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Started by Sheep November 12th, 2020 11:01 AM
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Aside from watching random parts of Dragon Ball Z with my brother, yes Pokemon was my first anime.
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Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh. Because they were both on in a block with Power Rangers and as a kid I didn't need an alarm clock, I just got excited before bed and woke up on time! Obviously watched loads of other cartoons, none religiously until I got a decent broadband connection and binged Pokémon up to the end of the Sinnoh series (before "binge" referred to TV haha). X-Men, Batman, Yvon of the Yukon, Transformers...all the classic kids' stuff. Saw a bit of Ghibli, but the only ones I ever watched through (and only ones I've ever revisited) are Castle of Cagliostro and Porco Rosso.


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I’m fairly certain I had seen something like Astro Boy as my first anime, since I had cousins that were kids in the mid 80s when it came out in the US. But watching an episode or two hardly counts as being engaged in a show’s content. Pokémon was definitely the first anime I was invested in.

Though.. I do have memories of walking to my local film rental store and renting anime as a tiny child, but I’m not sure what anime it even was or whether or not those came before, during, or after Pokémon entered my life. I think my child-lizard brain just saw bright colors and went yay, lol.
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I could recall it was either beyblade or digimon, there's not much anime is shown in localized channels back then and only a handful
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I am not sure either, but I think so. I remember that I used to watch a lot of DVDs and TV cassettes that had a lot of different movies or cartoons. I remember my grandma's had a couple of pokemon anime and a pokemon movie, maybe. SO yeah that was my first anime but def not my first cartoon. The episodes were old, they were still in Kanto but I was playing Pokemon Diamond for the first time and I remember I was super confused because the gym leaders didn't mach. I was like: "wait what? but that isn't a gym leader!" lol.

Then later when I started watching cartoons on the TV, it was already Pokemon Diamond and Pearl arch but that happened like a couple of years later, maybe. In the meanwjile I started watching some other anime too, the famous ones lol. Mainly Dragon Ball tho. Some Naruto and One Piece. Ngl, those ones got me more than Pokemon. I liked the anime and watched almost all the Diamond and Pearl arch and the movies, then slowly with gen 5 anime I got a bit less interested and I stopped following it. I watched just the Unima League episodes and then the first episodes of the X and Y arch but like after 3/4 episodes I stopped again. The last episode I watched was the final episode of Ash in the Kalos League, because they created much hype about Ash winning. Idk why, but I always kinda liked the League part of the anime. However, there was a time, when I was about 12/13, (before X and Y, I think) in which I was a lot into the pokemon anime, but not the current episodes but the older ones. I had a device that could record the episode so I did that daily, because it was on while I was at school and when I came back I used to watch it. It was the Jhoto arch.

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For me, Pokémon was the first anime series I watched, then I watched Sonic X, and more!
I remember watching the early seasons of Pokémon up until Diamond and Pearl, got back into it with Black and White, and the last one I watched was Sun and Moon. I mainly watch Kanto-Hoenm, nowadays


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It was for sure one of my first anime but Toonami got me into more stuff. I watched mainly Pokemon and of course DBZ way back along with Sailor Moon.