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What's the most recent Pokémon game you played?

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Old December 8th, 2017 (2:18 AM).
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and where are you in the game? 8)
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Old December 8th, 2017 (2:25 AM).
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Also known as 'Michelle' to some.
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    Pokémon Heartgold, I just started :P
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    Old December 8th, 2017 (6:33 AM).
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      Heartgold, I picked a Chikorita, going to have a fun time at Falkner's gym.
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      Old December 8th, 2017 (6:11 PM).
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        Pokemon Blue. I play occasionally and usually just screw around. Making sure to catch everything I see, give them dumb nicknames, and read every Pokedex entry. Only at the 3rd gym.
        Favorite Pokemon
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        Old December 8th, 2017 (9:37 PM). Edited December 8th, 2017 by Mister Coffee.
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          I have been trying to complete the National Pokedex in Omega Ruby lately. I'm currently at 556 owned. I'm still trying to figure out how to get some Legendary pokemon, but I know I'll get them eventually.

          Originally Posted by L'Belle View Post
          Pokémon Heartgold, I just started :P
          Originally Posted by strangerhypno View Post
          Heartgold, I picked a Chikorita, going to have a fun time at Falkner's gym.
          You know it's really weird, I sort of have an itch to play Soul Silver again. I'm thinking I might buy a used copy this month as a Christmas present to myself. :P
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          Old December 13th, 2017 (5:11 AM).
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            Black 2! I'm actually playing it right now. :) It's the only Pokemon game I own that I never actually finished - for some reason I just kept losing motivation halfway through - so I'm having a good time remedying that. :P Level-grinding outside Opelucid City.
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            Old December 13th, 2017 (7:12 AM).
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            Angeline plushxKikaito plush
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              Pokemon Ultra sun completing my dex using ultra space
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              Old December 14th, 2017 (4:44 AM).
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                Ultra Sun, I'm seven hours into the game, just finished Lana's trial but I backtracked because of the Global Mission. I can't stop surfing, help.

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                Old December 15th, 2017 (11:06 AM).
                Alexander18 Alexander18 is offline
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                  Finished most of Ultra Sun. Now working on Ultra Moon.
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                  Old December 15th, 2017 (11:44 AM).
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                    Replaying White 2 for the memories!~
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                    Old December 15th, 2017 (3:41 PM).
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                      Just finished the fire trial and got poke pelago in Ultra Sun.
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                      Old December 15th, 2017 (11:47 PM).
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                        Your question
                        My answer
                        My answer is high yeah
                        My answer is sapphire yeah
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                        Old January 2nd, 2018 (7:18 PM).
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                        oh boy Ultra Sun like, 3-4 weeks ago. I didn't get very far into post game and got too busy since life is extremely tiring and leaves me too exhausted to play games on the weekends, as easy of a task as that should be haha. Last I remember I was farming for exp by battling Chansey and Blissey with Lucky Egg + Adrenaline Orb! gotta get back into that soon.......
                        pair family twin mal llsif
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                        Old January 3rd, 2018 (12:59 AM).
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                        eepz, come help pwease!
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                        at the moment Ultra Sun, I'm at the Aether Paradise
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                        Old January 6th, 2018 (12:44 AM).
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                        I started Gold few weeks ago for Crabominable's Ice Party Event... If I remember I just got to Goldenrod City.

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                        Old January 6th, 2018 (2:10 PM). Edited January 6th, 2018 by Elite Overlord LeSabre™.
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                        Pokemon Y, and I was pretty much in my main game file doing post-game daily stuff like berry farming and working at the hotel in Lumiose.

                        I'm looking to start over in Leaf Green again soon though. Just as soon as I finish playing through another (non Pokemon) RPG.

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                        Old January 6th, 2018 (2:57 PM). Edited January 6th, 2018 by icycatelf.
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                          Just beat Black Version for the third time. I recently caught a Shiny Lickitung (one of my favorite Pokémon ever) in HeartGold and wanted to raise him on a new file for extra bonding time, so I picked Black since it was the least fresh in my mind. He's already Lv100, so now I've just got to transfer him to Ultra Sun so I can Hyper Train him, reset his EVs, and EV-train him properly so he can join my main/casual team~

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                          Old January 6th, 2018 (6:38 PM).
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                          Not Suitable For All Ages
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                          The last time I played Pokemon was around the time that S/M came out, with Moon being the last game I played. I received US for christmas, but have yet to actually touch it.
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                          Old January 7th, 2018 (7:23 AM).
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                            Been playing a lot of Pokemon games recently, currently playing through Omega Ruby and have started going through the 8th Gym.
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                            Old January 9th, 2018 (8:21 PM).
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                            Ultra Moon! I finished the game and most of the post-game before setting it aside to play other things. I've been craving Pokemon though so I might pick it back up soon.
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                            Old January 11th, 2018 (7:01 AM).
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                              Most recent game I've played is Moon, but for, like, five minutes or something.
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                              Old January 11th, 2018 (9:45 PM).
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                              This is fine.
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                              Most recent game is still Ultra Moon, but that's mostly because my 3DS stopped working part way through the story. Once my new one comes in, I'll finish that up, and either jump over to Crystal, or give Alpha Sapphire another go.
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                              Old January 12th, 2018 (4:46 AM).
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                              i'm kinda simultaneously playing black, platinum, and moon at the same time. most recent was Moon and i'm just upto Iki Town.
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