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GENVI Lf Battle bond froakie

Started by Brivander 4 Weeks Ago 1:14 PM
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My nephew is starting his first pokemon game on pokemon x when his birthday hits in like 2 weeks. His favorite pokemon is Ash-Greninja. I'd love to be able to put one on his game for him as a surprise. Can anybody help me out? I don't have a lot to trade other than a protean froakie
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is impossible. Ash-Greninja can only be obtained in the Gen 7 games. It is not obtainable in Pokemon X.
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Foreal? Dang I'll have to return x and get him the right one, I just got back into the games myself and am having to relearn a lot. So if anyone out there could still help me out that'd be awesome. I have my own copy of ultra moon and I'll probably get him ultra sun so we can help eachother with the pokedex. I know he'd still be overjoyed to have the greninja.


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To make it even more difficult...Ash Greninja belongs to the Undiscovered egg group as far as i am aware. Which means he can not breed. So the only way to get one is either trading you theirs or get a clone of someone's Ash Greninja. I have pm'ed you Brivander :)

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