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As the young trainers begin to gather; there is a commotion outside of the 'Lucky Gribble.' A trainer is punching and squirming left and right in the arms of a few bouncers. Yelling from the top of his lungs that he had been cheated out of his 'chips' and his Magikarp."YOU ASSHOLES! YOU TOOK IT ALL FROM ME! YOU ASSHOLES!" His hand where his league stamp would be has been blacked out with a black X. "You put up your pokemon as Collateral, if you want it back, settle your debts to the city of Lux Bravio and it'll be given back to you." The bouncer's walk inside as the trainer yells before laying there to sob while everyone else passes him by. Joseph plucks one of the muffins since the group seems to ignore his presence. He was use to being the man in the background, unheard and unseen very often. He took the muffin, his recently purchased SPF sunscreen and makes his way out of the city towards the city gate.

Outside, there was someone selling off used vehicles and Joseph came across a small RV camper. "SO! YOU LOOKING TA BUY?!" The dealer caught him off guard as he jumped. "We're offering vehicles to traverse the harsh land if-your-a-seeking to travel across the massive land of Ignea! Can I help you scout a vehicle your choosing?!" Joseph paused a moment and sighed. "All I have to pay with are the chips we we're given; I was intending to head out into the continent myse-" "So you still got all ya's? TIS FINE! ALL is accepted here at Honest Dan's! That's me, Honest Dan. We accept personal checks, traveler checks, Cash, store credit, your credit, car-" "Why are you called Honest Dan?" "Well, I'm the only honest sucker out here ya can trust! All the vehicles bought going out are all dealt by me and only! You go out in the middle of this here desert, you car breaks down due to an overheated circuit board; The vehicle is backed up with the latest technology in our current day and age to keep rolling, even if your FM radio goes out! The car dies due to an attack by the locals, we have a free trade in gurantee, we'll swap it for another beaut of equal or lesser value!!.. If you get back alive that is. SOOOOOOOOOOO!..... You like the camper?" "...It looks.... roughed up." "Well, that's because this sucker has been from the deepest pits of a volcano and back! The shell of the compartment has been treated with a heat resistant paint coating that can withstand the touch of a Magmar, SHOW'EM CHARMELEON!" A Charmeleon behind the pair uses fire blast on the camper, the vehicle tilts and falls gently. "Sucker is also resistance to heavy attacks and thunderstorms! This thing can take a direct head on stampede from a Rhydon or NinoKing and still keep trucking! Charmelon!" The same pokemon has a boulder and throws it at the vehicle and the transport falls over. The pokemon comes over flips it up right. "Sucker runs on good clean energy, Solar and gasoline, can reach a topspeed of 85MPH! Also has a wench on the front to get you out of tight spots and the tires are as tough as the body paint!" "... But I don't have my license... let alone, I don't have a job to afford the thi-" "Don't Worry about it! If this beauty doesn't meet your needs, before or after the contest ends, I'll refund everything up front worth the value of them chips in cash and take it even if it's in worse condition it's in now, I'll even front your bus fare! Also, LOOK AT EVERYTHING OUT HERE! No laws, only police here are in town!" "... I'm sti-" The Charmeleon comes up with a contract along with sales receipt. "Read it and be happy about it! You won't get far on foot with the exception of whatever you carry now!" Joseph read's through the contract. Everything he promised was in the contract, If he paid with the chips; he wouldn't have to worry about paying anything else. He intended to explore the land while being able to search for what he was looking for; it seemed like a rough win-win. "....Fine...." He signs the contract with his name as Dan grins and gives a copy to Joseph along with the sale receipt. Joseph paid with half of his chips as the Charmeleon came up with a key. Dan showed him how to start the car, how to turn it off and showed him the smaller features along with a user's manual. The vehicle started properly with a few minor chugs, the vehicle set to run on gas before Dan showed him how to switch it over to the batteries for Solar. "Before I leave ya, my dealership is at the far east near the entrance, if you see a long line of car's, you'll have found me at the right place! And a word of warning; keep the girl running on Solar; Travel may be sluggish and a little slow, but trust me, you'll wanna keep that gas in case ya need to run.... Good luck to ya and good hunting!"

Joseph inspects the living area of his newly acquired Camper. There was an electric stove, a bunk bed, a sofa, a small CRT color television embedded across from it and a storage compartment to keep his gear. He stuffs his bag into the storage compartment and consults his map or the region and ntice's a spot called 'Fae's Glade' and the 'Living Labrynth' out east. He starts up the camper, switching it over to battery.

Blaze :: Good - Caboose :: Good - Static :: Good
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