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Personally, I have never in a main series game… because I have no psyducking clue where to find any kind of cheating device. Or how to perform cheats with it. And I’m frankly surprised not many others feel the same way I do.

And when I ‘cheat’ in ROM hacks it’s usually to go past a design flaw or to ease up on grinding. The latter is a rare case, though.

Abusing glitches also counts, and for me, none so far. Most of the glitches in the main series games I’d probably have to look up in order to find out about them.

So your thoughts?
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Tried and succeeded, I have an Action Replay. I used it mainly in the Gen IV games to get access to event Legendaries. I figured that if they're not going to give me Shaymin, Darkrai, and Arceus, I'll get them myself, although I did get the former two events when they were available for distribution. I also used it in HGSS to re-do the Sinjoh Ruins event over and over for the Level 1 Creation Trio, as well as to get the GB sounds from the beginning...because really, that should NOT have been a postgame item. I only used it once in B2W2 to unlock Challenge Mode; gating that off behind completion when there is only one save file was a stupid thing to do as well.

But at the time I didn't really think of it as cheating, and to some extent I still don't, because these things should have been available in the game without needing to resort to using the device in the first place. It's my game, and I should be able to play the way I want to, and access all the content on it without waiting for Game Freak/Nintendo to give me a very limited window of opportunity to do so.

I used the Rare Candy/Missingno glitch in Red once I learned of it though. I'd consider that cheating. xD

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I attempted to enter an EXP cheat to help grind for the Battle Frontier in Emerald.

It worked, but found a bad egg in my box later.


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Used the Missingno glitch back in Generation 1. Hacked in some Pokemon as part of a challenge recently. Thinks of no instances beyond those.
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Besides the occasional hacking of Pokemon in for a challenge, not really nowadays.

Back in the day I did my fair share of stuff like that when I was a dumb kid that could barely understand what was going on.

A vivid memory was me trying to get a duplication glitch in Diamond and accidentally losing my one good Pokemon in the process.


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Apart from me investigating this 'MissingNo' thing I had heard about when I was a kid, back in gen 1, no.
And even then all I did was encounter one and try to catch it. Did nothing beyond that, nor even know at the time what you could actually do with it.

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Long ago, I used an Action Replay code in generation five to unlock hidden abilities for the starter Pokémon, allowing me to enjoy my play-through with a Contrary Snivy line. I deactivated the cheats when I played competitively and/or finished my play-through and transferred my Serperior to Pokémon Bank and eventually Pokémon HOME. I also used the Action Replay to enable a code that simulated the Exp. Share feature to shorten the grind. I never used any cheats to give myself an unfair advantage though, but rather to enhance the experience of my own personal play-through. Other than that, I never cheated in a Pokémon game. The newer games are doing everything in their power to make Pokémon less of a grind and give you the chance to easily obtain hidden abilities. Oh, if abusing glitches count as cheating, then yes, in the generation I games, I abused the Missingno glitch to clone Rare Candies. To be fair, literally everybody did, so I wasn't alone. Recently, I also take advantage of the shiny Ditto glitch in the Virtual Console to ensure that I always catch a shiny Ditto before transferring it to Pokémon Bank and eventually to Pokémon HOME. I’ve also used the box trick glitch in the Virtual Console to clone the shiny Dittos that I caught to increase my chances of transferring said shiny Ditto to a newer game with perfect IVs.


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Never on an actual real copy of the game on an official console but I did once about a decade ago on an Emulator when I used a code to make every wild Pokemon shiny for a replay of Black. I thought it would be fun to go through a game where every Pokemon is shiny but it got boring quickly, I don't think I ever even got the second Gym Badge on that playthrough.


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I have a habit of using actionreply on my DS title games and never had enough full restore when needed or lots of masterballs.. haha it's just me
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Yes. I did the MissingNo. glitch a ton way back in the RBY days, but my main cheating era was during DPPt. I got a GameShark and abused the heck out of it to complete the dex. If I didn't start the save file over I'd still have that lv. 4 Arceus lying around lol. Wasn't possible for me to complete most/all of the dex myself since I didn't have a reliable WiFi connection.
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Never tried in console playthroughs because I thought getting the devices wasn't worth the trouble.

I use certain cheats when playing on emulator, depending on the game, mostly to fix what I consider flawed game mechanics that are only there to waste players' time. As a rule of thumb, I don't use cheats to win battles, or obtain anything that I couldn't obtain legally at that point, only for things that could be done but only add tedium and grinding.


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A bunch of times, lmao. On console and emulator. I was like 8 when I got a game shark, you bet your ass I broke everything I possibly could. It was fun!
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Lol almost all games. I had an Action replay for gen 4 and the gen 5 games. I remember buying one that worked with 3ds too but there were no cheats for Pokemon X. I remember then getting the modded 3ds to have cheats on gen 6 and gen 7 games. I stopped there lol.

I used them for the usual reasons: infinite masterballs, rare candies, legendary and mythical Pokémon. I have to say that I used those cheats always after finishing the main story though.

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