ailment dying out.

“What the? I didn’t know you knew-” Vragon began. Dolly just smiled and interrupted with,

“Sorry you had to see me when I’m outraged.”

Vragon growled and Dolly smirked. Vragon turned around to help Jaron, while Dolly helped Ciecro. The group of four forced their way past the two and drove the enemies to the forest’s edge.

“Are you lot done?” Trishula growled as he stepped out of the trees. He tensed his muscles and crossed his arms. He swung them apart, sending a fast wind that brushed the group slightly.

Jaron gave Ciecro a grin. “Hey, let’s Dual slice him with these bro,” he whispered, revealing two quick orbs in his claw. Ciecro took one and clenched it in his fist.

“Dolly, Vragon, clear us a path,” Ciecro ordered as he and Jaron activated the orbs. A surge of blue aura covered them and entered their bodies.

“Dang, that feels good,” Jaron said with enjoyment in his voice, as the effects of the orb surged through his body, exciting his nerves. Once done, Jaron rolled his head with a smile on his face and let out a pleased exhale. Ciecro then gave Jaron a wink and moved his tongue over the side of his mouth. Jaron’s eyes dropped halfway and muttered, “Please bro.”

"You de one dat moaned in satisfaction," Ciecro joked.

Regaining their focus, The two finally turned to face their opponent again. They rushed towards the haxorus, zig zagging past each other forming large X’s in their paths. Vragon and Dolly used Dragon Breath and Focus Blast to force the minions away. When the two were only a few feet away, they both sliced at the dragon in unison. Trishula blocked their swipes, but was sent back a little from the force. Trishula slowly lowered his arms from their blocking positions and clenched his claws.

“He’s startin' tah piss me off,” Ciecro grumbled.

“How do we beat this guy?” Jaron wheezed.

“You don’t nimrods,” Trishula mocked as he thrust his right fist into the ground, causing Earthquake. Jaron and Ciecro were sent a ways from the rupturing ground. They managed to break their falls with a roll and hastily got back to their feet.

“Look out!” Vragon shouted, deflecting a Shadow Ball from hitting Jaron. Dolly rushed over to cover Ciecro. They were again surrounded, Vex and Siegfried on the sides and Trishula straight in front. He strode towards the spent group, keeping a strong but composed stride. Suddenly he stopped upon seeing something behind them. He raised his arms in protection just in time to tank a Psycho Cut aimed for his face.

Everyone went silent for a second. “Jasmine?” Jaron said to himself and began to turn around. Before he did a flash of blue flew past him. It struck Trishula with a stronger force than the move prior. Tishula was pushed a few feet away, carving into the ground as he slid.

Jaron then noticed some water was on his cheek. “Wait how did that happen? I thought it looked like a water shuri-” Jaron said out loud, but stopped. Ciecro had noticed the water on his own cheek too. They both slowly turned their and eyes widened with surprised, upon seeing him … Seliph.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Violence, Language, Blood, Psychological Torment, Brief Torture [15]
Chapter 16
Intrusion by Recollection

JaJarJaron snap out of it! The startled croconaw snapped to his sense after several shakes from Vragon.

Wh-wha? Vragon, wait but I saw-

Get down! Vragon shouted, forcing Jaron onto the ground. A blast of fire soared over the twos head and impacted the forest on the other side of the road.

Jaron looked up from the ground to see Trishula exchanging blows with Seliph. Seeing his brothers face opened the door to many memories. Some good, some sad but only one that mattered to him now. Jaron got to his feet slowly.

Hey youve taken some damage you probably should rest for a sec, Vragon suggested. The fraxure then noticed Jarons scowl. It wasnt like any scowl he had seen. It wasnt hard for Vragon to deduce the reason for this abnormality of Jaron.

Jaron, he said, walking in front and putting his claws on Jarons shoulders, Lets focus on getting out of here first. I promise, Ill do whatever you need me to do when we get back, but right now we need his help.

The last few words rubbed Jaron the wrong way. He brushed Vragon aside, with force, but not enough to send him off-balance. Help the others,

What are you-? Vragon began, but stopped as the croconaw rushed towards the fight. Vragon let out a sigh and headed over to Ciecro, who was getting back on his feet. Before he reach the charmeleon he began rushing at the group.

Ciecro wait! Vragon shouted, but his words went on deaf ears. They were to focus on one thing. The greninja.

Vragon gave an annoyed growl, but stopped upon spying Vexs shadowy blob slither to his right. It was headed for Ciecro. Vragon fired a Dragon Breath at it, but Vex suddenly diverted towards him.

Predictable! Vex shouted, popping up from the ground and hurling a shadow ball towards the dragon. Vragon rolled to avoid, but was left open for a Vacuum Wave from Siegfried. Vragon managed to cover his face, despite being taken aback. Suddenly, he was grabbed and pressed firmly against a mon. The move shredded upon the two fiercely. When the attack had concluded Vragon looked up to see Dolly squinting as if in sharp pain. She opened her eyes and gave him a grin, with a wink, before falling to one knee, gritting her teeth. Vragon caught her and lowered her gently to the ground. Her back had several cuts.

What? But they did have any buffs and her defense is- Siegfried began walking towards the two, holding an All-Mach orb in his hand.

Thanks for the boost Vex, Siegfried muttered tossing the orb over his shoulder.

Good thing that water guy was too distracted to see me grab it.

Vragon became really frightened. He couldnt win and the most he could do was run, but he couldnt leave Dolly like thisbut if he He clenched his fists in frustration. He looked at his injured friend then at the incoming gallade. Vragon then looked at his hand. He had only gone this far once and it wasn't a pleasant experience. The claw he looked at started shaking slightly at remembering that incident. He closed his claws and eyes, turned to his friend and said, Im sorry Dolly, but you're a better fighter than me anyway. He firmly slammed his left arm on her biggest back wound, making her shriek from the surge of pain. Vragon closed his eyes and started his gift. The faint yellow aura light emanated from his hand surging into Dolly.

Stop him! Siegfried shouted to Vex. The gengar fired a shadow ball at Vragon. It was however destroyed by Jasmines psycho cut. Vragon took this extra time to thrust his other hand on and surge his Synergy into her. The wounds sealed up and Dolly let out a sigh of content.

Thanks for the save, Vr-Vray? The fraxure was swaying. His eyes closed and arms still on her back. He slowly started to fall backwards, but Dolly managed to soften his fall with her right arm. She rested the fraxures head on her left arm and started shaking him softly.

Vray come on snap to it, Dolly pleaded. Vragons eyes were squinting and his firsts were clenched.

Dol..myh-hea.ith-hurts. Vragons began to squirm a little, clasping his from the headache he had acquired. Seeing no other option Dolly picked him up and put him over her shoulder.

Hang on Vray, Dolly said to the moaning fraxure. Vex began to approach the two, but was struck by a Megahorn by Jasmine. The absol then swung her head, and fired a psycho cut past her friends and at Siegfried. The gallade surged Psycho Cut in his right arm and parried the incoming attack, which caused a small explosion upon hitting the ground. Jasmine then bolted to join Dolly and the two got back to back.

Is Vray down? Jasmine asked, worried.

Hes got a bad migraine. My wounds required a lot of his synergy. Hes in no condition to fight anymore; we need to get him out of here.

How? Jasmine asked in an aggressive, but out of concern tone.

Jaron has some escape orbs, Dolly whispered, If we can get to him and get everyone together we should be able to escape.

This would be easier said than done. Siegfried had made sure to isolate the three off from the others and Vex would be easily able to cut off a rush on either path of the road with his speed. They were trapped, with no other option, but to defend themselves and a squirming Vragon.

Meanwhile Trishula was on the defensive due to the nimble attacks by Seliph. After a few minutes of clashing Night Slash Kunai and Trishulas powerful claws, the two's moves locked.

I assume, youre Seliph correct? The dragon said, to his new opponent.

Yes, the greninja answered, and what is your name or are you just another grunt?

Trishula forced Seliph back with an enormous swipe with his free claw.

Im Trishula, he answered, you have a history of annoyance to the red eyes I hear. I will give you credit. Not many mons would be able to track down and kill one from the middle circle.

Well, your leaders have always acted arrogant.

I agree Norfarion, now. Trishula put his weight on his right leg, tensed his muscles and rolled his claws. I hope youre ready to die.

He was about to lunge to the awaiting Seliph, but he was struck in the face with an Ice Beam. The icy feeling on his face caused the mon to lose his stance. He was struck in the face by a firm ThunderPunch from Ciecro. Trishula used the momentum to try to do a retaliation swipe, but his obscured vision made him miss his target. Ciecro then struck with a Dragon Claw; he then turned around and cupped his hands and gave the running Jaron a leg up. A yellow light surged in Jarons left palm. He dove straight at the haxorus and used Crunch on haxorus neck.

Agh! Trishula roared from the teeth biting his neck, You piece of- He reached to grab Jaron, but Ciecro gave him a Thunderpunch into his gut. Trishula spat out some blood as he was knocked back a few steps. Using his lodging, Jaron pulled back with his lodged teeth to try and force the dragon on his back. Ciecro followed this move with a follow up with a head charge. The combined actions were enough to make Trishula fall on his back. Jaron leaped away in time to avoid getting crushed.

Ciecro activated a dragon claw in his left hand and said to Jaron, All-mach orb?

Jaron nodded. It was the only way I could better my change of getting the crit to get through that damn defense of his.

Jaron, Ciecro finish him! Seliph shouted running towards the two.

Stay back, Jaron shouted, causing the frog mon to stop in his tracks. Jaron looked at Ciecro and gave him a nod. Ciecro returned one as well turned towards the downed mon. He put his foot firmly on the wheezing Trishula and moved his Dragon Claw move to the haxorus neck.

Give up now, Ciecro ordered, Trishula.

Heh, so you children arent without wit. Trishula began laughing a little amid his wheezing.

Shut it! Ciecro harshly spoke, pressing harder with his foot.

Ciecro, hes too dangerous, Seliph shouted.

Stay out of this, Jaron shouted again. Ciecro looked behind him at Seliph, with angry eyes. Trishula opened his mouth and fired an Incinerate at the charmeleon, the resulting heat melting the ice on his face enough for him to pull it off. Ciecro was struck in the back and landed on the ground. Jaron tried firing an Ice Beam in retaliation, but was slammed away by Trishulas tail as the dragon jumped to his feet. Seliph threw two Water Shuriken at Trishula, who did a half twist backflip to evade. Seliph rushed up, drawing a Night Slash stick blade. He thrust it at Trishula, but it was forced down by Trishulas claw.

Tell me, why come here? he inquired, while Seliph struggled to get his move weapon freed. Seliph ignored the question. Trishula swiped at him with his other claw, but Seliph leaped away, letting the Night Slash disintegrate between the dragons claw.

Enough Norfarion, Trishula said in an annoyed tone, its time I finally end this. Trishula looked at the other fight going on and then back to Seliph. He raised his arms above his hand and clasped his claws together. He then pulled them in front of his mouth. A mix of blue and red energy covered him.

Dragon Dance? Seliph muttered and rushed at the mon, however Ciecro was already heading in for another slice. Trishula grinned as he broke the stance and caught Ceicros arm. Seliph stopped in shock as Trishula pulled Ciecro close and put his claw on the charmeleons face. A fiery red aura surged from Trishulas arm into Ciecro's face. Ciecro gave a painful cry as what looked like red energy flowed fiercely up Trishula's arm.

Ciecro! Seliph shouted, rushing towards the vile haxorus. Trishula threw Ciecro at Seliph, who caught him before the charmeleon hit the ground. Ciecro are you wounded? he asked, with worry.

ughuh..huh? Let go of me! Ciecro shoved Seliph away and turned back toward the haxorus.

HmBlaze I see, Trishula muttered to himself, not useful to me right now, but...

Seliphs eyes widened, You mean

So, youve heard of the gift Schmarotzer. Trishula stated, finishing for Seliph.

Shmarotzah? Ciecro tried to repeat.

Schmarotzer." Seliph corrected "It's the Yverin word for the gift called parasitic. Hes basically sealed your ability and now has its effect, as well.

Wait, so hes got two abilities now? Jaron uttered, joining the two. Seliph nodded with a grim expression. This haxorus wasnt going to go down easily and his brothers allies were in trouble as well.

Ive got no choiceIll have to fall back with themarceus, will this be day.
Seliph turned to Jaron and asked, do you have anything for escaping?

Of course I do. I have three, Jaron snapped pulling out one of his escape orbs to prove it. Suddenly, Seliph snatched it. Hey! Thats mine! Jaron protested.

I have a plan to get out of here, but Ill need an escape orb.

Then use your own, Jaron growled, trying to reach for his orb.

This is no time to arg- get down! Seliph forced his brothers on their stomachs, barely avoiding a powerful Incinerate from Trishula.

Help them now! Seliph ordered.

Yah not the boss of us, Ciecro snapped.

"Ciecro," Jaron said to Seliph in a concerned tone. Seliph then pointed to the others. Jasmine and Dolly were struggling to counter the range attacks from the grunts.

They need your help now, please, Seliph urged. Jaron got up and headed over there, but not until giving Seliph a cold gaze. Ciecro soon followed. Seliph turned around and faced his opponent. Seliph then noticed the Averion crest on the haxoruss arm.

Hmso youre an Averion. So ashamed of that heritage, Trishula that youd stoop so low as to attack children? Seliph asked rhetorically.

You assume falsely. I take my heritage very seriously. I just refuse to stay limited, Trishula stated, but you Seliph. Im curious about your little interactions. Do you, by chance, know them?

Now whos assuming, Seliph replied, keeping a normal tone, to try and keep his connection with the others a secret.

Youre attitude will get killed someday. But I care not about details.

Trishula started another Dragon Dance. Seliph threw a Water Shuriken. Trishula took the blow and finished the buff. The dragon let out an exhale of content as he started to feel the effects. Seliph began backing away slowly, keeping two Night Slash kunai raised. Trishula walked after him at the same pace. Suddenly the dragon lunged forward, with increased speed. Seliph managed to block from being sliced by Trishulas claw, but was pushed back a few feet. The dragon then lunged fiercely again. Seliph dug his legs into the ground and leaped over, just high enough to be out of Trishulas swiping reach. The dragon spun around and sliced again, cutting right through the landing frog. To his surprise, the frog merely vanished, like cutting through mist.

Substitute? Trishula shouted in his head. Before he could react upon this discovery, he was hit with a blast seed on the back sending him on his stomach. The explosion caused a good bit of damage. The dragon slowly got up, to one knee. He then spun around quickly to defend himself, but to his surprised Seliph was heading to the group.

About time! Dolly shouted Seliph joined them.

Do it now! Seliph ordered as he started throwing Water Shurikens at the pursuing Trishula.

Dolly nodded and raised one of the escape orbs up. Siegfried and Vex immediately threw their range moves in an attempt to stop them. They were canceled by Ciecro and Jarons moves. Trishula fired an Incinerate, but Seliph threw a light screen orb down, creating a yellow wall in front. This wall weakened the attack enough for Jasmine to cancel it with a Bite. The escape orb began to activate and a blue pillar began forming around the group, but just as they were about to escape a black shockwave surged through the area. The orb stopped shining and turned shadowy blue, along with the blue pillar fading away.

What? But how? Dolly said in dismay, looking at the orb. The group then saw Trishula holding a Disrupter Orb up high.

I told you. I cannot allow you to leave, Trishula reminded them as he and the other two closed in.

A-a disrupter orb? Jaron said in distress, dammit, now none of my orbs will work now.

Good thing I have this, Seliph said with a smile. He pulled out a pouch from one of his pockets and dropped an escape orb in his hands. Trishula flinched in surprise.

So lange, Hndin, Seliph mocked with a smirk as the group were spirited away by another blue pillar.

Siegfried stared in shock. They then turned their surprised gazes to their superior. His surprise expression was gone now, replaced by eyes of fury. Nono, no, no dammit you! Trishula roared punching the ground over and over with his fists.

How the hell did they pull that off? They couldnt use any orbs? Vex stated, perplexed.

That greninja had it in a pouchIt must have kept it safe from our disrupter orb, Siegfried theorized.

Oh man, Vex groaned in annoyance, and we had a plan and everything.

That son of a bi***. They could be anywhere now and without any leads he could head anywhere without us knowing, Trishula growled, finally relieving the ground from his punches, Theyve got a head start. Come, we need to find out where they wenthm?

What is it? Siegfried asked, but was met with silence. Trishula then began to walk into the woods nearby. The two were about to follow, but were met with Trishulas arm raised, telling them no. The dragon then disappeared into the forest and the two looked at each other.

After going a ways, Trishula sat down and crossed his legs. He began to meditate. His breath became slow, his muscle relaxed and his mind clear. Words began to echo in his head.

Lehrer, he said out loud. His mind drifted back, I'm sorry. I...let it get to me again. I need to be reminded.

( O )

A faint candle shined, showing the stone floor of the room. A thin haze was in the room, filling the place with the scent of spice. In the reach of the light, a fraxure bowed on one knee, facing the dark. His eyes were closed, his breathing faint and shaking slightly.

Warum hast du angst? a voice called in the dark. The fraxures eyes opened wide, surprised at hearing his homes language.

Uhum..teacher II almost..l-lost, to it. I-It was terrify- the young dragon stammered.

You mean that you almost gave in, to your weakness, and thus allowed it, to almost overcome you, the voice said eerily. The fraxure began shaking faster now, his red eyes looking straight at the ground. The voice then asked again,

Warum hast du angst?

The fraxure thought for a moment, then raised his head. I fear being caged. Becomingtrapped. Its terrifies me.

Trishula, the voice called out, why did you come to us?

Trishulas shaking slowed down and his eyes gave a scowl, at the memory of him leaving. I came, because I couldnt stay the way I was. I wanted more from my life, but so long as I stayed there I would always just be another number.

Your fear remains with you. Even still you have been blessed with our eyes, yet you remain a frightened whelp. The voice growled. Trishula once again quivered in fear. Do you wish to conquer this? To become more?

Y-yes teacher, Trishula replied amid his heavy breathing.

Then look.

Trishula raised his head and stared into a pair of red eyes. The sight frightened him, but he couldnt muster the nerve to look away. His nerves began to scream in his body, as if he was staring at an Yveltal.

Your fear makes you weak. I took in you as one of the red eyes, but I chose you specifically to be my student. Amid that weak bag of scales I saw something raw. I saw something that I could morph into something more.

Trishulas red irises began to glow. His breathing slowed, his nerves calmed, and his eyes remained focused on the ones staring back at him.

Tell me Trishula, the voice slithered, will you give in to fear or will you let me morph you into something more? Remove those thoughts and memories from your mind and draw into yourself. Those that fail, become slaves to this gift of the red eyes. You are teetering near the edge. Am I correct?

Trishula answered with, Yes. Suddenly the eyes he stared at began to glow fiercely. The fraxure felt a mix of dread and pain in his head. He began to cry, but still couldnt pull his gaze away or shut his eyes.

You are teetering near the edge, correct?

Trishula was confused, horrified and in pain. He finally managed to speak, NoIm not andI never will! The eyes stopped their glare and Trishula fell on the ground. He trembled from the mix of pain and fear he had just experienced. His eyes were open with tears still in them. His breathing froze however as he felt warm breath above him.

Never believe it can ever control you. If you find a problem and your emotions take over. Remember where you came from, else it will consume you in your proneness, the creature above him said. The warmth from the voice landing on his neck. The fraxure tried to stop shaking, but merely slowed the motion down to slight jerking.

Remember why you left the sanctuary of your world in Averia and came here. Remember when you were given the ritual of a red eyed lord.

Trishula felt a slimy thing clamp on his neck. He felt teeth so it must have been a mouth. He closed his eyes and let out soft dragon whimpers. The teeth clamped more on his neck, not puncturing his scales but pinching down where they clamped.

You know how it feels to be alone. Now take that fear and despair and let it cover you. Dont be the weakling, but the survivor. Tell me my young disciple, will you remain what you were? A lost fearful fletching?

Trishula's closed eyes were covered in tears, his breathing was amid whimpers and body was tense. The dragon took a breath and relaxed his muscles. He calmed his breathing to hide his fear and let his body and tail go limp. He was at the mercy of the creature above him. For what felt like an hour, the dragon laid there only trying to keep his breathing slow. The clamping on his neck was now starting to draw a little bit of blood. Suddenly it clamped harder, causing Trishula to yelp from the pain. His tail shot straight and his arms tensed, but he did his best to restrain his movements. It wasnt long before he let himself go limp again, despite the biting on his neck.

Good my student, the voice slithered with satisfaction, do not let the self you were dictate your actions now. Focus your mind into your soul and remember all that youve done to come here. The feeling of when you became one of us and the powerless state you are in now.

The mouth released its grip, and Trishula began to breathe heavily. The fraxure then looked at the candle out of the corner of his half-closed eye. The light was dimming, giving way to the darkness to engulf the room. Trishula kept watching it until the light went out. Then his eyes closed and all was dark.

< O >

..y .ay ..Vray. Yo, Vray wake up.

Vragon eyes shot open and he shot into a sitting position. He looked to see his smiling friend Jaron.

Good to see youre awake.

Jaron? What..huh! Wait Dolly! Is she?

Im fine, Vragon, Dolly said, walking in, Im more concerned about you, you little doctor. So hows the head treating you?

My head feels fuzzy, but other than that Im just fatigued, He answered.

Good, then get some rest friend, Jaron said putting his arm on Vragons hand. Vragon nodded and let his head fall on the pillow stuffed with straw.

Jaron got up and walked out, waiting till he was out to change to a worried face.

Jaron.. Vragon mumbled, his eyes filled with concern.

Hm? What about Jaron? Dolly asked.

Hes going through a lot. I need to get done with resting, so that I can-

What do you mean? Whats wrong with Jaron?

Vragon sighed and began telling her about who the stranger was and what it meant that he was here.

< O >

Jaron watched the water flow under the bridge he leaned on. The water reflected the now cloudy sky along with his discouraged face. He then picked a rock from a pile he had sat next to him and dropped the little thing into the water.

Are you okay Jaron? a voice came from his left. Jaron didnt budge at all.

What do you want Seliph?

The frog sighed as he walked up and joined Jaron at the bridges railing. He looked up at the sky and lightheartedly said, Good thing we got here in Vergium town, when we did. Looks like its going to rain. He was met with silence. Seliph sighed. He then looked down at the water. He saw his face in the current. He looked a little to the right to see his younger brothers face. His crimson eyes showing he was upset and Seliph had a good guess why. He raised his head and looked at Jaron with a grin.

You know I saw one your little orb trinkets. Im glad youve found such a skill in orb making, Seliph praised.

Weapon making. I don't just make any orbs, Jaron corrected with a cold tone.

Ohwell then Im certain youve been putting that creative mind to good use then. Jaron stayed silent. Seliph looked back at the water, thinking of something to say.

Youve grown to a nice size and I see youre in pretty good shape.

Jaron merely kept his eyes on the water. Why are you here? Jaron asked, ignoring Seliph's comment. His tone, while not being hostile, wasnt much more than a monotone.

I was after those Pokmon. The ones that attack us, Seliph confessed.

So, they brought you here, hmm. Well, it's thanks to your little hunt that Vragon needs an afternoon, to rest. Jaron accused passively.

Im sorry I couldnt confront them before they got to you. They are dangerous mons an-

No sh**, Seliph, Jaron interrupted, still looking at the water.

Jaronwhat were they after? Seliph questioned. The croconaws eyes tensed at hearing this. Jaron kept his composure and his eyes at the water.

I dont knowthey didnt say.

Your absol friend told me they were after one of her friends. Jarons eyes narrowed, now displaying a more obvious scowl at the water. Seliph continued, Your friend Vragon. Is there something about that frie-

Shut up! Jaron yelled slamming his right fist onto the railing.

Jaron please list-

No, you listen! the croconaw snapped, finally looking at his brothers face, I dont give a damn on any reason why you came here nor what youre up to, but I dont need you to come here and bring your troubles with you.

Seliph let out a sigh and said, Jaron, if they are after him you need to tell me. Please, the more I know, the better I can help.

We didnt ask for your help nor do we need it. I can keep him safe without you.

Jaron, dont beat around the bush. You know you would have lost if I hadnt showed up.

These words set Jaron off. He formed a fist and raised it. Seliph readied to parry it, but to his surprise Jaron put it down. The gator gave a sigh, looked again to Seliphs eyes and said,

I thank you for saving Vragon, but thats all you deserve from me. The croconaw then turned and walked away, his fists clenched and small tears forming in his angry eyes.

Once the Pokmon was out of his sight Seliph sighed and returned his sight to the water. Small circles began to appear as it began to rain. He didnt mind the water and merely stayed there pondering.

I wish I didnt have to come here. But if its that fraxure they have interest in I need to know why. It could be a good lead and it would put the mon out of current dangerI cant let these feelings stop me now. I need to foc-..JaronIm sorry. Youve matured greatly, butIm doing what I do for your benefit. Ciecros and mine as well. I love you Jaroneven if you dont believe that.

Seliph left his post at the wooden bridge bar and headed towards the inn they all were staying at.


(Shmah-ruht-zar) parasitic.

So lange Hndin (so lhang hoonden) - so long bi***

Lehrer (Leer-rrah) Teacher

Warum hast du angst (Varrum-hahst- do ainst) - Why have you fear?/why are you scared?

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 17
Heavy Drops

Rain continuously struck the window in the storage room of the lodge the group were staying at. The lights were out, and the door was locked. Ciecro was on a collection of wooden crates, trying to go to sleep. His breathing was soft and his tail flame was dim. He began to toss around in the bed.


He began rolling to his left. He managed to utter "Dad!" before falling off his bed and face planting the floor. He moaned as he rubbed his hurting snout. He sat up and leaned against the wooden crates. He stared at his tails flame, shining brighter now that he was awake. His eyes narrowed and his head fell slightly.

AgainDad He sniffled. He looked at the window, watching the droplet of rain slide down the window. II don know what tah do. Hes back and I cant let him bother me. But I just can't sleep. Ciecros eyes scowled as he became filled with conviction. No! I won let him intimidate me. Im gonna get stronger than him. Im gonna be stronger dan anybody like you dad.

He stood up and walked to the window. He put his left claw on the cold glass of the window. A chill surged through him, but he brushed it off. He didnt like cold or rain, but if he would ever put that Fear to rest, hed have to be stronger. Strong enough to beat Seliph, and the bastards that killed his parents.

He stormed up the cellar stairs and into the lobby. He didnt stop until he was out the door and standing right in front of the rain. He stood there under the shelter over the door, staring at the rain. The rain was much more intimidating up close compared to rain in the window, causing him to shake slightly.

Come on, its jus' rain. You been wet before and been fine. He put out his arm into the rain. The rain felt like many soft pricks on his red scales.

Hmmdis isn so bad. He stepped out further, letting his whole body be vulnerable to the rain. He closed his eyes and let the droplets hit his face. It didnt take him long to get used to it.

Hey, dis don' feel bad at all- He squealed before he finished upon feeling drops running down his tail. He jumped back under the shelter, overwhelmed by the uncomfortable feeling. After a few minutes of caressing his tail and calming his nerves, Ciecro mustered his nerve and once again stood up against the rain. He walked out again, leaving only his tail under the shelter, pointed up so the raindrop trickles wouldnt reach the more water sensitive part.

He slowly began to nudge further out into the rain, but stopped right before his tail would get wet. He gritted his teeth. He gave a roar as he rushed out into the elements. He hadnt made it thirty seconds before breaking down and running back to the shelter, hyperventilating. Upon reaching the shelter, he grabbed the nob and twist. It didnt move.

What de? He looked to the window nearby to see the lights were out. He began to freak out at the thought of him being locked out, with the rain no more than three feet from his tail. He began banging on the door, but to no avail. He sat down and laid his back against the window.

Dammit, why now? Ugh dis sucks worse than Dollys jokes! Well...she has some good ones...This sucks worse than Vragon's jokes! He curled up into a ball. Suddenly he heard splashing. He looked, hoping it was someone that could help, but to his dismay it was Seliph.

What are you doing outside? He asked his scowling sibling. Ciecro paused for a minute to think if it would be worth the mockery of admitting being locked out or risk the alternative.

He finally said, I couldn sleep so I was goin' tah get some fresh air.

Fresh air? Seliph repeated with a confused look. Its rainingsomething you really dont like.

Well maybe Im used tah rain now, Ciecro snapped. You wouldn know, so shut up. Seliphs following sigh just frustrated Ciecro more. He hated being treated like a kid. This was enough to shoot Ciecro to get away.

Yeah, well Im goin' for a stroll, Ciecro huffed standing up and facing the falling water.

Seliphs eyes widened. But its raining.

Den have fun in de dry space, yah pansy. The charmeleon stormed out into the rain, making splashes with his heavy steps. Seliph just stood there, eyes wide open, at this anti-Ciecro action.

O-okay, Seliph said, going towards the door. He grabbed the nob and twisted it, only to find that it was locked. Seliph gave a little chuckle, I was right about you Ciecro. His smile faded though at Ciecro choosing his fear over merely asking him to help let him in. He used the key given to him and walked in, leaving the door unlocked and slightly open when Ciecro came back.

< O >

The sound of puddles splashing sang alongside the rain drops as Jaron walked in the rain, well more like stomped his way back. He was humming to himself, carrying a bag over his shoulder. The bag was soaked, his feet were muddy, his snout was dripping water and he was enjoying himself.

Man, this is a great storm, He exclaimed with a smile and a twirl, though I dont want these parts to get too wet, else I might have to have Ciecro dry them with his tail or whatnot. Eh, itll give me something to do since I couldnt sleep.

After in view of their current residing he noticed a small flame moving away from their lodgings. Upon squinting his eyes and covering them from the rain, he recognized his brother stomping away.

What the- Is he Primed or something? Jaron began to pick up pace a little, not wanting alert Ciecro. He trailed Ciecro for a while till Ciecro stormed around a corner. As Jaron made his way around the corner, he was surprised to see his brother frantically scouring the area, looking for what Jaron assumed was a shelter. He felt a mix of sympathy and amusement in seeing the terrified look on his brothers face as if he was in the middle of fear. After finishing his internal chuckling, Jaron walked over and tapped Ciecro on the shoulder, leading to Ciecro jumping about two feet high, or at least what looked like two feet high.

You wet Ciecro? Jaron rhetorically asked with a smirk.

J-Jaron? What are yah- Help me find a shelter or whatnot instead of makin' fun, Ciecro snapped. Jaron sighed and gave Ciecro his bag.

Here, hold this. Ciecro accepted the bag, waiting anxiously as Jaron looked around. Ah there we go, Jaron exclaimed, pointing to a bridge. Theres probably shelter there. Come on. Jaron began running towards it.

Wait fo' me! Ciecro shouted, trying to keep up while attempting to use the bag as a rain cover for his tail. Upon arriving to the shelter Ciecro dove in, with Jaron giving a sigh as he joined him. The croconaw sat down next to his ball curled, tail rubbing brother and began looking through his bag.

Did you want to get a heart attack or something bro? I mean, its not like you to just stamper off into pouring rain, at all. Ciecro just looked at his tail light and gave a grunt. Jaron wasnt going to accept Ciecros lazy answer, Tell me now. Im legit worried that youd do something so reckless for yourself.

The charmeleon sighed and looked at his brother, I was tryin' tah play piplup with Seliph.

Jaron gave an aggravated moan, As silly as I think your fear of your tail getting wet is, until you deal with it I dont suggest putting yourself out there just to raise your beak higher. I dont need to dive into the water to save you when you fall on backwards into the drin-

I know! Ciecro snapped, earning a cold angry stare from Jaron. Ciecro looked at the grown with a scowl and quietly said, Sorry

Jaron closed his eyes and rested his back against Ciecros right arm, I knowIm not happy hes here either. It feels so unreal that hes back and Id be lying if Id say I wasnt a bit relieved to see hes alive and allbuthes not the same anymore and all, you know.

Yeah Ciecro agreed, He aint de brother I looked up to.

That we looked up to, Jaron added.

They were silent for a while, till Ciecro spoke up again. Jaron.


Do yahWhat do yah think mom would want us tah do?

Jaron got off Ciecros arm and crossed his legs. Im guessing give him a chance or whatever moral taurossh** shed use." Jaron sighed. "Course I cant say she wouldnt have a point as much as it annoys me to say that.

Ciecro let go of his tail and let it rest on the ground. He rested his arms on his knees and looked up at bridge above them. He gave a slight snarl.

Jaron took noticed and turned to look at Ciecro. The roof pissing you off?

...Shut up Jaron.

Give me a reason why you keep snarling and maybe I will, Jaron countered with a smart-alecky tone. Ciecro brought his scowl down to Jaron.

I can snarl if I wanna, yah little sh**!

And I can pester you till we get put in the dirt. Now drop Mr. maractus prick and talk about it. Sooner or later were going to have to decide what to do with him. Ciecro and Jaron kept their angry gazes locked. Finally Jaron gave a sigh and rested his back against the dirt wall, crossed his arms, closed his eyes and gave a little huff. Fine dont talk about it. Keep running from the fact he intimidates you.

He does not! Ciecro shouted, furious by the accusation. Jaron just gave him a disbelieving look and a raised brow. Ciecro looked down and finally returned to his old position. Fineyeah Im on edge 'cause of himand its cause I feel shrimpy tah him.

Jaron gave a sigh and got out of his arrogant posture. He returned his back to Ciecros arm and said, I know bro, which is why I want you to talk with me about it. I know weve had friction and all, but no matter how retarded you act Ill still love you, yah jerk.

Same, Ciecro said softly letting the stress out of his muscles. Jaron, You an' me aint kids anymore. Weve made it far on our own and with our friends. I donI don want him bein' here make me lose sight of dat. Jaron asked for elaboration. In an annoyed tone, Ciecro muttered, Hes someone Ive never been able tah surpass. I didnt mind when we three were tahgether, cause I looked up to him. But now I don and its just pissing me off. Like I need him tah pick up slack or lacking's. He saved all of us back dere and I was just as helpless like de rest.

Well thanks, Jaron said in a light hearted tone.

You know what Im gettin at, Ciecro muttered.

Heh, just f***ing with you bro, Jaron confessed with a smile facing the rain, Yeahhe did save our tails and all. It bothers me that so far hes showed us up and in front of Jasmine, Dolly and Vragon.

Tell me about it. I wouldn be surprised if Jaz teases me on dat for a while, Ciecro muttered, rubbing his right arm with his left.

I dont see her doing that. Shes too nice in that regard. Not a jerk like you or me, heh.

True. Ciecro agreed with a grin. The two stayed silent for a while. The rain began to fall harder, making loud splashes on the soaked ground around them. However, neither of them seemed to notice. They were too lost in their own little memories of their times before and after thatincident.

Jaron finally broke the silence as a though crossed his mind. Hey bro, A replying grunt came from the charmeleon. You think we could ever go back to the old times.

Whatchya mean? Ciecro asked confused. He turned his head slightly towards Jaron to listen better, since now the rain had picked up.

Welllike you, me and Seliph. Being together again. Like we once were.

Ciecro gave a snort as he firmly said, No!

Yeah, Im not too hopeful either. Butremember that time you and me kinda messed him up in training and he got mad and stormed off?

De time we tried tah make dat thingy for him right?

And he found us before we could finish, Jaron said, starting to smile at the old memory.

Ciecro moved his right arm off Jarons back and rested his own back in the same spot. Whatch'ya yah getting at? Ciecro inquired.

Maybewe should give him a chance. Ciecro tensed up at this sentence. Jaron felt the change and honestly couldnt blame Ciecro. He even scoffed at the thought, but the more he pondered the more those memories came back. The memories he wanted to go back to.

By give him a chance I mean dont dismiss him outright. Like, wait and see what he does and all. Who knows, he might surprise us.

Ciecro looked down to his tail light. It was steady and dim. His eyes narrowed, his arms relaxed a little and he was calmer despite the sudden suggestion from Jaron. Why bring dis up? You mad at him like I am, Ciecro asked.

Yeah, but if Seliph is one thing, its good intentioned. I can admit that. If theres a chance we can make amends, you think we should try?

I donno, Ciecro admitted with a scowl, "I also think about what we were and long for it too yah know." Jaron nodded in concurrence. I wanna go back to dat. Wheremom, dad and Tethe were still Despite not seeing him, Jaron could easily tell Ciecro was wiping his eyes with his arm. Jaron leaned his head back, so it rested on Ciecros neck.

Yeah, I miss moms lectures, as long as they were and when uncle Tethe would visit us and when Id hide from Seliph when he would have to come get me.

Ciecro gave a sniff before adding, Or when dad would throw me in de air or carry us under his arms and spin. Or de training wed have with him. If we trained till de sun started tah set, den hed carry us on his shoulders on our way home, telling us how tah improve. Wed den hug his neckand hed laugh along with us

The two stayed silent, lost in memories. Ciecro crossed his legs, putting his hands in the hole formed in the middle, while Jaron crossed his arms and looked at the bridge overhead.

Brother, Jaron stated, Ciecro gave a nod to indicate he was listening, we dont have to forgive him or whatnotBut if he has changed then I want to have our brother back.

It took a second before Ciecro responded with a low Yeah.

Jaron then added in a harder tone, But hell need to show it. That were important to him in the right way again.

But if he Ciecro muttered, but suddenly shook his head. He turned his body causing Jaron to get off his neck. NoI wont think about it.

About if he doesnt come through? Jaron asked, looking at the ground; he clenched a little bit of dirt in his claw.

If heI don wanna go through dat again. When we were kids we cried and all, butif he does den Ciecro got up and with a passionate and convicted tone exclaimed, Den Ill kick his ass outta our lives and be free of him for good. I won stop till I beat him and sever his fu**in' grip on me.

Yeah Jaron looked at his brother with a mix of sadness yet understanding. I dont want him to let us
down. However ... if he does then beat the loving sh** out of him.

Ciecro gave Jaron a surprised look, not expecting this reaction from his more mature younger brother. Jaron got up and brushed some of the dirt off him and explained. His actions back then were something I could never let go unless he returned. You can never truly kick someone out of your life till you actually do it you know. I dont want it to come to thatbut if it does. Do your worst.

Jaron gave a smile to the charmeleon who responded likewise. Ciecro then clenched his right fist and stared at it. His smile heightened a little, from the thought of him besting that greninja in a fight. Ill win for both of us if it comes to it and then well move on with our lives. Forget about those bastards that wrecked our lives then and move on with our new ones.

An' if dose goons are still after Vragon and our friends well handle dem our way, Jaron added, Its about you, me and our friends. No Norfarion mission. No red eyes.

The two did a fist pump. Suddenly, Jaron hugged Ciecros neck. Ciecro hesitated for a second, before returning the hug.

Lets take this slow with Seliphalright? I want the prior option before the latter.

Yeahme too, Ciecro admitted.

Jaron then whispered, Course that means were going to have to be calm about it and not pick a fight with him. Sure we dont have to be nice, but you cant just smack him for giving you a stare.

I don do dat, Ciecro protested. Though, I cant promise I won get ticked if he talks down tah me or gets bossy, He added with a jesting tone.

Come on, you dont like anyone doing that anyway, bonehead, Jaron replied with a grin, Just try and keep it at a low okay.

Whateveh, guess Im just a rare kinda bonehead, Ciecro boasted.

Was that supposed to be a pun? Cause thats Dolly levels of bad.

Her puns arent dat bad. Ciecro stated.

Well since when do you have a good sense of humor anyways? Jaron asked rhetorically. Ciecro grabbed Jarons head in a headlock and began to rub it. The two laughed till Jaron broke free from the affectionate torture. Jaron then sprayed the mud off him and followed up with spraying off Ciecro too. The charmeleon did his best not to squirm as Jaron cleaned him of too. Ciecro gave a shiver and a growl once his thirty second spray bath was done. His tail made a crackle as the fire lit up to its normal heat. Ciecro looked back at it and gave a boastful grin.

Come on hot tail, its still raining and I need to get these back. Id race you back to our room, but I can safely assume youd win. Jaron teased.

Ciecro gave a playful smack on Jarons shoulder. Shut up yah little squirt. he said with a smile.

Jaron rubbed his shoulder as he muttered, Moron!

Ciecro crossed his arms and uttered, Shrimp!

Jaron turned and with a teeth filled grin countered. Doofus!


Wanna be punk!

Whiner, height minor!

Rain coward!

Techy heady!

The two went on for a while, playfully exchanging their most childish insults. Finally the two uttered in unison as they put their heads together, Way to be immature bro! They shared one more laugh before going out into the rain. Jaron boldly strolling and Ciecro running to get back to the shelter at the door.

< O >

Vragon stared at the window on the opposite side of the room, watching the window getting drenched by rain. He was still in the same bed he had woken up in. He felt fine now, but couldnt sleep do to a multitude of thoughts running through his head. They varied from his past to his friends future with their brother here and it was driving him crazy. He laid on his back and stared at the ceiling and gave a frustrated moan.

So its gonna be one of those nights huh, He said out loud. He threw off the covers and walked over to the window. He kept his eyes on the rain, pressed his head against the window and just stared outside in silence.

First at my little house and now on the path. He muttered in his brain, whats going on? LikeI can sorta piece they want something about me and all, but I dont know what a Savoir is or who they are. I only know what Jaron told me about the red eyes and I dont have my memories. So why am I a target?

He suddenly heard a knock on his door. As he turned, the door slightly cracked with a voice talking through it, Sorry, its me Seliph. May I come in?

Vragon hesitated at first from being startled, but assured it was alright, pulling out the desk. Seliph came in and got one of the stools. Vragon did the same and the two sat down, illuminated only by the dim light outside.

Can I help you with something? Vragon asked.

Well, Seliph began as he reached for something at his side. Vragon didnt notice the greninja had brought something in. To his surprise and masked delight it was a chess board and a black box which the fraxure assumed held the pieces. You see Im having trouble sleeping and from what Ive heard from your absol friend you are a skilled in this game. Would you play a game with me?

Um, isnt it a little late and all? Vragon pointed out.

Well we both are having trouble sleeping, correct? Seliph asked, and Vragon nodded. Then itd be better than just watching rain slide down a window. Plus Id like to get to know one of my brothers friends.

Vragon smiled at the unintentional truth of Seliphs point, yet felt unsure in doing this. He loved playing chess and it was safe to assume that Seliph would give him a good match, but what would Jaron think? The fraxures left claw, began rubbing his right arm.

Seliph figured the fraxure was conflicted and he had a good theory on why. Hmm guess it wont be so easy. Seliph then said in a lighthearted tone, Tell me umdang it, this is pretty embarrassing, but I believe I dont have your name placed. Seliph lied.

Its Vragon,

Vragon eh? Seliph repeated, putting his posture into a thinking position. His bait seemed to work as Vragons face changed to interest. I cant place it, but that name seems interesting.

What do you mean? the fraxure inquired, going back to his old position.

Well, in my travels Ive been to other continents and well some of the name dialects and popular name choices vary you know.

Yeeaahhhh? Vragon agreed, in a mix of interest and slight suspicion.

Vray, how do you spell your name?


Oh so you dont use a y Seliph inquired, gaining the info he wanted.

Uh, no I dont. Its weird since its something I know downright to be true and because of that it throws everyone off at least once. Vragon joked with a laugh at the end.

Something you know? Seliph repeated, picking up the board and placing it on the table. Vragon froze. He shouldnt have mentioned hints to his amnesia, but it was too late now.

Uh well umI kinda dont certain things. Vragon explained, trying to control the leak of info about his amnesia.

Don't worry, I'm aware you are amnesiac." Seliph said bluntly.

Vragon's head fell a little as he began to weakly laugh. "Jasmine?"

"Yes it was the absol" Seliph confirmed, "Hmwell, maybe I can help you with some stuff to jog your memory on it.

How could you do that? Vragon asked, raising a brow out of skepticism.

Well I might know something and say it, and that could jog something in your memory. Seliph hoped this answer wasnt too weak and Vragon would go along with it anyways.

To Seliphs dismay Vragon didnt see it as enough, so it was plan B. Seliph began picking up the pieces and said, Well, from what I gather your name with the ay for just the letter a sounds to be from a different continent than here in Triacal.

Yeah, I kinda figured that, Vragon stated, trying to not be rude with his bluntness.

Perhaps Averian or Yveshian origin.

You think so? Vragon asked, hoping for more to bank on. Seliph merely shrugged. The fraxures head fell.

But dont worry, Im sure youll find something, Seliph encouraged, now Id like to see how you play. They say you can tell things about a person by how they play.

Vragon still felt deterred from playing, but reasoned that one game wouldnt hurt. Plus it would also be a good chance to learn about this sibling of Jaron. Vragon gave a nod and the two started.

Vragon was white dragonite and Seliph was black salamance. Vragon stared at the board, pondering what to do. Reasoning that right now itd be a good idea to get Seliphs style before making a counter, Vragon did the generic play of middle pawn in front of king moved forward two spaces. The fraxure watched carefully at Seliphs arm movement and time taking as he played the same play as Vragon.

Hmmmirror perhaps, Vragon took a second to look at Seliphs face out of the corner of his eyes. He noticed the greninjas gaze was firmly on his side and from his guess it was on his gardevoir queen. Kay so hes thinking ahead too. Ill need to wait a few turns before I can safely assess a proper call on his plan. For now I think Ill work on setting up a potential play or lead off.

Vragon took one of his Slowking bishops and moved it to C4. Seliph responded with a Bisharp knight to F6. Vragon began thinking of possible set ups when Seliph asked him something, Am Im making you nervous? Vragon looked up in confusion, till he deduced Seliph meant general and not the game.

Um...well no, Vragon stated.

Did my brother tell you not to talk with me? Seliph asked.

He didnt, Vragon said straight to Seliphs face.

But Im sure his descriptions havent painted me in a good shade Id assume. Vragon looked down at the board and moved a pawn to B3. Seliph continued, So tell me, what you think about me?

Vragon stayed silent for a while, collecting his words. WellI cant say I dont trust Jaron immensely, but even I will say he isnt perfect at discernment.

So then its fair for me to ask you judge me on how you see me? Seliph said as he moved a pawn to H5. Vragon looked at Seliph and gave a nod, Fair enough.

I appreciate you giving me clemency from what youve been told.

Dont get me wrong. I still dont approve of what you put Jaron and Ciecro through, Vragon sternly said, but then looked at the board with a reflective gaze, but I cant deny I wouldnt have met them if it wasnt for that. Not to mention, I prefer to make judgements and assertions for myself.

You seem to be a mon of sincerity and fairness. I appreciate that.

I cant say Im being fair now and all, but I can at least let you have a say.

But lets save that for another time. I still want to see this skill I hear about. Vragon gave a competitive nod and the two resumed. It was a few hours later that Seliph found himself having trouble keeping up with his opponent. However, he managed to spot a possible path to a good set up, however from what hed seen he couldnt afford to be hasty. He made his move slowly, trying to give off an unsure vibe.

I wasnt expecting you to be this skilled. Seliph complimented, trying to give off a false sense of uncertainty.

Vragon looked at him in the face and gave a nod. He then continued, Thanks, so tell me Seliph, you have a plan or something?

Seliph winced for a second at this and finally replied with, Ill manage.

The two returned to the board. Seliph grew suspicious of the sincerity of Vragon's question. Did he bait me? If he did then Im sure my response was good enough and even if he guessed right that I had a plan itd be hard for him to spot it with this few pieces.

Vragon stared at the board for a second, then picked up his Gardevoir Queen and placed it on F4, cutting off the safe play for Seliph. Seliph was completely blown away by the move.

I believe I called it, Vragon replied with a smile, confident he caught Seliph in the act.

Uhwell Im impressed. How did you?

Well I assessed you werent a mon that would let being backed into a corner catch him off-guard, so I figured your play was no doubt fake. Now there was just the matter of your pieces, so I studied them for a little and came up with the plausible moves you could make. So I took the move that would cover most of your options and luckily it was the right play to counter your plan.

Seliphs tongue flopped from his neck and hit the floor due to his sheer puzzlement at this impressive strategic play. Seliph looked at the board and could definitely tell hed never get another chance at such a play.

I surrender Vragon. I cant make a comeback against you. Seliph congratulated, as he knocked his salamance king onto its side with a finger. Vragon gave a nod and the two shook hands. Seliph then asked where the fraxure learned how to play chess from.

I dont know honestly. I assume it was sometime in my past and I dont remember it.

So forgetting the lesson, but still having the effects then correct? Seliph clarified.

Yeah... Vragons head fell slightly. Seliph took notice of this and a possible idea.

Vragon, have you tried doing a Soul Link to find memories?

Vragon gave a nod, With both Ciecro and Jaron, but to no avail. All I see is some of their memories and they only see memories theyve had with me. Essentially, since I dont have a memory of anything before I was found-

Would you like to try it with me? Seliph suddenly suggested. Vragon looked up confused by this sudden request. Seliph then elaborated. Well perhaps you could think of your skills in chess and maybe a memory would surface or something. I cant say itll work, but it is possible something might pop up if we both focus on that specific topic.

I suppose, Vragon agreed timidly, but are you sure. What if I see something in your memories?

You wont see anything too abhorrent or whatnot. Just tell me what you see and Ill tell you what I see.
Seliph held out his right palm out to the fraxure and he smiled a calming smile. Vragon slowly reached and clasped his hand into Seliphs.

Ready? Vragon asked, to which Seliph nodded. They closed their eyes and let the psyche linking take effect.


To play piplup it is essentially to play chicken or do something till the other cowards out.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 18

Vragon slowly opened his eyes, seeing only darkness above him. He was lying down in what felt like a grassy field, even though he couldnt really see far. He slowly got up as he rubbed his head and looked around. Nothing but pitch black everywhere, save for a four feet radius circle encompassing him.

Hmgrass, but its still dark. Guess its because our connection isnt strong if existent, Vragon muttered to himself, Normally Id get a full memory image, even with Ciecro. Well, hopefully what I see wont be that memory.

Suddenly he heard the sound of grass rustling behind him. He turned around and spotted a little froakie hoping his way through a newly lit patch of grass about ten feet from his circle. Vragon faced the Pokmon and watched the memory play out for him.

So thats Seliph, when he was younger, I assume. Heh, hes kinda a cute little guy. Upon closer inspection, Vragon noticed something the little frog looked upset. The frog kept hoping till he came to what appeared to be the edge of the pond. He scowled at the water and gave the reflection a little slap. Vragon slowly walked closer, to the edge of the circle, to get a closer look. He managed to hear the Pokmon mumbled words to himself. Vragon tried stepping out of the circle, but was stopped by an invisible barrier. Vragon sighed and said out loud, Dang, looks like a mental barrier or something, at least I have ample space. Still I wonder what this mem- He was interrupted, by a voice. A female voice.


Vragon jumped from being startled, as did the little mon by the pond. Unlike the little frog Vragon didnt know who this mon was and couldnt see the mon in the empty darkness.

Crap! little Seliph shouted as he tried to dive into the pond. However, at the speed a lycanroc on Accelrock, a claw nabbed Seliphs right leg before he made it into the water.

Vragons jaw dropped in awe. The mon stepped in closer, revealing a female charizard. She was thin but well-built and strong. Vragon was left dumbstruck at the sight, then suddenly snapped out of his stare when he heard Seliph say, Mom!

Listen, we need to talk.

I dont want to! Its bad enough we have Ciecro, now you and dad want another!

Listen Seliph, eavesdropping isnt befitting for a son of mine, The mother scolded.

Seliph squirmed in her grip and shouted, I dont care! Why do you need another kid anyway? I dont want another sibling! The frog crossed his arms and pouted while being held upside down.

Despite feeling a little awkward at the personal scene in front of him, Vragon however was interested in watching this play out. He sat down on the grass, spread his legs, used his claws to keep him proper up and focused on the parent and her kid.

Seliph, why dont you want another sibling? You didnt mind when Ciecro was an egg and while I understand its frustrating for you hes still only a two year old. Seliph didnt answer, but kept his defiant upside-down posture. The charizard sighed. She set the mon down and put a claw on his shoulder. Seliph I understand it might be hard, with how Ciecro is getting a lot of attention and now with our plans for another, but youre still our little froakie too. Youll be the oldest and theyll look up to you. Itll be hard, but having siblings wont be that bad.

Seliph remained unconvinced. Vragon started to feel slightly bad for the charizard mother. Freya then picked up the froakie by his pits and said with a little smile, You know I was kinda like you when my parents had your uncle.

You mean Tethe? Seliph asked, and the charizard nodded.

Vragons eyes widened, his tail grew stiff, and he leaned forward. I didnt know Jaron and Ciecro had an Uncle. He thought to himself as the mother began explain her similar experience.

You know, when your uncle was about Ciecros age, I was jealous because he was getting all the focus from my parents. From the looks of him, he seemed really clumsy and silly. He made all the adults laugh, which was probably the most annoying thing back then.

Sounds awful, Seliph commented as Freya put him on her left shoulder, holding him on with her wing.

It was. I detested his presence, whenever he got all the focus. My parents began to ignore me and I blamed him for it. He was always their little prodigy, after all.

He was? Seliph asked.

Yeah, you never met your grandfather, but he was a very strict blaziken, who always wanted a son. So when your uncle was born, he instantly favored him over me. That little punk came along and ruined whatever chance I had with your grandfather, Freya said, her eyes growing soft as she recalled how it felt back then. Seliphs head started to sink at him being the cause for a troubling memory coming back to her. Vragon began to feel uncomfortable as well. Then Freya smiled and looked at Seliph. But you know, something happened that changed my mind about him.

What? the froakie asked. Vragon leaned in closer.

Well, when your uncle got a little older, he started to want to do things with me. He always wanted to go with me and he looked up to me. Which is ironic since I didnt like him and kept trying to avoid him. However, as he kept on trying to bond with me and I kept pushing him away, I started to think. Id always see your grandfather praise him or give him attention, but my brother would always compliment me more. Saying how when hed get older, hed want to be tough like me. Or how I was The best sister ever. I looked into myself and decided to actually let him in a little. While he was clumsy and stupid at times, he somehow found ways to make me laugh and happy. I slowly began to realize that he was a sibling I could enjoy and be happy with, and thus he won me over.

Seliphs head fell a little, feeling rather guilty from his mothers story. However, to his surprise, Freya picked up and set him back on the grass. She put her claw on his little head and rubbed it softly. She then said with an endearing smile, I never want you to feel unloved or loved less than your siblings. Your father and I will always care for you and while we arent perfect, we want to be parents you can feel love from. Ciecro might be annoying to you now and your newer brother on the way, but if you give them a chance Im sure youll find something there you can like. Id love for you three to form a strong bond.

Seliph had a few tears, but let out a smile. He hugged his moms snout. Vragon started to wipe some tears from a newly formed smile. He stared at the scene of Seliph being nuzzled by his mom. The smile on the froakies face grew, but Vragons smile slowly faded. A feeling of longing landed into his heart. His head fell.

I wonder what my mom was like. Did she nuzzle me like that too?... The fraxure let out a little sniffle. I dont even know who she was Vragon gave another look at the two then finally got up and turned around. He wiped the tears away and looked up at the darkness above him. What happened to me?

Suddenly, a sharp pain hit his head. He fell on his knee as he groaned, Is it over already? He hit the ground and squirmed a little. He began to lose consciousness as the little visual of grass on his face slowly faded.

< O >

Seliph opened his eyes to nothing but darkness. He looked below him, only to see the same darkness. It was if he was in an abyss, where no light could enter. He stood up and began feeling the foundation he stood on.

Seems solid enough, he said to himself, hmmmaybe the connection isnt strong enough for a memory, or perhaps its buried deeper. Well I should see if I can find something before the link ends. Seliph picked some random direction in the darkness and began walking down the path. During his walk, he suddenly noticed a small, dark blue light coming from his left.

Huh? A blue lightis it coming from a door? Seliph walked towards the light shining through what appeared to be a door slit. He was about ten feet away when he stopped approaching upon hearing voices.

Alright, now just relax, a deep voice softly commanded from behind the doors silhouette.

How long do I have to be like this? Seliphs eyes widened as he heard Vragons voice, though it sounded younger. At least pre-adolescence, he reasoned.

Is this a memory? Seliph slowly approached the light again and the voices continued.

Not long, son. It might hurt a bit, but dont worry Ill be right- The voices were cut out along with the light. Seliph was left in darkness.

What? No, dont stop now! he exclaimed running to where the light once was. After determining it was gone for good, Seliph sat down and groaned in agitation. Some more info or something would have been helpful.

He browsed the area, merely waiting for the link to end. Suddenly he felt heat from behind him. He quickly turned and his eyes were met by fierce solid blue ones barely a foot away. Seliph immediately fell backwards in surprise. Instead of hitting the invisible ground, he just kept freefalling. He couldnt see any walls during his freefall into the empty void. His head started to hurt as he fell. He let out a shout from the pain as the link was beginning to end. As his falling speed increased, he began to lose consciousness as the link was wearing off. He managed to look up one last time. He saw a silhouette with a faint blue outline of aura and fierce, solid light blue eyes staring at him as he fell. He didnt get enough time to see the image as he fell and lost his consciousness.

< O >

Seliph woke up and jerked backward, his mind still thinking he was falling. He landed on the floor and moaned from the newly added pain to his already hurting head.
Vragon on the other hand, had a slight migraine upon waking up. He rubbed his head for a second before realizing Seliph had tumbled out of his seat. Seliph, are you alright? Vragon asked, rushing over to help him up. Seliph declined the hand with respect and picked himself up.

Well, that was certainly something, Seliph said in an annoyed tone as he rolled his neck. Vragon tried to avoid asking the obvious question, but finally caved to his curiosity.

Did you see anything? he asked as his interest peaked. Seliph gave a nod.

I saw, he said and paused for a second. Vragon tilted his head in confusion, not sure why he stopped.

Seliph then let a cough out and said, Sorry, I saw a faint blue light and I heard voices.

Really? Jaron nor Ciecro saw anything like that when doing it with me. Anything else?

One of them was you, but you sounded younger. The other called youson

That one word sent chills down Vragons spine. His eyes widened immensely, he started to shake a little. Seliph was about to ask if he was okay, but was bombarded by questions from Vragon.

Im sorry, I didnt see either of you, Seliph confessed, after finally getting Vragon to calm down.

Oh I see, sorry about that, heh. Vragon rubbed his fraxure curve on his head and weakly laughed. Seliph nodded, indicating it was alright. is there anything else? the fraxure inquired.

Seliph paused for a bit, gave another cough and shook his head. Vragons eyes shifted from excitement to disappointment and his head fell a little. Seliph put a hand on Vragons shoulder and said, Im sorry I didnt see anything more or hear anything else. I hope this wasnt too much of a-

Oh no its fine, Vragon assured hastily. The fact you saw something different is awesome. Perhaps, later we can try again, if you would be okay with that.

I dont see why not, Seliph said with a chuckle. Vragon thanked the greninja and the two shook hands. Seliph then put up the chess set and began to head out. Before he left he asked, What did you see in my memories?

A scene from your childhood. It was when Ciecro was little and Jaron wasnt born yet. You were upset about all this and-

Oh that, Seliph exclaimed beginning to blush from embarrassment. Yes, I was quite the selfish child before Jaron came along.

Vragon gave a nod, not wanting to push for more since Seliph looked uncomfortable. Seliph began to head out, but not before Vragon gave one last sincere, Thank you again Seliph. It means a lot that I made a new little bit of headway.

Oh..uhmyoure welcome, Seliph said with a slight stutter as he walked out, leaving the fraxure alone with his thoughts and impressions. Vragon shut the door, but kept his claw on the nob. To think all this happened in such a short time. He looked at the window, at the rain trickling down. So I did know my dadbut who was he?

Vragon wearily walked over to his bed and sat down. Despite this amazing news, he didnt feel much better. If anything, knowing that he had known his dad just frustrated him more. Why cant I freaking remember him? he shouted in his head, And what about my mom? Who was she? Where are they both?

He face planted onto the bed and began to moan his agitation into the straw stuffed pillow.

< O >

A dim candle was lit in Seliphs room as the greninja was reading over some old notes he had taken. The rain had picked up since his interaction with Vragon, but he didnt mind. He was so engrossed in coming up with a sound explanation for why the red eyes were after this fraxure as well as what he saw. After thirty minutes that amounted to no hypothesis, Seliph gave an aggravated groan and shut his notebook.

I dont have enough information. he said in his head, as he placed the book on the desk. He got up and paced back and forth. Lets see, what do I know? Well for starters hes an amnesiac, which implies something about his past could relate to the red eyes or something theyre after. Secondly, hes an Averion, which arent really found on Triacal except for trade or immigration. From what Ive gathered from their absol friend, Vragon had been in the town for about five years and I gather hes around Jarons age if not a little younger. But even with this knowledge I still dont know what the link could be. Theres too many ifs and not enough bases. Suddenly he stopped. A thought struck his mind. That being in him. It had blue eyes. There was a blue light with those voiceswere they the same memory, or something else?

Seliph hurried back to his desk and looked deep into his notes. For hours it seemed, Seliph looked into whatever info he had, trying to find some connection to Blue Eyes. However, he didnt have the needed materials. He let out a sigh as he slouched in his chair, still at square one. I need more information, but how do I get some? He crossed his left leg over his right, rested his head on his right arm and thought. Finally a plausible solution came. I know! He exclaimed in his head as he jumped from his chair, Ill take them to the library in a nearby town. Maybe I can find something.

Seliph looked at a map he had picked up in his travels and searched for a spot. After browsing the continent Triacal for a little bit, his eyes came upon a worthy candidate. Frantal Townits not far. If those mons are still searching, Id best be preparedhm

Seliph debated in his head. He needed to go to the library, but those mons could be there and have reinforcements. He finally came to a conclusion. He pulled out a badge, a Norfarion badge. He pressed the ruby jewel in the middle, causing a red hologram to pop up. After pressing a few things, Norfarion text appeared asking for a name and code.

Seliph cleared his throat and said, Seliph, code: pi in the sin of a unit circle results in a zero tolerance and therefore a simple false of an answer.

It accepted the passcode and asked who hed like to send a message to. He took a deep breath, then replied with, Team Alpha members: Swift and Garon. Status: Urgent.

< O >

Darkness loomed in an alley near the diner. The rain was heavy and the moonlight was obscured. In the middle of this darkness a pair of red eyes stared at the wall opposite of him. Trishulas arms were crossed, his back rested against the wall and stood unflinching in the rain. He slightly turned his head as the shadow of Vex slid along the wall.

Anything? he inquired the ghost in the wall.

Sadly no. It appears they didnt come back here. We called it wrong, Vex answered with frustration in his tone, as he phased out of the wall.

Trishula slammed a clenched fist on the wall to his left. Vex didnt flinch from this, beginning to get used to these acts from his superior.

Maybe Siegfried found something, he encouraged.

The dragon gave an exhale and returned to his position. If we dont find them tonight, then there is the high chance that they will move out, making it that much harder to find them. The two went silent, waiting for Siegfrieds check in. During the wait, Trishula suddenly asked, Who was your teacher?

Vex gave the haxorus a surprised look, not expecting Trishula to have interest let alone ask him a personal question. After snapping out of his perplexed state he replied with, Umme and Siegfried had Corivac.

Him? Trishula stated, raising a brow. No wonder your abilities are lacking.

Vex didnt try to protest since he couldnt disagree. Vex then inquired Trishulas red eyes teacher. The dragon paused for a second, before replying with, Azazel.

Azazel? Vex repeated with a start. You had him as a master? But isnt he second in command of the red eyes?

YesAzazel is my master, Trishula confirmed.

Vex gave a little scowl as he joined Trishula on the wall. Lucky, he muttered under his breath, expecting a negative response or an intimidating scowl. To his surprise, Trishula replied with a nod. Curious, Vex asked, I heard hes rather well

Mysterious, malevolent, cunning perhaps sadistic even? Trishula guessed. Vex looked at him and nodded.

The ghost then asked, Whats he like?

Trishula clenched one of his fists tightly and his red eyes narrowed. His methods would break a normal mon. I should knowhe broke me.

Vex gave a skeptical look. Trishula continued, He isnt like other red eyes that take on acolytes. His methods are brutal; methods that are meant to destroy you for the purpose of creating you into something else. I was a weak mon when he took me under his wingand that mon was changed.

Sohe..um Vex tried to get the words out, but Trishula beat him.

Mentally tortured meyes. I dont fear anything nownothing save for him.

Vex shuttered as he imagined the activities this haxorus could be talking about. Suddenly he heard a noise come from his pouch. He opened it and pulled out his communication orb, Trishula did the same.

Report, the dragon stated into the blue sphere.

No luck. A voice came from inside the orb. Ive mentally read many of the townsfolk here and no one has seen them recently or at least after our confrontation with them. If they were hiding here or whatnot, no one knows about it. I havent even found a lead in regards to where theyve gone.

Trishula gave a low growl and asked Siegfried if there was more. There is. The voice continued. I managed to get some background info from this mon named Dresha. She appears to have met Seliph before and get this. The croconaw and charmeleon we fought are his two younger brothers.

What? Trishula and Vex said in unison.

But according to Plageuess report there werent any escapees save for him, Vex said.

Trishula gave a slight snarl and said, Apparently the report was inaccurate, or the gallades skills are less than what he makes the out.

I assure you, all I say was in her thoughts, Siegfried voice stated from the orb.

Vex gave a dark smile and said, So we have something now. Man Plageues is going to be pissed when he finds out that Seliph has siblings.

Only for a little while, Trishula corrected, I wouldnt put it past the laughing deviant to seeing it as destiny rewarding him with more toys. But regardless, this news is important. The dragon returned his gaze to the orb and commanded, Meet us at the hill along the rural road down the west entrance to the town.

Alright the voice replied as the orb stopped glowing.

He put his orb in their supply pouch. Trishula got off the wall and walked into the middle of the alley. He told Vex to keep watch. The dragon type got into the middle of the ally and sat down, pulling out a red diamond. He placed the diamond on the ground, started to meditate, closed his eyes and let his breathing become slow and steady. As this went on the red jewel began floating, glowing a bright red. He soon no longer felt the feeling of rain on his body. The world around him went dark as his consciousness retreated into his soul. It was then he could feel a presence in front him. He opened his eyes to the sight of eerie darkness, with a hazy red image starting to form something. He didnt move however and greeted his ally by thinking.

Daemon, I have information for you.

Another red light glowed in front of his and the haze morphed into the image of a dusknoir. It better be warranted information Trishula. Youre catching me at a bad time, the ghost type said with punctual yet agitated voice. Trishula noticed the ghost was clasping his right shoulder.

Ohis it that time for you? Trishula said.

Did you contact me just to partake in tantalization? Id assume you, Trishula, would at least have the maturity greater than a juvenile delinquent, or are you like most of the other red ey-

Shut wherever your mouth is and let me inform you then, Trishula replied with snark, keeping his gaze shut but squinting his eyes in annoyance from having to talk with this associate.

Its good to talk with you as well, Daemon replied with passive aggression. He clasped his right shoulder tightly and let out an annoyed sigh.

Trishula took a breath and said, I apologize for the intrusion and yelling, but the info we have discovered here is invaluable.

What do you have to tell me? the ghost type asked, letting the grip on his shoulder ease a little.

Trishula took a breath before relaying the information given to him by Siegfried. Upon hearing this, Daemon stroked his chin with his free hand.

I see, so he has two younger brothers then, he muttered to himself out loud, Do you know where they are currently? Daemon asked and Trishula shook his head. I see, well this is an interesting development. Well since you dont know where he is, then perhaps letting someone else go after them would be a better approach.

This statement earned a fierce reply from Trishula, No! I will not leave this to someone else when I have business with-

Settle down Trish-

The dragon however wasnt having this. He got out of his position, his eyes grew fierce and shouted, Daemon you know very well this mission is important to me! This one target is the closest to actuality and I wont pass this opportunity. I dont give a f*** about what you have in store for me or whatever, but I will not abstain from-

What if I were to tell you, Azazel, has asked for your summons? Daemon stated, with unfazed composure.

The dragon paused for a second, then returned to his position. Id call you a filthy liar, Trishula replied in his head toning down his loudness, but keeping his hostility.

Daemon gave a sigh and said, Oh come now Trishula, dont be irrational. You know I dont lie unless I have a reason, and I have no reason to take you from your little purpose trip and thus acquire your wrath, if I didnt have Azazels request for you.

If thats the case then why didnt my master tell me personally? Trishula pointed out.

Daemon shrugged his shoulders and replied, Must I bring him into this? I dont know your masters reasoning for telling me, only that he wished to talk with you, but I swear to you that what I say is true.

Trishula kept his angry stare at the dusknoir, who kept a sincere yet uncaring stare back. Trishula then stood up straight and looked to the side. Who will you have replacing me?

Id believe Plageues would be the best option. Hes a conniver as well as a good tracker. Hell do your mission justice, Daemon answered, getting up from a sitting position as well. He studied Trishulas angry face. He put his right arm behind his back and added, If youre concerned about the possible Aegis reincarnation I beseech thee to trust me.

And why should I trust your judgement and leave this search to Plageues? Trishula demanded, giving the dusknoir a cold but less hostile stare. The mon himself is a cackling demon that seems to never satisfy his enjoyment for bloodlust.

Regardless he has useful abilities and can track better than any red eyes lords, even us in the inner iris. His focus will mainly be on Seliph and his siblings. I will ensure he understands not to harm your target and merely bring him to you.

Trishula kept his frustrated gaze at the wall. Despite this scowl from the haxorus, Daemon figured his message had been accepted. He floated a few feet away, removing his right arm from his back to stroke his chin again.

Ill send Plageues to arrive in Crion City. You can take the trip back here via the same boat.

Very well, Trishula said with a sigh as he nodded.

Good then I trust there isnt anymore? Daemon asked and Trishula answered with a nod.

Very well then. I bid you farewell, Daemon said, then paused for a second before adding in a low and dark tone, but keep on your feet Trishula. The mere fact you are after the reincarnation is a testament that our time of waiting is nearing its end. Soon our allies and our enemies plans and bets will be brought to fruition. May your meeting with your master be good.

The second red gem then disappeared as did Daemons image along with it. Trishula kept his gaze straight as his gem stopped glowing and the blackness around him was replaced by reality. He felt the rain on his scaly skin again and spied a rather awe struck Vex. Trishula then began to walk down the ally, causing Vex to snap out of it and join him.

SoI take it didnt go well? Vex asked, but was met with only silence. Vex backed off and just followed from a little distance. He finally mustered the courage to ask, So whats the plan now?

Plageues will take over for me.

Vex had heard the namedrop from Trishulas eyes closed, and fierce yelling at the wall from whatever he was seeing in his head, but this confirmation just made him feel worse. He had heard stories about the zoroark and was not looking forward to seeing if they were true. He gulped as he continued with the haxorus.

The two strode out into the rainy main road. Vex was shivering from the chilling wind they were now vulnerable to, but Trishula didnt care. His thoughts were elsewhere. What are you playing master?


Azazel (Ah-zuh-zel)

Daemon (Day-muhn)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 19

The smell of chemicals and potions covered the air of a dimly lit room. Odd contraptions and strange tubes filled with oddly colored liquids covered the tables that resided, in this room. Clusters of paper were scattered all over the room, some with scribbles and others merely crumpled. In the middle of this scientific mess Daemon floated.

Very well then. I bid you farewell. A floating red diamond ceased its radiant glow and fell into the dusknoirs open palm. He opened his one eye, set the diamond on a nearby table and raised his right hand to his chin, while keeping his left firmly on his right shoulder.

Siblings eh, well this is certainly an interesting development The ghost suddenly paused, scowled with his one eye and gave an aggravated sigh. You were listening on us, werent you?

Rosa, I can feel your intrusion clearly now.


So why were you listening in on mine conversation with Trishula? Its isnt ideal to make yourself more untrustworthy now is it?

You know full well about my abilities. Call it the consequences for letting your guard down.

Daemon gave another aggravated sigh and told her in the mental link. Meet me at the balcony on the third floor. I wont take no for an answer.

Fine was her reply as the telepathy stopped and Daemon no longer felt her intrusive mental presence.

He floated over and grabbed his coat with his free arm. The coat itself had long sleeves underneath a cloak that went near his elbows that curved upwards towards his upper chest, held together by a single gold button. He slipped his arms in the sleeves and buttoned the top button. He clasped his arms behind his back and proceeded outside the room. However, he stopped upon thinking of something. He floated over to a cabinet and grabbed a sachet. He then picked a few coins from another bad, one specific labeled Poke: Triacal currency, and put them in. He opened his stomach and put the sachet it. He gave himself a nod and resumed his way out.

He floated down a narrow hallway, lighted by green balls hanging from sticks on the side. As he made his way around the curve, Daemon stopped and scowled slightly as a black dress species, red eyed gardevoir rested her body against the wall in a seductive manner.

Hello Daemon, mind if I accompany you? Her voice was just as flirtatious as her posture. Daemon remained unamused and merely gave a cough.

You know Rosa wouldnt hesitate to kill you for doing that, He stated to the figure. The female gardevoir gave a deep laugh as it morphed into a male zoroark, with malicious eyes matched only, by his evil yellow smile.

How close was I to the real thing? The dark type teased with the question.

Daemon merely raised his brow looking past the dark type. He then floated back slightly where he came from, enough to be out of the hallway. Plageues tilted his head in confusion before he was hurled from behind, past an unflinching Daemon and into the stone wall.

You make me sick! A girl shouted. The real Rosa walked towards the walled pinned Plageues, her arm outstretched and her angry eyes glowing pink from the psychic energy.

The zoroark started laughing under the telekinesis pressure. He managed to lift his head from the wall, turn it slightly and say, Ah, my apologies, was I not attractive enough or would you have rather me- His face was firmly slammed against the wall by a strong psychic thrust initiated from a thrusting of Rosas arm.

She gritted her teeth as she increased the force she placed on the wall pinned mon. Plageues just kept laughing creepily. Finally she had enough. She raised her other arm to her side to thrust another psychic push on him. After five minutes of this literal pressing, Daemon commanded in a calm voice, Please, as much as I sympathize with your actions, I must ask you to restrain yourself.

Why? She demanded turning her solid pink eyes towards him, This scum has no use other than being a crude creep that seems to find laughter in anything he does no matter how-

Plagueus. Daemon turned to the pinned mon and said, Desist now, please.

heheh hehfine. Plagueus slowly began to fight against her telekinesis. His bones cracked as he got off the wall and got back to his feet slowly. Rosa was baffled at first, till finally giving a scoff.

So he was just amusing himself then, the masochist, She spat.

Oh come now dearie, dont be condemnatory. Your powers may be exceptional, but Im still capable of resisting your psychic abilities. After all, youre powers of control arent very effective to strong will, eh.

Daemon got in the middle of the two and muttered, If youre done with your bondage time Plageues then I ask you allow me and Miss Rosa be on our way. He looked at the wall, thought for a second and then declared, I might as well as save myself the trouble. Plageues will you accompany us?

Rosas mouth dropped, while Plageues gave a surprised look. He gave a grin and a said, My, my, Daemon and here I thought you were a gentlemon. Letting a sicko like me near a lady just to save yourself some time. He licked his chops. He raised his claw to his forehead and in a dramatic and sarcastic tone exclaimed, Oh how simply selfish of you Daemon. I mean look at her, shes disgusted at the mere thought of your sugges-

Thats it! Rosa screamed as she was about to fire a Shadow Ball with her right arm.

However, before she could shoot it, Daemon intervened. With great speed, he grabbed her arm with his left hand and twisted it upwards. Rosa gave him a furious scowl; he merely returned an unfazed stare from his eye. I request you preserve your composure milady. Rosa turned her angry face away, as she let the ball disintegrate, while Plageues cackled slightly in the background. Now, please dont give me a reason to separate you two, He said, as he released her arm.

A gentlemon indeed, Plageues muttered with a smile.

Daemon turned to him and requested, I ask you to keep your pestering to yourself for now, so we can conclude this with minimal time and injuries.

He began floating down the hallway. Rosa scowled at the ghost, still holding her hurting arm. Plageues walked past and gave a wink at her. Her arm shook slightly, trying to restrain herself from pummeling at him with her psychic abilities. She let out a sigh and finally followed.

Upon reaching the balcony, Plageues stopped and rested his back against the wall next to the door, Rosa walked over and looked down upon a vast forest in the light of the moon and Daemon closed the door behind them. He turned to the zoroark first and said, Alright, Plageues. The zoroark raised a brow. Trishula told me some interesting information. Its related to Seliph.

Oh? Do tell then, Plageues said, getting interest and excited.

Daemon gave a cough, before stating, Seliph has siblings.

Youre joking, Plageues exclaimed, his smile vanishing in an instant. Daemon shook his head. H-h-how? How is that possible? the dark type exclaimed, his arms shaking slightly.

He must have kept their identities hidden. After all, no one saw them according to the report, well at least anyone of your units that returned alive. Daemon theorized.

Plageues walked over to the edge of the balcony and gazed over the woody scenery. His eyes narrowed and his mouth curved downwards into a frown. His brows pointed into a scowl.

Do you need a moment? Rosa mocked in a sarcastic tone. She instantly regretted upon him cackling as a reaction.

Do I need a moment? He exclaimed ardently, Im practically rolling with emotion. Im in fields of ecstasy right now. He stared at the uncomfortable gardevoir with eyes that attested to his instability. She slowly backed away.

You see, Rosa, this is why you dont- Daemon gave a quick cough and finished in a rubbing in tone. Listen in on my conversations.

She gave a roll of her eyes and asked, Am I done here?

What do you think? Daemon rhetorically asked. She gave a huff, crossed her arms and leaned against the stone bar. The ghost then returned to Plageues, Its your lucky day. I was requested by Azazel to find a replacement for Trishua in his mission on Triacal.

You mean-

Yes. His mission overlaps with Seliph and his brothers. Apparently they defended the target. Daemon turned his gaze to the moon in the sky. You are to meet with him at Crion City. Now here. He took the sachet out of his stomach and threw it at the dark type, who caught it with his mouth. He gave a wink to the ghost, who ignored this and continued. Meet with Trishula. Use this for extra provisions when you arrive.

Plageues gave a disappointed grin as he dropped the bag into his paw. Youre no fun.

Daemon ignored this as well and turned his attention to the gardevoir. Regardless of your trespassing earlier, I already had something I required you to do.
What? she replied dragging out the word to emphasize her boredom.

You know where the next Lord Assembly will be, correct? She nodded. I need you to go there and prepare things.

Why dont you send your edge lord of an errand boy to do it? She muttered.

Rosa. He drawled.

Alright, Ill do your errand! She sassed and opened the door with her psychic and slammed it behind her. Daemon gave a sigh and rubbed his one eye.

Truly a gentlemon. Plageues chuckled.

Daemon gave an aggravate moan as he faced the dark type and stated, Must you add to my stack of juvenile associates?

The dark type gave a less mocking laugh and threw his arm over the ghosts back. Im just playing with you, yah gentlemon, He chatted.

Well could you tone it down? Daemon requested with a hint of frustration, Ive had a bad evening and Im growing weary of interruptions.

Oh? Plageues queried walking out in front. Well how about you tell me about your troubles, Daemon, the mon suggested. Daemon remained silent, just keeping his scowl at the ground. Plageues looked at the mons right arm and noticed his shoulder quivering slightly. Oh, was it during that?

Yes, Daemon confirmed with a mix of disgust and embarrassment. The two were silent, for a while.

Well, I better get started then. The zoroark gave a grin and walked past the ghost to the door, but as he opened it he whispered in a dark and seeming robotic tone, We should meet up sometime. Grab a drink and talk about delusions of grandeur. Perhaps even about local delicacies. He softly shut the door behind him.

Daemon began stroking his chin again. After assessing that he was indeed alone to his thoughts he muttered, Ill have to wait till after this assignment concludes. Till then well have to hold off on discussing our plans more. He let out a sigh as he once again held his right shoulder. But first, to deal with this.

< O >

The light of a fiery caldron illuminated an underground stone arena. Its designs were akin to some miniature stone colosseum like ones found in Boriak. Its field was covered with tannish dirt. In the middle of this empty area two mons were locked in combat.

A young ampharos was locked in a Discharge exchange with a golem. Neither was letting up their bolts, though the electric type was starting to wheeze.

Whats wrong chump? the Electric/Rock type mocked, You already out of energy.

Ill show you energy! the ampharos snapped, breaking off his Discharge. He quickly rolled out of the incoming Discharges path and gaped his mouth. A fiery blue Dragon Pulse surged towards his opponent.

The foe merely smirked as he pulled in his body and rolled out of the way in a split second. Instead of getting back up, he kept on rolling towards the ampharos. In reply, the ampharos tried to jump over and blast a Dragon Pulse from overhead.

Gotcha! The roller exclaimed, as he broke out and grabbed the pink tail of the ampharos. He began swinging him around. His arms then surged with a dark purple electric energy that began shocking the ampharos. Like that Brutal Swing? the Golem said with an arrogant laugh as he threw the pink ampharos in the air. He moved his hands close together and began forming a Smack Down projectile. The slightly dazed, from the dark move energy, ampharos quickly twisted and tried to fire another Discharge. The rock type move was sent hurling and despite directing the all Discharge onto the rock, it was too sturdy to shatter. It landed a direct hit.

The electric type yelled in pain as the rock slammed him in the gut. His damage was only added in him failing to do a recovery landing, and hitting the ground hard on his right shoulder. He began squirming around; with his eyes closed and tears forming from the pain of his dislocated shoulder.

The golem walked up to him and bent down a little. Im guessing you evolving so early was a fluke. Your lightning is weak hah! Youre better off using your fists. Now get up, He ordered as he kicked the mon with a hard swing oh his leg. The ampharos was sent rolling, giving yelps from his shoulder every time he made a full revolution. The cries seemed to fall on uncaring ears, for the golem merely walked up again and ordered the same command. The ampharos tried to get back up, but was met with another kick. To slow heavy tail!

He then placed his foot on the mons right shoulder, making him yelp.

You think your shoulder is too much? Well lets make a deal. The golems voice dropped to a more deep and malicious tone. If you can get my foot off before it goes through your flesh into the floor, then well call it a day. As he finished, he began press down.

The amphoros shrieked as the pain began to surge and begged him to stop. Weakies dont get to speakie, The golem answered with a snicker. Now take off my foot or Ill take off your arm the hard way.

The ground underneath the electric types right shoulder began to make cracking noises as well as his shoulder blade and upper arm bone. The pleads and cries of the pinned mon soon became gibberish as his mind began to panic.

Enough, Corivac, A distorted males voice calmly ordered. Corivac looked up to see a mon walking towards him. His eyes went wide as he recognized who it was or rather what rank it was.

The mon wore a black overcoat, with a hood covering the top part of his face. The part of his face that was visible reflected a strange dark metallic mask, with three black metal lines moving over the blank face of the helm and congregating near the mouth, which had what appeared to be a fang design. His black overcoats sleeves went all the way to his hands, which had interesting black metal gauntlets, though only the fingers and upper palm were visible. The coat was folded over and buttoned up on the right side, only opening near the knees. The knees were bent forward with dark color thin leather as a covering with black guard plates on the kneed caps and top of shins. Even his talons had this black fabric covering them and added sharp metal blades to extend them.

It stopped when about two feet away from the two, just close enough for Corivac to see more of the helm. No eye sockets were there, only black glass which wasnt transparent, but would allow the wearer to see clearly.

Corivac let out a growl. As you wish. He removed his foot from the heavy breathing and almost unconscious ampharos. He backed away as the over coated figure inspected the mon. After assessing the injuries, the hooded mon, picked up the ampharos and put him over his right shoulder.

Hey what are yo- Corivac began, but was interrupted by the strangers distorted voice.

How long has he been your disciple?

Corivac blinked at first, confused by the terminology of the question. He finally got the message and replied with, Four months.

The hooded mon then began walking on. Hey! Hes weak in strength abilities. You can look at his medical assessment. Frankly, I was against being a teacher for a talentless recruit like him, so make sure youre honest in your report abou-

Before he could finished. The mon, started to form a small ball of blue wind in his palm. It then started to speak without turning around. Strength is merely an approach to such an action. You would consider yourself a mon with strength, yes?

Corivac didnt understand. But after being asked again, this time with a sterner tone from the distorted voice he replied with, Well I dont enjoy bragging, but if you ask for abilities then yes sir Im quite capable.

I see. He then turned to the side and swung its arm in an upwards left swipe, sending an Air Slash straight at the golem. Despite being startled, Corivac managed to raise his arms in defense. The move shredded on his arms, but his defense didnt matter. The moves splattered past his arms and all over him with just as much impact as the initial move. He was sent on his back with many harsh cuts, leaking some of his dirt makeup with small electric sparks going into the ground, and gritting his teeth from the pain. Four times the ineffectiveness, less power than basic moves, not even a flinch and you still fall over like a newborn in the wind. Its simpletons like you that answer my questions on the ineffectiveness of our red eye soldiers. I suggest you get some medical attention before you crack apart, whether it be your body or ego first. The figure then continued on his way as Corivac carried himself off the field.

The ampharos was barely awake and losing his consciousness amid the pain and his fatigue. He tried to utter his gratitude to this high oficials act of kindness, but only succeeded in making attempts at words.

It is apparent, you will not attain your max use with him as a teacher. The ampharos finally lost his consciousness. The figure walked out of the stone arena and down a dimly lit hallway. Weakness the caterpie tells the weedle, He muttered out loud, However, the caterpie has earned the right to exist, unlike this one. Determination will only take a mon so far, as talent will only give you so much of a boost. The weak will fade along with the strongbut what is strength than something to be used? Evolve above the masses, young oneelse killing you now would be an act of mercy by me.

< O >

Water from puddles splashed around as a vigoroth was running awkwardly in a dark ally of some town. The rain was heavy, forcing him to constantly rub his vulnerable eyes. His foot suddenly got caught in a little dent in the road, causing him to hit the ground. He spat out the water he had acquired from his face plant. He took a quick glance back and immediately rushed back to his feet upon seeing a figure walk after him.

His panting grew heavy as he darted through several allies. Hed occasionally glance back, only to see the figure still in pursuit. As he ran through a straight ally, he noticed a stack of boxes. He quickly leaped on them and began climbing up the wet wall. Despite the slick surface, the vigoroths claws were able stay on the wall well. He took a glance at his pursuer.

The mon was almost underneath him. The normal type quickly formed some rocks from the wall and fired his Rock Tomb. The mon threw his arms in front in protection, pushing the stones aside with telekinetic energy. The vigoroth let out a laugh as he leaped from the wall, to grab the ledge of the opposite roof. To his surprise, he stopped in midair. He looked down to see the stranger pointing his arm at him. The vigoroth tried to retaliate, but was slammed into the wall. He was then thrown with the telekinetic force into the other wall and finally levitated down.

The normal type clasped his now broken leg and howled, as the stranger walked up. A grumpig knelt down and moved to check his leg.

Dont touch me mother fu***r! the vigoroth shouted to the calm psychic type. He tried to pull his leg away, but was held back with a solid but non-hurting invisible force. He grunted as the grumping inspected the leg with his left finger. He then placed his middle finger on it as well and closed his eyes.

Hmcracks in the Tibiablood flow still at proper flownot too impairing.

The figure then looked at the mon, who was shivering in fright, and asked, You were to meet with a client for your superior about a delivery deal correct?

I dont know what your- the mon began, but was cut off.

I can take whatever data I wish from your memory with time and forceful entrance into your consciousness, so I implore you to co-operate to save us both the trouble and you potential mental stress slash damage.

The vigoroth gulped and nodded. The grumping continued. What was the item in question for delivering?

Some stolen information.

What was the information?

I dont know, the vigoroth replied in a shaky tone. The grumping, scowled. I swear on my mothers grave its true. He started shaking as the grumpigs eyes looked deep into his. The pigs eyes narrowed and observed the frightened strangers returning stare.

I seewhere you were to meet them?

The condemned wooden building in the fifth district. The grumping nodded and suddenly placed his two fingers on the mons forehead. Hey wait I tho- he stopped his protesting and his eyes went blank. The grumping closed his eyes. Green rings began to expand from the point of touch and disappear after growing a certain size.

The grumping started to mumble things. .there.removingdone.

As soon as the stranger removed his fingers the mon snapped out of his trance. He look around with a fright, but saw no one. W-what..wait what was I running fro- Yeaow! He howled and clasped his hurting leg. What the reverse? When the f*** did I get this? He picked himself up and began dragging his way to some helping center.

The grumping watched from behind a turn at the end of the alley. He let out a sigh and walked down the dark path. As he went on his way, he suddenly stopped. His ear twitched slightly. He turned to face the wall. All eh saw was the rain hitting the sleek grey wall lit only some moonlight. He closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them his eyes were covered with a light green color, shining with a faint but visible color. At the sight of these eyes, a small green object on the wall became visible. It was a zygarde cell. Its eye stared back, completely expressionless. Small green letters then rushed from its lower iris and vanished at the top part of the iris.

hmright? the grumping stated in a slightly tired tone. Transferring findings. Letters and odd language crossed the cells eye again, as the memory data of the scene was passed on. The grumping let out a sigh as he concluded sending the info to the target.

Hey there, a voice buzzed from his right. The cell immediately cloaked and the grumping turned to face a vikavolt walking towards him. Demetrihowzzz it going?

Demetri tilted his head in slight surprise. Devon? Have you been assigned to this assignment too?

No Demetri, but I have been assigned with you for another azzzzzzignment, It replied.

What? Demetri blurted, But my current investigation is of red tier.

This came from Zyon himzzzelf. Demetri growled as he closed his eyes. He opened them again, this time to his cerise iris eyes. Devon continued, Zyon hazzz requezzzted we head to Frantal Town.

Why? Whats more important than finding the origin of the breach in the netw-

One of the cellzzz overheard a mezzzzzzage being zzzent. It was from a Zzzeliph.

Demetri raised a brow, Whos this Seliph?

The data Zyon found on him relatezzz to the red eyezzz. Itzzz pozzzzzzible he might have key information, but more importantly hezzz a target of theirzzz. We need to find him and immediately take him into our protection.

I see Demetri raised his palm to his chin. Frantal Town correct?

Thatzzz where thizzz Zzzeliph zzzaid he wazzz going. There was more info in the mezzzzzzage, but I dont have all the detailzzz. Zyon zzzaid hell have a cell there waiting for uzzz with the rezzzt of the data and any additional orderzzz.

Demetri nodded. Devon then rapidly flapped his bug wings and took off down the ally. Likewise, Demetri quickly turned around and dashed after the flying Devon. As he followed his ally, Demetri pondered. First the breachand now this? And all while the Amestrian Senate is in session with a diplomat from Sorphia present for the discussionThis is blatantly close in time to be coincidence. I deduce there is a connection, of only I can find amply evidence. The red eyes must be making a big play. Putting the Core on alert. Ack, if we can just determine if there are any Red Eyes agents that came along with the diplomator perhaps how a red eyes operative could have breached the network. If we just had more info perhaps we could find clues regarding their influence in Amerstria. Then thatd be a good basis for investigation. But apparently this assignment takes priority instead of my lead. What are you thinking Zyon? Whats so important about this Seliph to take away from a literal breach with the stolen information?

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Chapter 20

Jarons eye lids slowly opened and began to look around the room. He spotted the crates of the storage area and the window, now showing grey light. He let out a yawn as he jumped off the crate he had deemed his bed and rolled his neck.

Arceus, that wasnt the most comfortable bed Ive been on, ooof, He mouthed as he pressed his gator palms against his back. As he did this, he looked over to where Ciecro had retired for the night. He was absent, his blanket made and everything.

Huh, Jaron observed, wonder where he is? He folded this blanket up so he must behm.

Jaron thought to himself about last night, and his conversation with Ciecro. I know he was hesitant at first, but he came around after we talked. Well he probably went to either train or get some food.

He gave nod to the plan and walked towards the staircase. Oh! he exclaimed, upon realizing he forgot that. He quickly ran over to one of the crates and picked up a small metal cube, he had worked on last night. Dont want you getting lost hehe.

As he got into the main lobby, he noticed Vragon and Jasmine talking. He called out to them.

Heya Jaron! Jasmine replied with energy.

Hello Jaron, Vragon uttered, his tiredness much more visible.

You both sleep okay? Jaron inquired as he joined them.

I had about six hours, Jasmine answered, stretching out her front legs, but I dont feel too bad. Jaron then looked at Vragon, whose eyelids were droopy.

Bad night? He guessed, to which the fraxure nodded.

I hate it when I get one of those dreams. Vragon began rubbing his eyes.

Heh, the dream about the giant granbull, Jaron teased.

No, Vragon grumbled, just one where Im running and then I wake up tired.

Running from the granbull, Jasmine added, joining in the fun with Jaron.

Im not afraid of granbulls! Vragon protested, Besides, dont we have to plan what to do now?

Yep, Jaron replied, deciding to get serious, But lets handle that after getting some food.

Fair I guess, Jasmine said, with a nod from the head. Vragon did likewise. Jasmine then gave a yawn and uttered, Im down for breakfast before headache.

What about Ciecro? Shouldnt we bring him as well? Vragon asked.

He was already awake and gone when I woke up.

Jasmines eyes narrowed slightly. Did something happen last night?

Jaron gave a shrug, He seemed perfectly fine when we went to sleep. He even helped me with this a little bit. Jaron pulled out a cube from his shoulder sack. The other two eyed it with curiosity.

What does it do? Vragon inquired.

Nothing right now, Jaron admitted, but once I get the right parts and whatnot, thisll be a signal jammer. You know communication orbs, well this doohickey should be able to intercept the signals and display them for us.

Dont they already exist and are usually used to catch criminals? Jasmine corrected.

Yep, but mine will be homemade and run on electrical circuitry. So I wont have some of the flubs synergy has, though it would need a charge now and then, Jaron said with glee.

Impressive, if you can get it to function, A voice chimed in from behind them. Jaron about jumped out of his scales, at the spook from Dolly. Hows it going kids? She asked, rubbing the back of her head, with a big smile on her face.

Fine, Jaron sulked.

Sorry about interrupting your little lecture, but as miss Jasmine said we need to get some food, Dolly stated putting her arm of Jarons shoulders. She gave him a grin, but was met with darting eyes. How was last night Jaron?

It was fine. Jaron replied.

Dollys eyes squinted for a second, assessing something. Jaron was beginning to get uncomfortable, till she suddenly got back. Well lets hurry, before they get too busy.

Jaron and Jasmine nodded, just as confused as to what Dolly was doing. Jaron then led the way, with Jasmine and Vragon following. Dolly trailed behind; her face scowling slightly. What happened to you last night? Did whatever happen do something to Ciecro as well?

< O >

The breeze was blowing over a dirt field for sport battling. It was a large circle with a few large rocks dotting its interior. On one side was a scowling Ciecro staring at the empty field. He closed his eyes and moved his head to face the morning sky. He let the breeze course around his neck and face, letting the cool air calm his nerves. He then looked at the rock in front of him. He slid his right leg backwards, putting his weight on it. He straightened his left and surged a Thunderpunch in his right. He kept this position, staring at the rock with concentrated eyes. He then firmly pushed off his right, twisted his torso, thrust his fist around and firmly leaned on his left leg. His move, struck directly on the rock, cracking the surface for about a foot radius. He kept his solid fist on it for a few seconds before removing it. He stared at the rock and look down at the dirt, disappointed.

DamnI gave dat all I had He muttered to himself, feeling very dejected. He looked back at the other rocks he had also struck, seeing how similar those cracks were to this one. He looked back at the implant he made and put his claw on it. He pictured his dad striking a much larger boulder and leaving a much larger scale of cracks. His head fell down, so his stare was focused on his feet. His tail became lax and its flame dimmed a little.

Ciecro! A voice called out from behind him. The charmeleon jumped up from the startle and looked straight at an also startled Seliph. The greninja put his arms out and said, Sorry, I didnt mean to startle you.

Ciecros surprised face immediately shot to a glare upon identifying his older brother. He gave a snort, crossed his arms, looked to the side and said in a cold tone, Don sneak up on me like that.

Sorry about that heh. Seliph broke a weak smile along with rubbing his head. He then said, I noticed you were practicing your Thunderpunch.

Ciecro gave a louder snort. So? he asked in a passive aggressive tone.

Well, if you want to practice moves, I might be able to help with that. Ciecro moved his eyes towards Seliphs warming smile face. The greninja could tell Ciecro wasnt very happy he was here despite his friendly gesture. Well if you want to that is. The greninja tossed over a bracelet to Ciecro, who caught it and eyed it curiously.

An inhibitor bracelet? He said out loud.

I rented two of the stronger affecting ones. Free things and get the job done after all, Seliph said with a friendly smile and a shrug. Ciecro looked at Seliph again and then back to the bracelet. He squinted his eyes and his breathing slowed down a little.

What do I do? I promised Jaron, but

Seliph guessed that Ciecro was stuck in an inner debate. So, to hopefully sway him in favor, Seliph strapped his bracelet on and set the dial to 90% inhibitor. He then walked back a ways and faced a cautious yet curious Ciecro.

I need some good practice. Go all out on me.

Ciecro gave him a less cold stare and once again looked back at the bracelet. The events of the night before circled in his head.

Fineyeah Im on edge 'cause of himand its cause I feel shrimpy tah him. His own voice echoed.

I know bro, which is why I want you to talk with me about it. I know weve had friction and all, but no matter how retarded you act Ill still love you, yah jerk. Jarons voice said afterwards.

He turned his head and looked at the rock he struck. He gave a big exhale and as he slapped on the wrist he said in his head, A'ight Jaronyou fu**in' win.

He twisted the dial and turned to face Seliph. The two stared into each others eyes, both were focused and ready. Seliph stretched his right froggy hand forward, then swiftly swung it to his side forming a Night Slash stick. He held it like a saber to his side in an open defensive and light feet stance.

Ciecros eyes glowered as he pulled his left leg back and activated a dragon claw in his left hand, pointing slight upwards and behind him. He focused his gaze firmly on the smiling Seliph, eyeing every part of Seliphs stance. A few seconds passed as each waited for the other to move. Ciecro finally broke stance and sprinted. Seliph merely kept his poise as Ciecro leaped up and swung his Dragon Claw down upon Seliph. The greninja quickly sprang to the left, avoiding the downwards strike. He then thrust his Night Slash at Ciecros head, who quickly rolled with his momentum out of the strike. He quickly fired a Flamethrower, forcing Seliph back.
Seliph then stood up and with a shrug asked, Are you having fun yet?

Ciecro gave a growl and ran towards a rock to Seliphs forward-right side. He then jumped and used it as a leap off for his left leg. He then surged a Dragon Claw with his left claw.

In response, Seliph formed a Water Shuriken between his hands and threw it forward. Ciecro swung his right fist towards the water type move, knocking away the move with a newly formed Thunderpunch. Seliph quickly dove forwards underneath Ciecro, before getting struck. Seliph quickly rolled on left side drew a night slash in his right hand and swung it in an arc downwards on Ciecro. Despite this back attack, Ciecros Dragon Tail struck the Night Slash from the side. Seliph was slightly pulled forward to the left, leaving himself open for a tackle from Ciecro. The two rolled on the ground struggling. Ciecro managed to get on top and drew his Thunderpunch in his right hand. With an angry face and gritting teeth, he thrust it down, aiming for Seliphs face. Seliph managed to dart his head far enough to avoid it. Seliph then wrapped his tongue around Seliphs waist to pull him off. Ciecro was spun off the greninja, rolled a few feet, and recovered to a one knee defensive stance. Seliph took his time getting up, brushed off the dirt and said, Maybe we should take a break eh?

Ciecros scowling eyes stopped for a second, confused. He then looked at the spot where he had punched at Seliph. His fist had left a two inch deep punch mark in. His eyes widened and he looked at his right hand. It was shaking slightly, as it would when he was angry. He quickly flicked it to his side. DidWas I?... He looked down with slightly scared eyes. The image of the move making impact on Seliph was in his head. The damage he could do even with a restraint as evident by the mark he left on the ground.

Seliph deduced Ciecro was shocked. He looked at his inhibitor that read 90% and looked at Ciecro with a worried face. With a soft voice he said, Ciecro its alright.

Ciecro didnt seem to notice. He was too busy staring at his shaky hand. Ciecroare you oka-

Im fine! Ciecro shouted as he turned around and stormed off.

Seliph reached his hand out and was about to call his brothers name. He stopped and moved his arm back. II didnt mean for that to happen. He thought in his head. He looked back at Ciecro, who was taking off his bracelet and throwing it to the side, walking away with stomping steps. Seliph walked over to the bracelet and looked at it. It read 95%. Seliphs eyes widened with shock at the revelation of how strong a Thunderpunch he narrowly avoided.

< O >

Dang this is good. I havent eaten out in so long, Jasmine exclaimed.

Wow Dolly, this gives you a run for your Poke, Jaron added, licking his dish.

Yes well, fancy showy places like these tend to really put their stuff into their food specifically, Dolly pointed out, sipping some Oran leave tea; her annoyance at the comparison etched in her half closed eyes focusing on the chop licking Jaron.

And besides Jaron, Vragon added, putting his Oran juice down, Dollys place is a small stool diner, not some well-furnished area with more staff than just herself.

True, but this stuff is damn good. Makes me want to eat it more. Jaron gave a pleased exhale as he put his saliva covered plate down.

Jasmine then leaned across the table a little and whispered to Dolly, Probably cause of the sugar. Dolly nodded her head in agreement.

Theres sugar in this? Jaron exclaimed in surprise.

What tipped you off friend? The addictive taste with the infusion of flavors, or the fact its made of berries, which by nature have sugar in general? Vragon commented rhetorically.

Jaron gave a huff and replied with, Well sorry Im not some food connoisseur like Jasmine is.

Im not a connoisseur, I just know a lot about food and whatnot, She defended.

Please Jasmine, its bad enough you completely dissect what you eat to the point of literally telling us the different ingredients, Jaron accused.

I do not! Jasmine protested.

Vragon picked up another powdered covered berry and said, If I recall correctly, when the server gave us these, you mumbled interesting so they used a Pecha Berry mixed with sugary mix along with some cinnamon. Dang, oh well its no chocolate caramel sauce mix, but itll do.

Jasmine gave him a scowl and whispered under her breath, Traitor Vragon gave a boasting grin as he took a bite out of his berry. Jasmine then put her paw on the table, and tried to change the subject. Okay, so are we heading out?

To some library place right? Vragon inquired, I dont think its ideal while those lunatics still after me.

Im going to have to agree with Vray on this, Jaron added, Considering we dodged a Mach Punch with our last encounter I dont think we should leave here for a while.

But what about or duties? Jasmine brought up.

Just make the point that your friend is in danger from criminals and use that to get permission to keep guard on him, Dolly suggested as she put her cup down, itd make perfect sense and Im sure your ranger head at the guild wouldnt be so fastidious to force you to come back. Sure you might get docked from a few weeks of pay.

Good point, Jasmine admitted.

We should probably wait for Ciecros input, Vragon stated, putting his arms on the table and looking at the few berries left on the appetizer dish.

I dont think hed protest. The most hed want to do is find the little grunts and that stupid dragon guy, Jaron answered. The croconaw reached out and grabbed one of the berries and took a bite out of it. Besides, Jaron spoke amid his chewing, hes not so much a fan of his job to not enjoy his free time here. Who knows, a little time from his and my job might do some good for the oaf.

Jasmine grabbed the second to last berry and said, Are you sure? I mean, what if they find us here?

Dolly gave a yawn and said, Better here than in the open.

I concur, the fraxure added, reaching for the last berry. To his surprise his hand hit the scaly skin of Jaron, who was reaching for the berry as well. Jaronlet go please, Vragon asked.

Uhhyou can clearly see my hand is on it, Jaron countered, trying to move his hand out. But Vragon clenched his claw around Jarons claw. Jarons eyes began to leer at an equally scowling Vragon.

You already had one, so I should get the last one.

That doesnt mean nothing. Im hungry and last I checked you didnt reach for many so it isnt my fault you didnt grab for one till the last one was claimed. Jaron started to try and pull his claw out of Vragons firm grip.

Excuse me? From what I recall you had like eight of these things and Ive only grabbed two. Not to mention I was busy with the actual dish I was eating.

Thats my problem how?

It means youve had enough for your stomach so let me have it.

Jaron squinted his eyes and said in a low growling tone, Over my dead body.

That can be arranged, Vragon threatened in a similar pitched voice. Dolly and Jasmine just stared at the awkward thing playing out in front of them.

Dolly then gave a cough and said, Do you both want me to cut it in half?

Stay out of this, the two said in unison, turning their competitive scowls towards her. She flinched her head back a little.

Um guys, I dont want to get us thrown out so could you both please not, Jasmine requested.

The two kept their gazes locked. Vragon finally said, keeping his eyes on Jarons eyes, She has a point. Settle this elsewhere?

Bring it on you little cluck. Vragon then let go of Jarons palm, who shoved the berry in front of Dolly.

What are you both doing? She asked out of a mix of curiosity and concern.

Settling this like men. Jaron then got up and pointed his hand at Vragon, I challenge you to a battle and if I win I get the berry.

Yeah! Vragon replied with a tense competitive voice, Well I accept you dingus.

I hope youre ready to lose Vray. Youve never beaten me in a battle, Jaron uttered in confidence.

Maybe not, but if such delicious food is on the line, Ill kick your tail.

< O >

Jasmine had a quizzical expression on her face as she and Dolly sat on some rocks at the edge of a dirt line. Is this actually happening? she asked the kangaskhan.

Apparently, I gave up trying to understand adolescent males when I met Ciecro. Dolly crossed her arms and watched as Vragon and Jaron did some stretches. Course, it does mean I get to see a fight and thats always fun to watch.

Jasmine looked down, then back to the two in front. You sure they wont get hurt?

Jasmine, they have inhibitor bands on and I told them to keep them on at least 80%.

Suddenly Jaron pointed his arm to Vragon. I hope youre ready for an ass whooping.

Vragon shot back quickly. Yeah, well Im going be the one beating you.

Jaron gave a laugh and held his arm in front of his chest, displaying the 80% number on it. Since Im stronger than you, I think Ill turn this up a little. Jaron gave a grin as he twisted a nob on it, changing the number to 85%.

Dont make me laugh Jaron, Vragon taunted, twisting his to 87%.

Ah, so you think you have guts eh? Jaron responded, turning his to 89%.

Yeah you sucker, Im gonna beat you with a bigger handicap. Vragon twisted his till it displayed 93%.

Suddenly an annoyed Dolly shouted to the two, If you two are done seeing which one has the bigger snout, turn it to 95% and get going already. Jaron and Vragon snarled at her as they twisted their dials till they both read 95%.

They then put their arms to the side and kept their eyes on each others bodies. Vragon moved his left leg in front and twisted his body to the side, stretched his left arm firmly out with his claw stretched out for slashing and his other arm pulled in front of his chest.

Jaron gave a smirk as he bent down and placed his hand on the ground, clutching the ground. He then moved his left hand out in an open slashing style and got into a pouncing position. His tail straightened out and he squinted his eyes.

The two waited for Dolly to start them off. Jasmine gave Dolly a look that essentially was please be the adult and dont let them do this. Dolly just gave a smirk back and raised her hand, Have fun beating the crap out of each other, boys. She swung her arm down.

Jaron immediately rushed towards Vragon keeping his body close to the ground. Vragon kept his stance firm and tensed his back leg, ready for Jarons strike. Jaron suddenly rolled, taking in a breath as he moved on the ground. After finishing the roll, he fired an Ice Beam directly at Vragon. In response, Vragon darted towards the beam, tanking the hit with his arm and slashing with his claw. Jaron leaned back enough to avoid it, but in the process left himself open for Vragon to fire a Dragon Breath. It hit Jaron squarely on his chest, knocking him on his back. Taking this opportunity, Vragon leaped upon Jaron with his Dragon Claw. Jaron quickly brought up Slash and locked moves with Vragon. Despite Vragons upwards advantage, Jaron was able to keep Vragons claws away from his head.

Not bad Vray. Didnt expect you to do that, Jaron praised with a competitive smile.

Thanks, Vragon replied, just as competitive in tone. Jarons smile suddenly turned malicious as pulled his lower body upwards and whacked Vragons head with his tail. This distraction was enough for Jaron to push Vragons Dragon Claw away and head-butt Vragon in the face. The fraxure fell off, but did a recovery roll and fired another Dragon Breath to cover himself. Jaron evaded with a side jump and used his footing on the landing to lunge at the fraxure, who replied with his own rush towards the croconaw. Jaron and Vragon began a close melee. Vragon was being the more aggressive one with jabs, kicks, swipes and slices, while Jaron avoided, tanked, blocked or parried. Vragon then did a strong downwards slice, to which Jaron backed away to avoid. Vragon then used the momentum to cartwheel into a strike with his forward leg. Jaron managed to grab it, but this was merely a diversion. Vragon used the balanve bracing Jaron gave his upside down state to slice at Jarons right leg with a strong Dragon Claw.

Ah! Jaron screeched from the pain letting go of Vragons leg. The fraxure then rolled back and got back to his feet. Jaron got on one knee and clasped the area he got struck, Ow ow ow ow ow!

Good thing its on 95%, else youd have a nasty cut on your leg.

Dammit Vragon, where was this bravado in our other fights? Jaron said, giving a pleased grin.

Vragon just gave a shrug. Surrender yet? The fraxure joked.

No way, loser. Jaron laughed and got back up. Playtime is over Vray, now Im going to be serious. Vragon gave a sarcastic look and got back into his standard defense position.

Dolly and Jasmine had been quiet up to this point. Dolly then said, Vragon definitely is surprising me. Though its good to see him implementing his pros.

You mean him being more of a speed build rather than defensive or offensive? Jasmine guessed.

Not exactly, Dolly answered. She then pointed to the fraxure and said, See how hes in his basic position. Look at his eyes. Jasmine obeyed and noticed Vragons eyes were looking straight, but seemingly not giving a focused glance.


Yep, Dolly effused, hes planning rather than just getting into a fight with Jaron directly. He isnt being on the offensive, but thinking of ways to counter Jaron, someone who he knows well and has experience regarding his fighting style.

Jasmine looked back at the fraxure, then looked at the croconaw. He was giving his trademark grin, but she noticed something odd. He was twisting his right arm slightly, keeping his open palm away from Vragons sight. Whats he up to? She thought to herself as the croconaw again rushed towards Vragon.

Jaron closed the ground between him and Vragon projecting an upwards left slice with his left claw. Vragon caught onto this and bent his head a little, readying to dodge, but anticipating an alternative attack from Jaron. He was surprised by the slash being as it was advertised. He managed to evade, but his surprise made him lose the firmness of his guard for a split second. Jaron took the opportunity to grab Vragons left arm with his left hand. He then twisted it around his head, spinning himself and Vragon. Vragon tried to slash with a Dragon Claw with his free hand before getting into an arm lock, but Jaron had other plans. He let go and jumped back to evade. He then lunged at the perplexed fraxure, placing his right hand on Vragons face. Suddenly, Vragon was sprayed in the face with a scald from Jarons hand. He hit ground from the hot water, spitting it out of his mouth.

What the- Jasmine began, but Dolly interrupted with her observation.

Good move by Jaron.

How did he use scald from his hand? a puzzled Jasmine asked.

Didnt you see him move his arm back? He essentially formed a set up there. Moves like scald can be implemented in several ways. In Jarons case, he prefers to use his mouth for the strong blast and speed from it, but he apparently knows how to use it from his hand.

Waithis hand?

The hands usage for moves like that are ideal when wanting to fire two beams of the move and/or firing up close with better accuracy and move flexibility. They are weaker, but Jaron was obviously going for knocking Vragon off balance by taking him by surprise and a quick taking advantage of the moment.

Oh Jasmine said turning her face back to the battle. To her surprise, Vragon was yelping, trying to reach at Jaron with his free arm, since his other one was in an arm lock from Jaron.

Say it! Jaron said with a laugh afterwards.

Never! Vragon replied, but let out a shout of pain as Jaron pulled his arm back further with his legs and arms.

Saaaaay it! Jaron playfully demanded with a smile.

F*** you! Vragon shouted. A few seconds later and after a few more cries Vragon finally said, Alright, alright, you win you jackass. Jaron gave a laugh as he let go of Vragon, who immediately got up and rubbed his hurting right arm.

Good fight Vray, but Im still the better fighter.

That was dirty Jaron, Vragon growled.

Every time I beat you, you call it dirty heh. Dont be sore Vragon. Alls fair in love and war, besides you did really well. He offered his hand, which Vragon accepted. The croconaw pulled the fraxure up and gave him a pat on the back.

Thanks, but one of these days Im going to beat you, Vragon stated with a competitive tone and smile.

I welcome that moxie so I can put you in your place, Jaron answered with a smirk, throwing his arm over the dragons neck in between his back curve spike and the one on the back of his head.

Well that was a good battle, Dolly praised, applauding with claps as the two walked over.

Jasmine gave a pleased nod and said to Jaron, Dang Jaron, what else do you have in that head of yours?

A lot of stuff, Jaron replied, rubbing his snout with his index finger, but hey, Vragon surprised me too. The fraxure gave a smile to the grinning croconaw.
Vragon shook his head and said, Well, since you won I guess you can have it.

Dollys eyes suddenly went ghostly. The three looked at her with confusion. Jaron the asked, Can I have the berry now?

Dolly then gave a weak laugh and began rubbing her left arm with her right. The two boys eyes drooped halfway, starting to get the message. Did you eat it? Vragon asked with a stare. Jasmine looked at Vragon and Jaron and was worried at the step below murderous stares they had.

WellI kinda forgot that you both were vying for it on the way here and kinda ate it on instinct. I then realized after I took a bite out of hit, so I ate the rest since you wouldnt want it aft-

What the f*** Dolly? Jaron shouted, I would have eaten it anyways!

Yeah Dolly! Vragon joined in, even I would have. That stuff is so good you glutton.

Now, now you two calm down, Dolly ordered, with a nervous tone.

The two looked at each other and nodded. They both looked at Dolly with angry eyes. Dolly, Vragon said, You have a ten second head start.

If you dont make it to some public place where we cant kill you, then sucks to be you, Jaron added.

Jasmine was about to say something, before Dolly immediately began running. Jasmine called out to which Dolly said, I kinda deserve it. Wish me luck.

Jaron, who had been counting silently since her fleeing, finally counted out loud, 89kill The two then rushed after her, as fast as they could. Jasmine just stared at the chase and couldnt help but shake her head with a smile.

Did I miss something? a voice suddenly spoke to her left. She leaped back in surprise, but calmed down upon seeing it was Seliph.

Do you just go around scaring people like that? She said, clearly annoyed by the second surprise encounter.

Sorry, I just got here, He apologized as he walked up. He gazed at the three in the distance, the two behind catching up to the one in front. So why are Jaron and Vragon rushing after Dolly with what I think is the intent to harm her?

Long and rather odd story, Jasmine said with a shrug.

Seliph then just shrugged it off and said, So what is the plan?

Ohwell Jaron and Vragon suggested to stay here for a while.

Seliph looked down with a tight-lipped gaze at the ground. Jasmine was about to ask what was wrong, but Seliph broke his silence with, Ill have to talk with them about it.

Huh? You mean you want to leave town? Jasmine inquired, with a tilt of her head.

Seliph took a second to reply. While this town is safer than back where you live, at the same time they are still in jeopardy. While I do think travel is dangerous at the same time staying here waiting to be attacked isnt ideal either.

But how will moving towns help? she questioned.

Because Seliph looked at the chase again, I have some acquaintances Im meeting at Frantal Town.

...Who? Jasmine said, with a suspicious brow raised.

Seliph leaned in close and said, mons my brothers would be happy to see.

Why would they? I mean, who are these mons?

Seliph gave a sigh and continued. I want to surprise them so please promise me you wont tell them. She nodded and he continued, Two mons that were friends with my parents.

Really? She said, and Seliph confirmed with a nod. They are part of a team that my father and mother were a part of. A Norfarion elite team called Team Alpha. Seliph then pulled out a Norfarion badge. She eyed it with awe at the red colored shield crest covering a spiky silver X made of light metal.

Im not a part of their team, but Ive been in contact with them for some time. I told them to meet me at Frantal Town before and then well all this happened.

I seewell

Its fine, I was planning on telling them my thoughts on going to Frantal Town. I would like your support, but I wont force you and would be fine with whatever you choose. But if you could think about it then Id be most grateful.

Okayjust well

I understand, Seliph said, causing Jasmine to look at him surprised. He looked at the plains opposite the town and said, Youre with them and I thats fair. Im glad you even are talking to me since well, Im sure you are aware of the things I did to them.

Jasmine looked at the ground with a scowl. She then said in a soft tone, Why did you leave them like that?

Seliph closed his eyes and said, I cant disclose that.

Why not?

Youre not the only one who doesnt trust, Seliph admitted as he turned to face her. The world is a big place. Filled with beautiful and terrible things. He slowly began to walk towards her, Things that would shock you. I should know, Ive seen things that still stay with me and my head.

Jasmine backed away slightly, getting really uncomfortable with his approach and seemingly uncanny gaze. Seliph spied this and stopped and apologized.

No, Im sorry. I shouldnt have asked.

Youre a good friend to my brothers, He praised with a smile, Any friend of them I have high opinions of. Im glad they have you. She gave a smile and a nod. Well I have some things I need to record. Ill see you later when we decide on our next course of action.

She gave a nod and looked at the ground as he walked past her. I feel hes being genuine, but why cant I shake that feeling? Im certain theres something hes not telling and yeah he has secrets I get that. She looked at him as he walked away with a serious stride, But I get the feeling hes after somethingI dont want Jaron and Ciecro hurt like that again. She gave a snarl and turned around and headed to town.


Cluck - An overly talkative person that has become an annoyance/blabbermouth.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


Say it with me (Vray-gun)

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Contains: Language, Slight Blood, Violence [13]
Chapter 21
Flickers in the Breeze

Ciecro laid down on a small grassy hill, his eyes looking up at the blue sky above him. His right claw laid unclenched at his side, motionless. His left rested on his stomach, rising along with his breathing. His eyes were narrow filled with longing and disappointment.

He closed his eyes and just let the still breeze fill his nerves with feeling. His breathing slowed and he curved a slight smile. He felt peace and at tranquility, with a slight hint of getting drowsy. However, this was all ruined in a split second from a loud calling directly above him.

Hey sleepyhead!

His eyes shot open as he jerked up in fright. He turned around to see Dolly, doing her best to hide her laugh.

What da Revehse? Dolly! he ranted, getting to his feet and giving her an agitated stare.

Dolly gave a sigh and explained with a grin, Sorry to interrupt your sleep, but weve gotta decide what to do as a group.

Ciecro gave a snort and muttered, Why do yah need me? as he let himself fall back on the ground.

Why do you think? Dolly asked, crossing her arms and giving him a sarcastic look. He gave an unamused groan as he spread his arms out. Dolly walked over till her head was directly over his, casting her shadow over his face.

Come on Dolly, Ciecro groaned, Jaron an de others can do it without me. He closed his eyes, gave a scowl and crossed his arms. Dolly gave a sigh as she bent down a little closer to him. She took a few seconds to just merely observe him. She looked at the absent expression on his face. She looked down his fit torso, following the stomachs rise and fall. Despite trying to look relaxed, she spied some muscle tensions she assumed was due to her presence.

Ah so something is going on. I bet its what I saw regarding Jaron.

Dolly got up slightly and looked out towards the horizon. She decided to start simple. So how was last night?

Yah still here? Ciecro sibilated, showing his annoyance at the continuing of questions. He rolled his head to the right and rested his cheek on the ground, It was fine.

How about this morn- she stopped for a second, upon seeing a slight reaction from the start of the word. Ciecros eyes squinted more and his right arm slightly moved.

Her eyes widened a little as she began theorizing what this meant. Unfortunately she had a good idea what it was. Oh no Her head fell slightly and she continued in a calmer tone.

Well...you look tired or something.

Yah, just now seein it? Ciecro muttered, not bothering to open his eyes.

Liar, you arent tired. She scolded in her head. It was then she noticed he was laying on his right arm, using it to prop the side of his stomach. HmmwaitI see. Ill wait then, probably shouldnt pester you past your limit.

She stood up straight, shook her head and chimed, Well, Ill let you rest. But we cant decide without you, so come join us when youre ready.

He replied with a grunt. Dolly gave a sigh and started her way back to town. She looked back for a second, at the seemingly at ease charmeleon laying in the slightly swaying grass. Ill be there, so that never happens again, she promised to him and went back on her way.

After about five minutes of laying down eyes closed, Ciecro took a moment to spy if Dolly had really gone. He moved his head up slightly and looked as best he could without getting up. After assessing she was indeed gone, he sat up, pulled up his left leg and rested his arm on his knee. He looked down and scowled at his right claw, now resting in his lap. His eyes narrowed as he slowly stretched each individual claw. He let out a little snarl and collapsed back onto the ground.

He just laid there, staring at the blue sky with many white clouds in random places; His eyes lazily looking up with a brooding expression. Despite the lovely view above, he could still see it in his head. That face. That terrified bloody face. He clenched his right fist and stretched his arm out towards the sky. He slowly opened his hand as if reaching out for something in the sky.

Am I supposed tah feel somthin? Ack, he let his fist drop back to the ground, Vragon, you weird. He gave a little smirk as he closed his eyes again and slowly began to get drowsy. He tossed a little to get comfortable and tried to forget about his spar with Seliph and the bad memory that it surfaced.

( O )

Whadya say? a sixteen year old Ciecro angrily asked, shoving a monferno back.

I said youre an embarrassment to the guild, the monferno shot back, shoving Ciecro back. Youre only here because your brother was smart enough to get early beforehand.

What? Ciecro growled, but then gave a snarky smirk, yah sore we beat yah to them positions?

Whats that? the pissed monferno asked. The two just stared angrily, till the monferno broke the stare to laugh a little.

Whats so funny? Ciecro inquired, aggressively.

You are, heh. You expect to look tough with those angry eyes?

Ciecro gave a growl as he crossed his arms and muttered, Whats wrong wit dem, loser? Seems like yah resortin tah insults like a kid.

The monferno remained un-phased as he raised his hand to his ear in a degrading gesture, Whats that? I cant understand you? How about you try talking unown like everyone else.

Ciecro clenched his fists and angrily leered at the joking punk. I am, yah piece of shi-

Before he could finish he heard Jarons voice call out. Ciecro! He turned to see a pissed off Jaron, stomping towards him. Stop now, that garbage isnt worth our time.

Who are you calling garbage? The monferno said angrily, substituting his mocking for Ciecro with irritation at the little hothead intruder.

The loser that didnt think of applying early enough despite the fact there were only a few ranger positions open. Dont get mad at me for your moments of stupid, Jaron sassed. He then turned to Ciecro and gave an annoyed sighed. Come on Ciecro, lets just go. We dont need to waste our time with whiners. Ciecro looked away at the ground, with anger in his eyes and violence in his slightly shaking fists.

Yeah, go with your leash, the monferno jabbed. Instantly Ciecro shifted his gaze back to the monkey and raised his right fist for a punch, till Jaron got in front.

Dont you f***ing dare Ciecro, Jaron ordered giving Ciecro an aggressive stare.

Ciecro looked at his brothers demanding, but caring face and slowly lowered his fist. He kept his glower, but muttered a fine.

Jaron then faced the monferno. I suggest you be quiet and leave us be, or do I have to report your actions to the guild and all. Im sure they wouldnt want sore loser mons like you in their ranks.

Heh, the monferno replied with a smirk, like how they dont want submissive hotheads like your feetlicking bro- He was cut off by a sudden hard punch from Ciecro. This caught Jaron off guard, who didnt have time to stop Ciecro from lunging on top of the grounded mon and punching him over and over.

Ciecro, stop! Jaron shouted, trying to restrict his arms from behind. He was knocked away by a swipe from Ciecros tail, before he could pull it off.

Im not a submissive, feetlicking hothead, yah s***! He screamed in his head, alongside his constant flurry of blows.

Ciecro stop this! Vray help me! Vragon, who had just been observing in timid silence, reluctantly joined Jaron in trying to restrict Ciecros arms. Vragon however wasnt strong enough to hold Ciecros left arm back, and was shaken off and shoved away easily. Ciecro then pushed Jaron back with his freed arm and was about to resume his punches when a strong grip shackled his right arm. With a growl he turned and raised his left fist to counter this new assailant, only to see the cold, intimidating stare of Dolly.

Enough Ciecro. Dollys calm voice seemed to pierce him more than her stare. Hes done.

Ciecro slowly looked back at the monferno. Is his fury he didnt even noticed how much damage he had been doing. The mons jaw was broken, his noise and eyes pretty bruised and blood slowly coming out of cuts on the face and mouth.

Ciecro shifted to shock. He looked at his left fist with droplets of blood he didnt even notice. He tried to say something, but couldnt utter anything comprehensible.

Dolly looked around the area at a few peeps that had stopped to watch, Piss off, spectators. she commanded, angry at their inaction in this. The observers parted, some guilty others annoyed at her judgmental comment. She then gently pulled Ciecro off the mon and gave him a little shove with her left arm, Go with your brother.

Ciecro felt ashamed and miserable. This was only increased, by the worried and disappointed expression on Jarons face, and the scared, concerned one on Vragons face. His head fell as he started to form a few tears. He looked again at his fists. He stared at the little blood spots on them. Did I...kill im?

< O >

Ciecro, jumped awake, breathing heavily and slightly shaky. He looked around the area. The sky was still the same and the breeze was still cool and pleasing; this eased his mind a little. He looked down at his tail and noticed his flames frightful flicker before calming down as he did. He lowered his head and just stared blankly at the ground. He gave a slight snarl, this time at himself. What was I thinking then, or was I not even thinking at all?

He growled. First Seliph and now datugh cant I just forget all dis? Freakin Jaronwhy did Seliph have to come back and ruin my peace? He crossed his arms and scowled at the ground, specifically at a single white flower. As if he was trying to make it wither with his icy gaze, he move his head closer to it. After a few minutes of intimidating a still flower, he finally sighed and moved back. Whats wrong wit me? He rested one of his arms onto his knee.

Ciecro was about to get up, when suddenly he heard some footsteps to his left. He quickly looked and spied a golduck staring at him, perhaps browsing. Before replying, Ciecro gave him a look over too. The golduck was about his height, his muscles were thin but solid, though he looked rather young, maybe in his twenties and his eyes were a golden yellow.

Oh sorry, I didnt mean to stare and all, the stranger awkwardly said all of a sudden, supposedly realizing he was weirding Ciecro out.

Uh Ciecro didnt exactly know how to reply. Who is dis weirdo? Ugh Ciecro was about to tell this stranger to leave him alone, but then his eyes met the strangers. Something about the mons warm yellow eyes made him have second thoughts. UhhmYoufine, I guess.

Seemingly a little relieved at hearing this, the stranger rubbed the back of his head with a smile. I didnt mean to impose, I was just well, curious about something.

Ciecro raised a brow, Wha about?

Wellabout that. The stranger pointed to Ciecros Norfarion crest.

Uhyeah Im Norfarion. Yah got a problem wit it? Ciecro got up and clenched his fists slightly. Strangely the golduck wasnt defensive or worried, but just gave a hearty chuckle while waving his webbed right hand down in a friendly gesture.

Oh no, Im just curious to see one of your species here. Id expect them in the more north-eastern areas of Triacal. You know, the more Norfarion influenced places.

Well, are yah done starin? Ciecro asked passive aggressively, not appreciating the weak answer.

Yes, I do believe so. Pardon about all that- The stranger walked up a few steps and gave a little bow of introduction. My name is Tronwhats yours sir?

Ciecro hesitated at first, looking at the side. He thought for a few seconds, but as he did he noticed something. The stranger had a little vest not far from Seliphs design. He also had a few bandages, one specifically on his right shoulder.

An original clansmon eh? Why hide it though? Hmmhe might be with em punks. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes to think about what to say. This long time to respond sent a little uneasy atmosphere to the stranger.

Well heh, it is fine if you dont want to, he assured Ciecro, putting his arms forward and giving a childish eye-closed grin.

Ciecro looked at the mon and decided to go on the offensive. So, what brings yah here?

Oh the mon paused in his words to turn and look at the meadow plains in front of them. Im just a traveler. I want to see amazing sites and all that. He turned his head so he could look at Ciecro, Beauties of this world you know.

Ciecro wasnt buying it. There was something so off about this guy, butsomething off about himself as well. Ciecro decided to probe further. Wha kind of sites?

The mon gave a little grin as he looked at the sky. Have you ever heard of Destiny Tower?

Pfff Ciecro mocked slightly as he joined the stranger in looking at the sky, of course, I heard of it.

I want to see things like that. Amazing mysterious places in our world. The stranger moved his arms closer as in excitement. The hyper energy from the mon was no doubt emanating out. It almost made Ciecro roll his eyes. Oddly, Trons hyperness and eyes slowly dropped as he mumbled something else, and amazing Pokmon. Ciecro then decided to ask one more thing.

SoTron, righ? The stranger nodded. Yah got any relatives?

The Pokmon lowered his face further, but put a smile on it. I have some siblings. I havent seen them in a while though. You?

Ciecro hesitated again. He kinda felt bad he wasnt answering anything yet giving all the questions, which was weird since he had never seen this mon nor trusted the guy.

Wellalright, not much of a talker then eh? Ciecro agreed with a slight guilty nod. Well thats fine, we all have our own pace and all. The stranger took a few steps away and gave a wave, Well, see you later person whose name I have yet to know. I hope you achieve whatever goal you have with whomever youre traveling with if anyone at all.

And right after saying that, the stranger resumed his way. Ciecro was a mix of perplexed at the feeling he had, angry at the obvious call out and a bit guilty for not sharing despite his better judgement.

He walked a little ways down the road thinking about this out of the blue one-sided conversation. What da reverse was that? Who was he an what was that feelin? I probably should tell Jaron about disOh, Ill tell him when we decide on when tah go!

He slammed his fist down into his open palm with a smile. But it faded when he thought about his flashback. How angry Jaron was and how angry he was. He lowered his arm and stared at the ground. Nohe doesnt need tah know. He aint dad and he aint my leash. He let go of his fist and squinted his eyes, as he looked forward. He strode onward.

As Ciecro disappeared in the town, Tron watched him from one of the hills in the distance. He looked back at the sky, his smile gone. His eyes were squinted slightly. He looked at his open palm, at a wound in the center of the palm. It was a deep cut mark that crawled up his hand and slightly up his wrist. His eyes squinted more till they were barely open and his frown changed to a rather dark smile. His hand slowly shook a little as his eyes stared at his wound with a rather creepy enticement.

I can only hope, He slurred, youll lead me to him. He looked up at the sky again and closed his eyes, muttering something to himself. He suddenly fell down slightly and clasped his face, taking heavy breaths.

*Huff puff*no*huff puff* not yet. *Huff puff* I shouldnt move too early. Calm down....*huff* He got to his feet and dusted himself off. He straightened his vests small neck guard, put his arms behind his head and began to whistle as he strolled along the grassy plains.

< O >

Dolly stared out the window with a worried expression in her eyes. Itd had been a few hours since her exchange with Ciecro. She knew he was tough, but the what ifs were beginning to get to her.

Come on, where is he? Jaron muttered out loud with an annoyed tone.

Vragon coincided with a yawn, before he added, Dolly are you sure hes coming?

Dolly looked down and replied without looking at them, He said he was tired, so give him some time.

Jaron gave a growl as he laid his face on a lobby table. Vragon joined his friend, save his reason being from tiredness. Jasmine was sitting in a corner of the lobby, staring at the ground lost in thought.

Dolly looked back up again. Her eyes squinted a little. She looked at Jaron, peering at his body language carefully. She then decided to test it. Hey, wheres Seliph, Jaron?

In his room I guess, The mon lazily answered. She noticed his eyes squint a little, as if he suddenly grew annoyed at something.

I know that already. But how can I ask subtly? She looked at Jasmine for a second. Maybeno he wouldnt tell her. Im sure he told Ciecro, but Id assume Jaron kept it between himself and Ciecro. She crossed her arms and started to think some more. Jaron and Ciecro did something last night and whatever it was, is still bothering Ciecro. Hes seems to still be doing it cause Jarons, Im assuming, asking him to. Undoubtedly it is Seliph related. She looked at the stairs. She broke her position at the window and walked towards the stairs.

Let me know if Ciecro comes back, yah here. Jaron slightly lifted his head for a yes, Vragon gave a lazy nod and Jasmine didnt seem to notice.

Dolly ascended the stairs and made her way to the room where Seliph was. She raised her fist to the door to knock, but paused for a second. She took a silent breath through her nose and finally gave two knocks.

Yes? Seliphs voice inquired through the wood.

Dolly, she stated, Id like to talk if thats okay?

Of course, give me a second. She heard a little bit of shuffling in there and what sounded like paper being stuffed somewhere, but was cut off suddenly as Seliph showed up to the door. Oddly he opened it widely, as if he had nothing to hide.

What would you like to talk about? He asked, but put a little off by her surprised gaze.

She finally snapped out of it and offered, Mind if we do it over a drink?

Seliph raised a brow. Okay sure, but just in case. He headed to a drawer and pulled out a book with an assortment of disorganized notes. He also pulled out a few items and threw them into his pockets. After this he walked past her, turned to the kangaskhan and asked, What place did you have in mind?

Nothing big, just someplace quiet.

Will some local bar do? He inquired with a cheery grin.

Her eyes widened at the question. Who do you take me for, some upstanding Triaclian? Reverse yeah, She exclaimed with enthusiasm, losing her serious gaze for the moment. She headed off ahead of him saying, I had my eye on one spot, but didnt want to take the kiddies there and all. I havent had a good slap in the face from a drink for a while now.

Seliph was left completely dumbfounded by this sudden change from Dolly. He nervously followed behind her. He finally shifted to his real concern with Dolly. He began to ponder. I figured this would happen. Out of them all, she is the adult and I can safely assume these questions are for her judgement. I better play carefully. This wont be like Vragon.

Dollys smile was gone now, with her eyes darted at the corner, as if trying to eye Seliph without turning her head. Ill get it all out from you somehow.

Jaron let out a yawn as he finally got up from his table and stretched for a second. As he did, he spied Dolly at the top of the stairs. Hey Dolly, you sure hes- he stopped upon seeing Seliph walking behind her.

Hey, if Ciecro shows up, tell him that Seliph and I are getting a little drink. You kids can go ahead and determine what we should do.

Uhokay, Jaron reluctantly said with a nod. Jasmine who had been isolated had now joined the drowsy fraxures side, looking at Seliph, who gave her a nod. She let out a sigh as she put her claw on Vragons shoulder and shook him awake.

Wha! Uh, what was that for? the now awake fraxure demanded.

We might as well talk about it now, Jasmine suggested, you two have a good time. Her sendoff was a bit lackluster, but neither of the two adults pried for a cause.

Dolly gave a thumbs up and proceeded out the door, closely followed by Seliph, who gave her a quick glance before exiting. Jasmines eyes darted to the side a little as she thought about what he said. With that the door shut behind them, leaving a silent Jasmine, a waking up Vragon and an annoyed Jaron.
Great, Jaron moaned, now we have three mons to wait for.

Well, Ciecro will be back soon and Im sure Dolly and Seliph wont take long, Vragon stated, still a bit irritated by Jasmines wake up shake. He took a minute to give her a leer, but then noticed she was looking down at the floor.

Well, if you suggested it Jasmine, then I suppose we should do it. Jaron slammed his claws on the table and stood out of his seat to stretch his spine. He then went up the stairs for a few minutes and then came down holding some rolled up paper.

Okay gather up, He lazily ordered as he rolled the paper out, revealing a map of the silky plains. Vragon scooted his chair closer as Jaron pointed to their home town. Jasmine, he called, not taking his eyes off the paper. After a few seconds of no reply he looked up at the spaced out Jasmine. Jasmine? He asked again, with a little more volume and oomph. She didnt budge.

Oh for arceuss gold rings, Jasmine!

The absol leapt up in a start. Vragon did a face palm and tapped Jaron on the shoulder.

What? She wasn- Jaron began, but stopped as he noticed Vragon pointing behind him. Jaron looked and realized his volume was more than enough to get Jasmines attention. Every eye in the room was turned directly at him. He gave a weak gator smile and a soft laugh.

Jasmine took notice too and immediately her cheeks went red with embarrassment. She scurried over to the stairs, doing her best head gestures of follow before disappearing at their top. Vragon gave the jittery smiling Jaron a shamefaced stare as he got up and whispered as he walked past, Thats two apologies you owe her. With an aggravated sigh afterwards, he followed after Jasmine. Jaron sighed as he rolled up his paper and headed for the stairs.

He took a moment to look back at all the Pokmon staring at him and raised his hand upwards with one finger outstretched. He paused for a second, thinking of something to say. He finally gave a growl as he just threw his arm forwards and walked up the stairs, choosing not waste time on some stupid comment.

< O >

The sky was dark, the stars were out and the breeze was soft and cold, on a mountain trail. It was illuminated by the light of the white moon glistening through the trees. The dirt road was neatly made and while hadnt been traversed in a while, hadnt been touched by the underbrush.

The sound of feet hitting the dirt echoed amid the silent scenery. The steps were heavy and sluggish. The figure was enshrouded by the darkness, with the lights from the moon occasionally showing black scaly skin. The persons breathing was heavy, almost like a weight on was his back. His arms swayed along with his poor walking form. As he trudged on, the sound of mumbling came from him.

Whereare you? it repeated over and over as it continued. Finally it took a second to stop and look at the path he had traveled, Iwhere on this damn continent, no this damn world are you! it roared to the night sky, in anger and sadness. It kept its gaze at the sight above, looking at the stars. Finally it looked down at his dirt covered feet. It started to squint as he began to cry. He wiped his face with his arm and looked forward with his red eyes. I know youre out there. Ill find you, even if I have to search every damn continent on this world. It turned around and began walking on the path once more. But first, I must say one final goodbye.

Tron (Trohn)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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Contains: Language, Strong Drink [13]
Chapter 22
Blunt Questions

Dolly and Seliph stared at the entrance to some small tavern in one of the narrow alleys.

“’The dying Sealeo’, classy,” Dolly muttered crossing her arms, not impressed.

“Well, it seems to be the only one here that looks cheap enough for the change we have,” Seliph said, with a little weak chuckle. Dolly just gave an “Ugh” noise and proceeded to walk in. Seliph waited a second before following her; he pulled out a little orb from his bag, inputted something and put it into one of his vest’s front pockets. Just in case. He joined her at the door.

“What was that about?” She inquired.

He leaned in a little close to tell, “In case we get attacked, I got us an escape orb and set it to Main Street.” She didn’t reply, but gave a concurring nod. She strode on in without another word, followed by Seliph after he gave the perimeter one more eye sweep.

The inside of the place was lit by some orange emeras dotting the ceiling, revealing a pretty small area with some stools to a bar. Dolly and Seliph made their way to two adjacent ones. The server seemed busy with cups.

Dolly gave an annoyed groan. “What’s wrong?” He inquired, looking at her, who was looking at the server.

“He’s doing it all wrong.” She rest her head on her hand, propped up by her elbow. “You’re supposed to wipe the outside first before inside.”

Seliph was a bit confused about why it mattered, but assumed it was due to her job that she had such…intricate critiques. He looked down and started to draw a few circles with one of his frog fingers. Hmm…I probably should wait and see, He said in his head.

He waited for her inevitable questions for ten minutes. She confused him, just sitting their eyeing the server’s wiping job with an occasional little snicker when he started a new one. Seliph was starting to grow a bit bored just sitting here. He decided to call the server over. He raised his left hand to call him over, but before he could raise it, Dolly grabbed it and force it down at great speed. He was a mix of surprised and perplexed.

“Not yet,” she scolded, “Let the mon finish.”

“Why?” he inquired, starting to get a little annoyed.

She gave him a cold look and resumed eyeing the server. “It’d be better to not let the stuff in the cups dry, else it’d get harder to scrub out.”

“Oh…” Seliph felt a little guilty as he returned to staring down, drawing circles again.

Dolly however, was cracking a little laugh in her head. You’ll break. Come on, I can do this for as long as I need to. They waited another ten minutes. The server still doing his jobs, seemingly not noticing the two. Finally he set the last one down, scrubbed clean. Seliph let out a relieved sigh. He was about to raise his hand to call, but once again Dolly force it down.

“What‽” he demanded in a whisper.

“He’ll get to us when he’s ready,” She stated, letting go of his arm. Seliph grumbled as he crossed his arms and gave an aggravated moan. Twenty minutes of nothing but the server doing his own thing or taking other Pokémon’s orders. Seliph finally had enough.

“I’m going to stretch my legs for a second,” he said getting up, “I’ll be outside when you need me.”

“'Kay,” Dolly said, not moving her head from the server. Seliph gave a sigh as he walked out. After making sure he’d gone, Dolly gave a little snap with her fingers. The server came over, and bent in close. “Thanks for the stall, can I ask for another favor,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“Sure thin’, anything for a yah Dolly,” He replied.

Dolly gave a little laugh. “I want you to serve us,” she looked around to make sure no one was listening, “Enigma blend with little bits of blast seed shell in them.”

The server electivire gave a little chuckle as he asked, “What did that guy do to yah?”

“Just something to help convincing.” The server gave a gruff cough as he started to prepare it. Dolly got up and walked outside, letting Seliph know it was ready.

The two congregated at the bar as the server gave them two cups with some….black liquid in it. Seliph stared at it with an uneasy feeling.

“What is this?” He asked the server, who gave a little grunt, and returned to his work.

“It’s a specialty drink here,” Dolly answered, “House blend. It comes out like that due to the colors mixing. Many berries you know.”

“Sounds expensive.” Seliph gave her a suspicious stare, she just gave a normal stare back. Seliph looked back at the drink. Come on, it’s gotta be a trap. She’s setting me up, I know it!

“What’s the matter Seliph? You’re not thirsty after waiting for so long?” Dolly asked with a joking tone and a little nudge.

“Well…” He muttered. Think of an excuse. Think of an excuse. Think of an excuse. He repeated in his head, though Dolly ingesting her drink and giving a pleased slurp interrupted his thoughts. I know! He grabbed his drink and took a slight sip. As he slipped the drink in, he filled his mouth with some extra saliva and water. He then gulped it down.

“Well, now that was…was…!” Apparently he called the wrong effect. He started feeling dizzy, like a Spinda rolling down a never-ending hill. His vision became a little hazy. He got up, almost falling in the process, he tried to make his way to the door, but after a few stumbles Dolly aided him. He felt sick and a little faint, only avoiding stumbling thanks to Dolly’s strong arms.

“See yah sometime, Jole!” she said to the server as they were at the door.

“Anytime Dolly,” the server saluted with two fingers. Seliph felt stupid, but more sick than stupid. Dolly then waved her arm, and the server tossed a small bottle with something that looked like medicine.

She helped him to some fountain in the town. He managed to cough out, “But I tried water!”

She sat him on the side of the fountain, screwed the lid off the bottle given to her and raised it to his quivering head. “You need to ingest this slowly, I’ll help yah.” She held the back of his shaking head and slowly poured it down. The odd liquid almost made him almost throw up at first, but after some coughing, he felt a lot better.

After finally regaining himself, he gave her an angry face and demanded, “What the reverse was that for‽”

Dolly, however gave him a very cold stare, making him freeze from her “staring through his soul” eyes. “What that was is what I usually drink there when I visit this town for a visit. I’m going to be blunt. I don’t trust you and see you as a threat to them. Now if you don’t want to have me to tangle with as well, you are going to answer whatever I ask of you, clear.”

Seliph was taken aback by this threat. He paused for a little before letting out a little chuckle. “Wow, I was expecting something less direct. Perhaps a drug-” He didn’t get to finish, for Dolly leaned in closer, overshadowing his face with her.

“Perhaps, I wasn’t clear enough. Until you give me a reason to even consider you trustworthy, I’m not gonna give you a damn moment near them alone. If you don’t believe me boy, hah, then I can assure you I have more abilities and war buddies than you do.” Her tone went lower than usual. “Now you are going to answer whatever I ask with the truth, the whole truth. And don’t try to lie,” She grabbed his throat, though not enough to choke. He was about to pry them off, till she held him over the fountain’s side. “I’m not easy to fool, and even harder to cheat.” She let go of him, causing him to splash into the fountain.

He just sat there, eyeing the aggressive kangaskhan. He looked down. Dolly then gave a cough and asked, “Why are you here?”

He paused for a bit going over his options. He finally spoke. “I was looking for subjects to interrogate. Those were the two you fought earlier. I don’t know who the dragon was, though I assume an ally of theirs.”

“Anything else?” She said, still keeping up an oppressive tone.

“…I was looking for them to get some answers about anything they knew. Maybe something I could use as a lead.”

She raised a brow before asking further, “What lead?”

He paused for a second before saying, “Into some potential targets.”

“What targets?”

“Some higher ups in the red eyes. Potential ones that are responsible for them attacking Vragon and other incidents.” Seliph, bit his lip slightly, hoping she’d by it.

Dolly just remained quiet, processing the validity. She sighed, nodding her head. “Fine, next question. Why are they after Vragon?”

“I don’t know…” he gave her a stare for a second, before continuing, “But…I think I might have a theory about it.”

“What theory?” she inquired, crossing her arms.

“The fraxure has amnesia and his looks aren’t from this area. There are other fraxure’s like him yes, but … can I ask you something?”

“Name it.”

“What is his Averion gift, or if you don’t know what does it do?” He asked. She stroked her chin thinking with her eyes closed.

“He can heal wounds by touching them. However it costs him some of his syngery and can hurt him if it’s too severe.”

Seliph nodded as he continued, “Yes, it isn’t totally concrete, but my theory could be correct. And if it is, it would explain why those red eye mons were after him.” He pulled out some of his notes, which thankfully weren’t dampened by the water, “There’s some history on Averia that dates back to their beginning. As you know the starter of the clan of Averia was a Haxorus named ‘Aegis’. He had a gift as well. I don’t know the details, but if it’s like your Vragon’s then it’d prove a link to Aegis.”

“How?” Dolly asked, crossing her arms showing slight curiosity for this theory while keeping up aggression.

Seliph gave a nod. “The clans each have their own ‘original’ Pokémon that started the clans. Each one was a Powerful Pokémon of strong abilities, which makes sense since clansmons tend to be stronger than your basic Pokémon.” He then pointed to the crest on his shoulder, “for example, my clan's original is Blaine. Scythli is Wikstrom, Phynis is Cyrus and Daemoria is Salem. There’s a legend in each of these clans, one for each of their original. These five Pokémon were able to gather a huge amount of synergetic power and were able to somehow send their existences somewhere into the future. How they did this and for what purpose, no one knows. However, these ‘new originals’ are their reincarnations.”

“So…” Dolly interjected uncrossing her arms, “you think Vragon is a reincarnation?”

“It’s possible. It would explain why the red eyes are after him. However, if he is Aegis’s reincarnation then we need to get him out of here as soon as possible.”

“Because of the red eyes?”

Seliph paused. “Yes, in my findings, regarding them, I found out something. They seem vastly interested in these legends and apparently believe the time of the reincarnations is now. I assume they believe Vragon might be one of them.”

“But the dragon said, ‘candidate’ didn’t he?” Dolly mentioned.

“Yes, perhaps they aren’t certain then. In any case, for me to confirm I need to go to Frantal Town’s library for some research.”

“It’s dangerous for travel with them aroun-”

“I have some friends that are on their way to come help,” Seliph interrupted.

“Who are they?” Dolly demanded.

Seliph raised his hands forward in assurance. “They are two mon’s that were members of a team my parents were. I’ve remained in contact with them, though I’m not exactly a Norfarion agent.”

“So you’ve been doing this alone.” Dolly gave him an indifferent stare. “Quite a lonely life if you ask me.”

“I can assure you it has its benefits. I will say that coming here wasn’t a part of the plan.”

“I’d believe that,” Dolly said with a snarl. She began to walk away to think for a second. Seliph stood up as Dolly thought, but before he could get out of the water she gave him her answer. “We’ll go to Frantal Town…but,” she gave him a cold threatening stare, “if you do anything to any of them…I’ll make you regret it.”

Seliph got out of the fountain as Dolly headed back to their lodgings. He looked down at his notes. He turned to a certain page. Change of plans…Determine my theory, then use it to my advantage…if he isn’t I’ll find another way to draw them out. He closed his book and looked up at the sky. The sunset was starting.

“I’d better head back.” He muttered to himself, putting his notes away. “Well this is going to be complicated. I’ll have to be careful.” He shrugged as he put his webbed hands into his vest’s pockets. “Still nothing I can’t handle.”

< O >

“What‽” Jaron and Vragon said in unison. Vragon then added, “What do you mean you’re voting for Frantal Town?”

“Yeah, what about it?” Jasmine replied, trying to keep up a confident face.

“Why do you want to go? It’s dangerous for us to just waltz on over there,” Jaron argued, giving her a scowl.

“Frantal Town has more rangers there, not to mention we know mons in that town. Here, we’re kinda on our own. Only Dolly really has connections.”

“But the trip-” Vragon started.

“It’d only be about a day on foot. Not to mention there’s plenty of us.”

“That dragon was really tough Jasmine and those other two weren’t easy to fight either,” Vragon countered, “what if they find us?”

“They’ll find us if we stay here.” Jasmine walked towards the door and said, “It stands to reason that they’re probably looking for us in the towns. If we don’t go somewhere safer, we’ll still be fighting them ‘on our own’.”

She headed out the door and said as she went down the hallway, “anyways, you know my vote. I’m going to wait for Ciecro in the lobby.”

Vragon and Jaron were left speechless. Jaron let out a growl as he stamped over to a chair and forcibly sat down. Vragon just kept his gaze at the door and looked down. “Well that was uncomfortable,” he mumbled.

“Why the reverse would she want to go?” Jaron grumbled, “We’ll be putting you in danger.”

“I guess…but she does have some good points.”

“That’s not it Vragon.” Jaron got up from his chair and with a worried tone said, “If we go, we’ll have a higher change of being found. Not to mention we won’t have any townsmons to help us.”

“Maybe we could hire some rangers to guard us and all while we go. It could work.” Vragon suggested.

“No, I disagree.” Jaron walked over to Vragon and firmly said, “Look it’d be a full day’s trip to get there so we’d have to stay at a rest spot at some point unless we want to walk all day long. They could be waiting, not to mention they could have gotten more back-up like that dragon guy, maybe even stronger than him.”

“I agree…but-”

“No buts!” Jaron shouted, causing Vragon to flinch back a little. Jaron’s head fell, guilty for his outburst. “I’m sorry Vray.”

Vragon tried to give a little chuckle to lighten the mood. “It’s fine Jaron, it hasn’t been easy after all. With Seliph back and these goons coming in on us, you’re bound to be on edge.”

Jaron didn’t reply, but merely walked to the window. “I just don’t like this idea.”

Vragon’s encouraging smile went away as he looked at Jaron. “…I just get that feeling. After that attack and all…you being in danger twice like that. It scared me.”

“I’m sorry Jaron. None of us saw this coming.” The fraxure walked closer. He stopped as Jaron clenched his fists on the panel suddenly.

“Why is this going on?” Jaron blurted out, “Why you‽ Why out of all the mons on freaking Triacal, you had to be the one they’re after?” A few minutes of silence followed.

Vragon didn’t know what to say. He finally let out a sigh and said, “I’m going to be fine. I have all of you looking out for me.”

“Vray…” Jaron started to say turning around. The two locked gazes. “You’re my best friend. If…I just can’t shake the feeling. I…don’t want you to get hurt, because-”

“I’m not that fragile Jaron,” Vragon said bluntly, but with a light tone.

“I know that!” Jaron stated firmly, “I just…can’t shake the thought out of my head. The thought of you dying or getting hurt. I…I don’t want what happened to my parents happen to you, or jasmine, or dolly or my brother.” Jaron looked to the side for a little bit, trying his best to not let his emotional state draw tears.

Vragon didn’t say anything, but walked up and hugged him. “I don’t want that to happen to you either. You’re my best friend as well. We’ll make it out of here somehow and all. Don’t worry…” He gave Jaron a pat on his back to coincide with his hug, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Jaron gave a little sniffle as he hugged the fraxure back. “Thanks for that.”

< O >

Jasmine was sitting outside the lodge, staring at the sunset going on between the buildings. Her paws were tapping slightly as her she let out an occasional sigh. I shouldn’t have been so hard. But, I mean, it’s for the best and well … ack, she growled as she pressed down on her paws. It was mean of me to do it, especially after how our tails nearly got taken off. What was I thinking? Like … why did I even say we should vote now? Argh! She lied down on all fours and put on of her paws over her face. She then proceeded to repeat the word, “idiot” quietly to herself.

Her little cycle of self-degrading whispers were cut off by a bland voice above her. “Somethin’ up Jaz?”

She looked up to see Ciecro staring down at her. His arms were lazily at his sides and his eyes, while still keeping up a stern scowl, had traces of droopiness.

“Uhm... nothing just waiting for you to come back.” She quickly shot back into sitting. He didn’t say anything, but walked by after giving a grunt. She watched him go by, took a breath and followed him in. “Hey, so uhm… where did you go?”

“Some dum trainin’ yawd,” he lazily answered, heading towards the stairs. He slightly turned his head, still not looking at her, “is Jaron and Vragon here?”

“Yeah,” she answered. Again he just gave a grunt and started to head upstairs. “Uhm…are you okay Ciecro? You look expired.”

He stopped about halfway up the stairs. He paused for a bit before saying, “Don’ wanna talk about it.” He resumed his way up the stairs, leaving a curious and concerned Jasmine.

She let out a sigh as she walked outside again, not really keen on going back to the two she had just finished pissing off, or at least it felt like that to her. She walked back to her spot outside and laid down. How did this all happen? She thought, the evening breeze blowing through her fur. She closed her eyes, the evening drowsy spell starting to get to her. She began mumbling, “I wish I knew how to help.” Her breathing slowed as she dozed off and a smile crossed her face.

< O >

Dark water, reflecting the four in the morning sky above it, splashed upon a line of docks at some port. A cold breeze was blowing all through the empty pier. It was on this empty place, Plageues strolled along. A serious gaze had replaced his usual smile. The sound of coins clinking came from a bag connected to his belt.

“Where is it?” He groaned, getting annoyed at how apparently ‘hard’ this place was to find. “Daemon said he’d arrange immediate transportation via some dumb ship here, so where’s the dumb ship Daemon?”

After walking for what felt like an hour down an empty pier, he stopped to growl at the starry sky. “This is wasting my valuable time! If I don’t see a boat here in the next ten minutes I’m going to contact that one eyed-ghost and-”

He stopped, his eyes widened. He felt a presence nearby. His angry scowl, slowly turned to an anticipating grin. Am I being watched? He thought with glee. He decided to start walking again, making sure to take light steps so he could hear someone following. However, all he could hear was the wi]nd and the occasional splashing of bigger waves.

His eyes jumped from one corner of his eyes to another, trying to spot a silhouette or odd movement to follow on, but nothing seemed to move. Despite the lack of results, he still kept the smile on his face, as if getting excited by the challenge. He stood still to think for a moment, to narrow on what it could be. Ghost type maybe, but it didn’t feel like a specter presence the one time I noticed it. It kinda felt like…a…hmmm…huh? He looked forward just in time to spy a purple blob spiraling towards him. He leaped out of the way, getting droplets of the blob on him. He did a recovery roll as the move crashed on the ground a few yards behind him. He pushed his arms forward, firing a quickly formed Focus Blast where the attack had originated. His reply ball move forced some shaded figure leaping away and darting towards an alley.

“My turn,” he exclaimed with a slurp of his tongue as he darted after his target, running on all fours for extra speed. When he neared the alley’s entrance, he leaped up on a side of the wall to prop his pounce on the figure. He stopped however and just clung to the wall in confusion, upon seeing an empty ally. “Drat.” He muttered, letting go of his grip on the wall and landing on the ground. “The prey got away.”

He snapped his fingers and gave a disappointed face to match his disappointed arm crossing. His eyes closed and he let out a big sigh. He opened them immediately, however, when he heard the sound of paper grumbling. Down in front of him was a piece of paper blowing in the wind, but anchored in spot by a stone. He reached down and picked it up. His eyes read the message given.

“…Ugh…another time waster.” his eyes drooped halfway as he stared at the message in front with the words,

“If ye want to get him from the stump
Then you’ll need to get off your sorry rump.
Until you can actually keep up with me
You’re just some smiley, laddie.”

He crumpled the paper up and threw it behind him. He gave a growl as he was about to turn back, but then spied a little light at the end of the ally. He squinted to see what looked like a ship starting to dock. “Is that-” he began, but was interrupted by another piece of paper hitting him in the face from the wind. He peeled it off and read the words,

“There’s your boat
Now go and float
Else, I’ll have more for these, for yah.”

He growled as he tore this one and headed towards the boat. “I can’t wait till we are top Luxrays,” He grumbled to himself as he strode in frustration towards the boat, “then I’ll get to mess with the more fun ones. How did he even find me?”

He shrugged but stopped as he spied another object on the ground. Unlike the prior two, this one was a small sphere. He reached down, picked it up and eyed it. After a few seconds, he accidentally triggered something on it, leading it to shoot up a red hologram in front. He almost fell over at the big widescreen directly in front of him. After regaining his composure, he noticed it was a message, labeled at the top.

Additional orders for Plageues.
Assignee: Azazel
Oh this’ll be fun, he groaned in his head as he read over the “additional” orders. Despite the big screen there were only a few words to spell the “Extra orders”

He whispered them out as he read the message. “’You and your team must complete these task. Failure will result in punishment. If you do complete these it will put you in high favor with me and your critics, which one being the deliverer of this message. I will put in a good word for you should you prove to exceed my expectations.’ Well f*** me,” he whined, taking a moment to voice in annoyance before going on. “’The first, is your original order of capturing the fraxure target. The second, is to recover one of our red eyes liquid flasks in their possession.’ Ugh and lastly-” He stopped as he eyed the last one. He gave a very big grin. His eyes widened to uncomfortable levels and his hands began shaking, making the hologram move along with it. With an excited tone in his voice, he stuttered in saying, “’Third’ heh heh … ‘eliminate Seliph’.”

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown


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The bar scene was cute, particuarly when Dolly was telling the bartender how to wipe the glasses correctly.

Hm, I'm mixed over the Vragon being a possible recarination. For that trope you can easily abuse it by having everyone and everything have their attention towards Vragon and without any consequences. You're already having several Pokemon doing just that. There's also whether he's the only recarinated dragon so far and there will be more. I'll hold my judgement for now though and see where you go with this.

Looks like everyone is going to Frantal Town, I'm assuming there will be several stuff going on there. As for the last scene, heh over the rhyming notes there. Getting Vragon I expected, eliminate Seliph less so but I get why with him researching and all.

Concerning grammar and such, there are still the same dialogue punctuation and passive voice mistakes I've mentioned a few times and you're probably tired of me saying that haha.
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Hmmm I honestly had not noticed this thread was here until a few weeks ago. Had been reading the old version, thanks for sending me notice of that over the Discord channel. By all means I hope to restart this proper sometime soon and give you my impressions of how the characters have changed from what I remember, since it was your character work what got me hooked the first time.

At the moment I'm just kind of still taking some glances at the new Chapter 1, but it's definitively bookmarked now!
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Contains: Language, Alcohol reference [13]
Chapter 23
Inner Thoughts

The four sat around in a circle in one of their lodging rooms, surrounded by an awkward silence. Jasmine sat on the floor, while trying to avoid looking at Jaron. Luckily for her, his gaze was focused in the form of a scowl to the floor. Vragon, meanwhile, was twiddling his mid-fingers as Ciecro was slacked in his chair, lazily gazing at the ceiling.

Finally, Jasmine decided to do the inevitable and complained, “When are those two getting back?”
Ciecro shrugged, keeping his gaze fixed on the ceiling.

Vragon took a second from twiddling to look at the relaxing charmeleon. He browsed Ciecro till his eyes fell upon the Norfarion Crest on his right shoulder. The fraxure looked at the ground as the image of his Averion crest popped in his head. His eyes narrowed as he thought back to those words said in their first encounter with the gallade.

If you indeed don’t know of the clan’s society then I hope you never go there. That crest on your shoulder may be a mark for you, but to me it’s a brand.

He got up, causing every eye in the room to shift to him. Vragon stretched his right arm upwards, clasped it with his left hand circling between the back of his neck and the curved fraxure spike on his back, and let out a yawn as he concluded the stretch. “I think I need some air. Jaron.” the croconaw raised a brow. “Wanna come along?”

“Sure,” he said quietly. The croconaw could see through the façade, guessing Vragon wanted to talk to him privately. He wasn’t sure what Vragon wanted to talk about, but guessed it was about their conversation before.

He got up and was about to join him when Jasmine interjected with, “Come on, we shouldn’t split up again and have to wai-”

“Don’t worry Jasmine,” Vragon assured her, “I’m just going out front for some air. You can easily see us or come down if you’re unsure, ‘kay.”

The absol reluctantly returned to her sitting position as the two left the room. Nothing but more silence followed. She finally decided to take this time to find out about Ciecro’s day. She scooched a little closer to the still ceiling staring Ciecro. She leaned a little closer and whispered curiously, “So…what was the training?”

Ciecro gave an aggravated groan before replying, “Punchin’ rocks.”

She raised a brow and moved a little back in a gesture of confusion. “Punching rocks?” she repeated.

He turned his gaze to her face and said, “What?”

She shot back straight, saying, “Oh nothing, it’s well … uhm … is that all?”

Ciecro moved his gaze to the right without moving his head. His eyes narrowed, indicating annoyance but also some discomfort. “Y-yeh”

Jasmine got up, walked over and sat down next to him. He kept his gaze at the ground, tensing up at her moving nearer. She didn’t say anything, but placed her left paw onto his shoulder. He twisted his head immediately towards her, but before he could say anything she softly said, “Is that a lie?” Her eyes felt a bit heavy as she stared at his deep orange irises.

He looked down and grumbled, “…Why you care?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Jasmine stated, her eyes forming a slight scowl.

He gave a little growl before looking moving forward, causing her to take her paw off him, and leaned forward in his seat. He stared at the ground at an angled gaze with Jasmine leaning far enough to see his face. “…No…dat wasn’ all. I was trainin’, and well…Seliph showed up. He asked fo’ a spah and well…”

“Well what?” She pressed, in a concerned tone rather than a curious one.

He gave a scowl as he continued. “I almos’ punched his head in. I was reminded abou’ dat moment. Where I punched dat guy’s head in.”

“Oh…” she said, knowing exactly what he was referring to. She looked back at him and gave an encouraging smile, “If you want to stop we can.”

His right fist clenched. “I’ll go on.” He stood up and looked straight forward. “I left ‘im, tellin’ him ‘I was fine’ and left.”

“Why did you spar with him?” she inquired. He said nothing in response so Jasmine then guessed, “Jaron asked you?”

He shook his head, but paused for a second as if there was more to tell.

She was about to ask, but he beat her to it.

“Deh runt an’ I had a moment last nigh’ wit ‘im. He…and I wanna try an’ mend dah ties wit Seliph.”

She got on all fours and said, “What’s wrong with that?”

He crossed his arms and snarled a little. “It was moh his idea dan mine. I wanna mend it too, but… when I was wit ‘im I couldn’…” he let out a sigh as his arms went limp to his side. “I can’ face ‘im. Ev’ry time I do…I ge’ pissed.” Suddenly an angry face replaced his reminiscing one. “Why can’ I jus’ get oveh it!” he ranted.

Jasmine walked in front of him, her face very serious. “Over what?”

He stayed silent and looked to the side. She repeated it, but it just spurred his annoyance, till finally he said, “I’m done.” He growled and turned away to walk out. As he was about to move, he felt a strong force land on his tail. “Ow! Wha’da‽” he turned as best he could with his tail pinned, to see an angry Jasmine with her paw firmly on his tail. “Ge’ off my tail!” he demanded.

“Not until you answer my question.” Her face was as firm as her tone.

“I sai’ I’m done!” He bluntly shot.

“Why are you suddenly stopping? You were fine talking to me about this before and now you just want to stop?” she pointed out, making him look to the side. “What is it with you‽ Why stop when you’re going so far?” She argued back.

“I don’ wanna tawk abou’ it!” He shouted.

“Why not‽” She replied, just as loud as he was.

“Yah don’ need to know,” he firmly stated, crossing his arms.

This answer just made Jasmine frustrated. Not this time. She ranted in her head.“Like I didn’t need to know why you beat that guy’s head in.”

This statement sent Ciecro’s eyes from angry to surprise.

Her face however remained unchanged as she when on. “Why you didn’t stop before you almost killed a mon, because he called you a name.” She moved her head very close to his, the discomfort showing by his attempts to make eye contact, “like you didn’t need to tell me how lost you felt without your Seliph and Jaron was who you were looking up to. Why you put up with Jaron like he is now and let him tell you what to do and walk over you anyways, despite you being the older one. You told me that after I talked with you after you hurt that sore loser, because you trusted me with that! What is it that when I get so close to you and talk about deep stuff, you suddenly shut down?” Her face was as determined as her stance.

These words, really cut deep in Ciecro. He wasn’t ready for an outburst like this, let along Jamine. His eyes started to form little tears clearly against his wishes. He darted his gaze away, as if trying to still compose the situation.

“Ciecro, please stop dodging me when I just want to help,” she pleaded in a much calmer tone. “I know it isn’t easy, but you won’t solve your problems like that.”

He was pissed. He clenched his fists in anger and looked her straight in the face. His teeth grinded as he responded, “Jus’ piss off wit dat!"

It was her turn now to be surprised.

But he didn’t stop there. “Yah keep on like everybody else! Tryin’ tah fix me ‘cos I’m som’ kinda sob poor little boy! Well I’m sick o’ it! I don’ wan’ yah help so f**k off wit dat!”

She returned her scowl back, annoyed at more resistance. “Maybe you do need fixing!” she replied without thinking, “what with how you can’t seem to handle your anger and frustration!”

The tension was hotter than a magcargo, as the two locked raging gazes. Jasmine’s strong stance and Ciecro’s slightly teary but incredibly pissed glare. After a few minutes of silence, he replied with, “Why do yah wanna know anyways‽”

Fed up, Jasmine decided to answer him, but she spoke before being composed. “Because, you, Jaron, Dolly and Vragon are my only family now and I don’t want to lose you like-!” She stopped. Her eyes widened upon realizing what she was saying. She looked away and then back to Ciecro, hoping he didn’t hear. But…he did.

His eyes were no longer the home of anger, but confusion. “Wha?” he said out loud.

Jasmine’s cheeks blushed from embarrassment and anger, and her legs felt wobbly. She immediately got of his tail and slowly stepped backwards.

Ciecro just remained silent, but his scowl returned.

“S-stop it!” she blurted out as if offended by him looking at her that way. “Just…forget I said that!”

Ciecro, gave a snort. He walked out with a scowl on his face, leaving Jasmine alone. When his heavy steps finally were replaced by silence. Jasmine fell to the ground on all fours, covering her face with her front paws. She began sobbing into them, mad at this fight, but mostly at herself. Idiot, idiot! Why did you say that!

< O >

“So uhm…is there something up?” Jaron inquired as he followed Vragon to the back of the structure. As he turned into the back with Vragon, he looked up at the twilight sky above them. He looked back to his friend and asked, “You sure we should be behind the building when it’s getting this late?”

Vragon stopped and said, turning to face him, “I just well have something bothering me and want to talk about it.”

Jaron raised a brow, questioning why going behind the building was required, but he chose to not press for a reason, for now. As he rounded the final corner, he stopped. Vragon rested his back against the wall, looking directly up. Jaron joined him in looking up, then look back at the fraxure. “I get it now.” he grinned as Vragon nodded, keeping his gaze up at the appearing stars. “You’re such a sucker for scenery like that,” he playfully teased as he walked past and rested his back against the wall next to Vragon. He joined in watching the stars slowly showing more of their light as the sun gave up the sky.

“Jaron,” Vragon finally spoke, causing the croconaw to break gaze and give him his attention. “Do you think our lives are going to be different now?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, not exactly sure what Vragon meant.

“Like,” he explained raising one of his fraxure feet up and resting it flat on the wall. He looked at the wall in front of them. “These things that have been happening. Do you think something is going to happen to us, or that there’s something important in us that those guys are after?”

“Oh.” Jaron looked at the ground. “I never gave that a thought,” he said, following with a small chuckle. "Maybe I never really wanted to give it thought.”

Vragon gave him a curious look as the croconaw continued.

“I like the life we have. Sure, it could be better, but I enjoy it. I like being friends with you and Jasmine, being with Dolly despite her puns.” The two shared a little laugh at this. “And…I know despite how it may seem…I think Ciecro likes his life too.”

“You sure?” the fraxure inquired, surprising the croconaw.

“Well…he kinda isn’t obvious with it,” Jaron elaborated, drawing a few circles in the air with his right claw. “Why do you ask?”

Vragon didn’t answer immediately, but looked back at the sky. “I dunno, maybe it’s just me being paranoid.”

“For Ciecro,” Jaron joked, causing Vragon to give a little smile.

“I worry about all of you. It’s natural for me to and all. But…” his face went a little serious. “Jaron, remember when I said I want to find out who gave me that pendant?” The croconaw nodded and Vragon looked at him, “I’m worried it might not be what I really should do.”

“Huh? Why the sudden doubt?”

“It’s about earlier…what that gallade said about Averia and why I shouldn’t go there if I care about making my own choices. It concerns me.”

“Well Vray,” Jaron said, in a laidback but still caring tone, “You shouldn’t really take your attacker’s words to heart. After all,” he stood in front of his friend, looking into his eyes. “Even if he is right, that doesn’t change a thing for us.” Jaron then grabbed Vragon’s left arm with his right claw gently and slowly moved it up to his crest on his right shoulder. He then rested his left claw on Vragon’s crest. “We have a lot in common, more than being descendants of the originals.”

Vragon blushed a little, from the awkwardness.

Jaron just gave a giggle as he let go of both Vragon’s crest and arm. “Sorry, kinda got a little silly there.”

“Yeah you did,” Vragon jested as Jaron rubbed the back of his head with a fully tooth grin. Vragon then leaned in a little close, “Jaron, can I ask you something?”

Jaron nodded.

“You trust me right? You know you can talk to me about things.”

“Don’t I?” Jaron answered, confused why he was bringing that up.

Vragon put his claw on Jaron’s shoulder and looked deep into his eyes. “What you told me before about your worries about me. I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

Jaron’s face went from joking to embarrassment. “O-o-oh, yeah uh….sorry about that.” Jaron rubbed the back of his head as it was his turn to blush.

Vragon gave a smirk and chortled, “Oh but it was meaningful and it felt nice to be appreciated.”

Jaron gave him a scowl. “That was uncalled for.”

“True, heh.” The fraxure rubbed his snout with one finger and let out a little chuckle. He then dropped the joking and went to encouraging smile mode. “I’m sorry Jaron, I know you worry about me and the others, but I didn’t know it was that much.”

Jaron gave a sigh, dropping his frustration and accepting the apology. “You’re fine.” He gave a grin of assurance and the two looked back up at the stars. The mutual silence lasted for some time, before Jaron finally spoke. “Vray?”


“Would you uhm…do something for me?”

The fraxure got off the wall and looked at his face. “What is it?”

Jaron got off the wall too and requested, “I’d like for us to promise to watch each other’s backs in this.”

The request confused the fraxure. He wasn’t exactly slouching in that area and it was safe to assume Jaron was already on top of it on his end. “Aren’t we already doing that?”

“No, I mean, things are getting dangerous and well….I know I’m kinda overbearing right now, but I’d just like some flexibility on it. Like, I can’t help but fret after these things and well since you know I’d like for both of us to watch each other, you know. So it ain’t just me.”

Vragon looked to the side for a second, surprising Jaron. The fraxure then looked back and reached out his hand. “Sure. I don’t know how things will turn out, but I can rest better knowing you and I will do it together.”

“Yeah!” Jaron nodded and put his hand into Vragon’s. The two shook on it. They just stood there for a few seconds before finally letting go.

Jaron looked down for a second, gaining the fraxure’s curiosity. “Something else wrong?” the fraxure asked.

Jaron chuckled, looked at him straight in the eye and was about to talk when suddenly a loud voice came from behind the fraxure.

“Why are you two back here‽” the two jumped up in terror and turned to see a rather pissed off Dolly. As they were trying to form coherent sentences, Dolly walked up and said, “It’s not a good idea to wonder into an alley at night. Now, get inside, we’re going to plan.”

“Yes mam!” they both shouted in unison, as they rushed past the angry Dolly.

She sighed, her anger going away as she looked at the spot where they used to be. She chuckled in her head at the thought of what they were doing.

“You coming?” Jaron said from around the corner.

“Yeah, just head back.” Dolly looked up at the sky and smirked. Hmm, all the more reason to get through this. She turned around and headed out. As she followed them in, she spied Seliph coming, still dripping some fountain water.

“Ensuring we’re all here,” Seliph joked, trying to not be direct about his frustration at their earlier discussion.

“Yes, we need to plan our next move.” She stood at the door’s side and gestured for him to “move it”.

He gave a sigh as he walked in first. Dolly gave one more look at the scenery before going in and shutting the door. She quickly caught up to Seliph and grabbed his shoulder.

“What now?” he asked, agitated.

“Did you see anyone suspicious or eyeing any of us?” Dolly inquired, in a serious, but unaggressive tone.

He raised his finger to his chin, trying to recall an incident. He shook his head. “We should ask the others at the meeting just in case.”

Dolly nodded in concurrence, but before they resumed she whispered to Seliph, “For now, I’ll go with what you’ve said. But know I’m not done with questioning you yet.”

“Of course.” He nodded as he shrugged her arm off his shoulder. “I wouldn’t either if I was in your hide. I’m aware your suspicion, which is why I have things to ask you once they are safe.”

Her eyes narrowed, but she nodded in agreement. “Alright, get dried off and join us.” She passed by him and headed up to the next floor.

He gave a little smirk. It’s a start for her I guess. He shrugged as he started looking for something to dry himself with.

< O >

The moon shined down on a dirt path in the middle of a wide field as a gentle breeze blew through the plants growing all around. It was a quiet night out in the middle of nowhere.

A figure was speedily jogging down the path, as a bug in the air trailed behind him. His taillight was dimming in sequence with his wheezing.

“De-de-demetri,” he uttered amid his breaths, “We-we’ve been traveling for hourzzz non-zzztop…ca-can we take a br-br-br-break?”

Demetri didn’t reply, but kept going as if the bug hadn’t spoken at all.

Devon put more effort into his wings, making little grunts as his muscles were starting to numb. He picked up speed and slowly caught up to the grumping. He tried his best to keep up with Demetri and asked, “C-can we zzztop pleazzze? My wingzzz are zzztarting to grow numb.”

Demetri closed his eyes and gave a snarl, followed by an “alright.”

He slowed down his jogging to a stop as Devon did his best to make his landing as far from a ground embrace as possible. The grumping browsed around their surroundings, and raised a brow. “Devon,” he muttered, “how long do you need?”

“W-w-what?” he inquired, just now getting back on his legs.

“How long do you need to carry on?” Demetri elaborated in an annoyed tone. “We want to keep out of sight and trouble for our journey to Frantal.”

“I-I just need a fe-” he didn’t get to finish before clumsily falling over after a misjudgment on what weight his legs on one side could handle.

Demetri gave an agitated sigh as he sat down, crossed his arms and closed his eyes. He started grumbling a little to himself, causing Devon to feel ashamed.

“I-I’m sorry, sir.” He gave a bow towards the grumping, “I don’t mean to slow you do-”

“Don’t mention it.” Demetri replied, in more of a dismissing tone than one of assurance. He looked up at the sky and let out a sigh. Why the reverse was I given a different assignment while I was beginning to put some things together. Grrr. His ear twitched upon hearing a weird noise coming from his left. He turned his head slowly to see a teary eye, staring at the ground and sniffling Devon. He gave a sigh as he answered, “sorry I know you haven’t been on such a taxing mission before.” This didn’t seem to cheer up the bug as it kept its gaze at the ground, making Demetri start to feel guilty. “So…” he muttered, in an attempt to stop the crying, “how long have you been in training, Devon?”

The vikavolt gave one more sniffle before answering with, “about a year.”

Demetri eye’s shot open in disbelief. “You’ve been here a year and only now are being sent on an assignment‽”

The outburst from the surprise sent Devon startling back. By the time Demetri realized he had just defeated his attempts to cheer up Devon, he was under the audible punishment for his actions. Demetri grabbed his head at the crying static happening in his head, while Devon laid on the ground crying loudly and at the same time using a bug buzz.

“Dev-on,” Demetri shouted above the bug bawling, “you’re sending….ack!” he caught his forward fall with his right arm and managed to continue, “your crying and using Bug Buzz while doing it…It hurts me more…being a psyc-! Enough!” he lifted Devon telekinetically and shook him a little in the air. “Stop wailing! You’re causing me mental pain and stress!”

Devon stopped and just stared at a frustrated Demetri. His head then fell, embarrassed and ashamed.

Demetri gave a sigh as he slowly lowered Devon back on the ground. “I apologize for the roughness, but it’s important you control you audible moves so they don’t cause unintended damage. Clear?” Despite prioritizing an understanding tone, he could tell it wasn’t going to change anything. He just stood there looking at the depressed rookie. Demetri crossed his arms, closed his eyes and thought, this is more alongside Zak’s skillset. He looked at the path they had yet to travel and muttered to himself, low enough for Devon not to hear. “What would you do?”

( O )

Demetri stood in a dark room, his eyes were blindfolded and his breathing slow. He remained still and composed. Suddenly he leaned to the left, evading a slice from the dark around him. He rolled forward to evade a follow up slice, from something in the dark. Quickly raising his arms above his head, he crossed them to block a downwards chop aiming for his head. He pushed it away and cartwheeled away from his opponent back to his feet.

Demetri had barely made it back on his two legs before having to deflect a firm punch aimed for his face. “Getting tired Dem?” a voice mocked as it followed up with a side swipe, blocked by Demetri’s left arm.

The two began a small melee, the stranger unleashing a flurry of punches with Demetri blocking or parrying them. However, it wasn’t long before Demetri started to notice the trouble he was having to keep up. I’ll lose if I don’t do anything. He waited for that one punch…that one that would give him the opportunity.

Finally it came. A forward punch aimed for his chest was all Demetri required. He swiftly bent to the side, grab it with both arms, and was about to pull the stranger over him and onto the floor. To his dismay…he couldn’t do it. He pulled and pulled, but the stranger wouldn’t go along.

“Wha?” he exclaimed aloud as the stranger laughed.

“Dude, it fu**ing don’t work like that.” The figure then rolled his back to get off Demetri’s back and get out of the arm grab. Just as swiftly as his arm escape, he did a quick jab with the bottom of his fist to Demetri’s right chest, perfectly predicting the grumpig’s recovery procedure.

Demetri gave a grunt as he was knocked back, clasping his chest from the solid. He raised his free right arm to defend himself, but to his surprise there was no follow up.

“I think that’s enough Dem. Let’s take a break,” the opponent suggested as it walked away.

Demetri growled as he untied his blindfold and opened his eyes. Unfortunately he did so right when the lights were put back on. Demetri closed them from the pain, before slowly adjusting them back.

“Ah there we go.”

Demetri looked over to see a typhlosion activating an illumination orb that was connected to emeras on the ceiling.

“Here,” the figure said as he tossed a piece of cloth to Demetri, who caught it and wiped his sweaty face with it.

“Are we done?” Demetri asked amid a few wheezes.

“Dunno,” the typhlosion admitted walking over. His fur was slightly darker in color to the normal colors of the local typhlosion and his purple iris eyes were warm and inviting. “You’ve had enough Dem?”

Demetri looked over to the wall and sighed, “No, let’s continue.”

“You sure?” The typhlosion inquired, giving him a skeptical look.

“What now Zak?” Demetri asked in an annoyed tone.

“Oh nothing,” Zak replied in an upbeat tone, “we’ve just been sparring ten times straight with this being our first break. You think you should sit down for a bit?”

Demetri gave him a “half-shut eyes” look and said, “I can do more. Plus, I want to be absolutely prepared, meaning I can’t always rely on my psychic skills. This was your idea, so we might as wel-”

“Not what I mean,” Zak interrupted with a smile, frustrating Demetri in the process.

“Then pray tell what do you mean?” he asked in a rather cold tone.

Zak just gave a smirk and looked at him straight in his cerise iris eyes. He pointed straight at Demetri’s annoyed face. “That’s what I mean. You’re tense,” he got up and put his arm on Demetri’s shoulder, “you’re fueled on all that adrenaline we’ve been burning and if I know you.” He tapped Demetri’s chest for emphasis and a little tease at the grumpy grumpig, “it’s that you get pretty invested in a spar. So much that I can tell you’re getting annoyed with losing to me often.”

Demetri was almost offended by this comment. “What do you mean?” he demanded, turning to scowl at the grinning Zak, “I can take losses. Where did that come from?”

Zak laughed and patted him on the back, much to Demetri’s frustration. “I get it, you can take a loss. But what I mean is that when we spar you kinda show some of your less open feelings.”

Demetri gave a snarl as he crossed his arms and raised his nose, “What do you mean? You and I are open with each other about everything.”

“I know,” Zak said, in a less snarky and more caring tone, “I mean how you’re feeling. You don’t really like to share that even with me.”

“What person would?” Demetri countered.

Zak just gave a smile as he moved in front of Demetri and said, “No one and that’s what guys like me are for. Getting you to do it. So what’s up?”

Demetri stared back, un-phased by this. “Nothing,” he firmly stated.

Zak’s smile grew in length as he pressed, “you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure?”

“Yes,” Demetri said just as sincere as the last.

“Really sure?” Zak continued.

Demetri growled. “Don’t make me throw you into a wall.”

Zak didn’t seem to care as he followed with, “You are frustrated about it aren’t you.”

Demetri looked to the side and stated, “You are crazy.”

“It’s about the admissions isn’t it?” Zak guessed.


Zak just kept his smiling stare on Demetri, who was trying to not look back.

“….. Well it isn’t!...........” he let out a sigh as he finally gave up. “Yes it is you louse.”

“Heh, I knew it,” Zak answered a little boasting in his tone. He then leaned in closer and asked, “what about it is making you on edge?”

Demetri looked to the side, his eyes slowly changing from aggression to worry. “It’s…..you think we’ll make it?” He pressed the question to Zak, as if wanting an affirming or encouraging answer.

“Probably not,” The typhlosion said, smiling making Demetri sigh at not presuming this would be the answer. Zak noticed Demetri’s disappointment and wrapped his arm over the grumpig’s shoulders again. He then motioned his free arm out to the wall as if pointing to scenery.

“You know me and you are applying for this and we’re working hard to pass. So tell me, why are we wanting to go there?”

Demetri paused for a second, suspicious of this loose behavior, but finally decided to answer with, “So we can get a job.”

“’Kay but why this job?” Zak asked, subtly telling Demetri the answer wasn’t good enough.

The grumping sighed as he elaborated, “Because it’s where we won’t be a part of some community. We can operate our jobs alone and without having to worry about our pasts.”

“Good, good, so why is it so important to get this job?” He inquired.

“Where are you going with this?” Demetri asked, met only with Zak’s silence and gesturing with his arm to answer. “Grr….because we’d be set and not having to directly associate or work with authorities. So we can in others words, ‘start with a clean slate’.”

“Right, now one more question.”

Demetri gave him a stare, but with a little grin, “is it one sentence?”

Zak gave a smile back, glad to see Demetri was finally playing along. “Yes.” He looked back at the wall and said, “Will this be the dream job?”

“No…but if we don’t get it there’s nothing else for us. It took a lot for us to get his far so failure…” he paused as he looked down. “Is not an option.” His eyes scowled as he clenched his fist. He then gave Zak a skeptical look, “how was that supposed to make me feel better?”

“Simple,” Zak removed his arm and stood in front of an annoyed Demetri, “it means we will win.”

The answer confused Demetri. “How do you know?” he inquired, not totally on board with Zak’s claim.

“You see, you and I have been in the lower tier and only now do we have a shot to get out of the tier. We’ve worked hard and are learning all the ins and outs of how things work there. We’ve also done a good job erasing our unsavory stuff, while still keeping them in mind. Demetri,” he put his arms on Demetri’s shoulders, “we’ll win ‘cos you and I have prepared for a long time for this. We won’t lose ‘cos I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine. We can do this together, no matter what anyone says or what that,” he taps Demetri’s head with a finger, “says. Now why think of the possibility we won’t make it, when we’ve got no other choice but succeed.”

“I don’t quite follow.” Demetri looked down and gave a little giggle, “but I admire the dedication at least. Thanks” He looked up to Zak with a genuine smile. “As much as I hate it, I’m glad I’ve got someone like you by my side.”

“Now you’re just being mushy.” Zak laughed as Demetri blushed in awkwardness, “Don’t worry Dem. You’re my fu**buddy and we cover each other’s flaws so we can win.”

Demetri nodded. “Zak…do you think…this will work? Even if we get this job, that we’ll be fre-”

Zak looked to the side, his face seemingly filled with uncertain. “Let’s not worry about that right now.”

He looked back, putting his chipper face on. “Now come on, let’s take a break. Saaaay…Oren Cider?”

Demetri crossed his arms, raised a brow and with a smile said, “Isn’t it a bad idea to get drunk when you’re just on a break?”

“Heh, fine well how does something less strong sound?”

“Hmm…” Demetri thought for a second, “Cones?”

“Hah!” Zak puffed, “what are you seven?”

“Well then what?”

Zak just slightly shoved him towards the door, “we’ll take a browsing. Whatever to get us out of this place.”

“Fair point,” Demetri laughed as he went out.

Zak took a little look around the small room. The walls were cracking, and the room was quiet empty. He looked at his poke pouch that resided on the floor. He walked over and picked it up and looked inside. “Damn…not for long though.” An assuring smile covered his face as he flipped it in the air and caught it. He walked out and deactivated the illumination orb, filling the room with darkness. “Not long Dem…” he muttered as he quickly rushed out to the waiting Demetri out in the hall.

< O >

Demetri stared at the night sky as he struggled to sleep. He looked to the side, watching the sleeping Devon a few feet away. He was glad Devon had settled down, even if he was still wearing a sad face. He looked over at the sleeping vikavolt. He felt guilty about his approach, but was he really wrong? He’d been debating ever since the bug fell asleep and still couldn’t shake how much of a jerk he acted to the newbie.

I mean…it’s his first time. So I guess it’d make sense for this. Though…why put me on this assignment with him? He growled as he laid on his back and gazed up. What is the core thinking?

He decided to get his mind off his “aimless” inner argument and browse his notes on the “former” assignment. He levitated a green orb from his bag and kept it hovering above his neck. He activated it with his telekinesis and a green hologram appeared out in front, obscuring some of the sky. He lazily looked at all the Helixol symbols on screen. He read each line as he slowly scrolled the screen down with his finger.

Amestria, I’m sure of it. It must be why the core was breached….there must have been something needed to be put there.

He let out a sigh as he telekinetically deactivated the orb and let it land on his chest. It’s a well thought out plan. Have a core breach, and thus delete certain data gathered from the cells.

He rolled on his side as he murmured in his head, The cells are invisible, but are limited in number and where they can be. Since they only really reside in areas that are above ground or natural in element, unless they are required to move somewhere. If someone wanted and could, breaching the core would allow one to temporarily adjust the cells. Whether movements or time observing… He rolled to the other side as he continued. From what I’ve gathered, some Triaclians gave the items used for the breaching to the perpetrator. I also found the cell they…discarded. Still…tracking the cells aren’t easy, but not impossible. If one could get a cell it would allow an access port to the core’s network. But that’s not enough to just breach. It’d take some kind of carefully made link program. No one could do that, unless they have… his eyes widened at the thought. Knowledge of how it works. He got up and stared at the ground as he began thinking harder about it.

He finally decided to check who was going to investigate the breach. He physically pressed the orb and re-displayed the green hologram in front. After fidgeting with the image a little he was stopped by a sudden half red and half blue screen popping up. In both halves there were one Zygarde eyes. This startled him and almost made him fall over, but he managed to avoid the embarrassment, remembering those weren’t the real deal.

He cleared his throat and said, “Request permission to view. Nerve: 13411553259. Authorization: Zeta908PhiKorAlph144Sein.” To his surprise it replied with the phrase, “Denied”.

“What? Did they take me off the review too?” he said to himself, raising his free fist to his chin. “That doesn’t make any sense‽” he ranted getting to his feet. He looked around the area muttering to himself, “where’s a blasted cell‽ Zyan and Gard need to explain why they took away my ability to review the investigation I was originally assigned to!”

He finally calmed down and look down, sighing. “What’s the point,” he growled, tossing the orb to the side. “They wouldn’t listen or care…They never do.” he plumped back on his rear, bent his back and cupped his right cheek in his right palm. “I might as well as get this assignment over with...find …Hmm…Seliph.”

He levitated the orb back to him, pulled up the hologram a third time, and tried to locate any data on Seliph. “Hmm…” he stroked his chin. “Huh?” he shot up as he read a section of data amid the other details about Seliph. “‘Father: Gathor, Mother: Freya’”

He looked down at the ground, his mouth open and his eyes squinting. “That Gathor?” he muttered.

Helixol – a specific language encryption, created by the Core for the planet nerves to communicate. The code changes repeatedly to prevent translations becoming known. Makes use of Cyrptography.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown