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Hello! So, interest check for two ideas I've been mulling over, so, I'll quickly go over them and I'd like to see how you all think!

1) A Pokemon Trainer Circus trope!

This is pretty casual - when you sign up, you're a circus performer part of a trope with your Pokemon - been part of the trope for a good while now and has small gigs here and there, but now we've hit it big time, when we're set to perform in Nimbasa City! So when you get accepted, we hit it off right away, and you can just jump in to perform, as a sort of introduction for your character's style. Then, afterwards when all the performances are done, each performer will get a number of kudos, depending on how they do.

Next there will be downtime sessions where you can basically do whatever you whatever you want; I can keep the city descriptive, yet ambigious so there can be a bit of world building involved. It'll be a short RP - IC wise, the characters will be in Nimbasa for about three days. But if this RP goes well, the trope can travel to other major cities in the Pokemon world for new RPs!

2) Digimon

The company Gargon Soft has made Tokyo its headquarters, which has led to the technology in the city quickly being upgraded; Gargon Soft has connected every home and business in the city to its new network in order to demonstrate how a "city of tomorrow" could work. The Japanese government is impressed, and grants Gargon Soft permission to expand the network across the rest of Japan in the coming years.

With its new innovation, Paradise X, it is said to fully connect the citizens together to steadily build relations.

One day... strange ongoings happen in Japan, with people steadily having symptoms of mind trama. A few people within the same group - called the Digi-Hackers hold suspicious that perhaps Gargon Soft is involved, so they decide to jump in Paradise X's beta.

When they jumped into the online world, after a short while... they saw it. Strange creatures appeared before them.

They called themselves... Digimon.

Digimon The Digi-Hackers (Pending Name)
*Based off the SMT Soul Hackers game

What do you think of these two?
Would love to see your thoughts on what you wanna see, or any suggestions/questions you might have!

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digimon :heavy breathing:

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Both sound pretty interesting tbh
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i still want to use my Devimon/Angelmon idea, never got around to really do that ;;